Review by Kyle_

"Fun while it lasted, but nothing special."

Fighting Force showed a lot of promise. It seemed to be a typical beat-em up game (like the ones for SNES) with better graphics. Only problem is, YOU CAN BEAT THE GAME IN UNDER AN HOUR!!! I tell ya, this one dissapointed me. Kinda like the Tyson/Botha fight: If your friend goes to get a snack while your playing it, you just might well beat it before he gets back.

Graphics: (8/10)The game's one strong point. Not the best we've seen, (by far) but still very adequate. Two Player mode is a bit slow though.

Controls: (5/10)Controls are basically average. Not terrible, not great.

Sound: (4/10)I couldn't remember any the game's music 5 minutes after I beat it. The sound effects were simply the typical "ugh"s and "ooo"s.

Plot: (2/10)I was surprised they didn't elaborate on this more. I was expecting more than the normal "crime boss in the city" plot. This was a dissapointing factor in the game.

Replay: (1/10)I could've given this a 10/10, but the game was so short that by the amount of time it takes to beat a normal game, you could've beaten this one with each character, over and over and over again. The beat-em-up style of game is fun at first, but once you've beaten everybody up you get bored of it.

Overall this game was a huge dissapointment. I couldn't believe how quick I got through the game. I thought I was a video game god, until I read that everybody else got through with it as quick as I did. Anyways, this game was just way too short. Not innovative at all. I could hardly remember I played it a day after I returned it too Wherehouse. This is one of those games that you want to rent from those "99 cent/1 night" rental places. Trust me, it won't take you a whole night to beat this.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 04/26/01

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