Review by e1337x

"Probably the most disappointing game I ever played..."

This game is so so disappointing. I'll tell everyone not to buy this game. I'll tell you why in this review.

Gameplay - 2/10
How fun is Fighting Force? The game is *lucky* to get a two out of ten from me. First of all, there's only fighting, and I mean ONLY FIGHTING in it. It's a full beat 'em up game. You beat up two guys, two more guys'll come. It gets you bored...and the guys are so easy to beat that only five to six punches will finish them off. This whole game is not even challenging. I think they could make it a little more fun by adding something else to do besides fighting. You can choose four players to play with in this game, two which are male and two which are female. You might find some dynamites and guns. But the real problem is that the guns don't even aim. Even when you're shooting at the enemy the enemy isn't even hurt!!!

Control - 8/10
The controls are all right. They're good enough...but not perfectly good. I just wish the players could run faster. They can't even run!

Difficulty - 3/10
God...your enemy would always be a sissy in this whole game. They get beaten so easily. And I bet that anyone would be able to beat the final boss with no problem at all. Atleast they could make that final enemy strong...but no, he was no challenge at all. All that guy does is some super-sonic kicks and that's about it. Plus there are so many weapons for you to whack, or to fire at the guy. I suppose you'll get tired of him even if you were purposely trying to lose from him. He can't do anything.

Story - 7/10
I don't really understand the story. I suppose it is about some kind of gang that took over and you have to get rid of them. But how could one person get rid of them all alone? Woops! Who cares, this is just a game.

Graphics - 3/10
No. The graphics are nothing like the regular Playstation graphics! I wonder why they couldn't improve the graphics rather than make them worse. We would never know, right?

Sound - 2/10
My god! The sound is terrible! How would I know in the first place? I can't even hear the sound! The sound is so low that you'd get irritated!

Buy or Rent?
I suggest renting it, if you're a die-hard beat 'em up fan. The whole game sucks, I'll tell you. I wasted $26 on this game, and I feel like breaking the cd in half. It wasn't worth it.

Overall - 4

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/08/02, Updated 07/08/02

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