Review by CChan

Reviewed: 01/19/00 | Updated: 01/19/00

Just a 'normal' beat-em-up game

Fighting Force is not VERY exciting, it's just... well, fun, just like other 'normal' beat-em-up games.

Graphics - 8
Consider this is not a free-roaming game, the graphics are not too bad. All items doesn't look real, the cars, the weapons and the rest.

Musics - 8
The background musics are not really nice. Just a little mixed up musics, I call it.

Gameplay - 9
Controls are not very hard but you'll get used to it soon. Two player mode will be very nice and exciting as you can outrun the other player while one player mode are a bit boring. What's so nice playing with yourself in a game like this? You may end up sleeping on the floor!

Replayability - 7
Once you complete Fighting Force, there are NOTHING to do. Okay, there are different roads you can choose to take too continue. After trying all the roads a few times, you'll be bored, I can tell you. Unless you have a friend to play with, then you'll be alright. Even playing with two player mode can be boring at times. You can consider yourself to put it at one side.

Overall - 8
Okay, there are lots of secrets and cheats so it may be quite nice. But, the game is too quick to reach the end. The boss are not very challenging except one or two but I recommend this game for those who likes every single beat-em-up games.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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