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"Like a 3D Streets of Rage? sure, better? nah."

Fighting force is a 3D ''beat em up'' type game. Let me break it down for up.

Game Play: The first thing you do in this game is select a character... A guy, a bigger guy, a woman, and a younger girl. You go by levels fighting guys in suits, thugs, and army personal. The enemies get very repetitive... hell even the names strat to repeat in about the second level. You punch, kick, and throw you enemies to death, but there is only like one combo and you can cheese very badly with throws. This was ok for a sega game, but not a playstation game... You also get weapons in the game, and they are not entirely useless (You will love the shotgun...) Any ways, there is a couple dozen levels or so, but they do not offer much differance from one another... There is way to many elevator and transport levels, and levels were you just stay in one place, limiting any thing but repeated fighting. All in all, the game could of been a lot better. The back of the case (or mag ad), if I remember correctly, says something like 100% freedom... This is a lie, one car will play up a invisible barrier forcing you where ever you go. The only un set paths are the alternetive paths after the first two bosses. Tolerable

Challenge: This game is not that hard in terms of an actually challenge. Almost every boss can be killed by just grabbing and hitting them just enough to keep them stunned and enough not to knock them down. There is about three difficulty levels for you to choose, but they just make the AI block more, and let them take more damage. Average

Control: The control is not all the bad. They offer a decent set up for every thing, except for to things. Sometimes you will want to keep a weapon in your hands in stead of throwing it. A throwing and back attacking is on the same button... So if your not standing still and close as all hell you will end up back fisting thin air, looking like an idiot, while getting smacked in the face. Tolerable

Story: This is mainly an action game, so a story is not that needed. It is your average kill the bad guy story... Some guy named Zan is trying to rule the world, and 4 regular humans try and stop him, while fighting the military and more! Average

Visuals: Hmm, this is a playstation game? Well there is a lot of flaws in it. All the enemies stand and fall the same way, if it is a woman or a robot. The back grounds offer average detail, nothing good, but some. Some of the characters have some problems, Mace's pony tail looks like a clip on... Below Average

Audio: Least the sound is good. The music is in good tone for this game, and your player sounds great when he get hit! One problem... no talking Good

Re playability: This game only takes, most likely, one sitting to beat. There is several difficulties and 4 different characters to play as... you can be playing a long time... Each character has no story different from the other... which makes it pointless to play through, other than getting a higher score, which may I add does nothing. There is no un lockables either. Below Average

Lots of fighting, none the less
Two players

Very repetitive
You can save, like 5 times!

I would definitely rent this game, buy it only if you played and loved 2d beat ups to death...

This game earns a four out of ten.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/15/03, Updated 07/15/03

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