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Reviewed: 07/31/03 | Updated: 07/31/03


Fighting Force is perhaps one of the worst brawler games I have ever played. The game revolves around advancing from room to room and dispatching the enemy presence in your way. The gimmick, and it is a gimmick, is that you can ''interact'' with the environment by picking up objects and using them as weapons. You have a choice of four characters and depending on their size, you will be able to pick up bigger objects. The big, stereotypical muscle head can pick up cars while the lithe girl can't.

What Fighting Force (the originality of the name is striking, isn't it?) boils down into is a repetition of button mashing. Moves exist only in combo form. Thus, to see different movements, press the button four times or five. It is a utterly boring system.

The only skill required is staying alive. The best strategy, therefore, is running from enemies, picking up large objects, and throwing it at them. Jump kicks work wonders here, too. There are some times when the game can be fun, like when you are up against and surrounded by a horde of enemies, but this gets boring quickly.

The absolute worst feature about this game has to be its graphics. There really isn't much to a brawler type game. In fact, even a button masher requiring little skill such as Fighting Force could do well if it offered some flashy effects and interesting venues to fight in. Unfortunately, that is not the case here. Probably the most interesting venue you'll fight in is an island laboratory at the end of the game (again, the originality is overflowing in this game). Other than that, the venues include streets, parking lots, and even the mall.

The camera gets in the way at times and you find yourself fighting it more that the ugly, polygonal enemies. This can result in cheap deaths.

Speaking of enemies, I think a missing key aspect in Fighting Force is a challenging AI. Enemies act like drones and come at you relentlessly. Often times they'll watch you as you beat up one of their comrades. Once in a while they may do something smart like throw something at you, but killing them off offers no satisfaction.

The game does have weapons, and some nice ones at that. I liked the rocket launcher which could send a group of enemies flying. But the guns never lasted long enough to really enjoy. This was more of a problem considering the using your martial arts skills is boring.

I give the game credit for its two player mode which I did get a kick out of. But then again, the game was way too short and dull to invest more than a play or two with a friend. Anything more than that and you'll be wasting your time.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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