Review by EntityOfDarkness

Reviewed: 08/06/03

A great, fun, and enjoyable game

I know a lot of people don\'t like this game, but I cannot see why. I have had an enjoyable time playing this game. It is one of those games where you pick it up, play it, and enjoy it. Nowadays you can buy it for like $5.00, a steal in my opinion. After I began playing this I called up my friend and told him about it. He came over and we played until we beat the game! Sooo... on with my little review!

For it\'s time, this game has pretty good graphics. Some things such as guns are hard to see when you really need them, which gets annoying when you have half a centimeter of health and you need a ranged weapon. But overall the graphics were good. Just good. Not anything to make you go \'\'Wow those are like sooo good!\'\' but they are still satisfying. So I give the Graphics a:

I enjoy the sound effects and music in this game. First off, the music is intense, mostly electric rock type stuff just like the game and it really adds to the atmosphere if the game. The sound effects weren\'t anything special, really just THUMP and POW and maybe a few more, but the good gameplay and music make up for this. Sound will receive a good lil score of

This is the game\'s strong point. It is just simply fun to play this game. It has a great 2-player co-op mode and your normal 1 player mode, but it is really better than just \'\'normal\'\'. You may think this is just another beat-em-up title, well to tell you the truth, it is a beat-em-up but not just a regular boring punch punch punch punch punch oh hey look a stick! hit hit hit. The game has a nice variety of weapons ranging from a box to a rocket launcher to a baseball bat. There are about 25 enemies, but through the game they all have the same names like Slasher, Snakey, and Dude but the names don\'t really matter. The gameplay is simply great! So it gets the great score of a

Overall this is a must buy, and hey it\'s only five bucks! So go out to your local wherever you buy games with five bucks, and come back with a game worth a lot more than $5.00. Like I said, pick it up, play it, enjoy it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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