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Reviewed: 02/15/00 | Updated: 02/15/00

One for the money...two for the show...throw this in the trash..and here we go.

Streets of Rage was one of the first to make a platform of side scrolling action, a hit. This game on the other hand, is what puts nails in coffins, and makes games stopping playing games like Streets of Rage.

-Graphics 3/10-

Blocky and chunky in what comes to mind first...palette swapped enemies and more blocks, is next. Now, for a game that was a joint production of both CORE and Eidos, I would have expected something better than what came in this package.

The only real thing going for it, is the backgrounds, interactive, being able to destroy things, and pick up weapons are will, such as an ashtray can...neat I have to say, but that doesn't save it from a 3.

The characters themselves, and the way they move, is reminscent of Streets of Rage, but is missing clean and crisp graphics like it's Genesis ancestor had. Some of the visuals are alright to look at, but nothing to write home about, and they are plagued with both slowdown, and yes, some break-up. Not what I would expect from a PSX game that is on a system that has evovled such hits as Resident Evil 2 by the time of this game's release.

-Sound 2/10-

The sound isn't that great, and here is why. The music is low in the game, and doesn't make any sort of stand out in my eyes, even with the music turned up to max, and the sound effects turned down to minimum. It's kind of a joke when you listen to this, and think about it.

The sound effects, all sound the same after awhile, everything connecting sounds the same, from a punch to the jaw, to a pipe to the ribs, a bunch of muddled and mixed thuds, a few grunts, maybe a groan or two for good measure.

-Control 4/10-

The highest ranking part of this review, even the control is bad. Pulling off combos, and using weapons can be a chore, with some of the characters that you can select either being way too fast, or torturously slow at times.

I would have hoped to see some good grab moves, but the only one who does have them, is the giant guy, and he's easly picked off by the first group of fast bad guys.

Not impressed at all.

-Gameplay 3/10- many times are we going to see a doesn't even clone right? I mean, come on...most of us have played Streets of Rage, and that game is ancient, but it's fun to play. This one, is more beat 'em up action, but missing key qualities, such as a multitude of moves, and straight up brawling. It is a ''3d-ish'' world that you fight in, and you can select what way you go through the game at certain points.

In all honesty, it doesn't matter which way you go, it all leads to the same spot anyway, just a change of scenary from time to time, coupled with a few new background things to bash open, or break.

They give you four players to work with, which isn't a bad thing, but they are all so over balanced in one area, and seriously lacing in another, it makes you wonder why they didn't put one good all around character in the game.

The girls move fast, but cause little damage.

The guys move slow and are brutes.

But when you get into the action, you'll find that fighting your way through is more a chore, than a pleasure.

-Overall 2/10-

This game reeks of two things, bad programming, and lack of innovation. It's got blocky graphics, slow moving gameplay, cheap gameplay, control that should be tweaked maybe, and sound that just puts you to sleep before really getting you hyped to play.

In my own opinion, it's not a game for anyone that likes a good scrolling beat 'em up. Avoid it.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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