"A decent 3-D beat-em-up that will entertain you for a couple of hours...not much more."

Eh...noone ever seems to really be able to get beat-em-up's right anymore...at least on a Sony system. The Bouncer, although not necessarily a bad game, certainly proved that.

Basically, you can choose from four characters to take to the streets to kick some butt. You can do this in a few different ways. You can hit, kick, throw, and shoot your enemies. Actually, this game will probably put you in mind of a 3-D Streets of Rage 2, being somewhat ambitious in it's setting and it's multiple choices in weaponry. However, that's as far as the similarities go, because while SOR 2 is considered to be a classic, Fighting Force is certainly not, and for good reason.

The story is completely uninspired and stupid. On top of that, you learn nothing more about the outcome of the story for the different characters by beating the game -- you get a lame screen showing you the front-page of a newspaper with the villain's ugly mug on it, and that's about it...nothing more. Basically, due to this fact, any incentive to play through the game as different characters is automatically killed.

Unless your playing co-op, then this game may not really be worth your time at all. The graphics suck, the music sucks, the control sucks and the replay really sucks. If you pay more than $2.99 for this game (which is how much I payed), then you should really consider yourself cheated.

This game's fun for a quickie fix on a dreary afternoon, and even then, I think most people will be turned off by this game pretty fast, especially when they first try to run and punch at the same time and instead end up sliding into the enemies. Pass on this and play The Bouncer. Or, better yet, play some Final Fight or Streets of Rage.

1) a 3-D beat-em-up
2) being able to use guns
3) having a destruction bonus is pretty cool (basically, destroy everything in your path)
4) co-op mode

1) way too easy
2) no replay value whatsoever due to horrible and careless ending
3) bad graphics
4) bad music
5) bad controls

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/20/04

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