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"Only game from Eidos I like...this game is actually good!"

When I heard Fighting Force 2 was coming out for PS, I had too get it, and a week or two later I did. I thought about it a little bit, because I do not usually like Eidos games, like tomb raider. I HATE tomb raider. But this game is different, the camera angles and the veiw is similar to TR, but the part that you have to do Metal Gear Solid type missions really impressed me.

The graphics in Fighting Force 2 are really good for playstation. The charaters come in clear, and the HUGE indore levels are a blast(Altough some take a very long time to beat). The game is detailed well, and the explostions and lighting effects are great. Overall the graphice in the game are really good, and impressed me.

The sounds in Fighting Force 2 are average, meaning nothing special. During the game there is no music, which is probley a good thing. But the sound effect during the game are really good. Since there is no music, the levels are filled with the sounds a computers, machines running, and and other things. It really makes it erie in some of the levels were all you here is the sound of the machines, and then some guys jump from behind.

The controls are very simuliar to Tomb Raider. There are a few problems with it however: turning round to fight the guys behind you is sometimes a little slow. Good thing they included the feature where all you have to do to turn 180 degrees in hit down on the D-pad twice. The inventory system can be rather odd sometime too. Since you can only carry so many items, it will often just trow out one to make room for the others. It is weird, but you can get used to it. The game is filled with all sorts of weapons from shotguns, rifles, knifes, clubs, bazzokas, sniper riffles, and other hand held guns. The fighting system is done well, which alows you to pull of some cool combos when you energy bar is full. The thing that REALLY makes me mad is how long it takes to complete a level. One time I sat there playing for an hour and 45 minutes, and just fell down a ledge, killing myself. What a waist of time. But overall this is a good game, and you should rent it first.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/07/00, Updated 12/07/00

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