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"Beat them up ! show who is the boss around..."


Core has done it again. They blew it. Fighting Force 2 is a sequel to Fighting Force. This game missed all the elements that made the first fun. Read on and I’ll tell you why.


Now instead of the Beat-Them-Up type of game, FF2 has problems to solve before advancing to the next level. Now you might think that is great, but the problems are stupid. During most of the level, all you do is beat up the baddies and take the Card Key. To open the door. And repeat. This just gets repetitive. The character you play has some martial arts techniques which you can fight your enemies with arming your self. He can kick and punch. By rapidly pressing the 2 button you can do a combo. During the course of the game you can pick up a variety of weapons. Such as knifes guns, bats, sword, crowbars etc. The enemy AL is horrible. When they ‘see’ you enter a room, they come and attack you. You always have the upper hand because the enemy never/rarely attack you. One great thing you can do is interacting with the environment. For example you can punch the computer until it explodes, or whack the pop machine with a sword and soda drinks will come out. It helps you heal by the way. One unique little feature you do can is get into first person mod while you’re holding a gun. I think that’s great because you can some the enemy you desire if there is more then one in the room. I say the game play isn’t challenging enough. I think Core intended to make this game for a younger audience.


Maybe one of the worse aspect of the game. There is NO music! But there are the sound effects from the batted up enemies, the sound of weapons and the environment. For example you might hear nature sound in the jungle stage or strong winds from the artic level. Other then that, it’s better off turning your television off. :^)


The graphic for the game is solid. The texture of his game is great. A little eye-candy. The environment doesn’t look that detail. It’s kind of burring. Like the computers and monitors in the game in the first stage. But the explosions in the game are kind of cool.

To buy or rent?

I say rent this game. Even if you’re a Fan of the original Fighting Force this game changed allot. You’re not a Force anymore. You’re a solo soldier. This game would be great if you like those beat then up to play for the weekends. Ok that’s my long 2-cent on the game. Hope you enjoy...

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/08/01, Updated 08/08/01

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