"Much, much better than the original"

Fighting Force 2 is actually good! Having played the original and being so very disappointed because of its many flaws (read my review on it if you want), I had a hard time deciding whether to buy Fighting Force 2 or to sped my money on another game. Finally, I picked up a used copy for less than $3, and gave it a try. And I liked it!
I have to give credit to Eidos for putting up a great effort in order to improve the original Fighting Force with this sequel. Not only is it better; it is also different and has an interesting plot. While in the original Fighting Force you got to choose from four characters, in this sequel your only character is Hawk Manson. OK, it's only one character, but, considering that the rest of the gang in the original Fighting Force were just a bunch of no-good, pathetic whelps, you come to realize that, in this case, one is more than enough.

The graphics are really good. The backgrounds are very detailed and beautifully rendered. Heck, you can destroy almost anything you see! While the concept of a chair exploding when given a vicious kick, and producing a machine gun from its inside is unrealistic and exaggerated, it's still fun. The animations are well done and the characters are imaginative, if a bit repetitive.

Finally, my prayers have been heard! The stupid A-Team-style background music is completely gone, and replaced with very realistic environmental sounds, such as metal clanks and machinery sounds from a factory. The sounds are very realistic and add to the feeling of the game. Also, the intro has a lot of speech! Praise the lord! I can now bury my mindless, monotone copy of Fighting Force 1.

Although the in-game menu system to switch weapons requires a little getting used to, it can be easy to learn. Apart from that, the controls are quick and responsive; a big improvement over its predecessor.

What makes this game a little annoying is the fact that the levels are very long and you cannot save the game until you finish the level. Also, the enemy AI is somewhat dumb, which makes beating opponents a relatively easy task. However, it's still challenging enough.

Despite the length of the levels, the replay value is very high, since there is a hidden ''god mode '' in the game and a stage select, so you can always return to any level and bash skulls while you are invincible. The game's slow pace does not make it boring; on the contrary, it adds a little of stealth elements. Like a cheap action movie.

Yes, I recommend you buy it. It's fairly fun and enjoyable. If you already have the first Fighting Force, go ahead and pick this one up; you'll see the difference. If you do not have it, and you like beat'em up games, give it a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/13/01, Updated 12/13/01

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