Review by wayalla

Reviewed: 09/03/02 | Updated: 07/04/03

A reasonably good fighting game that could of been better

Gameplay- 6/10
Really bad, the controls are messed up and hard to control your character, this really lets down the game. The character is hard to just dodge bullets and move quickly. The sidestepping is a bit wierd as well. The game isn't that fun to play as you have to complete a mission to save, a mission is 4 levels and to do a whole mission, it takes over an hour to complete, this makes it boaring as you just want to hurry up and complete the level. This is the worst section of the game and it is a real let down to the game.

Graphics and Sound- 6/10
G: Graphics are quite good, detailed it some parts and have captures scenery good in some missions as well, but the game seems to be always played inside a building exept for the start and sometimes the finish of the game, this is why they have good graphics outside. 8/10
S: What the? where's all the background music, it really makes the game dull without any music, the only music is one track that is very soft and you can't even hear it. This is another bad thing. The Sound Effects are very good, but only have the same noise for each enemy dying. 4/10

Replay- 6/10
I don't think anyone would want to play this game again as it takes ages just to complete the first level, imagine how long it would take you to complete the last? Sometimes you get really sick on the first level and the whole game would take you longer than a month to complete. It was so hard to complete that you wouldn't want to do it again.

Features- 9/10
Fun: The game is alot of fun to play in the first 10 minutes, killing enemies with kicks, punches, swords, guns, pipes and alot more things. 9/10
Levels: Alot, 9 missions, 40 levels. Another great feature. A levels end is where you come to a door that you have to unlock by going to the controls and pressing X. All missions have a different amount of levels. 10/10
Players: Just the one, they should of made this like the first Fighting Force, 2 player co-operative and you could choose your character to play, in this one, it is only 1 player and you can only play the one character, Hawk Manson.

Overall- 7/10
A good game that is defenetly playable but not for too long, very boaring at times bad good to battle all the guys with all the weapons you can recieve and you have to kill every enemy in a room to progress to the next.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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