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"One of the best games, I just couldn't stand."

Fighting force 2 is suppose to be the sequel to the sup par beat em up game known as fighting force. This game is no where like it and is bad in almost every aspect.

Game Play: First off (If you can remember the first one) you can no longer choose from 4 different characters. You get the honor...err... task of being Hawk, and only Hawk, from the first fighting force. This means one player and not two like the first. The game took a big leap in changing the game play from the first one. In this adventure all you literally do is beat the crap out of people and blow up furniture. That is all you do! Every level is the same thing... over and over again! The enemies are boring and just place themselves in front of you. The game forces you to destroy tons of objects for keys and things like guns. The levels repeat in the same way with very little difference and back ground detail. There is just nothing unique in this game (except for the way you go down ladders) The bosses are pretty lame and with hardly any story behind them. Want to under stand the game play a bit more? It is like tomb radeir with added punching with no puzzles. This game is one of the hardest games to sit down and just place through. Bad

Challenge: Ahh, what makes a great game? Tell you what, it is not a cheap difficulty game! Regular enemies and finding out what to do it not hard at all. The cheap part is when you set into a new room and a drone gun shoots the hell out of you the second you step in! The game is not really hard other than that, mostly all of the enemies are taken care of the same way. Tolerable

Control: You thought the game play was bad? This has to be the worst control in a game I have ever seen! First off, switch through weapons could of been so much better, it will take you at least ten minutes to figure out how to get a weapon from your back to your hands. Every thing else in this game is badly done in the control area. Horrible

Story: Remember the first one? This one has no relation to it what so ever. Basically your Hawk Manson, and you are a genetic super soldier that has to stop the bad guys! YAY! It is not that bad per say, but it could be better. Average

Visuals: Hey, least the graphics are half way decent in this game... Yeah but just those, there is hardly any real detail to levels and they are very repetitive. Hawk no longer looks casual and cool, he now looks like a lame army boy. Average

Audio: I honestly did not remember a single tune from this entire game. Nothing is that noticable enough to get pointed out either. Average

Re playability: Ha you got to be kidding me? I had too much trouble beating this game with a level select cheat due to boredom, there is NO way any sane person will go through it again Poor

Um, It looks like a ''Lara'' game

Levels are bland
Very boring
Control does in fact fail badly
Every enemy except the final one

Do not even rent this game, if a friend lets you have it, play frisbee with it. If you do not have any one to play with find a dog.

This game is worthy of a two, one step higher than nothing.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 07/16/03, Updated 07/16/03

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