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Ok, this is my review for Fighting Force 2. It is a great game for the PS1.

Graphics: Alright, the graphics are pretty darn good! The explosions and stuff all look pretty cool. (Trust me, there is a LOT of stuff blowing up in this game. One of the reasons I like it so much!) The environments are all pretty decent looking too. Although when you are up on top of a building, or outside or something, all the buildings and cities in the background look kinda like a...painting. But it's a ps1 game, so that is forgivable.

Gameplay: Now HERE is the fun part. In each level, there are a bunch of guards. Most of the time, you will go into rooms, kill 3-6 guards, then pick up a keycard granting you access to the next area. BUT! There is far more to do than just kill guards. The environments are completely destructible. In other words, everything can be destroyed. And I like that. There is this one level where you are in a big temple, and if you knock down support pillars, rocks and stuff will fall everywhere. So you can pretty much destroy the level itself. It's really cool. There is this one part in the temple where the enemies have a big energywheel thing and after smashing 3 control panels that run it, the whole place starts collapsing. And that is cool. As you destroy stuff, you gain points. As you gain points, you gain continues. These can be used if you die, and will restart you from the last checkpoint. There are also many guns, like Uzis, Sub-Machine guns, Pistols, Rocket launcers, and so on.

Sound: Most of the game sounds pretty good, but a few of the voices are crap. For example, in the temple you fight this thing that is like a mummy or something. At the begining of the fight, he says "Death to all who trespass here! You are without hope!" But due to bad voice acting, it sounds like "Ya awa koo king retnosphere! Oooo aw ithot oope!" And every now and then, the sounds like guns firing and the music kinda glitches. Oh well.

Well, overall this game is really fun, but it is really short and has some sound & voice problems. Other than that, this game is a must-have. 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/14/06

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