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Reviewed: 11/15/04 | Updated: 08/31/07

A nice remake of two clasic FFs.

Final Fantasy Anthology is a remake of the games Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI, both of which are incredible games. Since I had never played either one before picking up Anthologies, I was very pleased with what I had gotten.


Final Fantasy V- The story in Final Fantasy V is somewhat lacking, but is still not one to disappoint. You play as the the character Bartz, and travel with your friends, Reina, Faris, and Galuf. Together, the four gain the power of the four crystals, and set out to destroy evil. Not very original, but it still gets a pass.


Final Fantasy VI- Undoubtedly the best part of FFVI. Normally, I'd tell you the main character, but in this game, there is no set main character. There are the important ones like Locke, Celes and Terra, then there are the somewhat less important ones like Sabin and Edgar. Don't be fooled though, nearly all of the characters get plenty of development time during the game.

Anyway, the story of FFVI is that Kefka, a psychotic clown, is trying to resurrect the powers of magic using Magecite and Espers. People have tried using magic before, and it ended up becoming the War of the Magi. You have to stop Kefka, and those who follow him, from creating another, more devastating war.


Combined-8.5, rounded up to a 9/10


Final Fantasy V-The gameplay in FFV is fast paced, and very fun. One turn, you can be pounding the enemy into the ground, and the next, you could be praying that you get enough turns to heal before they attack again.

FFV features a very solid Job System as well. You start out as a Bare, a class that has no special abilities, and then you can switch to things like a Thief, Knight, and Black/White Mage. After a while, more jobs become available. Learning the abilities I needed wasn't tedious, it was actually very fun; all thanks to the fun battles of this game.


Final Fantasy VI- Once again, the gameplay is outstanding. Each character has a special skill that they have, and no one else can have it (with the exception of a hidden character, but that's another story). Edgar can have Tools, which allows him to attack the enemies with things like Crossbows, Drills, and even Chainsaws, while Locke can have Steal.

The gameplay of FFVI is even faster then that of FFV. Try casting Haste on all of your characters and watch how fast they get another turn.

In FFVI, Terra and Celes can learn magic by leveling up, but all of the good spells are learned at very high levels, and who wants to level up that much just to learn a few spells? No one. That's why Square added the Esper System. By equipping an Esper on a character, they gain Magic Points at the end of every battle. Depending on how the growth rate is, the faster the spell is learned (in other words, a spell with a 20% growth will grow faster then one with a 5%growth). This way, all characters have a shot at learning magic, not just Terra and Celes.




Final Fantasy V- The music in this game is excellent. The battle theme, to a few area themes as well.

Swords sound like I thought they would when they attacked, and same with spells like Fire or Lightning. Though, there were a few moves that had very strange sounds to them.


Final Fantasy VI- Wow. Just wow. The music is spectacular. There is not one theme I can remember hating from this game. Everything from the character theme's to the second world map theme. Everything is just perfect.

For a game that was made on the SNES, the sound effects in here sure are amazing. Edgar's Chainsaw sounded very similar to what one sounds like in real life. Spells like Fire, Ice, Ultima, and Flare all sounded how I predicted too. As always, Square is dead on with the sound.


Combined-9.5, rounded up to a 10.

Buy or Rent?

Have you not listened to me? Buy the game! There is no way that you can possibly do everything there is to do in both games in a matter of five days, not to mention that it might be pretty hard to find at a rental store. =)

(I'm rounding down for the final score, since the package isn't perfect, so I can't give it a ten.)
Total Score-9.6, rounded down to a 9

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Final Fantasy Anthology (US, 09/30/99)

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