PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File06/12/00KasketDarkfyre131K
2 hours into the game - All current Characters at level 99
Save Game File11/04/01phoenix OMEGA131K
All spells (discluding Blue Magic), skills, and side-quests (including optional bosses) defeated. Saved right before final boss. All characters at lvl 46.
Save Game File05/29/03Fragnarok128K
FF5: Start of the game with all job classes available
Save Game File08/07/04rojotrece131K
FF6: World of Balance story saves
Save Game File04/07/04Bizonchik128K
FF6: Includes unlocked system file. Just before final boss. All characters with 128 in each of the 4 stats. Learned absolutely all spells and skills (including
Save Game File01/06/04Exdeath27K
FF6: Level 99 on all characters, 99 of all items, all magic learned, all espers, max gold, fully unlocked system file
Save Game File07/20/01CDexter131K
FFV: End of the game, level 43.
Save Game File06/20/02CocaColaCat19K
FFV: Last save point, best equips, all jobs learned, high levels
Save Game File06/02/00Space Ace131K
FFV: Standing right in front of the optional Boss Omega(yes the same Omega from FF8). And ready to fight end boss.
Save Game File07/20/01CDexter131K
FFVI: Last Dungeon, level 51
Save Game File06/02/00Space Ace131K
FFVI: Ready to fight end battles and has the system save.
Save Game File05/15/02Aether Knight131K
FFVI: Save at the last save point before final battle w/ all characters at level 99, all magic/skills learned for each character & all equipment/items set at 99.
Save Game File07/18/01t.sakurambo131K
FFVI: Starts from the first save point in the game, Terra uses Magitek skills instead of her Morph technique.
Save Game File10/23/02CocaColaCat27K
FFVI: World map save, best equips, all characters, all magic learned, high levels
Save Game File05/15/02Aether Knight131K
Final Fantasy 5 save at the last save point near Omega w/ all characters at level 99, all jobs maxed, all skills/spells learned & all equipment/items set at 99.
Save Game File05/05/09PurestProdigy131K
Final Fantasy 5 save. Saved in the last dungeon with all classes mastered, best equipment, and all hidden bosses defeated

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File06/20/12Blackmarvel791K
Final Fantasy VI save at first save marker. 99 of all items, weapons and relics.
Save Game File11/21/09DCallander4K
Final save point. All characters below level 50 for personal customization. All Magics, Lores plus lots of Rages. System file included.

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