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    Maximum Statistics Guide (JP) by CronoLV99

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    Final Fantasy IV Perfectionist's Guide
    Version 1.7
    By CronoLV99
    This guide may be useful for the following games:
    Final Fantasy IV
    Final Fantasy 2 (US version)
    Final Fantasy Chronicles
    Final Fantasy Collection (Japanese Release)
    The purpose of this guide is 2-fold.  In Final Fantasy IV (2), there
    are five natural statistics:
    Strength, Agility, Stamina, Wisdom, and Will.
    First, these stats influence every character's attack power, defense,
    and magic power.  I will discuss how.  Second, there is a method I've
    found that can max out most of these through a time-consuming method.
    I'll share that, too.  This is not a walkthrough for the entire game;
    this only covers the best ways to make use of your characters' stats.
    Section 1.  Updates
    Section 2.  Natural stats and their influences
    Section 3.  Max out your characters
    Section 4.  Strange Info
    Section 5.  Rare items
    Section 6.  Game genie codes
    Section 1.  Updates
    Version 1.7  Added Life Trick and level 70 stats/level-ups for all
    characters.  Updated various other minor things.  Updated contribution
    list at end of guide.
    Version 1.6  Added a simplified description of the maximization process
    in section 3 (suggestion by Sailor Bacon of GameFAQs), added a few
    extra pieces of armor to the list of rare items.  Tightened up the
    wording of some parts of the guide.  7-14-01
    Version 1.5  Formatted the whole piece to make it meet submission
    requirements for certain sites.  04-18-01
    Version 1.4  Updated section 3 with Lord Leandreus's help, added Medusa
    Sword note.  Added another game genie code and a few things here and
    there.  10-24-00
    Version 1.3  Added Rare Item list (thanks Lord Leandreus), added Game
    genie code 9-26-00
    Version 1.2  Redid format to make it more pleasing to the eye.  9-5-00.
    Version 1.1  Made section 4.  Included level 70 stats for Cecil, Kain,
    and Rosa.  Added copyright date.
    Version 1.0  This is the first version, so everything's new.  The
    updates I will be submitting soon include level-up types for Rydia,
    Rosa, and Edge, as well as level 70 stats for characters.
    Section 2: The natural stats and their influences
    On the status screen, you see this below the character's name, class,
    and hp/mp:
    Str.        ATTX...att
    Agil.       DEFX...def
    Vit.        MDEFX...m.def
    Str.= Strength (primarily attack power)
    Agil.= Agility (affects all multipliers)
    Vit.= Vitality (affects defense power)
    Wis.= Wisdom (affects black magic power)
    Will= Will (affects white magic power)
    ATTX= attack multiplier
    Att= attack power
    Att%= attack percent (hit rate)
    DEFX= defense multiplier
    Def= defense power
    Def%= defense percent (dodge rate)
    MDEFX= magic defense multiplier
    M.def= magic defense power
    M.def%= magic defense percent (dodge magic rate)
    Now, here is how the stats (strength through will) affect the attack
    power through magic
    defense percent:
    Every 4 points of strength gives 1 attack power (exception Yang)
    Every 8 points of strength gives 1 attack multiplier
    Every 8 points of agility gives 1 defense multiplier
    Every 16 points of agility gives 1 attack multiplier
    Every 32 points of agility gives 1 magic defense multiplier
    Every 2 points of vitality gives 1 defense power
    Wisdom and Will-
    Add values for wisdom and will together.
    Every 8 points of wisdom + will gives 1 magic defense percent
    Every 32 points of wisdom + will gives 1 magic defense multiplier
    Levels of Experience-
    Every 4 (beginning at level 4) level-ups gives 1 attack percent
    Every 4 (beginning with level 4) level-ups gives 1 attack point
    Every 16 (beginning with level 16) level-ups gives 1 defense multiplier
    ONLY if shield equipped
    All values are always rounded down in the case of fractions.  Thus, if
    you add wisdom and will together and get 35, 35/8= 4.375, and the game
    will register 4 for a magic defense percent without armor.
    The bonuses are simultaneous in nature.  Thus if you get an agility to
    32, you will gain 1 defense multiplier (every 8 agility), 1 attack
    multiplier (every 16 agility), and one magic defense multiplier (every
    32 agility) all at once.  If you get 32 agility at level 48, you would
    also get an attack point and percent (every 4 level-ups) and another
    defense multiplier (every 16 level-ups) all at once.
    There is no stat that affects defense percent.  All characters have a
    base rate of 30%.  Armor can increase or decrease this.  Items like
    metal armor drop it to zero, whereas robes and lighter pieces can
    increase it.  The glass helmet and adamant armor increases it to 99%.
    Shields are the only way a character wearing armor, a helmet, and a
    gauntlet can dodge an attack.  You'll notice Cid usually gets hit since
    his Hammer takes two hands...no shield.
    There is no stat that affects magic power defense.  The value is only
    the sum of the armors' values.
    Attack percent is 50% for all characters at level 1.  Weapons can add
    to this value.  Every four levels of experience also increases this by
    All characters begin with 1 attack multiplier and 0 defense and magic
    defense multipliers.  So the max attack multiplier can be 19 with a 96
    strength and 96 agility.
    This being said, a level 99 character with no items equipped and 99 for
    all stats will look
    Str. 99           19X...48
    Agil. 99          12X...49
    Vit. 99           9X...0
    Wis. 99
    Will. 99
    Armor that gives bonuses such as strength and agility will have these
    stats factored into the calculations.  For example, if you equip a
    crystal ring which gives a bonus of 5 to agility, and this pushes your
    agility from 91 to 96, you will gain the attack, defense, and magic
    defense multipliers.  If you remove the ring, you will lose these
    If you follow how the calculations work, you'll realize that there is
    no difference between a strength of 96 and 99, an agility of 96 and 99,
    and a stamina of 98 and 99.  Is this true?  Yes, it is.  The stats
    listed above would be identical if your strength and agility were 96
    and stamina of 98.  Wisdom and will are slightly different since they
    are added together.  If you had a will of 99 and a wisdom of 5, you
    would get a 13 magic defense percent.  (104/8=13)However, if one of
    these is at 99, the highest the other can get before it stops giving
    you bonuses would be 93.  So there would be no need to get the second
    to 99.  This all being said, is there any reason to get a stat such as
    agility to 99?  Not really.  It just looks nice.
    I've noticed there are some excellent damage calculations for FF4 in
    Bsiron's walkthrough at www.gamefaqs.com for those interested.
    Section 3:  Max out your characters, no need for game genie.
    Basically, beginning with level 71, characters can level-up in
    different ways.  Some level-ups increase your stats, other level-ups
    can actually decrease them.  In short, you need to save your game
    before a character levels-up, gain the level, and if you are not
    satisfied with what you got, reset and try again.  Do this until you
    gain the stats you want, then continue gaining experience until the
    next level-up.
    This next set of information is by my own finding back in 1992.  Lord
    Leandreus has helped me to rediscover some of the information.  If you
    reproduce this or any other part of my FAQ, please give Lord Leandreus
    and myself credit for this.
    Now, before I begin, I want to warn you that this will test your
    patience.  This info is probably most helpful to those that absolutely
    have to have the best characters possible.  Such as myself.
    So, you have a level 99 team about to fight in the Lunar Palace, right?
    Think your team is unstoppable?  That they are the best team ever
    created?  They may be, but unless you follow the next section's advice,
    chances are they are not.
    Have you ever noticed that when you're leveling up, sometimes your
    stats go down?  Frustrating? Annoying?  I was annoyed too, and after
    one such level I got angry and reset the game.  When I got the level
    again, my stats increased!  So the bottom line from this is:
    After level 70 (beginning with level 71) you can reset the game at
    times when you level up in order to get better stats.  You have 29
    opportunities to do this.
    Here are the final five characters' stats at level 70:
    Cecil (with crystal equipment)
    Str: 99 Agil: 41 Vit: 85 Wis: 36 Will: 68
    Kain (with dragoon equipment)
    Str: 73 Agil: 48 Vit: 63 Wis: 12 Will: 39
    Rosa (not equipped)
    Str: 48 Agil: 32 Vit: 42 Wis: 22 Will: 71
    Rydia (not equipped)
    Str: 36 Agil: 33 Vit: 34 Wis: 63 Will: 54
    Edge (not equipped)
    Str: 59 Agil: 54 Vit: 47 Wis: 34 Will: 25
    There are a number of pre-determined level-ups for each character, all
    of them different.
    For example (not a complete list):
    Cecil can gain
    +2 strength, 2 agility, 2 vitality, 2 will
    +1 in all stats
    +1 in all stats except wisdom
    +1 in all stats except will
    Kain can gain
    +2 strength, 2 vitality, 2 wisdom, 2 will
    +1 strength, 1 vitality, 1 will
    +1 strength, 1 agility, 1 vitality
    +3 strength, 3 agility, 3 will
    +2 agility, 2 vitality
    -1 all stats
    -1 agility and will
    Rydia can gain
    +3 strength, 3 agility, 3 wisdom, 3 will
    +2 strength, 2 vitality, 2 wisdom, 2 will
    -1 strength, wisdom, will
    -1 strength, agility, will
    -1 strength, vitality, will
    +1 all
    +3 wisdom, 3 will
    Rosa can gain
    +1 in all stats
    -1 str, vit
    -1 vit, wis
    +1 str, vit, will
    +1 str, agil, vit, will
    +1 agil, vit, wis, will
    +2 str, will
    Edge can gain
    -1 strength, agility, wisdom
    +1 agility
    +1 strength
    +1 strength, agility, wisdom
    +1 strength, vitality
    +2 strength, vitality
    +3 agility, wisdom
    What does the above mean?  It means if you have Kain about to gain a
    level, you should save the game.  Get the level.  If your stats do not
    decrease, you will get one of the above level types.  (There are
    additional types not listed.)  Wait for the type that you want (reset
    the levels you don't want), then save the game and fight until Kain or
    someone else is ready to level up.  Remember, this works for level 71
    and above.  The stats are identical for all characters every game up to
    level 70.
    Doing this, these are the best stats I can create without resorting to
    game genie.
    CECIL equipped with all Crystal weapons and armor:
    Str: 99 Agil: 96 Vit: 99 Wis: 38 Will: 99
    Got 26 level-ups of 2 str, agil, vit, will
    Got 3 level ups of 1 to all stats
    KAIN equipped with all Dragoon weapons and armor:
    Str: 99 Agil: 96 Vit: 89 Wis: 38 Will: 99
    Got 16 level-ups of 3 str, agil, will
    13 level-ups of 2 str, vit, wis, will
    NOTE: If you want vitality at 99 and don't care about wisdom and will,
    do this for Kain.  It will mean your magic defense percent will suffer
    greatly, since your will will be 70 and your wisdom will be 16.
    However, Kain doesn't use magic so it's your preference.
    KAIN equipped with all Dragoon weapons and armor:
    Got 9 levels +3 str, agil, and will
    Got 18 levels +2 agl and vit
    Got 2 levels +2 str, vit, wis, will
    EDGE equipped with Masamune and Murasame, crystal ring, Ninja suit, and
    Genji Helm:
    Str: 96 Agil: 99 (94 without ring) Vit: 84 Wis: 78 Will: 20
    RYDIA equipped with Dragon whip, ProRing, Ribbon, and Sorceror's Robe:
    Str: 99 Agil: 99 Vit: 70 Wis: 99 Will: 99
    Got 8 level-ups of 2 str, vit, wis, will
    Got 21 level-ups of 3 str, agil, wis, will
    NOTE: If you want Rydia with an extra defense point:
    Got 9 level-ups of 2 str, vit, wis, will
    Got 20 level-ups of 3 str, agil, wis, will
    But you must equip the Dragon Whip to get agility above 96.
    This will give Rydia with:
    Str: 99 Agil: 98 (natural 93) Vit: 72 Wis: 99 Will: 99
    ROSA equipped with Silence Staff, Ribbon, ProRing, and Heroine Robe:
    Str: 96 Agil: 72 Vit: 97 Wis: 32 Will: 99
    Got 29 +1 all
    I have found Rydia to benefit most from this.  She has 99 in the four
    major stats (96 without the whip in strength and agility) and has maxed
    out multipliers.  She has a 19X attack, 12X defense, and 9X magic
    defense multipliers.  If you do the trick where she can equip a shield
    (thanks to Edge's steal technique), she'll have an 18X defense
    I have found Rosa to be the weakest character of the final 5.  I try to
    get everyone to have at least a 96 agility to get the most out of the
    multipliers, but Rosa's best level seems to be a +1 in everything.
    Kind of sad.
    You may take into consideration the bonuses you gain from weapons.  For
    example, the dragon whip gives Rydia +5 strength, agility and vitality
    while decreasing wisdom and will.  If you know she will have the whip
    at the end of the game and you are sure you never want to give her
    another weapon, you only have to raise strength and agility to 91.  The
    whip will then boost them to 96 and give the bonuses to the multipliers
    (recall that there is no statistical difference between a strength or
    agility of 96 and 99).  Normally you would have needed to spend two
    levels to raise strength and agility from 91 to 96 (+3 per level-up),
    but now you don't need to waste those two levels because the whip
    raises those stats for you.  This means the two levels you saved by not
    raising the stats to 96 can be spent on raising vitality some more.
    I find it's easiest to kill off 3 members and roam around in the Lunar
    subterranian area with only 2 people.  I always begin with Cecil and
    Kain.  This way, when one character is about to gain a level, chances
    are the other will not be getting one anytime soon.  That way, you
    won't be overjoyed when Kain gains the level you've been waiting for
    only for you to discover that Cecil's stats went down (simply
    unacceptable for the perfectionist).  Then, when Cecil and Kain are at
    level 99 and simply too powerful for anything to kill, slay one of them
    and revive one of the remaining 3 people.  Then you only have 1 person
    gaining levels at a time.  Cecil or Kain alone at level 99 can fight
    any enemy in the final dungeon (the one with Behemoths, EvilMasks, and
    Red Dragons).  Have your other person in the back row parrying until
    he/she is at a high enough level to attack.  After a while, you'll be
    able to kill EvilMasks with only 2 people before they can even cast an
    attack spell.  Run from EvilMasks when you first begin, though.
    When using 2 characters, have them both equipped with Ribbons and
    Prorings.  It'll make things easier.
    Remember what stats you had before you get the level-up.  I've had to
    reset a few times simply because I got a level and couldn't remember
    what the prior stats were.  Didn't want to risk getting a bad level.
    There is no limit to how many times you can gain a particular level.
    If you wanted to get 29 levels of +3 str, agil, wis, and will to Rydia,
    so be it.  There's no need to since stats max out at 99, but you could
    if you really wanted to.  Furthermore, it may take many tries to gain
    the particular level you want.  You may have to reset 10 or 20 times
    (or more) to get that one level type.  Other times, you'll get it first
    If you do have a game genie or have incredible luck, adamant armor
    gives +15 to all 5 stats!  If all of your characters have adamant
    armors, you can save a lot of time by not gaining levels you ordinarily
    would, and focusing on the weaker stats.  In other words, you could get
    Cecil and Kain to have wisdoms far higher than the ones I listed above,
    and Rydia should be able to have 99 for every stat except vigor, which
    would be around 95.  A guide to characters with adamant armor will be
    included here soon.
    Get a character to level 70.  Save the game right before they reach
    level 71.  Go out, fight a battle, and gain that level.  If it's an
    acceptable level to you, keep it and fight until you're about to gain
    another level.  If it's unacceptable, reset and get the level again.
    Keep resetting until you get the level you want.
    Section 4: Strange Info
    There is a way to get a stat to 0. I find it easier to do with Kain.
    Just equip the Drain Spear (or Lance) when his will is at 10. It will
    go down to 0. If it's at 9 or less, it's going to go down to 1. (Tip by
    Etienne Santerre)
    Ever wondered what some of the other characters are like at high
    levels?  Well, here's some insight.  No game genie used!
    Yang at level 99 (2 Catclaws, Gaia Helm, Karate Suit, Silver ring)
    HP 6000.  (Never went higher)
    Str: 99           19X...224
    Agil: 96          12X...60
    Vit: 99            3X...9
    Wis: 11
    Will: 3
    Tellah at level 79 (Charm Rod, - Helm, Karate Suit, Silver ring)
    HP 1849.  MP 90.
    Str: 4            3X...35
    Agil: 35          4X...17
    Vit: 10           3X...11
    Wis: 41
    Will: 36
    In addition, Etienne Santerre has compiled a list of all the FF2/4
    characters at level 70, and their level-ups.  Great job, and great info
    to have!  I have paraphrased the information he has sent me to keep
    this guide short.  As an aside, I do not know if the level 70 stats
    include any bonuses from equipped weapons/armor or not.
    Dark Knight profiles:
    Level 70 stats:
    Str: 61
    Agil: 41
    Vit: 41
    Wis: 24
    Will: 1
    Dark Knight can get:
    agil, vit, (will), wis -1
    agil, vit, (will), wis -1
    vit, (will) -1
    str, agil, vit +1
    str, agil, vit, wis +1
    str, agil, vit +2
    str +3
    Dark Knight's best combination would be :
    26x str, agil, vit +2
    3x str, agil, vit, wis +1
    Level 70 stats:
    Str: 77
    Agil: 29
    Vit: 75
    Wis: 5
    Will: 5
    Cid can get:
    str, agil, will -1
    agil, wis -1
    str, agil, vit, wis +1
    str, vit +2
    str, agil, vit +2
    str, vit +3
    Cid note: only character who can consistantly get 9999 HP!
    Level 70 stats:
    Str: 77
    Agil: 29
    Vit: 75
    Wis: 5
    Will: 5
    Yang can get:
    str, agil, wis, will -1
    str, agil, vit +1
    str, vit, will +1
    str, agil, vit, wis +1
    str, vit +2
    str, agil, vit +2
    Yang Note: His HP stops growing at level 60.
    Level 70 stats:
    Str: 33
    Agil: 30
    Vit: 40
    Wis: 75
    Will: 23
    Palom can get:
    str, will -1
    str, agil, wis +1
    agil, vit, wis +1
    agil, wis, will +1
    str, agil, vit, wis, will +1
    str, wis +3
    Level 70 stats:
    Str: 23
    Agil: 33
    Vit: 28
    Wis: 22
    Will: 75
    Porom can get:
    vit, wis -1
    str, agil, wis +1
    str, agil, will +1
    str, vit, wis, will +1
    str, agil, vit, wis, will +1
    will +3
    Level 70 stats:
    Str: 1
    Agil: 26
    Vit: 1
    Wis: 24
    Will: 24
    Tellah can get:
    (str), agil, (vit), will, wis -1
    str, agil +1
    agil, wis +1
    agil, will +1
    agil, vit, wis, will +1
    Tellah Note: It is possible to lower all of his stats to 1.
    Level 70 stats:
    Str: 10
    Agil: 20
    Vit: 10
    Wis: 40
    Will: 40
    FusoYa can get:
    str, vit -1
    wis -1
    str, vit +1
    agil, wis +1
    agil, will +1
    agil, wis, will +1
    FuSoYa: His MP begins to grow only at level 71.
    Level 70 stats:
    Str: 42
    Agil: 41
    Vit: 26
    Wis: 28
    Will: 28
    Edward/Gilbert can get:
    str, agil, vit, will, wis -1
    str, vit, wis, will -1
    str, agil, vit, will +1
    agil, vit, wis +2
    str, agil, will +3
    str, vit, wis, will +4
    Edward Note: Only character to gain 4 points in any stat, let alone 4
    at once!
    Section 5: Rare Item Information
    The info presented here allows you the freedom to customize your
    characters even more.  For example, if you know Rydia will use the whip
    as her final weapon, why bother to get her agility up to 96 when you
    can raise it to 91 then give her the whip?  This will free her up to
    gain levels that raise other stats instead of gaining agility levels.
    So use the info from this guide in order to customize the characters
    even further.  This is especially helpful if you use the game genie and
    give your team lots of adamant armors.  (I'll include maxing out your
    team with the help of game genie in a later version.)
    Note:  A lot of this info is from Lord Leandreus
    Weapons note- The hit rate is added on to your character's attack
    percent.  The attack power may seem higher when you equip an item, if
    so, this may be due to the strength bonus of an item.  Along the same
    lines, if a weapon gives you vitality, you'll see an increase in your
    defense power, too.  Same applies to armor with stat bonuses.
    Artemis Bow- 69 attack power. 20%hit rate, +10 str, agl and vit, -10
    wis, will.  Get from Kary (moon goddess).  Note- remember to give
    right-handed people bows in their left hand.
    Dragon Whip- Won from blue dragons.  Attack: 55 Att%: 25% Paralyzes
    Enemies, strong versus Dragons.  +5 Strength, Agility, Vitality, -5
    Wisdom Will.
    Dragoon Spear- Won from Red Dragons.  Attack: 99attack power, 30% hit
    rate, efective against dragon type creatures.  No stat bonusus.
    Lilith Rod- 13 attack power, -40%hit rate, drains hp, psych when used
    as item, +5 wis.  Get from lilith on Mt. Ordeals.
    Medusa Sword- 77attack power, 16% hit rate, petrifies enemies(at least
    it's supposed to do so, but I hit enemies with it and appears a
    msg:"turned into stone?"and nothing happens, didn't check in jap
    version).  Get from medusas, but I heard you can get or even steal from
    those black lizards in the underground but never got it.  NOTE:
    shale019@hotmail.com mentions that if you use the Medusa sword 3 times
    on an enemy, it will turn them to stone.
    Rune Axe- 100attack power, 10%hit rate.  Strong vs. Magic users.  Won
    from Red Giants.  No stat bonuses.
    Silence Staff- 52 attack power, 10%hit rate, mutes target, mute when
    used as item, +10 will.  Get from the conjurer at land of phantom
    beasts(summoned monsters), you can get too from weaker versions of this
    enemy.  Best attack power staff, but the life staff gives +15will.
    Masamune- 65 Attack Power, 99% hit rate, +3 agility.
    Murasame-  55 Attack Power, 99% hit rate, +5 str, vit, wisdom, -5 agil
    and will.
    Adamant armor- 100 defence power, +99def rate, 20 def mag, +15 all
    stats!  Get a pink tail from Pink Puffs.  Very hard to find, you can
    see why.  Use a game genie to get this one.
    Cursed Ring- 0 def, -10%def rate, -15 all stats.  Get from skelton type
    or d.fossil.
    Crystal Ring- 20defence power, +5def rate, 12 def mag, +5 agl.  Won
    from Red Dragons (and Fatal Eyes?).  Note- For some reason, when
    equipped with this, my team takes more damage from element-based
    spells.  I never use crystal rings, I prefer protect rings despite less
    defense and agility.
    Glass helm- 30 defence power, 99%defence rate.  Won from EvilMasks.  No
    magic defense, no stat bonuses.
    Protect Ring- +15 vitality.  Won from Fatal Eyes?
    Ribbon- Won from Warlocks.
    Zeus Gauntlet- 10 defense power, -10%def rate,  0mag def, +10 strength
    and vitality.  Get from skeltons at eblan cave.
    Trick to get Rare Items Easier (by Lord Leandreus)
    Life trick:
    This is a trick to increase the chances of getting the so wanted rare
    items, it doesn't work on some enemies like the ones in the core,
    undead enemies and unfortunately, on the pink puffs.
    The trick consists on keep reviving the same enemy in the same battle,
    this will make the game consider each revived enemy as another enemy,
    and you get all the xp and gp as if you had defeated the number of
    enemies you revived.
    Also, the chance of coming and item after the battle increases, in the
    proportion of the time you spend.
    So how do you revive enemies? With the spell Life 2. But there's a
    timing you must learn to do it. The easiest way to do is kill everyone
    except Cecil and Rosa, and then attack with Cecil, before he hits the
    enemy, rosa's menu must come. You have to wait a little time with
    Cecil's menu open to fill Rosa's gauge.
    Select the spell while Cecil is hitting the enemy and target it before
    it disappears. Rosa will cast the spell and the enemy will reappear.
    Of course, there must be at least two enemies on the screen, if not the
    battle ends.
    The more time you spend reviving the enemy the higher the chance of
    getting that awesome artemis bow and all other rare items.
    For the enemies which can't be revived like pink puffs the best thing
    to do is use some 10 alerts, reset if you don't get the item, and do it
    Section 6:  Game Genie Codes
    The only helpful game genie code for a perfectionist is the
    Gunslinger's Code.
    For American Easytype (FF2):  00CE-6D69
    For Japanese Hardtype (FF4):  00CF-A469
    When this code is in use, put a worthless item (rubyring, e.g.) into
    the very first slot in the item list.  Have some potions (cures) in the
    slot to the right.  Select a potion and use it on the middle character
    in a five-person team.  You'll notice after using it, the item in the
    first position became something else.  Repeat using the potions until
    you get a good item.  This is the best way to get five adamant armors
    for your team if you don't mind using game genie.  Some emulators make
    use of game genie codes.
    An additional game genie code I have not yet tested is an experience-
    boosting code.  It was suggested by Bob the Almighty from gamefaqs. It
    has been tested by others and for them it works.
    For Japanese Hardtype (FF4): 7E35-9363
    End guide.
    All info was derived from mad gaming by CronoLV99.  Some rare items
    info provided by Lord Leandreus.  Many level-70 stats submitted by
    Etienne Santerre .  Copyright 2000-2001.  If you reproduce any of this, please
    give me, CronoLV99, credit.
    Thanks to www.RPGamer.com for posting this FAQ.
    Thanks to www.GameFAQs.com for posting this FAQ.
    Thanks to www.gamedirectory.f2s.com for posting this FAQ.
    Others may with prior consent by me, Crono LV99.
    Correspondence: CronoLV99@aol.com
    Lord Leandreus: leandreu@terra.com.br

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