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    Solo Cecil Guide by Storm Hunter

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/10/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy IV / Solo Cecil Guide
    Created by: Phil Henry (Philby15@hotmail.com)
    April 7, 2004
    Version 1.1
    (c) Phil Henry 2004
    This walkthrough is not to be reproduced or published elsewhere unless 
    permission is granted by the author.
      As the name of this guide implies, this is a Solo Cecil Challenge 
    Guide. The idea of this challenge is to beat the entire game of Final
    Fantasy IV using only Cecil. It sounds tough, even impossible, but it 
    can be done. Now why would anyone try and do this? Well, if you're 
    like me, you get bored of games after beating them a few times. Now,
    instead of never playing the game again, some people think of 
    challenges or hindrances to make the game harder or to add some more
    flavor to the game. This is exactly what this challenge is for, to make
    the game of FFIV last longer. If you're trying this out, then I'm going
    to assume that you've played through FFIV a few times, so this won't
    be a step by step walkthrough with lists of treasures or monsters or
    ways to get out of dungeons. I'll only point out recommended levels,
    best equipment and boss strategies and the like. Now before we start,
    here are some little random tips to help out.
    -Keep Cecil in the back row. Normally, when in the back row, your 
       defense is raised while your attack is lowered, but if all the other
       characters in the party are KO'd, then Cecil's attack won't be 
       decreased as severely. Also, it's better to have great defense and
       decent attack, than to have minimal defense with great attack power.
    -Always keep 99 Cures, and as soon as you can, buy 99 Cure2s. Also, keep
       a stock of about 10 to 20 Heals. 
    -Sell all your unwanted equipment/items. Since Cecil is your only party
       member, you won't be needing equipment suited for other characters, 
       sell them. Also, sell all Lifes and Cabins and any other items that
       require mulitple characters to make full use of. This way, you have
       much more money for curing items and it leaves a lot more room in 
       your inventory. Also, remember to unequip party members when they
       first join you. This gives you more money, and it makes it easier
       to kill them off.
    -Zombies + Cure = Victory. Now, this only applies to Dark Knight Cecil,
       but if you're in a fight against undead, use items to win. Only do
       this in Boss battles, however, because you could easily lose your 
       stock of Cures.
    -Unless absolutely necessary, refrain from resting at inns. This revives
       all your KO'd characters so you'll just have to kill them again in
       the next battle. If you need healing, buy Cures, if you need MP...
       well, Cecil's magic sucks, you won't need MP, and you'll probably
       find plenty of Ethers anyways. 
    -Never be afraid to run away. If the enemy is just too much to handle
       or can't be defeated with regular attacks, run. One battle is not
       worth being risky over, and Flan style enemies take too long and
       don't give up enough EXP to matter.
    -Save repeatedly! I know you hear this a lot, but save every chance you
       get. On the world map, before heading into a dungeon, on Save Points.
       Hell, save multiple files if it helps. Having only one character can
       get you unexpectedly killed, so never wander far without saving.
    -If all else fails, level up. If the dungeon or boss is simply too hard 
       for you at your current level, spend some time either on the world map,
       or near a save point and fight monsters. Remember, because you're 
       alone, enemies give up 5x their regular EXP, so if the enemy normally
       gives your party 5000 EXP, they'll give Cecil 25000 EXP, making for
       relatively easy levels!
    Alright, let's start this off!!
    Chapter 1 - Dark Knight to Paladin
    Baron Overworld/Mist Cave
     First of all, unequip Kain of all his equipment and then kill him in the 
    first battle. Do not use him or any other character other then Cecil to
    attack enemies. After Kain is dead, move Cecil to the back row and level
    up outside until level 13 or so. Not really needed, but it's a good start.
    Inside the Mist Cave, collect the chests for potions and then fight the 
    first boss, the Mist Dragon.
    Mist Dragon
    HP: 465
    My Level: 13
    Continually attack the Mist Dragon until it turns into mist. When it does,
    stop attacking, or it'll counter with Cold Mist. Continue attacking once
    it turns back into a dragon and after a few rounds, it should fall.
    Kaipo Overworld/Water Cavern
     Before going to Kaipo with Rydia in your arms, take some time to level up
    if you'd like. Inside the inn, you'll come across 3 Soldiers and a General
    General, Soldiers x3
    HP: 221   ,   27 each
    My Level: 16
    quickly kill off two of the three soldiers, but leave one alive. Now, 
    concentrate the rest of your attacks on the General. Normally, the General
    will run away after his soldiers have been defeated, but with one still
    alive, he'll stand his ground until you can defeat him. He has a lot more
    HP than the soldiers and some of the time you'll miss, so you might need 
    to use a Cure or two in this battle. After the General falls, take out the
    last soldier. Killing the General along with the other soldiers will 
    net you an additional 400 EXP.
     After the battle, you'll be fully rested with a new party member, Rydia.
    Unequip her and take the little girl out to the desert and kill her. This
    shouldn't be too hard since her Max HP is 30. Once again, move Cecil to 
    back row. 
     Inside the Water Cavern are enemies called WaterBugs. These have about
    200 EXP, but they often run away, so defeat them before attacking other 
    enemies. Run away from any Jellies you see because they can't be defeated
    easily without magic. Shortly after entering the cavern, you'll meet 
    Tellah, an old man. Unequip him and kill him. Wow, a little girl and an
    old man were killed because of you, heroic, huh? Search the treasure chests
    on the North side of the cavern to obtain Cecil's Darkness Sword. Leave the
    cavern, save, and then enter the next section. The next few chests hold
    Cecil's Darkness Armor, Helm, Shield, and Gauntlet, so be sure to get these
    for the next boss, Octomamm.
    HP: about 1500 (???)
    My Level: 20
    Easy battle without any real catches. Attack repeatedly and Octomamm's 
    tentacles should start disapearing one by one. Each time one is destroyed,
    Octomamm's attack power is lowered, so the less tentacles, the safer you 
    are. He should fall when there's about three tentacles left.
    Damcyan/Antlion Cave
     Save outside the Water Cavern and watch Damcyan get blown up. After Tellah
    leaves and Edward joins, unequip and kill him. If you're in need of healing,
    use the hovercraft to go back to Kaipo to buy Cures, don't bother using the
    healing pot in Damcyan because that just revives your fallen comrades.
     Normally, the Antlion Cave is complicated to navigate, but that's only if
    you attempt to get all the chests. There's nothing useful in any of the chests
    in this cave, so just head directly to the boss' lair.
    HP: 1100
    My Level: 24
    The Antlion has relatively weak attack power, but it'll counter attack with
    a needle attack that'll do more damage. Simply attack until it falls. You
    shouldn't need to use a Cure, unless your HP level isn't very high.
    Mt. Hobs/Fabul
     Head back to Kaipo and give the SandRuby to Rosa. During the night, you'll
    have to fight a battle using Edward. This should be the ONLY battle where
    you can use a character other than Cecil. In the morning, unequip Rosa and
    kill her, Rydia and Edward in the next battle.
     Using the hovercraft, head to Mt. Hobs. Be careful of GrayBombs, they will
    detonate if their HP falls too low, damaging Cecil, so try to defeat them
    quickly. Skeletons, though undead, shouldn't pose too much of a problem to
    you. Climb up the mountain to find Yang and the next Boss.
    Mom Bomb
    HP: ????
    My Level: 27
    This is the first of several boss battles that require you to kill off a
    character before actually defeating the boss. Kill Yang right away, which
    may take a few turns because of his high HP. Attack the Mom Bomb until
    she explodes, which will damage Cecil and leave three Bombs and three 
    GrayBombs. Defeat each of the three Bombs before attacking any of the Gray-
    Bombs. After that, attempt to take out as many GrayBombs as possible, but
    one or two will probably explode anyways. If your HP is below 50, use a 
    Cure before attaking the GrayBombs. Thankfully, this battle is worth a
    truckload of EXP.
     On the other side of Mt. Hobs, heal Cecil as you see fit, and walk east
    to Fabul, levelling up along the way. By now you've probably noticed that 
    it doesn't take Cecil very long to gain levels. Save outside of Fabul and
    then head in.
    Captain, Fighters x2
    HP: 320   ,   65 each
    My Level: 33
    This is basically a tougher version of the General, Soldier battle back in
    Kaipo. Use the same strategy as before and make sure to kill the Captain,
    because he's worth 1000 EXP. You'll fight this battle three times before
    encountering Kain
    HP: ????
    My Level: 34
    You can't win this battle, boohoo.
     After the fights, search around Fabul castle to collect Cecil's Black 
    shield. The King will also give you a Black Sword, which can randomly kill
    enemies. Hoorah.
    Mysidia/Mt. Ordeals
     After getting Porom and Palom, unequip them and kill them. Now before going
    yo Mt. Ordeals, buy the Paladin equipment in the Mysidian store. You can't
    equip them now, but once Cecil becomes a Paladin, these will be his only
    armor for the road back down. 
     Make your way to the base of Mt. Ordeals, save, and head in. A lot of the 
    monsters on Mt. Ordeals are undead, meaning Cecil will most likely have a 
    hard timeinflicting any damage, so run from battles here. Don't worry about 
    your level, because you'll be at Level 1 in a few minutes. Kill Tellah when
    he joins and continue up to the save point and fight Milon.
    Milon, Ghast x4
    HP: 3500   ,   200 each
    My Level: 39
    First off, you'd better have a few Cure2s with you. If not, this battle just
    got a lot longer. Hopefully, you have 4 Cure2s, if not, hopefully you have 
    a bunch of Cures. Use Cures and Cure2s against the Ghasts to heal them to
    death. One Cure2 should work, while 5 or so Cures will beat them. After 
    they're gone, concentrate your normal attacks on Milon, who will counter
    with Bolt spells. Use any Cures if needed and continue to attack. He should
    fall before long.
     Go back and save. Now, before moving to the other end of the bridge, move 
    Cecil to the front row. You'll then fight Milon Z.
    Milon Z
    HP: 3523
    My Level: 39
    Milon Z attacks you from behind, so Cecil should start off in the back row.
    There aren't any tricks like the last battle, so continually attacks until
    Milon Z falls and cure if needed.
     Again, head back to the Save Point to save. Inside the cave, Cecil will 
    become a Level 1 Paladin with 600 HP. He'll also have to fight his Dark Side.
    Dark Knight
    HP: ???
    My Level: 1
    Just sit there. Don't attack for about three rounds and you'll win. Hoorah.
    I've heard that you CAN actually defeat him, but there's no real sense in
     Now, you can start heading back down to Mysidia. Cecil will be gaining 
    levels almost every battle. By the time you reach Mysidia, you should be
    atleast at level 20 with more than 1000 HP. Congratulations, you've become
    a Paladin with only Cecil!
    Chapter 2 - From Baron to the Underground
    Baron/Baron Waterways
     Get to Baron via Devil's Roda, leave and save. Head into the inn to find
    Guard x2
    HP: 280
    My Level: 23
    These guys require a bit of luck to defeat. They should take you only two 
    hits to defeat, but they can counter your attacks with Mini, which will 
    lower your defense to 1. Mini has about a 50/50 chance of hitting you. 
    If it does, pray that you'll dodge the next wave of attacks. Hit again
    while your Minied and you'll be cured by the guard. Hopefully Mini will
    miss you the first time so you can atleast take out one of the Guards. It's
    much easier to survive when there's only one Guard, even if you're Minied.
    HP: ???
    My Level: 23
    Cure yourself if the battle with the two Guards left you weak, then attack,
    attack, attack. There's nothing really special to this battle and you should
    win as long as you got the chance to heal at the beginning.
     After the battle, Yang joins and you get to rest at the inn for free. You
    alos get the Baron Key which allows the party to gain access to the Baron
     Enemies here have a lot more HP then you might be used to seeing, so enemies
    might take three hits or so to defeat. Aquaworms, however, have over 600 HP, 
    so they may need 6 hits to take down, but don't worry, as long as Cecil 
    remains in the back row, he should be alright, and with his new White Magic,
    you can easily cure more than ever outside of battle. Enemies here also yield
    a lot of EXP, so take your time to level up near the Save Point. You're going
    to want to be near level 30 for Kainazzo. Don't forget to collect Cecil's 
    Ancient Sword. Don't equip it, it's not as powerful as Legend, but you can
    always sell it.
     Once you make it through to the castle, Baigan will greet you and then soon
    Baigan, Right Arm, Left Arm
    HP: 4444    ,  444   ,  444
    My Level: 27
    Don't waste your time defeating the two arms because Baigan can simply 
    regenerate them. However, you might want to take out one of them, just so 
    Baigan can't go three times in a row. Focus your attacks on Baigan's body
    and it will easily fall. With the body gone, defeat the two arms and you've
     As soon as the battle's over, head back to the Waterways and save. This 
    next battle will be difficult and will greatly depend on how much damage you
    can inflict. Try to be as close to level 30 as your patience will allow.
    Inside the throne room, you will be attacked by the second elemental fiend,
    HP: 5312
    My Level: 30
    *NOTE* The following strategy is strictly for the SNES version. In the hard
    type, Kainazzo (Kagnazzo in hard type.) heals for much more but not as often.
    The following strategy hasn't been tested for the Hardtype yet.
    This guy can be a real pain. At first he won't do much except Big Wave. You
    should be doing a good amount of damage to him, so you might be wondering
    why I think this guy's hard. When he's about half way dead, Kainazzo will
    retreat into his shell and up his defense and heal himself for exactly 400 
    HP. He will then come out of his shell and continue to use Big Wave. Under
    regular cirumstances, this guy would be dead in three hits of Bolt 3, but
    since we've only got Cecil, we have to whittle away at his HP. With his
    defense gone up, you'll be doing about 200-300 HP. Unless you can easily
    do 300+ damage to him at this point, reset and level up, because every
    second time you hit Kainazzo, he retreats into his shell and heals for
    another 400 HP. If you're doing more than 300 HP damage to him on a regular
    basis, he can't heal himself as much and will soon fall. 
     After the battle, Porom and Palom will leave and Cid will join. You know
    the dril by now, unequip and kill him. After a short story scene, you will
    gain the use of the airship. Make sure you visit the town of Argat to buy
    the Silver Armor!
    Troia/Magnetic Cavern
     Make your way to the Kingdom of Troia and learn about the stolen Earth 
    Crystal. Before heading off to the Magnetic Cavern, take some time to level
    up if you'd like. Some battles will give you 5000 EXP, so leveling isn't 
    hard at all here. Be careful of Panthers, their Bluster attack causes instant
    death if you're not careful. When you're ready, equip Cecil with non-metallic
    equipment and a Great Bow with Ice arrows. 
     You should be able to take care of pretty much anything in the cavern 
    except for the powerful Ogres. Run from any battle with more than three Cave
    Bats. The battles are simply too long with only one character.
     Save at the Save Point and attack the Dark Elf. The first battle cannot be 
    won so let yourslef die and watch the scene. Now cure yourself and equip 
    Cecil with his strongest equipment. Attack the Dark Elf again.
    Dark Elf/Dark Dragon
    HP: ????/3500
    My Level: 36
    This time around, the Dark Elf's triple elemental attack will do very little,
    so continue attacking regularly. After a bit of damage, the Elf will transform
    into the more difficult Dark Dragon. It's normal attacks are weak, but it can
    cast a pretty nasty Dark Breath attack. Cure when he uses this, and continue
    attacking. As long as he doesn't use Dark Breath too much, he shouldn't be too 
     After the battle, leave the cavern and make your way back to Troia. You will
    then be transported to the Tower of Zot.
    Tower of Zot
     None of the enemies here should present much of a problem for Cecil, so 
    battle your way until the second floor. There's a chest with an extremely
    useful weapon here. Battle the FlameDog and you will win Cecil's Flame Sword,
    which is particularly useful against the Ice creatures found in this tower.
    As you gat nearer to the top, you will be confronted by the Magus Sisters.
    Sandy, Cindy, Mindy
    HP: 2591, 4599, 2590
    My Level: 39
    These three girls like to work together to attack Cecil with level 2 spells.
    They shouldn't do too much damage as long as you they don't cast Fire 2 while
    you're wearing the Flame Armor. Anyway, take out the center one first, since
    she can use Cure and Life magic. After she goes down, take out the small one,
    since she'll be concentrating magic spells against you. After those two are
    taken care of, the last one, Sandy should go down without much of a fight.
     Go back and Save. Continue up and you will lose Tellah, but gain Rosa and
    Kain. Unequip them as soon as you can so you can kill them off a lot easier
    during the upcoming fight against Valvalis.
    HP: 8636
    My Level: 39
    Valvalis will begin the fight normally attacking the group. Help her out by
    attacking Rosa and Kain until they die. Once you hit Valvalis, she will wrap
    herself up in a tornado, upping her defense a bit. When she does this, she 
    will continue the battle with a certain pattern. First she will attack you
    physically for about 1-5 damage. Woopee. Then she will cast Glare, which will
    start to petrify Cecil. If Cecil is hit with Glare four times, he will be
    fully petrified and you will lose this battle. After that, she will cast Wind,
    which, if succesful, will bring Cecil to single digit HP. The trick to this
    is to conduct a sort of pattern like she has. When she casts Wind, heal with 
    Cure, don't waste your MP on Cure2. She will attack, so you do the same. 
    She will cast Glare. If you haven't been hit with Glare atleast twice, attack. 
    If you're afraid of being petrified, use a Heal, or cast it. Continue this 
    pattern until she finally falls. This battle sucked when I didn't know what to 
     Kain will then hand over the Magma Key and you're free to leave the Tower. Fly
    south of Baron to a village named Argat. Inside is a well. Drop the Magma Key
    in and a huge hole will appear in the nearby mountains. Inside is the 
    Chapter 3 - Underground to the Final Battle
    Dwarven Castle/Tower of Bab-il
     Enter the Dwarven Castle and meet King Giott. You will lose Cid for a while.
    Inside the crystalk room, Calbrina attacks.
    HP: 5315
    My Level: 43
    The battle will begin with a fight against six dolls. Destroy as many as you
    can, until they combine into one huge doll, the Calbrina. This is one boss 
    that doesn't require strategy at all. Simply attack, heal until it dies.
    Golbez, Shadow
    HP: ????, ????
    My Level: 43
    Golbez will begin the fight with Hold Gas and Cecil will be paralyzed. He 
    will then summon a serpentine monster, Shadow. Normally, Shadow will cast
    Demolish until all characters except Cecil are KO'd, but since Cecil is the
    only one alive, the battle will skip to a sequence in which you get Rydia
    back in the party. Shadow will be destroyed and the fight will continue
    normally. Defeat Rydia, before attacking Golbez. Golbez can cast some pretty
    powerful magic, but Cecil should be able to take him out without much trouble.
     After the fight, wander about the castle, collecting items and stocking up
    on any needed items. Exit through the basement and make your way to the Tower
    of Bab-il. 
     Again, none of the enemies in the tower should cause too much trouble for
    Cecil. Another powerful weapon, the Ice Brand, is found on the second floor.
    This weapon is stronger than the Flame Sword and is Ice Elemental, so most of
    the enemies in the tower are weak against it. Stonemen normally have incredibly
    high attack power, but since we're at a much higher level than normal, they 
    shouldn't do much more than a normal enemy. They also give 3000 EXP EACH!! So
    hope you get into a few fights with them. As usual, run away from Tofus, since
    they're Flan type enemies and cannot be harmed easily by weapons.
     On the seventh floor, you will find the tower's second Save Point. Save and
    start leveling up. The next boss can be extremely difficult, and a lot of luck
    is required to beat him because the damage he inflicts on you can be very 
    random. At about level 50 or so, when your HP is near 3200, save and continue
    up to meet Dr. Lugae.
    Dr. Lugae, Balnab, Balnab-Z
    HP: 4700, 4700, 4400
    My Level: 51
    Attack either the Doc or his robot until one is defeated. Quickly afterwards,
    the Balnab (or Balnab-Z, depending on who you defeated) will explode, doing
    1500-3500 HP of damage to you. That was the easy part. Here comes the hard
    HP: 9000
    My Level: 51
    Dr. Lugae will transform into this freaky skeleton thing and will poison 
    Cecil. Don't bother healing it. Lugaborg will "attack" you with three 
    different moves. A Heal spell , a 2nd level spell (300-800 HP), and a 
    damaging beam attack (800-1800 HP). Because of the amount of damage that
    Lugaborg can inflict, don't bother healing. Cecil's magic isn't nearly
    strong enough to help him out here. If you have a few extra Elixers, you
    could use them, but they're probably more needed for some upcoming battles.
    If all this wasn't bad enough, Lugaborg will counter attack Cecil by putting
    him to sleep. This has a 50/50 chance of hitting, but because of the damage
    you're taking, being inflicted once could mean doom. Simply attack and pray
    that the counter doesn't work. This battle may take several frustrating tries
    before you emerge victoriously.
     Head back down to floor 5 and enter the once locked door. Fight off the
    group of Dark Imps and you'll lose Yang.
     Outside, head to Baron and upgrade the Enterprise and pick up the hovecraft.
    Bring it near a mountain range with the Tower of Bab-il poking out. Climb
    into the hovercraft and enter Cave Eblan.
     Make your way through the cave to a small underground village. Stock up
    if needed and continue along the cave passages. Pretty soon you'll meet up
    with Edge fighting Rubicant, the last of the four elemental fiends. After
    Edge embarassingly gets his ass whipped, he'll join. Kill him. Continue
    through to the second half of the Tower of Bab-il.
     Climb up the tower ignoring treasures, only one of them are useful. On the
    5th floor is a chest with 82000 GP! Continue along the path to fight Edge's
    parents, the king and queen. Well, it's not really a fight, just sit there
    and listen to them praddle on about their petty troubles and they'll die.
     Continue on the path and save when you can. You will then fight Rubicant.
    HP: 34,000 (????)
    My Level: 56
    Just to piss us off, this bastard revives all of the party with full HP.
    Great. Don't have Cecil attack any party members, just concentrate on using
    Cure2 to keep him at full life while Rydia targets level 3 spells at people.
    Rubicant will probably help out using Scorch. After that dirty deed is done,
    attack with everything you got, he has lots of HP to take out. Hopefully, you
    have the IceBrand still equipped. If so, Cecil's attack power will sky rocket.
    DO NOT attack while his cloak is up, or else Cecil will end up healing him.
    If he seems to be staying in his cloak, switch weapons and continue attacking
    (not with the Flame Sword, though!). Switch back to the IceBrand when he
    comes out. After a while, he will finally admit defeat.
    After you gain the Falcon and leave the Tower, go back to the Dwarven Castle
    and you'll get King Giott's daughter's necklace, which will let you into the
    Sealed Cave. Visit Cid downstairs and he'll modify the Falcon. Head south
    west to a small cave. This is the Sealed Cave. 
    The Sealed Cave
       Some people have been emailing me about the trick using Rydia to skip the
    Sealed Cave. I honestly didn't think I'd need to put this, but using this trick
    requires the use of Rydia, thereby defeating the purpose of a SOLO CECIL GAME!!
    Doing this trick is cheating and you've lost the challenge. For shame....
     This is probably the most boring part of the Cecil SCC. There are two 
    extremely difficult enemies in the Sealed Cave. Both of which you innevitably
    have to fight. One is the TrapDoor. These things have 5000 HP and will 
    continously cast Death spells that always hit. The only way to survive is to
    hit the door for 5000HP before its second turn. Very hard, because you will
    be hitting for about 1500 to 2000 HP per hit.  You must level up to about LV
    75 to be able to attack twice before the door can. Also, you must be able to
    deal atleast 2500HP per hit. You heard right, LV 75!! That'll take a while.
    Level up directly outside the cave. Some battles can be worth 16000 EXP here.
     So, you finally defeated the TrapDoor, huh? Well, continue leveling up. The
    boss of the Sealed Cave is the EvilWall. If you played this game before, than
    you know how tough this guy can be. Now that you're doing it solo, you'll 
    need all the levels you can get. Continue leveling up outside until about 
    LV 85. That's right, 85!. I was able to beat him at LV 84, so you shouldn't
    have too much trouble.
     Before actually attempting the EvilWall, visit the Cave of Summons to gain
    Cecil's most powerful sword up to this point, the Defense Sword. Also, make
    your way to the Land of Summons so you can pick up the Rat Tail. This will
    help in getting the Excalibur, Cecil's second most powerful sword.
     Go into the cave, taking out TrapDoors and make your way to the EvilWall. 
    Good luck.
    HP: 25,000
    My Level: 84
    No strategy. Just attack, attack, attack. If your agility is high, you might
    be able to squeeze in 6-7 hits before he kills you. At LV 85, your attacks
    should do about 2800-3400 HP per hit. If you still can't beat him at this
    high a level, slow the Battle Speed down in the Config menu. Hopefully, 
    you'll see that beautiful purple haze. Now, jump for joy.
    If anyone beat the EvilWall at a lower level, please tell me. It would be
    nice to beat this guy without leveling up insanely.
     Leave the cave and Kain will leave the party. Get back to the Dwarven 
    castle and Cid will upgrade the Falcon so you can go the upper world.
     Visit the Mysidians and gain access to the Lunar Whale. Inside, touch the
    crystal and you'll rocket away to the moon.
    The Moon/Giant of Bab-il
     Find a place to land the Lunar Whale near one of the caves around the big
    palace. Follow the paths of caves to the Crystal Palace. Inside, you'll 
    meet FuSoYa, who will join you. Kill the old man and make your way back to
    the Lunar Whale. Touch the crystal again to fly back to Earth. You will
    find yourself inside the Giant of Bab-il.
     The enemies here are rehashed Tower of Bab-il enemies. Because of your 
    godly level, don't be afraid to fight any of them. MacGiants may take a
    few hits but are worth an amazing amount of EXP, so don't hesitate to fight
    these guys. Find your way up to the top and save at the Save Point. Even
    with all those new found levels, this boss still has what it takes to rip
    you apart easily.
    The Four Elemental Fiends
    HP: 28,000 each
    My Level: 87
    Good ol' Rubicant will, once again, revive the entire party. Hoorah. This
    battle is a four part fight against each of the fiends that you've fought
    earlier in the game. They will always appear in the same order; Milon,
    Rubicant, Kainazzo, and finally, Valvalis. Destroy your allies before
    attacking Milon. Thankfully, Milon is the easiest of them all, so you can
    easily concentrate on your allies before actually starting the fight. 
    Attack Milon, and heal if your HP gets low. Milon is weak, so you may not
    have to heal yet. After Milon is down, Rubicant will appear, starting the
    most difficult phase of the fight. Rubicant follows a pattern, Fire, Fire2,
    Fire3, and Scorch. Fire and Fire2 aren't that bad, but Fire3 and Scorch will
    easily do more than 1000 HP damage to you.  Attack until your HP gets low,
    and then use an Elixer to fully recover. You may not like that, but there's 
    no other way to survive the constant onslaught of Fire spells. After you
    defeat Rubicant, Kainazzo will take his place. Kainazzo will attack three
    or four times and then cast Big Wave which can do roughly 1800 HP Damage.
    Keep your HP above 2000 and attack until he dies, use any Elixers you may 
    need after each Big Wave. Valvalis will then appear to start the final 
    phase of this grueling battle. Valvalis will do the same pattern that she
    used in her first fight, except, for some reason, her Glare attack NEVER
    worked on me. Basically, if you made it here, consider yourself victorious.
    Follow the Valvalis strategy earlier in the walkthrough to finish off the
    four fiends once and for all. Tough one, eh? I had to use 3 Elixers to make
    it out alive... Consider yourself lucky if you used less.
     Go back and Save. Heal up if you need to, and continue to the Core of the
    CPU, Attacker, Defender
    HP: 30,000, 3000, 3000
    My Level: 88
    The Defender will heal the CPU for 3000 HP every round, so take it out first.
    The Attacker will use its Maser attack to take off 10% of your Max HP every 
    round. Do not defeat it until the CPU is gone. Doing so will cause it to
    use Globe199, an instant death attack. Instead concentrate your attacks on
    the CPU, which only casts Wall on itself. You should be able to destroy the
    CPU within ten rounds, after that, destroy the Attacker.
     FuSoYa will then leave and Kain will rejoin. Once inside the Falcon, travel
    to the Underground to a house in the south, where a blacksmith named Kokkol
    lives. Give him the Adamant and he will create the Excalibur! This is Cecil's
    second strongest sword and should allow him to do more than 4000 HP damage
    in a physical attack! 
     Leave and head back to the Lunar Whale and travel back to the moon. Make 
    your way to the Crystal Palace and visit the Crystal Room. In the middle,
    you will be transported to the center of the moon; the Final Dungeon.
    Chapter 4 - The Center of the Moon.
     Before attempting to finish the game, buy 99 Cures, 99 Cure2s and about 40
    Heals, just in case. With the rest of your money, Find the Hummingway Cave
    that's located on the moon. It's found south of the Palace. Inside, there
    is a man who can sell you Elixers! They're 50,000 GP each, but what else
    are you going to do with your money? Buy as many as you can. When you feel
    that you're ready, enter the Final Dungeon.
     Enemies here will give you Uber-amounts of EXP, so you should easily reach
    level 95+ before getting to Zeromus. Most of the enemies can be defeated 
    rather easily, with the exception of King-Ryu and Veteran. King-Ryu can
    counter with a paralyze attack and will more than likely destroy you. 
    Veterans will always begin a battle with Count. You won't be able to kill
    them in time before the counter runs to 0, so just cast Exit as soon as you 
    can. Be careful of groups of Karys. Normally, they're a cinch, but they can
    cast Stone if the battle drags on too long. 
     Remember to open up the chests that you see. Inside are the Crystal 
    Equipment, which will raise Cecil's Defense to godly levels.
     Make your way carefully to Floor 7, where the Final Save Point lies. Save
    and backtrack up to Floor 6. To the left, with a treasure chest is a hidden
    path that leads to a boss that guards the Crystal Sword (Ragnarok). This
    is Cecil's most powerful sword, so be sure to get it. Make sure you're at
    full life and attack the boss guarding it, the Wyvern.
    HP: 60,000
    My Level: 93
    Wyvern will always start this fight with MegaFire, which will do a hell of
    a lot of damage on you. After that, the Wyvern gets pretty easy. Attack it
    until it dies. The rest of its attacks are weak. His physical attack will do
    less than 100 HP, and even its Flare should only do about 500. If he starts
    to charge up for another MegaFire, make sure you have more HP than it can
    take off. You should have no difficulty whatsoever with him. Pat yourself
    on the back and take your prize.
     Woot! Now you have Cecil's Ultimate Weapon! With it, Cecil will have no 
    problem doing 5000+ HP with a regular attack. To top off the goodness, all
    Undead enemies will receive 9999 damage!
     Save at the Save Point and continue onward to the Center of the Moon.
    When you get nearer to your destination, you will constantly run into
    Red Dragons, Blue Dragons and Behemoths. Normally, these are probably the
    most difficult enemies in the game, but now there just easy. Behemoths will
    more than likely miss with counters, and even if they do hit, it'll be for
    maybe 10 HP. Both Dragons can do about 100 HP with their breath attacls,
    which isn't a big deal. A battle against two dragons will get you almost
    100,000 EXP!!!! 
     Anyway, down at the center o' the moon, you will finally face the Final
    Boss, Zeromus. At this point you should be equipped with the following:
    Crystal Sword (Ragnarok)
    Crystal Shield
    Crystal Helm
    Crystal Armor
    Protect Ring
    With all this, you shouldn't have trouble beating the game
    ********Final Boss*****************
    HP: ??????
    My Level: 95
    Before using the Crystal on Zeromus, kill off all your characters. With
    that done, attack Zeromus with the Crystal you received from Golbez to
    start the final battle. Zeromus will more than likely open up with Big
    Bang, his ultimate move. This'll do about 1500-2000HP damage. He doesn't
    use it very much, though. He will usually either attack with Flare/Bio
    doing very little damage or will use Black Hole, which does no damage.
    After a bit, he will use Big Bang again. Use an Elixer everytime your HP
    gets below 3000. Keep this up, hopefully you have atleast 3 Elixers or
    so and you should see him die. Congratulations, you've just beaten 
    Final Fantasy IV with only Cecil!
    Thank you for reading the walkthrough. I hope it was informative and 
    helped you get through any troubles you may have had. Please Email me
    if you have any comments, questions, boss strategies or complaints.
    Q. Your Boss HP Values are a little off. Why?
    A. I played this SCC on the Super NES version of FFIV, but since I don't
      have a list of Boss HP for that version, I used the Boss HP from the
      Chronicles version for PSX. Most of the values came straight from Brady 
      Games' FFIV Guide. If a boss HP value is wrong and you know what it is, 
      please email me.
    Q. I'm at your recommended level, but I still can't beat this boss/dungeon.
    A. My recommended levels from Paladin Cecil till the Sealed Cave are mostly
      from memory, so they might be off by a few. If you're still having trouble,
      set the Battle Speed to the slowest speed in the Config.
    Q. You left out parts of the game, such as the Sylvan Cave, Weapon Guardians,
       Leviathan, etc.
    A. This walkthrough follows anything that will help Cecil in defeating the
      game. Doing the Land of Summons, Bahamut, or any of the other Lunar Weapon
      Guardians wouldn't help Cecil become any more stronger than before. So, any
      side quests that don't directly benefit Cecil will not appear in this guide.
    Q. Is it possible to do an SCC with anyone else?
    A. Yes. Though Cecil's is probably the easiest to complete, the other four
      characters (Kain, Rosa, Rydia, and Edge) can be done. I've never heard of
      anyone finishing a Rosa SCC, so I'm not technically sure if it can be done 
      or not, but I know of the others. So far ,I've only completed the Cecil SCC.
      When I finish others, I'll write guides for those as well.
    Q. Why don't you skip the Sealed Cave with the Rydia Trick?
    A. Obviously, the Rydia trick means using Rydia. This a SOLO CECIL GAME, 
      Meaning you CAN'T use any other character than Cecil. I really didn't think
      I would have had to put this here, but I've been getting way too many emails 
      about it. Come on, people!!
      This walkthrough is copyright 2004 to Phil Henry. Any use of this
    walkthrough for profitable or commercial use is prohibited. Feel free
    to distribute it between friends or for personal use. Only the website
    www.gamefaqs.com have permission to use this walkthrough.
    If you'd like to post my Walkthrough on your site, just ask. I'll
    probably say yes. Any misuse of this walkthrough will result in
    legal actions.
    I'd like to thank the following people...
      SquareSoft - For creating one of the best Final Fantasy games
      Brady Games - For boss HP and names.
      Jeff "CJayC" Veasey - For creating GameFAQs, the BEST site for
                            game help. Also, thanks to him for putting up
                            this Walkthrough!
      Shaun Lynn - For spotting some areas that I needed to specify, such as the
                   Panther's Bluster Attack.
    (c) Phil Henry 2004

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