How do you beat Ozma?

  1. The superboss

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  1. Understanding Ozma's ATB mechanics can give the player a huge advantage. When Ozma's ATB bar is filling up, i.e. when it is not in the middle of casting a spell, any command the party targets at Ozma will cause its ATB bar to immediately fill up, and Ozma will execute its turn before the player's commands. The only way to get more than one turn in a row against Ozma is to enter all of the commands during a time when Ozma is casting a spell, and before the damage and/or healing caused by its attack appears. Even adhering to this method, Ozma still has a chance to counter attacks with Curaga or Berserk.

    The strategy largely depends on who the player decides to bring along, and what skills they have learned. Ozma doesn't have a pattern to its attacks, and a great deal is dependent on luck.

    If the player brings Amarant or Quina, they can keep casting Auto-Life on party members as necessary, which is crucial given the potential for Ozma to wipe the entire party out with attacks such as Meteor.

    Offensively, many party members have attacks that can do a guaranteed 9999 damage. These attacks are Thievery (Zidane), Frog Drop (Quina), Dragon Crest (Freya) and Shock (Steiner). However, as many of these abilities take time to power up, one can make the best use of physical attackers by equipping them with Bird Killer and MP Attack. With these abilities equipped, physical attackers can reach up to 9999 damage per hit without having to use special attacks; however, they become useless if afflicted with Mini status. As Ozma's HP is relatively low for a superboss, a successful round of powerful attacks can shave away a considerable portion of its 55,355 total HP in a single round.

    Because Ozma has a series of devastating attacks such as Meteor and Curse, it is always to the player's advantage if Ozma can be influenced into not using its more debilitating attacks, wasting its turns by using milder alternatives. Throwing a Tent at Ozma has a 50% chance of inflicting Blind, and Ozma will then waste a turn by using Esuna. Having characters be immune to Holy makes Ozma cast it regardless, and having party members at susceptible levels for LV5 Death and LV4 Holy causes Ozma to cast those spells, thus only targeting certain members of the party.

    It is possible to have Amarant and Vivi use their Return Magic ability to counter Ozma's Doomsday without using up a turn. If Amarant is in the party, he can also use the Curse ability to add an elemental weakness to Ozma; however, Ozma will never become weak against Earth or Shadow, even though the status bar may state the ability has worked with one of those elements. Giving Ozma an additional weakness allows Vivi, Garnet and Eiko to use elemental attacks and Eidolons to their full potential.

    If the player has a Dark Matter, throwing it at Ozma deals 9999 damage easily.

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  1. The Eidolons don't deal much damage but Eiko's Holy and Madeen will be super-duper useful
    Then Equip your characters with effect absorb / reducing shadow damages .
    But just make sure that none of
    your characters have levels that are a multiple of 5 coz Ozma can cast lvl5 death .
    and make sure zidane has auto-haste ability so he can "ATB race" with Ozma
    he can stealing and attack but Ozma was only take 1 turn.
    have steiner learned "Shock" sword art , then Eiko's holy , full-life , madeen . Finally Freya's Dragon's Crest ..
    these set of attacks will deal between 25000-30000 per turn

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