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    Support Ability Gameshark Codes by AnthonyAdja

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    Final Fantasy 9 - Support Ability Gameshark Guides
    Author     :AnthonyAdja (tg_cid@tekken.cc)
    1stReleased: Christmas 2000
    4.Support Ability Mechanical Guides
    I don't know what to say in this disclaimer section since i'm new in faq writing.This is only for 
    personal use only, feel free to use it as long as not used for profittable and illegal use.If you 
    want to use this in your website, please e-mail me first and and give me credit (you don't even need 
    my permission, just let me know and give the credit to me :)
    Bestviewed w/ notepad and wordwarped.
    This is my first faq  ( and i'm not really good in english) so if you find mistakes just inform me, 
    i'll give you credit. But i don't know if i'm gonna update this faq later (so....).OK. let's get to 
    the point why i made this faq. In many gameshark code source, never give exact explanation how 
    support abilities work, in Beatrix faq made by Edward Chang and Elranzer said Beatrix can't equip 
    support abilities. I like Beatrix since her 1st appearance,i like her style, i like her music theme 
    (battle theme and field theme),I like her fighting style (Holy swordwoman! just like Thunder God 
    Cid!), I LOVE her ^v^ .That's why in the first place ,i search this code.
    Yes, Beatrix can equip support abilities,yeah She's like Orlandu of FF9 (once she tell me the reason 
    why she's in FF9 is to kick major ass)->in my dreams :P
    Of course the others can equip else's support abilities (Zidane w/ return magic, Steiner w/ half MP 
    etc). Just don't overuse this code, because it will wreck your fun factor (I'm only use it on my 
    Mighty Beatrix).
    If you want use this faq, you'll need GameShark or equivalent device. My GameShark's version is 2.3 
    but i think it doesn't matter if you have lower version.
    4.Support Ability Mechanical Guides
    Character codes
    BEATRIX:                  FREYA:                    STEINER:
    8008B794 dcba             8008B5A4 dcba             8008B4C4 dcba
    8008B796 hgfe             8008B5A6 hgfe             8008B4C6 hgfe
    8008B798 lkji             8008B5A8 lkji             8008B4C8 lkji
    8008B79A ponm             8008B5AA ponm             8008B4CA ponm
    BLANK/AMARANT:            MARCUS/EIKO:              VIVI:
    8008B704 dcba             8008B674 dcba             8008B3A4 dcba
    8008B706 hgfe             8008B676 hgfe             8008B3A6 hgfe
    8008B708 lkji             8008B678 lkji             8008B3A8 lkji             
    8008B70A ponm             8008B67A ponm             8008B3AA ponm
    Cinna/Quina:              GARNET/DAGGER:            ZIDANE:
    8008B5E4 dcba             8008B434 dcba             8008B314 dcba
    8008B5E6 hgfe             8008B436 hgfe             8008B316 hgfe
    8008B5E8 lkji             8008B438 lkji             8008B318 lkji
    8008B5EA ponm             8008B43A ponm             8008B31A ponm
    Value modifier
    a. 1-Auto-Reflect     e. 1-Undead Killer         i. 1-Mag Elem Null       m. 1-Insomniac
       2-Auto-Float          2-Dragon Killer            2-Concentrate            2-Antibody
       4-Auto-Haste          4-Devil Killer             4-Half MP                4-Bright Eyes
       8-Auto-Regen          8-Beast Killer             8-High Tide              8-Loudmouth
    b. 1-Auto-Life        f. 1-Man Eater             j. 1-Counter             n. 1-Restore HP
       2-HP+10%              2-High Jump                2-Cover                  2-Jelly       
       4-HP+20%              4-Master Thief             4-Protect Girls          4-Return Magic
       8-MP+10%              8-Steal Gil                8-Eye 4 Eye              8-Absorb MP
    c. 1-MP+20%           g. 1-Healer                k. 1-Body Temp           o. 1-Auto-Potion
       2-Accuracy+           2-Add Status               2-Alert                  2-Locomotion 
       4-Distract            4-Gamble Defense           4-Initiative             4-Clear Headed
       8-Long Reach          8-Chemist                  8-Level Up               8-Boost
    d. 1-MP Attack        h. 1-Power Throw           l. 1-Ability Up          p. 1-Odin's Sword
       2-Bird Killer         2-Power Up                 2-Millionaire            2-Mug
       4-Bug Killer          4-Reflect-Null             4-Flee-Gil               4-Bandit
       8-Stone Killer        8-Reflectx2                8-Guardian Mog           8-Void
    Base convertor
       Dec       Hex 
        0         0 
        1         1 
        2         2
        3         3
        4         4
        5         5
        6         6
        7         7 
        8         8
        9         9
        10        A
        11        B
        12        C
        13        D
        14        E
        15        F
    How to use
      Add ability's number in same value modifier.
      If you want Auto-Reflect, replace 'a' with 1 ( because Auto-Reflect's number is 1)
      If you want Auto-Reflect,Auto-Haste,Auto=Regen, relpace 'a' with D ( 1+4+8 =13 ( Hex= D )) 
     Beatrix w/ : a.Auto-Reflect,Auto=Haste,Auto-Regen (1+4+8) 
                  b.Autolife,Mp+10% (1+8)
                  c.MP+20%,Accuracy+,Distract,Long Reach (1+2+4+8)
                  d.Bug Killer (4)
      ---->8008B794 4F9D
    1.This is not codes to mastering your abilities, only to equip support abilities.
    2.After equip abilities such as HP/MP plus, try to optimize your equipment to take the effect.
    3.For the ones that naturally someone don't have, you can't see them equipped. But actually  you   
    really equipped them. (e.g. you can't see Zidane equip 'half MP' in the list but actually in     
    battle his Mp usage will be halved).
    4.You can save it to memory card, turn off the GameShark, and the abilities still equipped.
    5. Use it at your own risk, i'm not guaranttee anything including /but not limited toloss of 
    data,breakage of the game (which should be very seldom if you use it right).
    -Mama & Papa
    I love You So Much
    -My Friends (Wie Hauw cs)
    You're so kind to me
    -Edward Chang & Erlanzer
    For writing Beatrix faq , inspiring me to write this.
    -Gameshark Code Creators Club (www.cmgsccc.com)
    For the base of my research of this faq.
    The only place i goto for information and faqs of many games.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Idul Fitri to all who read this (may not be the right time 
    anymore :)
    This FAQ is copyright  to Anthony Adja. 
    Bandung. West Java, Indonesia.

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