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    Yan Guide by DragonSquallZ

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/05/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   I X
                          Yan Guide v1.1 (PSX Version)
                               By DragonSquallZ
                             Updated: 05 Apr 2002
    Hello there everyone! This is my first time ever writing any sort of 
    FAQ so try not to complain too much or at all for that matter. 
    In this FFIX Guide you will find information about challenging the
    toughest standard enemy in the game: The Yan.
          - Disclaimer
          - Contacts
          - Updates
         1. About the Enemy
             - Finding the Island
             - Island Treasures
             - Meet your foe
             - What makes it so tough?
             - What makes it worth it?
         2. Ability Strategies
             - Overall Recommendations
             - Individual Character Sugguestions
                - Zidane Tribal
                - Princess Garnet
                - Vivi Ornitier
                - Adelbert Steiner
                - Eiko Carol
                - Freya Crescent
                - Quina Quen
                - Amarant Coral
         3. Battle Strategies
             - Battle Overview
             - Individual Character Strategies
                - Zidane Tribal
                - Princess Garnet
                - Vivi Ornitier
                - Adelbert Steiner
                - Eiko Carol
                - Freya Crescent
                - Quina Quen
                - Amarant Coral
              - Full Team Stategies (NEW!)
        4. Miscellaneous
             - Putting the Virus to good use
             - Yan EXP Charts
             - Q&A
          - Credits
    This FAQ belongs to me, DragonSquallZ and was created for personal 
    use only. It should not be used to make any profit. Don't rip off 
    parts of this FAQ and use them in your own or use this FAQ as a 
    guide for your own FAQ. You may print a copy of the entire 
    FAQ or a part of it, provided you only use it for personal purposes.
    From now on, this FAQ is exclusive to these sites only
    No hard feelings to all the other great FAQ sites out there. It's 
    just that I find it annoying sending one update to multiple sites.
    Feel free to contact me with mistakes/strategies/suggestions. If 
    you ask a question don't expect an answer right away. I'm not online 
    very much.
    There's two ways you can contact me:
     E-Mail - dragonsquallz@yahoo.co.nz
     ICQ - 71741337
    Only message me on ICQ, don't ask for authorisation because I won't 
    give it to you.
       28 January 2002 (v1.0)
         - Initial Release
       05 April 2002 (v1.1)
         - Updated Disclaimer
         - Updated Contacts
         - Minor additions/edits to Ability selection
         - Added one item to Quina's individual battle strategy
         - Added Full Team Strategies Section
     Part 1 - About the Enemy
    Finding the Island
    There's only one place to challenge the Yans. Vile Island is to the 
    South-West of the Iifa Tree. To make things more annoying there's 
    only two ways to get on it - both of them by air. 
    The easier of the two methods is to play the game until you get 
    control of Garland's/Kuja's Airship the Invincible. You gain 
    command of this airship at the start of disc four.
    The second way is a Flying Chocobo. Play Chocobo Hot and Cold,
    collect and dig up enough chocographs for Choco to evolve into a 
    golden chocobo. You won't be able to collect enough Chocograph 
    Pieces for Choco the evolve until you have control of Regent 
    Cid's airship The Hilda Garde 3. 
    You'd be mistaken for thinking you can land the Hilda Garde 3 here. 
    The Hilda Garde can only land on grassy areas which Vile Island does 
    not have.
    Island Treasures
    I'm not covering this in detail since this is mainly side quest 
    stuff and other FAQ's such as Yee Seng Fu's Side Quest FAQ cover 
    these in depth.
    If you've gotten a gold chocobo you'll be able to find Chocograph 
    number 23 (Fairy Island) here. 
     This treasure chest contains: 33 x Potions
                                   15 x Annoyntment
                                    1 x Holy Mitre
                                    1 x Dark Matter Card
    In the forest on Vile Island you'll encounter a special kind of Yan.
    He'll ask you if you've met his friends before running away. If 
    you've met his eight friends around the world and met their demands
    the special Yan will stop running away and ask for a Diamond. If 
    you give him this he will give you 50 AP and a Rosetta Ring for 
    your troubles.
    Meet Your Foe
    Below is information about the Yan
    Level:     72           EXP:    42,672
    HP:    19,465           AP:          2
    MP:     3,378           Gil:     4,436
    Status Immunities: Berserk, Silence
    Attacks:       Comet, Virus Powder, Float, Aera, Snort
    Weak Against:  Shadow
    Items Stolen:  Ore, Elixer
    Items Won:     Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down
    Blue Magic Learned:   Auto-Life
    What makes it so tough?
    First of all his attacks. Although it rarely uses Aera magic all 
    other moves are quite common. He pummels you with Comet almost 
    every turn usually causing heavy damage to a single team member. 
    (Usually anywhere between 1000 and the full 9999 damage). When he's 
    not using Comet he'll probably be using Virus Powder, which damages 
    for about 2000HP and inflicts the Virus status (In my opinion this 
    is a helper. I'll discuss this later). In addition to doing big 
    attacks he has high speed. Sometimes he can do two or three 
    attacks in a row. 
    But what makes him toughest by far is his counter-attack. Unless 
    the attacked Yan is under the influence of sleep status ANY 
    attack on him whatsoever (even if it misses) will immediately 
    follow with his Float magic or the dangerous Snort attack. This 
    counter will literally Snort the attacker out of the battle. The 
    character snorted will not gain any battle EXP/AP similar to the
    Virus status. Losing any member from battle is bad because it 
    leaves the remaining fighters to take up all the damaging attacks 
    dished out by the Yans.
    What makes it worth it?
    Why put yourself in this sort of punishment? 
    ANSWER: EXP and Elixers. 
    A single Yan doesn't offer the most EXP per defeat (The Chimera 
    offers more). But unlike Chimera's which only appear singley, Yans 
    can appear in groups of twos and threes as well.
     SO that's 3 x 42,672 = 128,016 EXP!!!
    And that's without the Level Up Ability on!
    This amount of EXP makes it easy to level up to the maximum Lv99.
    Also, the only other way to get Elixers other than treasure chests 
    and winning them from bosses is to steal elixers off the Yans.
     Part 2 - Ability Strategies
    Overall Suggestions
    By the time you have reached Vile Island you should have learned at 
    least half of all your abilities and be around about level 50 (If 
    not, you better if you want to stand a chance against them.)
    Since no-one has unlimited magic stones for equipping you have to 
    ration out abilites. Remember, choosing abilities is totally up to 
    you and the following are only sugguestions. The following 
    abilities are highly recommended.
    *HP +10%/HP +20%
    *Gamble Defence
    These three are recommended but not nescessary.
    *Antibody (I know this Guards against Poison/Venom but I also 
         believe this reduces chances of the Virus status but I 
         don't know for sure.)
    *Insomniac (See Quinas Battle Strategy to see why)
    Individual Character Sugguestions
    Since everyone has a slightly different variety in abilities here's 
    some sugguestions for individual character abilites.
    Zidane Tribal
    Mug, Bandit, Master Thief, Counter, Eye 4 Eye, Protect Girls, 
    High Tide.
    Princess Garnet/Dagger
    Half MP, Boost, Concentrate, Chemist.
    Vivi Ornitier
    Half MP, Return Magic
    Adelbert Steiner
    Chemist, Cover, Counter, Eye 4 Eye, Alert.
    Eiko Carol
    Half MP, Boost, Concentrate, Guardian Mog.
    Freya Crescent
    High Jump, Initiative, Restore HP, High Tide, Chemist.
    Quina Quen
    Half MP, Millionaire, Absorb MP, Counter
    Amarant Coral
    Return Magic, Counter, Cover, Eye 4 Eye, Restore HP, Power Up.
     Part 3 - Battle Strategies
    Battle Overview
    If you're around the Lv50 mentioned earlier each character should 
    have at least 2500HP or more. This should be enough to survive 
    Virus Powder. Damage caused by Comet seems very random (usually 
    1000+ damage). Cross your fingers and be prepared to heal.
    Yans have the advantage if ANY team member is KO'ed. Revived 
    characters have low HP they will die again if the Yan decides to 
    attack them. Don't wait for Auto-Regen to heal them, have someone 
    heal characters who are critically injured as soon as possible.
    If you're manually healing your party avoid using Potions unless 
    the character has the Chemist ability. Healing 150HP is nice but 
    it just doesn't hack it against two attacks of about 1000-3000HP 
    each. Use healing magics or Hi-Potions to restore HP.
    When battling Yans, concentrate on a single Yan. Attacking all 
    three at once results in three seperate counter-attacks. A real 
    Don't bother trying to drain the Yan's MP. He has too much and even 
    if he did run out of MP he still has Snort and Virus Powder.
    Instant death attacks are very handy in these battles. But be aware 
    that if you miss, (which is quite often for death attacks) there's 
    a fair chance that you'll be snorted away.
    If you're going to use special attacks go for maximum damage. Two 
    hits of 9999 will kill him.
    Above all be prepared to lose at least one character from the 
    battle. By dying or removal from battle it doesn't matter. 
    Individual Character Strategies
    Each character has their own set of commands and so also need their 
    own set of strategies. Below are tips for fighting the Yans for 
    each individual character.
    Zidane Tribal
    The hero of the game will be in every single battle with the Yans 
    (Since you cannot switch the leader). This is a bit of a downer 
    since Zidane's range of attacks are a bit poor.
    If you plan to use Zidane to steal items from the Yans have the 
    Mug ability equipped - If you're going to be thrown out of battle 
    for stealing might as well hurt him some. 
    If you plan to use him as an attacker power up Zidane's Thievery 
    attack by using the Steal command lots (Each successful steal 
    increases thievery damage by 14~15HP). After stealing hundreds of 
    times Thievery will eventually reach the full 9999HP damage.
    Princess Garnet/Dagger
    Dagger can be used as either a healer or an attacker. Dagger has 
    the Chemist ability which doubles the effects of Potions, Ethers 
    and Hi-Potions. Use this ability to top up the teams HP/MP.
    Don't bother using Daggers status attack magics. They tend to miss 
    and Yans have immunity to Silence. And Berserk.
    Using summons with the boost ability equipped is useful for 
    characters with the Auto-Regen ability equipped. The summon 
    animation will give some time for Regen to recover lost HP. Take 
    note that this will probably get her snorted so use this at your 
    own risk.
    Odin can instantly dispatch Yans (provided the attack hits) but 
    will probably be snorted by remaining Yans. Learn Odin from the 
    Dark Matter item bought from the Treno Auction house.
    If you have 70-80 Amethyst and are at a reasonably descent level, 
    Atomos with the boost ability can do 9999 to all. Using this as a 
    first blow will set other characters up for a single 9999 hit 
    Alternately have Dagger summon Ark since Yans are weak against 
    shadow elemental attacks. There are two ways to obtain Ark: defeat 
    optional boss Ozma or refine two pumice pieces in Memoria at the 
    Legendary Synthesis Shop in disc four.
    Vivi Ornitier
    Vivi should mainly be used as support in Yan battles since Yans 
    have high resistance to magic. More often than not, Vivi will die 
    if he is hit by Comet. This is consistent with most mages with 
    their high magic but low defense. 
    The return magic ability will allow Vivi to counter-attack all 
    Comet attacks thrown at him provided he doesn't die from their 
    initial attack. However like the Yans Comet attacks, the damage 
    from Vivi's comet seems pretty random.
    If you plan to attack using Vivi cast the shadow elemental magic 
    Doomsday. Note that this can SERIOUSLY hurt your whole team too 
    so equip Shadow elemental defense items. Learn Doomsday from the 
    Mace of Zeus in Memoria (disc four).
    If you haven't reached disc four yet Vivi should Focus a few times 
    before using his strongest magics such as Flare and Bio. Don't try 
    using Meteor - I've never seen it hit. 
    If you want to try a quick one-hit-kill use Vivi's Death magic. 
    Learn this from the Black Hood.
    Adelbert Steiner
    Steiner should be used as a full-on attacker. However, Steiner is 
    one of the few characters who has Chemist so you may want to use 
    him to top up characters with Hi-Potion/Ethers.
    Avoid using his Power/Armor/Magic/Mental Break attacks. These miss 
    quite often and you can't afford to lose him just for reducing the 
    Yans defenses.
    Use Steiners strongest attacks such as Shock, Climhazzard and 
    Stock Break. 
    Exploit the Yans shadow weakness by using Steiners Darkside attack. 
    This attack costs HP instead of MP so heal after using it.
    Iai Strike can kill Yans instantly if the move hits.
    If Vivi's also in the attacking party use Steiners strongest sword
    magic attacks such as Flare and Doomsday.
    Eiko Carol
    Eiko should primarily be used as a healer in these battles.
    Try to keep Eiko in this battle. There's a faint chance that 
    Phoenix will resurrect a fallen team.
    Similar to Dagger, the animation time of the summons will allow 
    characters with Auto-Regen to recover lost HP. Remember that 
    you'll need boost equipped to see a full summon animation.
    Cast Full Life to KO'd characters the moment they've fallen. This 
    costs quite a bit of MP but use this anyway. You need to worry 
    more about HP than MP. Learn this magic from the Siren's Flute 
    or a Light Robe. 
    If more than one person is KO'd in the battle cast Phoenix. It'll 
    hurt the Yans while resurrecting fallen characters. You'll probably 
    lose Eiko but in my opinion it's probably worth it.
    Freya Crescent
    Freya has the Chemist ability. Use this to top up HP/MP levels when 
    they are getting low.
    The more dragons the party kills, the more damage Dragon's Crest 
    inflicts. About 60 dragons killed will do 9999 damage. 
    If you're feeling EXTREMELY lucky use Six Dragons. The outcome 
    each time you cast is not very predictable. 
    A more interesting way is to Trance Freya and make her jump. When 
    Freya uses Spear the Yans will counter attack other party members 
    until there are none remaining. When the other members are dead 
    Yans will be unable to counter attack until Freya's Trance ends, 
    but by then Freya should have killed them.
    Quina Quen
    Quina is perhaps one of the most helpful characters in these 
    battles because he has a good variety of healing and attacking 
    Blue Magic moves.
    Cast Auto-Life on characters who do not already have this ability 
    equipped and be prepared to use this the moment someone has been 
    revived to increase their chances of survival. Surprise, surprise! 
    You learn Auto-Life by eating Yans!
    *NEW *If your whole team has the Insomniac Ability equipped make 
    Quina cast Night. The Yans WILL be inflicted by the sleep status 
    for a short time. During this time use magics or one-hit-kill 
    techniques to hurt them. Don't use physical attacks as this will 
    wake them up allowing the Yans to counter.
    Don't bother using Bad Breath. It rarely hits and Yans have 
    immunity against most bad statuses.
    If you're feeling lucky try out Doom and Mustard Bomb. You'll 
    learn Doom by eating Veterans in Memoria or Ipsens castle AND 
    you'll learn Mustard Bomb from most enemies in Mount Gulug.
    If Doom hits he'll waste 3-5 seconds of the Death timer 
    counter-attacking leaving him less time to live. 
    Mustard Bomb is much more better. If he gets the Burn status, he 
    automatically dies for counter-attacking  :P
    If the party is protected against the sleep status cast Night. 
    This puts anyone in the battle to sleep unless guarded against 
    it. Yans will fall asleep leaving others to finish them off.
    Other notable mentions are Frog Drop, Lv3 Def-less, Lv4 Holy, 
    Mighty Guard, White Wind and 1,000 Needles.
    Amarant Coral
    Chakra is a useful healing move as it also restores MP.
    Like Vivi, the Return Magic ability will allow Amarant to throw 
    back any Comets thrown at him.  
    Similar to Quina's Doom attack, Countdown will put a timer for 
    Death to occur and the Yans waste some time counter-attacking. 
    If you wish to use special attacks go for the No Mercy attack.
    Full Team Strategies (NEW!)
    This section was added so that you, the reader can submit your 
    own strategies against the Yans. Submitted strategies will be 
    cut and pasted into here so watch your grammar.
    Sent in by Pedro Cruz <spiralpegasus@bol.com.br>
    Have Quina in your party, make him cast night (protect your party 
    from sleep 'cause this afflicts them as well), them Summon Odin, 
    it'll kill two or luckily tree of them. The one that rest kill 
    with Vivi Death magic since it's sleeping. Or Steiner Iai Strike. 
     Part 4 - Miscellaneous
    Putting the Virus to good use
    Remember that 128,016EXP? That's how much EXP will be split between 
    your team so they get 32,000 each. But if a single character got 
    that amount of EXP in one go it pretty much guarantees a level up a 
    battle until about Lv75. 
    Yans occasionally uses Virus Powder, inflicting the Virus status.
    This stops the character from gaining any EXP/AP until the status 
    has been cleared with the Vaccine item.
    Have all but one character inflicted with the Virus status. Make 
    sure that this person will stay alive to reap in the EXP at the 
    battle end. Because the other characters will probably be killed 
    anyway have them keep the non-virus'd character alive while also 
    attacking the Yans.
    Oh yeah, remember the Level Up ability? Equipping that on the 
    character will increase the EXP gained by a factor of about 1.5 (I 
    calculated this myself). So the more EXP gained in one turn, the 
    more bonus EXP you get.
    Another point. Once you've reached Lv99 you'll still split EXP with 
    other team members. Virus a Lv99 person so that they stop getting 
    EXP they don't need.
    Yan EXP Chart
    Alright before you check these charts take note that
    They are not 100% accurate and should be used as a rough guide to 
    show much EXP you get.
    OK. Here's a rundown of the columns
    # of Yans - How many Yans you defeated in the battle
    # of Survivors - The number of characters which survived the battle 
                     without being KO'd, Virus'd or Snorted
    EXP per Survivor - How much EXP surviving each character will get 
                       from the battle
    Level Up Ability Bonus - EXP added on top of 'EXP per Survivor' if 
                       the Level Up ability is equipped
    Total EXP received per Survivor - How much EXP you'll get after the 
            battle with the Level Up ability equipped. Basically it's 
            the two previous columns added together 
    | # of |    # of   | EXP per  |    Level Up   | Total EXP received |
    | Yans | Survivors | Survivor | Ability Bonus |    per Survivor    |
    |   1  |     1     |  42,672  |    21,336     |       64,008       |
    |   1  |     2     |  21,336  |    10,668     |       32,004       |
    |   1  |     3     |  14,224  |     7,112     |       21,336       |
    |   1  |     4     |  10,668  |     5,334     |       16,002       |
    |   2  |     1     |  85,344  |    42,672     |      128,016       |
    |   2  |     2     |  42,672  |    21,336     |       64,008       |
    |   2  |     3     |  28,448  |    14,224     |       42,672       |
    |   2  |     4     |  21,336  |    10,668     |       32,004       |
    |   3  |     1     | 128,016  |    64,008     |      192,024       |
    |   3  |     2     |  64,008  |    32,004     |       96,012       |
    |   3  |     3     |  42,672  |    21,336     |       64,008       |
    |   3  |     4     |  32,004  |    16,002     |       48,006       |
    Got any questions? I'll try to answer here if you ask nicely.
    Hopefully this guide has helped many of you gamers out.
    Good Luck and happy Yan slaying!
    * Square for making this excellent game
    * CjayC for putting this on GameFAQs
    * You readers for suggesting ideas and notifing mistakes 

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