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    Low-Level Challenge Walkthrough by KADFC

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                    The Level One Game Challenge Walkthrough/FAQ
        Written By KADFC (Fabian Chang)
        This Document Copyright 2004 KADFC
        Created on October 25, 2002
        Version 2.0        Updated on March 8, 2006
        Email: New_KADFC@hotmail.com
        Text Document, Font 10, Regualr, Courier New
        FINAL BOSS.
     Read the FAQ section to get some common answers.
     Ctrl + F : -KAD20
                TABLE OF CONTENT        (with quick find added)
        A. Version Changes                      -KAD1
        B. Legal Things                         -KAD2
        C. Introduction                         -KAD3
        D. Tips                                 -KAD5
        E. Things You Should Know               -KAD6
        F. Stats of Character at Level One      -KAD8
        G. Facts                                -KAD9
        H. Walkthrough
                 i.   Disc One                            -KAD10
                 ii.  Disc Two                            -KAD11
                 iii. Disc Three                          -KAD12
                 iv.  Disc Four                           -KAD13
        I. Ways of Obtaining Money              -KAD14
        J. Getting Virus and Zombies Stats      -KAD15
        K. Stealing For Thievery                -KAD16
        L. Killing for Dragon Crest             -KAD17
        M. Easier Way of Learning               -KAD18
           Abilities on Disc 3      
        N. Word from the Author                 -KAD19
        O. FAQ                                  -KAD20
        P. Game Challenges done by Author       -KAD21
        Q. List of Completers                   -KAD22
        R. Credits                              -KAD23
                        Version Changes        -KAD1
      Version 1.0
     - - - - - - - - -
      * Brief explanation
      * Strategy used for Bosses and Forced Battles
      * Equipment Recommendation
      * Ways of Obtaining Money
      * Credit's Name
      Version 1.1
     - - - - - - - - -
      * Add Boss' HP and Item that should be Stolen
      * Correction on Aramant on Level 3
      * Oeilvert AP accumulation
      * Better Format and Organization
      * Strategy on acquiring Virus from Yans
      * Cost of Recommended weapons
      * List of Monsters that have Ether/Phoenix Pinions/Elixirs
      * Other Corrections as well
      Version 1.2
     - - - - - - - - -
     Add-ons Include
      * I’m trying to do another format. I was disappointed every single time I
        took a look at this thing. I’ll keep on sending this to Gamefaqs until
        this can be read simply.
      Version 1.3
     - - - - - - - - -
      * Another Format, this time from Ultima13's idea
      * Added A FAQ part, how ironic isn't, now I add it. LOL
     Version 2.0
     - - - - - - - - -
      * A Final Format
      * Just felt like redoind some parts
                               Legal Things          -KAD2
       This document is for Personal uses only. You must ask for my permission if
       you want to post this somewhere else besides gamefaqs, other game sites are
       not optional. Don't ever change anything in this document and then put your
       name as the author of this document. Don't even change anything in this
       document, only I have the permission of doing so. If your saving this to
       your computer, its legal, but showing this to someone else and not having
       my name in it, is illegal. I'll sue you if you do. If that someone want to
       see it, tell them to copy off of Gamefaqs. Any manipulation of the knowledge
       that I have given in this document may be written in other Faqs, but they
       must credit me, KADFC (aka Fabian Chang), during any part of their document,
       printing, etc...
                            Introduction          -KAD3
       This Faqs is for people that have completed FFIX, if not done or first
       attempted, proceed with caution, because this isn't a full walkthrough of
       the game itself. And you shouldn't start anyways, unless you’re a
       perfectionist or want a good challenge. Better to have finished the
       Excalibur Side quest first. This is based on flash back experience, some
       parts would not be clearly explained. The main point in a level one game is
       not to have everyone to be at level one at the end of the game, but whole
       game with the lowest levels.
       Quote from Rebirth Flame 2002:
       'A level one game is not meant to be about having the entire party at level
        one but the team you use to defeat the game at level one.'
                          Tips                      -KAD5
       1. Don't recommended stealing all or any thing from bosses; they can be
          bought later in the game.
       2. Sell Ether and Pinions for money.
       3. Flee from each battle, make sure Zidane has equipped a weapon that
          enables Flee. Always equip him with Flee whenever knowing that random
          encounter will occur further on. Ignore this if Flee is learned.
       4. Eat with Quina, only when 2 or more enemies are met, eat one then flee
          to get no exp or Ap. Ignore this if Zombie and Virus is present in all
          active bodies.
       5. Use inflecting bad status weapon with the Add Stats ability on forced
          battles. Also use Stop or Break when it’s available, so that you can
          have higher and faster chances of ending the battle.
       6. Tent can be used on bosses to give them blind, silence, or poison only.
          The after effectis giving them a restoration in HP and MP.
       7. Unequipped all weapons from a party that will not be in a major battle,
          unless it’s not possible for that to happen, then everything will depend
          on luck.
       8. Always save before you buy anything that you don't know what the
          Abilities that it offers.
       9. No point in catching frogs or Learning Frog Drop. Unless for Silk Robe,
          Elixir, and Ether.
      10. Always read further for better preparation, rather starting over.
      11. Always make a save after you have played over an hour or passed two
      12. It might be wise to get the Robe of Lords during your first time to the
          Chocobo Forest.
      13. Always put everyone on the back row, unless you want to try something
          more dangerous and different.
      14. You must compromise from what you have learned from doing the game the
          original way plus this, plus Excalibur 2. Compromise is the Keyword in
          this walkthrough.
                   Things You Should Know         -KAD6
       There are 3 really difficult parts in this challenge. 
       If you get pass all three of them, the rest makes it seem like a piece of
       cake. But when you get one, please don’t feel discourages and give up. This
       is better than any other challenge that I’ve done. You’ll be amazed when 
       people tell you you’re crazy.
       1. Rescuing Dagger/Garnet from the Queen Brahne. There is a several battles
          in there, lose one of them and you're screwed.
       2. First time going into the Tifa Tree. The hard point lies within the 3
          consecutive battles that are given out. The first one is the hardest one
          to pass by. You have to cast stop on both or all three of them skeleton
          creatures. There is an alternative way to beat them though, if you read
          that section.
       3. Battling the Red Dragon and then Meltigemini. Meltigemini gave me a lot
          trouble. Hope you have better luck battling him. I got so ticked off that
          I started maxing out Zidane's Thievery. I was going to do to the same for
          Frog Drop too, but that would be just too insane.
       For you to be able to get the full potential power of your characters, you
       have to do this challenge, up until disc 3 or at the end of disc 4. This
       challenge will party used for Stat Maxing if you want, I definitely prefer
       that you keep an extra save when you get there. It will disappoint you if
       you don’t have one. For the Stat Maxing part, there is no true stat max,
       the player decides what he wants his their characters. Overall if you don’t
       want to take the hassle of knowing the basics, just put on the Author’s
       Choice and level up away.
       Also, all 3 Hard Parts are based on luck. I've recieved over a dozen mail
       claiming they got through one of the parts with ease, even first tries.
       Yet they won't respond if I told them to try that part again.
                       Stats of Character at Level One           -KAD8
       This section lists everyone's status at level one.
       Rebirth Flame 2002 has contributed the stats for Amarant.
        Name : Name of character
          HP : HP the character has.
          MP : MP the character has.
        A.C. : Ability Crystal. Equip to use abilities.
         Spd : Speed of character.
         Str : Strength of character.
         Mag : Magic of character.
         Spr : Spirit of character.
        Name       |   HP  |  MP   | A.C. | Spd  | Str  | Mag  | Spr  |
        Zidane     |  105  |  36   |  18  |  23  |  21  |  18  |  23  |
        Dagger     |   70  |  46   |  14  |  21  |  14  |  23  |  17  |
        Vivi       |   60  |  48   |  14  |  16  |  12  |  24  |  19  |
        Steiner    |  120  |  24   |  17  |  18  |  24  |  12  |  21  |
        Freya      |  100  |  32   |  18  |  20  |  20  |  16  |  22  |
        Quina      |   90  |  40   |  15  |  14  |  18  |  20  |  11  |
        Eiko       |   65  |  42   |  12  |  19  |  13  |  21  |  18  |
        Amarant    |  110  |  26   |  18  |  22  |  22  |  13  |  15  | 
                                     Facts                -KAD9
       1. The 3 forced battles in Pandemonium are not escapable. There is no way
          you can avoid the EXP given by the monsters. Rebirth's Monster List
          states that these monsters aren't like the ones that are encountered
          from random battles. They are immune to everything.
          So the outcome would result with having a level 30 Zidane or 3 member
          having level 22, 22,23.
       2. Blank's level are added to the party's level mean. So increasing his
          level will result having Amarant not being at level one. However, you
          can increase Marcus' level and not have it effect anyone's level.
          Increasing Blanks' level will give Eiko better starting stats. To learn
          more and use the bug/glitch, read SoftReset' Marcus/Eiko Bug FAQ.
                           Walkthrough of the Level One Game
                                       Disc one                             -KAD10
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
            Theatre Ship
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
        *Masked Man* (Mage Masher)
         Just attack away, steal the Mage Masher, it's very helful later on in
         the game.
        *Steiner* (Leather Hat, Silk Shirt) HP:170
         Have everyone keep on attacking. Steal the items if you feel like it.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
             Evil Forest
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
        *Prison Cage 1st Battle*
         Just use Dyne's Free Energy and kill him fast. Steiner attacks as well.
         Not hard at all.
        *Prison Cage 2nd Battle* (Broadsword, Leather Wrist) HP:525
         Give Vivi a potion when you can tell that he can't take one more hit.
         Otherwise, aim Zidane/Steiner's attack at Prison Cage
        *Baku* (Iron Sword) HP:202
         It's quite hard to steal his Iron Sword, just make sure you have enough
         potions. Restart if you wasted it all and still haven't got that sword yet.
        *Plant Brain* (Iron Helm) HP:916
         This battle should rely totally on Vivi and Steiner. Zidane can steal and
         give potions away if you want to heal. Use fire sword and fire. Kill
         Zidane to bring Blank out. Use Phoenix down on Zidane to bring him back
         and potions when needed. Four attackers is way better than just three.
        *Plant Spiders* (2x,x3, or x4) HP: 33 Exp: 22 Forced Battle
         You have to get 2 Plant Spiders in this battle. Restart and battle Plant
         Brain again until you get 2 Plant Spiders. (An idea from Jobber)
         Kill all, leaving one alive. Kill off all your people, leaving Blank, then
         have him kill the last one so that he will get all the exp. After battle,
         unequip everything from Blank.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
              Ice Cavern
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
       It's safe to get all the tressures from this place. Remember to use
       Dagger's Cure. On the 3rd Screen Bottom Right, get the Mage Masher.
       (*HARD BOSS*) *Black Waltz #1 & Sealion*
       (Nothing Important/Mythril Dagger) HP: 229 HP/HP:472
        Put these items on Zidane:
        Mage Masher, Leather Wrist, Silk Shirt, Leather Hat Moonstone (optional)
        First kill off the Black Waltz #1. Then as the Sealion attacks you, cure
        yourself with Potion will he is attacking you. Bring yourself into Trance.
        Steal if you don't want to use any more potions. Once in Trance, strike
        once with a regular attack and then quickly use Tidal Flame to kill him.
       - - - - - - - - - -
         Norlich Heights
       - - - - - - - - - -
        Steal from Python: Phoenix Pinion
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Make sure to unequip all equipment before entering Dali to buy the necessary
    Here are some recommendations to use because you can combine them to make a
     certain special equipment when you reach Linblum:
     Feather Hats-200 (for the number of Yellow Scarf)
     Leather Hat(150) + Leather Shirt(270) (for the number of Desert Boot)
     It takes
    Black Waltz #2 (Steepled Hat, Leather Plate) HP: 1030
     Give Vivi and Steiner the highest Magic Defense and Magic Evade. Zidane and
     Dagger are helpers. Attack with all you got, you'll need it if you're trying to
     kill him fast enough before he kills you.
    Black Waltz #3 (Linen Cuirass, Silver Glove) HP: 1128
     Use Vivi's Trance to its advantage, enter the command quickly, and doesn’t
     matter what the magic is. Do the same with Steiner. Zidane is a helper or
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Once you land and get to control Zidane, unequip all equipment.
     Buy the necessary junk and Use WOM. This is the place that it will apply to.
      (Read WOM)
    If you have listen to me and bought the equipment from Dali, then you're very
     prepared for the contest.
    Recommend for Zidane in Festival of the Hunt:
    The Ogre, Yellow Scarf, Leather Plate, Steepled Hat, and Glass Armlet.
    And if you have extra cash, or by making some by using the WOM. Buy about 4
     Rods, for Coral Ring Later in the Game. Some Glass Armlets.
    Festival of the Hunt
     Use Soul Blade to Blind the creature and before killing him, make sure you
     steal his Needle Fork. It is very important that you get the Needle Fork.
     Without it, you can't complete this Level One Game
      If there was a way to kill Zaghnol and let Freya win, so that you can get the
      Coral Ring, that would be better than getting the gils for the Prize. The
      Coral Ring a excellent accessory in one the hardest part in the game.
    Buy equipment until you have one of everything. So that your people can always
     have something to learn. You can't get Experience Points, but that doesn't
     mean you can't get AP for abilites. That is what Bosses are for right.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
        King Ed/Eunorus Plains
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
      Steal from Lady Bug: Phoenix Pinion
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
             Qu's Marsh
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Axolotl: Phoenix Pinion
    Get Quina and get her learn these Blue Magics.
    Let Quina learn Limit Glove and/or Pumpkin Head/Mighty Guard etc...
     Mandorga-Limit Glove, Hedgehog Pie/LadyBug-Pumkin Head, Serpion-Mighty Guard
     Vice-Vanish, Axolotl/Clipper-Aqua Breath. The only ones that I must strees
     over are Limit Glove, the rest you can just forgot about
     When letting Quina learn Blue Magics, s/he must use eat. A move that considers
     killing the enemy, this will get you experience points. Which is not good.
     Make sure that there are two of them instead of one. That way, once you learn
     the Blue Magic, Flee and get the **** out of there. You got the magic, you
     don't want the exp too do you.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
           Chocobo Forest
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Collect all the Chocograph from the forest. This should take some time, but
     it is fun isn't it? Well, at least I think so.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
         Gizamaluke's Grotto
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    (Steal from Skeleton-Ether)
    Eat Hornet-Vanish, Skeleton-Pumkin Head, Lamia-Lvl3 Def-Less
    All of these Blue Skills, I didn't get any of them for my game. Just fun facts
     for you to know and be attempted to get. LOL.
    Black Mage x2 Forced Battle HP: 398
     I suggest you save before entering this battle. Best done after Freya talks
     outside of this place.
    In this battle, you have to equip Quina with the Needle Fork and s/he must be
     the only to attack them. Make sure you have stocked up with at least 20
     Potions. This might become long and boring. The point is to attack them and
     get them to petrify. You have to petrify them and not kill them at the same
     time. Only this way will get you through the battle and not get any experience
     points. Use potions to heal them if you didn't petrify them successfully.
     Quina trys to stone them and the rest are helpers.
    Get Bronze Vest, Magus Hat, Mythril Gloves from this place (all optional).
     I highly consider the Bronze Vest to be useful, protecting you from petrify.
    Gizamaluke (Ice Staff, Magus Hat) HP:3175
    Save in the chamber with the Moogle before entering this battle
     Use Soul blade or tent to silence/blind him. Prepare Quina's Limit Glove by
     having him with 1 HP. Have Freya use Jump and try to steal Ice Staff
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
             South Gate
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Dagger and Steiner
    When you control them get the Multina Racket,Buy Supply (optional) in case
     the last battle has drain most of your supply and want to get some more
     without going back to Linblum.
    Back to Zidane's Company
    Go to the Chocobo's Track near Cleyra to get the Chocobo's transformation into
     Sea Chocobo. Head back to Chocobo's Forest for some extra Chocographs. There
     should be this Chocoograph that is near by. You'll get the Oak Staff, access
     to Stop. Another good weapon with the magic that you need also
    In the Field
    Eat Nymph for Night (optional but quite helpful), Lizard Man-Lvl3 Def-Less
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    -Eat Magic Vice for Magic Hammer (Ether) HP: 298
     This is an excellent Blue Magic and I regretted it for underestimating this
     Blue Magic.
    Black Mage x2 Forced Battle HP: 398
    Use the Needle Fork Strategy or use Vivi's Stop or can use Magic Hammer to make
     them flee Freya and Zidane are helpers. All three works, I just depends on how
     you want to take it. About using Magic Hammer, I don't quite trust it yet
     because I have never used it on them, I just heard it from someone else, so
     don't take my word on it, that it works or not.
    Get the Lighting Staff from behind the Moggle and the Mythril Spear for Freya
     on the the room across from this one.
    Beatrix (Chain Plate, Mythril Sword) HP: 3630
    Use Quina's Limit Glove to end the battle very quickly. I did decided to use
     this on my ODINS game, but I died before I had the chance to use it. Or keep
     on using phoenix down on fallen allies until she quits. She hates battling
     someone that won't quit, how womanly of her, not to insult any females out
     there or anything.
             Disc 2           -KAD11
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
             South Gate
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    On the Train and the Events
    Black Waltz #2 (Flame and Lightning Staff) HP: 1292
     Give Steiner Man Eater with Iron Sword, Yellow Scarf (optional). Steal if you
     want those two weapons are a real fine
       - - - - - - - - - - - -
       - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Get the Power Belt, Blood Sword (from the Stellazzio Coins)
    Buy the items from the auction and sell them for some extra cash. Buy the
     necessary junk.
    Recommendation (the necessary junk)
    -2 Reflect Ring (Auto-Reflect, Distract, Reflect), 2 Madain's Ring (Body Temp,
       Chemist, Guardian Mog)  (both from Auction)
    -3 Coral Ring (Insomnia, Man Eater, Lancer), Ice Staff and 2 Madain’s Ring.
     Stezallio Coins get Blood Sword Desert Boots (Protect, Scan), 2 Glass Buckle
     (Antibody, Add Stats, Thunder), Cachusa (Bright Eyes, Ability Up, Life), 2
     Gold Choker (Auto-Potion, Flee-Gil, Shell) At least 2 of everything from
     non-syth equipments. Needle Fork (Barrette)
     Best you can do is 4 Reflect Rings instead of the other Madain's Ring. With
     this you're unstoppable. But Reflecting too much on them isn't really a good
     thing. Since killing them means getting Exp, which is not good. Good for some
     battle, bad for non-bosses
    Go kill the monster in the cell by throwing it a tent then killing it. MP
     attack, Bird Killer I didn't do this in my game, but other said it was
     possible, besides it doesn't give EXP anyways.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
             Gargant Roo
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Grab the Chain Plate
    Ralvurahva (Bone Wrist, Mythril Fork) HP: 2200
    Make sure Steiner have the Blood Sword, Bug Killer (Bronze Helm), and MP Attack
     (PowerBelt). Blank and Dagger are healers, cast Protect. Antibody will make
     this battle even more easier. Don't underestimate this guy though.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Get to Quina learn Auto-Life from Carrion Worm (HP: 259). This is really
     helpful, next to Limit Glove because this brings Limit Glove to it's main
     power source. Buy the necessary stuff from the shop, which is whatever you
     think you can afford at the time, since you can't use WOM at the moment
    No recommendations
    Antillion (Gold Helm, Mythril Vest) HP: 3938
    Use Limit Glove with Auto-Life. In the mean time, use Tent or Soul Blade to
     stall some more time
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
         Alexandria Invasion
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Going down Cleyra's Trunk, after each battle, save when possible
     (Run back up trunk to Cleyra)
     Do this in each battle, these are some tips to use:
    -Lower their hp, with exact calculation making their life low enough forcing
     them to escape.
    -Stock Potion and Phoenix downs. Get a lot of Tents as well, for the future.
    -Magic Hammer the Black Mages or Stop magic or Needle fork them. Magic Hammer
     again is approved by me.
    -Remember the pattern is left, right, left, right, till the point in which
     right is not an option  and left has already been used, then just head up.
    -Some say that using Magic Hammer on Soldier, makes them escape.
    Solder HP: 523/ Black Mage: 526
     Alexandria Soldier x2
     Alexandria Soldier x2
     Alexandria Soldier x2
     Black Mage x2
     Alexandria Soldier x3
     Alexandria Soldier x3
     Black Mage x1 Soldier x2
     Alexandria Soldier x3
     I've heard on the board that this was one of the hardest parts for them. I,
     didn't have any trouble getting by this part because I did the cheap way and
     saved whenever possible. Good Luck to the rest of you that are trying to this.
     If this is one of your hard points, lets hope that my hard parts, aren't your
     worst nightmare.
    Beatrix #2 (Thunder Gloves) HP: 4,736
    Use Quina's Limit Glove to end the battle quickly. Or keep on using phoenix
     down on fallen allies until she quits. Remeber that joke that I said before,
     well nevermind with that, forget what I said before. and uh..Steal if you
     want, doesn't matter.
    Quina leaves, I still wanted to use it though. God Dammit. Odins comes and...
    And after that You MUST SAVE
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
          Alexandria Rescue
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Steiner and Marcus vs. 2 Soldiers (Phoenix Pinion) HP: 523
    Give all the Exp to Marcus only, meaning that Steiner should be dead. Calculate
     the amount of damage they need for them to escape. This might take a while.
     For some reason, a couple times before, I've successfully gotten pass both
     soldiers without ever fighting them. Yet apparently for this challenge, I lost
     my power. I wonder why.After that, start climbing the ladder, unequip
     everything from Marcus. He shall now leave and never return... into your party
     and under your command. Unless you Shark it, which I hope you won't do for
     this challenge. If you wanted to do it, do it in the first place.
    Back together
    Thorn and Zorn (Mythril Armor, Mythril Armlet) 
    (Partisan, Stardust Rod) HP: 2,984/4,896
    Set Man Eater and MP attack on everyone that can equip it. Just keep the one
     that keeps on bouncing. Not bouncing means no threat, bouncing and your dead.
    -Move Tent, Elixir, and Ether to the upper column of the menu, for easy excess
    -Insomnia for Freya Coral Ring if available
    -Reflect Ring, Coral Ring, Madain's Rings might and must have if possible,
     equip them to Steiner, Zidane, and Vivi.
     Give them the other equipment of your desire, make sure the Reflect ability
     are checked Freya should get a Coral Ring(optional) and Insomnia. Remember 
     to give all the exp to Beatrix only, meaning that you must let everyone die
     except for Beatrix
    -Beatrix (Ice Brand, Survival Vest) HP: 5,709
    -Type C (Tent) HP: 623 Uses Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Strike
    -Bandersnatch (Tent) HP: 899
    Round #1   Beatrix #3
    Steal if you want, which I hope you do if you're using the Phoenix Down
     bluffing trick. Keep using Phoenix down until she quits is the goal, but it
     wouldn't hurt to steal her Survial Vest or Ice Brand
    Round #2   Beatrix with Freya vs. Bandersnatch
    Kill the Bandersnatch with this combination. Freya attacks once or twice
     (depending on how much she did), kill Freya, Beatrix attacks and wins. If
     anyone goes down, be on helper stance, once you revive the other wait to see
     what his next attack is. Once Freya is killed and you have done damage to the
     beast, attack with Beatrix.
    Round #3   Zidane, Dagger, Steiner, and Vivi vs. 3 Dark Mage
    Reflect is the major key for safety against magic, but it might backfire. Use
     Soul Blade to blind them, there phyical attack can be deadly. Use Silence from
     Dagger to eliminate Magic, if reflect isn't available. Vivi Focuses 2 or 3
     times, then use Stop, this somewhat increases the chances. Tent can be used,
     but don't worry about the poison, it can’t kill them, but the reflected magic
     might. If one of them dies, well... start over from the last save point.
    Round #4   Same party vs. 2 Bandersnatch
    Use tents like mad, until the Blind, Silence, and Poison Snake bite them.
     Vivi Focuses 2 or 3 times, then use Stop, this somewhat increases the chances
     to Stop them.
    Unequip all accessories from Steiner when you have the chance
    Round #5	  Zidane, Vivi, and Dagger vs. Bandersnatch
    Same Strategy as before:
     Use tents like mad, until the Blind, Silence, and Poison Snake bite them.
     Vivi Focuses 2 or 3 times, then use Stop, this somewhat increases the chances
    Round #6	  Freya (dead) with Beatrix vs. 2 Bandersnatch
    Quickly use Climhazzard, before they put Beatrix to sleep. If they kill her,  
     try all over again, and please don't get too pissed off.
    Round #7	  Steiner, Freya (dead), with Beatrix vs. 2 Bandersnatch
    On either Beatrix or Steiner's turn, throw a tent at the Bandersnatch or give
     Beatrix an Elixir quickly. When Beatrix has full Mp, wait for Steiner to be
     killed, then use Climhazzard. If Beatrix falls to sleep, have Steiner give her
     a nudge, caution this might kill her. Depending if it's critical or not and
     depending if one the Bandersnatchs decided to attack her as well. 
    Congratulation you have passed one of three parts of the hardest in the
     Level One Game. IMO.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
           Pinnacle Rock
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Old Remarks made before my last update:
    (Doesn't matter if you get all five passage or not, it doesn't' matter)
    (Doesn't matter if you get all the weapons and chest here)
    New Remark made on this update
    (Just get to Linblum, I don't care what you get here)
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Buy the necessary junk.
    Exploda and Power Belt is a must have, you can't live without them.
     Unless you want hell.
    Exploda (Mage Masher, Mythril Dagger)+1000
    Power Belt (Glass Buckle, Chain Mail)+2000
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
             Qu's Marsh
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Get Quina from the Qu's Marsh
    Go to Fossil Roo and pass that one handed machine... freak...
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
             Fossil Roo
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Lani (Coral Sword, Gladius) HP: 5,708
    Zidane have Man Eater, Mp Attack, and the strongest Armor available. She'll
     will aim for Dagger so you must cast reflect on Dagger. Use Limit Glove to end
     it faster with the Auto-Life magic of course
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
             Conde Petit
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
      Get the Diamond (Distract) Talk all you want, then save afterwards
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
            Mountain Trail
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Hilgigaris (Fairy Flute, Mythril Fork) HP: 8106	  
    Vivi,Eiko,Dagger,Zidane  (Requires luck and preparation)
    For this battle, get Zidane life (HP) to end with a seven, if you know what
     I'm doing, your actually correct. Hope that Zidane can use lucky seven to
     quickly end the battle, before he gets killed. Silence him, but successful
     rate is low and kind of pointless since earthquake can’t be silenced, so don't
     cast silence. Auto-Float Zidane is ok, Distract is better. When you finally
     get 7777, don't you wonder why I have to be that cheap? Oh, yeah for a side
     note, Vivi's Bio work, it just doesn't do a whole lotta damage thats all.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
              Ifia Tree
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Get the highest Spirit for Vivi when facing them and save after you have
     activated the elevator on tree trunks. This might take forever to do, It took
     me personally 5 days to accomplish.
    An idea from Dingus McGee, quoted:
    'alright KADFC, I kept fighting random battles until a zombie dragon showed up.
     Of course, dagger and Eiko were on the back row so I casted shell on them both
     and his attack that inflicts zombie status didn't quite kill them. so I then
     went on the elevator-thingy and those zombie pricks there were 3 of them, so
     I castes life on 2 of them with my white magic users and kills of Zidane and
     Vivi with Vivi casting Bio on himself and Zidane attacking himself(I equipped
     him with no armor for him to die faster). then I lifted the other zombie.
     after the fight I revived and restored and casted stop to kill the zombie
     dragon auto-fight. Phoenix down killed the boss.'
    In my own words and adding a little bit of my idea into it:
    1. Encounter a dracomzombie
    2. Remember to put everyone on the back row
    3. Cast Protect on those that you think that has a chance of being infected
       by the breath.
    4. Run away and save, rinse and repeat, but make sure the one that's inflicted
       doesn't get killed or you have to restart because zombie stats inflected
       characters cant be raised back onto the battle field, unless its zombie is
    Most rules and absolutely the hardest of them all. IMO
    You have to walk all the way to the bottom to face these opponents. Stroper
     can kill all, with his sweep attack, time consuming random encounters.
    Zombies (x2 or x3)
    -Hit them all with Stop to end this match, seems impossible?
    -Get Vivi very close to Trance, in hopes of that the Zombies will strike him
     and he will go into Trance. Be warned Vivi might die from this with low
     defense, while in Trance have him use Stop twice instead of once.
    -Difficult and Hard points:
    1. They use roulette, that if they are killed you have to start over
    2. Their attack has a high chance of killing instantly one of your people
    3. Their most devious attack known as 'Melt.' It kills themselves and one
       of your guys. Start over, please
    Note: If you used the strategy made by McGee, it might be more easier and
     quicker to get pass these battles.
    If you have passed the part from the top, Congratulation. If you ever see
     me on boards, plz tell me how long it took you. THIS IS THE HARDEST PART IN
     THE WHOLE GAME. Two third way of the way till no more difficulties, through
     my experience.
    *From Author*
     I was extremly tick'd when I didn't think of this myself. Whatever, like I
     said before, I still finished this challenge didn't I.
    Vivi Focuses 2 or 3 times, then use Stop, this somewhat increases the chances.
     Use Phoenix Down when one of your guys die
    Get the Brigandine and elixir on the floor that you have stopped
    Last Boss of Ifia Tree Soul Cage
     (Brigadine, Magicans Cloak, Oak Staff) HP: 5700
    Use an elixir as soon as possible, if you have passed the parts from before
     this, don't try using Life or Phoenix Down, that would waste time and that
     means I hope you can pay the price.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
             Madain Sari
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Aramant (Poison Knuckles, Ether) HP: 6800
    Give Zidane Distract, Man Eater, with some high defense and evasion, and
     Viola. Auto-Potion is extremly helpful, but to check this off you have to
     compromise with the other abilities. I rather use Distract than Auto-Potion,
     depending if you have played this match before, to steal his items. Equip
     Bandit then. Most simplest way to end this thing is to have Zidane go into
     Trance and Dyne away. Use Auto-Potion and Distract, High Tide optional, to
     wait for the Trance. And ah, attack when he says 'Here I go.'
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
              Ifia Tree
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Prepare with a lot of phoenix downs, people with Insomnia and shadow absorbing
     equipment. I believe Madain's Ring should be given to Vivi (IMO).
    Mistodon HP: 1473
    Have the whole party as healers, except for Vivi, that will do the stop magic
     casting. This could waste a lot of phoenix downs. Eiko with the great Phoenix
     is helpful, but watch their HP, if you get to close they will die. Use Tent
     or soul blade to turn them down. Get everyone to use tent if you have to, but
     that IMO is a total waste of good profit.
             Disc 3           -KAD12
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    You must in god's name, get Angel Bless (Thievery) (Sorry for using god's name)
     You'll be blessed with the strongest attack in the game, if powered up fully.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Stezallio Coin and Get the Dark Matter from the Auction.
     Buy whatever else you want.
    Battle of Alexandria
    The order of operation:      Protect the People      Weimar and Haagen
                                 Contact Lindblum        Breireicht and Laudo
                                 Gather Information      Blutzen and Kohel
                                 Fire the cannons        Mullenkedheim and Dojebon
    Using Steiner and Beatrix
    Doesn't matter if Steiner is dead throughout the whole thing, because Beatrix
     can handle it all. Just remember to keep her alive though, LOL. Give Beatrix
     an elixir or Hi-Potion with Ether, to power up to other battles. Equip Beatrix
     with the best equipment available, giving the highest Spirit. Keep on using
     Climhazzard or regular attack, with hi-potion to your desire. Make sure to
     unequip your rare equipment off of her before the last time that you can, rare
     meaning that you only have one of it.
    Not recommend, unless up for the challenge, for the Running Shoes earliest in
     the game. No strategy to beat it yet. I have heard a lot people that have
     tried to beat him. Not sure if they succeded or not. Hope you guys will do it,
     even though it will be meaningless. Seeing that he'll give you exp and you'll
     have to restart soon.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Get the stuff you think you need.
    (Read WOM, Steeple Hat is N/A)
    Certain of things of recommendation or You can do this later on Disc 3
    1. Killing for Thievery Section
    2. Teach everyone Auto-Life and Auto-Reflect, if supply of these two are
       Don't teach Vivi Auto-Reflect because it’s not useable. 
       Teach Zidane, Freya, Aramant, Steiner Clear Headed if they are the ones to
        go to Oeilvert.
    3. Esta Gaza to buy an early Octagon Staff for Vivi
    4. Go to Chocobo's Lagoon and get the Mountain Transformation for Chocobo's.
       Then the Deep Sea Chocobo's. Get some Dead Peppers. Have Quina eat a Tick
       Sparrow near Treno or Zaghol in Lost Continent for Matra Magic (optional),
       Must read acquiring Zombie/Virus for this. Zombie Whale on the coast of
       Esta Gaza, for purposes later in the game.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
          Black Mage Village
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Only thing I can say is 'Black Belt'. I mean get it, it's free and all.
    Desert Palace (Have a spare Save due to any points in which you get stuck)
    Send Zidane, Freya, Aramant, Steiner in the Party to Oeilvert. Steiner can be
     switched with Quina, if Ark is too hard for you. Then you will need Clear
     Headed on Quina instead.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Get the Chocobos, by going to the chocobo track located north of Qu's Marsh.
     You can learn abilities for your characters that you now control. Buy a lot of
     Soft and throw them at the Epitaphs for an easy 2 AP, Ability Up is useful.
     Diamond Sword, Shield Armor, Power Vest, Feather Boots, Gaia Gear are inside
     Oeilvert. So if you're thinking about buying them, think about it twice before
     you start wasting your money/gils on the not needed.
    Ark (Holy Lance, Power Vest) HP: 20,002
    Equip Clear Headed and/or Auto-Life to everyone, without this you're in a
     world of restarts. The Highest Spirit for the main attacker, this can be
     Zidane for thievery, Aramant for his throws, or Quina for his Limit Glove
     and/or Auto-life. If Steiner is in your party have him as a Helper/throwing
     Dead Pepper. Steal Holy Lance is a must, if you want to see how much your
     Dragon Crest can do later in the game.
    Another Strategy Mentioned by McGee:
    1. Get a high Spirit with Robe of Lords, put this on Eiko. Nevermind I'm
       going to quote it again-' the way I killed ark: I brought along Eiko in
       the party that faces ark. I equipd her with tiger racket, (insert name of
       best defensive head armor available at time here), egoist armlet, lord of
       robe and protect ring. abilities were clearheaded and auto-potion. he
       couldnt do enough damage to kill me soit kept auto-potioning and he couldnt
       confuse me so I won with easy ease!! what did u do, kadfc?' This time
       easier to understand.
     If you getting Robe of Lords is part of your liking, go for it for all I care.
     I on the hand, won't ever do that, not even for my perfect game.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
            Desert Palace
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    This is tricky.  Yet can be done with skills and patience. Other than that good
     luck to you. Buy Magic Racket for later. Have Vivi with the most spirit.
     Auto-Reflect isn't possible on Vivi. Auto-Reflect is a major save for the
     others, but watch when their HP goes down. Insomnia or Locomotion should be
     put to considerations. If Auto-Reflect is not distributed. Get all the treasure
     here, this will lower the Valia's power to kill you.
    The Treasures are: Promist Ring-Anklet-Shield Armor-(N-Kai Armlet)-Black Hood
     (Venetia Shield)
    Valia Pira  HP:12,119
    Set Dead Pepper at the top of the item list, you'll be needing quick access to
     these. Have Vivi use Water, after Focusing for a couple of times. Have
     everyone else use Phoenix Down on fallen allies, in other cases if no one is
     dead, have them chuck Dead Pepper on the boss. Limit Glove if Quina is in the
     party, or have him use Magic Hammer.
    Future Preparations (have a spare save after the battle with Valia Pira)
     Eiko must have a equipment that enables Mini (Magic Racket). I'm not quite
     sure if this will increase the success rate to mate Meltigemini, but anything
     is worth a try. Give her also the antibody ability or Auto-life. Best to give
     her a equip that gives high spirits, Dagger isn't a great caster for right
     now. I'm saying this becaues, if you know the storyline, you won't be able to,
     or ever have a slight chance except what I'm telling you right now, equip Eiko
     for the Meltigemini fight.
    Reunion (#2)
    Get Namingway Card, not needed if you hate cards as much as I do.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
              Esta Gaza
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Get the stuff you think you need. Especially the Octagon Staff for Vivi and
     Flame Saber for Steiner.
    (Optional: Get Quina to Eat a Anemone (Qu's Marsh of Forgotten Continents))
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
              Mt. Gulug
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Must enter with Vivi, Zidane and Quina, the other one doesn't matter. Head
     down a floor with the rope, go right and save. Give Vivi the highest spirit or
     evade and no matter what, equip the Octagon Staff. Keep on entering down on
     the ropes, this will make the thing fall down, so that you can face the Red
    Red Dragons  (Elixir, Ether)
    -Give everyone Auto-Life and/or clearheaded,
    -On Zidane's turn have him use Soul Blade or Tent
    -Quina cast Auto-Life on the people that have been killed before
    -The other one should use tent
    -The main point in this battle is to have both Red Dragons blinded before
     their air powered assassinations begins. Blind is a part of way to prevent
     Vivi from Dying so quickly, so that he may have a longer amount of time to
     cast stop.
    Head back up and save for the ...
    The final hardest part of the game, IMO.
      Meltigemini: (Demon's Vest, Golden Hairpin, Vaccine) HP: 24,348
    The fact that I think he is the last hardest boss is because:
    1. You have to wait over 5 minutes, with a turbo controller, just to have a
       chance to play against him. Meaning if you died before. I counter the time
       it took, how pathetic of me. I know, I know, that's what I get for being the
       one of the first people to do this challenge.
    2. His first attack has a higher chance of being Viral Smoke, an attack that
       kills everyone, if you’re not prepared with Auto-Life. Even Auto-Reflect
       can’t prevent you from this. So better have Auto-Life
    3. Bio can kill one or the whole party as the second attack.
    My Strategy
    -Party containing Quina, Zidane, Eiko (replacing Vivi), and Freya or Aramant
    -Have everyone with Auto-Life ( A MUST!)
    -Eiko use mini whenever possible (This one I'm not too found of because I
     didn't have the power to use it on him myself. It never suceeded in my game)
    -Zidane using Thievery (9999)
    -Freya using Jump (Optional, but being quite effective or just plain luck)
    -Aramant can cast Aura on people that used up their own Auto-life already
    -Quina use Dead Pepper until dead, rise with one HP, cast Limit Glove (9999).
     Meaning he comes in with full HP. Wait till he dies and the Auto-Life will get
     him back on to its feets. And by then you should get it to use Limit Glove.
    -Don't use Tent
    If he uses Viral Smoke as the first attack, too bad, wait another 5 minutes to
     try again. Because you'll surely die from it.
    Congrats! You've made it through the last of the three hardest bosses in the
     game! Just hope that the Three Pandemonium fights, Kuja + Garland, and
     Kuja + Garland doesn't get the best of you. There aren't really that hard,
     really. LOL, you'll find out for yourself.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    -Buy whatever you so please
    Some Recommendations
    Do these things so that you'll have a chance when you're at Terra, the end of
     disc 3.
    -Finish the Chocobo's Sidequest for the chance to face Ozma. The weapons
     shouldn't be taken to be useful, but the accessories might and its abilities.
    -Go to Daguerreo for some better equipment. Opals for Shiva. Get Three
      or four Coronets
    -The formula of Unlimited money lies within Dark Mage Village and Dali.
      Read WOM
    -Get a extra ribbon from the auction.
    -Alexandria to pickup some items
    -Killing For Dragon Crest Section
    -Easier Way of Getting AP for Disc 3 Section
    -Get Running Shoes, for Auto-Haste, quite useful for Zidane's Stealing.
    -Go to Treno and give the lady your coins, try to aim for the Robe of Lords.
     To get the most of this game, you probably want to do every single thing that
     will max your rate to beat this game. In that case do everything that I listed
     above. And if you want you probably want to kill Ozma anyways, staying at the
     levels that you want. Read Hyprophant's FAQ if you want to beat him. She has a
     better strategies for beating him.
     If you want to take this game to next level of easy, try to Powerup Frog Drop.
     You'll need to catch 9999 frogs, since she is at level one. That is a better
     challenge than this challenge any day.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
            Ispen's Castle (Party: Zidane, Steiner, other 2 doesn't matter)
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Ancient Aroma (optional) (It's really just there for looks)
    Taharka (Orichalcon, Mythril Claws) HP: 29,186
    Steal Orichalcon and the Mythril Claws if you want. Both are good to sell
     for gils. Give Steiner the heat inflicting sword known as the
     'Flame Saber.' Add Stats checked off too. Other two members are Helpers and 
     remember not to attack when he is compact. Once he gets heat, the battle will
     be soon over because he is machine and doesn't have a mind of his own.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
             Four Shrine
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Get everyone to their destined location, while Zidane and Quina, being the best
     useful character in the game, IMO, goes 2 on 1 against Lich.
    Lich vs. Zidane and Quina (Rubber Suit, Avenger) HP: 20,756
    Equip with element absorbers like Coral Ring, Madain's Ring, Gaia Gear,
     Rosetta Ring. He will cast all these types of magic in your battle, so don't
     be surprise if your item didn't absorb his attacks.
     Auto-Reflect, Auto-Life, Distract are some good abilities to keep in mind.
     Get Quina a Hp of one, for Limit Glove, which is really cheap, but hey I'm
     up for it.
     Thievery and Soul Blade for Zidane, even cheaper if powered up all the way.
     Use tent if you want, even though I never used it on him before.
    -Optional: Use Quina's Bad Breath to Inflict the Mini Stats and eat Lich to
      learn Earthquake
     If you are trying to do the whole max stats, thing. I think to say that you
     should keep an extra save right here, before going into Terra. Once inside,
     you won't come back out. So this save can be used for two things.
    1. To show to any of your friends or family memebers that everyone in the game
       are all at level one so far. Also if I can find a way to get pass the
       Pandemonium without getting any exp.
    2. This is in any case in which you want to do some max stating during the
       Pandemonium fight. Why not get some better stats will you're getting leveled
       up. Some higher stats, is better than no increase, from the normal, at all.
    Going to Terra
    Keep in mind that Dagger and Steiner cant be equippable once they have entered
     to Terra until the three mini-boss battles have ended. So I will show you how
     to prepare before going.
      Dagger:  Gaia Gear with Auto-Life
               Shiva with 99 Opals
      Zidane:  Thievery doing over 9,000
               Gamble Defense
      Quina:   Auto-life ability and Magic
               The highest magic evade
      Aramant: Auto-Reflect
               Gamble Defense
      Freya:   Dragon Crest doing 9,999
      Steiner: Auto-Life
               Coral Ring
     You might have better items/equipment than me, in which case, you can use
     this as reference to make your own battle plans up.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
       - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Once you enter Bran Bal, immediately proceed right and buy equipment, don't
     find the place for Dagger to rest yet. Buy Flash Hat and others. Equip a Flash
     Hat for Zidane and Quina. You must buy the Holy Lance, unless you already got
    This determines how you enter disc 4, with 3 people at level 22 or higher OR
     with Zidane at a level 31. If Zidane was at level beside 1, I don't really
     know if I would be consider a level one game.
    *Side Note*
     I, for one, have never recieved that Virus Fly and never wanted to do that
     part over and over again. It took 5 minutes to get there, ok. I rather settle
     with beating them with my desired plan instead.
    First Battle
    Amdusias vs. Zidane, Freya,  and Aramant HP: 6,578
    Zidane dies with Bio given to him. Freya comes in once Zidane's ATB bar is
     filled up. Use Thievery with Zidane to bring out Aramant. Keep as note, when
     Amdusias is on the ground he castes magic. When he is in the air, he attacks
     physically. Deal between 2000 and 4000 to him. Then kill off Zidane and Freya,
     do this when Amdusias is not in the air. Aramant uses No Mercy and he should
     be dead. Next up...
    Second Battle
    Abadon vs. Quina, Steiner, and Zidane HP: 12,658
    Abadon uses High Wind, Quina and Steiner comes up. Attack with Steiner,
     Quina cast Auto-Life onto Steiner. Phoenix down any fallen allies. Once Zidane
     enters, have him use Thievery Wait for the second High Wind and make sure
     Steiner has Auto-Life still with him and the others do not then kill Abadon
     with Steiner Or wait for Abadon to have his turn. Quickly kill off Zidane and
     Quina, Strike with Steiner. Just hope that the next move used by Abadon is
     Thundaga. This one takes a lot of luck to beat.
    Third Battle
    Shell Dragon vs. Zidane and Dagger HP: 12,661
    Wait for the Dragon to kill Zidane, Zidane uses his Auto-life and Dagger comes
     in. Have Zidane use Thievery, hope that Dagger isn’t the one being killed,
     revive them if they do.
    1. Kill Zidane off after Dragon has used his turn, and Quickly summon Shiva
    2. Have Dragon use Smash to kill off Zidane, Dagger comes up, hope that he
       uses Earthquake, then summon Shiva.
    My Party:  Zidane, Freya, Vivi, and Quina
    Don't get any treasure through out the walk, not worth it. Don't change the
     abilities as before, except give Vivi Auto-Life. Set the elevator to 4 and
     go straight up.
    Keep going up. SAVE AGAIN. On a separate file would be nice, considering
     that you probably want to head back and buy something from the moogle and
    Silver Dragon (Kaiser Knuckles, Dragon Mail) HP: 24,055
    For Preparations: Give the Ribbon to the Freya, that can do the most
     damage because of Dragon Crest. Vivi with his Octagon Staff and Coronets to
     Zidane and Quina. If you got Thievery to attack more than Freya's Dragon
     Crest. Give the Ribbon to Zidane then and exchange. Hopes of it not using
     the Shockwave. Use Thievery, Dragon Crest, Limit Glove, Vivi as helper.
    Cast night, wait Quina bar to fill up, use Thievery and Dragon Crest quickly
     then night, rinse and repeat, until the dragon dies. This requires insomnia,
     but Auto-Life is needed for the other consecutive battles later, so this
     shouldn't be used.
    Garland (Dark Gear, Ninja Gear, Battle Boots) HP: 40,728
    Use Thievery, Dragon Crest, Limit Glove, Vivi as helper. If two allies falls,
     others become helpers immeatitly. Auto-Life Quina if she dies, then use
     Limit Glove. OR Quina as a helper that castes Auto-Life on others that don't
     have it. You can use tent if you want.
    Kuja (Light Robe, Carabini Mail) HP: 42,382
    Use Thievery, Dragon Crest, Limit Glove, Vivi as helper. If two allies falls,
     others become helpers immeatiliy. Quina should use White wind during in times
     of critical life. Measure his life, if he cures himself, just send another
     2 or 3 (9,000+) hitters and he should be dead. So if you have reach this point
     don't waste your time with Phoenix Downs.
                                         Disc 4                          -KAD13
    In my opinion, it doesn't matter whatever you buy in Daguerreo or Black Mage
     Village, I see them as pointless a waste of money and time. Just keep the same
     equipment until said to change, same abilities unless said to change.
    There is something you can do though. That is go to the Treno Auction and get a
     second Ribbon or third one. That would make it way more in advantage
    Top of Ifia Tree
    Nova Dragon (Grand Armor, Dragon Wrist) HP: 54,940
     (Almost the same as Silver Dragon Strategy)
    Use Thievery, Dragon Crest, Limit Glove, Vivi as helper OR Cast night, wait
     Quina bar to fill up, use Thievery and Dragon Crest quickly then night,
     rinse and repeat, until the dragon dies. Make sure Insomnia is given to
     everyone. Give the Ribbon to Freya. Vivi with his Octagon Staff and Coronets
     to Zidane and Quina. Hopes of it not using the Shockwave.
    Doesn't matter if you get the treasure weapons or not. Get Kain's Lance if you
     haven't got the Holy Lance with you.
    Maliris (Masamune, Ultima Sword, Genji Armor) HP: 59,497
    Use Thievery, Dragon Crest, Limit Glove, Vivi as helper. Quina's second job
     is to secure that everyone has auto-life on them. Even if a player has heat,
     and another has the ability to perform a 9999 hitter, doesn't matter if that
     persons dies. Better to have Auto-Life on them, so when they die from the
     heat, they easily get back up and fight on. Once you have defeated him, even
     if he can kill everyone. Auto-Life will keep everyone alive. Nice idea if
     Rosetta Ring if equipped to any of them, yet that is optional since I didn't
     have one at the time.
    Tiamat (Grand Helm, Feather Boots, Blood Sword) HP: 59,494
    Give everyone Clear Headed. Use Thievery, Dragon Crest, Limit Glove, Vivi
     as helper. Coronet and Ribbon must be equipped properly to your main
     Hades (optional)
    Save the screen before this one, you never might know, you aren't god in this
     challenge you know. Use Thievery, Dragon Crest, Limit Glove, Vivi as helper,
     just like before. You won't ever get bored of this strategy, you know why?
     Because it works thats why.
     This boss is similar to the last boss. Make sure your speed is set to low as
     possible. Fight him if you want, doesn't matter. A better way to do this and
     actually have him count is get Virus status on before you fight on. But by me
     telling you that, you probably are right here reading here right now and
     trying to fight this guy. It's not my problem that you didn't read this whole
     thing before coming in here.
    Kraken (Glutton's Robe, Wizard Rod, Genji Helmet) HP:59,496
    Ribbon and Octagon Staff must be equipped, Octagon Staff on Vivi of course.
     Use Thievery, Dragon Crest, Limit Glove, Vivi as helper. Attack only Kraken
     itself, once he dies, he is done. Body Temp should be optional, since I never
     had a trouble with him, I was unstoppable.
    Lich (Black Robe, Siren's Flute, Genji Gloves) HP: 58,554
    Use Thievery, Dragon Crest, Limit Glove, Vivi as helper, once again. Vivi
     should give remedy to people that have been stopped. Equip Gaia Gear or other
     Earth absorbing equipment Distract. Locomotion and Tent should be optional.
     But Auto-Life, IMO, is the best because you won't ever die, to some luck.
    Must Save Beforehand
    Deathguise (Duel Claws, Black Belt) HP: 55,535
    Beware of the combo that follows: Meteor and Spin, this kills everyone, start
     over again. Use Magic Hammer and Auto-Life on Zidane, since he takes the
     lowest number of Mp to use his attack. Use Thievery, Dragon Crest, Limit
     Glove, Vivi as helper. Cast night, wait Quina bar to fill up, use Thievery
     and Dragon Crest quickly then night, rinse and repeat. Make sure Insomnia
     is given to everyone. Coral Ring or Flash Hat is optional, so other fire and
     blizzard absorbing equipment.
    *Special Note* 
     For the best ways of beating the last bosses, its recommended that you give 
     all characters the Auto-ability ‘Auto-Life.’ Some won’t have enough ability
     crystals as I may recall, but have them on the ones that can actually equip
    *Vivi* He doesn’t have to be the helper really, I just picked him over the
     others because he is one my favorite dude and that the fact he is still on
     level 1, Eiko will probably be the other choice of opition.
    YOU MUST SAVE! (This is the ending of this challenge anyways.)
    Try to keep your cool and not be too stressed out or too excited.
    Trance Kuja (the same strategy as before)
    Use Thievery, Dragon Crest, Limit Glove, Vivi as helper, just like before,
     how nice. If two allies falls, others become helpers immediately.
     Quina should use White wind during in times of critical life and Auto-Life to
     get the Limit Glove working as soon as he dies. If it dies without Auto-Life,
     use a phoenix down to get it back up and have it cast Auto-Life on itself, 
     rinse, and repeat or don’t use this whole strategy altogether, since it’s a
     total waste of time.
     Instead hope that Zidane and Freya wipes his HP out fast. Kuja is quite quick
     for a guy that steals turns. Loser. Also use elixir for Mp restoration, it is
     the last battles after all, there is no point in saving them up. Ether if you
     ran out of Elixirs.
    Use Thievery, Dragon Crest, Limit Glove, Vivi as helper, for the last time and
     I mean the last time when I say it. If two allies falls, others become helpers
     Grand Cross: Depends on luck. If it kills everyone, which could be a good
     thing and a bad thing. You will waste your Auto-Life, but you'll get the
     upper hand of passing from the only full party killer. Good luck to you for
     trying to beat him.
    *Special Note* In some cases, you might be extremely lucky. In which he tries
     to attack someone that has been petrified and it causes no damage or any type
     of special effect. Stupid computer program. This will be one extra turn that
     he hands to you to kill him. 
     On my 3rd battle with him, he did this 4 times in a row.
     How stupid can they be?
    Congrats! You have now beaten the Level One Game for Final Fantasy IX!
    Should I recommend that you that you try these challenge as well:
     -No Equipment Game: I did this one
     -Attack and Item Only Game: Willing to try this someday
     -Excalibur 2: You better have finished this one,
                   before getting started on this one.
     -Ozma at Level One: With luck and skills like Hyprophant,
                         you can do this as well.
                                    T  H  E    E  N  D  
                  Ways of obtaining money:                     -KAD14
    1. Play Chocobo's Forest, Lagoon, or Air Garden to get items and then sell
       them all. Phoenix Pinion are the main part of this process, other work as
       well, this includes getting raw money. If you want to waste time by getting
       money, you could also try to get Robe of Lords, it definitely becomes useful
       during anytime in the game.
    2. Steal from the creatures, like ether and phoenix pinion then sell them.
       Each are worth 1000. After you have stole the items, you could flee or
       Stop/Petrify them.
    My personal way of doing this:
      A.  Near Lindblum Castle near Pinnacle Rock.
      B.  Steal Ether or Phoenix Pinion from the Axe Beaks.
      C.  Sell and repeat
      D.  Get a lot phoenix down or potion, if early in the game,
          to restore fallen allies.
     *Recommend abilities for Zidane: Distract, Bandit, Insomnia, Auto-Haste,
      Master Thief (optional), Insomnia should be on everyone.
    3. Wrist + Steeple Hat = Cotton Robe Trick
    Make sure how much to buy what and what, I have left money to make them
     and sell them.
         Steepled Hat = 260	   + 	Wrist =  130      + 	Synthesis = 1000
    So, to make the best calculation, first take what you have and minus 1000
     for the Synthesis of one and also minus the price one of the other item that
     you can not buy. Next, divide the remaining money by the cost of the closes
     item. This will determine how much you would buy right now.
    Ex:  Dali has Wrist	Lindblum has Steeple Hat
    So if I was in Dali and I have 5000. Using my calculations, 5000- (1000+260),
     I would have a final of 3640.The first was the cost of one synthesis and the
     second was the cost of one steeple hat. Then take the final sum and divide
     that buy the cost of one steeple hat 260, which is 3640 / 260 = 14. This
     means I can buy 14 wrists right now. Once at Lindblum, I would buy a steeple
     hat, synth it into a Cotton Robe, sell it, buy another steeple hat, sell it,
     rinse and repeat, but make sure that you always have 1000 after you have
     bought the steeple hats.
    This trick should not be used unless you know what you’re doing. Meaning if
     you know there is an important key equipment that needs the money don't
     perform this trick, unless you know how to compromise. This is a table of
     where and when to have this: (Spoilers)
    Disc 1
    A. Dali             1st time        Buy Wrist
    B. Linblum          1st time      + Steeple Hat = Cotton Robe
                                        (Then buy Buy Steeple Hat again)
    A - the first time to Dali after getting out of Ice Cavern
    B - the first time to Dali after introduction to Cid and Freya
    Disc 2
    A. Treno - Dali   Dagger and Steiner    +      Wrist = Cotton Robe
    Go back and buy Wrist from Dali
    B. Linblum        Zidane and Party      +      Steeple Hat = Cotton Robe
    Buy Steeple Hat from Linblum
    A - When Dagger and Steiner accompanied by Marcus to get Supersoft.
        You'll have to use the gate pass to get to Dali
    B - After Zidane was defeated by Beatrix and they are about to go to
        Cleyra. Go to Linblum.
    Disc 3
    A. Treno - Dali   Zidane and others      +      Wrist = Cotton Robe       
    Don't go back to buy Wrist
    A-When Zidane and the others went to Treno for the Card Tournament.
    Extra knowledge - Don't buy the Wrist because its waste of time and money,
     due the fact that Linblum nor any other place will sell Steeple Hat, until
     you have release the Black Mages from the control of Kuja.
    Got Airship        Unlimited Money
    Dali for Wrist    Black Mage Village for Steeple Hat
                       and Synthesis into Cotton Robe
    Just fly back from one place to another. Use Chocobo to make the trip to the
     Village more easier. This can be done unlimited times, to the money of
     your desire.
    Disc 4           None of this is Available
    Linblum nor Black Mage Village would sell Steepled Hats, so no point of doing
     it and can't do it whatsoever. That's why you should have gotten all the money
     that you needed from Disc 3, and also the equipment from Daguerreo cost a lot.
     The moogle at Burmecia does sell Steepld Hats, but that would be a long walk.
     That isn't recommended unless you're that desperate
                  Getting Virus and Zombies Stats                      -KAD15
        Getting Virus  On Disc 3 (After getting Hilda Garde 3)
      A.  Go to Vile Island
      B.  Pack yourself with a lot Phoenix Downs
      C.  Save
      D.  Go into battle, not near the forest
      E.  Best formation to get is 1 Yan
      F.  Hope that it inflects Virus Stats on you with their Virus Breathe
      G.  Revive any fallen Men with Phoenix Downs
      H.  Choose Remedy to see if truly the Virus Stats is inflicted.
           You may want to press L1 to see this screen, while remedy is selected
            and blinking.
      I.  If inflicted, Have Zidane use Flee
      J. Change People, save, rinse and repeat until satisfied
      K. Can't get any AP or Exp
      L. Virus can only be removed with a vaccine. Even if you take a rest with
          100 at an inn, it will stay on you. Until you use a vaccine on them.
         This does not apply to places that intentionally say that your
          stats have been restored
        Getting Zombie  On Disc 3 (After getting Hilda Garde 3)
      A. Get the best possible armor with the highest defense
      B. Really see the point of getting this.
      C. Go to the Ifia Tree, have one the Dracomzombie use their
          Zombie Breathe on you.
      D. Color change means you have infected
      E. Can't get any life, AP, or Exp
      F. Now flee from the battle and Save.
     I have never gotten zombie when I was playing this challenge. I prefer
     getting Virus. Overall, Virus is better than Zombie, there is no side-effects,
     only support. Unless you're trying to learn a new ability.
                           Stealing For Thievery                 -KAD16
      Can be learned and used by Zidane (Angel Bless, The Tower)
      Deal non-elemental damage based on the # of successful steals
       successfully made & Zidane's Speed.
      Steals can be made from anyone: Zidane, Marcus, Blank, Cinna
      Ignores target's defense and magic defense
      First chance to get Thievery is on disc 3 in Alexandria's Synth Shop
      Formula: (# of successful steals * Zidanes speed) / 2
      This is the table based on your level, and speed
       (with no Speed Increasement equipment) that can make Thievery deal 9999
      Level/Speed/Steals Needed
      '??' means level doesn't matter.
     Best way to powerup Thievery: Keep stealing and equip Bandit to improve
     your chances of stealing. Spirit is said to effect it as well.
     I prefer to steal from GDs as well because I'm upgrading with them.
     Others say to steal from Pythons near Dali since they're weak and have
     a lot things to steal (4)
     Other places include Lindblum's Axe Beak.
     All the helpful abilities: (List based not on a Level One Game)
      By far, one of the best moves to powerup in this challenge.
       It takes time and lots of it.
      Thievery can only be tested if you got Angel Bless.
       Earliest time possible is on disc 3 Alexander.
       Other places sell them as well.
                         Killing For Dragons Crest                -KAD17
    To me, this move takes less time to powerup, but it can very dangerous
     if you don't save often and are hit with many attacks and then you die,
     of course. So make sure you save often when powering up Dragon Crest.
     To able to do this you must:
     - Acquire Zombie/Virus for the people that are planned to kill the Dragon
     - You may have them dead if they are not valuable in the Fight
     - Have the Holy Lance/Kain's Lance to see how much he deals so far.
     - Have the Gold Chocobo/Airship to get to Daguerreo
     - Reflect Ring or Auto-Reflect on the Dragon Killers, Distract and
        Anti-Body is also good
     - Optional: Get Quina to eat a Zombie Whale to learn Lvl5 Death.
        Must have Vigilance. This will make it more easier then killing the
        Dragon by damage.
    Main Task: After doing the things said above.
    Move on to the next step: To kill as many Grand Dragon, as it takes to make
     Dragon Crest deal 9999. I don't know how much to kill, but you should check
     often, after every hour or so.
     To check Dragon Crest:
    Use Dragon Crest, if you stole one from Ark. There means that you are
     either on end of Disc 3 or 4. You've already got the Skill, use it.
    OR, Save, go to Terra then Bran Bal to buy one. Test it there only.
     Restart when you want to go back on the world map on the game save before.
     Meaning that you don't want to face the three forced battles, Kuja,
     and Garland, yet.
    - Make sure Freya is in your party when you enter Bran Bal
    - Buy a Holy Lance and Try it out to see how much it does on enemies there.
    - After testing restart, and do what you were doing before Dragon Crest
      should be increased after you have gotten Hilda Garde 3, you could do some
      with the Ironite but that's not recommended.
    *Opinion*- I think its better to steal and kill Grand Dragon at the same
     time, this will increase the ablility go further into the game wihout
     getting sleepy. Killing 2 birds with one stone.
    Other Helpful Info:
    Dragon's Crest
    Can be learned and used by Freya (Holy Lance, Kain's Lance)
    Deal non-elemental damage based on the number of dragons killed by party
    Freya doesn't have get the final blow nor be in the current party
    Ignores target's defense and magic defense
    First chance to get Dragon's Crest is by stealing from Ark
    Formula: Dragons Killed * Dragons Killed (* = multiply)
    Table of Dragons Killed and Damage done by Dragon's Crest
    Dragon's Dead/Damage done by Dragon's Crest
           Easier Way of Learning Abilities on Disc 3                -KAD18
    A. You must have access to go to Oeilvert
    B. Must be on disk 3
    C. Airship or Part of the Expedition of Getting the Gulug Stone
    This is simple, all you need is some patience, if you really want to learn the
     abilities so that you may not have to equip them the character. This is handy
     in cases if the equipment is limited like: Reflect Ring, Rebirth Ring, etc...
    (Optional) Equip Auto-Haste, Auto-Life, Distract, Ability Up or Gamble Defense.
     Must have Jelly for everyone. Do not attempt to anything else, like other
     moves not mentioned below:
    A. Buy a lot Soft (99 softs Preferred) and put it as the first
        of your item list
    B. Go inside Oeilvert until you're in the screen with the Moogle
    C. Save first
    D. Walk around in circles to encounter an enemy
    E. If it’s a Ogre or two Ogre quickly flee, if it’s a Epitaphs use a soft on it.
    F. That the way to gain easy APs. Rinse and Repeat, and always remember to Save
        ever so often.
    G. Once your done, continue what you will.
    Buy more Softs if your stock goes low, switch with other people that you want
     to give abilities to. Use the Chocobo to get near the Airship, Once at the
     Airship switch with others that you want them to learn abilities, Hop on back
     onto the Chocobo and go back to Oeilvert.
     Repeat these steps. Sooner or later, you'll catch on.
                   Personal Comments from the Author              -KAD19
    Most of these stuff that I have wrote are tested, but when I did it, I didn't
     have any Blue Magics for Quina until the end of Disc 3. So its possible to add
     my knowledge to your already started level one game, nothing is impossible in
     the game world. The difficult points Escape from Alexandria, Ifia Tree forced
     battles, and Meltigemini are based on what I have experienced only. So I added
     the new knowledge from my good friend on the board for some good advice,
     although I have passed the point in which they were talking about and I never
     got the easy satisfaction. At the end I sill beated Necron though, I feel so 
     proud of myself, but you can do it too, unless you’re not a full time gamer
     like most of the experts, including myself, on the message boards, that share
     our knowledge, sometimes.
                            FAQs                           -KAD20
    "Wow, you finally added a FAQ section, KADFC," you might say, 'Are you mad?' 
     I know, I know, this was suppose to be a Walkthough/FAQ. I had the walkthrough,
     but nothing at all for FAQ. You know why? Because very few people are not
     willing to take this challenge. Recently, I've heard people asked these
     questions on the boards related to this challenge, so I decided to use them as
     part of this section. AND I personally added a few parts my self.
    Q:  Is this challenge possible?
    A:  Yes, very possible. You should read the beginning of this FAQ. I mean the
        very top, in in caps.
    Q:  Why is this challenge possible?
    A:  Why isn't it possible? Have you tried it yet? If you have and got stuck
        on a certain part in the game, use this guide to guide to finishing the
        rest of it.
    Q.  Doesn't Bosses give Experience Points, making you gain level?
    A:  No, they only give APs. Meaning that you can learn abilities from them and
        not gain a single level. If you don't believe me, see for yourself, test it
        out. AND if you still don't believe me, read one of those guide books made
        by Prima or BradyGames. Rebirth's Monster List contain this info as well.
    Q:  How do get gils if you keep on fleeing from random battles?
    A:  You can use my WOM (Ways of obtaining money) section. It will basically
        tell you how to get more gils for your equipment. To summarize it, you
        steal ethers from random encounters and then you flee. You then sell those
        Ethers for gil.
    Q:  By staying at level one, how are you suppose to beat the bosses, aren't
        you too weak to kill them?
    A:  In the early of the game, you can use Magic to kill your opponent. Then you
        can use dead peppers and your abilities to guide you in the middle. Near
        the end when things get really tough, you can use Thievery, Dragon Crest,
        and Limit Glove. All three can do 9999 worth of damage. Note that Limit
        Glove can also be obtained early in the game to kill weak bosses with only
        one hit. Most of the bosses in the beginning are considered weak bosses.
        You may dispute over this, but once Limit Glove comes... Wham!
    Q:  What about the 3 Force Battles at Pandemonia? Don't they give Experience
        points as well?
    A:  Correct, they are the only ones that give Experience points, and you
        can't destroy them or not take the exp that they give out. So the only way
        you can go throught those battles is by dividing the exp up.
        Give exp to those who don't want to use for the final fight and the other
        fights after this one. Kill the ones that you're going to use, making 
        sure that they won't get any exp on the way out. Theses 3 Mini-Bosses
        aren't like your regular random battles. They are immune to everything
        and I mean everything. If you don't believe me, just try it yourself. For
        those who wants to find a way, stop, you'll never suceed.
        Getting into Virus form won't help because Zidane and everyone else gets
        healed before ever battle starts. Zombie also won't help. This heal even
        get Virus away, dam it must be strong. You can try this, get Virus on
        Zidane and go sleep at a inn, any inn. The outcome is that the Virus will
        still be there. Yet the one in Pandemonium will remove it. What a nice
        thing to learn from this game.
    Q:  I thought everyone needs to be at level one for it to be a level one game?
    A:  Well, if you can't settle with the best, you'll going have to settle with
        you can get. That in case, is why you should only require one full party
        at level one. If you want to shark it and make it a true level one game,
        go ahead. It will have the same difficulty because you aren't using the
        ones that have leveled up anyways.
    Q:  Can you learn abilities in this challenge?
    A:  I encourage you to do so and that is the whole strong point of this
        challenge. You can even try to learn every single ability that you can get
        your hand onto. The sad part is that you won't be able to equip them, or
        no more than 2 because you don't have enought Ability Crystal, seeing that
        you're apart of the level one game. So you can probably equip one really
        good one, like Auto-Life, and that will be it.
    Q:  In difficulty wise, how does this challenge compare to Excalibur 2,
        No Equipment Game, and the Attack and Item Only Challenge?
    A:  Personally for me, I think this challenge is as hard as Excalibur 2. The
        other two, No Equipment and Attack and Item Only, doesn't require as much
        skill and luck compared to the level one game. The only challenge I haven't
        done is the Attack and Item Only, the rest I've done. Don't take my word on
        it, but I believe this could possibly the hardest challenge for FFIX. Being
        that Ozma at level one require the same concept as this one. Ozma at level
        one means you have to beat Ozma with a level one party. Level One game
        require you to beat Necron with a level one party. Ozma might have a
        greater power than Necron, so Ozma at level could well be harder than
        this challenge.
    Q:  How long does it take me to finish this challenge?
    A:  For me, it took about 40-50 hours. You could do it in less. Since I did
        powered up Thievery and Dragon Crest all the way up. Hyprophant seems to
        have not powered it up all the way and still managed to beat the game. So
        that is proof enough. If I wasn't powering Thievery nor Dragon Crest at
        all, I think I could beat the game at 30 hours. But then, how would I kill
        Kuja and Necron?
    Q:  Why is this called a Low Level Walkthrough/FAQ instead of a
        Level Game Walkthrough/FAQ?
    A:  For this one, why don't you ask the people of gamefaqs. I would hope that
        they could name this a Level One, but it seems that that everyone there
        doesn't agree with this concept. So I'm stuck with this Low Level crap.
    Q:  Why is this so crappy compared to the Ozma Level One FAQ?
    A:  Well, you can go to hell! Nevermind. I've a good explantion why. It's
        because most of this FAQ is based on my memory alone and with help of the
        people on the FFIX Message Board. They gave me clue and reminded me what
        to add for this thing. Hyprophant on the other hand, probably wrote her
        FAQ while she was doing the challenge. So she has a lot of insight of what
        the challenge meant to her. I wish I could start this challenge all over
        again, but I decided to only give one shot for challenge. I rather
        move on to other final fantasy game or make one on my own.
        Remember my Quote: 'I take challenges and I make challengs. What! You
                            think I'm crazy? I'll show you CRAZY!
    Q:  Do you get anything special for doing this challenge?
    A:  No, unlike the Excalibur 2 challenge, you won't get a new fancy sword or
        anything at all. You'll become apart of my Level One Completers list
        though. So that you can be knowned throughout the boards. It's currently
        under construction though. Hopefully I'll try to get it on, ASAP.
        I promise.
    Q:  Is there a certain part that I'm suppose to keep a save for the stats
        maxing part in this game?
    A:  Yes, there is. One before you into Terra at the end of disc 3 and one in
        the beginning of disc 4. You should know that, I don't quite have the
        equipments needed for you guys at the end of disc 3, not yet anyways.
        I'll try to work on that part somemore, if I can find the time and get
        myself away from doing the challenge that I'm currently doing. For a
        little part in the max stats guide, try to exchange the equipment if you
        are at the max for that person, that person should get something new now
        that will increase some other stats and Freya doesn't have a Author
        recommendation because her equipment list is too diversed. She can become
        whoever she wants to be or at least what the player wants to make with her.
                   Game Challenges Done by Author                -KAD21
    Not to brag about my accomplishments or anything. These are the challenges I've
     done when I've started to become a true gamer. And I've also listed some of
     the challenges that I'm wanted to do and complete.
    Not to brag about my accomplishments or anything. These are the challenges
     I've done when I've started to become a true gamer. And I've also listed some
     of the challenges that I'm wanted to do and complete. For best up to date
     completes, refer to the newest (by date) FAQ.
     Final Fantasy IX:   Level One Game
                         No Equipment Game
                         Excalibur II
                         Perfect Save Without Maxing Stats
                          (Not the EX2 + PG version currently up)
                         ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves, 18:59:58)
                         Zidane SCC
     Final Fantasy VIII: No Junction Game
                         ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves)
                         Perfect Game (Maxing out every stats, except for Speed
                                       and Luck)
     Final Fantasy VII:  Initial Equipment with No Materia Challenge
                         Perfect Game (With Best Materia Combo for everyone,
                                      missing one KOTR though, until I have 8 KOTR)
                         Lowest Average Level Game (LAL)
                         Lowest Level Party Game (LLP)
                         Speed Run (Bottom of Crater at 9:47)
                         ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves)
     Final Fantasy X:    Perfect Game
                         NSGIE (My Challenge :D)
                         ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves)
                         Speed Run (12:24)
     Final Fantasy X-2:  Level One, One, Two Game
                         Speed Run (4:43:42) - I has been beat. :(
     Super Marino RPG:   ODINS (One Days In No Saves)
                         Perfect Game
     Zelda OOT:          Perfect Game
    Other Challenge I hope I can complete in the future:
     Final Fantasy X:    NSGNCNONS (Yet, no one has finished it yet)
     Final Fantasy X-2:  Six Iron Dukes (I got 5 so far, working on 6)
     Final Fantasy IX:   Attack and Item Only Game
     Zelda OOT:          Three Hearts, No Death, Minimum Requirements Game
                         ODINS (One Days In No Saves)
     Zeld MM:            Three Days Game (Even better than ODINS)
     Super Mario RPG:    Level Three Game
     Starcraft:          Get over 1000 wins (Currently have 800, KADFC99)
     If you don't know what ODINS is, it stands for 'One days in No Saves.' Also
     known as a No Save Game, except that you have to beat it within 24 hours. The
     concept of a No Save game doesn't really explain it's true meaning. You can
     just leave the system on and go to sleep and by tomorrow you can play it some
     more. That isn't a real challenge. ODINS give you the full name that you
     should do it. It's a very enduranced base challenge. You must know the game
     very well and you must not sleep throughout the whole process, even if you're
     using a automatic turbofire controller.
                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
                                List of Completers                        -KAD22
                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                               (Still Under Construction)
      Here is the part that listed all the people that said that they have
                           completed this challenge
                                      Rebirth Flame
                                      Dingus McGee
         Thanks and Credit to (In Alphabetical Order)                      -KAD23
    I know the first part isn't in the order, but they must be thanked first.
     Like to dedicate this to my late father, who didn't always treat me with much
     love, but who I really miss to this day. I hoped I could've known him a
     little bit better.
     To my brother and mother who has been with me for the last 17 years, one year
     out because I was sent to my home country, which I have no memory off,
     how ironic.
                                    Gui Ling Chang and Elton Chang
    Armik for the words 'If you really have a lot of skill and patience, kill 100
     Grand Dragons and power up Dragon's Crest to 9999, while remaining virused.
     Also, remember to steal from the Dragons to power up Thievery.'
    Blue Tonberry: for starting me off with the idea that it’s possible to beat
     the game at level one. Also reposting some words of Dycedarg and doing this
     himself. He even asked some questions that I ought to put into this document
     and I did. Magic Hammer and the Black Mage Technique are some of them.
    Dycedarg: for the Inspiration of leading me to do this game. Also the inner
     scope of what need to know to get pass the Alexadrian Rescue in Disc 2. I
     give you all the credit of showing me how to get pass that point quickly.
     Also some info and things for me to try during my quest.
    Dark Star: words of encouragement and facts to remind me how the game was made
     to be.
    Dingus McGee: for the advice that he gave me when he did his own level one
     game. I used some of it but not all of it, since I felt the satisfaction
     when I did it my own way and got passed it. Although he couldn't remember most
     of what he did in the past, he intrigue me about getting the Robe of Lords so
     early in the game, I should have done that too but I didn't, don't know why.
    DivineDragoonKain: Reminding me of what I have passed before, the Oak Staff
     thing and others as well.
    Hyprophant: for reminding me of things that I have forgotten. Also giving me
     suggestions about the way I should write this Walkthrough, I just hope its
     good enough to fit his satisfactions. To the fact that he is attempting to
     do this, gives me impression that I'm not the only one crazy enough to do
     this. She also placed this my name under her Ozma Level FAQ, horray.
    Junglejim: For showing me a lot of support and encourage me to type more
     than needed during these FAQs. I think he typed some FAQ as well.
    Jobber2022497: for saying what I needed to hear. So that I could get a
     contradiction of what lies of ahead of my journey before I get there.
    KADFC: The author, me of course, I typed this thing up and I should get
     credit for doing it. I was the first person to finish this challenge
     anyways. I didn't beat Ozma first though, I was the one to beat Necron with
     a Level One Party. Horray for me.
    Rebirth Flame 2002: for something. I don't know what because HE KEEPS ON
     DELETING HIS OWN MESSAGES, WHAT THE HELL! I have to put your name in here,
     but don't know what to credit you with. The only thing that I remember you
     telling me, is that Ark held the Holy Lance and the Stats of Aramant at
     level one. His name now probably is Rebirth Flame 200*.
    Split Infinity: For making me explain certain area in more detail. He is,
     in fact now, one of the best walkthrough typing peoples that I know.
     Seriously, he wrote so much for Final Fantasy X-2, why won't he stop?
     I don't know.
    Theoden: for giving me inside info of what he attempted before. To bring
     my hopes up and when I finally tried it, it brought me pounding to the
     ground, but I learned from why experiments. I felt satisfying in some ways.
    Ultima13: making the No Equipment Game FAQ and placed my name on the
     credits page. Horray
    and Also to CJayC for the chance of me be able to post my knowledge on
     GameFaqs. And for the great Message Board that gives me the power to know
     stuff that other so called ‘Game Magazines’ misses out. Extra details of
     certain secrets and side quests in games are chanted throughout the boards.
     A great place to learn every inch of every game, as long as there are 
     people helping you on your way. 
    Soon I’ll start writing challenge FAQs/walkthrough for all final fantasy games.
     This challenge will be know as ODINS challenge, a challenge that requires one
     player to beat the game in one day without ever saving, or rather beat it in
     one sitting without ever falling asleep in less than one day. As I revise this
     FAQs right now, I have already finished this challenge for FFVIII and have
     already started writing the FAQs for it. 
    The last and finally last thing that I want to say. To everyone that went into
     my topic and told me it felt/seemed/sensed/looks/believe that this was
     impossible, for you guys Fuck You!
    For everyone that has gave their opinions and advises,
     I thank you with all my heart.

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