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    Level One Ozma Challenge FAQ by Hyprophant

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/09/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy IX: Level One Ozma Challenge FAQ
    --By Hyprophant Hyproempress@yahoo.com
    --Version 1.00, 11/19/02
    ***Special thanks to TheOden and Ultima 13's contribution***
    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This FAQ is for PERSONAL USE only, copyrighted 2002 to me, 
    Hyprophant. You are not allowed to use this FAQ on your websites, magazines 
    or any form of public media without receiving MY permission first. IF the 
    permission is granted, you will not be allowed to change any single word in 
    this FAQ, and must leave it as a .txt file. If you cannot agree the 
    statements above, then don't use it, simple as that. DO NOT dare to violate 
    this disclaimer. If you ignore my warning and I spot your actions, I will 
    pursue the legal rights and make you regret it.
    NOTE TO WEBMASTERS: If you are permitted to use this FAQ on your site, it is 
    YOUR duty to keep this FAQ current. Check GameFaqs' FFIX FAQ page and update 
    the latest version once it comes out. If you cannot be bothered to keep this 
    FAQ current, then don't use it.
    Translating this FAQ into any foreign language other than English is 
    absolutely forbidden except those three following languages: Spanish, 
    Japanese and Chinese. If I grant you the permission to translate this FAQ 
    into foreign languages, you must translate this FAQ word by word, let me 
    review it before it is posted on your site, and admit that I claim the right 
    of editing your translation. If you cannot agree those conditions, then you 
    will not be allowed to translate this FAQ. 
    Version History:
    Version 0.9, 11/12/02: This FAQ was first released on GameFaqs' FFIX FAQ 
    page. Contains all the basic information and two Appendixes. Appendix B was 
    under construction.
    Version 0.95, 11/19/02: Added Appendix C: Complete a Level One Game on this 
    FAQ. Other minor changes have been made as well. Appendix B is still under 
    Version 1.00, 10/8/03: Completed Appendix B, which credits go to ultima 13.
                               --Table Of contents--                              
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      I. Preface
     II. Frequently Asked Questions
    III. Walkthrough 
         Part A: Before Hilda Garde III
         Part B: The Danger in the Sky
     IV. Appendix A: Locations of Chocobo Treasures
      V. Appendix B: The Adjusting Entries of a Level One Game.
     VI. Appendix C: Complete a Level One Game
     IV. Reference List/Credits
                        WARNING!!! SPOILERS AHEAD
    I. Preface/Contact Information
    Long ago, there was a topic on GameFaqs' FFIX message board about an 
    "ultimate challenge of FFIX", which is to defeat Ozma, the strongest enemy 
    in FFIX with a party at average level one. After many debates of the 
    possibility, few elite FFIX gamers finally stood up and attempted this 
    challenge, and they made it.
    However, after about a year, all those brave gamers were vanished from FFIX 
    message board, and people start to doubt the possibility of this challenge 
    again. The only one who was involved in the old topic and still staying on 
    GameFaqs' FFIX message board is Kmwill223, and he revived this challenge on 
    GameFaq's FFIX message board again.
    I have heard countless players with less advanced knowledge of this game 
    keep denying the possibility of accomplishing this quest, but actually, it 
    IS VERY POSSIBLE. That's why I decided to compose this FAQ and leave an 
    eternal record on GameFaqs' FFIX FAQ page so the players around the world 
    can check the descent strategies of this challenge whenever they want.
    This FAQ serves no other purpose but providing players strategies and 
    tactics of how to reach Ozma with a level one party, and how to defeat her 
    and acquire the STRATEGY GUIDE in a level one game. I don't really want to 
    encourage too many players attempting this challenge, since it takes every 
    ounce of your gaming skill and intelligence, and most of players won't be 
    good enough to handle it. I composed this FAQ only for elite gamers who has 
    enough skill and knowledge to join this quest. If you are playing a regular 
    game, this FAQ does no help to you and you might check other walkthroughs on 
    the FAQ page.
    If you wish to contact me, you may use my e-mail address above. You can 
    submit boss strategies or any other valuable information by e-mailing them 
    to me, and once I accepted it, I will post it on the next version and the 
    credit goes to you. If you just have a game play question, please DO NOT e-
    mail me. If you are attempting this challenge, you can find just about all 
    the information you need in this FAQ; and if you have a question about a 
    regular game, I don't want to answer it. You might find your answer on other 
    FAQs. Also, criticism is NOT welcomed. DO NOT e-mail me and tell me " Your 
    FAQ is bad..." or anything like that. I have more experience in writing 
    "challenge" FAQs and accomplishments in RPGs than you do.    
    II. Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: Is it really possible to defeat Ozma with a level one party?
    stop asking me this silly question over and over. I didn't write 100+ Kb for 
    a joke.
    Q: How can you avoid leveling up before you reach Ozma?
    A: If you petrify or stop your enemies, you won't gain EXP after the battle, 
    you will only gain AP. Bosses in FFIX are immune to stop and petrifaction, 
    but defeating them won't give you EXP, either. The only three non-boss 
    enemies that will give you unavoidable EXP are in the three forced battles 
    in Pandemonium, but you can fight Ozma once you acquire Hilda Garde III. 
    Also, Virus and Zombie prevent your characters gaining EXP as well. 
    Q: How can you gain the money to purchase necessary equipments?
    A: Selling Phoenix Pinions/Ethers will be the major source of your income, 
    and it is good enough. Also, you can pick up money just everywhere around 
    the world of FFIX. Selling the equipments you acquired in treasure boxes 
    will be a small help as well. DO NOT count on flee-gil, this ability is 
    close to useless. You will have to use FLEE ability to run away from almost 
    all the random encounters before they kill you. 
    Q: How is it possible to defeat Ozma at level one?
    A: It is hard for me to come up any reason that she cannot be defeated with 
    a level one party. Think about it. With proper equipments, Ozma's Doomsday 
    can be absorbed or guarded; her Holy attack can be guarded; her death spell 
    and Berserk spell could miss the target, and it harms one person anyway; her 
    Flare Star attack could only deal 50 damage on a level one party; her flare 
    spell can only harm one person; her mini spell won't effect your characters 
    attack power with some specific skills; the only two things that she could 
    really wipe your party out are Meteor and Curse. Meteor is not always used, 
    and it could wipe out a party with average level 99 anyway, so I don't see 
    any difference between a level one party and a level 99 party at this point. 
    Curse is the major problem, but it is possible to survive with Auto-raise, 
    while Zedane, Fryja and Quina can still deal 9,999 damage at level one, and 
    Ozma only has Hp 55,535. If you follow everything this FAQ instructs, you 
    should be able to defeat Ozma with less than twenty attempts.
    Q: Can everyone attempt this challenge?
    A: If you are not used to fight bosses with low level, then it is good for 
    you to stay away from this quest. Technically, players should be able to 
    completed Excalibur II quest first, and then they will have skills good 
    enough to carry them through this ultimate challenge. Also, resistance and 
    patience are required in this quest. You will have to reload many times in 
    order to stop/petrify your opponents in certain unavoidable non-boss fight 
    successfully in order to avoid gaining EXP. If you are a less advanced 
    player, but willing to give yourself a challenge, you must read this FAQ and 
    follow the instructions carefully or you might get stuck in your game.  
    Q: What's the point of this challenge?
    A: Then what's the point of leveling everyone up to level 99 and smashing X 
    bottom? The true strategic players always defeat the strongest enemy with 
    the weakest possible. 
    Q: Why won't you answer my questions through e-mail?
    A: Because you can find your answer in this FAQ, so why bother asking me? If 
    you have a question about a regular game, I am not interested in it.
    III. Walkthrough
    NOTE: You can fight Ozma after you acquire Hilda Garde III, you don't even 
    need to go to Ipsen Castle. The acquisition of Hilda Garde III will divide 
    the walkthrough section into two parts.
    Several things I want audience to notice: Never steal anything unless the 
    FAQ instructs; use FLEE ability to escape as many battle as possible before 
    you reach disc III. And always place everyone in back row except boss fights 
    or the FAQ instructs. The "ALERT" ability should always be activated when 
    walk on the fields.
                  WALK THROUGH PART A: Before Hilda Garde III
                                    DISC I
    + Prima Vista +
    BOSS: Man in the mask
    Have everyone STEAL 'till you get MAGE MASHER from the man in the mask. Have 
    everyone attack after you acquire MAGE MASHER and this fight will be ended 
    + Alexandria: The Town +
    --Control Vivi and search every corner in Alexandria town. Pick up those 
    following items: A PHOENIX PINION, an ETHER, TENT, remedy and potions. You 
    can find some cards in Alexandria Town as well, but they are not any 
    important since you cannot sell them for Gil.
    --Talk to Puck when you are ready. Pick up all items and money while Vivi is 
    walking on roofs.
    + Alexandria Castle +
    --Play the mini game well and you will receive some extra money. If the 
    Queen does not feel pleased, you can replay it over and over to get more 
    possible money.
    --Equip MAGE MASHER and other necessary equipments.
    --When you control Steiner, find all Knights of Pluto first then talk to the 
    one in the western tower. He will give Steiner an ELIXIR as the reward.
    -- You will control Zedane again. Turn the control panel to left then right. 
    Two treasure boxes will be released and you can acquire a phoenix down and a 
    BOSS: Albert Steiner     Hp: 169
    Have Geta and Blank attack, and Cinna steal. It is okay if you did not steal 
    anything from Steiner.
    BOSS: Albert Steiner: The Second Round      Hp: 162
    Have Zedane attack, Marcus steal, Vivi cast fire and Garnet cast cure.
    BOSS: Albert Steiner: The Final Round      Hp: 167
    Use the same tactic you used in the second match against him.
    + Evil Forest +
    --Prima Vista will crush in Evil Forest. When you control Zedane, make sure 
    he pick up every item in and around Prima Vista. The most important things 
    are ETHERS. They can be sold for big money later. 
    --Save the game and walk into Evil Forest. Use FLEE ability to run away from 
    random encounters if you have encountered any.
    BOSS: Prison Cage      Hp: 513
    Have Zedane use FREE ENERGY instead of Tidal Flame and Steiner attack. 
    Prison Cage will flee after you deal enough damage on it.
    BOSS: Prison Cage      Hp: 533
    With Vivi this battle is actually very easy. Have Zedane and Steiner attack, 
    and Vivi cast fire. You will be able to defeat Prison Cage before it drains 
    Vivi's Hp out. Do not bother stealing anything from it.
    --After you go back to Prima Vista, double check everywhere make sure you 
    pick up all the ethers, money and other equipments in Prima Vista.
    --Equip Zedane with MAGE MASHER and equipments with highest defense.
    BOSS: Baku      Hp: 150
    Baku deals around 40~50 on Zedane per attack, and he misses sometimes. Have 
    Zedane steal an IRON SWORD from Baku before you finish him off. Use potions 
    to heal Zedane if he has been damaged twice.
    --Steiner will join your party. There is an ETHER in the room that Steiner 
    was being held.
    --Equip everyone with his best equipment. Equip Steiner with IRON SWORD.
    --Flee from every battle before you reach the boss. Even using flee costs 
    you money, it is at least much better than being killed and starting the 
    game over. 
    BOSS: Plant Brain       Hp: 458
    Suicide Geta and Blank will appear. Have Vivi cast FIRE, Steiner use FIRE 
    SWORD and Blank attack. Plant Brain should be defeated in one round.
    FIGHT: Plant Spider x 2~4
    Kill everyone off and have Blank finish the enemies so the EXP will go to 
    NOTE: By letting Blank kill plant spiders alone will prevent other three 
    characters from gaining EXP in this battle, however, Salamander's start 
    level is related to Blank's level. If Blank levels up in this battle, after 
    Salamander join your party in the end of disc II, you will find that he 
    starts with level THREE, which means you won't be able to bring him to fight 
    Ozma, since your goal is to defeat Ozma with a party at average level ONE. 
    If you want a PERFECT level one party, you must encounter ONLY two Plant 
    Spiders in this battle and kill them with everyone survive. All four 
    characters will gain 11 points of EXP and it won't level anyone up. You need 
    to reset your game over and over 'till you encounter two plant spiders. Of 
    course, if you don't want to use Salamander to fight Ozma, just let Blank 
    handle everything in this battle.
    + Ice Cavern +
    --Pick up all treasures in Ice Cavern, especially ETHER, ELIXIR and MAGE 
    --Have Zedane flee from every battle.
    --Save your game before the boss fight.
    BOSS: Black Waltz NO.1/ Sealion      Hp: 229/472
    This battle is one of the hardest boss fights during your quest. The main 
    problem is Sealion. He casts Blizzara on Zedane when his Hp is below 320, 
    and Tsunami after his Hp is below 236. These two spells could deal up to 80 
    damage on Geta, and with Sealion's agility, Zedane may not be quick enough 
    to heal himself. Also, in this early part of them game, auto potion ability 
    is not available yet.
    One guaranteed strategy of beating them is by using Dyne attack. Follow the 
    tactic listed below and you should be okay.
    --Must have AT LEAST 15+ potions. You can steal them from monsters, and you 
    might need more than that.
    --When battle starts, steal MYTHRIL DAGGER from Sealion in every Zedane's 
    odd number turn and use potion to heal Geta in his even number turn.
    --Once Zedane trances, use FREE ENERGY to finish Black Waltz NO.1. DO NOT 
    USE TIDAL FLAME. It will trigger Sealion using TSUNAMI.
    --After Zedane's trance is over, attack Sealion THREE TIMES (40 x 3 = 120 
    damage). DO NOT attack anywhere more than that!!! Heal Zedane only when his 
    Hp is at critical stage and cannot even hold one attack. Keep stealing if 
    you still don't have MYTHRIL DAGGER yet.
    --Once Zedane trances again, have him use TIDAL FLAME (370 damage) will 
    finish Sealion.
    Save the game after this tedious battle.
    + Dali +
    --First of all, go around the village and pick up items. Be sure you pick up 
    --Purchase equipments. There are not many equipment that bears any special 
    ability, so just purchase them based on their defense power. Sell the 
    Phoenix pinions and Ethers you have and you will have money much more than 
    enough. DO NOT sell your LEATHER SHIRTS. You will still need them for a 
    later boss fight.
    --After Vivi is kidnapped, go to the underground facility to rescue Vivi. Be 
    sure to pick up PHOENIX PINION, IRON HELM and other treasures in boxes. 
    Adjust everyone's equipment. Have Geta equip MYTHRIL DAGGER. Place Dagger 
    and Vivi in BACK ROW. 
    --After you rescue Vivi, do not open the door with mist coming out. Save 
    your game and process forward.
    --After you control Steiner, pick up hi-potion and Gils in this area. Equip 
    Steiner with IRON SWORD, IRON HELM and other equipments. Also, equip Steiner 
    with FLYING KILLER ability.
    BOSS: Black Waltz NO. 2      Hp: 1,030
    DO NOT make Vivi cast any spell on Black Waltz NO.2. It will trigger him 
    counterattacks with powerful magic. Mainly relies on Zedane's regular attack 
    with MYTHRIL DAGGER (140 damage) and Steiner's FIRE SWORD (280+ damage). 
    Have Dagger cast CURE constantly. Black Waltz NO.2 will use teleport attack 
    twice or three times before he starts using magical attack. Use phoenix 
    downs to revive dead party member if a critical hit occurs and kills one of 
    your characters. Hopefully you can deal around 850+ damage before Black 
    Waltz No.2 abuses his magic. After he casts spells, do not waste time to 
    revive any dead party member if attack him with all you got and you should 
    be able to take him down. This battle may take you two or three attempts if 
    you are unlucky.
    --After the battle, choose "rest in the inn". Ride the Cargo Ship whenever 
    you are ready.
    --Equip Zedane with MYTHRIL DAGGER, Steiner with IRON SWORD and FLYING 
    KILLER ability. Zedane and Vivi should equip SILK SHIRT, which can reduce 
    the damage of thunder spell.
    BOSS: Black Waltz NO. 3      Hp: 1,138
    Vivi will trance automatically in this battle. Have Vivi cast DOUBLE FIRE, 
    Steiner use FIRE SWORD and Geta attack. Black Waltz should not be able to 
    kill anyone with his thunder spell in his first turn, since you have SILK 
    SHIRT equipped. This battle will end after Steiner and Zedane attack once 
    and Vivi cast double magic twice.
    + Lindblum: The Grand Castle +
    --After the meeting with Regent Cid, walk around the city and collect items. 
    The important ones are: Glass Armlet, ETHER, SILVER GLOVES, Bronze Vest, 
    leather Plate.
    --Purchase Glass Armlets, steepled hats and headgears. Other equipments are 
    --Synthesis THE OGRE, Yellow Scarf and GLASS BUCKLE.
    --Before the Festival of the Hunt, equip Zedane with MYTHRIL DAGGER and 
    BANDIT ABILITY. Save before the festival.
    --During the Festival of the Hunt, avoid all the combats and wait until 
    there are only four minutes left, then go to the fountain in Business 
    District. Zedane will encounter a ZAGHNOL there, and Fryja will join the 
    fight. Be sure to steal a NEEDLE FORK from Zaghnol or you cannot pass 
    Gizamalukes Grotto without gain EXP!!! Also, you might try to steal a 
    Mythril Glove from this beast, but it is not as important as the Needle 
    Fork. Zaghnol should kill you without problem and Vivi will win the 
    championship and you will receive a Theater Ship Card.
    --Adjust everyone's equipment before you leave the castle. Also, purchase 
    potions, phoenix downs and few TENTS. If you are short on gil, selling 
    phoenix pinions/Ethers will help a lot.
    --Head toward to Qu's Marsh.
    + Qu's Marsh +
    --Catch a frog and give it to Quina and then he/she will join your party. 
    You must equip him her with NEEDLE FORK and GLASS BUCKLE. Also equip him/her 
    the ability "ADD STATUS".
    + Eunorus Plains/Chocobo Forest +
    --Find your way to Chocobo Forest. DIG UP ALL CHOCOGRAPH are available at 
    this point!!!
    --You can dip up the treasures described by the first two chocographs at 
    this point. The important equipments are Cotton robes and two GERMINA boots. 
    Germina boots gives Zedane "FLEE" and the ability "ALERT'. Equip Zedane with 
    Germina boots and equip the ability "ALERT".
    --To the northeast of Chocobo Forest there is a small forest. You can 
    encounter Mandragoras there; they come with a group of two or three. Have 
    Quina Devour one of them to learn the blue magic "LIMIT GLOBE" and have 
    Zedane use FLEE to avoid gaining EXP. To devour a Mandragora, place Zedane 
    and Fryja in front row, and have them attack with THE OGRE and Javelin. 
    Hopefully Mandragora's Hp will be low enough for Quina to devour. It may 
    take you a few attempts before you can successfully learn this blue magic. 
    You will need LIMIT GLOBE to pass some bosses later on.
    + Gizamaluke's Grotto + 
    Fight: Black Mage Type A x 2      Hp: 398
    The only way to pass this battle without gaining any EXP is to have Quina 
    attack with NEEDLE FORK and the ability "ADD STATUS". It MIGHT petrify the 
    black mages. The successful rate is based on Quina's spirit. The GLASS 
    BUCKLE that Quina equips right now adds two bonus points of Spirit on Quina. 
    With Quina in BACK ROW, his/her needle fork should deal 14~280 damage on 
    Black Mage Type A, which won't kill him in one shot. Your goal is to petrify 
    both of them without killing the. Use POTION to heal the black mages if 
    their Hp is to low and might be killed by Quina and revive your party member 
    with phoenix downs if it is needed. TOUGH FIGHT!!!
    --After this battle, go outside of grotto and save your game.
    Fight: Black Mage Type A x 2
    Use the same tactics listed above to defeat them without gaining EXP. Use 
    the bell to open the door on the left side and pick up a Bronze Vest. 
    --Talk to the dying soldier and you will receive another bell.
    --Use the bell and unlock the door in the middle.
    --After a funny event, climb the stairs around this area and collect those 
    two items: MYTHRIL GLOVES and Magus Hat. If you encounter any enemies, kill 
    Quina off then have Zedane use FLEE to run away.
    --Follow Mogmi and go to the right-hand room. Save your game.
    --You might wonder why I suggest killing Quina off in the earlier part. Now 
    Quina is dead, use a phoenix down on him/her and hope his/her Hp is ONE, if 
    not, reset your game and try again. It might take you around 20+ attempts, 
    but it will make the incoming boss battle much easier.
    --Equip Zedane with MYTHRIL DAGGER and the ability "BANDIT".
    --After receive the Holy Bell from Mogmi, go to the left-hand room, ring the 
    bell and unlock the door.
    BOSS: Gizamaluke      Hp: 3,175
    --Have Zedane steal once and see if you can get any extra item from 
    Gizamaluke (optional).
    --Have Quina use Limit Globe (9,999 damage) to finish Gizamaluke.
    + South Gate +
    --Purchase potions and phoenix downs if you are about to run out of them.
    + Burmecian Plains +
    --Head to NORTH GATE first and pick up a hi-potion and a tent.
    --Before you enter Burmecia, there are many things you have to do. Head to 
    the far west and you will find chocobo feet prints. Call a chocobo and dip 
    up the treasure box "HEALING SHORE" just around the feet prints. Chocobo 
    will gain REEF ability.
    --Pass through Gizamaluke's Grotto and you will be back to Eunorus Plain 
    again. Find a chocobo and with the REEF ability, there are more treasure 
    boxes are available for chocobo to dig. Be sure you dip up the treasure box 
    at "SMALL BEACH". It contains an OAK STUFF in it, which gives Vivi the 
    ability to cast STOP!!! Equip Vivi with this weapon and it will be your best 
    friend all the way 'till you reach disc III. Also you can dip up the 
    treasure box at "Bird's Eye Lagoon", it contains some ethers, phoenix 
    pinions and a MAGICIAN ROBE.
    --Head to Burmecia.
    + Burmecia +
    --Pick up Stellazzio: Cancer.
    Fight: Black Mage Type A x 2      Hp: 398
    Use the same tactic you defeated black mages before. This battle will be 
    easier than the previous fights against the black mages because Vivi can 
    cast STOP in this battle and it works even better than Quina's Needle Fork. 
    If you want Vivi's stop spell to have higher successful rate, equip Vivi 
    with GLASS BUCKLE if you have any extra one to raise his spirit. 
    --Pick up treasures. The important ones are ETHER, MYTHRIL SPEAR, Lighting 
    stuff and GERMINAS BOOTS. Many of them can be sold for money later on.
    --Have Quina devour a Magic Vice and learn the blue magic "Magic hammer" if 
    you wish. This blue magic is optional.
    --Kill Quina off in battles.
    --Purchase necessary equipments from Atla: Glass Armlet; Mythril Glove if 
    you don't have one already; BARBUT and other recovery items. Save your game.
    --Use phoenix down on Quina. If his/her Hp is not one, reset your game.
    --UNEQUIP everyone's armor.
    BOSS: Beatrix: First Match      HP: 3,630
    --Have Quina use LIMIT GLOBE (9,999 damage) and this battle will be over. 
    Disc one is ended.
                                 DISC TWO
    + Summit Station +
    --Equip Steiner with IRON SWORD and MYTHRIL GLOVE. Enable the ability "MAN 
    --Give Marcus equipments with highest magic defense. Although he might still 
    be killed with one hit in the incoming boss fight.
    --Have Dagger equip MYTHRIL ROD, Magus hat and MAGICIAN ROBE. Equip the AUTO 
    POTION ability.
    BOSS: Black Waltz NO.3: Rematch      Hp: 1,292
    --Have Steiner and Marcus attack (400 damage for Steiner's attack and 120+ 
    for Marcus). Dagger cast SHELL on other two people if she has a chance. Cast 
    LIFE on any dead party member.
    + North Station +
    --Pick up an ELIXIR and 1,610 GIL.
    + Bentini Heights +
    --Save your game first and use walk/stop trick to encounter random enemies 
    least possible. It is hard to escape from battles without Zedane's flee 
    + Treno: The Dark City +
    --Pick up two Stellazzios: Gemini and Taurus.
    --View all ATB events with the Four-armed man then find him in front of the 
    synthesis shop. You will obtain a POWER BELT from him. This item will be a 
    great help in many boss fights later on.
    --Pick up gils beside the Auction House.
    --Give all the Stellazzios you have to the Queen of Treno in exchange of a 
    BLOOD SWORD for Steiner.
    --Purchase three BONE WRISTS, one MYTHRIL SWORD for Marcus, two CHAIN MAILS 
    and two or three BANDANAS. 
    --Synthesis a CORAL RING!!! You will need it later. Other items in synthesis 
    shop are all pretty useful except the butterfly sword. If you have extra 
    money, you may synthesis a Cachusha or/and a Gold Choker.
    --If you really have much money in your hand at this point. Purchase a 
    REFLECT RING in Auction House. It will prove its great usefulness later. 
    This item is entirely optional at this point.
    --Equip Steiner with BLOOD SWORD, POWER BELT and other equipments with 
    highest defense possible. Enable the ability "MP COSTING ATTACK". Place 
    Steiner in front row.
    --Once everything is ready, find Baku and process to the next quest.
    + Gargan Roo +
    --Save your game first. The enemies here are very annoying and once you 
    encounter them, you will have a hard time to escape. The best solution is to 
    have Dagger equip with MAGICIAN ROBE and AUTO POTION ability. With her in 
    back row, the random encountered monsters here cannot kill her, and you can 
    run away from battles eventually by holding R1+L1 bottom. Of course, you 
    have to try your best to avoid battles.
    --Pick up a CHAIN PLATE and a Phoenix down.
    --Equip Dagger with STEEPLED HAT. 
    BOSS: Ralvurahva      Hp: 2,300
    --Have Steiner attack with Blood Sword and MP COSTING ATTACK, Dagger cast 
    PROTECT on Steiner and Marcus can help by attacking Ralvurahva as well. 
    Steiner's Blood Sword will drain Hp from the enemy so you won't have to heal 
    Steiner in this battle. 
    + Cleyra's Trunk +
    --Important items need to be picked up in this area: Ice Staff, Flame Staff, 
    MAGICIAN SHOES, ETHER, Desert Boots, Elixir, MYTHRIL VEST, Mythril gloves, 
    --After you save your game at a Moogle, go upward and process to the next 
    section. You will encounter enemies called CARRION WORM (Hp: 259).
    Have Quina devour one of them to learn the blue magic: RERAISE. To devour 
    it, have Zedane attack with THE OGRE in BACK ROW and hopefully its Hp will 
    be low enough for Quina to devour. If not, having Vivi attack once might 
    help to bring Carrion Worm's Hp down to critical stage.
    + Cleyra's Settlement +
    --Refuse the Oracle's guide and walk around the settlements to collect those 
    --After viewing several ATEs with Quina, go back to the entrance and you 
    will see Quina jumping in a whirling sick hole. Follow him/her and you will 
    find a SILK ROBE. You now have to walk all the way back to Cleyra's 
    Settlement but it worth your effort.
    --Purchase these following equipments from Dan's weapon/armor shop: 
    amount of each item you purchase should be based on how much money you have 
    right now.
    --Purchase twenty phoenix downs, twenty potions and TENTS from Nina's item 
    shop. YOU NEED AT LEAST TEN TENTS in your inventory, fifteen or more will be 
    --Once everything is settled, go to the Cathedral and talk to the Tree 
    Oracles' then go back to the inn. An event will happen.
    BOSS: Antlion     Hp: 2,938
    Have Quina cast RERAISE on him/herself then kill Quina off. Reraise will 
    bring Quina back with Hp one. Have Quina use LIMIT GLOBE (9,999 damage) on 
    Antlion to end this battle.
    --After the sand storm is dispelled, Alexandria solders will start to attack 
    Cleyra's Settlements.
    Fight: Alexandria Soldiers x 2      Hp: 523 (three battles)
    You have to fight two Alexandria soldiers in THREE BATTLES IN A ROW. The key 
    to pass these three battles without gaining Exp is to have Fruja equip 
    PARTISAN and DO NOT EQUIP the ability "Man Eater". If you place Fryja in 
    front row, she should deal around 400+ damage on a single soldier. Have 
    Zedane attack the soldier one more time from the BACK ROW and the soldier 
    will run away. Vivi can help in these three battles further by casting STOP 
    on them. If a critical strike occurs, Fryja will kill the soldier and you 
    must reset your game. Also, have Zedane equip LEATHER PLATE to halve the 
    damage of blizzara spell.
    --You will have a chance to save your game after three battles.
    Fight:  Black Mages Type B x 2      Hp: 526
    Have Vivi equip BRONZE VEST, BONE WRIST and GLASS BUCKLE to raise his spirit 
    and his stop spell will have higher successful rate. Quina can help by 
    attack with Needle Fork + Add Status (Bone Wrist). Have Zedane and Fryja act 
    as healers. Use potions to heal Black Mages if Quina has attacked them more 
    than twice and they are still not stopped/ petrified.
    Fight: Alexandria Soldier X 3      Hp 523 (two battles)
    Use the same equipments and strategies provided in the previous battles 
    against Alexandria soldiers. 
    Fight: Alexandria Soldier x 2/ Black Mage Type B      Hp: 523/526
    Have Vivi STOP the Black mage and use the tactics listed above to make 
    Alexandria Soldiers run away.
    Fight: Alexandria Soldier x 3      Hp: 523
    Use the same equipments and strategies provided in the previous battles 
    against Alexandria soldiers.
    In order to save every citizens on your way, the answers in order are: left, 
    right, left, and "not safe yet".
    --After four tedious battles, enter the Cathedral and Beatrix will rob the 
    magic Jewel. Save your game.  
    --Talk to the citizens you have saved and you will receive many items like 
    ETHER and ELIXIR. Take off Quina's equipments.
    Boss: Beatrix: Second Match      Hp: 4,736
    --Have Quina cast RERAISE on him/herself. Kill Quina off and have Quina use 
    LIMIT GLOBE (9,999 damage) to finish this battle.
    --Save your game on Red Rose after watching an awesome FMV.
    + Alexandria Castle +  
    --After Steiner and Marcus escape from the prison, Equip Steiner with 
    Fight: Alexandria Soldiers x 2     Hp: 459
    Have Steiner attack them and with the equipment and the ability I have 
    recommended, Steiner should be able to deal around 420 damage on soldiers 
    and force them to run away. Have Marcus act as a healer.
    NOTE: There IS a small chance to avoid this fight.
    --After Climb the ladder, take Marcus' Equipments off.
    --Fryja, Vivi and Zedane will join Steiner to save Dagger. Try to avoid the 
    soldiers that are guarding the castle. If you encounter one, have Steiner 
    attack them and they will run away.
    --Once you enter the Queen's chamber, move the purple mirror and a secret 
    path will appear. Pick up ICE BRAND on your way. Have Steiner equip ICE 
    EATER" abilities. For other people, equip armors with highest defense. Have 
    Zedane equip MYTHRIL DAGGER and the ability "BANDIT".
    Boss: Zorn/Thorn      Hp: 4,896/2,984 
    This battle could be one of the easiest boss fights if you know what to do. 
    DO NOT ATTACK THEM unless Zorn or Thorn receives magic power from another. 
    Attack the one that received magic power and it will nullify the effect or 
    their power transformation. Use this tactic and they will NEVER have a 
    chance to attack. Attack them with Steiner (1,500 damage) and Fryja (480 
    damage). Have Vivi cast BIO (500~700 damage) and have Zedane STEAL.  
    --After save Dagger, save your game. Use a Tent to recover your party. The 
    first tough part of your quest is coming soon, so prepare your team.
    Steiner: Must have ICE BRAND, MYTHRIL GLOVE and POWER BELT Equipped and 
    enable Steiner MP COSTING ATTACK and MAN EATER. Place Steiner in front row.
    Fryja: Must Equip Partisan + MYTHRIL HELM + Thunder Glove + MYTHRIL ARMOR 
    and GOLD CHOKER. Enable Fryja with AUTO POTION, INSOMNIAC and Cover 
    abilities. Place Fryja in back row.
    Zedane: Must Equip THE OGRE, bandana and Reflect Ring if you have one. 
    Enable Zedane with the ability MAN EATER and AUTO REFLECT if you have 
    Reflect Ring in your inventory. Place Zedane in back row.
    Vivi: Must Equip OAK STAFF, SURVIVAL VEST and CORAL RING. Place Vivi in back 
    BOSS: Beatrix: Final Match      Hp: 5,782
    This is an easy battle. Beatrix has good agility and attack power, but she 
    can only attack one person each time, so you can keep four people alive by 
    abusing Phoenix downs. Have Vivi cast Bio (680 damage), Steiner (1,600 
    damage) and Zedane (480 damage) attack. Every time an ally is K.Oed, use a 
    Phoenix down immediately. Fryja can protect the party member whose Hp is low 
    with her COVER ability, so if Steiner is killed and revived by a phoenix 
    down, Beatrix cannot touch Steiner as long as Steiner is alive. Beatrix 
    casts Cura on herself if her Hp is dropped below 3,000, but it won't be a 
    big problem in this fight. The battle will be over after Steiner attacks 
    three times and Vivi cast two Bios.
    FIGHT #1: Bandersnatch     Hp: 932
    Your goal is to defeat Bandersnatch with Beatrix alive and Fryja dead so 
    Fryja can avoid gaining EXP. Have both characters use a TENT and hopefully 
    you could blind Bandersnatch. Have Fryja attack Bandersnatch once, and wait 
    'till Fryja's ATB bar is filled then have Fryja suicide, and Beatrix use 
    Climhazzard to finish this battle. The Insomniac ability will prevent Fryja 
    being put to sleep by Bandersnatch's Tongue attack and the auto-potion 
    ability will prevent Fryja being killed by Bandersnatch's physical attack ( 
    70 damage if Fryja is in back row). If Beatrix is put to sleep, there is no 
    way to cure sleep but wait 'till Beatrix wakes up.    
    FIGHT #2: Black Mage Type C x 3      Hp: 597
    This battle would be insanely tough if no one has AUTO-REFLECT ability 
    If Zedane has Auto-Reflect ability equipped: Have Zedane use TENTS 
    constantly and have Vivi FOCUS twice and cast stop on Black mages, the 
    successful rate should be pretty high.
    If Zedane does not have Auto-Reflect ability: Then this battle would take 
    you more than thirty attempts since those Black Mages are EXTREMELY agile 
    and could wipe out your party quickly. Have Vivi cast stop while other three 
    characters use TENTS and hopefully you can silence and blind one or two of 
    them. DO NOT count on Dagger's silence spell or Zedane Mage Masher + Add 
    Status, both method have little success rate of silencing the Black Mages. 
    Have Vivi equip CORAL RING could prevent him from being killed by Thundara 
    spell, but Fira or Blizzara will still kill him. TOUGH FIGHT!!!
    After this battle, unequip Vivi's CORAL RING and equip it on Steiner, give 
    Steiner's POWER BELT to Zedane.
    Battle #3: Bandersnatch x 2
    Have Zedane use Soul Blade + The Ogre to blind one of them and Vivi cast 
    STOP, Dagger use Tent on another one. If two bandersnatches are both 
    blinded, your victory is ensured because their Thundara spell won't hurt 
    Battle # 4: Bandersnatch 
    Use the same tactic you used in the third battle to finish this one. It is 
    the easiest one among all six battles.
    Battle # 5: Bandersnatch x 2
    Beatrix will always take the initiative in this battle. Have her use 
    Climhazzard to finish them.
    Battle # 6: Bandersnatch x 2
    If you have Steiner equip a CORAL RING and place him in BACK ROW then this 
    battle should not be hard. Have Steiner use an ELIXIR on Beatrix, and wait 
    'till Steiner's ATB bar is filled again. Have Steiner suicide and Beatrix 
    use Climhazzard to finish them.
    Once you passed seven battles in a row, you will have a chance to save your 
    game. Have Vivi and Zedane equip SILK SHIRT and Dagger equip Magician Robe. 
    Zedane must have POWER BELT as his add-on and equip the ability "MP COSTING 
    ATTACK". Give Dagger the ability "AUTO POTION".
    Boss: Ralvulmago      Hp: 3,352
    Most likely Ralvulmago will take the initiative and may cast THUNDARA on the 
    entire party, which deals around 100+ damage and will kill everyone at level 
    one, however, with Magician Robe with Dagger, it only deals around 50 damage 
    on Dagger, and the SILK SHIRT Vivi and Zedane equips will halve the thunder 
    damage, so they will barely survive. This spell still may kill Vivi. If Vivi 
    is killed, have Dagger cast life.
    Have Zedane attack (550 damage) and Ralvulmago will become compact as his 
    reaction of physical attack. He will not attack your party before he goes 
    back to normal. DO NOT attack while he is defending; have Vivi perform FOCUS 
    and hold Zedane still, and wait 'till Ralvulmago back to normal then have 
    Vivi cast Bio (1,480 damage after two focuses) followed by Zedane's physical 
    attack and Ralvilmago will become compact again. After he is back to normal, 
    have Vivi cast Bio again and Ralvulmago will be dead.
    + Pinnacle Rocks +
    --Whether you want to play with Ramuh or not does not matter your game 
    progress one bit. The only important thing you might want to do here is to 
    collect items: Mythril Vest, Mythril Armlet and The Ogre. 
    + Lindblum Castle +
    --Purchase those following equipments from weapon shop if you don't have 
    them yet: Multina Racket, Mythril Helm and Mythril armors.
    --Collect an ETHER and a Phoenix Pinion in Lindblum.
    + Qu's Marsh/ Fossil Roo +
    --After Quina join the party, head to Fossil Roo.
    --Equip Zedane with Mythril Dagger and Bandit ability. If you have reflect 
    ring, let Quina equip it and the ability "Auto-reflect".
    --Try to avoid Fossil Roo's battling wagon. As long as the waving axes did 
    not stun you, you will be fine.
    BOSS: Lani      Hp: 5,708
    This battle is extremely easy since Lani focus her attack on Dagger most of 
    time. Revive Dagger every time she is killed, and have Quina use Reraise + 
    Limit Globe trick to do 9,999 damage on Lani and this battle will be over. 
    Have Zedane steal ONCE and see what you can get. It is almost impossible to 
    steal a Gladius in your first attempt. At least it has never happened to me 
    --Items need to be picked up in Fossil Roo: ETHER, FAIRY EARRINGS, Lamia's 
    Tiara, SURVIVAL VEST (a great armor that can raise your SPIRIT, it will help 
    Vivi raise the successful rate of his "STOP" spell later on.) Don't leave 
    Fossil Roo before you picked up those following items. Also, don't forget to 
    but the items from Stiltzkin.
    + Outer Continent + 
    --First of all, go to Qu's Marsh and catch enough frogs in exchange of a 
    Silk Robe from Quale if you haven't got one from Quale yet.
    --Find a chocobo and dig up the treasure box    
    --There is another Qu's Marsh in Outer Continent.
    + Conde Petie +
    --Pick up the gils at the entrance of Conde Petie and a PHOENIX PINION.
    --Purchase one Adaman vest, two RITUAL HATS and one more Lamia's Tiara. If 
    you have extra money, purchase two Mythril armlets.
    --After Vivi sees a Black Mage, exit Conde Petie and ride chocobo to Black 
    Mage Village.
    + Black Mage Village +
    --Follow the paths that owes do not live and you will find Black Mage 
    Village. The encounter rate is very high here. You may want to flee from 
    every battle here because Vivi's stop rarely works on the enemies here.
    --Pick up the Stellazzio story: Virgo.
    --The most important equipment to purchase here is MAGIC ARMLET. Purchase at 
    least two of them.
    --The important equipments to synthesis here: RUNE TOOTH, Cachusha, Madain's 
    Ring, Extension and a REFLECT RING. If you are short on money, just go for 
    RUNE TOOTH and REFLECT RING, as the two items I capitalized.
    --Stock potions and tents if you are about out of them. 
    --After everything is prepared, head to Conde Petie again.
    + Conde Petie/Mountain Path +
    --Take Quina's equipments off.
    --Items need to be picked up: ETHER, TENT, remedy. Also, you might want to 
    collect all four colored stones and you can receive a Moonstone as the 
    --After the wedding event, you will be able to pass the twins and process 
    further to Mountain Path. Quina will leave your party and Eiko will join in.
    --Save your game and purchase a magic tag, an ETHER and a tent from 
    Stiltzkin for 666 gils.
    --The incoming boss fight is your second tough boss battle after Sealion. 
    Prepare your team well.
    Those equipments give Vivi the highest magic bonus and it will increase the 
    power of Bio spell dramatically.
    must Enable Zedane the MP COSTING ATTACK and MAN EATER abilities, and place 
    Zedane in front row.
    The reason I used Mythril vest instead of Survival Vest is because you must 
    learn AUTO POTION ability before Zedane fight Salamander or it is going to 
    be a tough fight. This boss will give Zedane 9 AP if Zedane is alive after 
    the victory.
    Dagger: Multina Racket, LAMIA TIARA, Magic Armlet, Silk Robe, Cachusha.
    Eiko: Golem Flute, Lamia Tiara, Mythril Armlet, Silk Robe, Extension if you 
    have it and enable Eiko the "Mp + 10%" ability.
    BOSS: Hilgigars      Hp: 8,106
    Hilgigars' EARTH QUAKE spell could wipe out your party in one shot, 
    otherwise, he only uses physical attack that could kill one person each 
    time, but still, this battle could take you several attempts because of 
    Hilgigars' agility.
    --Have Eiko cast Float at the beginning and Dagger use a TENT, hopefully it 
    will silence Hilgigars and prevent him from using Curaga spell. 
    --Have Zedane attack (1,600 damage) and Vivi cast Bio (1,020 damage). If you 
    have silenced Hilgigars, this battle will be ended with less than three 
    minutes, or Hilgigars will cast Curaga on himself when his Hp is low. Have 
    Dagger cast raise if anyone is dead. And you must cast float on the entire 
    party with Eiko/Dagger each time there is more than one person that is not 
    in float status.
    --After the fight, you can collect all the colored stones and place them on 
    the stone pillar on the left path of the moogle and you will receive a 
    Moonstone. This item is entirely optional.
    + Madain Sali +
    --Items need to be picked up: TENT, Ore, PHOENIX PINION, Stellazzio story: 
    --Enjoy the events and relax yourself a bit here. The incoming Iifa Tree 
    event is one of the hardest quests in your journey.
    --Purchase at least 30+ potions.
    --After everything is prepared, head to Iifa Tree.
    + Iifa Tree +
    --The monsters here are very agile, so be sure that Zedane equip GERMINAS 
    BOOTS and enable the ability "ALERT". Some enemies here could wipe your 
    party out easily if you are back attacked.
    --Save your game at the moogle in Iifa tree.
    --There are two unavoidable battles coming soon, and in order to pass those 
    two battles, you will need some preparation or it would be close to 
    impossible to pass these two battles:
    You must AT LEAST have Zedane ZOMBIE, if you can have more than one person 
    being zombie, which would make the two unavoidable battles very easy.
    The only monster can zombie your characters is Dragon Zombie. His Zombie 
    Breath will zombie a single character, but it also deals around 200~400 
    damage and it will kill the target due to his/her low level.
    Equip Zedane with these following equipments: MAGE MASHER, RITUAL HAT, 
    ADAMAN VEST and MADAIN'S RING. Those equipments will bring Zedane's Magic 
    Defense up to 20 points.
    Find a Dragon Zombie first. Have Dagger cast SHELL on Zedane. You must keep 
    Zedane's Hp full. If Dragon Zombie's Zombie Breath Hit Zedane, it will only 
    deal around 90 damage on Zedane. Flee after Zedane is zombie, and save your 
    game. You can still use TENT to recover Zedane's Hp to full even Zedane is 
    in zombie status.
    --Go deep inside the Iifa tree. Equip Zedane with GERMINAL BOOTS and enable 
    the ability "ALERT"; Equip Vivi with SURVIVAL VEST.
    FIGHT: Zombie x 2/x 3 
    There is around 20% chance that you will encounter two zombies. Most of 
    time, you will encounter three of them.
    --Have two of your characters use ELIXIRS on two of them, they will be dead 
    immediately. Have other two characters kill the other two characters, but 
    Zedane must be alive.
    --Hopefully the zombie will use "Melt" to kill one of your characters and 
    leave Zedane alive. "Melt" is a suicide action and the zombie will die after 
    is uses this attack. Zombie status will prevent Zedane from gaining EXP. And 
    since all other three characters are dead, they won't gain EXP, either. This 
    battle could take you more than twenty attempts, GOOD LUCK!!!
    --After defeating Zombies, use phoenix downs to revive the dead party 
    FIGHT: Dragon Zombie 
    --Have Vivi FOCUS twice and cast STOP on Dragon Zombie. If anyone is killed, 
    have Dagger cast raise or use phoenix downs.
    --After reach the bottom level, use a MAGIC TAG to cure Zedane's Zombie 
    --Pick up an ELIXIR and a Brigandine. Equip Zedane with BRIGANDINE and GOLD 
    CHOCKER. Zedane must enable ABILITY UP.
    BOSS: Soul gage      Hp: 9,765
    --Most likely it will use level five death as its opening attack, and it 
    won't do anything on a party with level one. Have any active character use 
    an ELIXIR on this boss for a quick battle.
    --After you warp out of the Iifa Tree, save your game.
    + Madain Sali +
    --Eiko's Jewel is missing. After the event, pick up the ELIXIR and a phoenix 
    down in Eiko's room.
    --Head to Summoner's Wall and talk to the moogles to receive a Survival Vest 
    and Exploda.
    --I hope that you have already had Zedane master the ability "AUTO POTION" 
    or the next boss fight could be extremely tough. Also, you should have at 
    least 30 potions in your inventory if you followed the FAQ so far. Equip 
    abilities. Place Zedane in BACK ROW and save your game outside Madain Sali.
    BOSS: Salamander      Hp: 8,985
    If you are prepared, this battle won't be that tough. Salamander's attack 
    only deals 70~75 at defense 22, 90~100 at defense 21. With Zedane's AUTO 
    POTION ability, he cannot be killed. Have Zedane attack ONLY when you hear 
    Salamander says: "HERE I GO!!!" Zedane should be able to deal around 780 
    damage on Salamander each time and he will be defeated in around 12~13 
    attacks. You can try to steal a Poison Claw from Salamander when he is away 
    from Zedane. This weapon is good, but it is optional as well.
    REMEMBER: If you level up Blank in Evil forest, Salamander will have LEVEL 
    THREE after he joins your party.
    --You will have to decide who is going to be in your party on your way to 
    Iifa Tree. Choose Eiko, Vivi, Dagger and Zedane. Head to Iifa Tree.
    + Iifa Tree: Revisited +
    --Before you enter Iifa Tree, Equip your characters with the following 
    Zedane: The Ogre, Adaman Vest + REFLECT RING.
    Both female characters should equip LAMIA TIARA and equipments with highest 
    Enable Zedane AUTO REFLECT. Have the one with the highest magic defense 
    equip the abilities "Auto-potion" and "Insomniac". 
    --Kuja is waiting for you on the top of the Iifa Tree. He will summon two 
    Mist Monsters.
    Fight: Mist Monster x 2
    This battle is just about as tough as the previous fight against three 
    zombies. Have Zadane use SOUL BLADE, Eiko and Dagger use TENT on Mist 
    monster while Vivi casts STOP and hope that Vivi could stop both of them 
    before they wipe your party out. The most horrifying attack from Mist 
    Monsters is the "MIST" attack. But hopefully on of your girls could survive 
    this attack if her magic defense is very high.
    --After the fight, Dagger will run away to save her mother. Salamander will 
    join your party automatically.
    FIGHT: Mist Monster
    --Have everyone use TENTS and have Vivi cast STOP. Use Ether on Vivi if his 
    Mp is low. Have Eiko cast Raise on dead party members if this spell is 
    --After this fight, you will have a chance to save your game.
    --You might encounter one or two battle later on. You will have to fight a 
    Mist Monster in each battle. Keep using the same strategies listed above and 
    you will make it eventually.
    --Dagger will acquire an Aquamarine. Enjoy the CG Movie of the battle 
    between the Queen and Kuja. Disc II is ended after the movie.
                                  DISC III
    + Alexandria: Revisited +
    --Control Vivi and collect two PHOENIX PINIONS and Stellazzio Story: Leo in 
    the town and the west tower of Alexandria Castle. If you want to do Hippaul 
    race Mini quest, here is your only chance. If you at least win Ribbon and 
    Nova Dragon Cards from Hippaul, it will make the Card Tournament in Treno 
    easier later on.
    --Purchase two Twist Headbands, two Golden Helms, one Barbut, two PLATE 
    --Synthesis ANGEL BLESS in Synthesis shop!!! This weapon carries the ability 
    "THIEVERY" for Zedane. Other items in synthesis are not important at all. 
    But if you have extra money, you can synthesis a Feather Boots.
    --Purchase a PHOENIX PINION, an ELIXIR and a Hi-potion from Stiltzkin for 
    777 gil. It is a very good deal.
    --After everything is ready, head to Ruby's Mini Theater and watch the 
    events. Tot will bring Zedane and his company to Treno.
    + Treno-Card Tournament +
    --First, visit the Queen of Treno and give her all the Stellazzio stories 
    you have and receive some Gils and a BLACK BELT from her.
    --Purchase a Coral Sword in weapon shop.
    --You don't have to fight Catoblepas in the Weapon shop at this point 
    because your chance to win this battle is little. But if you want a small 
    challenge, have Zedane equip THE OGRE, REFLECT RING and FEATHER BOOTS and 
    enable "AUTO-REFLECT" ability. Once battle starts, hope that you can have a 
    turn before Catoblepas's turn. Have Zedane use SOUL BLADE to blind 
    Catoblepas and attack. Catoblepas will be killed by his own thundara spells 
    that are kept being bounced back by your AUTO-REFLECT. You will receive 
    15,000 Gils as your reward, but I don't think you will need money at this 
    --If you have extra money, you can purchase a DARK MATTER in the Auction 
    House. But you can do it later if you wish.
    --Try to win all three battles in Card Tournament. Save between each battle 
    and reset your game if you lose. You will receive a REBIRTH RING if you win 
    all three battles. 
    + Alexandria in Chaos +
    --Alexandria is attacked by Kuja and Dagger is giving out orders to the 
    Knights of Pluto. Choose the third option first then smash X bottom. You 
    will receive an Angel Earring from Beatrix.
    --There are seven battles ahead, prepare your party.
    Beatrix: Save The Queen + Mythril Helm + Thunder Glove + Plate Mail+ Yellow 
    Craft, and must be placed in front row.
    Steiner: Coral Sword.
    Battle #1: Mist Monster x 1      Hp: 1,473
    Have Steiner suicide and Beatrix perform SHOCK for a quick battle. Use an 
    ELIXIR to recover Bratrix's Mp after this battle.
    Battle #2: Mist Monster x 1
    Have Beatrix attack it twice to finish this chaos. Use potions to recover 
    her Hp after this battle.
    Battle #3: Mist monster x 2
    This battle could be harder because Beatrix is still not strong enough to 
    take two of them down one turn. Pray that Beatrix is not being put to sleep 
    by their MIST attack (the chance is low because of Beatrix's high spirit). 
    Have Beatrix perform CLIMHAZZARD twice to finish this battle. Use an ELIXIR 
    to heal Beatrix after the battle
    There are four CONSECUTIVE battles ahead, abuse ELIXIR when Beatrix's Hp is 
    Battle #4: Mist Monster x 1
    Have Beatrix Perform SHOCK for a quick battle.
    Battle #5: Mist Monster x 1
    Have Beatrix attack the monster twice.
    Battle #6: Mist Monster x 1
    Have Beatrix attack the monster once then use an ELIXIR. One more slash from 
    Save The Queen will finish the Mist Monster.
    Battle #7: Mist Monster x 2
    Have Beatrix use CLIMHAZZARD and hopefully you could kill both of them in 
    one attack. If not, you might be in trouble...keep attack and use another 
    ELIXIR if it is needed. 
    --After the battles, control Zedane and head to the top of Alexandria Castle 
    and watch the battle between Alexander and Bahemute, and Alexander is 
    finally defeated by Invincible.
    + Lindblum under construction +
    --After Zedane woke up, get the EGOIST'S ARMLET in the treasure boxes and 
    save your game.
    --Regent Cid will ask you to find Strange Potion, Unusual Potion and 
    Beautiful Potion for him. You can get those potions from the Art Studio, 
    China and Alice. Also, in Tantalus hideout, you can find much Gils in the 
    treasure boxes.
    --After Regent Cid is turned into a frog, ride to the Serpent's Gate. Pick 
    up a CHIMERA ARMLET there.
    --Board the Blue Narciss.
    + Chocobo Digging Quest +
    --Once you have Blue Narciss, you could dig up the first twenty chocobo 
    treasures except "Forgotten Plains" and "Dusk Plains", all treasures hidden 
    under the bubbles and one treasure box hidden under the crack. For more 
    details about the locations of all chocobo treasures, please refer to 
    Appendix A for more detailed information.
    --After you dig up all the possible treasures at this point, equip Vivi with 
    BLACK ROBE and Dagger with LIGHT ROBE. 
    --You might want to power up THIEVERY at this point. In order to do so, 
    enable Zedane "Bandit" ability and steal the monsters around Dali. The power 
    of Thievery will go up 12 points each time Zedane successfully steal any 
    item from any fiend. If you want to power up Thievery to 9,999 damage, you 
    will need 834 successful steal. It might take you around eight to twelve 
    hours, but it worth your effort. If you don't do it right now, you are going 
    to do it later anyway because you MUST have powerful Thievery in order to 
    defeat Ozma with a level one party.
    --You can start to make big money by using the "Cotton Robe Trick". Purchase 
    99 Wrists in Dali and 99 Steepled Hats from Atla's Mogshop in Brumecia then 
    go to Treno and synthesis 99 Cotton Robe, and sell them. Each time you use 
    the "Cotton Robe Trick", the revenue you will receive is (2,000 - 130 - 260- 
    1000) x 99 = 610 x 99= 60,390 Gils! You can earn 300,000+ Gils by using the 
    Cotton Robe Trick five times and you will have the money to purchase any 
    item you want. Do not forget to purchase a DARK MATTER from Treno's Auction 
    House if you don't have one yet. Also, Give the Queen of Treno the ninth 
    Stellazzio you just found in Lindblum. 
    --If you haven't defeated Catoblepas in Treno's weapon shop. You can still 
    fight it. Have Quina Equip a FEATHER Boots and Auto-Lift/Jelly ability and 
    let Catoblepas finish him/her once. The next time Quina enters the battle, 
    his/her Hp will be one. If Catoblepas uses Devil's Bell or Earthquake 
    attack, it won't affect Quina. Have Quina use LIMIT GLOVE to finish this 
    --You can do the frog catching quest at this point and get a Silver Fork for 
    Quina, but it is not important at all.
    --Stock 99 Phoenix downs, Softs, potions, Hi-potions in your inventory. 
    --After you have done all the preparations, sail Blue Narciss and head Black 
    Mage Village.
    + Black Mage Village: Revisited +
    --All black mages were gone and following Kuja but three of them still stay 
    in the village. Go to the item shop and climb the ladder. You will find a 
    Black Belt on the second floor.
    --Leave the Black Mage Village after the event of the birth of a baby 
    chocobo. Head the east side of Outer Continent.
    + Quick Sand +
    --The quick sand in the far north is Kuja's hideout. Others are the nests of 
    powerful enemies and you might want to avoid them.
    --Kuja will ask Zedane to retrieve an item called "Gulu Stone". Choose 
    Salamander, Steiner and Dagger with Zedane.
    --Board Hilda Garde I and head to the Forgotten Continent.
    + Forgotten Continent +
    --After Hilda Garde lands on Forgotten Continent, Go north and find chocobo 
    feet print. Use a Gyshal Green to summon a chocobo.
    --You can pick up the treasure boxes "Forgotten Plains" and "Dusk Plains" at 
    this point. Also, there are two mountain cracks in Forgotten Continent and 
    two treasure boxes are hidden under them. Both treasure boxes contain 
    wonderful prize. The important items you will acquire are KAISER KNUCKLE, 
    WHITE ROBE, PROTECT RING and a DRAGON'S HAIR, the most powerful weapon for 
    Fryja. For the locations of the chocobo treasures, please refer to Appendix 
    A for more detailed information.
    --Once you dig up all treasures in Forgotten Continent, head Oeilvert.
    + Oeilvert: The Forbidden Land +
    --Purchase a Fairy Flute, Magic Racket, Cypress Pile, three GREEN BERETS, a 
    Cross Helm and two Judo Uniforms. But seems you have already been so rich by 
    using the "Cotton Robe Trick"; you could just purchase every item that is 
    sold in Mogshop.
    --Save your game. Go inside Oeilvert and collect those following items while 
    you are solving the puzzle: Elixir, DIAMOND SWORD, Shield Armor, Power Vest, 
    Feather Boots and a GAIA GEAR.
    --Once you solve the puzzle, head to the left path and save at a moogle. The 
    area that the moogle is located is filled with Stone Coffin enemies. They 
    can be defeated easily with using a SOFT. It will give you two AP (three if 
    you enable "Ability Up") and NO EXP. It is a good chance to learn your 
    abilities. Try to have Zedane master BANDIT, SOUL BLADE and THIEVERY, 
    Steiner master CONFUSE GUARD, FLYING KILLER. Salamander master FLYING KILLER 
    --Equip Steiner with DIAMOND SWORD and POWER Belt with "CONFUSE GUARD" "MP 
    COSTING ATTACK" "FLYING KILLER" abilities, and other equipments with the 
    highest defense. Demon Mail could be an ideal choice.
    --Equip Zedane with Angel Bless GREEN BERET, Gaia Gear and those following 
    abilities: "BANDIT" "CONFUSE GUARD"
    --Equip Salamander with KAISER KNUCKLE, POWER VEST and Protect Ring. Equip 
    those following abilities: "CONFUSE GUARD" "FLYING KILLER" "MP COSTING 
    ATTACK" and "Gamble Defense"
    --Equip Dagger with LIGHT ROBE and other equipments with the HIGHEST DEFENSE 
    BONUS. She MUST equip "CONFUSE GUARD" and "AUTO-POTION" ability. Dagger is 
    the only one should be placed in the back row among all four characters.
    BOSS: Ark      Hp: Around 20,000
    With Dagger's LIGHT ROBE and other equipments with high defense, you cannot 
    lose this battle. Ark's Boomerang attack will only deals around 8~15 damage 
    on Dagger and she can use potion to heal herself automatically. Ark also 
    uses Phantom Spray, which reduce a single target's Hp to one, but if it hits 
    Dagger, she will still use a potion to heal herself because the  "AUTO 
    POTION" ability. The other three characters will be killed by Boomerang 
    easily. In this case, have Dagger use Phoenix downs to revive them. Also, if 
    Salamander has "Gamble Defense" ability on, he MIGHT survive Ark's Boomerang 
    attack. Ark's Whirling Wind attack is no big deal because everyone has 
    "Confused Guard" ability enabled.
    Have Steiner (1,300 damage) and Salamander (3,350 damage) attack Ark if they 
    have a chance and have Zedane steal a HOLY LANCE from ARK. This weapon 
    carries the ability "DRAGON'S CREST" and it could deal 9,999 on Ozma easily 
    later on. Dagger should use potions and phoenix downs to heal other three 
    party members if they are damaged. With proper equipments and abilities, 
    this battle won't be hard but time-consuming because the success rate of 
    stealing HOLY LANCE from Ark is extremely low, even with Bandit ability.
    NOTE: It is still possible to defeat Ozma with a level one party WITHOUT 
    Dragon Crest, that's what I did in my first victory against Ozma. However, I 
    don't recommend skipping HOLY LANCE at this point. Just be patient and you 
    will steal it eventually.  
    + Desert Palace +
    --Control Cid and play a mini game to save everyone.
    --Be careful. Monsters in the Desert Palace are pretty strong and without 
    Zedane, it is almost impossible to flee from any encounter, even if you hit 
    a lucky preemptive strike. The best way to pass Desert Palace is to have 
    Vivi cast STOP on enemies. Have Vivi FOCUS two or three times in every 
    battle and his stop spell will have much higher success rate. Quina can help 
    further by using NEEDLE FORK + ADD STATUS. Eiko can protect the party by 
    summoning Carbuncle and casting REFLECT on the entire party. 
    Equipments for everyone:
    Vivi: Oak Stuff + Mantra Band + N-KAI ARMLET + Survival Vest + REBIRTH RING. 
    Those equipments will give Vivi the highest spirit bonus.
    Fryja: Have HOLY LANCE and Cross Helm equipped. If you did not steal the 
    HOLY LANCE from Ark, equip Fryja with Dragon's Hair.
    Eiko: Tiger Racket, WHITE ROBE and RUBY.
    Quina: NEEDLE FORK + Mantra Band + Survival Vest + PROMIST RING. Must equip 
    Quina with ADD STATUS ability. If you did the chocobo hot and cold quest and 
    dig up all the possible treasures, you should have all item listed above.
    --Try to activate all the bloody stones and acquire those following items: 
    Promist Ring, Anklet, Shield Armor, N-Kai Armlet, Black Hood and Venetia 
    Shield. All those items are optional because you can purchase them later on. 
    You can avoid acquiring some items that are harder to reach if you are tired 
    of the random encounters.
    --Save when you find a Moogle in Desert Palace. Place Fryja in the front 
    BOSS: Valia Pila      Hp: 12,000
    Have Quina cast RERAISE on him/herself and kill him/her, and have Quina cast 
    LIMIT GLOVE and deal 9,999 damage on Valia Pila.
    Have Eiko cast RUBY LIGHT and Fryja JUMP (1,400 damage if Fryja has Dragon's 
    Hair). Two jumps should finish Valia Pila if Quina has already cast LIMIT 
    GLOVE on it. If Valia Pila is still there, have Eiko attack with her TIGER 
    RACKET (620 damage).
    After defeating Valia Pila, light the candelabra and exit this area.
    --You are controlling Zedane's party again. Return to the same teleport that 
    Zedane got out from the Desert Palace.  
    --After several events, Kuja will steal the Gulu Stone from Zedane and flee. 
    Follow him and exit Kuja's Hide out. The heroes will resolve to chase Kuja 
    by Blue Narciss. Choose Vivi, Salamander and Quina with Zedane.
    + Lost Continent +
    --Find a chocobo and go straight west to Esto Gaza.
    + Esto Gaza +
    --The important equipments you may want to purchase are OCTAGON ROD, Flame 
    Saber, Hamelin, and a couple Red Caps. If you have used the "Cotton Robe 
    Trick" few times before, you will be able to purchase every items sold in 
    the shop.
    --Save your game and enter the volcano.
    + Mountain Gulu +
    --Pick up 9,693 Gils. Other items are not important and may lead you to Red 
    dragons. You will want to avoid them, plus if you really want other 
    treasures, you can always come back here as long as you are on Disc III.
    --After you descend into the well, go to the right path and save at a 
    Moogle. Adjust your equipments.
    Vivi plays the most important role in the incoming battle against two Red 
    Dragons. Equip Vivi with OCTAGON ROD + MANTRA BAND + N-KAI ARMLET + BLACK 
    ROBE + POWER BELT. Those equipments should raise Vivi's defense up to 48 
    points with fair spirit bonus. Also, Vivi must enable the AUTO POTION 
    ability. Place Vivi in the BACK ROW.
    --Pull the lever besides the wall down twice and descend to the bottom 
    FIGHT: Red Dragon x 2
    If you do what this FAQ has told you then Vivi cannot be killed unless Red 
    Dragons hit a lucky critical strike. Vivi's OCTAGON ROD will absorb Red 
    Dragons' Ariel Slash and Twister. And with Vivi's high defense, Red Dragons' 
    dive attack only deals 42~50 damage on Vivi, and Vivi will heal himself with 
    a potion automatically. Have Vivi FOCUS four to six times and cast STOP on 
    both dragons. This battle should be very easy with proper equipments.
    --After the fight, GO BACK TO MOOGLE AND SAVE. A tough boss is waiting for 
    BOSS: Meltigemini      Hp: 24,348
    This battle would be insanely tough mainly because Meltigemini abuses group 
    attack. Most likely, Meltigemini will use Viral Smoke once in his first 
    three turns, and this attack deals 500+ damage to everyone, which is fatal 
    to every character. Meltigenmini also uses BIO and usually he uses this 
    spell on all opposing targets, which will be a fatal attack as well. 
    Consider you are lucky if it uses physical attack, because it only kills one 
    I recommend having Salamander equip with CHAIN PLATE that bears "DEVIL 
    KILLER" ability and REFLECT RING. Enable Salamander DEVIL KILLER and AUTO-
    I also suggest having Quina equip the REBIRTH RING and enable the ability 
    If Zedane cannot deal more than 8,000 damage with THIEVERY, then you will 
    have a tough time in this battle. Have Zedane equip The Ogre MIGHT help you 
    a little, but the best option is head back to Blue Narciss and power up 
    Zedane's Thievery to 8,000 + damage. 9,999 would be ideal.
    When battle starts, have Eiko cast HOLY (5,400 damage), Salamander throw 
    Wing Edge (3,100 damage) and Zedane use Thievery while Quina is casting 
    reraise on Salamander. If Meltgemini uses Wings as his first attack and 
    Zedane deal more than 8,000 damage on Meltigemini, one more Thievery will 
    bring this evil boss down.
    After defeating Meltigemini, rescue Lady Hilda and she will turn Cid back to 
    human. After several events and CG movies, you will be able to control the 
    new airship-the Hilda Garde III!!!
                    Walkthrough Part B: The Danger in the Sky
    It is possible to face Ozma once you are able to control Hilda Garde III. 
    However, bravery without intelligence will lead you to death in front of 
    Ozma's wrath. There are many preparations you have to do before you can 
    possibly defeat Ozma with a level one party. So, let's get ready!!!
    + Complete Chocobo Hot and Cold Quest +
    --Once you can control Hilda Garde III, the sixth Chocograph piece will be 
    available in the Chocobo Forest. Dig it up and the six Chocograph pieces 
    will become a complete Chocograh "Outer Island I", which gives Choco the 
    FLYING ability. With this ability you can reach the Chocobo Air Garden. 
    There are still three Chocographs in Chocobo Air Garden. Dig them up and 
    find the treasures. For the locations of Chocobo treasures, please refer to 
    Appendix A for more detailed information.
    + Powering Up Dragon Crest +
    --You only need to do this quest if you have stolen a HOLY LANCE from Ark. 
    The basic concept of powering up Dragon Crest is to kill as many dragon as 
    you can. The damage of Dragon Crest is calculated by The number of dragons 
    your party has killed x The number of dragons your party has killed, which 
    means if you kill 100 dragons, Dragon Crest will deal 100 x 100 = 9,999 
    (five digits damage is impossible to occur in FFIX) non-elemental damage on 
    any target.
    The recommend party of killing dragons includes those following characters: 
    Zedane, Quina, Fryja and Eiko. 
    In order to kill dragons without gaining EXP, you must have your party 
    members carry Zombie/Virus status. For people who choose zombie method, you 
    can zombie your characters by finding the DragonZombie in Iifa tree. 
    Everyone will be able to survive the Zombie Breath attack if his/her magic 
    defense is 30 or higher. Flee when there are three people turned into 
    Around Qu's Marsh close to Lindblum you can find an enemies called Serpion, 
    which belongs to dragon enemies. With the powerful equipments in your hand, 
    you can kill them by smashing X bottom. Killing one hundred of them should 
    not take you very long. The only annoying thing is that the chance of 
    encountering Serpions around Qu's Marsh is only around forty percent. Of 
    course, you have to kill the one who is alive first. Remember: You cannot 
    use any item to heal characters when they are zombies. If their Hp is 
    getting low, use Tents between battles to recover their Hp.
    For those who choose Virus Method, there is a monster called Yan in Bile 
    Island (the island that closest to the center of the world map). Yan 
    sometimes use Virus powder, which will kill one single character and give 
    him/her virus status. Virus status will remain even the affected target is 
    K.Oed. However, I don't recommend the Virus Method simply because Yan is a 
    very powerful and agile monster. Yans most likely appear in a group with 
    three and they could wipe out your party easily. 
    + Friendly Monster Quest +
    --Around the world there are few monsters that are actually Land Fairies and 
    they don't attack people. Completing the friendly monster quest will be a 
    NECESSARY condition that is required to defeat Ozma with a level one party.
    You can complete the friendly monster quest by finding the friendly monsters 
    and giving them the items they ask for. You final goal is to give friendly 
    Yan a Diamond. Before you do so, you must meet all other friendly monsters 
    and give grant their request.
    The locations of friendly monsters (Echow, Side Quest/Secret Guide, 2000):
    a. Mu: Appears around Dali and wants an Ore.
    b. Ghost: Appears in the field outside of Treno and wants an Ore.
    c. Lady Bug: Appears in the forest around the Black Mage Village and wants 
    two Ores.
    d. Yeti: Appears in the forest Outside of Madain Sali and wants two Ores.
    e. Nymph: Appears in the forest outside of Iifa Tree and wants three Ores. 
    Also, you might encounter him in the northwest part of Mist Continent. You 
    must encounter Nymph before you are trying to look for Jabberwork because 
    Nymph gives you an Emerald and you will have to give an Emerald to 
    Jabberwork. There is no other way to acquire any Emerald but from Nymph.
    f. Jabberwork: Appears in the forests on north forgotten continent or 
    outside of Oeivell and wants an Emerald.
    g. Feather Sucker: Appears in South part of Lost Continent and wants a 
    h. Garuda: Appears in the forest outside of Gizamaluke's Cave. The place 
    that Moogle warned you that is dangerous. It wants a Lapiz Lazuli.
    i. After meeting all other friendly monsters, go to Bile Island, the island 
    closest to the center to the world map. You can find a friendly Yan in the 
    forest on Bile Island. Give him a Diamond and you will receive the "Blessing 
    of the Spirits". It will allow you to attack Ozma physically, and it also 
    changes Ozma's Weakness to SHADOW! Friendly Yan will give you a Rosetta 
    Note: Friendly monsters give you A LOT of AP. Be sure to enable everyone 
    "Ability Up" and have them master those abilities by any possible chance: 
    for Zedane, you might want to do it now.
    + Daguerreo +
    Daguerreo is located on an island south of the Forgotten Continent. There 
    are many important items need to be purchase there. 
    In order to purchase weapons and armors, help the shop owner with the water 
    elevator problem by inserting a wooden stick into the hole behind the 
    elevator. You will have to purchase one or two EGOIST ARMLETS and At least 
    one GOLD HAIRPIN. Other items are optional. Personally, I would just 
    purchase them just for my item collection. They really do nothing help in 
    the battle against Ozma.
    The item you HAVE to syntheses in the synthesis shop is SARGATANAS. 
    Sargatanas + Soul Blade = 100% petrifaction on almost all randomly 
    encountered enemies except VERY few that are immune to them, which are 
    likely to be found in Terra. Using Sargatanas in conjunction with Soul Blade 
    is the major method of gaining AP for abilities without receiving EXP. 
    Do not forget to pick up the Stellazzio Story: Capricorn in Dagueero. There 
    are also two ELIXIRS around this place. Pick them up if you wish.
    + Quan's Cave +
    --Bring Vivi and Quina in your party and an event will happen. Check the 
    clock after the event to acquire RUNNING SHOES. The "Auto-haste" ability on 
    the running shoes is useless in the battle against Ozma; however, it will 
    help you later on when you are trying to master other abilities. If you 
    haven't picked up the Stellazzio Story in Quan's Cave, you can do it right 
    + Treno: Revisited +
    --Fight Amdusias in the weapon shop. Have Zedane equip SARGATANAS and 
    REFLECT RING and enable the AUTO REFLECT ability. When Zedane's turn comes, 
    use soul blade to petrify Amdusias, simple as that. The reward of defeating 
    Amdusias is another pair of RUNNING SHOES.
    --Give Stellazzio stories to the Queen of Treno if you want.
    + Salvage Archipelago +
    This place indicates all the islands south of the Forgotten Continent, which 
    is a good place to gain AP to master abilities.
    The enemies you might encounter around this area are gimme cat and Grand 
    Dragon. Both of them give you three Ap; six Ap if characters have "ABILITY 
    UP" enabled. 
    Have Zedane equip SARGATANAS, Judo Uniform and Coral Ring. Enable Zedane 
    with those following abilities: Distract, Ability Up, and Auto Haste, if it 
    is available. The equipments of other people depend on which ability you 
    want them to master. But be sure that everyone has the "Ability Up" ability 
    activated. With "Ability Up" working, none of your characters could possibly 
    equip "Auto Reflect" to bounce Grand Dragon's Thundaga spell. However, you 
    could enable Fryja and Quina with "Auto-Raise" ability, it works well also. 
    For Eiko, just hope that Thundaga won't hit her.
    Have Zedane Petrify the opponent in every battle. If Zedane is out of Mp, go 
    to Daguerreo and sleep in the study room to recover Zedane's Mp. The most 
    important ability you HAVE TO have everyone master is AUTO RAISE. Having 
    Fryja master Mp Costing Attack might help a little, also, you might want to 
    have Eiko master summoning "Phoenix". It also helps very little in the 
    battle against Ozma. If Gamble Defense is available, have Quina master this 
    After everything is prepared, check your characters and see if they met the 
    criteria listed below before you enter the holy battle:
    Zedane: Have The Ogre (optional), Chimera Armlet and Pumice a Piece 
    Equipped; enable "AUTO-RAISE" "Bandit"(optional) abilities; must be able to 
    deal 9,999 damage with Thievery.
    Fryja: Have Holy Lance and Devil Mail equipped; enable "AUTO-RAISE" "Flying 
    killer" (optional) abilities; must be able to deal 9,999 damage with Dragon 
    Eiko: Have EGOIST ARMLET and Phoenix Pinion equipped.
    Quina: Golden Hairpin, EGOIST ARMLET, Light Robe, Ribbon. These equipments 
    boost Quina's magic evasion.
    If you are planning on finish a level one game after defeating Ozma, you 
    must have everyone carry VIRUS status so they won't receive any EXP from 
    defeating Ozma. Go to Bile Island (the island you met friendly Yan) and 
    fight Yans. Have Zedane use SOUL BLADE to petrify Yans 'till there is only 
    one left, be patient and wait 'till it uses Virus powders on all four 
    characters, it will take a while. Use phoenix downs to revive dead party 
    member if it is necessary. After all four characters are carrying Virus 
    status, have Zedane use FLEE to escape. This part is entirely optional.
    + Chocobo Air Garden +
    --Check world map and find the location of Chocobo Air Garden. Ride the 
    Golden Chocobo and go to the location on the Map and use a Dead Pepper in 
    the round shadow and you will wrap into Chocobo Air Garden. Exclaim the 
    stone pillar in the Chocobo Air Garden twice.
                    BOSS: OZMA      Hp: 55,535/ Mp: 9,999
    Finally, here is the sole target of our quest after all the effort we have 
    been through, the strongest creature in FFIX, Ozma. And you are in front of 
    her with a LEVEL ONE PARTY!!!
    In order to conclude the strategies of defeating this nemesis at such a low 
    level, we must analyze Ozma's attack pattern first before we can advance to 
    the glorious victory over Ozma.
    The following general information is provided by Theoden. It was composed 
    for a regular game, however, I decided to use and paraphrase part of his 
    information because it can still help us to decide the strategies we need to 
    accomplish the goal of defeating Ozma at level one.
    General information (Theoden, 2002):
    Ozma is at level 99 and has 55535 HP and 9999 MP. She is healed by Shadow 
    unless you gave friendly Yan a diamond, in which case she will be weak 
    against it. She cannot be reached with the Attack command without "The 
    Blessing of Spirits". She is weak against Holy, Wind and Bird Killer. 
    The only negative status effects you can possibly inflict on Ozma are 
    Darkness and Slow. It is impossible to give her Reflect status, so you can't 
    make her reflect Curaga on you. Slow has little effect (see below). 
    Ozma can act even when her ATB bar is not full. If you enter a command in 
    between Ozma's attacks, her ATB bar will be filled immediately and her next 
    attack will happen before the command you just entered happens. This makes 
    Auto-Life especially important, since if a character is KOed and you enter a 
    command to revive them, Ozma will get another attack first; possibly KO the 
    character due to carrying out the revival. This ability to preempt your 
    commands also means Ozma always gets the first move in the battle. Pray it 
    isn't Meteor. The only way you can enter a command and be sure it will 
    happen before Ozma's next move, is to enter it during the animation of 
    Ozma's move. So if, for example, she casts Flare on someone (who doesn't 
    have Auto-Life or enough HP to survive it), then try to enter your revive 
    command before the move finishes (before the character is even KOed). This 
    preemptive ability also means Ozma is hardly affected by the Slow status, 
    even though he is vulnerable to it. 
    What makes success so difficult to guarantee against Ozma is the possibility 
    that she may use Meteor wiping out all your team at once, followed by Curse. 
    There is no way to guarantee Meteor won't KO everyone, although it will be 
    less likely if everyone has high HP and/or Shell. If Curse follows it will 
    almost certainly KO everyone who came back with Auto-Life.  
    The best way to reduce the risk of Meteor->Curse is to fulfill the 
    conditions for Ozma's other attacks. The best way to reduce the frequency of 
    Meteor is to ensure as few characters as possible have the Reflect status, 
    since he won't use Flare, Death or Holy if all possible targets can reflect. 
    The only spells you can reflect are Mini and Berserk anyway. Reducing her MP 
    will also lessen the frequency of Meteor since he will use Absorb MP, but I 
    don't really recommend this (see below). 
    To reduce the frequency of Curse, you must fulfill any or all of these 
    - Reduce Ozma's HP below 50% of max. 
    - Make sure no one is in Mini status. 
    - Inflict Darkness on Ozma. 
    - Have at least on non-KOed character whose level is a multiple of 4. 
    - Have at least on non-KOed character whose level is a multiple of 5. 
    On an odd numbered turn Ozma can use these attacks. If her MP is 0, he can 
    only use Flare Star. 
    - ABSORB MP 
    Ozma only uses this if at least one character has more MP than her. It 
    transfers all of a character's MP to Ozma. She is most likely to use it if 
    you use Magic Hammer to reduce her MP, since initially she has 9999 MP. 
    - DEATH 
    Ozma won't use this on anyone who can reflect it. It KOs one character, but 
    may miss. 
    Attacks all participants in battle with Shadow damage. If you gave friendly 
    Yan a diamond, it will damage Ozma, otherwise it will heal her. Won't hurt 
    anyone who has any of the following equipped: Egoist's Armlet, Ninja Gear, 
    Demon's Mail, Pumice Piece. Can be returned on him for good damage. It's a 
    real breather when he does this. 
    - FLARE 
    Ozma won't use this on anyone who can reflect it. Non-elemental damage on 
    one character.  
    Does non-elemental damage on all characters. Damage = character's level x 
    50. May miss. The damage cannot be reduced. It is a nasty attack, but not a 
    problem if everyone has Max HP.  
    Ozma won't use this on anyone who can reflect or absorb it (Pumice Piece). 
    He will use it on characters that can nullify it though (Chimera Armlet). 
    Does Holy damage on one character.  
    - METEOR 
    Ozma's worst attack. Does random damage between 110 and 9999 (usually the 
    upper end of the scale). The only way to be sure of surviving it is to have 
    Auto-Life equipped. If everyone has Shell status it will improve your 
    chances of survival (but won't guarantee it). Note that Ozma's Meteor cannot 
    miss, unlike Vivi's (at least I've never seen it miss in hundreds of times 
    I've seen her use it). Similarly if you return it on her, the returned 
    Meteor will never miss either. Ozma's Meteor also costs just 40 MP, (as seen 
    if you equip Absorb MP on Quina), so it is a slightly different spell 
    (Vivi's costs 42 MP).
    On even numbered turns Ozma can use these following attacks. If her MP is 0, 
    she can only use Curse. 
    - CURSE 
    Inflicts physical damage on all the party (cannot miss). It also inflicts 
    status effects Slow, Poison, Confuse, Mini and Darkness. This attack is 
    lethal if it is used straight after wiping everyone out with Meteor, since 
    everyone will have low HP and no Auto-Life. For a character who is at the 
    back row of the party and who has a physical defense of 40, the attack Curse 
    will cause 1344-2688 damage on him/her (the damage will be halved when 
    Protect is cast, and increased by 50% when s/he is in Mini status). 
    - CURAGA 
    Ozma will only use this if his HP is below 50% of max. Recovers around 
    5,910~ 9,999 HP. 
    - ESUNA 
    Ozma will only use this if she has the Darkness status. Casting Esuna 
    removes Darkness. Soul Blade + The Ogre is the best way of inflicting 
    Darkness on Ozma. Darkness doesn't hinder Ozma in any way, but it can really 
    save your life if he uses Esuna instead of Curse at a critical time. 
    - LV4 HOLY 
    Ozma will only use this if there are characters whose levels are a multiple 
    of 4 (who aren't KOed). Inflicts Holy damage on those characters.  
    -LV5 DEATH 
    Ozma will only use this if there is a character whose level is a multiple of 
    5. Make sure precisely one character fulfills this requirement. That way it 
    will do minimal damage. LV5 Death KOs one character and is better than Curse 
    (especially after Meteor). 
    Ozma will use this only if no one is already in Mini status. Inflicts Mini 
    on everyone.
    Ozma can counter with the following moves (provided he has MP): 
    Ozma will do this twice during the battle, once when she's targeted with any 
    command (other than Attack or Item) when her HP is below 40000, and again 
    when it's below 30000. Inflicts Berserk on the attacker. May miss. Cure with 
    Gysahl Greens.  
    13-50% chance of use (depending on Ozma's HP) against any action that 
    targets Ozma, even if her HP is full and the attack caused no damage. 
    Recovers around 6800-9800 HP. Because of this spell, the battle will be 
    considerably more challenging if you try to steal her items, since even an 
    unsuccessful Steal attempt can trigger a Curaga counter. It also means even 
    if you hit Ozma for 6 attacks causing 9,999 damage in one turn (e.g. 
    Thievery, Dragon's Crest) you are not guaranteed to kill her before he has a 
    chance to use Curaga, since she could cast it after any and all hits.
    Theoden's general information of Ozma ends here.
    After viewing the general information carefully, we can find out that Ozma 
    actually has ONLY three attack that can process major threats to a level one 
    party: Berserk, Meteor and Curse, Since Doomsday can be absorbed or guarded; 
    holy/flare/death only kill one character, a phoenix down will solve this 
    problem; Mini won't reduce the damage of Limit Glove, Dragon Quest and 
    Thievery because the damage of those three attacks are fixed; Flare Star 
    only deals 50 damage on a level one party, it might kill Quina because Quina 
    must enter this battle with Hp one. 
    Ozma's agility won't increase any difficulty in this battle. First of all, 
    based on FFIX's level up system, characters' basic stats barely raise with 
    their level, so a level one party has just about the same speed with a party 
    with level 99. Second, if you read through the general information, you will 
    know that Ozma's ATB bar is filled ANY TIME you input a command, so no 
    matter how fast you are, she will always have a turn before your characters. 
    That's the reason I recommend having characters equip "Auto Raise" instead 
    of "Auto Haste".
    Note that it does not mean that if you input commands four times, Ozma will 
    move four times. If a person input a command, Ozma will surely have a turn 
    before yours, but the other three characters could still input command 
    during Ozma's attack animation, so the result would be Ozma still has only 
    one turn.
    The two major obstacles on our way to the glorious victory over Ozma are 
    Meteor and Curse. These two attacks will wipe out your party no matter how 
    you prepared your team unless they have Auto-Raise activated, and it only 
    works once. Which means if Ozma uses Meteor followed by Curse, or Curse 
    followed by Meteor, both combination will destroy your level one party. 
    Eiko's Phoenix summoning might revive your party, but the chance is very 
    After testing Ozma over and over, I found that Ozma almost always use Curse 
    as her second attack. She rarely uses mini and she won't use level 5 death 
    or level 4 holy because everyone has level one. If you inflicts darkness on 
    Ozma with Zedane The Ogre + Soul Blade, Ozma will most likely ignore her 
    darkness status and still use curse instead in her second turn. The only 
    guaranteed way to prevent Ozma from using Curse is to reduce Ozma's Hp to 
    50% or below, and it is not likely going to happen in her second turn. Plus, 
    according to my research, even Ozma uses Doomsday as her first attack and 
    deals 9,999 damage on herself, and all four characters launch an all-out 
    attack (Quina casts LIMIT GLOVE, Eiko uses a DARK MATTER, Fryja uses DRAGON 
    CREST and Zedane used THIEVERY) and deals 99,999 x 5 = 49,995 damage on Ozma 
    in one turn, Ozma will still use curse as her second attack, and after 
    everyone is revived by auto-raise, most likely Ozma will cast Meteor to 
    finish the battle. I ASSUME that if Ozma does not use Mini as her second 
    attack, it will ALWAYS be curse. 
    As for Ozma's opening attack, it could be Flare, Holy, Death (rarely used), 
    Meteor or Doomsday with about equal possibility of each attack except Death. 
    After Ozma's curse as her second attack, she will use Meteor (70% chance) or 
    Doomsday (25% chance) after the curse attack. The other three attacks share 
    the rest 5% chance as the third attack of Ozma after Curse. 
    Note that Ozma's attack during her odd number turns CANNOT be the same 
    unless at least three of them have been used. So the ideal attack pattern 
    "Doomsday-Curse-Doomsday" cannot happen. If Ozma uses Doomsday as her first 
    attack, then it ensures Ozma won't use Doomsday in her third turn and it 
    will usually be meteor instead. And if the meteor is used after curse, it is 
    always fatal. So if Ozma uses Doomsday as her opening attack, basically you 
    cannot win this battle because it increases the chance of Curse + Meteor 
    happening, unless Ozma uses Mini as her second attack, which happens 
    extremely rarely; or Ozma does not use Meteor after Curse, and since 
    Doomsday is put of the picture, I don't see how often it could possibly 
    happen. But IF Ozma does not use Meteor after Curse in this case, your 
    victory will be ensured because Ozma has been damaged by Doomsday and every 
    of your characters were be able to attack Ozma since Doomsday kills no one, 
    Ozma's Hp will have less than 6,000. If Ozma does not use Meteor, one more 
    Thievery/Dragon Crest/Limit Glove will finish her. Just notice that if Ozma 
    uses Doomsday as her first attack, the chance of using any other attack 
    besides meteor after curse is VERY LOW. A Doomsday opening will either lead 
    you to death, or rarely leads you to an easy victory.
    If Ozma uses Meteor as her opening attack, it is even worse than Doomsday 
    since meteor kills everyone and they will be revived by Auto-Raise with Hp 
    one. And Curse will wipe out your party, if Phoenix does not save you.
    So, is there still a possibility of defeating Ozma at level one? Sure it is. 
    If those conditions are met (it does not happen as rarely as you might 
    think), your victory is almost ensured if you equip your characters as this 
    FAQ instructs:
    --Ozma does not use Doomsday or Meteor as her first attack (60% chance)
    --Ozma uses Doomsday after Curse (25% chance)
    The odd of those two conditions happen in one battle lies around 60% x 25% = 
    15%, which means these to conditions will be met in around every seven times 
    you attempts to fight Ozma (100/15 = 6.66...rounds up to 7).
    If you paid full attention on the entire FAQ, you may wonder why I recommend 
    having Zedane equipped with Chimera Armlet (guards Holy) and Pumice a piece 
    (absorbs Shadow and Holy) instead of Egoist Armlet (guards shadow). The 
    reason is because with Chimera Armlet and Pumice Piece together, the result 
    will be that the equipper absorbs Shadow and GUARDS Holy. And Ozma might use 
    Holy on a character if he/she is immune to Holy, but not if he/she absorbs 
    Holy, which means there is a possibility that Ozma casts Holy on Zedane as 
    the best scenario; and it won't do any damage on him, then you can launch an 
    all-out attack with four characters. But if Ozma casts Holy (or Flare, 
    death) and kill one person in her first turn, you can still attack with 
    three characters with three characters and deal 9,999 x 3 = 29,997 damage on 
    her, still quite good damage, just not as good as the result of all four 
    characters being alive and able to attack. And there is always a possibility 
    that Ozma kills Eiko in her first turn, and Eiko is the least important 
    member in your party since she can only deals 9,999 damage once by using a 
    If Ozma uses Flare Star as her opening attack, it could kill Quina since 
    Quina's Hp is one, but this attack may miss, the odd is depending on Quina's 
    magic evasion stats, that's why Quina's magic evasion stats is important in 
    this battle; for other three characters, Flare Star only deals 50 damage on 
    them and I don't see how powerful it could be. But if Quina is killed by 
    Flare Star, you could still win this battle with a fair possibility. See my 
    "battle reports" in the later part of the FAQ.
    After your first wave attack, Ozma will counter BERSERK once on a single 
    target, but it is not any big deal anyway since your characters will be 
    killed by curse later.
    Ozma will use curse in her second turn (Mini if you are VERY, VERY lucky) 
    and wipe our party out, and they will be revived by Auto-Raise if they are 
    not killed before). If Ozma uses Doomsday after curse, it will deal 9,999 
    damage on Ozma and kill none of your party members. Everyone's ATB bar will 
    be filled during the long animation of Doomsday and you can have every alive 
    party members launch an all-out attack again, have Eiko use an ELIXIR to 
    recover Fryja's Mp since her Mp should be Zero after using two DRAGON'S 
    CREST. Ozma will counterattack with Berserk once again and you must pray 
    that it misses the target (the chance is VERY LOW). If it does affect the 
    target, have Ekio use a Gyshal Green if she has a chance later.
    There IS a chance that Ozma will be defeated after your second wave of 
    attack, but most likely, she will counter Curaga once so it still leaves her 
    around 9,000~1,5000 left. Due to the heavy damage you have inflicted on 
    Ozma, she will NOT use curse in her fourth turn and she will cast CURAGA on 
    herself instead. You will have a chance to launch a third wave of attack. If 
    Ozma does not counter Curaga more than once, she will be defeated.
    Let me sum up a brief strategy review of defeating Ozma at level one:
    --Equipments and abilities for everyone:
    Zedane: Have The Ogre (optional), Chimera Armlet and Pumice Piece Equipped; 
    enable "AUTO-RAISE" "Bandit"(optional) abilities; must be able to deal 9,999 
    damage with Thievery.
    Fryja: Have Holy Lance and Devil Mail equipped; enable "AUTO-RAISE" "Flying 
    killer" (optional) abilities; must be able to deal 9,999 damage with Dragon 
    Eiko: Have EGOIST ARMLET and Phoenix Pinion equipped.
    Quina: Golden Hairpin, EGOIST ARMLET, Light Robe, Ribbon. These equipments 
    boost Quina's magic evasion. Must enter the battle with Hp ONE and full Mp.
    --Ozma must NOT use Doomsday or Meteor as her first attack (60% chance). 
    Have Zedane attack with THIEVERY (9,999 damage), Fryja attack with DRAGON 
    CREST (9,999 damage), Quina casts LIMIT GLOVE (9,999 damage) and Eiko use a 
    DARK MATTER (9,999 damage). It is possible that Ozma's first attack kills no 
    one (Holy on Zedane or Flare Star misses Quina). And if a character is 
    killed, it is still possible to win. The dead character will be brought back 
    by Auto-Raise.
    --Ozma will surely counterattack with Berserk once. And MIGHT counter Curaga 
    once or twice.
    --Ozma uses Curse as her second attack, which will kill everyone. Your 
    characters will be brought back by Auto-Raise if they are not killed in the 
    first attack. Most likely, you will have three characters available at this 
    point. But if Ozma's first attack did not kill anyone, you will still have 
    all four characters available.
    --If Ozma uses Meteor after Curse (70% chance), the battle is over. Reset 
    your game and try again.
    --If Ozma uses Doomsday after Curse (25% chance), it deals 9,999 damage on 
    herself and hurts no one in your party. Have everyone launch his/her best 
    attack. If Eiko is alive, she cannot attack anymore but have her use an 
    ELIXIR on Fryja. If the alive ones are Quina, Fryja and Zedane, or even 
    better, all four characters are alive, Ozma could be defeated after this 
    wave of attack if she does not counter Curaga at all (the chance is very 
    --Ozma will use Curaga on herself as her fourth move. Have everyone launch 
    their attacks and Ozma should be dead, unless she counters Curaga more than 
    twice. In this case, hope Ozma won't use Meteor as her fifth attack. It will 
    take you less than twenty attempts to defeat Ozma if you followed the FAQ 
    and did everything, every move that this FAQ instructs.
    I have defeated Ozma at level one four times so far, here is the record of 
    one of my victories over Ozma:
    --Ozma uses Flare Star as her first attack. 50 damage on everyone and kills 
    Quina. Quina is revived by Auto-Raise.
    --Fryja uses DRAGON CREST, 9,999 damage on Ozma.
    --Zedane uses THIEVERY, 7,180 damage on Ozma.
    --Ozma counterattacks with Berserk and hits Zedane.
    --Eiko uses a DARK MATTER, 9,999 damage on Ozma.
    --Ozma uses curse and killed everyone. Zedane. Fryja and Eiko are brought 
    back by Auto-Raise.
    --Ozma uses Doomsday, 9,999 damage on herself.
    --Fryja uses a DRAGON CREST on Ozma, 9,999 damage.
    --Ozma counterattacks with Berserk and misses Fryja,
    --Eiko uses an ELIXIR on Fryja.
    --Zedane uses THIEVERY, 7,180 damage on Ozma. 
    --Ozma casts Curaga on herself, 7,604 Hp was recovered.
    --Fryja uses another DRAGON CREST, 9,999 damage on Ozma and the battle is 
    Total damage: 9,999 x 5 + 7,180 x 2 - 8,304 = 49,995 + 14,360 - 7,604 = 
    63,355 - 7,604 = 55,751 damage while Ozma has 55,535 Hp.
    Note this battle report could have a better result if Ozma's Flare Star 
    missed Quina during her first turn and Zedane could deal 9,999 damage with 
    Thievery. On the other hand, you may notice that Ozma does not counterattack 
    Curaga in this battle at all, so I would say that this battle is fairly 
    lucky. But no matter how unlucky you are, it won't take you more than twenty 
    attempts, Ozma is not that tough. After you defeat Ozma, you will receive a 
    key item that we are all looking for, the STRATEGY GUIDE, Congratulations!!! 
    Save your game and brag your achievements to your friends!!!  
    The walkthrough should stop at this point. For those who are willing to go 
    on and finish a level one game, I recommend KADFC's Low Level Walkthrough 
    for more information about the battles in Terra and disc IV. Good Luck on 
    your quest!!!
    Appendix A: Locations of Chocobo Treasures (Yee Seng Fu, Chocobo Hot and 
    Cold Guide, 2001):
    This section provides a quick reference for the locations of all chocobo 
    treasures. If you are having looking for a specific chocobo chest, this 
    section will give you the help you need.
    1. Streamside: 
    Located at around the bridge near the Chocobo Forest, the intersection of 
    the river and the sea. Contains Elixir x 2, Hi-potion x 3, Ether x 4, 
    Germinas Boots x 2.
    2. Between Mountains:
    Located at the southwest of the Mist Continent. Contains Potion x 5, Hi 
    Potion x 5, Tent x 2 and Cotton Robe x 2.
    3. Uncultivated Land:
    Located at the swamp south of the Evil Forest. Contains Antidote x 10, a 
    Jade Armlet, Wind Edge x 3 and a Cargo Ship Card.
    4. Healing Shore:
    Located at the beach northwest of Cleyra Trunk. Gives Chocobo the ability 
    5. Abandoned Beach:
    Located at the beach south of Qu's Marsh in Outer Continent. Contains 
    Phoenix Pinion x 9, Phoenix down x 5, Peridot x 12 and a Diamond Glove.
    6. Cold Field:
    Located at the beach in the southern part of Lost Continent. Contains Echo 
    Screen x 5, Hi-potion x 7, Tent x 3 and a Theater Ship Card.
    7. Forgotten Lagoon:
    Located at the south of the Lost Continent. Contains Gysahl Greenx 8, Ether 
    x 5, Hi-potion x 7 and a Dragon Claw.
    8. Faraway Lagoon:
    Located in the shallow water west of Forgotten Continent, the west of 
    Oeilvert. Contains potion x 37, Magic Tag x 6, a Shield Armor and a Gaia 
    9. Abandoned Laggon:
    Go to the beach south of the Black Mage Village and head west. Contains soft 
    x 6, Ether x 4, a Feather Boots and a N-Kai Armlet.
    10. Bird's Eye Laggon:
    Located in the shallow water northwest of Lindblum's Dragon Gate. Contains 
    Potion x 8, Phoenix down x 4, Ether x 3 and one Magician Robe.
    11. Small Beach:
    Located in the shallow water between islands southeast of Chocobo Forest. 
    Contains Remedy x 4, Elixir x 2, Rising Sun x 8 and an Oak Staff.
    12. Dawn Lagoon:
    Located next to an island south of Treno. Gives Chocobo the ability 
    13. Forbidden Forest:
    Located in the forest in close to the center of the Mist Continent, which is 
    surrounded by mountain. Contains Ether x 7, Elixir x 2, Wing Edge x 10 and 
    one High Mage Staff.
    14. Green Plains:
    Located at the heights northwest of the Evil Forest and close to the sea. 
    Grants Chocobo the ability "Ocean"
    15. Dusk plains:
    Located in the mountain North West of the Wind Shrine. Contains Phoenix 
    Downs x 12, Ore x 14, Kaiser Knuckles and an Iron Man Card.
    16. Forgotten Plains:
    Located in the plain south of Ipsen Castle. Contains ore x 17, Ether x 5, 
    Opal x 14 and a Demon's Mail.
    17. Sea at Dusk:
    Located in the Ocean Northeast of Wind Shrine. It contains Phoenix Pinion x 
    15, a White Robe, a Diamond and a Masamune Card. 
    18. Ocean:
    There is an island with a long beach east of Forgotten Continent, go east 
    from that island. It contains Ore x 27, a Light Robe, a Whale Whisker and a 
    Alexander Card.
    19. Cold Lagoon:
    Located in the Ocean northwest of the Lost Continent. Contains Peridot x 11, 
    Opal x 9, Sapphire x 15 and Topaz x 19.
    20. Mist Ocean:
    Located in the ocean northeast of the two small islands northeast of 
    Alexandria Harbor. Grants Chocobo the ability "Sky".
    21. Outer Island:
    Located on the Island east of Kuja's Desert Palace. Contains Amethyst x 21, 
    Garnet x 16, a Genji Armor and a Ragenarok.
    22. Outer Island II:
    Located on the Island northwest of Kuja's Desert palace. Contains Sapphire x 
    11, a Circlet, a Pumice piece and a Hilda Garde III card.
    23. Fairy Island:
    Located on the Island southwest of Iifa tree. Contains Potion x 33, 
    Annoyments x 15, a Holy Miter and a Dark Matter Card.
    24. Forgotten Island:
    Located on the Island northeast of Qu's Marsh in Forgotten Continent. 
    Contains a Ribbon, a Rebirth Ring, Amethyst x 13 and an Ark Card.  
    For the locations of bubbles and Cracks, please refer to  
    http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/file/final_fantasy_ix_map.jpg provided by 
    Ng Yeow Leong for more details.
    Appendix B: The Adjusting Entries of a Level One FFIX game.
    I was having a struggle about if I should compose this section or not. 
    Because as for me, it is very obvious that you won't run out of money since 
    you can collect big money by defeating bosses, selling phoenix pinions and 
    Ethers, and also, you could pick up money in many places.
    However, it appears to me that the true knowledge only belongs to few 
    players I suppose. People kept asking me that how can you acquire the 
    necessary to play Chocobo Hot and Cold and purchase the necessary 
    equipments. Not to be rude, but I must say that this is the most ignorant 
    question I have ever heard about this challenge so far, and it broke my 
    heart that so many players asked me the same question, while the answer is 
    very obvious. In order to satisfy most players with less advanced gaming 
    skill and knowledge, I have no choice but write entries that express the 
    revenue and the expense of a level one game, hopefully it will clear many 
    people's doubt about the financial problem of a Level One FFIX game.
    This Adjust Entries starts at the beginning of the Disc one, and ends in the 
    middle of Disc III, after you can control Blue Narciss, because you can use 
    "Cotton Robe Trick" to make 400,000 Gils in less than one hour once you can 
    control Blue Narciss. The following part is composed by Ultima 13, another 
    elite player on GameFaqs:
    Money Spent 
    Iron Sword - 660 
    Leather Wrist - 200 
    Leather Wrist - 200 
    Leather Wrist - 200 
    Feather Hat - 200  
    Feather Hat - 200  
    Feather Hat - 200 
    Glass Armlet - 250 
    Glass Armlet - 250 
    Glass Armlet - 250 
    Headgear - 330 
    Headgear - 330 
    Headgear - 330 
    Iron Helm - 450 
    Leather Plate - 530 
    Linen Cuirass - 800 
    Mage Masher - 500 
    The Ogre - 700 
    Steepled Hat - 260 
    Yellow Scarf - 400 
    Glass Armlet - 250 
    Glass Buckle - 500  
    Mythril Gloves - 980 
    Magus Hat - 400 
    Magus Hat - 400 
    Magus Hat - 400 
    Barbut - 600 
    Bronze Vest - 670 
    Total money for equipment : 11440 
    30 Potion - 1500 
    20 Phoenix Down - 3000 
    5 Soft - 500 
    5 Antidote - 250 
    5 Eye Drops - 250 
    5 Echo Screen - 250 
    3 Tent - 2400 
    Total money for items: 8150  
    20 Chocobo Hot & Cold Games - 1200 
    Equipment - 11440 
    Items - 8150 
    Chocobo - 1200 
    Total: 20790 
    Money Made 
    Swordfight - 10000 
    Total money from bosses - 2943 
    3 Phoenix Pinions - 3000 
    About 15 Ethers - 15000 
    Gil found - 3000 
    Chocobo Hot & Cold - 500* 
    Total money made : 33943 
    * This is an approximate amount. You may find more or less money than 
    Spent - 33943 
    Made - 20790 
    Left - 13153
    Money Spent 
    Mythril Rod - 560 
    Mythril Gloves - 980 
    Barbut - 600 
    Mythril Sword - 1300 
    Bone Wrist - 330 
    Bandana - 500 
    Chain Mail - 1200 
    Lightning Staff - 1200 
    Coral Ring - 1200 
    Reflect Ring - 10000* 
    Power Belt - 1000** 
    Partisan - 1600 
    Mythril Armlet - 500 
    Mythril Armlet - 500 
    Mythril Armlet - 500 
    Bandana - 500 
    Mage's Hat - 600 
    Mythril Helm - 1000 
    Mythril Armor - 1830 
    Mage's Hat - 600 
    Mage Masher - 500 
    Exploda - 1000 
    Barrette - 1800 
    Stardust Rod - 760 
    Adaman Vest - 1600 
    Ritual Hat - 1000 
    Ritual Hat - 1000 
    Ritual Hat - 1000 
    Magic Armlet - 1000 
    Magic Armlet - 1000 
    Survival Vest - 2900 
    Rune Tooth - 2000 
    Total money for equipment - 42030 
    * You buy this at the Auction House, so the price varies. 
    ** You get this from the Four-Armed Man in Treno. 
    50 Potion - 2500 
    20 Phoenix Down - 3000 
    5 Magic Tag - 750 
    15 Tent - 12000  
    Total money for items - 25000 
    Equipment - 42030 
    Items - 25000 
    Total - 67030 
    Money Made 
    Money left over - 13153 
    Stellazzio Money - 8000 
    Money from bosses - 14610 
    Gil found - 11600 
    15 Phoenix Pinions - 15000 
    About 15 Ethers - 15000 
    Auction House Profit* - 7000 
    Total money made - 84363 
    *You can buy the Doga's Artifact, Une's Mirror, and Griffin's Heart from the 
    Auction House and sell them to the townspeople for more money than you paid 
    for them. This number will vary, because you buy these in the auction. 
    Spent - 84363 
    Made - 67030 
    Left - 17333 
    After Disc 2, you will only need to buy a few things before you get the Blue  
    Narciss. If you do run out of money, you can get 10000 more from Stellazzio 
    and 15000 for beating Catoblepas in the Treno Weapon shop. Also, if you leave 
    Treno during the card tournament, you can go to Dali and get the Mayor's Key. 
    This will get you 30000 Gil and the Burman Coffee. That will last you until  
    you get the Blue Narciss. When you do get the Blue Narciss, you can start  
    doing the Cotton Robe trick and getting as much money as you need.
    VI. Appendix C: Completing a level one game
    This section is composed for players who are willing to complete a "Level 
    One" game after defeating Ozma. Note that a "PERFECT" level one game cannot 
    be completed because of the story line takes place in Pandemonium in the end 
    of the4 disc III. However, you can properly contribute the EXP to only three 
    people and leave another five characters staying at level one and complete 
    the game.
    This appendix describes the battles after Walkthrough Part A. I will only go 
    through major battles and avoid too many details about other side quests and   
    acquisitions of items, since completing a level one game is not the main 
    purpose of this FAQ.
    + Ipson Castle +  
    BOSS: Daharka      Hp: 29,186
    --Have Zedane, Vivi, Fryja and Eiko in party. Equip at least one of them 
    with Madian Ring. Which absorbs ice. Enable Zedane the ability BANDIT and 
    MASTER THIEF (MASTER THIEF ability only available at this point if you 
    customize a Thief Glove in Daguerreo's synthesis shop. Equip Eiko/Vivi with 
    Half Mp ability, if it is available.
    --Have Zedane steal Daharka's ORICHALCON, and Vivi Focus while Eiko is cast 
    RUBY LIGHT to protect the party members. After stealing the Orichalcon, 
    attack Daharka with Thievery, Dragon Crest and Firaga (5,000+ damage if Vii 
    has focused at least twice) and this battle will be ended quickly.
    + Earth Shrine +
    BOSS: Earth Guardian      Hp: 20,756
    This battle could be a bit annoying because you can only use Zedane and 
    Quina in this battle. 
    --Have both character equip AUTO REFLECT ability and equipments that can 
    absorb earth elemental attack, Gaia Gear is the most ideal armor for this 
    battle. Have Zedane equip Distract ability if it is available. Quina must 
    enter this battle with Hp one. 
    --Have Quina using Limit Glove and Zedane use Thievery constantly for a 
    quick battle. Try to steal the Rubber Suit from Earth Guardian if you want. 
    But you must give Zedane's Auto Reflect ability up and equip him with MASTER 
    --Adjust Steiner and Dagger's Equipments and ability before entering Terra. 
    Both of them MUST have AUTO-RAISE ability on, Steiner must have Ragenarok 
    and equipments that can absorb thunder elemental attack, coral ring would be 
    the best choice. Enable Steiner MP costing attack and Raise accuracy  
    ability if it is available; Dagger must have Gaia Gear and Pumice a Piece 
    and have BOOST ability activated. Customize 99 Opals will raise the power of 
    Shiva's Diamond Dust attack and would be a great help later on, (KADFC, FFIX 
    Low level walkthrough, 2002) but this part is optional unless Zedane's 
    Thievery cannot deal more than 7,000 damage.
    + Terra/Pandemonium +
    --Enable characters with following equipments and abilities:
    Zedane: Equip him with Orichalcon, Adaman Hat, GAIA GEAR and running shoes; 
    enable the AUTO RAISE and Distract ability. Place him in front row.
    Fryja: Equip her Dragon's Hair. Enable the Auto reflect ability. Place her 
    in front row.
    Salamander: Equip him with Kaiser Knuckle; enable the ability "Auto reflect"
    Quina: Adaman Hat (optional) and the ability "Auto raise" must be activated.   
    All three monsters in the incoming three battles are immune to petrifaction 
    and stop (to prevent Zedane using Sargatanas + Soul blade to finish the 
    battles before the allies' arrival and disrupt the story line). So leveling   
    characters up cannot be avoid. Your goal is to contribute all EXP on Dagger, 
    Salamander and Steiner.
    FIGHT #1: Amdusias       Hp: 6,578
    Zedane will be killed by Amadusia's Bio spell and revived by auto life, 
    Fryja will appear once Zedane's ATB bar is filled up. If Amadusia uses Bio 
    again before Zedane's turn, Zedane will be killed and the game is over. 
    Hopefully the agility bonus that has bee added by Orichalcon and Running 
    shoes will help Zedane to have a turn before Amdusias after he is killed and 
    revived. It works usually.
    Once Fryja arrives, have both characters attack and use phoenix downs to 
    revive the dead party member if it is necessary.
    After dealing 6,000+ damage Salamander will appear. Note that the monster's 
    Hp is recovered each time an ally shows up. Amadusias should use Bio or 
    Thundara and it might hit Fryja or Salamander and the spell will bounce back 
    on Amdusias because of the auto reflect ability. Have Zedane and Fryja 
    suicide quickly and Salamander throws a WIND EDGE and this battle will be 
    ended. This should be the easiest one among the three battles.
    Fight #2: Abadon      Hp: 12,658
    This battle is extremely tough and annoying because Abadon has an attack 
    called "High Wind" and it deals non-elemental damage (not wind elemental 
    attack...do not be fooled) on your party. The damage lies somewhere between 
    260~870 and cannot be reduced, it will kill everyone.
    You start this battle with Steiner and Quina. If Abadon kills anyone, the 
    dead person will be revived by Auto-Raise. Have Quina cast RERAISE on him.
    After two turns passed Zedane will appear and Abadon's Hp has been 
    recovered. Use Thievery and deal 9,999 damage on Abadon (I hope you can deal 
    9,999 damage with thievery at this point, or you must rely on Quina's Limit 
    Globe) and hope that Abadon does not use High Wind. After dealing 9,999 
    damage on Abadon, suicide Zedane and Quina and have Steiner attack Abadon to 
    end this battle. Be patient, because you are going to die MANY TIMES HERE!!! 
    If you are dead, sorry, you have to start over.  
    Battle #3: Shield Dragon      Hp: 10,921
    Shield Dragon will use Smash attack and kill Zedane and he will be revived 
    by Auto Raise. Once Zedane's ATB bar is filled, Dagger will appear. Have 
    Zedane use Thievery and wait' till both characters turn comes up. Suicide 
    Zedane and Have Dagger summon Shiva to cast Diamond Dust to end this battle. 
    You should be protected well by the GAIA GEARS since Shield Dragon uses 
    earthquake spell a lot.
    --After the three tough battles, save your game. Bring Zedane, Fryja, Quina 
    and Vivi to face the incoming boss fights. Adjust everyone's Equipments.
    Zedane: Orihalcon + Cornet + Coral Ring. Enable the abilities "Auto Raise" 
    and "Distract/Locomotion".  
    Fryja: Dragon's Hair + Rubber Suit (if you stole if from Earht Guardian)+ 
    Ribbon. Enable the abilities "Auto Raise" and "Distract".
    Vivi: Octagon Rod + Black Robe + Coral Ring. Enable Vivi the ability "Half 
    Quina: Must have Ribbon equipped and enter the battles with Hp ONE. Enable 
    Quina the ability "Auto Raise".
    BOSS: Silver Dragon      Hp: 24,597
    There is a risk that Silver Dragon might use SHOCK WAVE attack, which could 
    kill all four party members, and if it uses shockwave twice you will be 
    finished, other attacks from Silver Dragon can be guarded by equipping 
    armors or add-ons that absorb/guard wind element. Silver Dragon's Claw 
    attack has very low accuracy, if a character has Distract ability activated 
    Silver Dragon's Claw attack will miss him/her about every time. 
    Have Quina use Limit Glove, Zedane use Thievery and Fryja use Dragon Crest, 
    if you have spent time to power Thievery up, Silver Dragon will be defeated 
    in one turn. This battle is the hardest among the three boss fights. The 
    rest two are a piece of cake.
    BOSS: Garland      Hp: 42,484
    Garland's attack can only harm one person, and his wave attack or stop spell 
    may miss the target anyway. Have Fryja use Dragon Crest, Zedane use Thievery 
    and Quina use Limit globe if he/she is alive after the battle against Silver 
    Dragon. Vivi should use Phoenix Downs to revive the fallen allies, and have 
    Vivi cast Flare on Garland if more than three persons are alive. You should 
    not have any problem in this battle. Make sure before you finish Garland, at 
    least one alive character should be able to guard/absorb thunder.
    BOSS: Kuja      Hp: Around 41,000
    This battle is insanely easy if at least one of your characters have CORAL 
    RING equipped or any equipment that can guard/absorb thunder, because Kuja 
    can only use Thundaga as his main attack, and his Demi spell only reduce a 
    single target's Hp, but cannot kill the target. Few people suggest using 
    Eiko and cast Ruby Light, this strategy is entirely wrong. Ruby Light gives 
    the entire party reflect status and invites Kuja's Flare Star. Have the 
    characters that can absorb/guard Thunder use his/her most powerful move and 
    Kuja will be defeated in few turns. Disc III ends here.
                                     Disc IV
    + Black Mage Village +
    --Purchase necessary equipments and ride a Golden chocobo to dig the 
    ULTIMATE WEAPON for Zedane, the location is exactly where Terra was located 
    in disc III. After you finish the preparation, place Zedane, Vivi, Fryja and 
    Quina in your party.
    Zedane: Ultimate Weapon + Ribbon. Enable Zedane "Auto Raise" and "Distract" 
    Fryja: Dragon's Hair + Ribbon. Enable Fryja "Auto Raise" and "Distract" 
    Vivi: Octagon Rod and Magician Robe must be equipped, as well as other 
    equipments that can raise Vivi's magic stats Enable Vivi "Auto Raise" 
    Quina: Must have Ribbon equipped and enter the battle with Hp ONE, Enable 
    Quina "Auto Raise" ability.  
    + Memoria +
    BOSS: Shinryu      Hp: 55,450
    If Shinryu does not use Shockwave as his opening attack this battle is easy. 
    Have Zedane use Soul Blade via Ultimate Weapon to put Shinryu to sleep. Wait 
    'till everyone's ATB is filled, have Quina use limit globe, Fryja use Dragon 
    Crest and Vivi cast Blizzaga on Shinryu and have Zedane use Soul blade 
    immediately after the attack to put Shinryu to sleep again. If Fryja's Mp is 
    low, have Vivi use an Ether/Elixir on Fryja. This battle should be finished 
    in three or four wave of attacks.  
    After Landing Memoria, switch Vivi to Eiko. Have Eiko equip Phoenix pinion 
    and other three characters with Rosseta Rings. Enable every character Auto 
    raise ability and activate Fryja and Zedane's Distract ability if it is 
    needed for the next boss fight. For the random encounters, have Zedane equip 
    the ability ALERT and Fryja equip INITIATIVE, Zedane must have Madian Ring 
    equipped so your party won't be wiped out by Ash's SNOW STORM attack, this 
    attack is pretty annoying, I must say.
    BOSS: Maliris      Hp: 59,497
    Have Zedane use Thievery and Fryja use Dragon Crest constantly to have a 
    quick battle. Maliris' Flame Sword can be absorbed by Rosseta Rings. Have 
    Quina cast RERAISE on any ally who has fallen once and is not currently 
    protected by Auto raise status. AT LEAST one person needs to be in AUTO 
    RAISE status before you finish Maliris, because she will use SOWRD RAIN to 
    wipe your party out, if no one is in Auto Raise status and Phoenix does not 
    save you.
    For the next boss fight, equip everyone with armors/add-on that can prevent 
    WIND attack, Cornet and Ribbon are good choices. Everyone has AUTO RAISE 
    activated and Quina must enter the boss fight with Hp ONE. 
    BOSS: Tiamat      Hp: 59,494
    Have Zedane use Thievery, Fryja use Dragon Crest and Quina use Limit Glove, 
    you should be able to defeat Tiamat before its Jet Fire attack. Eiko should 
    act as a healer if anyone is killed by Tiamat's claw attack. Other attacks 
    from Tiamat will most likely be absorbed by Cornet/Ribbon. Tiamat absorbs 
    characters strength/magic power sometimes, but it won't change the damage of 
    Limit Glove, Dragon Crest or Thievery, since the damage of these three 
    attacks are fixed. This is the toughest boss among the Four Lords.
    For the next boss fight, Equip Fryja with DIAMOND GLOVE and other three with 
    RIBBON. Activate AUTO RAISE ability for everyone, distract might help a 
    BOSS: Karken      Hp: 59,496
    Have Zedane use Thievery and Fryja use Dragon Crest, Eiko use ETHER or 
    Elixir on any character is low on Mp. If Quina is killed by Karken's Ink 
    attack and bought back by Auto Raise, have Quina use Limit Glove to deal 
    some extra 9,999 damage. 90% Karken's attack are water-based and with proper 
    equipments, it cannot harm you. This battle is the easiest one among Four 
    For the next boss fight, equip everyone with Gaia Gear or Feather Boots. 
    Activate AUTO RAISE ability for each character. Distract is necessary if it 
    is available.
    BOSS: Lich      Hp: 60,000
    Lich uses Earthquake/Earth Shake spell and they will be absorbed by Gaia 
    Gears/Feather Boots, however, Lich also uses physical attack and Death Spell 
    sometimes with fair accuracy, that's why have Distract ability in this 
    battle is essential. Lich is an agile boss and you may need two healers in 
    this battle, preferably Quina and Eiko; Have Zedane use Thievery and Fryja 
    use Dragon Crest as usual.
    + Crystal World + 
    --Enemies here give you high Ap and no EXP. If you still have some necessary 
    abilities need to be mastered, here is a good place. Zedane's Sargatana + 
    Sould Blade works like a charm here.
    --Before you face Kuja, save your game and adjust equipments.
    Zedane: Ultimate Weapon + Adaman Hat + Rosseta Ring. Other equipments may be 
    adjusted based on the MAGIC EVASION bonus. Activate the "AUTO RAISE" and 
    "DISTRACT" ability. 
    Fryja: Dragon's Hair + Platina Armor + Rosseta Ring. Other equipments may be 
    adjusted based on the MAGIC EVASION bonus. Activate the " AUTO RAISE" and 
    "Distract" ability. 
    Eiko: Adaman Hat + Madian Ring. Other equipments may be adjusted based on 
    the MAGIC EVASION bonus. Activate the ability "Auto Raise"
    Quina: Adaman Hat + Rosseta Ring. Other equipments may be based on the MAGIC 
    EVASION bonus. Activate the ability "Auto Raise"
    The equipment setting above is for Necorn because Trance Kuja is actually a 
    piece of cake. You MUST follow this FAQ if you want to defeat Necorn with 
    minimal effort.
    BOSS: Death Guise      Hp: 55,535
    The worst thing is this battle is Death Guise's METEOR opening attack, which 
    deals 40~5,000+ damage on every character. If Death Guise use Spin attack 
    after Meteor, it will kill every character that is brought back by Auto 
    Raise and the battle is over, unless Phoenix appears and save you.
    You may have to attempt this battle for at least ten times. There is a 
    chance that Death Guise's Meteor does not kill Zedane, and other people will 
    be revived by auto raise. In this case, have Zedane use SOUL BLADE to put 
    Death Guise to sleep and have Quina use Limit Glove and Fryja use Dragon 
    Crest. Zednae must use soul blade again after the attacks to put Death Guise 
    to sleep again. Have Eiko use an ether on Fryja if her Mp is getting low. 
    Also, there is a chance that Death Guise uses Claw Attack after Meteor, 
    which may miss Fryja or Zedane if they have Distract ability activated. 
    --After you defeat Death Guise, GO BACK AND SAVE YOUR GAME!!! You can keep 
    your current equipments, but you must adjust the activated abilities. Enable 
    Zedane and Fryja "AUTO REFLECT" and "AUTO POTION" abilities; enable Eiko 
    "AUTO RAISE" ability; enable Quina "AUTO REFLECT" ability he/she must enter 
    the battle with Hp ONE. Once the preparations are done, save your game 
    BOSS: Trance Kuja      Hp: 55,535
    Trance Kuja always uses Flare or Holy as his opening attack (the only 
    exception is that everyone is in reflect status, then he will use Flare 
    Star) and he will use it on Eiko since she is the only one that is not in 
    reflect status. Have Zedane use Thievery, Quina use Limit Glove and Fryja 
    use Dragon Crest inflict heavy damage on Trance Kuja. Eiko will be revived 
    by Auto Raise.
    After Trance Kuja's Hp is below 30,000, he will start to abuse and randomly 
    COUNTERATTACKS with Flare Star, the damage is equal to 35 x the target's 
    level, so the result is dealing 35 damage on the entire party, and it has 
    very low accuracy. However, Quina and Eiko might still be killed by Kuja's 
    Flare Star; Zedane and Fryja should be safe because they have Auto Potion 
    ability enabled. If Eiko successfully avoid Trance Kuja's Flare Star, have 
    her use an ELIXIR on Fryja, Quina might have a chance to use Limit Globe 
    again, depends on if Trance Kuja counterattacks Zedane and Fryja's attack 
    with Flare Star. This battle should be very easy but you must finish him 
    quickly. Trance Kuja will cast reflect on him and cast Holy/Flare on him and 
    the spell will bounce back to Zedane or Fryja. Trance Kuja also uses Curaga 
    when his Hp is below 10,000, but it only recovers 2,800~3,297 Hp, nothing 
    big deal.
    --After defeating Trance Kuja, you will have a chance to adjust your party 
    member again. Use same party, same equipments, but different ability. 
    Everyone should have AUTO RAISE activated. Have Fryja and Zedane equip the 
    JELLY ability.  
    BOSS: Necorn/ Aka Eternal Darkness      Hp: 54,532~59,999 
    Finally you made it this far, and you are so close to complete a level one 
    game!!! However, Necorn is not a pushover (although he is still quite weak) 
    and it you lose to him, you have to battle Trance Kuja again.
    If you followed the FAQ, each character should be invincible against at 
    least two elements among fire, thunder and ice. It will prevent your party 
    being wiped out by Necorn's Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga spell and expire the 
    Auto Raise Status. Necorn uses Blue Shock Wave as his opening attack, 
    followed by either "GA" spell or protect/shell. The possibility is 
    completely random. 
    Blue Shock Wave reduces a single target's Hp to one, so if it hits Quina, 
    have Quina use Limit Glove on Necorn for 9,999 damage. If not, do not have 
    Quina do anything and wait 'till Necorn uses "GA" spells, and have Quina 
    cast Reraise on those who were killed and revived by Auto Raise. Other than 
    that, have Fryja use Dragon Crest, Zedane use Thievery and Eiko use a Dark 
    Matter (if you have defeated Ozma then you might not have one since Ozma 
    does not always spoil a Dark Matter) on Necorn. 
    Necorn will use Grand Cross when his Hp is below 27,000~35,000, so you will 
    surely see this attack at least once. It might inflict various negative 
    status changes (death, mini, berserk, petrifaction, heat, freeze, silence, 
    blindness, confuse, poison, venom, zombie or reducing Hp to one) on all 
    opposing target. Note that every character will suffer up to three status 
    changes, and it IS possible for any character avoiding Grand Cross 
    completely, but I don't see it happens too often. The Jelly ability will 
    raise Zedane and Fryja' chance to survive this attack, at least a little. 
    Hopefully at least one person is still alive and keeps his/her Auto Raise 
    status, or you will have trouble later because Necorn always uses Neutron 
    Ring after Grand Cross and it deals 1,000~3,000 damage on the entire party, 
    if no one is in Auto Raise Status this battle is ended.
    IF you survive Neutron Ring, then your victory is ensured because Necorn 
    will use blue shockwave three times before the next Grand Cross and you will 
    have enough time to finish him. Have the alive character revive the party 
    but ignore Eiko. Have Fryja use Dragon Crest, Zedane use Thievery and Quina 
    act as a healer, or he/she can use Limit Glove if his/her Hp is still one. 
    Good luck on beating Necorn!!!
    VII. Reference List/ Thanks (In alphabetical order)
    --CJayC, for creating this wonderful site and posting this FAQ.
    --Echow(12/12/00), Side Quest/Secret Guide, available in
    -- Etoh-21/SNOWS-san (10/30/00), Excalibur II FAQ (JP), available in 
    http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/file/final_fantasy_ix_excalibur_ii.txt, . 
    For providing few general concepts of a low level game.
    --Hyprophant, of course. Hyprophant is the one who developed the entire 
    strategies of defeating Ozma at level one and the only author of this FAQ. 
    --KADFC (11/03/02), Low Level FAQ/Walkthrough, available in 
    http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/file/final_fantasy_ix_low_level.txt, For 
    inspiring me few advanced strategies of few battles in a level one game.
    --Kmwill23, for reviving this lost challenge.
    --Ng Yeow Leong (12/28/00), World Map/Treasure Locations (JPG), available in 
    --Theoden, for providing accurate and detailed information of Ozma. His 
    words truly helped me to obtain my victory over Ozma with a level one party.
    --Ultima 13, for completing the entry. I don't know how much should I thank 
    him because I could not find any time to do such a complex work. 
    --Yee Seng Fu (7/21/01), Chocobo Hot and Cold Guide, available in 

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