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    Boss FAQ by Blackestmage

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     |     \   |  |   |  \/ __ \|  |__
     \___  /   |__|___|  (____  /____/
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    \_   _____/____    _____/  |______    _________.__. |   \   \/  /
     |    __) \__  \  /    \   __\__  \  /  ___<   |  | |   |\     / 
     |     \   / __ \|   |  \  |  / __ \_\___ \ \___  | |   |/     \ 
     \___  /  (____  /___|  /__| (____  /____  >/ ____| |___/___/\  \
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    By Squaresoft.
    Boss FAQ by Blackestmage. Copyright 2004.
    Table of contents
    1- Introduction
    2- Bosses' strategies
    3- General tips
    4- Characters' best weapons
     a. Zidane’s Ultima Weapon
     b. Garnet/Dagger’s Whale whisker
     c. Vivi’s Mace of Zeus
     d. Steiner’s Excalibur, Ragnarok and Excalibur II
     e. Eiko’s Angel flute
     f. Freya’s Dragon Hair
     g. Amarant’s Rune claws
     h. Quina’s Gastro Fork
    5- Characters' abilities
     a. Zidane Tribal
     b. Garnet Till Alexandros 17th/Dagger
     c. Vivi Orinutia
     d. Aldebert Steiner
     e. Eiko Carol
     f. Freya Crescent
     g. Amarant Coral
     h. Quina Quen
    6- Trance(description for each characters)
     a. Zidane
     b. Garnet/Dagger
     c. Vivi
     d. Eiko
     f. Freya
     g. Amarant
     h. Quina
    7- Optional Bosses’ strategies
     a. Tantarian
     b. Quale
     c. Hades
     d. Ozma
       I- His stats and attacks
      II- Friendly Monster Quest
     III- Required stuff
    IIII- The battle
    8- E-mail
    9- Conclusion
    10- Credits
    Legal disclaimer: This guide cannot be used for commercial matters. If you 
    would like to post it in your website, then make sure you e-mail me(asking 
    the permission) first. 
    Update: What I’m doing this summer is basically a clean up of all my guides. 
    I’m rewriting them(as I did with my Final Fantasy VII boss FAQ a week ago) 
    with better grammar and informations, since the older versions are... oh 
    well, let’s just say not suitable for the internet.
    1- Introduction
    Hi! Having a tough time dealing with Final Fantasy IX’s bosses? Then let’s 
    hope that you will enjoy this boss FAQ and that it’ll help you with your 
    various troubles. As you can see, I also usually include listings in my Boss 
    FAQs, so make full use of them. Most(keyword: most) of the bosses found in 
    this game aren’t DEADLY, yet I still thought that most of them were tougher 
    than the ones found in the other Final Fantasies(excluding that damn Final 
    Fantasy IV, of course). This guide is easy to use, you basically just have to 
    check the table of contents and type Ctrl+F to get to the section. With that 
    said, I hope that you will enjoy the lecture!
    2- Bosses’ strategies
    The main section of this guide. The way I will proceed is fairly simple; each 
    bosses are numbered in the encounters’ order(in the story), and I list their 
    stats(boxed) right under it to then type the strategy. If you have any 
    questions or contributions regarding them(the strategies), refer to my e-mail 
    Alright? Here we go!
    Disc 1 bosses strategies
    Boss: Steiner
    HP: 169/167/162
    MP: 523/620/770
    Level: 1
    AP: None.
    Steal: Leather Hat, Silk shirt
    Difficulty: Easy
    The first battle with Steiner is actually the third encounter in the game. I 
    didn’t make any strategies for the two previous ones though since they were 
    more like tutorial battles. You will fight Steiner 3 times in a row(in 
    different areas, respecting the storyline), and each battles are nearly all 
    the same, except for a few minor things. The first battle is the essential one
    (and the reason why I’m including it in my guide). Why? Well, you see, the 
    thief feature in this game is really important. By stealing a certain boss or 
    enemy, you can acquire items that can only be gotten later on(from the point 
    of the battle with that boss/enemy that is). Most bosses in the games got 
    interesting items to snatch, meaning that I will inform you about it whenever 
    an item will be worth stealing(in my strategies). One thing to know though, 
    is that as you could’ve noticed already, Final Fantasy IX took back the 
    oldschool job system of the older Final Fantasies, meaning that you can only 
    steal an opponent with a thief character. Which ones are these? Marcus, 
    Blank, Cinna and of course, Zidane. That last one being the main character of 
    the game(meaning that you will control him for most of the playthrough), he 
    is the thief that you’ll need to rely on. With that said, let’s see what 
    Steiner got in his inventory; Leather Hat and Silk Shirt. So basically just 
    keep using Zidane and Blank’s turns to steal both items properly. Note that 
    sometimes, items will be tougher to steal, so you will have to keep trying. 
    Once that is done, just finish off Steiner with normal physical attacks. The 
    second battle with the knight is on the stage of the play, meaning that you 
    won’t be able to steal anymore since the command will be replaced by the 
    special effect magics(which are useless). Your characters will be switched as 
    well(Marcus joining the fun while Cinna and Blank will be replaced by Vivi 
    and Garnet). Finally, as you deplete Steiner’s HP some more, the third battle 
    will engage after an FMV. See, ugly fat Queen Brahn has thrown a Bomb on the 
    ship, which will be positioned right behind Steiner. If you played other 
    Final Fantasies, you should know that these types of enemies like to grow 
    their sizes to eventually blow up in a self-destruct attack. You cannot 
    target it though, so you will just have to keep focusing on attacking Steiner 
    with what ever you got(physical attacks and Vivi’s Fire black magic. You 
    could also use Garnet as an healer with her cure but I doubt that you’ll ever 
    need to regen some HP in this battle). The party will try to warn Steiner of 
    the Bomb behind him but he will think that it is a trap, so he just won’t buy 
    it and will keep fighting until... 
    Booooom! You get the picture (-_-).
    Boss: Prisoncage
    HP: 533
    MP: 1186
    Level: 2
    AP: 3.
    Steal: Broadsword, Leather Wrist.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Easy battle here, but you need to watch out for one thing; Princess Garnet. 
    Prisoncage has her trapped in his stems, and he will absorb points of her 
    health whenever he doesn’t use his turn to attack you(which is when he uses 
    his left or right stem as physical offenses). Meaning that you will have to 
    heal Garnet so she doesn’t die. If she does, it’s game over. I’d recommend 
    you to steal the boss until you get to steal the Leather Wrist, and then 
    focus on your offensive arsenal. Zidane goes in Trance at the start of the 
    battle, allowing him to reveal some higher powers(check out my 6- Trance 
    section for more about it). I’d recommend you to use his Dyne skills. At this 
    point, you have Free Energy(for sure), but you could also have Tidal Flame(if 
    you took the time to steal a Mage Masher from Baku when he was masked in the 
    very first battle of the game). Do NOT use Tidal Flame though, because it 
    harms all targets, meaning that you will also damage Garnet, which is not 
    wanted. Basically just unleash Free Energy, and then just finish off the boss 
    with physical attacks. 
    As the boss is down, he will flee with Garnet who’s still trapped. After a 
    scene, he(the same Prisoncage or another one of his specie, not that I give a 
    flying duck about it) will ambush you by trapping Vivi. Here we go for 
    another battle with the same principe; Vivi is trapped, and the boss can 
    absorb his HP. Something different though is that Vivi will keep casting Fire 
    to deal a bonus damage. Basically just have Zidane and Steiner attacking the 
    hell out of the prisoncage, giving potions to Vivi whenever he’s too damaged 
    to survive another absorbtion.
    Boss: Baku
    HP: 202
    MP: 1285
    Level: 2
    AP: None.
    Steal: Hi-Potion, Iron sword.
    Difficulty: Easy
    A one-on-one duel between a brand new FORMER Tatanlus member and the 
    Tatanlus’s boss. What to do in this battle? Yeah, you gotta win, but what to 
    do BEFORE winning? Simple; make full use of Zidane’s Steal ability. You will 
    first get an Hi-Potion(probably), and then an Iron Sword. The sword might 
    take more than one try to successfully be stolen though. To talk about Baku’s 
    attacks well, he will use nothing but physical slashes with his sword. 
    However, he will deal different damage points each times because the attack 
    power of his offenses will be based on his comments(on top of the screen). 
    Sometimes he will deal 40 points, while some other times he will deal 0 
    point, because he’ll bump in the ground before reaching Zidane, like the big 
    loser he is. Still, if you didn’t get one or two levels in the Evil Forest, 
    you may need to use potions when your HP gets too low. But the battle is 
    Tip: Once you left the crashed Prima Vista to venture in the Evil Forest, you 
    will reach(after a couple of screens) an area with an hot spring and a 
    moogle. With the spring, you can regen your characters’ HP/MP simply by 
    touching it. The moogle is there to let you save. So basically just use this 
    place as your "home" for some time and battle enemies outside, gaining 
    levels. I would advice you to get your characters to lvl.5-6 before moving 
    on. Note that you can also steal Tents from Dendrobium enemies, so make full 
    use of that opportunity.
    Boss: Plant Brain
    HP: 916
    MP: 1431
    Level: 7
    AP: 20.
    Steal: Eye drops, Iron Helm.
    Difficulty: Fair
    This is technically your first real boss battle, with the music and so on. To 
    talk about Plant Brain’s attacks, well there is nothing complicated, he will 
    cast Thunder on one or all targets for 30-60 points, he will use his left and 
    right tentacles to harm one target and finally, he starts(correct me I’m 
    wrong)the battle by using Pollen, which inflicts Darkness on all targets. 
    Have Zidane using his physical attacks and Vivi casting Fire each turns. As 
    for Steiner, I’d suggest you to try out the combination of his sword and 
    Vivi’s magic. With Steiner’s Swd Mag command, you can have him harm the enemy 
    with a charged sword by Vivi(who doesn’t waste any turn) to multiple his 
    damage, thanks to the elemental factor. Since plant enemies are vulnerable to 
    fire, you will be able to do some great damage(up to 430 points, which rocks 
    for such an early point in the game). After a while(of depleting the boss’s 
    HP), Blank will join the battle. At that point, have him and Zidane focus on 
    stealing the boss to get his items(Eye drops and the Iron Helm). It’s easier 
    with two thieves, so that’s why I didn’t propose it earlier in the strategy
    (when you had only Zidane for that task). You could need to use some normal 
    potions once in a while, but the battle isn’t all that tough. Harder than the 
    previous ones, but nothing serious.
    Bosses: Black Waltz No.1
    HPs: 229
    MPs: 9999
    Levels: 2
    AP: 5(total).
    Steal: Remedy, Silk Shirt
           Mythril Dagger, Ether
    Difficulty: Medium
    Meh, let’s just say that this battle will give you a tough time if you didn’t 
    level up Zidane much since the beginning. If you did, then you shouldn’t have 
    too many problems. See, you only have Zidane, and Black Waltz No.1 won’t have 
    the guts to battle you one-on-one, so he will summon the Sealion, similar 
    creature to Aps(from Final Fantasy VII). Black Waltz will be using Fire and 
    Blizzard, which will both deal around 20-30 points on Zidane. The Sealion 
    will use Wing, which is pretty much like a swipe physical attack, dealing 
    around 15-25 points on Zidane. He will cast Blizzard too, for around same 
    magic damage as Black Waltz’s. Other than that, he will use Tsunami as well, 
    and as his HP gets lower, Sealion will dare to unleash Blizzara, which is the 
    lvl.2 grade of Blizzard, dealing around 60 points on your hero. What to do in 
    the battle? Beat down Black Waltz No.1 first, because if you try to take on 
    Sealion while he’s(the mage that is) around, he will keep healing him with 
    Blizzard. Oh and, nope, I wouldn’t bother stealing him. Now once the mage is 
    gone, let’s take care of the Sealion. Make sure you first steal it for a 
    Mythril Dagger(and an Ether, if you’d like), and then basically just use your 
    normal physical attacks. As it starts to cast Blizzara though, you will 
    probably need to drink a potion or two. The fact that it’s two-on-one will 
    also probably help Zidane’s Trance bar to increase quite easily, allowing you 
    to use the Tidal Flame Dyne skill, which works quite well in here. Stay focus 
    and you should win. If you can’t, you might just need to get a few levels. 
    Boss: Black Waltz No.2
    HP: 1030
    MP: 3017
    Level: 6
    AP: 5.
    Steal: Steepled Hat, Leather Plate.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Let’s see Black Waltz No.2’s attacks. He will cast all three black magic 
    elements; fire, ice and lightning. Meaning Fire, Blizzard and Thunder, all 
    three dealing around 60-70 points on one character. As his HP is depleted to 
    around halfway, he will unleash Fira, which is the lvl.2 grade of Fire, 
    dealing around 120-140 points on Steiner, Zidane and Vivi. In last, he will 
    also use Teleport, which is when he uses his staff to physically strike one 
    target for 40 points(about). You must consider his impressive speed as well, 
    since he will get around two turns per four of yours, which is fairly quick 
    since you have a party made of 4 characters. Seems like a rough one huh? 
    Unfortunately, it’s not. Why? Because the Black Waltz No.2 won’t attack 
    Garnet, errr, Dagger, sorry(gotta get used). Meaning that he will simply 
    focus on the three others, making this battle quite easy to win(just have 
    Dagger with Cure to support her allies, you won’t need to worry about her). 
    Zidane should steal the black mage for a Steepled Hat and then a Leather Plate
    (the plate could take a few tries though), and then use his weapons to 
    physically attack. Steiner should be using some sword magics, and Vivi should 
    Focus a few turns before unleashing a spell of your choice.
    Boss: Black Waltz No.3
    HP: 1128
    MP: 2080
    Level: 7
    AP: 0
    Steal: Steepled Hat, Linen Cuirass, Silver Gloves.
    Difficulty: Fair
    Black Waltz No.3 is kind of decent on the field, but I don’t see such a big 
    difference between him and No.2 in all honesty. He will use the three 
    elemental spells(Fire, Blizzard and Thunder) for around 60 points on one 
    target, and he will use Fira and Blizzara for around 100 points as well. 
    After depleting his HP a bit, he’ll start to float and cast Thundara on your 
    party for around 120 points. He isn’t fast though. For the strategy, you 
    could try to steal with Zidane. The Steepled Hat and the Linen Cuirass should 
    be easily obtained, while the Silver Gloves seem quite tough, so it’s not 
    much of a big deal if you let it go. As the battle start, Vivi will 
    automatically go into Trance, allowing you to use the Doublecast command. 
    Take that as an opportunity to double his magic damage potential. As for 
    Steiner, well you could use his sword magic command, or you could also try 
    out the Minus Strike ability whenever his HP gets low enough.
    Tip: In Lindblum, don’t forget to check out the Synthesis shop to acquire 
    some strong equipment!
    Boss: Zaghnol
    HP: 1574
    MP: 2342
    Level: 9
    AP: None.
    Steal: Mythril Gloves, Needle Fork.
    Difficulty: Fair
    Well, this battle isn’t really a boss battle. In fact, it’s an optional 
    encounter. A Zaghnol can be fought during the Festival Hunt, once you have 
    the whole Theater and Business District cleared of monsters with Zidane, at 
    the shop square. Killing him with Zidane will(actually should) name you 
    master of the hunt. To talk about the battle, well there isn’t much to say. 
    The Zaghnol is basically a weaker version of a Behemoth, using Heave on one 
    character for around 130 points. Also, it will charge itself with 
    Electrocute, allowing the use of Thunder at the next turn, dealing around 60-
    80 points on all targets(Zidane and Freya, in this battle that is). First, 
    naked the beast of its items(Mythril Gloves and Needle Fork), and then 
    basically just use physical attacks(with Zidane, if you want him to get the 
    points, since he needs to be the one who defeats the Zaghnol to get them, or 
    that’s what they say anyway). With the Ogre weapon and Beast Killer equipped 
    on your hero, you should be dealing enough damage to end the battle in a few 
    Tip: As you’re back on the World Map after the Lindblum events, you will be 
    able to meet a new ally in the Qu’s marsh to add to the party; Quina. With 
    him, you will be able to use Blue Magics. Search for a forest near the 
    marshes in which you meet Serpions enemies. These dragons can be eaten(by 
    Quina) to learn Mighty Guard. Though you probably won’t be able to use it 
    right now(MP matter), it’s a pretty good skill so make sure not to miss it.
    Boss: Gizamaluke
    HP: 3175
    MP: 502
    Level: 16
    AP: 5
    Steal: Elixir, Magus Hat, Ice staff.
    Difficulty: Rough
    Oh yeah, tough battle here. I’d say it’s the hardest one yet, so be prepared. 
    The Gizamaluke will be quite fast, and his attacks quite good. He will 
    counter any damaging black magics(like Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard) with the 
    Silent Voice, which silences the caster. Other than that, he will use Crash, 
    which is a physically based offense, dealing around 100-200 points on one 
    target. Water, the liquid black magic will also be one of his attacks, 
    dealing around 100 points on one target. As I told you already, he’s a quick 
    one, so you can expect to get hit twice per row. How to fix that? Simply have 
    Vivi cast Slow(with the Magus Hat you found in the Grotto). Afterward, have 
    Zidane steal an Elixir from the boss, and then focus on using physical attacks
    (he should be dealing over 450 points at this point, considering that you 
    leveled him up properly and that he’s equipped with the best weapon you could 
    get so far, which is The Ogre). Freya should be using Jump, and as for Quina, 
    I’d suggest that you simply use him as an healer and a hitter. Vivi, in last, 
    could use some of his black magics but as you know, he’s gonna get countered 
    each times by getting silenced so, making him an healer wouldn’t be such a 
    bad idea. What ever you do, don’t give up. Gizamaluke is an high HP user(over 
    3000 HP is quite impressive for this point), so just show what you got.
    Tip: There a few blue magics that you can learn in Burmecia(and the area 
    around). Angel’s snack from the Ironite for example(inside the ruined Castle).
    Boss: Beatrix
    HP: 3630
    MP: 3467
    Level: 14
    AP: None.
    Steal: Pheonix down, Chain Plate, Mythril Sword.
    Difficulty: Tough
    General Beatrix is the hardest opponent that you can battle in Disc 1, so 
    yes, she deserves the final boss battle spot for the first disc. The fight 
    cannot be won, because after a few turns(or once her HP is depleted enough), 
    she will end the battle with a vicious Stock Break, taking your whole party’s 
    HP to 1. To talk about her other attacks, well, she will use her sword to 
    physically hit one target for around 200 points. She will also use Shock, 
    which is a deadly move, dealing up to 750 points on one target. Quina could 
    use Mighty Guard on the party if you’d like, though he would probably use 
    nearly all of his MP on the same occasion. Rei’s Wind from Freya however, 
    will be extremely usefull in here, since it will put your four characters in 
    Regen status. Other than that, still on Freya’s role, have her equipped with 
    a Man Eater to then simply either strike the general, or have her Jump. Or 
    even both, why not. With that lightning staff you found in the castle, you 
    can have Vivi cast Thundara, which is finely effective on Beatrix. In last, 
    to talk about Zidane, have him use normal physical attacks. Stealing Beatrix? 
    Nah, her items(apart from the Pheonix Down) are tough to get and they blow 
    anyway. Also the fact that you are pretty much timed in this battle, so just 
    make full use of the arsenal you built during the whole disc!
    Disc 2 bosses strategies
    Boss: Black Waltz No.3
    HP: 1272
    MP: 344
    Level: 9
    AP: 5
    Steal: Steepled Hat, Flame staff, Lightning staff.
    Difficulty: Easy
    There isn’t much to type about this boss battle. Black Waltz No.3 is a total 
    mess from what happened to his poor self in disc 1. Oh well, let’s still list 
    his attacks: the three elements Fire, Blizzard and Thunder, all dealing 
    around 90 points on one target. He will also use his staff to physically hit 
    you(dealing crappy damages), and he will cast Freeze, which basically freezes 
    one of your character, meaning that you lose control of that one character. 
    You could steal him with Marcus if you’d like, though you should just finish 
    this encounter quickly. Have Steiner with the Man eater ability equipped and 
    you should be able to finish the battle in a few turns. If something goes 
    wrong(which shouldn’t happen, but oh well), you can always have Garnet 
    supporting the party.
    Tip: At Treno, there are two items that you definitely SHOULD pick up. Here, 
    I will list them below.
    - When you arrive in Treno and that you can control Steiner, you will get to 
    see many ATEs. The first ones that can be viewed will be "Treno Tradition" 
    and "Ambition". Check out the "Treno Tradition" to see Dagger getting 
    pickpocketed by a four armed man(that you should recognize). Head to that area
    (left path) and a new ATE will be available; "Pursuit". Check it out to see 
    the four armed pickpocket fooling Dagger in the chase. Go down the stairs to 
    that place and enter the mansion(where the pickpocket went). You’ll meet up 
    with the bastard in there, and he will totally screw his own poor self, 
    revealing the fact that he is a pickpocket. He will give you a Power Belt in 
    exchange though, which is worth way more than the gil he stole. With it, you 
    can have your melee characters learn MP attack, which is a skill that uses MP 
    to boost up your damage potential(physically talking).
    - If you’ve been collecting Stellazios since the beginning of the game, you 
    could give them to Queen Stella. She rewards you each times you give her one, 
    and as you lend her 4 of them, you will obtain the Blood Sword. Great sword 
    for Steiner, allowing him to life leech when hitting.
    Boss: Ralvurahva
    HP: 2296
    MP: 3649
    Level: 13
    AP: None.
    Steal: Mythril Fork, Bone wrist.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Relatively easy battle, Ralvurahva will use String, which basically slows one 
    target and deal a bonus damage of around 120 points. He will also use Devil’s 
    Kiss, which poisons one target. He can use Blizzara as well, though I’ve 
    never seen him do it. In last, he will use physical offenses for around 100 
    points. Have Marcus steal the boss for the Mythril Fork and the Bone wrist, 
    and then just have him use normal physical attacks. Steiner should be 
    normally attacking, or you could try some of his sword art skills if you’d 
    like. As for Dagger, well, like always, she’s good at supporting the party so 
    make full use of her white magics such as Cure, Protect, Panacea(to cure the 
    poison from Devil’s Kiss, if you don’t have Antibody equipped that is), and 
    so on. Once you depleted the boss’s HP, he will escape(so original).
    Tip: While climbing the trunk to Cleyra, there are many good blue magics that 
    you can learn with Quina. I will list the three best ones below:
    - White Wind: From the Zuu.
    - Auto-Life: From the Carrion worm.
    - Matra: From the Dragon Fly.
    Boss: Antlion
    HP: 3938
    MP: 3950
    Level: 16
    AP: 5
    Steal: Annoyntment, Mythril Vest, Gold helmet.
    Difficulty: Tough
    This battle’s pretty hard, but if you listened to my tips just above and 
    learned White Wind for Quina, then you will have an easier time. To describe 
    the Antlion’s attacks, well, he will use Trouble Mucus, which inflicts 
    Trouble on one of your character(and deal a few points of damage). He will 
    also cast Fira for around 170 points on one target, and in last, he will use 
    the Sandstorm, which puts your whole party’s HP to a single digit, inflicting 
    Darkness as well. As for his defense, he will dare to counter your attacks 
    with Counter Horn to deal between 150 and 200 points. Not bad heh? As you can 
    see, the Sandstorm attack is quite dangerous, bringing your characters’ HP in 
    crisis level and putting them under blind status. White Wind + Angel’s Snack 
    from Quina however, will fix the problem, since it will heal back for a few 
    hundred points(White Wind) and cure your statuses(Angel’s Snack, which 
    consists of using a Remedy on whole party). Just make sure that Quina is 
    always ready to make a move at any moment in the battle. Vivi should be using 
    ARA spells, while Freya should be using Jump. Zidane could try to steal, 
    though it’s not much of a big deal if you let go the Gold helmet(which is 
    tough to get). Eventually, you should win. 
    Boss: Beatrix
    HP: 4736
    MP: 3694
    Level: 17
    AP: None.
    Steal: Thunder Gloves, Pheonix Down, Ice brand.
    Difficulty: Rough
    As you can see, Beatrix has leveled up a bit. However, if you also leveled up 
    your characters with a level about as high as her and that you have the 
    required abilities, she will be easier, or that’s what I thought the 5-6 
    times I’ve beaten this game. Still a tough battle nonethless. Beatrix will 
    still be using her sword for some physical attacks, just that now she will 
    deal up around 240-280 points. Shock will still be her most devastating 
    attack, dealing around 750 points on one character. She does have a new 
    attack though, which is the Thunder-Slash, dealing around 600 points on one 
    target. I wouldn’t bother stealing her, instead, just use what ever you got. 
    Have Zidane and Freya equipped with the Man eater ability to simply pummel 
    Beatrix with normal attacks. Vivi should be using his Ara spells, while Quina 
    will just support the party with White Wind, and reviving the KO characters
    (if there are any). After a while, Beatrix will cast Cure(starting to choke 
    girl?), and that will mean that the battle’s about to end, because one or two 
    turns later, she will use the Stock Brock to bring your whole party’s HP to 
    1. Nope, you once again cannot win the fight!
    Tip: As you can control Steiner and Marcus again, you will be in Alexandria. 
    As they’re out of the cage(thanks to their originality at escaping), you will 
    be on a surface surrending a hole. You can battle an infinite amount of 
    Alexandrian soldiers there, that will always appear in teams of 2. Kill off 
    Marcus, and then just battle the soldiers over and over with Steiner. With 
    the Level-Up ability, you will get more than 1000 EXP per battle, allowing 
    you to get to some fairly high levels(for this point of the game). Even 
    better, if you got the Blood Sword from Queen Stella earlier in Treno, you 
    will be able to life leech with it, allowing you to not give a flying 
    duck ‘bout your HP. Take this opportunity, you won’t regret it.
    Bosses: Zorn & Thorn
    HPs: 4896
    MPs: 9999
    Levels: 16
    AP: 0,
    Steal: Partisan, Stardust Rod.
           Mythril Armor, Mythril Armlet.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Thank god, we can finally get a piece of these two little annoying scumbags. 
    Let me explain to you their strategy. Zorn has the Flare power, while Thorn 
    got the Meteor power. They can’t use it by themselves though, because they 
    need to charge each others before using the spell. Zorn, for example, will 
    give the Flare power to Thorn. Afterward, Thorn will be able to use Light 
    Flare once, dealing around 220 points on one target. When it’s Thorn who 
    gives the Meteor power to Zorn, that last clown will be able to use Meteorite 
    once, dealing around 300-400 points on party. Whenever a clown gets a power, 
    he will use it as he gets his next turn, meaning that they won’t be able to 
    both charge each others at the same time. What to do? Well, you can simply 
    hit the twin who was granted with a power to neutralize it. In other words, 
    just check who’s being granted with the power, and strike him. Keep doing 
    that until one of them’s HP is totally depleted, they shouldn’t even be able 
    to touch you if you know what you’re doing. Victory is easily yours. Oh and, 
    nope, I wouldn’t bother stealing them.
    Boss: Beatrix
    HP: 5709
    MP: 4203
    Level: 19
    AP: None.
    Steal: Pheonix down, Thunder Gloves, Ice Brand.
    Difficulty: Medium
    Hmm, as far as I’m concerned, I always have a godly Steiner at this point of 
    the game, allowing me to end this battle in 2-3 turns, thanks to his damage 
    of over 2000 points per hit(MP attack+ Ice Brand+ Man eater+ high level 
    because of tip above). Oh well, Beatrix will still be using the same attacks, 
    like Thunder-Slash, Shock, and her normal physical offenses. All seem to be 
    doing a little more damage, though I could be wrong(not that it would matter 
    anyway). If you don’t have a strong party(neither a strong Steiner, which 
    would mean that you didn’t listen to my advice just earlier), then have 
    Zidane, Freya, and Steiner the hitters, while Vivi will be healing with Hi-
    Potions. Anything that can boost up your physical damage potential(MP attack, 
    Man eater, accessories that increase Strenght, etc) is the key to this 
    battle. Just like in the previous encounters with Beatrix, you cannot win it. 
    After she’s damaged enough(or simply after a few turns of surviving), she 
    will end this match with Climhazzard, which does absolutely the same thing 
    that Stock Break did; every targets’ HP dropped to 1!
    Boss: Ralvuimago
    HP: 3352
    MP: 584
    Level: 18
    AP: 7
    Steal: Pheonix Down, Adaman Vest, Oak staff.
    Difficulty: Fair
    This isn’t hard, it’s actually quite simple, though it does require a certain 
    strategy. See, whenever you hit that snake(it’s actually a dragon but meh), 
    he will react to your attack and compact himself. When that happens, he will 
    be nearly immune to your offenses, since they will be dealing pretty low 
    damages. Also, he will then release its compactibility to cast Earth Power as 
    a counter to deal around 200 points on your party. Other than that, he will 
    use stab physical attacks to deal ~100 points on one target, along with 
    Thundara on party for 120 points(about). In last, he will use Ultra Sound 
    Wave, which inflicts Mini on one target(evil). Here is the strategy; hit him 
    so he compacts himself and then, just steal him. Don’t attack, just keep 
    stealing until you get all of his items(Pheonix Down, Adaman Vest and Oak 
    staff). What ever you do, do not hit him. Let him release his compactibility 
    by himself so you don’t get struck by the Earth Power. Afterward, just repeat 
    the same strategy, which consists of hitting him once so he becomes compact, 
    to then wait. Zidane’s physical attacks are fine, but Vivi’s Blizzara will be 
    quite good, since Ralvuimago is weak to Ice elemental. Dagger should support 
    the party, like always.
    Boss: Lani
    HP: 5708
    MP: 4802
    Level: 19
    AP: None.
    Steal: Ether, Gladius, Coral Sword.
    Difficulty: Medium
    This is quite an interesting battle here against a new enemy; Lani. She will 
    focus on attacking Dagger mainly, but it will happen that she will attack the 
    others as well. Let’s talk about her simple list of attacks; she will use 
    Aera quite a lot, dealing around 240 points on one target. She will use the 
    lvl.2 grade of the three elements(Fira, Blizzara and Thundara) as well, 
    dealing damages based on your resists(all around 250 points on an average 
    note). She will use Water too, along with physical attacks with her huge axe. 
    The deal in here is to STEAL her in order to get the Coral Sword. It will 
    probably take a few tries though, even with Bandit equipped. Quina, good old 
    ally, will do just like Dagger, which means supporting the party. Make full 
    use of White Wind and Cure. Vivi should be using his ARA spells, while Zidane 
    will just have the Man Eater equipped to pummel Lani(after stealing, of 
    course). This isn’t really a tough battle, just that you gotta focus on 
    keeping Dagger alive for what it’s worth(which is nothing but harrr!). After 
    you depleted her HP, Lani will escape. Is it me or it’s getting totally 
    unoriginal? How can you ambush somebody and still escape? Bah what ever, next!
    Boss: Hilgigars
    HP: 8106
    MP: 908
    Level: 28
    AP: 9
    Steal: Pheonix Down, Mythril fork, Fairy Flute.
    Difficulty: Medium
    Nothing unusual here, it’s actually a fairly oldschool boss battle. Hilgigars 
    will use his gigantic fists to physically strike one target for around 350 
    points. He will also use HipHop, which consist of stomping one of your 
    characters with his big ass(may sound funny but he really does that). His 
    best attack will be Earthquake, which deals between 300 and 500 points on 
    your party. You can cast Float with Dagger and Eiko however, allowing you to 
    avoid getting hit by the Earthquake. Protect is also quite usefull to defend 
    your characters against the boss’s attacks. Now, as for the enemy’s items to 
    steal, you really shouldn’t bother. Pheonix Down and Mythril Forks are items 
    that can be easily obtained. The Fairy Flute really is a good weapon for Eiko 
    though. Con? The chances to successfully steal the item are so low that you 
    will probably obtain your first promotion at your job(or graduate at school) 
    before getting it. Therefore, do not bother. For your offense, equip Zidane 
    with his best weapon to date, along with Man eater. Despite what you may 
    think, Hilgigars really is a human(his enemy type I mean). The boss is also 
    weak to lightning, but magic doesn’t seem to be all that powerfull against 
    him, so it’s your choice if you want Vivi to cast Thundara or not during the 
    fight. As for the girls, just have them support your party and cast Float, 
    like I suggested you to earlier. Long battle here, especially if you didn’t 
    work on your levels properly. Hilgigars will dare to cast Curaga when his HP 
    gets below 2000 to heal for up to 2300 points, so don’t quit and just keep 
    attacking until you are victorious!
    Boss: Soulcage
    HP: 9765
    MP: 862
    Level: 26
    AP: 9
    Steal: Magician cloak, Oak staff, Brigandine.
    Difficulty: Tough
    Oh yeah, here we got a fairly hard battle. Soulcage is an high HP user, and 
    his attacks are quite good. Let me list them, like I always do. Mustard bomb, 
    which inflicts Heat on one target. That abnormal status is terrible, it 
    instantly KO the victim as he tries to make a move. Soulcage will also use 
    Level 5 Death, which inflicts Death on every characters with levels multiple 
    of 5(example; 15, 20, 25 and so on). Other than that, he will use Shockwave, 
    which deals around 300 points on party. Fira, level.2 grade of Fire, dealing 
    up to 750 points on one target. In last, if you ever cast a fire spell on 
    him, Soulcage will be set on fire and then, he will add a new attack to his 
    list; Fire Blades, which is terrible, dealing around 600 points on party. But 
    how to win? Well, he is an undead, so as you know, these types of enemies 
    hate fire. As I told you though, do NOT ever use a fire spell on him; you 
    don’t want him to start to use Fireblades. You also don’t want to have any 
    characters with levels multiple of 5. Something else to know is how to get 
    rid of Heat. See, Body Temp allows you to be immune to it, but there is also 
    another way to get rid of it; whenever a character is inflicted with Heat 
    from the Mustard Bomb, cast Blizzard on him/her with Vivi. It will damage the 
    character, but it will also disable Heat. Alright, knowing this, you’re set 
    to block a few attacks of his pattern. Now, I’m sure you ask the same 
    question again: how to win? Vivi should be using Bio, while Zidane will first 
    steal a Brigandine to then focus on using physical attacks. As for Dagger and 
    Eiko, I would advice you to choose one of them as a supporter, while the 
    other one will cast white magics on the boss. Undead enemies are vulnerable 
    to such white magics, so you will be able to damage Soulcage with them(Cure, 
    Cura, etc). The battle could take a while(since he has high HP as I already 
    warned you, nearly 10 000 HP), so don’t give up and keep focusing on having a 
    good offense and defense. Yes, you could also finish the battle in one turn 
    by using a Pheonix Down or Life(since Soulcage is an undead) or by using an 
    Elixir. But there would be no fun in doing this. Right? Right.
    Boss: Red headed man.
    HP: 8985
    MP: 5865
    Level: 22
    AP: 9
    Steal: Ether, Poison Knuckles.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Meh, this battle is easy even in a Level 1 or Low level game. There is just a 
    trick to it, and it’s extremely simple. It’s a one-on-one duel between Zidane 
    and the scarlet hair. The opponent will be using nothing but physical attacks 
    of around 100-200 points. As for his defense, he will be moving around on the 
    battle field. You can only hit him when he says "Here I go!". If you try 
    while he’s moving around, you will simply miss him. As you can see, the 
    word "simple" is not enough to describe this duel’s mechanic. Even though he 
    uses around two physical attacks per turn, it still shouldn’t be taking down 
    Zidane. If it is for some reason, then just have Auto-Potion equipped. Make 
    full use of your Dyne skills if Zidane ever goes in Trance.
    Boss: Ark
    HP: 20 002
    MP: 1374
    Level: 38
    AP: 11
    Steal: Elixir, Power Vest, Holy Lance.
    Difficulty: Depends about you!
    This battle could be one of the hardest in the whole entire game(on the story 
    bosses’ side that is). With the right equipment however, you won’t see any 
    difference between Ark and the easiest boss in the game(which ever it is). 
    What to point out first? The attacks, like I always do! Ark will use 
    Whirlwind mostly, which deals around 400-500 points on your party, and casts 
    Float. He will use Photon as well, which reduces one character’s HP to 1. 
    I’ve heard that it was actually a counter attack, but meh. Another attack 
    that the boss will use is Propeller Wind, which inflicts Confuse on your 
    whole party. In last, he will also use Boomerang on your party to deal 200-
    600 points. I’ve heard that there was a mechanic to calculate the attack’s 
    damage but bah, not like we cared. So, let’s now talk about WHAT type of 
    party you should have. As Kuja told you earlier, Oeilvert ain’t a place for 
    mages. Knowing this, I hope that you brought nothing but physical characters. 
    Who are they? Zidane(duh), Steiner, Freya, and Amarant. Mages can’t use any 
    magic in here, so that’s why it isn’t a good idea to bring any(unless you 
    brought Quina because you wanted him to learn a few Blue Magics in the area 
    around). Now, what should these characters have equipped? Clear Headed. 
    Awesome ability that guards you against Confuse, which is basically Ark’s 
    best offense(Propelly Wind). With that, you are nearly set. Freya should have 
    Rei’s Wind, and any characters could use Auto-Potion(entirely optional). In 
    last, having Auto-Haste on Zidane will also be quite usefull. Now, in the 
    battle, have Freya cast Rei’s Wind on your party to put everybody under Regen 
    statuses, and then just keep stealing Ark with Zidane. You want the Holy 
    Lance here, though the chances of getting the item are very low. However, 
    trust me when I tell you that acquiring that item at this point of the game 
    is truly awesome, since it can only be bought later on in the game, at a 
    point that there is no coming back to the Worldmap in Disc 3. Therefore, just 
    have the patience and keep stealing until you successfully obtain it, and 
    then just finish the battle. With Regen on your party, Ark’s attacks 
    shouldn’t be bothering you. Even Photon won’t do much. For your offense, 
    physical attacks(with Bird Killer as an ally) work quite well. Amarant could 
    use Throw as well(just throw some of your best weapons that you won’t use 
    anymore). Make full use of Trance whenever you get the chance to use it. Yes, 
    Ark is good on the HP, but you should definitely be victorious, unless you 
    really messed up somewhere (-_-).
    Boss: Valia Pira
    HP: 12 119
    MP: 9999
    Level: 36
    AP: 11
    Steal: Nothing.
    Difficulty: Medium
    Hm, well, this battle requires a certain technical strategy... kind of, but 
    it’s simple. Meh, to be fair, let’s just qualify it as a medium one. Valia 
    Pira will use Firaga, Thundaga and Blizzaga, all dealing around 600 points on 
    one target(without any resists). But you can counter it by casting Carbuncle 
    with Eiko so your party gets put under Reflect status(or you could just cast 
    it manually but harrr). Point? Well, Valia Pira will cast spells on you but 
    they will be reflected right on his face to damage his own poor self. 
    However, his weakness is water, and other magics won’t deal much on him. 
    Knowing this, you should just be using water elemental spells such as Water 
    from Vivi, and Leviathan(the Eidolon) from Dagger. After a few turns though, 
    he will cast Reflect on himself. At that point, you won’t be able to directly 
    target him. What to do? Just cast Water on one of your character who is under 
    Reflect status so it bounces off back on Valia Pira. Note that the boss’s 
    strategy also varies on a certain factor; the number of bloodstones you have 
    obtained in the Desert Palace. I have never faced him without having taken 
    every bloodstones of the place though, so I don’t know what it changes. The 
    one thing I know is that it allows him to lock some of your stats, or 
    abilities, or what ever. 
    Boss: Red Dragon
    HP: 8000
    MP: 1242
    Level: 36
    AP: 3
    Steal: Tent, Ether, Elixir.
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Hmkay well, the Red Dragons aren’t bosses. They are actually enemies that you 
    will be forced to battle a few times in Mount Gulug, and they are somewhat a 
    bit tougher than the usual enemies, though they are still not all that hard. 
    They appear in pair of one or two, and they use two attacks that target-all. 
    Aerial Slash, 300-500 points on party and Twister, their best offense, 
    dealing up to 1500 points on your party. Having Wind resistance equipment 
    will help to protect you from Twister though. The red dragon will also use 
    Dive, which consists of a physical attack dealing less than 300 points on one 
    character(nothing to worry about). Key to victory? Well, let’s see how of a 
    Final Fantasy gamer you are. Usually, what are dragons weak to? Ice magics 
    right? Then just have Vivi cast Blizzaga and Steiner use his Blizzaga Sword. 
    Both will deal some pretty nice damage on the dragons, allowing you to win 
    quite easily. If you got Quina in your party, don’t forget to have him learn 
    the Twister Blue magic from these enemies. Any supportive auto-abilities will 
    also help.
    Boss: Meltigemini
    HP: 24 348
    MP: 1570
    Level: 42
    AP: 11
    Steal: Vaccine, Golden Hairpin, Demon’s Vest.
    Difficulty: Rough
    Impressive transformation, never thought that these clowns could do such a 
    thing! Oh well, here comes the strategy. Meltigemini will start the battle 
    with Viral Smoke, which inflicts Virus on your party. Afterward, he will 
    start using his normal attacks, like Bio, which deals up to 700 point on one 
    character; Wings, which deals ‘round 600 points; Venom Powder, which inflicts 
    Venom on one target. Have Antibody equipped on all your chars to block Venom 
    Powder, and then have Devil Killer equipped on your physical hitters, since 
    the boss is a Demon type. For your party, I like Quina with his White Wind. 
    Have Eiko cast Regen on your characters, then steal the boss with Zidane 
    until you get the Golden Hairpin. Afterward, do what ever you feel like 
    doing. Any attacks pretty much work, you just have to take care of healing 
    your whole party at each turn, thanks to Quina’s White Wind that is easily 
    possible. Stealing the Demon’s Vest will take you too many turns and it isn’t 
    worth it, since it can be bought in a bit. With that said, good luck and you 
    should definitely be victorious!
    Tip: After a few events, you will be able to travel around the world map with 
    the Hilda Garde 3, allowing you to take on many optional quests. I will list 
    them below, so read and pick!
    - Daguerro: You can visit the library of Daguerro southwest on the world map 
    on an isolated elevated island that can only be accessed with an airship or a 
    Gold Chocobo. You should visit it to check out the stores there, and 
    acquiring a few items.
    - Choco raising: The Chocobo Hot and Cold quest can be done anytime in the 
    game(when you have the opportunity of visiting the Chocobo Forest that is), 
    but now that you have an airship as your transportation engine, it’s the best 
    time to complete it, seeing as how it’s easily possible with the Hilda Garde 
    3. Check out a Chocobo Hot and Cold guide for more infos.
    - Yan Island: With a Gold Chocobo, you can go on Yan Island and battle the 
    Yan enemies over there for some NICE exp. They are not easy though, so be 
    - Sacrobless island: If you can’t go take on the Yan Island for some reason
    (like not having a Gold Chocobo), you could go at Sacrobless Island(at 
    Daguerro) and battle the Grand Dragons there. They give pretty good EXP.
    Boss: Taharka
    HP: 29 186
    MP: 1776
    Level: 46
    AP: 11
    Steal: Mythril Claws, Elixir, Orichalcon
    Difficulty: Medium
    If you took the opportunity of being able to do a world tour of Final Fantasy 
    IX’s universe with the Hilda Garde 3(or with a Gold Chocobo) before coming to 
    Ipsen’s Castle, taking on a few side quests as I suggested you just above, 
    then the battle will probably be cake. Taharka will use Ram and Chop mostly, 
    which are both physical attacks, to deal around 400 and 600 points on one 
    target. He will also cast Blizzaga, which won’t do much(around 600 on one 
    character). Curl however, is a command that he will use to become compact. 
    Your physical attacks won’t deal crap then. To win this battle, I hope that 
    you found out the castle’s secret; the weaker your weapon is, the bigger your 
    damage will be. You can play with both normal attacks and magics, though the 
    first option isn’t as effective because of Taharka’s good vitality. As for 
    his weakness, it seems that the best element to use on him is fire, so make 
    full use of Vivi’s magics and Steiner’s sword. You don’t want to end this 
    battle before stealing every items from the boss though.
    Boss: Earth Guardian
    HP: 20 756
    MP: 2234
    Level: 54
    AP: 11
    Steal: Rubber Suit, Avenger.
    Difficulty: Medium
    This battle is easy or hard, depends about your Zidane and Quina(their 
    levels, abilities, equipments and so on). Earth Guardian will use two attacks 
    only if I am correct(I never saw him use anything else); Firaga to deal 
    around 700 points on one target, and Earthquake for up to 1000 points on all 
    targets. Have Devil Killer equipped on Zidane, and have Quina in back row. 
    Start the battle by having that last one cast Mighty Guard on your two 
    characters, allowing you to cut the Earth Guardian’s damage power by half. 
    Zidane will first steal the boss for a Rubber Suit and an Avenger to then, 
    with his best weapon and Devil Killer, just attack the boss over and over 
    until you’re victorious. Quina’s White Wind will be your best bet as your 
    healing business. Just in case something goes wrong, you could also have him 
    cast Auto-Life(just to be safe).
    The next bosses are actually the final confrontations of Disc 3. You will 
    battle 3 bosses, one after another without taking any break.
    Boss: Silver Dragon
    HP: 24 055
    MP: 9999
    Level: 58
    AP: 13
    Steal: Kaiser Knuckle, Dragon Mail, Ether, Elixir.
    Difficulty: Fair
    If your defense sucks, then you could have a few difficulties dealing with 
    this boss. But otherwise, that’s a pretty easy battle. The silver dragon will 
    use two targets-all attacks; Shockwave, for around 500 points; Twister, for 
    500-800 points, and Aerial Slash, for around 600 damage. He can also use 
    Claw, which is simply a physical attack to deal up to 400 points, but on one 
    target only. Thing is, he’s pretty fast and usually attack two or three times 
    per row(which is good considering that your party is made of 4 characters). 
    If you have a decentely leveled up Quina with White Wind though, you won’t 
    need to care about the boss’s damage potential, since you will be able to 
    heal easily. Steal with Zidane if you wish, and then just pummel the dragon. 
    As you know, at this point of the game, you pick your own party members. I 
    personally like physical attacks with a touch of magic in here, meaning that 
    I always bring Zidane(duh), Steiner, Freya and Quina. If you got a mage or a 
    summoner though(Vivi, Eiko or Dagger), you can always try your best black 
    magics and summons. Before giving the final blow to the boss though, make 
    sure that your party is fully healed and that none of your characters are KO.
    Boss: Garland
    HP: 40 728
    MP: 9999
    Level: 62
    AP: None.
    Steal: Ninja Gear, Battle boots, Dark Gear.
    Difficulty: Rough
    Garland the tyrant isn’t bad, he’s actually fairly good. If you’re well 
    leveled up with good abitities though, you’ll win in no time. Garland will 
    use Flare mostly, which deals up to 1500 points on one target. He will also 
    use Stop once or twice in the battle, inflicting Stop on one target. Being 
    the spiritual mage that he is, he will also play with Psychokinesis, which 
    deals around 1600 points on one character. In last, his best attack is Wave, 
    which deals up to 2500 damage. Have Locomotion equipped on your characters to 
    get rid of Stop. Regen is also pretty good, so just use it on your party(Auto-
    Regen, Rei’s Wind or via the white magic command). The best way to take down 
    Garland is, in my opinion, with physical attacks. Have your hitters equipped 
    with Man eater and then just keep attacking him. Have one healer in your 
    party though, because even if Regen takes a part of the job, Garland is 
    pretty fast so since he deals decent points per turn, it doesn’t hurt to back 
    your statuses a bit. You may want to steal with Zidane as well. Any auto-
    abilities are welcome in here(except for Reflect), especially Auto-Haste. 
    Once again, before ending the battle, make sure that your party is in good 
    condition, because up next comes...
    Boss: Kuja
    HP: 42 382
    MP: 9999
    Level: 64
    AP: None.
    Steal: Ether, Caribini Mail, Light Robe.
    Difficulty: Tough
    Kuja will only use two attacks, but he will still be a worthy opponent for 
    the last boss of Disc 3. He will use Thundaga for over 2000 points on one 
    character and Demi, good old gravitionnal black magic. Once again, your best 
    bet in this battle is the simple art of normal physical attacks, with Man 
    eater equipped. Stealing Kuja isn’t a must in here. For your party, like I 
    just told you, should be made of physical strikers. Black magics and Summons 
    won’t do in here because of Kuja’s impressive resistance to magic. White 
    magics on the other hand can be usefull to support the party, though I prefer 
    Blue Magics all the way. The good supportive white magics that cannot be 
    casted with the blue magics can actually be used with an Auto-Ability, such 
    as Auto-Haste, which is usefull in here by the way. Same thing goes for 
    Regen, though you could just use Rei’s Wind from Freya’s dragon knight 
    command. As you deplete Kuja’s total HP, he will go into Trance and after a 
    small animation, he will end the battle Beatrix style, just that he won’t 
    take your HP down to 1. Instead, he will cast the terrible black magic Ultima 
    to knock down your party.
    Disc 4 bosses strategies
    Boss: Nova Dragon
    HP: 54 940
    MP: 9999
    Level: 67
    AP: 13
    Steal: Remedy, Dragon Wrist, Grand Armor.
    Difficulty: Hard
    Oh yeah this boss is tough. Nova Dragon has good stats and his attacks are 
    really damaging. He will use Aerial Slash, which deals up to 1000-1500 points 
    on party. He will also use Psychokinesis, which deals up to 1000 points on 
    one target(just like Garland). Shockwave, the attack that he will use the 
    most, is fairly dangerous, dealing over 1600 points on all targets. Tidal 
    Wave has to be his best attack however, which deals up to 2000-2500 on party. 
    In last, he will counter some of your physical attacks with a swipe, dealing 
    over 700 points. As you can see, a supportive character will be of a good 
    help here. Have Auto-Regen and Auto-Haste(or cast them manually) to have a 
    small advantage and then, just use your very best attacks. I like physical 
    attacks from Zidane, Steiner and Freya as you know, but you could try other 
    types of offenses as well, though Nova Dragon doesn’t have any weaknesses. 
    You could try to steal a Grand Armor from him if you’d like, but if you’re 
    low on your defense side then you will want to end this battle as quickly as 
    possible. Yes, you could use absorb equipments for an easy victory but meh, 
    it’s always more amusing to do it fair and square. Isn’t it?
    Boss: Maliris
    HP: 59 497
    MP: 3381
    Level: 72
    AP: 10
    Steal: Genji Armor, Ultima Sword, Masamune.
    Difficulty: Medium
    This boss isn’t hard or anything, it’s a simple battle. Maliris will be using 
    physical attacks like Sword Quiver, which deals around 1500 damage on a 
    target. His Flame Clash will be way better though, dealing very high damages. 
    It dealed around 5000 points on me, but it could be gravitionnal since I 
    never died from it(not like I ever was able to test it). Other than these, 
    Maliris will use Mustard Bomb on one character as well, which inficts Heat as 
    you already know. To win, I once again wouldn’t play with elemental magics. 
    Maliris does have a weakness to ice and water, but he will cast Reflect after 
    a few turns so... Devil Killer paired with your physical attacks will do the 
    thing. Use any defensive magics you would like to have supporting your party, 
    and heal whenever you need. Do not forget to equip Body Temp either, since 
    Heat is quite VICIOUS. As you deplete Maliris’s total HP, he will use a final 
    attack; Raining Swords, which consists of throwing his 8(or so) swords on 
    your party to deal up to 2000-3000 damage. If your characters are low on HP, 
    you might want to put them in back row just before giving the final blow to 
    the boss.
    Boss: Tiamat
    HP: 54 494
    MP: 3381
    Level: 72
    AP: 10
    Steal: Blood sword, Feather boots, Grand Helm
    Difficulty: Rough
    Good lord, what the hell has happened to you since Final Fantasy VIII Tiamat? 
    Oh well, this boss is tougher than Maliris, though it’s still far from being 
    an impossible-to-win battle. Tiamat will use many attacks, so let me list 
    them, like always. He will Absorb your Strenght, Magic and MP. Explanations? 
    When he absorbs one of your character’s strenght or magic, his/her(your 
    character that is)physical or magical damage will be cut by half. When he 
    absorbs your MP, then he simply takes away all your MP for his own benefit. 
    Other than that, he will use Twister for quite deadly damages(2500-4000) 
    points on party. His best attack though, is Snort, which he uses as a counter 
    when a floating character(a character under Float status) attacks him. If you 
    fought Yans at Vile Island, then you will most likely know what Snort does; 
    ejects the character out of the battle, and he cannot come back. Yes, Tiamat 
    is quite a *****. Your best bet in this battle is your agility. The faster 
    your characters are, the easier the boss will be. You want to use your very 
    best attacks before Tiamat goes berserk with his attacks. Any powerfull 
    offenses will do.
    Bosses: Kraken
            Left tentacle
            Right tentacle
    HPs: 59 496
         18 169
         18 169
    MPs: 3380
    Levels: 72
    AP: 10
    Steal: Genji Helmet, Glutton’s Robe, Wizard Rod.
    Difficulty: Medium
    Ok, this boss’s pattern varies on a few different things. You see, the Kraken 
    has two targetable tentacles; left and right. Both will use Ink to blind your 
    characters. Also, as you attack the main body, he will counter with the Water-
    Gun. Last thing, he will also use Waterga on himself to heal. If you get rid 
    of the tentacles though, then the pattern will change. Everytime you attack 
    Kraken, he will counter with Leg, which deals up to 3000 points on one 
    character. He will abuse of Waterga as well, dealing up to 2500 points on 
    your party. Reading these two different patterns, you decide which one you 
    want to deal with. To defeat this boss, you really have the choice; magic or 
    normal attacks. For some reason, it seems that this water enemy is actually 
    weak to fire(usually, they’re supposed to be weak to lightning!), so make 
    full use of Vivi’s fire spells, if he’s in your party. Steiner could use his 
    fire sword magics as well. But with physical attacks, Devil Killer will help 
    a lot, along with some high strenght(in that case, have a leveled up party). 
    For other attacks to check out, you could use Summons from Garnet and Eiko, 
    but avoid casting Leviathan(or else you will heal the opponent). Stealing 
    with Zidane is always fun, and Auto-abilities are sure usefull(hell, I keep 
    mentioning them in each strategies that I type out (^_^). Now, for those 
    smiling cheap players in the corner over there(*points at you*), yes you 
    could use water elemental absorbing stuff to make this battle like pie, but 
    come on! This is the end of the game, show what you got with fair strategies!
    Boss: Lich
    HP: 60 000
    MP: 9999
    Level: 71
    AP: 10
    Steal: Genji gloves, Black Robe, Siren’s flute
    Difficulty: Medium
    This boss is more annoying than hard. Lich will like to use these attacks 
    that instantly make you lose control of your characters. Lv.5 Death, which 
    will inflict Death on every characters with levels multiple of 5. He will 
    cast Death manually too, to simply instant-KO one target. Bastard you said? 
    Ain’t done yet. He will use Stop too, which as you know, simply stops one 
    character. For the damaging side, he will use Earthquake for up to 1800 
    points on party. Before entering the battle, make sure that you have 
    Locomotion equipped, along with Undead killer on your physical hitters. Try 
    not to have too many characters with levels multiple of 5 either. Use the 
    same attacks that you’ve been using in the previous battles, with the other 
    guardians. Prepare the phoenix downs, and if you want to play with magic, 
    well use Wind and Thunder elemental offenses(like Twiser from Quina and 
    Thundaga from Vivi), since these are Lich’s weaknesses. Yep, stealing with 
    Zidane is always fun, and be patient for when you’re taking down Lich. If you 
    got low levels, then it will take a while to deplete his total HP. 
    Boss: Deathguise
    HP: 55 535
    MP: 9999
    Level: 74
    AP: None.
    Steal: Elixir, Black Belt, Duel claws.
    Difficulty: Tough
    Doomgaze from Final Fantasy VI!!! Oh well, Deathguise but meh, translation 
    matter. Well, this Deathguise basically acts just like he did in FF6, fast 
    and all. The boss will most likely start the battle with Meteor, dealing 2000-
    4000 points on party. Afterward, he will use Spin(1000 points on party) and 
    Demon’s Claw(around 1800 damage on a target). He’s got other attacks but 
    these are the ones that he will use the most. This battle is just a race with 
    Deathguise. You just gotta be faster than him and damage him more that he 
    does. Use any effective ways of healing your party, from the white mage’s 
    white magics to Quina’s Blue magics. For your attacks, I like those that can 
    deal the max damage while the user is in back row, like Dragon’s Crest and 
    Steiner’s Shock. Oh well, all I can say is good luck!
    Boss: Trance Kuja
    HP: 55 535
    MP: 9999
    Level: 76
    AP: None.
    Steal: Ether, White Robe, Rebirth Ring.
    Difficulty: Tough
    Geez, I understand why Kuja didn’t want to go to Oeilvert. He’s a 100% mage. 
    He will use Holy and Flare to deal around 3000 points on one target both. He 
    will use cast Flare star to harm the whole party as well. Not sure if the 
    damages are calculated like Ozma’s Flare star though. Oh well, it still deals 
    pretty good damages. Other than that, Trance Kuja will use Curaga to heal 
    himself for around 3000 points. He can use it as a counter-attack too, if I’m 
    correct. Oh well, Kuja has no weakness so ditch elemental magics again. I 
    like physical attacks with Man eater, but non-elemental offenses such as 
    Climhazzard are great. For your healing business, Quina will once again do 
    the trick. Though you could use Eiko and Dagger if you’d like. There isn’t 
    much to suggest for this battle, just make full use of Auto-Regen/Haste/Life 
    and any other abilities you want to use!
    38th and final battle
    Boss: Necron
    HP: 54 100
    MP: 9999
    Level: 69
    AP: None.
    Steal: Elixirs.
    Difficulty: Hard
    Now that’s an interesting final battle. Tougher than Kuja, Necron could be 
    the second or third hardest enemy of the game. He got a large list of 
    attacks, so pay attention to their effects and to how you can block them. 
    Necro will use Firaga, Blizzaga and Thundaga on your party for 1500+ damage. 
    He will use Flare and Holy as well, both dealing 3000 points on one target. 
    He will support himself with Protect and Shell, and he will cast Curaga on 
    himself to heal for 2500+ HP too. Another attack he will use is Blue 
    Shockwave, which brings one charater’s HP to 1. Enough of the normal attacks, 
    let’s now get down to business to his two best offenses. Necro will use 
    Neutron Ring to deal up to 4000 damage on your whole party, which is quite 
    devastating. And finally, his last and best attack; Grand Cross. Terrible 
    spell that is pretty much like Ozma’s Curse or Malboro’s Bad Breath, since it 
    inflicts every abnormal statuses of the book on all targets. Yes, these 
    include the terrible ones such as Confuse and Heat/Freeze. Alright, so let’s 
    set your party. Just before batteling Necron, you’ll have the opportunity of 
    preparing your characters. Equip every characters you got with Clear headed, 
    Body temp, Antibody, and Jelly. These blocks Confuse, Heat/Freeze, Venom(and 
    Poison but bah), and Petrify(and Gradual Petrify). These statuses make you 
    lose control of your characters(except for Heat but it’s not like if you were 
    helping yourself by entering a command with a victim of it). Afterward, use 
    any other abilities that will boost up some stats, such as HP+20%. Auto-Regen 
    and Auto-Haste will, as always, be your friends. With these equipped, your 
    defense set up is fine. Let’s check your offense now. If you will use 
    physical attacks, then equip Bird Killer and MP attack, allowing you to 
    double your damage on the boss. I don’t like magics in this battle, except 
    for Freya’s, Steiner’s, and Quina’s(supportive ones in his case). In other 
    words, I don’t recommend elemental junk. Dragon’s Crest and Climhazzard(or 
    Shock) will do the thing with Freya and Steiner. If you will use Amarant to 
    damage Necro, then don’t feel guilty about using Throw and Spare Gil; this is 
    the last battle anyway. Don’t try to dispel Necro’s protective magics because 
    he will just recast them, thanks to his quickness, allowing him to get more 
    than one turn per row. Constantly have a character ready to heal the party as 
    well. Don’t be scared, just fight with EVERYTHING you got. EVERYTHING. 
    Eventually, you will win, unless something goes horribly wrong, which could 
    be possible.
    Congratulation readers, you can now get your ending! Enjoy.
    3- General tips
    As I always do in each and every boss guides I write, I always include a tip 
    section in which I simply give general help about the game. 
    - Best places to get EXP
    I will point out places where you can get good EXP in order to have an easier 
    time leveling up your characters. You must know however, that the places I 
    advice you to visit can be accessed late in the game(near the conclusion of 
    Disc 3 and up). 
    Sacrobless Island: This is outside of Daguerro, on the elevated level. You 
    will encounter two types of enemies there; the cats and the Grand Dragons. 
    The cats are pretty much useless, since they are simply there to fool you by 
    snatching a Diamond from you to then flee. Meh, you can always kill them for 
    5000 gil, but be aware that they will defend themselves. And nope, they don’t 
    give EXP(technically speaking yes, but if you call 1 EXP a worthy amount...). 
    Indeed, you’re interested by the Grand Dragons. They are quite good at 
    batteling, but you can own them in one turn with Quina’s Lv.5 Death blue 
    magic, since they are lvl.60. They will give 8802 EXP when fought with 4 
    characters alive. Make that around 11 000+ EXP with the Level-Up ability. 
    This is an awesome place to power up Freya’s Dragon Crest as well.
    Yan Island: Check out the lifa Tree’s location on the map. Just southwest of 
    it is an independent island, detached from the Outer Continent. That’s the 
    Yan Island, which can be accessed with a Gold Chocobo or with the Invincible
    (Disc 4). The Yans here give great EXP, but you must be warned that they are 
    quite tough and aggressive for such little beings.
    Memoria: Some of the enemies in Memoria are quite generous for EXP, though 
    it’s the place I recommand the least to level-up. 
    - Don’t ever end a battle without stealing!
    As I told you tons of times already, the stealing domain in Final Fantasy IX 
    is very important. Therefore, make sure you steal each and every enemies you 
    battle(unless you know what item you can acquire and that you don’t need it).
    - Chocobo Hot and Cold?
    Raising a chocobo is so original in FFIX. Check out a Chocobo Hot and Cold 
    guide for more infos about it.
    - Synthesis
    You can make equipment or items using combinations of equipment or items, in 
    a Synthesis shop, which are usually found in each towns of the game(except 
    for a few exceptions). Therefore, don’t forget to check them out all.
    4- Characters’ best weapons
    As in, hell, nearly every game in which there are weapons to equip, there are 
    some that are better than others. I will list each of them in this section, 
    including their abilities, stats, and how to get them.
    a. Zidane’s Ultima Weapon
    How to get it: With a dark blue(or Gold)Chocobo, check out the area where the 
    shimmering island used to be. Use a Dead Pepper there to find a treasure made 
    of 10 Aquamarines, 1 Maximilian, 1 Invincible Card, and the Ultima Weapon.
    Weapon’s Attack: 100
    Weapon’s ability(ies): Flee(requires 40 AP to be learned).
    b. Garnet/Dagger’s Whale Whisker
    How to get it: You need a Dark Blue(or Gold) Chocobo to obtain it, since the 
    Whale Whisker is found with the Chocograph named "Ocean". Check out a Chocobo 
    Hot and Cold guide for more.
    Weapon’s Attack: 36
    Weapon’s ability(ies): Curaga(requires 155 AP to be learned).
                           Life(requires 30 AP to be learned).
                           Break(requires 35 AP to be learned).
    c. Vivi’s Mace of Zeus
    How to get it: You will find it in Memoria at the area after fighting Lich. 
    Search left of the ladder to obtain the mace.
    Weapon’s Attack: 35
    Weapon’s ability(ies): Doomsday(requires 150 AP to be learned).
    d. Steiner’s Excalibur, Ragnarok and Excalibur II
    Steiner has three swords actually. They are all great, in their own ways. 
    That is why I will list them 3.
    How to get it: The weapon can be obtained in Disc 4 only. At Daguerro, talk 
    to the old man on the second level(near the Inn) and he will tell you that he 
    needs a certain item, and if you find it for him, he will reward you. Head to 
    Treno and enter the auction house. Bid(and get) the Rat’s Tail, the Uge's 
    Mirror, the Doga's Artifact and finally, the Griffin's heart. Each should 
    cost between 5000 and 15 000 gil. Now you will need to sell them to 4 
    different(1 item for each) nobles. See the area between the card game stadium 
    and Queen Stella’s house? Head there and talk to every nobles you see. Each 
    of them will spot one of the four key items you got at the auction house and 
    they will suggest you deals. Accept them all until you sold 3 of them. Now 
    with the last one, enter the Synth shop and go talk to the scholar there. 
    Sell him your last key item. Now, go back to the auction house and a new item 
    will be available for you to bid on; the magical fingertip, which is what you 
    seek. Win it and then, go back to Daguerro. Give the fingertip to the old man 
    who requested it, and you will be rewarded with the Excalibur.
    Weapon’s Attack: 77
    Weapon’s ability(ies): Climhazzard(requires 70 AP to be learned).
    How to get it: Being better than the Excalibur, the Ragnarok is truly great. 
    It allows Steiner to learn Shock, which is quite devastating(though I prefer 
    Climhazzard). You will find it with the Chocograph named "Outer Island". 
    Check out a Chocobo Hot and Cold guide for more about it.
    Weapon’s Attack: 87
    Weapon’s ability(ies): Shock(requires 60 AP to be learned).
                           Thunder-Slash(requires 30 AP to be learned).
    Excalibur II
    One of the hardest to get item of the serie, you will obtain the Excalibur II 
    in the greenish room in Memoria after the ladder area(which is after Lich). 
    Examine the pillar right to the portal and you will obtain the Excalibur II. 
    Why did I just say that it was hard to obtain it? Well, you gotta have a 
    timer of under 12 hours. Yes, that is in the end of disc 4, so you nearly 
    have to end the game in under 12 hours. This is quite a good challenge trust 
    me. You must know the game perfectly, and be used to battle the enemies with 
    low levels. All I can say is good luck!
    Weapon’s Attack: 108
    Weapon’s ability(ies): Minus strike(requires 35 AP to be learned).
                           Climhazzard(requires 70 AP to be learned).
                           Stock Break(requires 35 AP to be learned).
    e. Eiko’s Angel flute
    How to get it: After defeating Maliris in Memoria, continue on to the next 
    screen. In there, you will see Alexandria being destroyed(flashback). 
    Afterward, head north to the observatory and turn left. Search there for the 
    Weapon’s Attack: 33
    Weapon’s ability(ies): Holy(requires 110 AP to be learned).
                           Esuna(requires 80 AP to be learned).
                           Curaga(requires 80 AP to be learned).
    f. Freya’s Dragon Hair
    How to get it: Northwest of Oeilvert on the Forgotten Continent, a canyon can 
    be found. Search around here for a valley with a forest in the middle, and 
    look out for a crack. Feed Choco a Dead Pepper on it and you will obtain a 
    Maiden Prayer, Gauntlet, Odin card and the Dragon’s Hair.
    Weapon’s Attack: 77
    Weapon’s ability(ies): Dragon Breath(requires 205 AP to be learned).
    g. Amarant’s Rune Claws
    How to get it: Memoria, in the area where there are stairs leading to a huge 
    eye in the sky. Search left of them to get the claws.
    Weapon’s Attack: 83
    Weapon’s ability(ies): Spare change(requires 90 AP to be learned).
                           Demi Shock(requires 50 AP to be learned).
                           Revive(requires 35 AP to be learned).
    h. Quina’s Gastro Fork
    How to get it: Catch 99 frogs with Quina in the Qu’s marshes and Quale will 
    reward you with... the opportunity of fighting him. He isn’t a push over 
    though, so you might want to check out the section devoted to him(7- Optional 
    Bosses’ strategies -> b. Quale).
    Weapon’s Attack: 77
    Weapon’s ability(ies): High Tide(requires 250 AP to be learned).
    5- Characters’ abilities
    A section that will be made of listings mostly, I basically just point out 
    the characters’ abilities and describe them.
    a. Zidane Tribal
    Steal command: Steal one enemy to acquire an item.
    Skill command: Allows you to use one of Zidane’s skill learned from a weapon.
    Skill listing
    Flee: Escape from battle.
    Detect: Check one enemy’s item inventory.
    What's that!?: Pre-emptive mode.
    Soul Blade: Inflicts the weapon’s status.
    Annoy: Inflicts Trouble on one enemy.
    Sacrifice: Sacrifices Zidane to replenish HP/MP of
    Lucky Seven: Deal high damage by luck.
    Thievery: Deals damages based on how many times Zidane successfully stole the 
    b. Garnet til Alexandros 17th/ Dagger
    White magic command: Select a white magic.
    White magics’ listing
    Cure: Restores HP of one character.
    Cura: Restores a nice ammount of HP of one character.
    Curaga: Restores a huge ammount of HP of one character.
    Life: Revives a KO'd character.
    Scan: Scan an enemy to check its stats and weaknesses.
    Panacea: Cures Poison and Venom status.
    Stona: Cures Petrify and Gradual Petrify.
    Shell: Reduces points taken from a magic.
    Protect: Reduces damages taken from a physical attack.
    Silence: Disables one target’s magic command.
    Mini: Weaken one target.
    Reflect: Reflects the magic back on the caster.
    Confuse: Make one target lose control.
    Berserk: Increase the target’s damage power but lose control of it.
    Blind: Lower the target’s accuracy.
    Float: Make the target float to prevent Earth elemental magics.
    Summon command:
    Summons listing
    Attack: Diamond Dust
    MP cost: 24
    Item needed: Opal
    Attack: Hell Fire
    MP cost: 26
    Item needed: Topaz
    Attack: Judgment Bolt
    MP cost: 22
    Item needed: Peridot.
    Attack: G-Force 199
    MP cost: 32
    Item needed: Amethyst
    Attack: Zantetsuken
    MP cost: 28
    Item needed: Dark Matter
    Attack: Tsunami
    MP cost: 42
    Item needed: Aquamarine
    Attack: Mega Flare
    MP cost: 56
    Item needed: Garnet
    Attack: Eternal darkness
    MP cost: 80
    Item needed: Pumice
    c. Vivi Orunitia
    Focus command: Increases magic.
    Black Magic command: Select a black magic.
    Black magic listing
    Effects: Deals fire damages
    MP cost: 6
    Equipment(s): Mage staff, Leather Hat
    Effects: Deal fire damages
    MP cost: 12
    Equipment(s): Flame staff, Topaz, Power belt, Mage's hat
    Effects: Deals fire damages
    MP cost: 24
    Equipment(s): Octagon Rod
    Effects: Deals lightning damages
    MP cost: 6
    Equipment(s): Silk shirt, Glass bottle
    Effects: Deals lightning damages
    MP cost: 12
    Equipment(s): Lightning staff, peridot
    Effects: Deals lightning damages
    MP cost: 24
    Equipment(s): Octagon rod
    Effects: Deals ice damages
    MP cost: 6
    Equipment(s): Leather wrist
    Effects: Deals ice damages
    MP cost: 12
    Equipment(s): Ice staff, Opal
    Effects: Deals ice damages
    MP cost: 24
    Equipment(s): Octagon Rod
    Effects: Deals water damages
    MP cost: 22
    Equipment(s): N-Kai armlet
    Effects: Inflicts poison
    MP cost: 8
    Equipment(s): Lightning staff
    Effects: Inflicts Poison and deals a damage bonus
    MP cost: 18
    Equipment(s): Oak staff
    Effects: Inflicts Sleep
    MP cost: 10
    Equipment(s): Flame staff
    Effects: Inflicts Slow
    MP cost: 6
    Equipment(s): Ice staff, Magus hat
    Effects: Drains some HP from an enemy
    MP cost: 14
    Equipment(s): Oak staff
    Effects: Drains some MP from an enemy
    MP cost: 2
    Equipment(s): High Mage staff, Gaia Gear
    Effects: Inflicts Petrify
    MP cost: 18
    Equipment(s): Cypress pile
    Effects: Inflicts Stop on one target.
    MP cost: 8
    Equipment(s): Oak staff
    Effects: Deals damages depending on enemy's HP.
    MP cost: 18
    Equipment(s): Cypress Pile, Amethyst, Black belt
    Effects: Inflicts Death
    MP cost: 20
    Equipment(s): Black hood
    Effects: Deals Flare damage
    MP cost: 40
    Equipment(s): Black robe
    Effects: Deals non elemental damages on all enemies
    MP cost: 42
    Equipment(s): High mage staff
    Effects: Deals shadow damages on all targets.
    MP cost: 72
    Equipment(s): Mace of Zeus
    d. Aldebert Steiner
    Sword Art command: Select one of Steiner’s art to damage or weaken the enemy.
    Sword Art listing
    Darkside: Sacrifices HP to damage an enemy.
    Minus strike: Damages based on Steiner’s max HP minus Steiner’s current HP.
    Iai Strike: Inflicts death on one enemy, but misses very often.
    Power strike: Deals damages, as well as reduce the
    enemy's Attack.
    Armor Break: Deals damages, as well as reduce the enemy's defense stat.
    Mental Break: Deals damages, as well as reduce the enemy's magic defense stat.
    Magic Break: Deals damages, as well as reduce the enemy's magic stats.
    Charge!: Puts all characters in crisis level(HP in yellow).
    Thunder slash: Deals lightning damages on one enemy but misses often.
    Stock Break: Deals good damages on all enemies.
    Climhazzard: Deals major damages on all enemies.
    Shock: Deals major damages on one enemy.
    Sword magic command: Steiner can only use this command while Vivi’s around. 
    It consists of using his sword after it has been charged by one of Vivi’s 
    black magic(only uses Steiner’s turn). 
    Note: Steiner cannot combine his sword with the next magics: Stop, Drain, 
    Osmose, Sleep, Poison, Death, Meteor, Demi, and Comet.
    e. Eiko Carol
    White magic command: Select a White Magic.
    White Magics listing
    Cure: Restores HP of one character.
    Cura: Restores a nice ammount of HP of one character.
    Curaga: Restores a huge ammount of HP of one character.
    Life: Revives a KO'd character.
    Regen: Regens some HP each turns. 
    Panacea: Cures Poison and Venom status.
    Stona: Cures Petrify and Gradual Petrify.
    Shell: Reduces points taken from a magic.
    Protect: Reduces damages taken from a physical attack.
    Silence: Disables one target’s magic command.
    Mini: Weakens one enemy.
    Reflect: Reflects the magic back at the caster.
    Float: Makes one target float to prevent Earth elemental magics.
    Haste: Fasters one target’s ATB.
    Dispel: Removes statuses of one target(doesn’t work on Autos).
    Esuna: Cures abnormal statuses.
    Might: Raises attack power.
    Jewel: Draw some Ores from an enemy. 
    Holy: Deals holy elemental damages on one target.
    Summon command:
    Summon listing
    Attacks: Ruby light, Emerald light, Pearl light, Diamond Light
    MP cost: 24 each
     - Ruby light casts Reflect on party
     - Emerald light cast Haste on party 
     - Pearl light casts Protect on party
     - Diamond Light cast Vanish on party
    Item needed: 
     - Ruby for Ruby light
     - Emerald as an add on for Emerald light
     - Pearl as an add on for Pearl light
     - Diamond as add on for Diamond light
    Attacks: Terrestial Rage, Millennial Decay
    MP cost: 30 for both
    Item needed: 
    - Sapphire for Terrestial Rage
    - Maiden Prayer as an addon for Millennial Decay
    Attacks: Rebirth Flame
    MP cost: 32
    Item needed: Pheonix Pinion
    Attack: Terra Homing
    MP cost: 120
    Item needed: Ribbon
    f. Freya Crescent
    Jump command: Jump out of the battle screen to damage the enemy after a few 
    Dragon Knight skills: Select a Dragon Knight skill.
    Dragon Knight skills listing
    Lancer: Damages the HP and MP of one enemy.
    Rei's Wind: Casts Regen on party
    White Draw: Restores MP of party.
    Luna: Inflicts Berserk on all enemies.
    Six Dragons: Takes an amount of HP/MP of two characters randomly and give it 
    to two other characters.
    Cherry Blossom: Deals non elemental damages to all enemies, but misses often.
    Dragon Crest: Deals damages depending on how many dragons you killed with 
    Freya in party.
    g. Amarant Coral
    Throw command: Throw a weapon from your inventory.
    Flair command: Select a Flair skill.
    Flair listing
    Chakra: Restores some HP/MP of one character.
    Spare change: Uses gil to damage one target.
    No mercy: Deals non elemental damages on one enemy.
    Aura: Casts Regen and Auto-Life on one character.
    Curse: Weaken enemies to certain elements.
    Revive: Revives a KO'd character.
    Demi Shock: Deals gravitational damage on one enemy.
    Countdown: Inflicts Doom one one enemy.
    h. Quina Quen
    Eat command: Eat enemies when their HPs are low enough and you should eat it 
    to defeat it. If the enemy happens to have a blue magic, then it’s all yours.
    Goblin Punch
    Effects: Deals non elemental damages.
    MP cost: 4
    Monster(s) to eat: Goblin, Goblin Mage
    LV 5 Death
    Effects: Inflicts Death all enemies with levels multiple of 5
    MP cost: 20
    Monster(s) to eat: Whale Zombie, Stropper, Lich(boss), Draco Zombie
    LV 4 Holy
    Effects: Casts Holy on all enemies with levels multiple of 4
    MP cost: 22
    Monster(s) to eat: Torama, Feather Circle
    LV 3 Def less
    Effects: Reduces defense power of all enemies with levels multiple of 3
    MP cost: 12
    Monster(s) to eat: Carve Spider, Lamia, Lizard Man, Sand scorpion, Ochu, 
    Grand dragon
    Effects: Put a 10 seconds countdown on one enemy. As it reaches 0, Death is 
    MP cost: 12
    Monster(s) to eat: Veteran, Ash
    Effects: Inflicts Death on one target randomly chosen.
    MP cost: 18
    Monster(s) to eat: Ghost, Zombie, Hectoeyes
    Aqua Breath
    Effects: Deals Water damages on all enemies
    MP cost: 14
    Monster(s) to eat: Axolotl, Sahagin
    Mighty Guard
    Effects: Casts Protect and Shell on party
    MP cost: 64
    Monster(s) to eat: Serpion, Antlion, Gigan Octopus, Myconid, Gargoyle
    Matra Magic
    Effects: Reduces one enemy's HP to 1(misses very often)
    MP cost: 8
    Monster(s) to eat: Zaghnol, Trick Sparrow, Ogre, Dragon
    Fly, Armstrong
    Bad breath
    Effects: Inflicts abnormal statuses on one enemy.
    MP cost: 16
    Monster(s) to eat: Malboro, Worm Hydra, Anemone
    Limit glove
    Effects: Deal high damages if Quina's HP is 1
    MP cost: 10
    Monster(s) to eat: Muu, Jabberwock, Blazer Beattle, Axe Break, Mandragora
    1000 needles
    Effects: Deal 1000 damages no matter what.
    MP cost: 8
    Monster(s) to eat: Cactuar
    Pumpkin Head
    Effects: Just like Minus, the damages dealed are the
    different between your current HP and your HP at max.
    MP cost: 12
    Monster(s) to eat: Hedgehog pie, Python, Bandersnatch, Skeleton, Yeti, Lady 
    bug, Basilik
    Effects: Inflict Sleep on all enemies AND allies.
    MP cost: 14
    Monster(s) to eat: Nymph, Abomination, Seeker Bat, Grim Lock
    Effects: Deal Wind elemental damages on all enemies.
    MP cost: 22
    Monster(s) to eat: Red Dragon, Abadon, Tiamat(boss)
    Earth Shake
    Effects: Deal Earth elemental damages on all enemies.
    MP cost: 20
    Monster(s) to eat: Adamantoise, Earth Guardian(boss), Shell Dragon
    Angel's snack
    Effects: Use Remedy on whole party.
    MP cost: 4
    Monster(s) to eat: Ironite, Epitaph. Mistodon, Behemoth
    Frog Drop
    Effects: Deals damage based on Quina’s level and how many frogs he caught
    (multiple them). 
    MP cost: 10
    Monster(s) to eat: Gigan Toad
    White wind
    Effects: Heal the whole party's HP
    MP cost: 14
    Monster(s) to eat: Griffin, Zuu, Zemzelett, Garuda
    Effects: Make one character invisible
    MP cost: 8
    Monster(s) to eat: Troll, Vice, Hornet, Drakan
    Effects: Inflict Freeze on one enemy.
    MP cost: 8
    Monster(s) to eat: Wraith, Chimera, Kraken(Boss)
    Mustard Bomb
    Effects: Inflict Heat on one enemy.
    MP cost: 10
    Monster(s) to eat: Bomb, Red Vepal, Grenade
    Magic Hammer
    Effects: Damage the MP of one enemy.
    MP cost: 2
    Monster(s) to eat: Magic Vice, Ring commander
    Auto life
    Effects: Cast Auto Life on one character(automatically
    revived when gets KOed)
    MP cost: 14
    Monster(s) to eat: Carrion Worm, Cerberus, Stilva, Gimme Cat
    6- Trance(Descriptions for each characters).
    In Final Fantasy IX, once one of your character has taken enough damage to 
    fill up his/her Trance bar, he/she will go into Trance. During that mode, 
    he/she will be granted with a special something. It’s a little bit like the 
    limit breaks from the other Final Fantasies, but it’s on the same occasion 
    pretty much difference. Each characters got their different Trance specials, 
    so this section is basically just about descriptions of these.
    a. Zidane
    When Zidane goes in Trance, his damage potential will increase, and his Skill 
    command will be replaced by Dyne. In the Dyne’s list, you will find powerfull 
    skills that Zidane can use to damage the enemy(ies).
    Dyne listing
    Free Energy: Deals non elemenal damages on one enemy.
    Tidal Flame: Deals non elemental damages on all enemies.
    Scoop Art: Deals non elemental damages on one enemy.
    Shift Break: Deals non elemental damages on all enemies.
    Stellar Circle 5: Deals non elemental damages on one enemy.
    Meo Twister: Deals non elemental damages on all enemies.
    Solution 9: Deals non elemental damages on one enemy.
    Grand Lethal: Deals major non elemental damages on all enemies.
    b. Garnet/Dagger
    A new command will appear as Garnet/Dagger goes in Trance: Eidolon. Actually, 
    it will take Summon’s place. While in Trance, after you summoned an Eidolon, 
    it will come back and uses its attack randomly during the battle, without 
    wasting any turn.
    c. Vivi
    When Vivi is in Trance, you can doublecast his Black Magics, meaning that you 
    can use two black magics in one row.
    d. Steiner
    Steiner doesn’t have any new comment to use while he’s in Trance. However, 
    his damage power will be around 3 times stronger.
    e. Eiko
    Trance Eiko will be able to doublecast just like Vivi, just that in her case, 
    she will doublecast white magics.
    f. Freya
    Freya’s Trance special isn’t AWESOME but meh, it can be quite usefull 
    sometimes. When you select Jump, Freya goes off screen(just like when you 
    normal Jump) and uses Dive(to deal damages) a couple of times before coming 
    back using Spear.
    g. Amarant
    The flaming Amarant’s special while in Trance allows him to use his Flair 
    abilities on whole party.
    h. Quina
    As he goes in Trance, Quina’s Eat command will be replaced by Cook. With it, 
    you can eat enemies when they are at 3/4(and lower) of their health points.
    7- Optional Bosses’ strategies
    There are four optional bosses in Final Fantasy IX. Optional meaning that you 
    don’t need to fight and defeat them in order to beat the game. They are also 
    quite harder. This section is about them, divided in four parts. Each 
    optional boss will get his own part.
    a. Tantarian
    You will find this enemy in the library of Alexandria on the third rack of 
    books on the left screen. Examine the book and choose to challenge it.
    Tantarian can be fought only two times. The first time is in Disc 2 after 
    Steiner and Marcus escaped from their suspended cage to meet up with Zidane’s 
    group(who came from the Red Rose). It’s NOT a good idea to take on him at 
    that point though, because your time is limited(30 minutes) and your party 
    could be NOT strong enough. Also, if you leveled up Steiner with the mini 
    trick once he’s free of the prison, you could have to restart all over again 
    if you die(since there are no ways to save).
    The second time is the best one in my opinion. During Disc 3 as Alexandria is 
    under attack after the card game tournemant and that the party enters the 
    castle to find Dagger.
    Optional Boss: Tantarian
    HP: 21 997
    MP: 1456
    Level: 41
    AP: 30
    Steal: Ether, Elixir, Silver Fork, Demon’s Mail.
    Difficulty: Tough
    Let me explain Tantarian’s pattern. Tantarian will be hiding in a 200 pages 
    book. You can only find him on the pages 150-200. Now to reach the pages, you 
    have to damage him. Because of his incredible defense, you will deal 
    extremelly low damages. Now, each times you attack him, the damage points are 
    added to the total damage you already dealed on him. You need to reach the 
    pages between 150 and 200, in order to make Tantarian appear out of the book. 
    Note that if the total damage you deal on him goes from under 150 to over 
    200, the pages are reset to 0. Now let me list his attacks. While in the 
    book, the boss will use three attacks; Paper Storm, which is quite deadly, 
    dealing over 700 points on party; Edge, which deals around 800 points on one 
    target and; Doom, number 10 is put over one target’s head. As it reaches 0, 
    it’s Death. While Tantaria is discovered, he will only use Poison, which is 
    nothing to worry about when you got Antibody. To win, I recommand you to put 
    all your characters in back row to weaken the boss’s damage potential by 
    half. If you are fighting the enemy in Disc 3, then your party will be made 
    of Zidane, Freya, Vivi, and Amarant. Have Freya cast Rei’s Wind on party to 
    then support. Amarant will help Freya to support the party as well. While in 
    the book form, Tantarian’s quite dangerous so it’s a good idea to rely on two 
    characters to heal. With Zidane and Vivi, they should both be attacking the 
    book form(Zidane with physical attacks and Vivi with Fira). As you catch 
    Tantarian out of the pages, STOP attacking with physical attacks. If you do, 
    Tantarian will yell "Ouch!" to then hide right back in the book, forcing you 
    to open it to the right pages again. Instead, just have Vivi casts Fira over 
    and over. Don’t do anything else, don’t even use Amarant’s Throw ability, 
    which will be considered like a physical offense, allowing Tantarian to 
    escape in his pages. After a few turns though, the book will close itself so 
    you will have to do the process again, without changing anything of the 
    strategy. Eventually, you will be victorious. What do you get out of this 
    battle? The opportunity of getting some Sprint Shoes(Auto-Haste).
    b. Quale
    You will fight Quale as you catch 99 Frogs in the Qu’s Marshes around the 
    Optional Boss: Quale
    HP: 65 535
    MP: 3680
    Level: 76
    AP: None.
    Steal: Glutton’s Robe, Ninja Gear, Robe of lords.
    Difficulty: Easy to Hard
    Highest HP user in the whole game! Quale is easy or hard, all about your 
    abilities. Let me list his attacks and you will understand. To damage you, 
    Quale will use Rolling Attack(a physical attack), dealing around 1000 points. 
    He will cast Water as well, to deal up to 3000 points on one target. When he 
    casts it on your party, then divide the number by how many living characters 
    are on the battle field. His last damaging attack will be Aqua Breath, which 
    does around 1000 points on party. BUT, he will also use other attacks that 
    consist of inflicting bad statuses; Confuse, Mini, Poison, Blind and Silence. 
    How does he use them? Sometimes on one target, some other times on whole 
    party. Seeing this, which bad status are you scared of? Confuse, that’s 
    right. That is why you will equip Clear Headed on your characters. With it, 
    you will be immune to Confuse, making this battle easier. The other abnormal 
    statuses can be blocked as well, though you shouldn’t, since they can be 
    easily cured using Quina’s best(in my book) blue magic; Angel’s Snack, which 
    consists of throwing a Remedy on party, as you should already know. Mini is 
    the only status that cannot be blocked, but it doesn’t matter. As I just told 
    you, Quina’s Angel Snack will do the job for you. As long as you have the 
    control of your characters, you’re ok. Now, you could also use Water 
    elemental absorbing stuff, but that would make this battle so easy that the 
    fun will go "nananana, nananana, hey hey hey, good bye" on you. That was sexy 
    wasn’t it? Oh well, ahem, sorry for that. As for your offense, use what ever 
    you feel like using. I personally like physical attacks with Man eater, 
    though you can also use powerfull magics such as Shock and Dragon’s Crest
    (powered up to 9999 damage, thanks a lot). You could steal Quale’s great 
    items too. Use any other usefull auto-abilities like Auto-Haste and Auto-
    Regen and eventually, you will be victorious and obtain Quina’s ultimate fork
    (sure is funny to type out).
    c. Hades
    You will find Hades in Memoria. See that area that looks like the bottom of 
    the sea where Quina thinks that he cannot breath because he’s underwater? 
    Well, search behind the huge shell on the right side of the screen, mashing 
    the X button. Accept to challenge Hades when you have the option.
    Optional Boss: Hades
    HP: 55 535
    MP: 9999
    Level: 92
    AP: 30
    Steal: Battle boots, Running shoes, Reflect Ring, Robe of Lords.
    Difficulty: Hard
    Bah, hard... With a strong party, Hades is a push over. I’d even say that the 
    very last boss of the game is actually tougher. Oh well, let’s see Hades’s 
    small list of attacks. He will use Cleave the most, which is quite a good 
    swipe physical attack with his huge sword to take away up to 4000 points from 
    your whole party. He will use the Judgment Sword too, which reduces one 
    target’s HP to 1. Another attack he will use is Mustard Bomb, which inflicts 
    Heat on one target. In last, he uses Curse too, which inflicts Doom on your 
    party. To win, I’d recommand my good old party made of Zidane, Steiner, Freya 
    and Quina. Put all characters in back row except for Zidane. Have Body Temp 
    on your party as well. Auto-Haste and Auto-Regen will both be extremelly 
    usefull, and Auto-Life will be a bonus. Steiner should have Climhazzard(or 
    Shock but har, I prefer Climhazzard, better looking and costs less MP -_-), 
    Freya should have a powered up Dragon’s Crest(to 9999 points) and Quina will 
    have both Mighty Guard and White Wind. As for Zidane, have his best weapon, 
    the Ultima Weapon. If you didn’t get the Ultima Weapon from the chocobo 
    quest, then just use The Tower that you found a few moments ago. Start the 
    battle with Quina casting Mighty Guard on party, and then pummel Hades with 
    Zidane’s attacks, Steiner’s Climhazzard(or Shock, as I told you already), and 
    Freya’s Dragon Crest. Quina will support the party with White Wind. That blue 
    magic plus Auto-Regen will do the job to heal your party. You could try to 
    steal if you’d like. Revive any character who dies at the hand of Curse(or 
    from any other of Hades’s attacks). This is no ordinary battle but really, it 
    shouldn’t be too hard. You don’t have to use my party either, it’s just that 
    it’s the one I prefer.
    Funny note: If you battle Hades AFTER killing Ozma, Hades will notice it but 
    won’t retreat, though he will face the fact that he is about to get rocked 
    d.	Ozma
    You will find Ozma in the Chocobo Air Garden. On the second platform, examine 
    the big coloured rock. Mene the moogle will warn you that you’re about to 
    battle a deadly monster though. Accept anyway to fight the nemesis that is 
    I- His stats and attacks
    Optional Boss: Ozma
    HP: 55 535
    MP: 9999
    Level: 99
    AP: 100
    Steal: Elixir, Dark Matter, Pumice Piece, Robe of Lords.
    Difficulty: Very hard
    Hardest enemy of the whole game, and many players also call him the hardest 
    enemy in the whole entire serie. Well yes, he is very hard. He actually 
    reminds me of Final Fantasy V’s Omega and Shinryuu. Oh well, I will first 
    write the huge list of attacks that Ozma can use, and then I will give you my 
    strategy, with the required stuff.
    Ozma’s attacks
    Death: Inflicts Death on one target.
    LV5 Death: Inflicts Death on every characters with levels multiple of 5. Note 
    that he won’t use it if you don’t got any characters with levels multiple of 
    LV 4 Holy: Casts Holy on every characters with levels multiple of 4. Note 
    that he won’t use it if you don’t got any characters with levels multiple of 
    Flare: Deals flare damages on one target for 3500-4000 points of damage.
    Holy: Deals holy damages on one target for 3500-4000 points of damage.
    Flare star: This one’s damage is based on your characters’ levels. It will 
    deal 50X their levels.
    MP absorb: Absorbs one character’s total MP(he only uses it when you drain 
    him out of his own).
    Meteor: Terrible black magic that can deal 7000+ damage on party.
    Doomsday: Extremelly damaging attack that heals Ozma for 9000+ points AND 
    damages your party with shadow damages of 9000+. However, if you complete the 
    Friendly monster’s quest, then it will damage Ozma too. What’s the point if 
    it kills you anyway? Keep reading, you will see (^_^).
    Curaga: Heals Ozma for 6000-9999 points. He can use it as a counter-attack 
    Mini: Inflicts Mini on party.
    Esuna: Cures abnormal statuses, Ozma will only cast it if you inflict his 
    unique status weakness; Blind/Darkness.
    Berserk: Increases strenght of one target but make you lose control of that 
    character. Ozma uses it as a counter-attack.
    Curse: Ozma’s very best attack, dealing up to 5000-6000 points on party, 
    inflicting every abnormal statuses on party, except for a very few of them.
    After reading the list, I hope that you are impressed (-_-). Oh well, now 
    let’s talk about a certain side quest that you can take in order to make this 
    battle easier. See, Ozma is out of range for your physical attacks. Also, 
    when he uses Doomsday, he will heal himself. 
    II- Friendly monster quest
    Let’s fix these bugs with the Friendly Monster quest! Through the game, you 
    might have met some monsters who were begging for certain items in random 
    encounters, with a different theme. They were the friendly monsters. Here 
    comes the list.
    Mu: Meet him in the forest near the Evil Forest, or you can find him in the 
    area around Dali as well. He wants an Ore.
    Ghost: In the forest completely west of Treno(near the mountains). He also 
    wants an Ore.
    Colour Lady Bug: In the forest around Black Mage village, or simply on the 
    grass, she wants 2 ores.
    Yeti: In the forest just north of Madain Sari, he wants two Ores. He can 
    appear on the grass south of the village too.
    Nymph: She appears in the forest or on the grass around the Lifa Tree. She 
    wants 3 ores.
    Jabberwock: There's a forest(shaped like a star) east of Oeilvert on the 
    Forgotten Continent, you'll find Jabberwock there and he wants an Emerald.
    Feather Circle: On the lost continent, he appears on the snow near the 
    chocobo tracks, as well as near Esto Gaza, he wants a Moonstone.
    Rainbow Garuda: Remember at Gizamaluke’s Grotto during disc 1, after helping 
    out of the Moogle couple, you could climb out on the World map to battle 
    tough enemies(for that point I mean). Well, the Rainbow Garuda will appear in 
    the forests around there. He wants a Lapis Lazuli.
    Yan: At Vile Island southwest of the lifa Tree(can only be accessed with a 
    Gold Chocobo or with the Invincible). Search the forest to meet a friendly 
    Yan. However, you need to have given the right items to every friendly 
    monsters or else he will flee. He wants an Emerald.
    As you hooked them all up, they will grant you a nice reward; being able to 
    reach Ozma with physical attacks. Also, Ozma’s Doomsday will now damage him 
    instead of healing him. 
    With that said, let’s now talk about the required stuff.
    III- Required stuff
    My favourite party to beat down Ozma(and for the whole game) is made of 
    Zidane, Steiner, Freya and Quina. I will list them four with the abilities 
    that they need.
    Zidane: Long reach, Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, Auto-Life, Clear headed, Body 
    Temp, and Antibody. For the equipment, put on a Pumice Piece and the Ultima 
    Steiner: Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, Auto-Life, Clear headed, Body temp, and 
    Antibody. For the equipment, equip him with a Demon’s Mail and the Ragnarok
    (for Shock). 
    Freya: Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, Auto-Life, Clear headed, Body Temp, and 
    Antibody. Equip her with a Demon’s Mail, and she must have Dragon’s Crest 
    powered up to 9999 damage. How to power it up? By killing dragons with Freya 
    in your party. I’d recommend you to go at Sacrobless Island(outside of 
    Daguerro) and kill the Grand Dragons with Quina’s LV5 DEATH blue magic to get 
    some EXP during the process.
    Quina: Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, Auto-Life, Clear headed, Body temp, and 
    Antibody. Pumice Piece is needed for him as well. To talk about his blue 
    magics, you will need White Wind and Angel’s Snack.
    There you go, you are set! Now keep reading below for the strategy, and also 
    to find out why did I make you equip absorbing shadow gear,
    IIII- The battle
    Ozma will be INSANELY fast. Usually, you will be lucky if you can move twice 
    without having him act. Sometimes, Ozma will struck 3 times in ONE row. That 
    is why Auto-Haste will be great here, giving you a little speed advantage. 
    Note that Ozma will still be extremelly quick in his actions. Auto-Regen will 
    be helpful, allowing you to constantly heal yourself during the battle 
    without wasting any turn. Auto-Life will allow you to be automically revived 
    once as your character dies, once again sparing a turn of throwing a Pheonix 
    Down. Ozma’s Curse will be a pain to deal with, though you still have a small 
    benefit on your side; your immunities. Clear headed blocks Confuse, Body 
    temps blocks Heat and Freeze(though I’m not sure if Curse includes Freeze) 
    and Antibody blocks Venom. These three were the worst abnormal statuses. Mini 
    is indeed also deadly, but you cannot be immune to it. That is why you got 
    Quina with Angel’s Snack, allowing you to get rid of that status. Now, what 
    about the shadow elemental absorbing equipment? Well, you see, Ozma’s 
    Doomsday IS shadow elemental. When he uses it, he will heal you instead of 
    damaging you. Also, thanks to the fact that you completed the Friendly 
    Monster Quest, Ozma will damage him. Meaning that Doomsday will actually be a 
    breather for you, or even a miracle, since it will totally heal you and 
    damage Ozma for 8000+ points. Now for your OWN offense, Zidane will use 
    physical attacks while being in back row, allowing him to cut down Ozma’s 
    damage potential by half and dealing same damage that he does in front, 
    thanks the Long Reach ability. Steiner will use Shock, and Freya will use the 
    Dragon’s Crest, both dealing 9999 points. Don’t EVER enter too many commands 
    though because, like I told you already, Ozma usually gets the time to enter 
    an attack between your turns, so let say you have Steiner use Shock and that 
    he gets Mini’d just before his turn. His Shock will deal extremelly low 
    damage, wasting a turn. Freya’s Dragon Crest canNOT be affected though. You 
    should ALWAYS have Quina’s turn ready to make a move in order to support the 
    party. If you want to, you could also have Zidane use a 9999 damage Thievery 
    instead of using physical attacks, but that skill is a total pain in the neck 
    to power up so, you should basically just go with normal physical attacks for 
    about same results. The important thing to do in this battle is to not give 
    up. You may die, so if that happens, just keep trying. The random factor of 
    Ozma’s pattern allows him to instantly kill you at any moments. Therefore, a 
    little bit of luck will also be needed for your victory.
    When you win, be happy. You just rocked one of the very best enemy of the 
    whole serie! Now nothing should scare you!
    That concludes the optional bosses section, I hope it helped you out!
    8- E-mail
    If you would like to ask me questions about Final Fantasy IX, my e-mail is 
    blackestmage(at)yahoo(dot)fr. You can send me questions regarding bosses, but 
    I won’t answer anything related to the storyline or about the walkthrough. 
    Also, don’t be shy, if you have to contributions, send them as well. Oh, and, 
    last thing, I am French so, vous pouvez m’écrire en français pour ceux qui 
    ont de la difficulté en anglais.
    9- Conclusion
    That concludes my Boss FAQ. I seriously hope that the guide was of a good 
    help, and that it was a pleasure to read. Writing guides is so awesome, 
    especially when it isn’t in your first language(since I’m French). It is an 
    experience that I recommend to anybody.
    10- Credits
    - CJayC for posting this guide on www.gamefaqs.com.
    - Neoseeker for posting this guide on their site.
    - IGN for posting this guide on their site.
    - Jörg Seyfferth for the ASCII generator.
    - All of you for reading this FAQ.
    Final Fantasy IX by Squaresoft.
    Boss FAQ by Blackestmage. Copyright 2004

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