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    Chocobo Guide by Crono228

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 12/01/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy IX - Chocobo Guide (Japanese and English)
    Author: Crono228
    Contact: e-mail: blarosa@concentric.net
    AOL IM Crono229 [yes, 229, not 228]
    Version  2.0
    Note: This file is best viewed in NJStar (www.njstar.com) , a Japanese word
    processor, as it contains some Japanese characters. However, it can be viewed
    just fine in most word proccessors and web browsers, all Japanese text will
    appear as garbage.  Since I do not know Kanji, some of them have been replaced
    with <kanji> All kanji in this file was provided by Jesse (Tenoh@aol.com)
    Thanks Jesse!
    You may use this file for your own website without my permission as long as it
    is kept in it's original form and you notify me that you are doing so along
    with a link to your website. The contents of this document may *not* be used in
    any printed publication without my written consent.
    This guide provides the locations on the world map depicted by the
    Chocographs (チョコグラフ) There's also tips on playing the digging game and
    info on evolving your Chocobo.
    --Table of Contents---------------------------------
    0. General Progression of Chocobo raising
    1. Playing the Digging Game
    2. Chocographs (チョコグラフ)
    3. Evolving your Chocobo
    4. Locations of Key Places
    5. Un-answered Questions
    6. Credits
    --Update History-----------------------------------
    12/01/2000 - Version 2.0
    The English version is now covered fully. I made a few changes to the 
    descriptions of the locations of some of the graphs to make them more
    accurate. Also, I'll put this here as well as in the guide because it's the
    question I get asked most often in emails: If Mene is telling you there
    are no more graphs, or you can't find the last few Chocograph pieces
    it's because you need to progress further in the game. Come back later
    after completing more events.
    11/21/2000- Version 1.7
    Made changes throughout the guide to match the English version of the game.  It
    still looks best in NJStar, but can be viewed in most word processors and web
    browsers, just ignore the Japanese characters which will appear as garbage.
    Also made various corrections, the most important being the location of the
    Reef upgrade, which is in the 4th treasure, not the second. This now serves as
    a guide to both the Japanese and English versions. There's still a few more
    changes to make but those of you playing the English version should have no
    trouble at all using the guide to get a Golden Chocobo. I'm looking for
    feedback from people on anything that might make this guide more useful, I've
    seen a few people on the message boards saying that the guide didn't really
    help them.
    7/24/2000- Version 1.0
    Everything you could want to know about Chocobos!
    (Well almost) All graph locations, and step by step instructions on getting a
    gold chocobo and finding the Chocobo Sky Garden. I also added a section on the
    locations of the places involved in Chocobo raising. Finally, more kanjis added
    thanks again to Jesse. I won't be updating this file anymore until the U.S.
    release unless a major error is found or an important piece of information was
    accidently left out. I will still take e-mail.
    --(0.) General Progression of Chocobo Raising---
    Thanks to Porko for this info
    This section does not go into details. See the rest of the guide for locations
    of places and chocographs. Please note that the numbers I refer to the graphs
    by are the position they are in on the list of graphs, not the order you find
    them in.
    If Mene is telling you there are no more graphs, or you can't find the last few
    Chocograph pieces it's because you need to progress further in the game. 
    Come back later after completing more events.
    1) Start out by playing the digging game in the Chocobo forest until you get
    the forth Chocograph, or the moogle tells you there's no more graphs to be
    found (your choice) When you acquire the forth graph, find the treasure and
    get the Reef upgrade.
    2) Once you have the Reef upgrade, go to the Chocobo Lagoon. Play the digging
    game there until you get Chocograph #12 or the moogle tells you there's no more
    graphs to be found(your choice. Find the treasure at the area in the 12th graph
     to get the Mountain upgrade.
    3) Go back to the forest and play the game some more. With the Mountain
    upgrade, you can climb onto the rocky ledges in the area. Play until you get
    the 14th graph. Then get the treasure for this graph to get the Sea upgrade.
    4) Play the digging game at the Chocobo Lagoon until you get all 6 of the
    Chocograph Pieces / チョコボグラフのかけら Once you have all 6, you will
    receive Chocograph #20. Find the treasure for this graph to receive the Sky
    5) Once you have the Sky Upgrade, travel to Chocobo Paradise. Talk to all the
    chocobos. Apparently you have to come back here after finding all the treasure,
    but not just the ones in the graph, there's other treasures hidden in cracked walls
    and the ocean. I do not cover these treasures in this guide.
    7) Find the Chocobo Sky Garden. Congratulations! You have a gold chocobo
    and can access all the places to play the digging game! See any other FAQ for
    all the neat things you can do now that you have accomplished this. (-_-)
    --(1.) Playing the Digging Game----------------------
    This guide assumes you already have a Chocobo and know where the Chocobo
    Forest is and that you know how to play the digging game. If you don't, any of
    the FAQs on gamefaqs.com should be able to help you. With that said...
    Note: These are the techniques that I have found work for me. If you have some
    info that you'd like to share or think that something I say here is wrong,
    please let me know. You will get credit.
    General tips:
    -If you have an analog controller, use the left stick to move, it makes you run
    w/o holding the X button
    -PRACTICE! Leveling up your Chocobo makes digging a LOT easier. Play the game
    as much as you can stand ^_^
    -Try to move in straight lines, combing the floor systematically. Walk about
    2 lengths of the chocobo's body, and peck. If you come up empty (Kweh / クエ)
    Keep moving and repeat the pattern until you get クエッ!?
    -Once you've gotten very close to something (クエエッ!!?) Keep pecking in that
    area, taking small steps and changes in direction. If you don't hit the item
    the first couple of tries, come at the general area of the (クエエッ!!?) from
    another angle and try again.
    -After getting an item, it seems that the whole board is reset. Forget about
    where you already looked, it's almost certain that there is an item somewhere
    you already looked. (Can anyone confirm this?)
    -Once you get 4 items, Mene ( メネ ) will give you an extra 10 seconds on the
    -Once you get 8 items, the game will end and you get bonus points.
    Thanks to Ng New Yam for this info
    The following info on Bonus Points comes from Hibiki637@aol.com. Thanks!
    The amount of bonus points you get depends on how much time is left on the
    clock. These ranges are approximates only.
    0-4 seconds left = 50pts
    5-8 seconds left = 70pts
    9-15 seconds left = 92 points
    16-22 seconds left = 150points
    Tips for Chocobo Lagoon, before Sea Upgrade
    -This area is very small, and the game only costs 30 gil, but you only get 30
    seconds. It's a great place to build up your Chocobo's level.
    -Start each game by quicking turning around, taking a step, and pecking. If
    only get the (クエ) (not even close) message, there's nothing in that entryway.
    But if you get クエッ!? (getting close)  or クエエッ!!?(very close), you can
    save valuable time by checking here right away.
    Tips for Chocobo Forest, after the Mountain Upgrade
    -You can now climb on the two ledges in the area. Just walk near them and an !
    will appear over your Choco's head. Press the square button to climb up.
    -In my experience, the item rarely comes up on the ledges, but ocasionally it
    Every once in a while, if you happen to be near one, just head on up, and give
    a quick peck. if you get (クエ) (not even close), head back down right away.
    Tips for Chocobo Lagoon, after Sea Upgrade
    -The board is now bigger and you get 1:00 instead of :30. Use the same
    strategies as before.
    Tips for Chocobo Sky Garden
    -There are 2 areas here. To move between them, find the areas that look like
    ramps, an "!" will appear, press the square button. In my experience, the items
    are on the platform you start on more than 2/3 of the time.
    -There's more to this place than meets the eye...
    --Items you can find:---------------------------------
    Note: "Dig Number" refers to the number that appears when you hit it and that
    you must reduce to 0 by pressing the button.
    Name: Choco Graph / チョコボグラフ
    Desc: This is your main objetive in the whole Chocobo raising process.
    Dig Number:  (Forest - ~50-60) (Lagoon - 80)
    Point value: (Forest - 10) (Lagoon - 20)
    Name: Choco Graph Piece / チョコボグラフのかけら
    Desc: Tells you where the black shadow for the Chocobo Sky Garden may be.
    These can be viewed from the items menu under rare items (the rightmost
    option,  だいじなもの )
    Dig Number:  (Forest - Not yet  found) (Lagoon - ?)
    Point value: (Forest - Not yet found) (Lagoon - ?)
    Thanks to Etoh21 for this info
    Name: Dead Pepper / デッドペッパ
    Desc: Using one  while riding your Chocobo (the second option when you
    press the Triangle button) will cause it to do things like break cracks in
    walls or fly up high (when flying)
    Dig Number:  ???
    Point value: ???
    Name: <kanji><kanji> (This is the item that the "Special" enemies ask for, icon
    is a black gem)
    Dig Number: ???
    Point value: (Forest - 1) (Lagoon - ?)
    Name: <kanji><kanji> チン
    Dig Number: ???
    Point value: (Forest - 1) (Lagoon - ?)
    Name: やまびこ<kanji>
    Dig Number: ???
    Point value: (Forest - 1) (Lagoon - ?)
    Name: 200 ギル
    Translation: 200 Gil
    Dig Number: (Forest - 25) (Lagoon - ?)
    Point value: (Forest - 2) (Lagoon - ?)
    More to come...
    --Items you can buy from Mene (メネ)--------------
    Note that these items cost Points (ポイント) NOT Gil [ギル]
    Name: ローブオブロード
    Translation: Robe of Lords
    Description: The best armor for magic users
    Cost: 10,000
    Thanks to Etoh21 for this info
    Name: まもりの<kanji><kanji>
    Cost:  85,000
    Name: ウイングエッジ
    Translation: Wing Edge
    Cost: 3500
    Name: ヴィルトガンスのカード
    Translation: Virutogansu (?) Card
    Cost: 1800
    Name: エーテル
    Translation: Ether
    Description: Restores 50 MP
    Cost: 450
    Name: <kanji><kanji>
    Description: "Special" enemies ask for it, icon is a black gem
    Cost: 250
    Name: フィニックスの<kanji>
    Translation: Phoenix Down (?)
    Description: Revives one party member
    Cost: 150
    Name: ギサールの野菜
    Description: The item used to call Chocobos on the world map
    Cost: 10
    --(2.) Chocographs(チョコグラフ)-------------
    I have provided the Chocographs in the order they are listed in the Chocograph
    1.)Streamside /  川のほとり
    Location: Not far from the Chocobo Forest and the bridge that go over the river
    on the Mist Continent. This one's easy to find.
    Items acquired: I don't recall, I found it before writing this. It was just a
    bunch of curing items, nothing spectacular.
    2.)Between mountains /  山のはざま
    Location: Mountains in southwest Mist continent, just like the clue says
    Items acquired: Potion x 5; Hi-Potion x 5; Tent x 2; Cotton Robe x 2;
    3.)Uncultivated land /  みかいの地
    Location: South of  Alexandria / アレクサンドリア, at the bottom of the hill,
    along the river.
    Items acquired: Antidote x 10; Jade Armlet x 1; Wing Edge x 3; 
    Cargo Ship Card x 1;
    4.)Healing shore /  やすらぎの浜
    Location: Northwest beach on Mist Continent.
    Items acquired: Reef Upgrade
    5.)Abandoned beach /  かれた砂浜
    Location: Southern-central part of the Outer Continent, south of  Qu's Marsh /
    く<kanji>の <kanji>, it's around the shore.
    Items acquired: Phoenix Pinion x 9; Phoenix Down x 5; Peridot x 12; Diamond
    Gloves x 1;
    6.)Cold Field /  いてつく大地
    Location: Lost Continent, just east of the beach at the south.
    Items acquired: Echo Screen x 5; Hi-Potion x 7; Tent x 3;
    Theater Ship Card x 1;
    7.)Forgotton lagoon / 忘れられた浅頼
    Requires: Reef
    Location: Northern part of the Forgotton Continent. To get there, get your
    Choco at the south beach of the Lost continent, then walk on the shallow water,
    which is also where the treasure is, in the water.
    Items acquired: Gysahl Greens x 8; Ether x 5; Hi-Potion x 7; 
    Dragon's Claws x 1;
    8.) Faraway lagoon / 遠くの浅頼
    Requires: Reef
    Location: Forgotton continent, to the right of the long thin piece that sticks
    out, there's a bulge. The treasure is in between those rocks depicted in the
    Chocograph, in the water.
    Items acquired: Potion x 37; Magic Tag x 6; Shield Armor x 1; Gaia Gear x 1;
    9.) Abandoned Lagoon / 枯れ果てゆく浅頼
    Location: Outer continent, find the beach just south-east of th Black Mage
    Village, go west. When you see the view in the Chocograph, the treasure is in
     the area that far away in the picture.
    Items acquired: Soft x 6; Ether x 4; Feather boots x 1; N-Kai Armlet  x 1;
    10.) Bird's-eye lagoon / ふかんの浅頼
    Requires: Reef
    Location: Western part of the Mist continent, just off the U-shaped beach,
    shouldn't be too hard to find.
    Items acquired: Potion x 8; Phoenix Down x 4; Ether x 3; Magician Robe x 1;
    11.)Small beach / 小さな浜辺
    Requires: Reef
    Location: Mist continent, south shore, dead center. There's a small island off
    the coast. As usual, it's in the water.
    Items acquired:Remedy x 4; Elixer x 2; Rising Sun x 8; Oak Staff x 1;
    12.) Dawn Lagoon / 夜?けの浅頼
    Requires: Reef
    Location: Mist continent, south east shore. A small island off the coast.
    Items acquired: Mountain Upgrade
    13.) Forbidden forest / 閉ざされた森
    Requires: Mountain Upgrade
    Location: Mist continent, at the very top of the mountains, a little to the
    south west of the center of the continent, you should see the forest within the
    mountain crater, pretty easy to spot.
    Items acquired: Ether x 7; Elixer x 2; Wing Edge x 10; High Mage Staff x 1;
    14.)Green Plains /  碧の高原
    Requires: Mountain Upgrade
    Location: Mist continent, north-east beach (you can see it in the picture on
    the graph) It's on the plateau above the beach.
    Items acquired: Sea Upgrade
    For #'s 15 & 16, you MUST have an airship or a golden chocobo to reach them.
    15.)Dusk Plains / タぐれの高原
    Requires: Mountain Upgrade
    Location: Just west of Oeilvert. It's in the center of the area pictured in the graph,
    the low ledge.
    Items acquired: Phoenix Down x 12; Ore x 14; Kaiser Knuckle x 1; 
    Iron Man Card  x 1;
    16.) Forgotton Plains / 忘れられた高原
    Requires: Mountain Upgrade
    Location:Just south of Ispen's Castle, parallel to the top grass strip.
    Items acquired: Ore x 17;  Ether x 5; Opal x 14; Demon's Mail x 1;
    17.) Sea at Dusk / タぐれの海原
    Requires: Sea Upgrade
    Location: Western Continent, the east shore. The area is parallel to the tip of
    the long thin part on the other side of the continent (You want to be on the
    EAST side of it though. I just mention that part because it's very visible and
    to give you an idea of where it is north/south) The treasure is somewhere in
    that water, it's a bit of pain, good luck (^_^)
    Items acquired: Phoenix Pinion x 15; White Robe x 1; Diamond x 1
    Masamune Card x 1;
    18.) Ocean /  海
    Requires: Sea Upgrade
    Location: This is probably THE hardest one to find. On the western side
    of the western continent,  find the long, thin island that has long stretches
    of beach on both sides. Just west of that island, you'll find the treasure,
    *somewhere* in the water.
    Items acquired: Ore x 27; Light Robe x 1; Whale Whisker x 1;
    Alexander Card x 1;
    19.) Cold Lagoon / 冷たい 入り江
    Requires: Sea Upgrade
    Location: Northern continent, at the top part, there's a "C" shaped land mass.
    It's in the top part of the picture in the graph, past the "C" shape, in the
    Items acquired: Peridot x 11; Opal x 9;Sapphire x 15; Topaz x 19;
    20.) Mist ocean /  霧の 辺膿
    Requires: Sea Upgrade
    Location: At the north eastern part of the Mist Continent, you see the small
    islands in the graph, it's dead center of the area pictured.
    Items acquired: Sky Upgrade
    21.)Outer Island / 外側の島
    Requires:Sky Upgrade
    Location: Off the north east coast of the Outer continent you'll see the
    island in the graph. You'll find the treasure on the part of the island that's
    at the bottom in the picture, to the left.
    Items acquired: Amethyst x 21; Garnet x 16; Genji Armor x 1;
    Ragnarok x 1;
    22.)Outer Island 2 /  外側の島2
    Requires:Sky Upgrade
    Location: Off the northern coast of the Outer continent, just east of the big
    island there. the treasure is on the island shown in the pic (very tiny) at the
    edge of the forest.
    Items acquired: Sapphire x 11; Circlet X 1; Pumice Piece x 1;
    Hilde Garde 3 Card x 1;
    23.)Fairy Island /  せいれいの島
    Requires:Sky Upgrade
    Location: Just west of the outer continent you'll see the island in the graph.
    The treasure is on the west side of the mountain, near the base.
    Items acquired: Potion x 33; Annoyntment x 15; Holy Miter x 1;
    Dark Matter Card x 1;
    24.) 忘れられた島
    Requires:Sky Upgrade
    Location: The island where treasure #7 was, but this time it's on the island,
    not the water around it. It's in the plateau west of the forest, near the edge
    facing the water.
    Items acquired: Ribbon x 1; Rebirth Ring x 1; Amethyst x 13; Ark Card x 1;
    --(3.) Evolving your Chocobo---------------------
    Certain treasures will transport your Chocobo to the "Chocobo Dream World".
    Here it will acquire one of the upgrades, which allow it more freedom in moving
    around the map. Please note that these upgrades are cumilative, meaning that
    once you acquire a new one, you keep the abilities from previous ones as well.
    The upgrades:
    Reef Upgrade: Chocobo becomes Light Blue. Allows your Chocobo to walk in
    shallow water. (This is the lighter colored water) You can only enter and exit
    shallow water from a beach. Acquired from the fourth treasure
    Mountain Upgrade: Chocobo becomes Red. Allows your Chocobo to walk over
    mountains and other high terrain. Note that even with this ability, you can't
    go from shallow water to land unless you use the beach.  Acquired from the 12th
    Sea Upgrade: Chocobo becomes Dark Blue. Allows your Chocobo to walk on
    Deep Water. You still can not go in or out of the water except at beaches.
    Acquired from the 14th treasure
    Sky Upgrade: Chocobo becomes Gold. Your Chocobo can now fly. To do so,
    you have to be in any forest on the map and press the Circle button. The
    controls while flying are similar to the Airship. You can only land in a forest
    To do so, press the X button while over a forest. Acquired from the 20th
    --(4.) Locations of Key Places--------------------
    Chocobo Lagoon- Southwestern part of the map. You'll see an island with a
    cave in it. To reach it, you have to get on the island north of it with Chocobo
    tracks on it. Use your Chocobo with the Reef upgrade to walk along the
    shallows to the cave entrance. It's a long, roundabout walk, but don't worry,
    you can get there.
    Chocobo Paradise-  There's an island at the very corner of the map (any
    corner, you can't see it on the mini-map but it's there) Find the crack in the
    mountain and use a Dead Pepper while standing in front of it. This will allow
    you to enter.
    Chocobo Sky Garden- This one's tricky. It appears as a small, round shadow
    in one of several set locations. The easiest of these to find is dead center
    of the map. Simply go there with your flying chocobo, if you don't see the
    shadow, save and reset. Check again. Repeat until you find it. When you do
    find it, fly under the shadow and use a Dead Pepper. Once you enter it, it's
    location will be visible on the world map (press select) from then on.
    --(5.) Un-answered Questions--------------------
    --(6.) Credits-------------------------------------
    Thanks to everyone here for info they provided. If you're on here and you'd
    like me to add you e-mail, let me know.
    Porker -
    Provided the basis for Section 0: General Progression of Chocobo Raising
    The location of the Chocobo Lagoon and the trick for finding it.
    Pronunciation and info on ローブオブロード ("Robe of Lords")
    Info on チョコボグラフのかけら
    Fanatic Crisis-
    Provided me with the location of the Chocobo Lagoon.
    Ng Yew Nam-
    Provided info on scoring in the digging game.
    Jesse (Tenoh@aol.com)-
    Provided many, many Kanjis throughout the file.
    Shreekant Date-
    Translation of ンカイの<kanji><kanji> (N-Kai Armlet)

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