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    Secrets/Sidequests FAQ by Edwin.C

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 12/12/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.0- September 26 2000-The Beginning
    Version 1.1- September 29 2000-Added some stuffs here and there.
    Version 1.2- October 11 2000-Added a strategy in defeating Ozma.
    Version 1.3- October 14 2000-Added a section on how to get the strongest
    weapon for each character.
    Version 1.4- October 11 2000-Added the Book Boss thingy.
    Version 1.5- October 30 2000-Added FFIX's "second ending".
    Version 1.6- November 15 2000-Corrected some mistakes.
    Version 1.6- November 15 2000-Corrected the part on Garnet's name.
    Created on September 26, 2000 by Edwin "Shinji" Chow
    3 - SECRETS
    5 - CREDITS
    1 - INTRO:
    Played FFIX and found that the game is too short? Feeling bored and
    want to go solve/tackle some sidequests/secrets in the game? Well here's a
    list of all of the optional stuff one can do in FFIX.
    Land Spirits/Fairies:
    When you roam on the overworld map, you might randomly encounter strange
    cute creatures with a different battle theme. These are Land Spirits.
    They all request for Gemstones from you and will reward you with a lot of
    APs if you give them the correct ones. There are 9 altogether. Making all
    of them happy and the fight with Ozma will be a lot easier.(See Ozma for
    details). Here are a list of their names and what type of Gemstone they
    1)    Small Squirrel(Mu): Around Dali. Wants an Ore stone.
    2)    Ghost: Outside Treno(Don't go in the forest.) or near
                 the South Gate. Wants an Ore stone.
    3)    Ladybug: Forest surrounding Black Mage Village. Wants 2 Ore stones.
    4)    Yeti: Forest outside Madain Sari. Wants 2 Ores.
    5)    Nymph: Forest near Iifa Tree area. Wants 3 Ores.
    6)    Jabberwork: Forest East of Oeivell. Wants Emerald.
    7)    Feathersuckle: Ice Continent, on the Chocobo tracks. Wants
                         a Moonstone.
    8)    Galda: Forest outside Gizamaluke Cave after climbing rope.
                 Wants Lapis Lazly.
    9)    Yan: Bile Island (small island near center of map). It will keep
               running away until you have found all 8 other Land Spirits.
               Wants a Diamond.
    Frog Catching:
    Once you obtained the airship (you can do it anytime in the game, but the
    airship makes travelling easier.) bring Quina back to any Qu Marsh and
    go to the frog pond. Quina will then request permission to catch frogs. The
    more you catch, the better the reward. It also increases the damage of
    Quina's Kaeru Otoshi(Frog Drop). So START CATCHING THOSE PESKY FROGS
    2 frogs: Ore Ston
    5 frogs: Ether
    9 frogs: Silk Robe
    15 frogs: Elixir
    23 frogs: Silver Fork
    33 frogs: Bistro Fork
    If you catch 100 frogs, an optional boss(Quina's master) will appear. Defeat
    him to obtain Quina's best weapon.
    TIP: It's best NOT catch all the frogs in the marsh at one go.
    There are 4 figurines in the game. They increase your collectors rate(see
    Four-armed man for details.). Mini-Cid is found in the Treno Auction while
    the Prima Vista figure is obtained after the coffeebean quest. Mini-Burmecia
    is found near the bed in thief's headquarters. Lastly, the Mini-Brahne 
    figure is
    found under the chair in the Dali Chief's house.
    Chocobo Digging:
    Refer to the Chocobo Digging FAQ
    for details.
    Quadmist Card Game:
    Basic Rules:
    1st digit: Attack Power
    2nd digit: Method of attack
    Last 2 numbers: Defense Power
    If the second digit is a P, then the first digit compares itself with the
    opponent's third digit. If the second digit is a M, then the first digit
    compares with the opponent's last digit.
    Zodiac Coins:
    Visit the queen living in Treno. She will tell you that she wants 12 Zodiac
    coins. These are found thoughout the game. The queen will reward you for
    each coin you find. Once you gave all 12 coins, go to Kuwan Cave (east of
    Treno) to look for the 13th Coin.
    Aries: Dali Windmill
    Cancer: Burmecia, behind an overturned cart.
    Scorpio: Kuwan Cave spring
    Gemini: Throw gil into the fountain at entrance of Treno 13 times.
    Taurus: Behind item shop in Treno
    Virgo: Black Mage Village Inn
    Libra: Madain Sari fountain
    Leo: Undestroyed Left Tower of Alexandria near Neptune Statue
    Sagittarius: Linblum Commercial Square, left side. 3rd screen upon entering
                 the commercial district.
    Capricorn: Right path in Dargeleo Library.
    Aquarius: Ipsen Heritage entrance right hand pillar
    Pisces: Treasure chest inside Invincible.
    Coffee Beans:
    The old man at the Watch Tower in Dali loves to drink coffee. Find them all
    and you'll receive the Prima Vista figure.
    Mocha: In the Pass near the Chocobo Forest. Pay attention to the right side
           of the screen.
    Killiman: Madain Sari moogle village kitchen
    Bullman: In disc 3 before going for the card game in Treno, go to Dali and
             search in the Village chief's room for the key to open the locked
             door behind the windmill.
    Rope Jumping:
    Here is a list of all the items obtained from it:
    20 jumps: 10 gil
    50 jumps: Cactrot Card
    100 jumps: Genji Card
    200 jumps: Alexander Card
    300 jumps: Cat Paw Racket
    1000 jumps: King Of Skipping Title
    Quiz Master
    This funny look guy (He always appears together with a circle and a
    cross.) can be randomly encountered on the World Map near the Black
    Mage village. He will ask you a question and if you answered it
    correctly, he'll reward you with lots of APs. If you encounter him
    13 times(This is due to the fact that he has 13 different questions to
    ask.) and answered all his questions correctly, you'll be rewarded
    with a Memory Ring.
    3 - SECRETS
    Ozma (Located in the Chocobo Sky Garden)
    In the north of the garden, examine the huge rock. This will trigger a
    battle will an extremely tough optional boss. If you have satisfied all
    9 Land Spirits in the game, the FIGHT command will be enabled. You will be
    rewarded with Garnet's last summon, Ark, upon defeating it.
    I've came out with a sure win way of defeating it:
    1) Have all characters' level above 70(LV99 comes to mind).
    2) Have Quina learn the "Magic Hammer", "Angel's Tear" and KaeruOtoshi.
    3) Make sure all characters have auto-haste, auto-regen
       and protection from confusion abilities.
    4) Choose Eiko, Garnet(Dagger), Zitan(DUH!) and Quina.
    5) When the fight starts, let Garnet be the main healer. Eiko should attack
       with Holy and assist Garnet in healing when there is a need.(Don't use
       Maduin. It's too costly. You're going to need all the MP you can get.)
       Zitan should just fight or use his Grand Result trance. Quina should use
       his "Magic Hammer" blue magic and attack randomly with KaeruOtoshi.
       Just use that hammer move 3 times and Ozma will be drained of all MP!
    6) If Ozma uses gas, heal with Quina's "Angel Tear".
    7) With patience, you'll be able to defeat Ozma.
    Dargeleo Library
    It's located northwest of the Chocobo Lagoon. You'll need an airship or
    golden Chocobo to get there.
    Alexandria's Book Boss(Sorry, but I forgot its name.)
    He's located in the Alexandria Library. You have two chances to fight him.
    In disk two, where you have to rescue Garnet.(The exact time where Beatrix
    "joins" you.) And in disk three, at the time where Garnet and Eiko summoned
    Kuwan Cave (Quan Cave)
    It is located near Treno. Take Vivi and Quina there to trigger an event.
    After the event, check the clock to get Elmace Shoes which allows the user
    to learn the Auto-Haste ability. If you have a Gold Chocobo and a dead
    then you might want to check the bucket near the clock for some goodies.
    Garnet's Real Name:
    One of the "hidden" secrets in the game.
    2.1-In any of the party you'll make to visit Madain Sari MUST NOT have
    2.2-First go there without Garnet nor Eiko. Try to talk to Rani. If she does 
    respond you anything, try to invite her to play cards and then abort it.
    2.3-Get out from Madain Sari and make a party including Garnet. IF you try 
    talk to Rani she shall run away.
    2.4-Get out from Madain Sari and then make a party composed by Zitan, Vivi,
    Steiner and Quina*. Talk to Rani and she will tell you why she remained in
    Madain Sari. Additionaly she shall tell you there's a note in the room just
    behind her.
    2.5-Get in in the room behind her. Check CAREFULLY the room. When you're
    moving Zitan, try to make him turn his face to you and keep moving slowly.
    A message like "!" or "?" shall appear. Press the action button and the
    camera's angle shall change, showing Jitan reading the message.
    2.6-Just after reading the note, go to the summoner's wall. Once entering 
    first go to the right until you hear a sound. After hearing the sound, go 
    until you hear the same sound again. Keep doing this until a message telling
    your party's HP/MP and abnormal status are healed.
    2.7-Now you shall be able to read all the notes near the summons except for
    Ifrit's. Read all the possible notes then go near Ifrit's drawing. Now you 
    read the note which reveals the real name of Garnet as well as her mother's.
    *It looks like all the characters appeared in an ATE (Active Time Event) 
    Salamander** make Rani to run away or make her act indifferent to your 
    in trying to talk to her (i.e. if she doesn't runaway she won't react when 
    try to talk to her).
    **It includes Eiko and Freya.
    Thanx a million, Mark<markryo@altavista.net>! You're DA BOMB!^_^
    Changing Names:
    Just get a Namingway Quadmist card in the Desert Empress in Kujah's
    throne room. Then go and find a brown-clothed man in Dagelero and
    he'll change your characters' name.
    *UNCONFIRMED*: It is rumored that you can get this card from the
    card masters tournament in Treno.(Disk 4)
    Revival of Mognet HQ:
    This can be done only in Disk 4. You must have a flying chocobo. Go to the
    island north of Madain Sari. Look for a crack in the mountain. Use a dead
    pepper to open the crack. Visit the moogles in this order:
    Alexandria's moogle-> Burmecia's Moogle - > Black Mage Village's moogle - >
    Ipsen Castle's moogle- > Mist Continent Qu's Marsh's moogle* - >Dargeleo
    Library's moogle
    You will be rewarded with a Protect Ring for your efforts.
    *= You'll need to have Quina in your party to find it.
    FF3(Japanese) OST:
    If you manage to buy the Une's Mirror and Doga Magic Box at the Treno
    Auction, go to the Black Mage Village Inn and check the gramophone for a
    surprise. Note that this event can only be triggered after Terra has been
    Legendary Combination Shop:
    In the Last Dungeon called "Memory Room/ Birth", there's an "underwater"
    room. Move to the right of the room and search for Hades. (Takes a few
    tries.) Remember : There will be no '!'. Upon locating him, a boss fight
    will be triggered. Defeat him and you'll be able to excess the Legendary
    Combination Shop. Garnet's last summon can also be combined here.
    Getting EXCALIBUR:
    Just buy the "Magic Finger" from the Treno auction and give it to the old
    man in Dargeleo Library. You 'll need to sell ALL rare items  you have
    bought from Treno to people in Treno.
    Getting EXCALIBUR II:
    Reach the final stage and defeat Hades in under 12 hours. After doing so,
    search the right pillar in Memory Room.
    Ultima Weapon:
    Take a chocobo and "dig" around the Island of Light right where Terra used
    to be. You'll need a dead pepper.
    Four Armed Man:
    He is located at the right path of Dargeleo Library. He rates your
    Collector Level. There is also a number of rare cards on him.
    Carbunkle/Fenrir's New Skills:
    Emerald+Carbunkle= Emerald Light
    Diamond+Carbunkle= Dia Light
    Moonstone+Carbunkle= Pearl Light
    Virgin's Hope+ Fenrir= 1000 Year Dust
    Chocobo Paradise
    Fly to the north-western most corner of the map and use a dead pepper to
    open that crack in the mountain.
    Play Blackjack
    Play BlackJack while listening to the ''Crystal Theme''!
    All you have to do is to input in this code once you get to see the
    The End screen after everything (note that it will not work if
    you try the short-cut-to-The-End method):
    R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1,
    Square, Square
    Final Fantasy IX's "Second Ending":
    Simple. Just complete the zodiac coin side quest and keep Shina's hammer.
    and complete the game.
    *SPOILER*: You'll get an additional scene where Baku will "execute" Blank
    with the hammer.
    Type of     Name of              Where to get it
    weapon      weapon
    -------     -------              ------------------
    Swallow     Utima Weapon         See Utima Weapon section for more details.
    Rod         Kujira no Hige       Chocograph no. #20
                (Whale's Beard)
    Racket      Cat paw racket       See rope skipping section for more details.
    Sword       Excalibur II         See Excalibur II section for more details.
    Lance       Ryu no Hige          Use dead pepper on a mountain crack
                (Dragon's Beard)     at the west of Ouilveille.
    Claw        Rune Claw            Search the room where you fight Tiamat at
                                     the Memory Room.(Toki no Hazama)
    Flute       Angel's Flute        In the room where you see an illusion of
                                     Alexandria at the last stage.
    Fork        ??? Fork             See frog catching section for more details.
    Staff       Mace of Zeus         On the right after climbing the ladder at
                                     memory Room before fighting Lich.
    5 - CREDITS
    - GameFAQs <<www.gameFAQs.com>> OF COURSE!
    - <<Anja.Bredemann@t-online.de>>
    - <<vgstrategies.guide@about.com>>
    - <<frodo@singnet.com.sg, iles@SoftHome.net, BleuisDel@aol.com >> for
    their tips and correction of my mistakes.
    Please e-mail me if I left anything out. THAT'S ALL. HOPE YOU ENJOYED

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