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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SeanKelson

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                     SeanKelson's Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough
                            E-mail: SeanKelson@aol.com
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Play Control
    III. Disc One
        1) The Introduction
        2) The Wreck/Evil Forest
        3) The Ice Cavern
        4) Village of Dali
        5) Journey to Lindblum
        6) Lindblum
        7) Gizamaluke's Grotto/South Gate
        8) Burmecia
    IV. Disc Two
        1) Cable Car Station
        2) Treno
        3) Gargan Roo
        4) Cleyra
        5) On the Airship
        6) Rescue at Alexandria Castle/Gargan Roo (Visit 2)
        7) Pinnacle Rocks
        8) Lindblum (Visit 2)
        9) Qu's Marsh
        10) Fossil Roo
        11) Conde Petie
        12) Southeast Forest/Black Mage Village
        13) Conde Petie (Visit 2)/Mountain Pass
        14) Madain Sari
        15) Iifa Tree
        16) Madain Sari (Visit 2)
        17) Iifa Tree (Visit 2)
    V. Disc Three
        1) The Crowning of a Queen
        2) Treno/Alexandria Invaded
        3) Alexandria Saved/Lindblum
        4) Black Mage Village
        5) Kuja's Palace
        6) Oeilvert/Escape the Palace
        7) Esto Gaza
        8) Mount Gulug
        9) Back in Lindblum/Search for the Princess
        10) Ipsen's Castle
        11) The Four Shrines/Shimmering Island
        12) Terra
        13) Bran Bal/Pandemonium
    VI. Disc Four
        1) Memoria
    VII. Side Quests
        1) Jump Rope
        2) Mognet Central
        3) Stellazzio Coins
        4) Quina and Quan's Dwelling
        5) Catching Frogs
        6) Racing Hippaul
        7) Mr. Morrid's Coffee
        8) Namingway Card
        9) Treasure Hunter "S"
        10) Excalibur
        11) Excalibur 2
        12) Garnet's Name
        13) Hades
        14) Friendly Monsters
        15) Ragtime Mouse's Trivia
        16) Ozma
        17) Playing Blackjack
    VIII. Items & Abilities
        1) Weapons
        2) Helmets
        3) Arm Pieces
        4) Armor
        5) Accessories
        6) Ability Descriptions
        7) Character Abilities
    IX. Chocobos
        1) Getting a Chocobo
        2) 'Chocobo Hot & Cold'
        3) Finding Chocographs/Locations
        4) How to Play 'Chocobo Hot & Cold'
        5) Beak Levels & Abilities
        6) Chocographs
        7) Dead Pepper Treasures
    X. Tetra Master Card List
    XI. Other Stuff
        1) Contact Information
    	2) Licensing
    	3) Credits
    Section I: Introduction
    I will use the default names of the characters in this walkthrough.
    Section II: Play Control
    There's not much different here than in other Final Fantasy games.  Basically
    you have control of your character in Towns, in the Field (Overworld), and in
    Airships most of the game.
    Direction Pad- Moves character
    X button- Talks to people, confirms
    Square button- Offers to play cards, talks to people if they can't play cards.
    Circle button- Cancels, hold down to run
    Triangle button- Brings up status screen
    L1 button- Rotates screen
    R1 button- Rotates screen
    L2 button- Locks position so screen won't rotate
    R2 button- Switches between side view and overhead view
    Town Notes- When you see a "!" appear above Zidane's head, press "X."  You will
    find a treasure.  This is a great feature, since it cuts down the time spent
    searching towns for items like in other FF games.
    Direction Pad- Moves character
    X button- Enters location, get on a chocobo
    Square button-
    Circle button- Cancels selection, get off a chocobo
    Triangle button- Brings up status screen, brings up chocobo menu
    L1 button- Rotates screen
    R1 button- Rotates screen
    L2 button- Locks position so screen won't rotate
    R2 button- Switches between side view and overhead view
    Direction Pad- Orients ship
    X button- Boards ship, moves ship forward
    Square button- Moves ship backwards
    Circle button- Land ship
    Triangle button- Brings up ship's stern where you can change characters and
    access stat screen
    L1 button- Rotates screen
    R1 button- Rotates screen
    L2 button- Locks position so screen won't rotate
    R2 button- Switches between side view and overhead view
    Section III: Disc One
    This section contains instructions on how to get through disc one.
        Segment 1: The Introduction
    You start on a ship, where you find out about a plan to kidnap the princess of
    Alexandria.  After a few movies and dialogue, you are no longer Zidane any more.
    You find yourself as a little black mage named Vivi.
       1. Show the ticket to the man at the ticket booth.
       2. Find out how to play 'The Card Game.'
       3. Go with the rat kid to see the concert.
        Segment 2: The Wreck/Evil Forest
    You find your ship, the Prima Vista, crashed in a forest.  To make things worse,
    Princess Garnet is missing.  After watching some scenes, the true part of Final
    Fantasy IX begins.
        1. Find Princess Garnet.
        2. Defeat the Prison Cage twice.
        3. Talk to Vivi and see Zidane's flashback.
        4. Get Baku's permission to look for Garnet.
        5. Leave the ship after Steiner and Vivi join.
        6. Defeat Plant Brain.
        7. Escape the Evil Forest.
    Start out by going towards the bottom of the screen and through part of the
    forest. After that, you will encounter the monster that has Garnet entrapped.
    Steiner is there, waiting to help you.
              Boss: Prison Cage (1st time)
    At the beginning of the battle, you go into a trance.  Your power will be
    increased while you have the purple glow around you.  Steiner and Zidane tell
    you a bit about trances.
    When attacking the Prison Cage, be sure you attack the bottom of the creature,
    not the top.  Attacking the bottom hurts the monster, while attacking the top
    hurts Garnet.  You can't take your time defeating the Prison Cage, because he
    uses his spell 'Absorb' to take HP away from Garnet.  When Garnet dies, you lose
    the fight.  After the Prison Cage casts the first 'Absorb,' you are advised to
    heal Garnet.  Using a potion on Garnet will be fine.  If you've taken the time
    to get your character to level 3, this battle will be a breeze.  Otherwise, you
    might have to use a few more potions on Garnet before the battle is over.
    After the battle and some dialogue, the Prison Cage strikes again.
              Boss: Prison Cage (2nd time)
    This time it's Vivi that got trapped.  At the beginning of the fight, he casts a
    spell on the Prison Cage.
    Use about the same strategies as described in the battle for the first time
    beating the Prison Cage.  This time it's easier since Vivi is casting spells at
    the Prison Cage.
    After the battle, a scene occurs, then the screen appears on Vivi lying in a
    bed, with Blank watching over him.  You'll also see Steiner's henchman pushing
    him around.  Next, you'll see Zidane talking to his boss, who refuses to let
    anyone search for Garnet.
        When you leave the room that the boss is in, you will be able to see three
    ATEs (Active Time Events).  One shows what Steiner is doing in his room.
    Another shows Ruby left in the bar in Alexandria.  The third can only occur
    after the one with Steiner.  It shows Cinna frantically trying to find his
    Garnet doll.
        Go down to the room where Vivi is sleeping.  Talk to him.  After the
    dialogue is finished, walk out of the room to see Zidane's flashback.
    Afterwards, choose to go find Garnet.  Afterwards, Blank talks to Zidane and
    tells him to go talk to the boss.  However, the boss isn't in the room he used
    to be in.  He's in a room that is across the hall from the bottom of the
    stairway.  Talk to him in his room, and he will grant you permission to go look
    for Garnet.  First though, the boss, Baku, challenges you to a fight.
              Boss: Baku
    Steal a Hi-Potion from Baku at the beginning of the battle.  It will be a treat
    to get a hi-potion this early in the game.  Although Baku taunts you throughout
    the battle, he's more bark then he is bite.  You should beat him easily.
        After the battle, talk to Blank.  He will say that he'll unlock the door to
    the storage room so you can get Steiner to come with you.  Go to the room where
    Steiner is, and he will join you.  Steiner also suggests that you go visit Vivi.
    Go talk to Vivi in his room.  Vivi joins you, and you are ready to go look for
    Garnet.  Before you leave the ship, Blank talks to you for a while.  He also
    gives you a message from Baku about abilities.  After asking Blank how to equip
    abilities, you leave the ship.
        Make your way to where you found the Prison Cage.  When you enter this area,
    there will be another ATE (Active Time Event) to see.  In this ATE, Baku tells
    his orchestra that they are a good job, and that they will be leaving soon.
        Continue beyond the area where you fought the Prison Cage.  After another
    area, you'll see a moogle that hides in a tree stump when he sees you.  After
    Zidane examines the spring, you automatically view an ATE (Active Time Event).
    In this ATE, you see a quick dialogue between Blank and Baku.
        Despite the fact that it's in the tree stump, the moogle still is just like
    a normal moogle.  Go past the spring to the next area.  At the end of that area,
    you will see a quick scene.  Proceed through the next area.  Upon entering the
    next area, you'll run into a plant monster that is keeping Princess Garnet
              Boss: Plant Brain
    Fire attacks, like Vivi's 'Fire' black magic or Steiner's 'Fire' sword magic,
    work very well on this boss.  A while into the combat, Blank arrives to help.
    After Blank arrives, the Plant Brain might use it's devastating attack called
    'Thunder.'  Don't be surprised if this attack wipes out part of your party.
    Blank, the most likely to survive this attack, can deal big damage to the Plant
        After some dialogue, more problems arise, as small plant monsters start
    chasing after Zidane and his group.  Outrun the monsters as they try to chase
    you out.  After a few leaps of faith, you'll become surrounded, and go into
    battle with four Plant Spiders.  The Plant Spiders are weak, Blank or Steiner
    could knock them out in one blow.  Proceed to the next area after you kill the
    Plant Spiders, where Zidane stops and converses with Blank.  Then, watch a movie
    that explains what Zidane meant by "the entire forest is coming after us."
    Blank throws a letter as he is destroyed by a Plant Spider, and you witness the
    entire forest turn into stone.
        Steiner accuses Zidane that it's all his fault at their camp just outside
    the forest, and Garnet comes into consciousness again.  After some more
    dialogue, Vivi and Zidane take a rest.  After that, Zidane states that sometime
    he might come back and be able to save Blank.  Zidane then sets off for a cavern
    south of their camp.  Before you leave though, Monty the moogle has to teach you
    some basics.  And, he teaches them to you in the form of an ATE (Active Time
    Event).  After the lesson, Monty gives you the Moogle's Flute.  This allows you
    to call a Save Moogle on the world map.
        Segment 3: The Ice Cavern
       You now are on the world map.  Proceed south to get to the cave you're
    supposed to go to.  Slightly south on the mountain you will find the Ice Cavern.
          1. Destroy the strange wall.
          2. Rescue the frozen moogle.
          3. Defeat Black Waltz 1 and Sealion.
          4. Get out of the cave.
        As you enter the Ice Cavern, your party members will discuss myths and
    legends about the Ice Cavern.  Go to the second area of the Ice Cavern, jumping
    up ledges when you need to.  GO to the right of the second area, and have Zidane
    examine the strange wall.  Vivi will break down the wall with his magic.
        Continue through the cave until you come to a fork in the road.  Take a
    left.  Step up to the strange frozen figure and press confirm.  Vivi will melt
    the ice surrounding the Save Moogle, and you will go into another ATE (Active
    Time Event), where you learn more about the game.
        Now go back to the fork and take the right path.  All of your characters
    will, for some reason, fall asleep.  Later, you Zidane waking up.  Go to the
    upper-right of the screen and into the next area.  This is where Zidane finds
    who is causing the blizzard...
              Boss: Black Waltz 1 and Sealion
        At the beginning of the battle, Black Waltz 1 calls the Sealion to help him.
    In this battle, you're going alone against these guys.  As you attack the
    Sealion, Black Waltz 1 heals him with blizzard and taunts you.  Keep attacking,
    using potions when necessary.  If you need extra potions, just steal from
    enemies a little more often.  Since Black Waltz 1 keeps healing Sealion, focus
    all of your attacks on Black Waltz 1 until he dies.  As you attack the Sealion,
    keep yourself healed, because he can attack multiple times occasionally.
    Slowly, the Sealion's heart changes color.  It goes to yellow, then to purple.
    When the Sealion's heart turns purple, it means that he is very close to death.
    But, it also means that he will probably cast 'Tsunami' as soon as possible.
    Survive 'Tsunami,' and you can beat the Sealion with about three more attacks.
        After the battle, Zidane goes back to check on his group.  They're just
    getting up as Zidane greets them.  You probably go back to the Save Moogle and
    save right now.  Go up the cliff where you fought Black Waltz 1.  At the top,
    you finally leave the Mist.
        Before you go down to the village, Garnet needs a new identity.  You choose
    a name for her.  Then you go down into the village.  You then are back on the
    world map.
        Segment 4: Village of Dali
        Go southeast on the world map, to a village called Dali.  Everyone goes into
    the inn and rests after a conversation, where Zidane promises to get Garnet, or
    Dagger, as she's called now, to Lindblum.
        When you wake up, there are two ATEs (Active Time Events) you can see.  One
    shows what Vivi is doing.  The other shows what Dagger is doing.  When you walk
    out of the inn, there's another ATE (Active Time Event) to see.  This shows what
    is happening in the inn.
          1. Talk to Vivi.
          2. Find Dagger in the equipment store.
          3. Get Dagger to join you.
          4. Find the underground passageway.
          5. Hide in the machine.
          6. Defeat Black Waltz 2.
          7. Board the cargo ship.
        Since this is the first town you are able to visit, you'll probably want to
    go in the shop right across the street and buy some new equipment.  You'll also
    want to visit the other shop up the road and stock up on potions and other
        After entering some buildings, another ATE (Active Time Event) will be
    available.  This shows what Dagger is doing.
        You can go talk to Vivi by the windmill now.  He says that he will go back
    to the inn.
        Now another ATE (Active Time Event) can be seen.  It shows what is happening
    in the inn.
        If you go look through the window of the inn, you'll see that Vivi is not in
    the inn.  Forget Vivi for now.  Go into the equipment shop to find Dagger.
    Dagger then returns to the room in the inn.
        If you get bored, you can always challenge some residents to a game of
    cards, or "Tetra Master."  The equipment shop owner will play with you.
        You won't be able to find Steiner yet, but go talk to the person working at
    the medicine shop.  Then go back to the inn and talk to Dagger.  You'll see an
    ATE (Active Time Event) that shows what Steiner is doing at the moment.  After
    the ATE, Zidane suggests you go look for Vivi.
        Walk up to where the windmill is.  Zidane will stop when you're halfway
    there.  Go up and examine the place where Vivi was standing.  After some
    conversation, you'll find a place where you can talk to Vivi.
        Walk inside the mayor's house (the one with the sun over it) and examine the
    well.  Then go to the house left of the windmill.  There's a metal dome on the
    ground.  Examine it and go down.  You'll be underground now.  Go to the next
    area, where you'll hear a dialogue between two men.  They'll be pushing around
    poor Vivi.
        After a conversation with Dagger, go further into the tunnel.  You'll find a
    moogle inside the barrel in the area after the area that had the chocobo in it.
    Go further, and you'll come to a room where you hear Vivi crying.  He's caged up
    in a box, and Zidane will get him out of the box.  Vivi now joins.
        There's a door in the room that has mist coming through it.  If you open it,
    three ghosts will attack you.  Through the door are a few treasure chests, and a
        Examine the machine in the main room.  Press X (confirm) when you go through
    the door that mist is coming out of.  You've now examined both of the machines.
        In the main room, go to the bottom of the screen.  On the right, there will
    be another place you can go to.  In this room, you'll see a poor chocobo being
    tortured.  You also can examine another machine in the back of the room.  Walk
    down the hall and Zidane will stop to examine something.  Continue down the hall
    when he's done.
        In the next room, you see what the true purpose of this machine is.  As you
    hide, you're put into crates.  You then see what old Rusty is up to.  You'll be
    controlling Steiner now.  Go down from the observatory and follow the man into
    his house.  Talk to him inside his house.  Go down from the area outside of the
    house and you'll see the cargo ship.  As Steiner examines the barrel, choose
    either option.  Zidane will come out of it.  After some dialogue, a monster that
    looks like an adult flying Vivi approaches you.  This person is Black Waltz 2.
              Boss: Black Waltz 2
        This boss battle will be the hardest yet.  Use magic and ethers.  The
    advantage you have is that Black Waltz 2 does not attack Dagger.  Have Dagger
    heal your party and use items on them while your other members attack Black
    Waltz 2.  Even the spells Black Waltz 2 casts that would normally affect all
    party members don't touch Dagger.  Cure the entire party with Dagger (use R1 to
    select all party members while choosing a target) and you should be able to
    defeat Black Waltz 2.
        After the battle and some dialogue, you can either leave now or wait to
    leave.  If you choose to wait to leave, go to the right side of the small garden
    when you're ready to leave.
        Before you leave, there's a bit of dialogue.  There's also some dialogue
    when you get on the airship.
        Segment 5: Journey to Lindblum
        Now you're on the cargo ship, flying through the air.
          1. Defeat Black Waltz 3.
          2. Get to Lindblum.
        As you walk through the corridor, you can look at several things along the
    way.  Make your way to the ladder.  Climb up it and you'll see Steiner lying on
    deck at the top.  Go talk to Steiner.  Don't worry about his threats.  Walk into
    the room on the left.  Watch a movie, and then see Zidane steering the cargo
        You now see Dagger and Vivi coming up onto the deck, but you see a figure
    fly onto the boat and stop Vivi.  He's who you expected: Black Waltz 3.  After a
    bit of dialogue, you'll watch another movie.  Then, after some dialogue, you
    fight the third Black Waltz.
              Boss: Black Waltz 3
        At the beginning of the battle, Vivi automatically goes into a trance.  In
    his trance, Vivi can cast two spells at a time.  Use Vivi's magic at the
    beginning of the battle, when he's in his trance.  Actually, use all magic at
    the beginning of the battle.  By the time Vivi's trance wears off, Black Waltz 3
    should be dead.
        After the battle, you see a scene involving Zorn and Thorn.  You then see
    some dialogue, watch a movie, listen to some more dialogue, and see yet another
    movie.  You then arrive in Lindblum.
        Segment 6: Lindblum
        After the second movie ends, you arrive in Lindblum.
          1. Get to the elevator.
          2. Meet with Regent Cid.
          3. Get to Tantalus's hideout.
          4. Find Dagger at the top of Lindblum Castle.
          5. Participate in the festival.
        After some dialogue, you can walk around freely.  It's a big place, so feel
    free to explore.
        To continue, go across the hallway from the room you arrived in.  You'll be
    on an elevator.  Minister Artania will be waiting for you.  He will talk to you
    as you ride the elevator up.  When you arrive at the top floor, you will find
    that Regent Cid has been transformed into an oglop.  The minister will explain
    to you.
        After that, you go have lunch at a local restaurant.  You meet two old
    friends, Freya and Bobo, while you're there.  You then rest at the inn.
        The game shows Dagger's conversation with her Uncle Cid.  It includes about
    why Tantalus kidnapped her and more on why he turned into an oglop.
        You wake up in the inn as Zidane.  Vivi greets you.  After Vivi leaves,
    another ATE (Active Time Event) initiates.  This ATE is another lesson from
        You now are free to move around the town.  When you walk out of the inn,
    you'll be able to see an ATE (Active Time Event) about what Steiner is doing.
    If you walk in the building across the street, you'll see another ATE (Active
    Time Event) on how Vivi is doing.  While you're in the town, you can find out
    about the Festival of the Hunt, play a game or two of Tetra Master, or gain
    levels outside of town.
        Eventually, you'll want to get take the air cab to the theatre division.
    When you leave the air cab station in the theatre division, you'll be able to
    see an ATE (Active Time Event) of how Steiner is doing.  Go down the stairs to
    the left, and go into the first building you come to.  This is Zidane's hideout.
        In his hideout, Zidane wonders about how Dagger is doing.  You then see an
    ATE (Active Time Event) of what Dagger is doing.  When the ATE ends, two kids
    run into your hideout.  They tell you that you should go see Dagger.
        As you walk outside, you can view another ATE (Active Time Event).  This
    shows how your boss Baku and his group are doing.  Yes, the people you abandoned
    at the beginning of the game escaped from the Evil Forest.
        Go back to the air cab station.  Take the air cab to Lindblum Castle.  Make
    your way to the guest room, where Dagger was.  Instead, you'll find Steiner
    there, grouchy, as usual.  Walk out of the guest room.  Walk into the room to
    the left of the screen.
        If you try to go to the elevator, you'll be stopped.  Go to the room on the
    right and talk to the sleeping soldier on the couch on the level below.  You'll
    wake him up, then steal his uniform.  You now can get on the elevator.
        You'll automatically go to the top floor.  When you arrive on the top floor,
    you'll be Zidane again.  Turn left around the corner and go up the stairs.  Keep
    going up stairs until you get to the top of the castle, where you'll watch a
    movie.  After the movie, you'll look through the telescope.  Press X (confirm)
    whenever you see a question mark on the screen.  Once Zidane gives you his
    thoughts on everything, Dagger will want a look.
        After some dialogue, you'll see what old Steiner is up to.  You'll also see
    how Vivi's doing.  You'll also see what Freya is doing.  Finally, you'll see
    what Cid's doing.  Then the screen goes back to Dagger and Zidane.
        You'll see some preparations for the Festival of the Hunt.  Then you see
    Zidane getting ready for the festival.  Go up to Mogki the moogle and save your
    game.  Go to the air cab station and head over to the theatre district.
        After Dagger and Steiner cheer and finish their talking, you'll arrive at
    the theatre district.  Now you start the game, as was described to you in the
    rules you learned in the guest room at Lindblum Castle.  Fight as many monsters
    as you can, remembering the 12 minute time limit.  If you gained levels outside
    of the town, they'll pay off now.  Go to the air cab station and fly to another
    district after you beat a few enemies in the theatre district.  Whatever
    district you fly to will probably run out of monsters too, so you'll have to go
    to the last district.
        If you're leading, eventually you just might run into that rare monster.
    Freya will offer her help.
              Boss: Zaghnol
        Just have Freya heal you with potions and just have Zidane attack.  It's
    more of a mini-boss then a boss.
        Usually, you only win if you ran into Zaghnol.  No matter who wins, Regent
    Cid congratulates you.  As everyone is about to leave, a Burmecian Soldier comes
    with urgent news.
        You find out that Burmecia is being invaded by the golems that were being
    made in Dali.  After the soldier dies, Regent Cid makes a desperate attempt to
    aid Burmecia, since most of the guards were injured in the festival.
        Before you leave, you have a feast where you find out that Dagger put
    sleeping medicine in everyone but her and Steiner's dish.  After a discussion,
    Dagger and Steiner leave.
        As you wake up, Freya suggests that you go to Gizamaluke's Grotto.  Cid
    thinks that you will still be able to catch up with Dagger.
        Segment 7: Gizamaluke's Grotto/South Gate
        The guard by the exit to the castle will tell you that the best way to
    Gizamaluke's Grotto is by following the roots popping out of the ground.  Follow
    the brown mounds on the ground to make your way to the grotto.
          1. Obtain the Gizamaluke Bells.
          2. Save the moogles in distress.
          3. Obtain the Holy Bell.
          4. Defeat Gizamaluke.
        As you enter the grotto, you see two dead soldiers lying by the entrance.
    Go in, and take a right.  A near-dead guard there gives you the Gizamaluke Bell.
    Ring the bell to get in the door to the left.  As you enter the next room,
    you'll see Zorn and Thorn.  The black mage golems will come after you.
        After defeating the golems, proceed and defeat the next golem to get another
    Gizamaluke Bell.  Use the bell to open the big door.  Behind that door is a
    giant bell.  In front of the bell: A poor moogle whose husband got trapped under
    the bell.  Have Vivi give them his Kupo Nut to save the couple in distress.
    There's also a Gizamaluke Bell in a chest under the big bell.
        Behind the bell are two rooms.  In the right one are the two moogles.  If
    you go into the room with the two moogles, you'll get the holy bell as you leave
    the room.  This bell is the same as the Gizamaluke Bell, except it can open the
    door on the left side of the bell.
        As you walk through the door on the left, a dying guard tells you that
    Master Gizamaluke has gone crazy.  After that, you fight Gizamaluke.
              Boss: Gizamaluke
        This will be a hard battle.  Early in the battle, steal an elixir from
    Gizamaluke.  Heal frequently with potions that you should have stocked up on by
    now.  Vivi's 'Slow' spell will work well against the beast.  Use Freya's 'Jump'
    command frequently to do lots of damage to Gizamaluke.  Have Zidane use normal
    attacks.  Watch out for Gizamaluke's 'Crash' attack, it deals big damage.
        Once you defeat Gizamaluke, you see a scene of Steiner going through the
    South Gate.  Now you're controlling Steiner.
          1. Get rid of the short lady.
          2. Get rid of the short man.
          3. Get the Gate Pass.
          4. Depart on the cable car.
        Go talk to the short lady by the ally.  Choose to console her.  Now the
    short lady is no longer by the alley.
        Now talk to the short man and answer him.  After he's done talking, go talk
    to his worker.  Now go talk to the short man again.  The short man will go away
    from the alley now.
        A short guard comes into town.  Just when it looks like you've been caught,
    all he's doing is giving you a Gate Pass.  Now just go back to the alley.
        Now you have Dagger in your party.  Go to the top of the stairway and get on
    the cable car.
        You now see Zidane and friends back at Gizamaluke's Grotto.  They depart the
    grotto, promising to protect Burmecia.
        Segment 8: Burmecia
        You now are wandering on the world map.  Wander for a while, and you'll find
    a large, walled city by a mountain.  This is where you want to go.
          1. Find Zorn and Thorn.
          2. Collapse the catwalk.
          3. Get the Protection Bell.
          4. Open the locked door.
          5. Help Kal get out of the castle.
          6. Find Queen Brahne.
        As you enter Burmecia, it is raining as the characters have a conversation.
    Once in the town, go to the third area (the first was where the conversation
    took place).  You'll see Zorn and Thorn again.  They send two black mages after
        Walk to the right stairway.  Go to the last area you can get to.  Walk
    toward the treasure chest.  Before you get there, the catwalk underneath you
        Now go back to outside the house.  Go in the left door.  You now can walk
    across the area you previously were not able to.  Now, go through the archway.
    Go out to the balcony, where you will jump across to the other balcony.  Inside,
    a wounded soldier asks you to get the bell under his bed.
        Go back outside, up the stairway, and through the door.  Go up the stairway
    inside and through the archway.  You are now in the area with the locked door.
    Ring the bell at the locked door.  Go inside the locked door.  The characters
    start automatically walking up a stairway, when they start a conversation.
        When you can move around, go up the stairway and strait into the opening in
    the wall.  Inside the room, you see Wei and Kal talking to each other.  Zidane
    comes in and saves the day as the structure Kal is sitting under collapses.
        Go up the left stairway and cross over to the left opening in the wall.
    You'll come to a room with two doors and a stairway.  In the right door is a
    Save Moogle, in the left door Freya will get a Mythril Spear.  Equip it on her.
    Now go up the stairway.
        You'll jump up the statue.  Then Freya will have a flashback.  Queen Brahne
    and her company will have a conversation.  Then, you go into battle with
              Boss: Beatrix
        Heal frequently.  Use Freya's 'Jump' command as often as possible.  Have
    Vivi cast slow, and have Zidane attack.  Stay alive long enough, and you'll exit
    out of the battle.
        After the battle, Queen Brahne and her group leaves, and you see one, last
    movie.  Then, it's the end of disc one.
    Section IV: Disc Two
    This section contains instructions on how to get through disc two.
        Segment 1: Cable Car Station
        You start disc two seeing two guards talking to each other in front of South
    Gate.  Then you see Steiner and Dagger on the cable car.  As they step out of
    the cable car, they realize they are in Alexandria.
          1. Get to the rest area.
          2. Talk to the guard at the counter.
          3. Meet Cinna and Marcus.
          4. Depart in the cable car.
          5. Fight Black Waltz 3.
        You can talk to the guard to see how the cable car works if you want to.
    Otherwise, just go up the path to the rest area, where Steiner says that you
    should gather information.  Talk to the guard at the counter.  The cable car to
    Lindblum will depart, and you'll hear a familiar voice yell that they missed
    their ride.
        Go to where you heard the voice from, and you'll see none other than Cinna
    and Marcus from Tantalus.  Go back into the rest area, and you'll see Cinna
    arguing with Steiner.  Talk to Marcus and Cinna, then talk to Steiner.  Then,
    the cable car to Alexandria will arrive.  Before you leave, make sure you
    deliver any letters you have to Nanza the Save Moogle in the lower left corner
    of the rest area.
        Go out to where Steiner and Marcus are.  Talk to everyone, then go into the
    cable car.  In the cable car, Marcus will announce that he's finding a cure for
    Blank's petrifaction.  Talk to Marcus.  The cable car comes to stop and the
    conductor goes to see what's wrong.  Marcus, Steiner, and Dagger all run outside
    to see Black Waltz 3 stumbling around.  He won't stop until he completes his
    mission, so he fights you to the death.
              Boss: Black Waltz 3
        Use Dagger to heal the group.  Always wait for Dagger to select an action
    until the group needs healing.  Have Steiner and Marcus attack.  Since he's
    weak, he will die quickly.
        After Black Waltz 3 dies, the characters talk a little bit.  Then they go
    back on the cable car and talk for a while.  The cable car arrives at the
    Alexandria station.
        At the fork, take a right.  Try walking ahead, and the guard stops you to
    see your Gate Pass.  Walk ahead, and you'll be on the world map.
        Segment 2: Treno
        As you walk to the walled city of Treno (it's by a mountain), it slowly
    becomes nighttime.  As Steiner, Dagger, and Marcus enter Treno, they talk about
    how they plan to get the Supersoft.
          1. Find Dagger.
          2. Find Marcus.
          3. Find Baku.
          4. Go to Doctor Tot's tower.
        As Dagger and Marcus walk away, you are now controlling Steiner.  A series
    of ATEs (Active Time Events) can be seen now.  They show what Dagger and Marcus
    are doing.  You can only see an ATE when you go into an area you're supposed to
    go into.  If you're bored, you can play a card game tournament in the stadium.
        Eventually, you'll join back up with your group.  You'll find Dagger in the
    auction house.  You'll find Marcus in the inn.  Once you get Dagger, go talk to
    Marcus.  Then, go out to the docks, where you'll find Baku.
        You view a scene that shows a conversation between the auctioneer and Kuja,
    one of the two who were with Brahne in Burmecia.
        Then you see your group on the boat, sailing down a river.  You hear a lot
    of what Steiner is thinking.  You also hear Dagger's thoughts.  Then, you arrive
    in a house, where you are supposed to find Supersoft.
        A person comes down the stairs, and you hide.  Suddenly, Dagger leaps out,
    and starts a friendly conversation with her old tutor, Doctor Tot.  Then, Baku
    talks to you as you are about to leave the inn.
        Go to the tower that Doctor Tot told you about.  At the top of the tower,
    Marcus takes the Supersoft.  After he takes it and you can move Dagger around,
    talk to Doctor Tot.  After you can move around, go up to the hatch that Doctor
    Tot opened.
        Segment 3: Gargan Roo
        When you go down the ladder, you find yourself in an underground tunnel
    built by ancient people.
          1. Pull the lever to move the spider.
          2. Pull the lever to stop the spider.
          3. Defeat the Ralvurahva.
        The monsters in this tunnel are very hard, so you may want to take some time
    to gain levels.  Go to the right path and then walk up.  Doctor Tot will stop
    you and tell you to pull a lever.  Pull it, and a spider starts circling the
        Go to the lower left of the area where Doctor Tot is standing now.  Press X
    (confirm) in front of the object on the wall.  The spider will stop.  Now you
    can get in the trolley.
        After you get in the trolley, you see Doctor Tot go and pull one of the
    levers.  Then, you see Dagger and her group on the trolley, when the trolley
    comes to a sudden stop.  Dagger leaps out of the trolley and on to the ground to
    find a large monster blocking the path of the spider.
              Boss: Ralvurahva
        Hold Dagger's attacks until the party needs healing.  Have Marcus and
    Steiner attack.  If you gained levels when you entered the Gargan Roo, the
    Ralvurahva will be fairly easy to beat.  Otherwise, phoenix downs and potions
    might be very useful in this battle.
        Once you defeat Ralvurahva, you arrive at what the characters think is
    Alexandria.  Dagger knows exactly where they are, but Steiner and Marcus insist
    they hurry.  Sure enough, it's a trap as two gates go up around them.  Then Zorn
    and Thorn come and take you to Queen Brahne.
        Segment 4: Cleyra
        You now see Zidane and his friends in Burmecia.  They say that they should
    go to Cleyra.  Wander on the world map until you see a big sandstorm.  Walk up
    to the sandstorm and enter.
          1. Open the sealed door.
          2. Fill the room with sand.
          3. Make your way to the Cleyra Settlement.
          4. Defeat the Antlion.
          5. Help the townspeople.
        You enter into the sandstorm as the characters have a short conversation.
    Then, you now can move Zidane around.  Move forward to the next area.  Go to the
    top of all the stairs and pull the lever.  The door below will open.  Go through
    the opened door.
        In the 4th area from the room with the door, you'll find a hole in the wall.
    Put your hand in the hole.  In the area before the area with the hole, the
    entrance you came from before is gone.  Climb the chains up to the opening in
    the big stone.  Now go to the left and through the log in the area you just came
        Go up the log into the next area.  In this area, there's a fork.  Go left
    for a Flame Staff.  Going right brings you to another area.  This area contains
    a bridge.  Just go across it to get to the next area.  In the next area, there's
    a fork.  Take the right or center path and you'll come to a lever that you
    should pull.  Now go back and take the left path.  Since the sand isn't flowing,
    you can go wherever you want.  You should wind up in a room with quicksand.
    Avoid the quicksand, pressing X rapidly if you fall in.  Once you get across,
    you'll go to the next area.  At the end of the third area, you'll go into the
    Cleyra Settlement.
        As you come into the settlement, two people greet Freya.  They will take
    Freya to where the king of Burmecia is residing.  One of the people will offer
    to show Zidane and Vivi the town.
        Whether you accept the person's offer or not, an ATE (Active Time Event)
    will be available soon.  It shows what Vivi is doing.
        Later more ATEs (Active Time Events) may become available to see as you
    wander through the village.  They will just show what other people in your group
    are doing.
        If you visit the cathedral, you find that Freya has left a message for you
    to wait at the inn.  So, go to the inn.  As you're about to enter the inn, you
    find out that an antlion is hurting a child from a panicked Burmecian soldier.
    Follow the soldier to the antlion, where your other party members will join you
    in fighting the antlion.
              Boss: Antlion
        This boss is very cruel.  Always have at least one person stay ready to heal
    with whatever potions you have. Use Freya's 'Jump' command and Vivi's spells.
    Use Zidane to heal.  If Freya has the Mythril Staff equipped, have her cast
    'Reis's Wind' to make all characters be regenerating HP.  It Vivi has the Fire
    Staff equipped, his 'Fira' spell will be your best bet since it does massive
    damage to the Antlion.  The 'Sandstorm' attack that the Antlion uses will
    devastate your party, since it puts everyone down to less than 10 HP.  But, if
    Freya is in the middle of her 'Jump' when 'Sandstorm' is used, she won't be
    affected by it since she will be in the air.  When you do beat this monster,
    you'll probably be near dead.
        After the battle, Freya talks with Prince Puck, the person who helped Vivi
    get into 'I Want To Be Your Canary' at the beginning of the game.  Freya returns
    to the cathedral to talk to the king.  After the conversation, a ceremony is
    performed to strengthen the sandstorm.  Instead, the sandstorm dissolves and
        After the sandstorm, people are afraid that someone is invading.
        As the screen fades, leaving Cleyra with fear of being invaded, you now see
    how Dagger and friends are doing.  Steiner and Marcus are in a cage hovering
    over two guards.
        You see Dagger in her bedroom, thinking about her mother.  Then, Zorn and
    Thorn come in and take Dagger to see Queen Brahne.  Whether you believe Queen
    Brahne or not, Kuja comes in and puts Dagger under a spell.
        Next you see Zorn and Thorn performing a ceremony.  Then, you see Zidane and
    Freya again.
        After some dialogue, you control Freya.  Just go to the entrance of the
    town.  Now, make your way down the tree.
        You'll meet Alexandrian soldiers as you make your way down.  As you cross
    the bridge, Freya stops you and Puck comes to warn you that the village is under
    attack.  As usual, there are those little golems there.
        First, you battle an upgraded golem: Type B.  Then you fight three
    Alexandrian soldiers.  Then, two more Type B's come.  Then you go throughout the
    town, hoping to save it from invasion, more importantly, the king and high
    priest from death.
        Eventually, you run to the cathedral, hoping to be safe inside.  But, Type
    B's surround you.  Suddenly, you hear a voice.  A figure leaps down from the
    cathedral, and wipes out the Type B's, giving you time to hide inside the
        Inside the cathedral, Freya is talking to her old friend, Sir Fratley.  But,
    Fratley does not remember who Freya is.  Fratley does not even remember the king
    of Burmecia.  Puck comes into the cathedral, telling everyone that he found
    Fratley and brought in to Cleyra.
        After some dialogue, the game remembers that there's an invasion going on.
    You find Beatrix, sitting by the harp, and the high priest on the ground.  She
    takes the magic stone, then runs away.
        Chase after Beatrix.  Outside the cathedral, she will stop.  Again, you'll
    fight a battle at a severe disadvantage.
              Boss: Beatrix
        Fight Beatrix similar to how you did the first time, except this time,
    expect much more of a challenge.  Immediately use Vivi's 'Slow' spell and you
    should be fine.
        After the battle, the characters teleport with the black mages to see who,
    or what, is behind all of this...
        Segment 5: On the Airship
        You'll see a scene with Queen Brahne in it.  You'll also see a movie.  After
    the movie, your characters arrive on Queen Brahne's airship.  When you hear
    someone coming, you hide behind the stairs.  An Alexandrian Soldier and Beatrix
    have a quick talk, then you are able to control your character.
          1. Try looking through the door on the deck.
          2. Use the pods to get to Alexandria.
        Walk up the stairs to the door on the deck.  Zidane will try to look through
    it, but will have no luck.  You then see Brahne talking to Beatrix.  Brahne
    announces that she needs one more jewel.  She also says that she will execute
    Dagger when she returns to Alexandria.
        After a bit of discussion, Vivi tells everyone to follow him.  Follow Vivi
    to where the large pots are.  Try using the pods, and you're on your way to
        After the characters teleport away, you see how Marcus and Steiner are doing
    in their cage.  They have finally come up with a plan to get them out of the
    cage.  Just do as Marcus tells you to do and you'll bust out of the cage.
        Segment 6: Rescue at Alexandria Castle/Gargan Roo (Visit 2)
        After you break out of the cage, you now must find Dagger.
          1. Get Zidane and his group to help you.
          2. Defeat Zorn and Thorn.
          3. Get Dagger.
          4. Defeat Beatrix.
          5. Have Beatrix and Freya distract Zorn and Thorn.
          6. Fall for Zorn and Thorn's trap.
          7. Defeat the Ralvuimago.
        An Alexandrian guard comes storming at you.  Expect more to be chasing after
    you.  It's pretty easy to know where to go: The path has no forks that you can
    go to.  Once you get on the stairway, Marcus decides that he's waited long
    enough.  He goes away to save Blank.  Right after he leaves, Vivi, Zidane, and
    Freya arrive to help Steiner.  Then, a 30 minute timer pops up.  You have to act
    fast, because what you can do is limited by time.
        Move forward to go on to the next area once Marcus closes the gate on the
    Alexandrian guards.  Follow the path in the ground to the next area after that.
    Then, follow the path to the top of the screen to get to the next area.  Go in
    the castle and leave the guards in the next area confused.
        Once in the castle, go up the main stairway and take a left.  Go through the
    opening in the wall that's right above where you entered from.  Go up the
    stairway to the left and through the door that Dagger came out of at the
    beginning of the game.  Go up the stairway in the center and open the door at
    the top of it.  Try moving the candle emitting purple light in the upper left
    corner of the room you just came into.
        Go down the stairs in the room you arrive in, remembering that it mike take
    some time.  Ignore all the doors in the next area.  Go down to the next area,
    where you'll see a door.  Go through this door.  You'll see Zorn and Thorn with
    Dagger lying in between them.  You'll finally get a chance to beat up on those
              Boss: Zorn and Thorn
        Focus your attacks on one of the two.  I focused my attacks on Thorn.
    Having Freya cast 'Reis's Wind' is vital to your survival.  Although Zorn and
    Thorn may not seem that tough, their 'Meteorite' spell hurts!  Use items
    frequently, as usual.  Have Steiner and Zidane beat up on whoever you are
    focusing your attacks on.  Vivi's 'Slow' on either enemy will be useful.  Use
    Freya's 'Jump' command right before you think they might cast 'Meteorite.'  Once
    you hurt them enough, they'll give up and leave.
        Run up to Dagger.  As soon as you reach her, your time limit ends.
    Finishing in time shouldn't be a problem.  (I ended my first try with 22 minutes
    left on the clock!)
        After the characters discus Dagger's condition, you'll automatically see an
    ATE (Active Time Event).  The ATE just shows how Marcus is doing on his dash to
        You're Zidane again, and you have to carry Dagger out of there!  There's no
    time limit though, so it shouldn't be much of a problem.  Be sure to stop by the
    Save Moogle that just moved into the room you're in!
        Go back the same way you came in.  Once you get to the room where the secret
    passage was, the characters pause and close the secret passage.  Then, Zidane
    insists on staying there to let Dagger rest.  After a while, Zorn and Thorn walk
    in, followed by Beatrix.  Then, you have another fight with Beatrix.
              Boss: Beatrix
        Have Vivi start the battle by casting 'Slow' on Beatrix.  Also, have Freya
    cast Reis's Wind.  Heal frequently with what items you have left from the recent
    boss battles.  Don't bother stealing from Beatrix since she only gives you a
    Phoenix Down.  At the end of the battle, Beatrix decides that she is just
    wasting her time on you.
        After Beatrix stops fighting, she assists in reviving Dagger.  After Dagger
    is revived, Queen Brahne comes into the room.  Freya and Beatrix offer to stay
    and distract Brahne while you escape.  Zorn and Thorn send a monster to do the
    job instead.  Just use a few of Beatrix's attacks and the monster will be dead.
        You now are controlling Zidane.  Get down the stairs as fast as you can,
    there's a monster chasing after you.  Once you get to the second area of the
    stairs, those annoying black mages will be after you again.  This time, there
    Type C's.
        Hurry down the stairs, but the Bandersnatch will leap down and fight you
    eventually.  You go into combat with two of them.  They're pretty easy.
    Continue down to the next area, where the characters will automatically run.
    Then, Steiner decides to leave.  After that, you go into combat with another
    Bandersnatch.  Zidane, Dagger, and Vivi start running away as the screen fades.
        Then, you see how Beatrix and Freya are doing.  They're hopping down the
    stairs, trying to avoid Bandersnatches of their own.  Then, they go into a
    battle with two Bandersnatches.  Then, Steiner comes to help as two more
    Bandersnatches attack.
        After that, you're Zidane again.  Go down the stairway, past the room where
    you found Dagger.  Then, you'll fall for the same cage trap you did before.
    But, Marcus will save the day.  Blank will be there too.
        Marcus and Blank say that they'll take care of covering you escape, while
    you get out from the Gargan Roo.  Everyone will hop on the trolley.  Then,
    you'll run into a boss similar to the one you ran into before in the Gargan Roo.
              Boss: Ralvuimago
        Whenever you use a physical attack, Ralvuimago will become compact.  His
    defense will skyrocket, but he won't attack.  Use the time when he's compact to
    heal the party.  Using this strategy, the boss shouldn't be very hard.
        After you defeat the Ralvuimago, you get back on the trolley.  And, the
    Ralvuimago gets up and starts chasing the trolley.  You fly past Treno, and
    crash a while down the tunnel.
        You see what Queen Brahne is doing for a while.  You also hear more about
        Segment 7: Pinnacle Rocks
        You see Dagger lying down, thinking about her mother.  She wakes up, seeing
    Vivi.  After some discussion, they decide to go to Lindblum Castle to borrow an
    airship.  Then, a person named Ramuh appears, floating in midair.  After the
    characters talk with Ramuh, you must travel around the forest to find five items
    he will hide.
          1. Collect five pieces to the story. (Optional)
          2. Watch the destruction of Lindblum.
        There's a Save Moogle not to far from where you start controlling the
    characters.  You probably want to go save.  Search throughout the entire area to
    find the pieces to the story.  Put them in the following order: Beginning,
    Cooperation, Silence, Hero.  If you don't feel like finding all the pieces to
    the story, you can just proceed without being able to summon Ramuh.
        You go to the cliff overlooking Lindblum.  If you're done with business on
    the Pinnacle Rocks, jump off.  After you jump off, you see Lindblum being
    destroyed by airships.  It's also being invaded by those pesky black mages.
        Segment 8: Lindblum (Visit 2)
        You arrive in Lindblum, or at least, what's left of it.  Zidane and his
    friends have a conversation.  You tell Vivi to hide, and you are free to explore
    what remains of Lindblum.
          1. Find Minister Artania.
          2. Talk to Regent Cid.
          3. Leave Lindblum.
        Go up the road in town, then take a left in the next area.  You'll find
    Minister Artania.  He offers to take you to see Regent Cid.  You talk to Regent
    Cid for a while, then two guards come in with Vivi.  They hand him over to you.
    Regent Cid has more to tell you about Brahne's plans.  You also have plans of
    your own now.
        Prepare for your departure.  Stock up on items before you leave.  Then, talk
    to the man by the fountain to get out of the town.  After you tell him that
    you're ready to leave, you see an ATE (Active Time Event).  After the ATE ends,
    you'll see a scene with Zidane and Dagger.  Then, you'll get to the Base Level.
        After you depart, you'll see another ATE (Active Time Event).  This ATE
    shows the soldiers waiting for the trolley that Cid stopped.  Before you leave
    through Dragon's Gate, buy some weapons from the merchant.  Now, you can leave
        Segment 9: Qu's Marsh
        On the world map, go to the marsh you looked at through the telescope in
    disc one.  This marsh is called Qu's Marsh.
          1. Meet Quina.
          2. Talk to the Qu chief.
          3. Find the entrance to the tunnel.
        Explore the marsh until you find a place with a fat creature in an apron
    walking around.  This is Quina.  If you haven't met him before, catch a frog for
    him.  Otherwise, just talk to him.  Quina will join your group.
        Go up from where you found Quina.  You'll see a hut.  Go in it, and you'll
    meet the Qu tribe's chief.  He will give you a hint on how to get to the
    excavation site.  When you leave the hut, go to the right.
        You will be automatically moving now, following Quina.  Quina will run right
    into the tunnel you're supposed to go into.  After you can control Zidane again,
    go where Quina went, down into the Fossil Roo.
        Segment 10: Fossil Roo
        You are now in the underground tunnel: Fossil Roo.
          1) Escape Armodullahan.
          2) Defeat Lani.
          3) Ride the garnet.
          4) Flip switch #1.
          5) Flip switch #2.
          6) Flip switch #1 again.
          7) Flip switch #3.
          8) Leave Fossil Roo.
        Walk forward in the tunnel.  As you step pass the sun symbol on the wall,
    the ground shakes.  One gate closes and another opens.  A giant object comes
    rolling out.  Zidane tries running away from it.  Keep running away when you
    control Zidane.  He will probably eventually catch up to you.
              Boss: Armodullahan
        Armodullahan usually starts the battle with 'Level 5 Death.'  This move will
    instantly kill anyone who's level is a multiple of five.  Don't worry about
    whoever fell, this boss falls after small amounts of damage.
        The Armodullahan will get up shortly.  You must continue to outrun it.  In
    the third area of the bridge, the Armodullahan will fall into a pit.
        After you're done with Armodullahan, the bounty hunter Lani approaches and
    prepares to attack you.  You also find out that Lani set Armodullahan loose.
    Lani gets frustrated, and attacks.
              Boss: Lani
        Have Quina heal, Zidane attack, Dagger use Ramuh, and Vivi cast spells, make
    sure he casts 'Slow.'  Lani will focus his attacks on Dagger, so make Dagger the
    primary target of healing.  When Lani asks why you aren't giving up, that means
    she's getting weak.  She will start using more devastating attacks, which means
    you may want to devote Dagger to healing now.
        Once Lani is defeated, she makes a quick escape.  Now you can proceed into
    Fossil Roo.  In the next area, you'll see a gargant walking around the ceiling.
    Walk over to the left and pick up a plant.  Hold it in front of the tunnel,
    and the gargant will come to you.  You'll hop on the gargant.
        The gargant will take you across the river, where you can go on to the next
    area.  You can get back across the river by grabbing a plant and giving it to
    the gargant.  In the next area, talk to the treasure hunter.  He will tell you
    how to get to the Outer Continent.
        Take the upper path.  Take a plant and give it to the gargant to hitch a
    ride.  In the area beyond where the gargant takes you, you'll find switch #1.
    Choose to flip the switch.
        Go back and hitch another ride on the gargant.  Since switch #1 is flipped,
    you'll go to a different place this time.  In the second area after the area the
    gargant takes you to, you'll find switch #2.  Flip switch #2.
        Take the gargant back to switch #1.  Flip switch #1, then ride gargant back
    to the area where the treasure hunter was.  Take the lower path this time and
    ride the gargant there.
        The gargant will take you to an area with another treasure hunter.  Go up
    the staircase.  Go on to the next area.  Don't flip the switch in this room.  Go
    on to the next area and hitch a ride on the gargant.
        The gargant takes you to a small area.  Go on to the next area, that has
    plants on the wall.  You'll have to climb the wall carefully.  Rest above the
    platforms to avoid the sudden spurts of water that will force you down from the
    wall.  At the top is switch #3.  Flip this switch if you're ready to go outside
    of Fossil Roo.
        Go to the right of the room (not the far right) and on to the next area,
    where you'll hitch a ride on a gargant that will take you out of Fossil Roo.
        You arrive in an area that leads out of the tunnel.  Go out to find yourself
    on the Outer Continent.
        Segment 11: Conde Petie
        Travel along the continent until you come a place called Conde Petie.
          1. View all of the ATEs (Active Time Events).
          2. Find and chase the black mage in the store.
        As you walk in, some creatures are yelling their sacred greeting.  After you
    say their sacred greeting, you can pass.  And, there are two ATEs (Active Time
    Events) available.  One shows what Vivi is doing, the other shows what Quina is
        As you walk into the shop, another ATE (Active Time Event) becomes available
    for you to see.  This one shows what Dagger is doing.
        After you talk to Vivi on the bridge above the shop, another ATE (Active
    Time Event) becomes available.  This ATE shows a hungry resident of Conde Petie.
        After seeing all of the ATEs (Active Time Events), go back into the shop.
    You'll see a black mage there.  Vivi comes in, and he and Zidane chase after
    him.  Then, you meet up with Dagger.  She also helps chase the black mage.
    After a conversation with the person at the front gate, you decide to go to the
    Southeast Forest to find the tribe of black mages.
        Now you can leave, and go find the Southeast Forest.
        Segment 12: Southeast Forest/Black Mage Village
        Now you're back on the world map, and need to find the Southeast Forest.
    Follow the directions that the person in Conde Petie gave you to get to the
    Southeast Forest.
          1. Enter Black Mage Village.
          2. Meet Vivi in the inn.
        Once you enter, take the right fork, then the left fork, then right, then
    left, etc.  Eventually, you'll see a black mage run out of one of the forks.
    Follow the mage.  In the area the mage goes to, you'll see him open a portal,
    them close it.  You'll follow him into it.
        You are now in Black Mage Village.  The black mages are panicked when they
    see humans.  After Dagger, Vivi, and Quina run off, you can see some ATEs
    (Active Time Events).  They all cover what your other characters are doing.
        Wander around the village, meeting other characters and seeing more ATEs
    (Active Time Events).  After seeing all the ATEs and meeting all of the
    characters, go meet Vivi in the inn.  Choose to rest.
        Dagger wakes up, telling Zidane that Vivi left.  Dagger talks with Zidane
    for a while.  Then, they go back to sleep.
        In the morning, a black mage tells Dagger that he saw a silver dragon.
    There's also a bit more information about Kuja.  They say to go to the Sanctuary
    beyond Conde Petie.
        Segment 13: Conde Petie (Visit 2)/Mountain Path
        Go back to the Conde Petie.  As you enter, the characters have a short
          1. Talk to the dwarf by the exit.
          2. Talk to Father David.
          3. Talk to the twins.
          4. Join Eiko.
          5. Defeat Hilgigars.
        Talk to the dwarf by the exit in the area that has the Kirkboat in it.  He
    will tell you what you need to do to pass.  Go down the staircase in the upper
    left of this area.  The person walking around here is who you need to talk to.
         When you talk to him, he says that he is Father David.  The ceremony is
    similar to a marriage.  Surprisingly, Dagger volunteers to perform the ceremony
    with Zidane.
        Go talk to the dwarfs at the other gate.  They will let you through.  Vivi
    and Quina will follow.  Go out of Conde Petie now.
        You will now be on the Mountain Path, where you'll save Eiko from falling.
    Eiko joins when Quina runs after the moogle.
        Go forward through the mountain pass.  When you come to the two moogles,
    turn left.  When you enter the next area, you'll see a giant tree.  Go on to the
    next area, where you will be attacked by Hilgigars.
              Boss: Hilgigars
        Have Eiko and Dagger heal and use summons.  Have Vivi use spells like 'Fira'
    and 'Thundara.'  Also, have Vivi cast 'Slow' at the beginning of the battle.
    Have Zidane attack.  You don't have to worry that much about phoenix downs
    because Eiko has a 'Life' spell.
        After Hilgigars is defeated, Eiko suggests you go to the Iifa Tree, also
    known as the Sanctuary.  Move forward to the Iifa Tree.  In the next  area, take
    the left branch.
        Segment 14: Madain Sari
        You wind up on the world map.  Move forward, toward the coast, where you
    will find Madain Sari, Eiko's village.
          1. Find Quina.
          2. Talk to Morrison.
          3. Show Dagger the Eidolon Wall.
          4. Eat at Eiko's home.
        Mog flies in after a short conversation.  Eiko tells you to follow her.  She
    talks a while with Zidane, then Dagger gets involved in their conversation.
    After Eiko runs to cook a meal, an ATE (Active Time Event) is available.  It
    shows what Vivi is doing.
        When you walk out of the area, another ATE (Active Time Event) can be seen
    about how Dagger feels.  If you go up the staircase in the first area and talk
    to the moogle, you'll meet Quina.  S/he will jump into the river, trying to find
    food.  Walk back to where Dagger was, and you'll automatically see an ATE of how
    Eiko is feeling.  In the ATE, who you choose to do each job probably affects
    something, but I don't have any information on that yet.
        Go to the lower left exit in the main area to meet Vivi.  Try walking in the
    house to the left, and Morrison will offer to take you to the Eidolon Wall.
    When you go back to the main area, another ATE (Active Time Event) will be
    available.  This shows how Eiko is doing in her kitchen.  I'm guessing that how
    accurate you are on how many people you need to get water for (the correct
    number is 10) affects how good the meal is.  Also, I'm guessing that whether you
    put the oglop in or not changes the outcome of the meal.  All the options you
    see in ATEs involving Eiko probably change how good the meal is.  I'll make a
    chart later.
        Go to the lower right from the main area now.  Go talk to Dagger.  Zidane
    offers to take her to Eidolon Wall.  Now that Dagger's with you, take her to
    where you found Quina.  The moogle will let you in to see Eidolon Wall.
        When you walk away from Eidolon Wall, another ATE (Active Time Event) of
    Eiko will be available.  In this event, Eiko mistakes Quina for Kuja, but causes
    no harm.
        Now, go into Eiko's house to eat.  After the meal, pick up the pot and take
    it to Eiko.  While there, Zidane asks about the Iifa Tree.  Talk to the moogle
    that is fishing, Dagger, and Eiko.  Then, try to go outside.  Momatose the
    moogle will stop you and ask you if you want to sleep before you leave.  Choose
    to sleep.  You'll walk out in the middle of the night and talk to Vivi.
        The next day, Zidane leaves the village with Eiko, Dagger, and Vivi.
        Segment 15: Iifa Tree
        Go through the Conde Petie Mountain Pass.  You'll be on the world map.  Walk
    forward, to the Iifa Tree.
          1. Get to the bottom of the tree.
          2. Defeat Soulcage.
        As you walk in, the characters have a short conversation.  Ask Eiko about
    the barrier you're running into.  Eiko will take the seal down.  Then, you can
    go over to the Iifa Tree.
        Go down the paths to the Iifa Tree.  Eventually, you'll come to a circular
    platform, where the characters will stop to have a short conversation.  When
    Zidane stands on it, he finds out that it's an elevator.  Once you get down,
    move forward to the Iifa Tree.
        Eventually, you'll come to another area where the characters stop and have a
    conversation.  Eiko finds a platform while the characters are talking.  When all
    of the characters get on the platform, it moves.  The characters talk as they
    ride the platform down.  Some enemies fight them on their way down.
        When you can move around, talk to Vivi.  After a little bit of discussion,
    you go into another battle.  Then, you arrive at the bottom.  Talk to everyone
    when you are able to control Zidane.  Check the edge of the root that Vivi and
    Eiko are standing on, too.  Once you check the edge of the root, something
    attacks from above.  Run up to where Dagger is.  You go down with Dagger to
    where Vivi and Eiko are.  The monster that comes tells you a bit about Mist.
              Boss: Soulcage
        Use your normal boss strategy with this boss.  Make use of summons and
    spells.  Do not have Vivi cast the normal 'Slow,' Soulcage will not be affected
    by it.  If you're stocked up on potions, equip everyone with the 'Auto-Potion'
    ability (Mythril Vest has this ability).  Every time a character is hurt, they
    will automatically drink a potion!  Do not cast fire spells on Soulcage because
    he as a nasty counterattack.  (You may have to cast a fire spell on Soulcage for
    him to die, but I'm not sure.)
        After Soulcage is defeated, your characters run to escape the Iifa Tree.
    Then, you watch a movie that shows all of the Mist disappearing.  Then, Eiko has
    to return back to her village.  Your characters offer to go with her.
        Segment 15: Madain Sari (Visit 2)
        Make your way through the Conde Petie Mountain Pass to Madain Sari.
          1. Follow Eiko to the cave under her house.
          2. Go to Eidolon Wall.
          3. Defeat the red-headed man.
          4. Find Dagger.
          5. Get Amarant to join.
        When you arrive at Conde Petie, Eiko's moogles come running to her.  The
    moogles run off with her.  Follow her when you can control Zidane.  Go to Eiko's
    house.  Go into the cave on the dock.  A precious stone has been stolen.
        Eiko leaves to pray, then Zidane and Dagger talk for a while.  Vivi comes
    down, telling you what happened.  Now, go to Eidolon Wall, where Vivi says Eiko
    was taken to.  Talk to the moogle in front of Eidolon Wall for healing, then
    peek inside.  Lani will be holding Eiko.  Then, the moogles will give you a
    sword called 'Exploda.'  They will also give you an elixir.  Equip Exploda.  Ask
    the moogle in front of the wall where Mog is.  After you have a choice again,
    choose to save Eiko.  As Vivi is about to hand over the pendant to Lani, a
    figure comes jumping in, saving the day.  Zidane offers to duel the person.
              Boss: Scarlet Hair
        If you have the 'Auto-Potion' ability, it will help in this battle.  Just
    use regular attacks.  But, only attack him when he's in the middle of the screen
    (after he says 'Here I go!').
        After you win the battle, the red-headed man insists that you kill him, but
    Zidane won't hurt him any more.  After a while, the man leaves.  Follow Eiko and
    Vivi back to the cave under Eiko's house.  After some dialogue, Eiko has not
    made up her mind on whether she will go with you or not.
        Dagger ran off now.  Outside of Eiko's house, press X (confirm) when you see
    the exclamation point above Zidane.  Zidane goes looking for her, and finds her
    in a small boat.  In the middle of Zidane and Dagger's talk, Zidane tells a
    story about a person named Ipsen.  After the story, the boat starts drifting
    off.  After a while, you see a movie.  There's a scene in it that you saw at the
    beginning of the game, and probably didn't understand.
        You're back in Eiko's house, talking with everyone.  Dagger finds out that
    Brahne adopted her, and that she was born in Madain Sari.  There's a bit more
    dialogue, then  Eiko decides that she will go with you.  There's even more
    dialogue, then the red-headed man comes back.  He joins, under the name Amarant.
    You decide what people to take with you now.
        Segment 16: Iifa Tree (Visit 2)
        You're back on the world map now.  Make your way back to the Iifa Tree.
          1. Get to Kuja.
          2. Return to Alexandria.
        As you enter the area, the characters walk forward and talk for a while.
    Then, Kuja flies in on his silver dragon.  You see Kuja on his dragon, ready to
    'cast away his mask and reveal his true self...'  You are given an option to
    change characters and go to the menu before you fight Kuja.  Run forward on the
    Iifa Tree.
        Eventually, the characters will automatically run, stopping where the trunk
    is.  They devise a plan for getting up the trunk.  Then, you see Kuja.
        You are about to attack Kuja.  You can make some last-minute preparations if
    you want to.  Your characters talk with Kuja for a while.  Then, Queen Brahne
    approaches the Iifa Tree.  She orders an all-out attack on Kuja.  Then, Kuja
    sends a monster at you.
              Boss: Mistodon
        There are two Mistodons that attack you.  The team I used was Vivi, Amarant,
    Zidane, and Dagger.  Use strategies described in previous boss battles.  The
    Mistodons are weak, they should dye quickly.
        After the Mistodons are defeated, Amarant suggests you leave, since two of
    your enemies are fighting it out.  You see Kuja flying away, then decide to run
    away.  Dagger stops you though.  She doesn't want her mother to die.  You'll
    fight another Mistodon while Dagger releases the trapped eidolon.  After the
    Mistodon, you go after Dagger.  Run toward Dagger, fighting Mistodons along the
    way.  Eventually, you see Dagger receive the eidolon's powers.  But, she can't
    use it properly on Kuja.  You then see how the Alexandrians are doing.  Brahne
    summons Bahamut to help her.
        After the movie of Bahamut, you see Zidane and everyone with Dagger.  Then,
    you see Kuja.  You see another movie.
        Then you read a bit of Vivi's thoughts, then Brahne is able to talk.  She
    talks to Dagger for a while, then she dies.  You go back to Alexandria on Queen
    Brahne's escape pod.
        You arrive in Alexandria, seeing Tot guide Dagger..  Steiner and Beatrix are
    following Dagger.  You see a movie showing Dagger, then disc two ends.
    Section V: Disc Three
    This section contains instructions on how to get through disc three.
        Segment 1: The Crowning of a Queen
        You start disc three as Dagger, riding on a boat with Steiner, Tot, and
    Beatrix.  They are about to prepare for making Dagger a queen.
        You see Ruby, Marcus, Cinna, Blank, and Zidane in the restaurant now.
    Zidane seems frustrated.  Ruby, Blank, Cinna, and Marcus leave to watch a play.
    They run out of the restaurant, running past Vivi.  Blank greets Vivi and starts
    talking with him.  Blank leaves Vivi.  You now control Vivi.
          1. See Ruby's play.  (As Vivi)
          2. Have Baku deliver Eiko's letter to Zidane.  (As Eiko)
          3. Meet with Princess Garnet.  (As Zidane)
          4. Take the trolley in the Gargan Roo to Treno.  (As Zidane)
        Go to the left.  An ATE (Active Time Event) will be available to see.  It
    shows three guards talking.  Go forward now.  You can see two ATEs (Active Time
    Events).  One shows Blank and Marcus talking.  The other shows three moogles
    talking.  Go to the left of the screen.  You should now be in an alley.  Try
    walking past Blank, and Blank will stop you.  If you're done in the town, choose
    to see Ruby's play.  Otherwise, you can walk around the town some more.
        If you choose to see the play, go down the staircase.  Ruby will greet you,
    thinking that you're Blank.  Once you sit down, Marcus and Blank come down.
        Then, you'll see Dagger in her room.  She wants to see Zidane.  Tot gives
    you three stones that contain the power of the eidolons that were taken from
        Now, you see Eiko walking down the halls of the castle.  Then, you see Tot
    talking to himself.  Eiko seeks Tot's help writing Zidane a love letter.  Tot
    thinks about finding Dagger (well, I guess I should call her Garnet now).
        You see Garnet and Beatrix talking in her room now.  Then, the screen shows
    Eiko again.  Eiko leaves Doctor Tot wondering about Madain Sari.  You now
    control Eiko.  Just go out the upper exit in the room you are in.  Eiko will
    run, looking for Zidane, and trip over Baku.  Baku volunteers to take the letter
    to Zidane.
        After Baku leaves Eiko, he runs into Steiner.  Baku talks to Steiner for a
    while, then takes the boat to town.  Then, Beatrix walks in.  She finds
    something that she thinks Steiner dropped.  Instead, it was Eiko's letter to
        You see Zidane again.  After a while, Marcus, Blank, Cinna, and Ruby walk in
    and try to cheer him up.  Zidane gets annoyed, and runs outside, only to meet
    Baku right before he leaves the door.  Zidane begs Baku to let him join Tantalus
    again, then Vivi comes in.  He goes to see Dagger with Vivi (they still call her
        Now you control Zidane.  As you walk out of the restaurant, you can see an
    ATE (Active Time Event) that shows Baku realizing he lost the love letter.  Once
    the ATE ends, go to the left into the next area.  In that area, go forward.  In
    the next area, go through the open gate at the top of the screen.
        Here's where you'll take the boat across the river.  Freya is there.
    Amarant comes and winds up about to fight with Freya.  Zidane and Vivi come in
    to stop their conflict.  Freya, Vivi, and Amarant offer to come with you to see
        Cross the river to the other side.  Go into the castle, and you'll see
    Steiner carrying Eiko.  After some discussion,  Steiner offers to arrange a
    meeting between you and Dagger.  Dagger and Beatrix come out of Dagger's room to
    meet with Zidane and his friends.  She does it very quickly, then Steiner
    insists that she hurry.  Eiko runs up the stairs to talk to Garnet.  They trade
    their jewels with their Eidolons on them as a gift.
        Then you see Eiko at the spot where she was meeting Zidane, depressed.  Eiko
    tries leaving, but then realizes someone's coming.  She hides, as Marcus and
    Blank come.  It appears that Eiko's letter got misplaced again.  As someone else
    is coming, Marcus and Blank run and hide.  Steiner comes to patrol, and finds
    the love letter.  Then Beatrix, who found the letter earlier, comes.  There's a
    bit of dialogue, then Baku comes in, for no apparent reason.
        Now you see Amarant, Freya, and Vivi in the inn.  Vivi goes to look for
    Zidane, and runs into Eiko on his way out.  Tot comes in now.  He's looking for
    Eiko.  He asks her the name of her village.  He wants to ask her more questions
    about her village, but Eiko insists that they go to his house, in Treno.  Zidane
    comes in and explains why he also wants to go there.  You go down to the Gargan
        Once in the Gargan Roo, there's a bit of discussion about Mist, then you get
    on the trolley.  Once on the trolley, you see an ATE (Active Time Event).  This
    ATE shows what Zorn and Thorn are doing.  It also shows what Blank and Marcus
    are doing.
        Segment 2: Treno/Alexandria Invaded
        Adamant, Zidane, Vivi, Freya, Tot, and Eiko arrive in Tot's home in Treno.
    Eiko, Vivi, Amarant, and Freya go to look around the town.  Tot tells you that
    it's the last day to register for the card game tournament.
          1. Challenge people around town to Tetra Master for practice.
          2. Register for and play in the card game tournament.
          3. Kill monsters in Alexandria.  (As Steiner and Beatrix)
          4. Climb to the top of the castle. (As Garnet/Dagger)
        As soon as you can control Zidane, you can see an ATE (Active Time Event) of
    Eiko and Vivi's conversation.  Tot suggests that before you enter the card game
    tournament, you play some people in Tetra Master.  If you've forgotten how to
    challenge people, you use square (save/moogle button).  As soon as you start
    going down the tower, another ATE (Active Time Event) shows Vivi meeting up with
    the friend that brought him to Alexandria before the start of disc one.  In the
    ATE, you can decide if Vivi goes to his home near Treno or stays in Treno.
    Based on which option you choose, you'll see different ATEs (Active Time
    Events).  Since the ATEs vary, I will no longer tell about them in this section.
        When you feel like your ready, go register for the card game tournament in
    the booth by the stadium.  After you register, you can walk into the stadium to
    start the tournament.
        You have to at least challenge the champion.  Afterwards, Regent Cid and the
    champion, a female pilot from Lindblum, tell you that they came to Treno on the
    airship that runs without Mist.  Then, Eiko runs in and tells you that something
    horrible has happened.
        You see Kuja in Alexandria, talking to himself.  You see a movie of what
    Kuja does to Alexandria, then you see a group of people running away from
    Alexandria.  Beatrix comes to help Garnet.  Then, you see Steiner, getting his
    troops ready.  You get to choose what orders you give to who.  Based on how well
    you order the guards, Beatrix gives you an item.
        The following is the information on ordering the guards (Thanks to
    Items you get:
    1 right: Ether
    2 right: Elixir
    All right: Angel Earrings
    Commands to Give:
    Blutzen & Kohel should gather information.
    Weimar & Haagen should protect the citizens.
    Breireicht & Lando should send for reinforcements.
    Dojebon & Mullenkedheim should ready the cannons.
    Then, Garnet asks her mother for help.  Something happens, then you see a
    monster terrorizing Alexandria.
        You now control Steiner and Beatrix.  Kill the monster that was terrorizing
    Alexandrian citizens.  Move to the bottom of this area to go into the next area.
    Run to the bottom of the area you are now in, and you will fight another
        Now move to the next area.  Move forward a little, and two monsters will
    attack you.  Move onward to the next area.  You'll fight another monster.  After
    that battle ends, another monster will attack you.  After that battle, yet
    another monster attacks.  After you win that battle, two monsters attack you.
        After you finish that battle, you see Garnet (Dagger) in the castle.  You
    now are moving Garnet/Dagger around.  Have her go into the room through the door
    directly above the entrance, up the staircase, and through the door on the upper
    wall.  Turn left and go up that stairway and through that door.  Climb up the
    stairway.  You'll see a movie now that shows a staircase magically appearing in
    front of Dagger/Garnet.  Go up that staircase, and up the ones in the next
    areas.  Once you enter an area, Dagger/Garnet will stop and wonder where the
    music is still coming from.
        Segment 3: Alexandria Saved/Lindblum
        You find yourself on the airship that doesn't use Mist to fly with your
    other party members.  After some discussion, Eiko hears a cry from Dagger.  She
    walks to the edge of the ship, and flies off.  You see a movie showing Eiko and
          1. Find Dagger.
          2. Find Dagger.
          3. Meet with Regent Cid.
          4. Find Dagger in the guest room.
          5. Find the three potions.
          6. Board the boat.
        Dagger talks with Eiko for a while, then they summon a great holy eidolon to
    help them.  You see a movie of the eidolon being summoned and stopping Bahamut
    from invading the town any more.  Then, you see Kuja, using magic to trap
    Alexander, the holy element.
        You see a man in a strange place saying that Kuja has gone too far.  He
    talks a while longer, then Kuja realizes he has lost his power to enslave
        Then, you see Zidane and the others coming into the castle.  You have to
    find Dagger.  Run the course you took as Dagger.  When Zidane gets to the hidden
    area of the castle, he tells the others to escape the castle in case something
    happens.  Once your only Zidane, climb the secret stairway.  About halfway up,
    the ground trembles and you see a movie.  After the movie, Zidane, Dagger, and
    Eiko go out of the castle.  Whoever was the mysterious figure you saw earlier
    appears again in the strange area.  He talks to himself, then the screen goes
    back to showing Lindblum being reconstructed.
        Blank and Baku go to check to see if Zidane's awake.  Now you see Zidane.
    He wakes up in the Lindblum guest room.  Try going out of the guest room, and
    Blank comes in.  After asking him a question, you're outside the guest room.
        You can now see an ATE (Active Time Event) of Quina.  Go up to the telescope
    to find Dagger.  After Zidane talks to her, Zidane leaves and can see another
    ATE (Active Time Event) of Blank.  Walk down to where Blank is.  He tells you to
    see Cid.  Go to the royal chamber where you usually meet Cid.  Talk to the
    guards, then go into the royal chamber.  Minister Artania will take you to the
    conference room where your other party members are waiting.
        Eiko goes to get Dagger, and then you see an ATE (Active Time Event) of
    Dagger.  After the ATE, Regent Cid and your party members talk for a while.
    Then, you see another ATE (Active Time Event) of Kuja.  After the ATE, the
    characters talk some more with Regent Cid.  Doctor Tot comes in to join the
    conversation.  Then, Eiko runs in, saying that Dagger might have lost her voice.
    Go to the guest room to check on Dagger.
        Dagger has indeed lost her voice.  You go to see Regent Cid about how to
    turn him back to a human.  Doctor Tot says that you can turn Cid back into a
    human by mixing an Unusual Potion, Beautiful Potion, and Strange Potion at a
    5:2:3 ratio.  Zidane offers to go to look for the ingredients.
        As you walk out of Cid's room, you can see an ATE (Active Time Event) of
    Marcus and Cinna.  Go to the air cab station.  Go to the theatre district.  When
    you walk outside of the theatre district, if you helped Kal and Wei in Burmecia,
    they'll be outside.  They will talk to you, then you'll see an ATE (Active Time
    Event) of Freya.
        Go down the stairs and you'll find Cinna and Marcus.  Zidane will talk to
    them for a while, them as for Cinna's Unusual Potion.  Go up the stairs again.
    Across from the stairs, you'll see a building.  Ask the artist inside about the
    potions.  Go check out the corner of the room where you see all of the bottles,
    and you'll find the Strange Potion.  Now, take the air cab to the business
    district.  Walk up the road.  At the fork in the next area, go right.  Ask
    Alice, a woman dressed in white, about the potions.  She will give you the
    Beautiful Potion.
        Now you have all the potions.  Take the air cab to Lindblum Castle and go to
    Regent Cid in the royal chamber.  The potion turns Regent Cid into a frog.
    Regent Cid orders a meeting in the conference room with your party members.
    Vivi suggests that you take a ship to Black Mage Village.  As you walk out of
    the conference room, you can see an ATE (Active Time Event) of what Quina is
        Take the elevator to the base level of the castle.  Ride the trolley on the
    right to Serpent's Gate.  Get on the boat.  You'll find Quina as well as your
    other party members on the boat.  Blank is also there. You get to choose your
    party members, then control your boat on the way to the Outer Continent.
        Segment 4: Black Mage Village
        Land on the beach south of Black Mage Village and start making your way
    towards Black Mage Village.
          1. Go to the cemetery.
          2. Go to the chocobo shack.
        You'll arrive in Black Mage Village.  Vivi doesn't think anyone's in the
    village.  Vivi goes to look around.  You can look around for a while too.  You
    won't find anybody.
        Go to the cemetery, where Vivi is with one black mage.  Vivi talks with the
    black mage for a while, then Vivi runs to the chocobo shack.  Follow Vivi to the
    chocobo shack.  Go into the shack with Vivi.  A new chocobo will be born.  When
    you go outside the shack, you talk to the black mage.  He tells you that Kuja's
    secret palace is buried under quicksand on the eastern side of the continent.
        Segment 5: Kuja's Palace
        Sail your boat to the eastern side of the continent.  Land on the beach you
    sea.  The quicksand is just north of that area.  Try different quicksand pits.
    All but one of the pits will start a battle if you press X (confirm) at them.
          1. Stand between the two black mages.
          2. Select who you will take with you to Oeilvert.
        When you find the right quicksand pit, you find yourself in a room with
    Regent Cid.  Kuja talks to you.  You must accept his offer.  Go outside of your
    room, and go across the bridge.  Stand between the two black mages.  You will be
    teleported to Kuja's room.
        Walk up to Kuja.  Kuja is going to send you to Oeilvert, south of the
    Seaways Canyon on the Forgotten Continent.   He wants you to get the Gulug Stone
    for him.  You can choose what party members you want to bring with you.  You
    probably want to take Freya, Amarant, and Steiner with you.  There's an
    anti-magic barrier around Oeilvert, which means you won't be able to use and
    magic there.
        Once you select your team, Kuja brings the party members you chose to
    Zidane.  Move forward on the path that Kuja teleports you to.  You'll see the
    Hilda Garde 1.  Get on the Hilda Garde 1.  You will fly for a while, then you'll
    see Zidane talking to black mages on the Hilda Garde 1.  Zorn and Thorn will
    walk up to you and talk to you for a while.  You'll see the Hilda Garde 1 flying
    again.  It flies to the Forgotten Continent.
        Segment 6: Oeilvert/Escape the Palace
        Go south, to Oeilvert.
          1. Touch the orb and view the writing on the globe.
          2. Activate the projectors.
          3. View the slideshow.
          4. Talk to the faces on the wall.
          5. Find the Gulug Stone and fight Ark.
         Kuja's Palace:
          1. Get the key.
          2. Turn over the hourglass.
          3. Collect bloodstones and light lamps.
          4. Defeat Valia Pira.
          5. Follow Kuja to the Lost Continent.
        At the entrance of Oeilvert, there's a Save Moogle.  You probably want to
    buy stuff from him as well as save.  Walk up to the building you see.  Walk up
    to the big door.  The door will open for you.  Walk inside of the building.  Go
    up the stairway in front of you and touch the blue orb.  It should become red
        Go back down the staircase and go to the left.  As you walk past the globe,
    writing appears on it, Zidane tries to decode it, then he gives up.  Move down
    the staircase in that room.  In the room you come into, go up the staircase.
    Inspect the object emitting yellow light that's on the left.  Then check the one
    on the right.  Check the right pillar, then the left pillar, on the bottom.  Go
    to the staircase on the upper-left of this area.  Move through the area you
    arrive in.  Move through the next two areas.  Now you're back in the room with
    the globe.
        Exit through the right.  In the room you arrive in, go to the right.  Step
    on the symbol in the center of the room and press X (confirm).  Go back to the
    room with the globe.  Go through the orange door in the upper-left corner of
    this area.  Go right in the area that you arrive in.  On the center of the
    platform, press X (confirm).  You will see a slideshow.
        Go to the room with the globe, and go through the blue door in the
    upper-left corner.  You stand before a wall of faces.  One face tells you to
    step on the platform.  Step on the platform, and it will elevate into the air.
    The faces talk to you for a while, then you leave the room.
        Now, go back to the room with the globe.  Go to the right of this room, and
    to the right of the next room.  Walk to the symbol, and Zidane will stop along
    the way.  A globe will appear above the symbol.  Another globe will appear, then
    the two globes will merge into one.
        Go up the staircase in the upper-right corner of the room.  Investigate the
    green circle with X (confirm).  The platform will go down.  Walk forward to the
    large circular object and press X (confirm).  The Gulug Stone will appear.
    Before you take, you have to fight a boss.
              Boss: Ark
        Since you can't use magic, use items to heal.  Have Freya cast 'Reis's Wind'
    (which can be used) if she's with you.  If you have Amarant, Steiner, or Zidane,
    have them all attack primarily, and use other abilities as well.  Vivi, Eiko,
    Dagger, and Quina won't help much in this battle.  You can also steel the Holy
    Lance, an excellent weapon for Freya, from Ark.
        After Ark is defeated, you can grab the Gulug Stone.  Then, you see a scene
    of your other party members.  Kuja threatens to kill everyone if Zidane isn't
    back in ten minutes.  Regent Cid decides that he will save the day.  The black
    mages also might help.  You now control Regent Cid.  Have him go across the
    bridge and to the right.  Press the circle button when the caged monster has his
    back to you.  Once you get the key, Cid gets ready to disable the hourglass.
    Put weights B, C, and D on the scale.  (iron, clay, and stone)  Then, climb onto
    the scales.
        Everyone will come out of their cells and join together.  Go to the left
    from where everyone was standing.  Go left in the next area and up the stairway.
    Light the lamp in the area you arrive in, pick up the glowing bloodstone, then
    go up the staircase.  Go to the left after examining the three statues and
    running to the right.  Before you leave the area, a staircase appears.  Go up
    that staircase.  Light the lamp in the next area, then go back to the three
    statues.  Now, go to the left.  Light all the lamps except the one in the
    lower-right corner of the area you can move around in.  An opening in
    the wall appears that will take you to the next area.  Go to the next area from
    the area you arrive in.  In the area you are now in, light the lamp on the
    lower-left side of the area you can move around in.  Go back through the opening
    in the wall to the other opening.
        When you arrive in that area, light the lamp in the lower-left corner of the
    area you can move around in.  Now the statues disappear.  Examine the statue in
    the center of the room.  Light the two lamps by the staircase in the center of
    the area.  The statues to your right disappear.  Now, light the two lamps that
    are not lit in this area.  Go down the staircase in the center of the area and
    light the lamp there.  Now, go take the bloodstone from the statue in the center
    of this area.  Now, go to the right of this area.  The stained glass window will
    have disappeared.  Go through it.
        In the room you're in, you see three statues.  Light the candle in front of
    the one that doesn't have a lit candle in front of him.  Go take the bloodstone
    from the center statue now.  Go on to the next area.
        Light the lamp, and go on to the next area.  Go through the opening in the
    wall.  The area that you arrive in is a library.  Light the candle in the
    upper-left corner.  A staircase appears.  Light the candle at the top of the
    staircase, and one of the bookshelves rises up, revealing a secret passage.
        Beyond the secret passage is a bloodstone.  Take it.  Go back to the
    library.  Climb the ladder to the middle bookshelf and light the lamp there.  A
    secret passage will be revealed.  Go up the staircase in the next area.  Light
    the torch on your way up.
        You'll find another lamp to light at the top of the staircase.  Light this
    lamp, then go back to the library.  Light the lamp to the right of the lower
    bookcase.  This reveals another secret passage.  Go through the secret passage
    to the next area.  Light the lamp in the next area.  Go back to the library.
        The wall on the left side of the library will be gone now.  Go on to the
    next area by going to the left.
        In the next area, light both of the candles and collect the bloodstone.  Go
    through the opening in the wall now.  You'll be on a balcony.  Go trough the
    other opening in the wall on the balcony.  Activate all three candles to get
    another bloodstone.
        Now, extinguish the left candles under both statues.  Now, a staircase will
    appear.  Go up the staircase to get to the next area.  Move forward in the next
    area.  Light the last candle.  Before you light the candle, you'll fight a boss.
              Boss: Valia Pira
        Based on what bloodstones you have equipped at the beginning of the battle,
    this boss will not activate certain defenses.  Use what summons you have.  The
    spell 'Reflect' will also be very helpful.  If you do use 'Reflect,' remember
    that cure spells will be reflected as well as attack spells.
        After you beat the boss, light the torch and step on the glowing platform.
    Press X (confirm).
        Zidane finally makes it back after you leave through the pillar of light.
    Move back onto the circle that teleports you.  Kuja wants you to see him alone.
    Follow his commands.  You'll see how your friends are doing.  After a few
    scenes, your characters chase after Kuja.  Go out of Kuja's room and step on the
    left platform.  You'll be in the docking bay.  Run for the Hilda Garde.
        When you get to where the Hilda Garde would be, you'll find out that it is
    gone.  Run beyond there.  Pull the lever to activate the ladder, and run out of
    the palace.  You'll follow the Hilda Garde 1 to the Lost Continent.
        Segment 7: Esto Gaza
        You are now on the world map.  Go west from the shore, to Esto Gaza.
          1. Talk to the bishop.
          2. Enter Mount Gulug.
        Walk into the house that you see.  A bishop will greet you.  After the
    bishop talks with you for a while, you'll see a flashback of black mages
    marching through Esto Gaza.  He tells you that the black mages went to Mount
        Walk up the stairs behind the bishop.  You will see a Save Moogle in the
    next area.  Go to the right.  In the area that you arrive in, go into the
    building you see.  You are now in Mount Gulug.
        Segment 8: Mount Gulug
        You are now inside Mount Gulug.
          1. Watch out for red dragons.
          2. Pull the lever down three times.
          3. Defeat Zorn and Thorn.
          4. Defeat Meltigemini.
          5. Go with Hilda to Lindblum.
        Go to the right, into the cabin.  Go through the cabin.  On the other side,
    get on the rope and climb down and go to the right.  Go into the next cabin.
    Inside is a Save Moogle.  Go out of the cabin.  Once out of the cabin, go on to
    the next area.  Go up the staircase to look at the bulletin board to the right.
    Then, go back to the area with the rope.  At this point, red dragons might
    attack you.  Watch out for them whenever they come.
              Mini-Boss: Red Dragons
        You go into battle with two red dragons.  Use all of your water spells on
    the dragons whenever you run into them.
        Go to the right of the rope this time.  You'll see a Save Moogle that will
    sell you items.   Go back to the area with the rope now.  Pull the lever to the
    left of the well down three times.  The rope falls down more.  Go down the rope.
    Walk around the area until you arrive in until a red dragons comes through the
    wall.  After defeating the red dragons, go through the opening they made in the
        In this area you see Eiko.  You'll see Zorn and Thorn extract the eidolons
    from her, or at least try.  Zidane and his friends will run to save Eiko, while
    Mog does something to help Eiko.  You now fight Zorn and Thorn as Eiko.  Eiko
    automatically uses a summon you've never seen before, and she knocks Zorn and
    Thorn down.  After the battle, Eiko talks with Zidane.  It turns out that Mog
    was an eidolon.  After Kuja talks for a while, Zorn and Thorn merge together to
    create Meltigemini.
              Boss: Meltigemini
        Use whatever summons you can.  Fight this like you would an average boss.
    The 'Auto-Potion' ability will help a lot during this battle.  The spell
    'Reflect'  will also help a lot.
        After the battle, Vivi comes up to you.  Kuja said that the black mage's
    life span could not be increased.  After Vivi leaves, you'll hear a voice.
    You'll follow the voice to find a woman.  Dagger will talk to her, then Regent
    Cid will come in.  The woman is Hilda, Cid's lost wife.  You go with Hilda back
    to Lindblum.
        Segment 9: Back in Lindblum/Search for the Princess
        Once back in Lindblum, Cid talks with Hilda.  Hilda turns Cid back into a
          1. Meet with Hilda.
          2. Talk to Beatrix.
          3. Find Dagger in the 'resting place.'
        You wake up as Zidane.  You'll find out that Hilda is calling a conference.
    Go to the conference room.
        Once in the conference room, Hilda tells you what she knows about Kuja.  In
    the middle of the conversation, you'll see an ATE (Active Time Event) of
    Tantalus and Steiner.  Then, you see Hilda talking to Zidane's group again.  She
    tells you that there is a connection to the other world, Terra, on a place
    called the Shimmering Island.  There's a seal around the gate to the other
    world, but Hilda says that the seal can be broken at a castle located in the
    northern area of the Forgotten Continent.  Hilda calls the castle Ipsen's
    Castle.  Then, you see another ATE (Active Time Event) of Cid telling his crew
    to build the Hilda Garde 3.
        You see Zidane and his group again. Hilda is done telling you what she knows
    about Kuja and the other world, Terra.  Steiner rushes in, telling you that he
    cannot find Dagger.  Zidane goes with Steiner, thinking he knows where she is.
    You see Tantalus looking for Dagger for a while, then you see Zidane in
    Alexandria.  Zidane tries to talk to Beatrix, but Baku is the first to talk to
    her.  After a conversation with Beatrix, she gives you an item and tells you to
    look in the 'resting place' for Dagger.
        Zidane goes to the resting place and finds Dagger.  Dagger talks with
    Zidane, she is no longer mute.  You'll see a movie where the Hilda Garde 3 is
    tested.  In the movie, Dagger also cuts her hair short.  You see your characters
    on the Hilda Garde 3 now.  Now, you can control the Hilda Garde 3.
        Segment 10: Ipsen's Castle
        Ipsen's Castle is marked on the map now.  Fly there in the Hilda Garde 3.
          1. Find Amarant by the map.
          2. Find Amarant again.
        When you enter Ipsen's Castle, Your character's talk in front of the door.
    Amarant decides to go off by himself.  He challenges you to see who finds the
    key to the seal first.  After Amarant leaves, you can enter Ipsen's Castle.
        Go through the archway in front of you.  Go across the room to the pole and
    slide down it.  Go up the ladder and on to the next area.  Once in the next
    area, go to the next area, where you will see a ladder.  Go down the ladder then
    go up the ladder at the other end of the catwalk you are on.  Go to the top,
    where you'll automatically jump off.  Go into the elevator.
        The elevator takes you to a room where Amarant is.  Amarant leaves, figuring
    he is out of his contract with you.  You'll go look at the map on the wall.
    Take all of the mirrors off of the wall.  Walk away from the map, and you'll
    talk to the other members of your group.  Taharka will attack.
              Boss: Taharka
        Use a normal boss strategy on this monster: Powerful summons and attacks.
    As usual, 'Auto-Potion' will help out a lot.  Poisoning Taharka will be a good
        After you defeat Taharka, you can control Zidane again.  Leave the castle.
    Amarant is missing.  You'll go back inside to find him.  Go back to the room
    with the pole.  Go down the pole.  You'll hear a groan.  Go towards the bottom
    of the screen, where you'll find Amarant.  Go outside of the castle with
        Once outside, your characters talk about the meaning of the mirrors.  Then,
    you are back on the Hilda Garde 3.  You are going to each of the locations at
    the same time.  You are going two to a group.  Eiko goes with Dagger to the
    shrine to the south: 'My power is protected underwater, surrounded by earth.'
        Segment 11: The Four Shrines/Shimmering Island
        You are now controlling the Hilda Garde 3.
          1. Find the Water Shrine.
          2. Find the Fire Shrine.
          3. Find the Wind Shrine.
          4. Find the Earth Shrine.
          5. Defeat the Earth Guardian.
          6. Find the Shimmering Island.
        You'll find the Water Shrine in the bay south of Ipsen's Castle.  Press
    circle to enter the Water Shrine.  You leave Dagger and Eiko there.  Next,
    Amarant and Freya are going to another shrine: 'My power is protected high atop
    a fiery mountain.'
        You'll find the Fire Shrine inside a volcano on the Lost Continent.  Press
    circle to enter it.  After that, you'll send Vivi and Steiner to the next
    shrine.  'My power is protected behind a tornado.'  Look on the southern side of
    the Forgotten Continent.  You'll find the Wind Shrine inside a small canyon.
    Enter it with circle.
        Now, you and Quina are heading to the last location.  'My power is protected
    under the shaking ground.'  You'll find the Earth Shrine just west of Kuja's
    Palace.  You and Quina go to the Earth Shrine.  Go down into the Earth Shrine.
       Zidane will talk to Quina for a while, then the wall will close in front of
    you, and Zidane and Quina jump back.  You now have to time your jumps so you
    don't get crushed.  You'll see Dagger and Eiko now.  They have problems of their
    own.  They're busy avoiding chunks of ice flying at them.  You'll see Zidane and
    Quina arrive at the center of the shrine.  Go to put the mirror on the panel,
    then you'll see Amarant and Freya.  Before anyone puts the mirrors on the
    panels, the guardians of Terra come forth to challenge you.
              Boss: Earth Guardian
        Use Quina to cure and Zidane to attack.  Have Zidane use his most powerful
    Dyne skills when he goes into a Trance.  If either character is equipped with
    Gaia Gear, the Earth Guardian's earth elemental attacks will cure him instead of
    hurt him.  A few good Dyne attacks should knock the guardian down.
        After you defeat the Earth Guardian, you'll get on the airship with the
    others.  South of the Lost Continent, you'll find the Shimmering Island.  Enter
    it with circle.  As you enter the island, you may never be able to return to
    your world again.  You'll watch a movie of you entering through the gate into
        Segment 12: Terra
        Once you arrive in Terra, you'll be greeted by the old man that you saw when
    Alexandria was being invaded.  Then, Dagger will come up to you and tell you
    that everybody is waiting for Zidane.
          1. Follow the mysterious girl to Bran Bal.
        As you enter the next area, you'll see a figure.  Follow the figure to the
    next area.  Once in the next area, you'll see the person again.  Follow the
    person to the next area.  Once in the next area, go on to the next area.  Go
    down the first spider web, then down the spider web to the left.  You'll meet up
    with the mysterious girl you've been following.
        She tells you to follow her.  Follow her across the bridge.  In the area you
    arrive in, go up the staircases.  You are now in Bran Bal.
        Segment 13: Bran Bal/Pandemonium
       After a movie and some events, you are controlling Zidane.
          1. Take Dagger to the inn.
          2. Go to the underground laboratory.
          3. Go to Pandemonium and talk to Garland.
          4. Fight the Silver Dragon, Garland, and Kuja.
        Go down the staircase to the left.  Go into the inn to the in on the left of
    the area.  Zidane will go get Dagger so she can rest.  You'll see Eiko walking
    around town.  Dagger will wake up back in the inn.  Dagger remembers that it was
    not a storm that destroyed Madain Sari, but a large eye.  The same eye that
    appeared when Alexandria was destroyed.
        After some dialogue, Zidane goes outside.  Go into the building in the upper
    area of down and down into the basement.  Talk to the mysterious girl that
    you've been following.  She tells you that the people that live in Bran Bal are
    called Genomes.  Go upstairs after the girl finishes talking.  She will talk to
    you there.  You'll learn a lot from the mysterious girl.  Then, you'll control
    Eiko.  You'll see some ATEs (Active Time Events).  Go to the mysterious green
    light you saw at the entrance of Bran Bal.  Go through there to talk to the
        Now you see Zidane.  You'll go to see Garland.  I won't spoil any of the
    conversation, or what happens for a while afterwards.  Just accept that
    eventually you'll wind up in Pandemonium, where you'll go into an end of disc
    three showdown.
              Boss: Silver Dragon
        It's more important to make sure everyone stays healed in this battle then
    to go offensive.  Use a normal boss strategy.  Remember that the bigger
    challenge is coming after the dragon falls.
              Boss: Garland
        Give this battle all you've got.  Throw good weapons with Amarant, summon
    Bahamut with Dagger, use gems (like Sapphire) to heal you, cast 'Meteor' with
    Vivi, use powerful summons with Eiko, have Quina use the finest of Blue Magic
    that he has, etc.  Make sacrifices in this battle.
              Boss: Kuja
        No matter how you fight, Zidane will probably be the only person alive at
    the end of this battle.  Make sure Zidane doesn't die.  Use powerful Dyne
    techniques when he goes into a Trance.  Have him equipped with the 'Auto-Potion'
    ability, and have him heal himself frequently.  When he's taken enough damage,
    Kuja goes into a Trance and casts Ultima.
        After Kuja defeats you, as Garland dies, he talks as he falls to his doom.
    He prophecies that Kuja will die soon.  Kuja destroys most of Terra, and you
    take his ship, the Invincible, back to Gaia.  However, Gaia is covered with Mist
    as you end disc three.
    Section VI: Disc Four
    With Gaia covered in Mist, there's only one place that all of this could lead up
    to: The Iifa Tree.
        Segment 1: Memoria
        You'll have to fly to the sphere on top of the Iifa Tree using the
    Invincible.  As you enter, you'll see a movie where a flock of dragons will come
    flying at the Invincible.  Regent Cid has a fleet of airships that will clear a
    path for you.  You'll approach the purple sphere in another movie, then you'll
    see Beatrix on the Red Rose.  Finally, the Invincible enters the purple sphere
    in a movie, but first you must fight a boss.
          1. Defeat Nova Dragon.
          2. Defeat Maliris.
          3. Defeat Kraken.
          4. Defeat Lich.
          5. Defeat Deathguise.
          6. Defeat Trance Kuja.
          7. Defeat Necron.
              Boss: Nova Dragon
        You'll want to have either Dagger or Eiko in this battle.  Have them
    equipped with the Whale Whisker, a weapon that allows them to cast Curaga.
    You'll want to have the 'Auto-Life' and/or 'Auto-Regen' abilities during this
    combat.  Have any person that casts spells have the 'Half MP' ability equipped
    if it is available.  The 'Auto-Potion' ability probably won't do you much good
    this late in the game.  You'll probably want to have two of any of the three in
    your party: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko.  The reason is because each of them have a
    revive spell.  Stock up on ethers before this battle: You'll need them to
    recover MP that you'll use up on revive spells.  Physical attacks are probably
    the best way to hurt the dragon.  This boss will be a test to how you'll do on
    the set of bosses inside Memoria.
        After the Nova Dragon is defeated, your characters beam down to Memoria from
    the Invincible.  Garland speaks to Zidane, telling Zidane that Memoria is a
    place created by your eight party members' memories.
        As you enter, you'll see a magical sphere that allows you to save, switch
    party members, or use a tent.  Move forward to the next area.  The next few
    areas are pretty straight-forward.  Eventually, you'll run into a boss.
              Boss: Maliris
        Use generally the same strategy described in the battle with the Nova
    Dragon, except remember that attacks by this boss aren't as devastating as
    attacks by the Nova Dragon.  Watch out, because this boss casts 'Reflect.'  Make
    sure not to cast any magic (summons are OK) when Maliris has 'Reflect' up.  When
    'Reflect' is up, have Dagger or Eiko cast 'Cure' on it.  'Cure' will reflect and
    heal one of your characters, and the 'Reflect' spell will be down after two
    casts, since Maliris's 'Reflect' lasts for two casts.  Since Maliris uses
    'Mustard Bomb,' have all of your characters have the 'Body Temp' ability
    equipped.  Make sure you have a lot of HP left at the end of the battle, because
    right before it dies, Maliris uses a devastating attack on all of your party
        After you defeat Maliris, go to the next room.  You'll watch a quick memory
    of Alexandria being destroyed.  Go on to the next room and up the staircase.
    You'll go into an area, where it is raining.  Move up the next staircase to the
    right, and Zidane will stop and look down from the bridge.  There are two people
    ready to board a small boat.  Dagger realizes that Zidane just saw her memory.
    Garland will tell you another verse to his story, then you'll be able to go to
    the next area.
        In the next area, you'll see the same eye that was present when Dagger's
    birth mother was drowned.  Garland tells Zidane that the memory seen in the
    previous area was Zidane's memory, not Dagger.  He tells you that you will find
    out more later.  Once you can control Zidane again, go further up the stairway.
    You'll run into a boss.
              Boss: Tiamat
        Fight this battle the way you have fought the other two boss battles in
    Memoria so far.  Tiamat can absorb MP from your party members, so make sure that
    you have a lot of ethers.  Tiamat will cast devastating spells like the Nova
    Dragon did.  This boss will absorb things other then MP too, for example:
    Strength.  As he gets weaker, this boss may counter your attacks with a
    dangerous ability called 'Snort.'  This blows one character out of the battle.
    That character counts as if s/he weren't even in your party.
        After Tiamat dies, proceed up the staircase.  In the next area, you'll go
    further up the staircase.  In the area you arrive in after climbing the
    staircase, you'll see an exclamation point appear over Zidane's head.  If you
    press X, Zidane just shrugs.  You have found the ghost of a card game master.
    Press square to challenge the ghost to a game of Tetra Master.  Go on to the
    next area.
        In the next area, you'll hear a bell ringing.  Ignore the bell and go to the
    next area.  In the next area, you'll see a picture of Terra assimilating Gaia.
    Garland will talk to you, telling you that he created the Iifa Tree to help
    Gaia.  You've learned all you can from this area.  Go on to the next area.  The
    path turns sideways as you go back.  Once you arrive in the next area, you'll
    see another orb that allows you to save, use a tent, or switch party members.
    After the two bosses you just beat, you'll probably want to save.
        There is also a waterfall in this area.  Follow the path you can walk on to
    the next area.  In this area, Quina thinks he is in an ocean and tries to swim.
    Go to the next area.  In the area you arrive in, you find out from Garland that
    Gaia was originally a planet covered in water.  Go up the stairs in this area
    now.  Right before you go to the next area, you'll fight another boss.
              Boss: Kraken
        Before you enter this battle, you'll want to equip the 'Body Temp' ability
    since Kraken likes to use the 'Freeze' spell.  You'll want to summon your most
    powerful eidolon, preferably Bahamut.  Target Kraken's tentacles first.  Once
    his two tentacles are weakened and cannot attack any more, you'll be receiving
    only one third of the attacks you did before.  Don't have Vivi use a lot of
    black magic since black magic doesn't work well against Kraken.
        After you defeat Kraken, go on to the next area.  In the corner of this
    area, you'll be able to save, use a tent, or switch party members.  You'll also
    find another card game master's ghost in this area.  Once in the next area,
    you'll see a ladder.  As you walk toward the ladder, you'll see the birth of
    your planet, Gaia.  Go up the ladder to the next area, where you will find two
    more ladders to climb up.  Once you arrive in the area after that, walk around
    the room until the room changes.  You'll immediately go into battle with Lich.
              Boss: Lich
        Before you enter this battle, equip the 'Locomotion' ability on as many
    party members as possible.  Lich tends to cast spells that give you the 'Stop'
    status effect a lot.  Once in the battle, the only real threat Lich gives is his
    instant death attacks.  'Death' causes instant death, 'Doom' causes instant
    death after a ten second countdown, and 'Lvl. 5 Death' automatically causes
    instant death to all party members that have levels that are a multiple of five.
        After you defeat Lich, go through the archway.  This leads to a ledge.
    Zidane will step into space.  Now that you're flying through space, move upwards
    to he green light.  You'll talk to Garland.  He tells you about the crystal
    (explain why a logo for this game is 'The crystal comes back.').  Garland will
    leave you on your own now.
        You get to the Crystal World now.  Move ahead through some areas now.
    Eventually, you'll arrive at an area where you'll see another orb.  The orb
    allows you to save, use a tent, switch party members, or teleport back to the
    entrance of Memoria.  However, once you teleport to the entrance, you'll have to
    walk all the way back to the Crystal World.  Anyway, go to the next area.
    You'll see Kuja in this area.  You'll also see the crystal.  Before you fight
    Kuja, he sends a minion to fight you.
              Boss: Deathguise
        Have Dagger and/or Eiko healing 100% of the time.  Use all the other
    strategies you've used in Memoria so far on this boss.  Vivi's 'Meteor' spell
    does exceptional damage to Deathguise.
        Now, walk up to Kuja.  This may seem like the final showdown, but it isn't.
              Boss: Trance Kuja
        Note that this is not the last boss, so do not throw all your good items to
    throw and try to keep 'Remedy' consumption as low as possible.  Use all the
    strategies you've used so far in Memoria on Kuja.  Also note that Kuja casts
        As he dies, Kuja casts Ultima on his party, as he dies.  It's not over yet
    though.  You are in a strange new place now.  A voice talks to you, telling you
    about the zero world and why the crystal and all life should not exist.  You get
    to choose your party of four.  The party members that are not participating give
    their energy to heal the participating party members.  Don't worry, they're
    still alive.  You get to visit the pause menu, where you should make your
              Last Boss Preparations:
        You'll want to equip every ability that protects from status effects, as
    well as give everyone their best equipment.  Once you go out of the save menu,
    it's time to fight the last boss.
              Last Boss: Necron
        An easy strategy to defeating Necron (and Kuja) is auctioning for 6 Dark
    Matters per boss in Treno at the auction.  Use the Dark Matters to defeat
    Kuja/Necron in record time.  (Thanks to hbo_ffix@hotmail.com for this
        If you don't have Dark Matters, then this battle *************************
    is a little harder.  You'll want to heal all the     * Spells cast by Necron *
    time with Eiko/Dagger with Curaga.  There's only one *                       *
    threat that Necron has: His spell called Grand       * Blue Shockwave: Reduce*
    Cross.  This spell gives you all sorts of status     * one party member to 1 *
    effects.  Cure any effects you get with a 'Remedy.'  * hit point.            *
    If one of your characters gets the 'Zombie' status   * Shell: Increases magic*
    effect, hurry and cure it.  This status effect makes * defense.              *
    the character undead.  All cure spells will damage   * Protect: Increases    *
    him, and all life effects will miss.  If your        * physical defense.     *
    character dies with the 'Zombie' effect, there's     * Firaga: Powerful fire *
    only one way to revive him/her: An instant death     * spell.                *
    spell.  Stay healed and watch out for Grand Cross,   * Blizaga: Powerful ice *
    and you should survive this battle.                  * spell.                *
                                                         * Thundaga: Powerful    *
        Congratulations.  You have now beaten Final      * thunder spell.        *
    Fantasy IX.  I won't spoil the ending, I'll just     * Grand Cross: Powerful *
    tell you that there's a movie at the end of the      * spell.  Causes a      *
    ending that is so long that it shows why there was   * variety of status     *
    so little stuff to do on disc four.                  * effects.              *
    Section VII: Side Quests
    In addition to the main plot of Final Fantasy IX, there are many small
    mini-games and
        Segment 1: Jump Rope
    At the beginning of the game, there are some girls playing jump rope by the
    ticket booth.  You can also play jump rope at different points in the game, so
    as long as you have Eiko or Vivi in your group.  In Disc Three and Four, you can
    find the jump rope girls by the Mog tower.  By getting a certain amount of
    you get different items:
    20 jumps = 10 Gil
    50 Jumps = Cactuar Card
    100 Jumps = Genji Card
    200 Jumps = Alexandria Card
    300 Jumps = Tiger Racket Card
    1000 Jumps = King of Jump Rope (Key Item)
        Segment 2: Mognet Central
    Once you have a Reef Chocobo (See Chocobo section), go to an island north of the
    Forbidden Continent to find a crack in a mountain on that island.  Use a Dead
    Pepper to open the crack.  Go inside and you'll be at Mognet Central.  Talk to
    the moogles.
    Now go down to Alexandria.  Speak to the moogle at the bell tower.  Now deliver
    his letter to the moogle at Burmecia.  Then deliver his letter to the moogle at
    the Black Mage Village.  Now take the letter from that moogle to Ipsen's Castle
    and give it to the moogle outside there.  Now go to the entrance of Fossil Roo
    at Qu's Marsh (go with Quina).  Give the letter to the moogle there.  Now go to
    Daguerro and give the letter to the moogle there.  Take the last letter back to
    the moogle in the bell tower at Alexandria.
    Go to the mini-theater and get the Superslick from Ruby.  Now go back to Mognet
    Central and give the Superslick to the moogles.  Mognet Central is now fixed.
    You'll get a Protect Ring for your troubles.
        Segment 3: Stellazzio Coins
    There are several coins throughout the game called Stellazzio Coins.  If you
    bring the coins to the bird lady in Treno, she will give you rewards for
    bringing her the coins.  Here are the locations of each of the Stellazzio Coins:
     Name       | Location
    Aries       | Dali's windmill
    Taurus      | Behind Treno's item shop in the slums
    Gemini      |Throw 10 gil into the fountain at Treno's entrance 13 consecutive
    Cancer      |Behind the overturned cart near the entrance of Burmecia
    Leo         |Near the statue of Neptune that transports the party to Alexandria
    Virgo       |In Black Mage Village's Inn
    Libra       |Right side of Madain Sari's fountain
    Scorpio     |Below the HP/MP restoring spring in Quan's Dwelling
    Sagittarius |Left of the Gysahl Pickle cart in Lindblum (during reconstruction)
    Capricorn   |In the waters to the right of the entrance to Daguerreo
    Aquarius    |Right hand chest at the entrance of Ipsen's Castle
    Pisces      |Chest inside the Invincible airship
    Ophiuchus   |Collect all 12, then search where Scorpio was found
        Segment 4: Quina and Quan's Dwelling
    After the Alexandria Saved/Lindblum section, go to Quan's Dwelling with Vivi and
    Quina in your party.  After Quina dreams and the conversation occurs on the
    patio outside, you can search the patio and find the Running Shoes.
        Segment 5: Catching Frogs
    Quina can get items and skills from catching various frogs in Qu's Marsh.
        Segment 6: Racing Hippaul
    If you take Vivi to see Hippaul in the main street of Alexandria at the
    beginning of disc three, you'll be able to race Hippaul.  If you beat Hippaul,
    you'll get quite a handsome reward.
        Segment 7: Mr. Morrid's Coffee
    Inside at the hut at the base of the Observatory Mountain by Dali, there is a
    man inside named Mr. Morrid who demands coffee.  By collecting the three coffees
    and returning them to Mr. Morrid by the end of disc three, you can get a reward.
     Coffee     | Location
    Moccha      | At the South Gate entrance near the Chocobo Forest
    Kirman      | On Eiko's back porch at her home in Madain Sari
    Burman      | During the Card Tournament in Treno, head down to Dali and enter
                | the mayor's house to search for a key.  Move quietly, or you will
                | awake the sleeping boy.  Search the mayor's desk three times, then
                | check the stove to get the key.  Use the key to go in the locked
                | door in the windmill.  Find a chest on the right side of the
                | chocobo pen to get some cash.  Search it again for the coffee.
    Drop off all the coffee at Mr. Morrid's house, and he'll deliver an item to
    Tantalus's hideout in Lindblum.
        Segment 8: Namingway Card
    You can win a Namingway Card from Mario during the card tournmanet at Treno.
    Take the card to a scholar in Daguerro and he will use it to create new names
    for your characters.
        Segment 9: Treasure Hunter "S"
    There is a four-armed man and a women in the Treno inn who give you rankings as
    a treasure hunter.  Once you achieve the rank of "S," go to Daguerro and speak
    to the four-armed man there.  Follow him as he runs and he will give you an
        Segment 10: Excalibur
    If you go to Daguerro in disc four and talk to a man in the library, he will ask
    you to find a Magic Fingertip.  The item is on sale in the Treno auction and has
    a big price tag, so get lots of cash to buy it.  Take the item back to the man
    in the library for the Excalibur.
        Segment 11: Excalibur 2
    This is probably the hardest part of Final Fantasy IX.  If you reach the Memoria
    Terrace in under 12 hours, there will be a chest there in the right corner
    containing the Excalibur 2.
        Segment 12: Garnet's Name
    At the beginning of disc four, go to Eiko's house with Dagger and talk to Lani,
    who will run away.  Reenter Madain Sari without Dagger or Amarant in your party.
    Talk to Lani twice.
    Now go to the Eidolon Wall.  Walk clockwise from the entrance until you hear a
    chime.  Then turn around and walk around the wall counterclockwise until a chime
    is heard.  Turn around and go clockwise again.  Keep turning around each time
    you hear a chime.  Eventually, all your HP, MP, and status conditions will be
    Now you can comprehend the pictures.  Check each one, then check the picture of
    Ifrit again.
        Segment 13: Hades
    In Memoria, you will enter a room where Quina tries to swim.  Check the coral on
    the right side of the room and you will find a hidden boss, Hades.
              Boss: Hades
        This is a very hard boss.  Make sure you're on a nice high level before you
    fight Hades.  Use Zidane, Dagger, Vivi, and Steiner.  Cast Reflect on Dagger and
    have Vivi bounce Flare spells off of Dagger onto Hades.  Using Steiner's Shock
    ability and Zidane's attacks, Hades should die as long as you heal everybody
    with Garnet.  (Keep in mind that spells will bounce off of Garnet.)
        Segment 14: Friendly Monsters
    Throughout the game, there are battles you will encounter with monsters that
    will beg for items instead of attacking you.  These monsters are in the
    following locations:
    Name         | Location                              | Demands | Battle Spoils
    Brown Mu     | Plains between the Ice Cavern and Dali| 1 Ore   | 10 AP, Potion
    White Ghost  | Plains around Treno                   | 1 Ore   |10 AP, Hi-Potion
    Color Ladybug| Forest around Black Mage Village      | 2 Ore   | 20 AP, Ether
    Green Yeti   | Bigger forest outside Madain Sari     | 2 Ore   | 20 AP, Elixir
    Green Nymph  | Forest near Iifa Tree                 | 3 Ore   | 30 AP, Emerald
    Purple       | Forest directly east of Oeilvert      |Emerald  | 40 AP,
    Jabberwock   |                                       |         | Moonstone
    Green Feather| Circle Lost Continent                 |Moonstone| 30 AP, Lapis
                 |                                       |         | Lazuli
    Rainbow      | East forest on plateau above          | Lapis   | 40 AP, Diamond
    Garuda       | Gizamaluke's Grotto                   | Lazuli  |
    Friendly Yan | Forest on Vile Island                 | Diamond | 50 AP, Rosetta
                 |                                       |         | Ring
        Segment 15: Ragtime Mouse's Trivia
    Occasionally you'll run into a battle that will initially sound like you're
    fighting a friendly monster.  But, instead you'll run into the Ragtime Mouse.
    Ragtime Mouse will ask you true/false questions about the game.  Ragtime Mouse
    will rewards you based on how many questions you got right.  The Ragtime Mouse
    is ocated in the same areas as the friendly monsters are.
        Segment 16: Ozma
    Once you have fought all of the friendly monsters and can access the Chocobo Air
    Garden, go to the Air Garden and to the green stone in the wall on the left.
    Check the stone and you will fight an extraordinarily hard boss.
              Boss: Ozma
        Be sure to equip all characters with their best equipment and with Antibody
    and Clear-Headed before the battle.  If you have anything that protects against
    shadow damage, be sure to equip that.  Fight Ozma using your most powerful
    attacks.  You should be able to beat it if you fight effectively.
        Segment 17: Playing Blackjack
    Wait until "The End" appears at the end of the game.  Then press R2, L1, R2, R2,
    Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square, Square, Start.
    You'll be able to play a cool little game of Blackjack.
    Section VIII: Items & Abilities
    This section has lists of items and abilities.  CronoLV99 (Crono LV99@aol.com)
    will be making most of this section.  Please do not e-mail him with questions
    regarding other sections of this walkthrough.
        Segment 1: Weapons
    Here is a list of each weapon and its attributes.
    |     Weapon Name     | Attack | Elem. Attack/Add ST |    Abilities Granted    |
    | Angel Bless         | 44     | Confuse             | Thievery                |
    | Air Racket          | 13     | Wind                | Scan, Panacea           |
    | Angel Flute         | 33     | (None)              | Holy, Esuna, Curaga     |
    | Asura's Rod         | 27     | Holy                | Mini, Confuse, Silence  |
    | Avenger             | 70     | Death Blow          | Demi Shock, Counter     |
    | Bistro Fork         | 68     | Sleep               | High Tide               |
    | Blood Sword         | 24     | (None)              | Darkside                |
    | Broad Sword         | 12     | (None)              | Beast Killer            |
    | Butterfly Sword     | 21     | Silence             | What's That!?, Protect  |
    |                     |        |                     | Girls                   |
    | Cat's Claw          | 23     | (None)              | Chakra                  |
    | Coral Sword         | 38     | Thunder             | Charge!                 |
    | Cypress Pile        | 27     | Confuse             | Demi, Break, Comet      |
    | Dagger              | 12     | (None)              | Flee                    |
    | Defender            | 65     | Reduces Ice/Thunder | Thunder Slash           |
    |                     |        | Damage              |                         |
    | Diamond Sword       | 42     | (None)              | Power Break             |
    | Dragon's Claw       | 53     | Water               | Now Mercy, Counter      |
    | Dragon's Hair       | 77     | (None)              | Dragon's Breath         |
    | Duel Claws          | 75     | Berserk             | Aura, No Mercy, Counter |
    | Excalibur           | 77     | Holy                | Climhazzard             |
    | Excalibur 2         | 108    | (None)              | Minus Strike, Stock     |
    |                     |        |                     | Break, Climhazzard      |
    | Exploda             | 31     | Trouble             | Sacrifice, Lucky Seven  |
    | Fairy Flute         | 24     | (None)              | Esuna, Haste, Regen     |
    | Flame Saber         | 46     | Heat                | Magic Break             |
    | Flame Staff         | 16     | Fire                | Fira                    |
    | Fork                | 21     | (None)              | High Tide               |
    | Gastro Fork         | 77     | Stop                | High Tide               |
    | Gladius             | 30     | Slow                | Annoy, Lucky Seven      |
    | Golem's Flute       | 17     | (None)              | Auto Regen, Cura, Life  |
    | Hamelin             | 27     | (None)              | Curaga, Might, Jewel    |
    | Healing Rod         | 23     | (None)              | Healer, Cura, Life      |
    | Heavy Lance         | 42     | Stop                | Six Dragons             |
    | High Mage Staff     | 32     | Silence             | Meteor, Osmose          |
    | Holy Lance          | 62     | Holy                | Dragon's Crest, Reis's  |
    |                     |        |                     | Wind                    |
    | Ice Brand           | 35     | Freeze              | Mental Break            |
    | Iron Sword          | 16     | (None)              | Minus Strike            |
    | Ice Lance           | 31     | Freeze/Ice          | White Draw              |
    | Ice Staff           | 16     | Ice                 | Blizzara, Slow          |
    | Javelin             | 18     | (None)              | Dragon Killer           |
    | Kain's Lance        | 71     | Confuse             | Dragon's Crest, Cherry  |
    |                     |        |                     | Blossom, White Draw     |
    | Kaiser Knuckles     | 75     | Wind, Trouble       | Countdown, Curse,       |
    |                     |        |                     | Counter                 |
    | Lamia's Flute       | 21     | (None)              | Float, Sona, Silence    |
    | Lightning Staff     | 16     | Thunder             | Thundara, Poison        |
    | Mace of Zeus        | 35     | Mini                | Doomsday                |
    | Mage Masher         | 14     | Silence             | Detect, Flee            |
    | Mage Staff          | 12     | (None)              | Fire                    |
    | Magic Racket        | 23     | Wind                | Berserk, Mini, Cure     |
    | Masamune            | 62     | Doom                | Sacrifice               |
    | Multina Racket      | 17     | Wind                | Blind, Stona, Shell     |
    | Mythril Claws       | 39     | (None)              | Curse, Counter          |
    | Mythril Dagger      | 18     | (None)              | Bandit                  |
    | Mythril Fork        | 42     | (None)              | High Tide               |
    | Mythril Racket      | 27     | Wind                | Reflect Shell, Protect  |
    | Mythril Rod         | 14     | (None)              | Life, Silence, Shell    |
    | Mythril Spear       | 20     | (None)              | Reis's Wind             |
    | Mythril Sword       | 20     | (None)              | Armor Break             |
    | Needle Fork         | 34     | Petrify             | High Tide               |
    | Oak Staff           | 23     | Slow                | Stop, Bio, Drain        |
    | Obelisk             | 52     | Petrify             | Cherry Blossom,         |
    |                     |        |                     | Initiative              |
    | Octagon Rod         | 29     | Trouble; Absorbs    | Firaga, Blizzaga,       |
    |                     |        | Wind/Water Attacks  | Thundaga                |
    | Ogre, The           | 24     | Darkness            | Soul Blade              |
    | Orichalcon          | 71     | (None)              | Detect                  |
    | Partisan            | 25     | (None)              | Lancer, High Tide       |
    | Poison Knuckles     | 33     | Poison              | Spare Change, Counter   |
    | Pinwheel            | (N/A)  | (None)              | (None)                  |
    | Priest's Racket     | 35     | Wind                | Silence, Might          |
    | Ragnarok            | 87     | Slow                | Shock, Thunder Slash    |
    | Rising Sun          | (N/A)  | (None)              | (None)                  |
    | Rod                 | 11     | (None)              | Cure, Panacea, Protect  |
    | Rune Blade          | 57     | Darkness            | lai Strike              |
    | Rune Claws          | 83     | Darkness            | Spare Change, Demi      |
    |                     |        |                     | Shock, Revive           |
    | Rune Tooth          | 37     | Poison              | Lucky Seven             |
    | Sargatanas          | 53     | Petrify             | Annoy                   |
    | Save the Queen      | (N/A)  | (None)              | (None)                  |
    | Scissor Fang        | 45     | Venom               | Aura, Counter           |
    | Silver Fork         | 53     | Slow                | High Tide               |
    | Siren's Flute       | 30     | (None)              | Full-Life, Dispel, Esuna|
    | Stardust Rod        | 16     | Increases Shadow    | Ability Up, Reflect,    |
    |                     |        | defense             | Shell                   |
    | Tiger Fangs         | 62     | (None)              | Revive, Counter         |
    | Tiger Racket        | 45     | Wind                | Dispel                  |
    | Tower, The          | 86     | Mini                | Lucky Seven, Thievery   |
    | Trident             | 37     | Darkness            | Luna                    |
    | Ultima Sword        | 74     | Sleep               | Stock Break             |
    | Ultima Weapon       | 100    | Sleep               | Flee                    |
    | Whale Whisker       | 36     | (None)              | Curaga, Life            |
    | Wing Edge           | (N/A)  | (None)              | (None)                  |
    | Wizard Rod          | 31     | (None)              | Curaga, Protect, Shell  |
    | Zorlin Shape        | 42     | (None)              | Flee                    |
        Segment 2: Helmets
    Here is a list of each helmet and its attributes.
    The following abbreviations are used for statistic bonuses:
    Att = Attack
    Def = Physical Defense
    Mag = Magic Strength
    MagDef = Magic Defense
    Spr = Spirit
    Spd = Speed
    Evd = Evade
    MagEvd = Magical Evade
    |     Helmet Name     |      Statistic Bonuses       |    Abilities Granted    |
    | Bandana             | Spd +1, Spr +1, Evd +2,      | Man Eater, Insomniac    |
    |                     | MagDef +12                   |
    | Barbut              | Spr +1, MagDef +9            | Alert, Dragon Killer    |
    | Black Hood          | MagDef +27                   | Accuracy +, Locomotion, |
    |                     |                              | Death                   |
    | Bronze Helm         | MagDef +6                    | Bug Killer              |
    | Circlet             | MagDef +51                   | Jelly, Clear Headed     |
    | Coronet             | Def +1, MagDef +35           | Man Eater, Return Magic |
    | Cross Helm          | Att +1, Mag +16              | MP Attack, Devil Killer |
    | Dark Hat            | MagDef +21                   | High Tide, Jelly        |
    | Diamond Helm        | Spr +1, MagDef +20           | Accuracy +, Insomniac   |
    | Feather Hat         | Spr +1, MagDef +7            | Bright Eyes, Add Status |
    | Flash Hat           | Spd +1, Evd +2, MagDef +37   | Eye 4 Eye, Beast Killer |
    | Genji Helmet        | Mag +2, Def +2, MagDef +29   | HP + 20%                |
    | Gold Helm           | Mag +1, MagDef +13           | Mental Break, Reis's    |
    |                     |                              | Wind, Clear Handed      |
    | Golden Hairpin      | Mag +1, MagDef +32, MagEvd +2| Auto Regen, Loudmouth   |
    | Golden Skullcap     | Def +2, MagDef +47           | Power Up, Locomotion    |
    | Grand Helm          | Spd +1, MagDef +33           | High Tide               |
    | Green Beret         | Spd +1, Att +1, MagDef +23   | Ability Up, Clear Headed|
    | Headgear            | (None)                       | Undead Killer           |
    | Holy Miter          | Mag +1, Spr +2, MagDef +39   | Insomniac, Body Temp    |
    | Iron Helm           | Spr +1, MagDef +7            | Bright Eyes, Level Up   |
    | Kaiser Helm         | Att +1, Mag +1, MagDef +26   | Eye 4 Eye               |
    | Lamia's Tiara       | Mag +1, Spr +1, MagDef +17   | Clear Headed, Confuse,  |
    |                     |                              | Floar                   |
    | Leather Hat         | MagDef +1                    | Fire                    |
    | Mantra Band         | Mag +1, Spr +1, Def +1,      | HP + 20%, Antibody      |
    |                     | MagDef +19                   |                         |
    | Mage's Hat          | Mag +1, MagDef +14           | Loudmouth, Fira         |
    | Magus Hat           | MagDef +10                   | Slow                    |
    | Mythril Helm        | Spr +1, MagDef +11           | Insomniac, Antibody     |
    | Platinum Helm       | MagDef +23                   | Restore HP, Stone Killer|
    | Red Hat             | Def +1, MagDef +26           | MP Attack, Cover        |
    | Ritual Hat          | Att +1, Def +1, MagDef +16   | Counter, Bright Eyes,   |
    |                     |                              | Undead Killer           |
    | Rubber Helm         | MagDef +5                    | Minus Strike            |
    | Steepled Hat        | Att +1, MagDef +9            | Protect                 |
    | Straw Hat           | (None)                       | (None)                  |
    | Thief Hat           | Spd +2, Evd +3, MagDef +38   | Long Reach, Lucky Seven,|
    |                     |                              | Mug                     |
    | Twist Headband      | Att +1, MagDef +17           | Gamble Defense, Add     |
    |                     |                              | Status                  |
        Segment 3: Arm Pieces
    Here is a list of the arm pieces and their attributes.
    The following abbreviations are used for statistic bonuses:
    Att = Attack
    Def = Physical Defense
    Mag = Magic Strength
    MagDef = Magic Defense
    Spr = Spirit
    Spd = Speed
    Evd = Evade
    MagEvd = Magical Evade
    |    Arm Piece Name   |      Statistic Bonuses       |    Abilities Granted    |
    | Aegis Gloves        | Def +1, Evd +30, MagEvd +10  | Charge!                 |
    | Bone Wrist          | Att +1, Evd +13, MagEva +11  | Add Status              |
    | Bracer              | Att +1, Evd +35, MagEvd +18  | Add Statues, Power Throw|
    | Bronze Gloves       | Spr +1, Evd +8, MagEvd +2    | Antibody                |
    | Chimera Armlet      | Evd +22, MagEvd +14          | Mug, Add Status         |
    | Defense Glove       | Def +1, Evd +25, MagDef +1,  | HP + 20%                |
    |                     | MagEva +20                   |                         |
    | Diamond Gloves      | Evd +19, MagEvd +13          | Ability Up, Jelly       |
    | Dragon Wrist        | Spr +1, Evd +28, MagDef +1,  | Jelly, Lancer           |
    |                     | MagEvd +12                   |                         |
    | Egoist's Armlet     | Evd +20, MagEva +20          | Beast Killer, Level Up  |
    | Gauntlets           | Spd +1, Evd +36, MagEvd +7   | Cover                   |
    | Genji Gloves        | Mag +2, Evd +27, MagEvd +17  | High Tide               |
    | Glass Armlet        | Evd +10, MagEvd +7           | Steal Gil, Antibody     |
    | Jade Armlet         | MagDef +2, MagEvd +27        | Body Temp, High Tide    |
    | Leather Wrist       | Spr +1, Evd +7, MagEvd +5    | Beast Killer, Blizzard  |
    | Magic Armlet        | Mag +2, Evd +16, MagDef +1,  | Clear Headed, Silence   |
    |                     | MagEvd +16                   |                         |
    | Mythril Armlet      | Spr +1, Evd +17, MagEvd +11  | Bug Killer              |
    | Mythril Gloves      | Spr +1, Evd +13, MagEvd +7   | Man Eater, Bug Killer   |
    | N-Kai Armlet        | Spr +2, Def +2, Evd +27      | Bandit, Undead Killer,  |
    |                     |                              | Water                   |
    | Power Wrist         | Att +2, Evd +30, MagEvd +10  | Accuray +               |
    | Silver Gloves       | Evd +10, MagEvd +5           | Undead Killer           |
    | Thief Gloves        | Spd +1, Evd +26, MagEvd +13  | Master Thief            |
    | Thunder Gloves      | Evd +16, MagEvd +10          | Devil Killer, Add Status|
    | Venetia Shield      | Att +1, Mag +1, Evd +17,     | Auto Float, Counter     |
    |                     | MadDef +1, MagEva +26        |                         |
    | Wrist               | Evd +5, MagEvd +3            | Flee-Gil                |
        Segment 4: Armor
    Here is a list of each armor and the attributes of each piece of armor.
    The following abbreviations are used for statistic bonuses:
    Att = Attack
    Def = Physical Defense
    Mag = Magic Strength
    MagDef = Magic Defense
    Spr = Spirit
    Spd = Speed
    Evd = Evade
    MagEvd = Magical Evade
    |      Armor Name     |      Statistic Bonuses       |    Abilities Granted    |
    | Adaman Vest         | Def +14, MagDef +2           |Stone Killer, Bird Killer|
    | Aloha T-Shirt       | (None)                       | (None)                  |
    | Black Robe          | Mag +2, Def +43, MagDef +4   | MP + 20%, Flare,        |
    |                     |                              | Reflect x2              |
    | Brave Suit          | Spr +1, Def +42              | Restore HP, Auto Regen  |
    | Brigandine          | Att +1, Def +20              | Ability Up, Return Magic|
    | Bronze Armor        | Def +9                       | Bird Killer             |
    | Bronze Vest         | Spr +1, Def +9, MagDef +1    | Jelly                   |
    | Carabini Mail       | Spd +1, Spr +1, Def +39,     | Auto Regen              |
    |                     | MagDef +1                    |                         |
    | Chain Mail          | Def +12                      | HP + 10%, Bird Killer   |
    | Chain Plate         | Att +1, Def +10              | Devil Killer            |
    | Cotton Robe         | Att +1, Mag +1, Def +10,     | Chemist, Shell          |
    |                     | MagDef +2                    |
    | Dark Gear           | Spr +3, Def +37              | Clear Headed, Jelly     |
    | Demon's Mail        | Def +27                      | High Tide               |
    | Demon's Vest        | Mag +1, Def +31              | Devil Killer, Auto      |
    |                     |                              | Potion, Locomotion      |
    | Diamond Armor       | Att +1, Mag +1, Def +33,     | Ability Up              |
    |                     | MagDef +2                    |                         |
    | Dragon Mail         | Att +1, Mag +1, Def +42      | High Jump               |
    | Gaia Gear           | Def +25, MadDef +2           | Insomniac, High Tide,   |
    |                     |                              | Osmose                  |
    | Genji Armor         | Mag +2, Def +45, MagDef +1   | Body Temp, Accuracy +   |
    | Glutton's Robe      | Att +1, Mag +1, Def +41,     | Antibody, Body Temp,    |
    |                     | MagDef +4                    | Auto Regen              |
    | Gold Armor          | Mag +1, Def +19              | Stone Killer            |
    | Grand Armor         | Att +1, Def +59              | Chemist, Restore HP     |
    | Judo Uniform        | Att +1, Spr +1, Def +23      | Distract, HP + 10%      |
    | Leather Plate       | Def +8                       | Chakra                  |
    | Leather Shirt       | Def +6                       | Protect Girls           |
    | Light Robe          | Att +1, Mag +1, Spr +1,      | Half MP, Auto Regen,    |
    |                     | Def +41, MagDef +6           | Full-Life               |
    | Linen Curiass       | Mag +1, Def +10              | Cover                   |
    | Magician Cloak      | Mag +1, Def +15, MagDef +2   | Insomniac, MP + 10%     |
    | Magician Robe       | Mag +2, Def +21, MagDef +3   | Auto Potion, MP + 10%   |
    | Maximillian         | Spr +3, Def +54              | HP + 20%                |
    | Minerva's Plate     | Att +1, Mag +2, Def +34      | Restore HP, High Tide   |
    |                     | MagDef +1                    |                         |
    | Mythril Armor       | Def +15                      | Jelly, Cover            |
    | Mythril Vest        | Def +12                      | Auto Potion             |
    | Ninja Gear          | Spd +1, Def +35              | Alert, Locomotion, Eye  |
    |                     |                              | 4 Eye                   |
    | Plate Mail          | Spr +1, Def +17, MagDef +1   |Locomotion, Undead Killer|
    | Platina Armor       | Def +36                      | Beast Killer            |
    | Power Vest          | Att +2, Def +27              | Stone Killer, Gamble    |
    |                     |                              | Defense, Counter        |
    | Robe of Lords       | Spd +1, Att +1, Mag +1,      |Reflect Null, Concentrate|
    |                     | Spr +1, Def +46, MagDef +5   |                         |
    | Rubber Suit         | Def +39, Evd +2, MagEvd +3,  | Eye 4 Eye, Esuna        |
    |                     | Mag Def +1                   |                         |
    | Shield Armor        | Def +23, MagDef +5           | Distract                |
    | Silk Robe           | Att +1, Mag +1, Def +16,     | Ability Up, Loudmouth   |
    |                     | MagDef +2                    |                         |
    | Silk Shirt          | Def +7                       | Cure, Thunder           |
    | Survival Vest       | Spr +2, Def +17              |Locomotion, Antibody, Mug|
    | Tin Armor           | Def +62, Evd +32, MagDef +27,| (None)                  |
    |                     | MagEvd +17                   |                         |
    | White Robe          | Mag +2, Def +42, MagDef +4   | Loudmouth, Auto Potion, |
    |                     |                              | Holy                    |
        Segment 5: Accessories
    Here is a list of each accessory, their bonuses, and the abilities that can be
    learned from it.
    The following abbreviations are used for statistic bonuses:
    Att = Attack
    Def = Physical Defense
    Mag = Magic Strength
    MagDef = Magic Defense
    Spr = Spirit
    Spd = Speed
    Evd = Evade
    MagEvd = Magical Evade
    |      Armor Name     |      Statistic Bonuses       |    Abilities Granted    |
    | Amethyst            | (None)                       | Atomos, Demi            |
    | Ancient Aroma       | Att +2, Evd +4               | Odin's Sword            |
    | Angel Earrings      | Att +2, Def +2               | Auto Regen, MP + 20%,   |
    |                     |                              | Reis's Wind             |
    | Anklet              | Mag +3, Spr +1, Evd +5       | Locomotion, Healer,     |
    |                     |                              | Counter                 |
    | Aquamarine          | (None)                       | Leviathan, HP + 10%     |
    | Barette             | Att +3, Mag +1, Spr +1,      | Chemist, Gamble Defense,|
    |                     | MagDef +1                    | Cura                    |
    | Battle Boots        | Att +2, Def +2, MagDef +1    | MP Attack, Initiative,  |
    |                     |                              | HP + 20%                |
    | Black Belt          | Att +2, Spr +2, Def +1       | HP + 20%, Beast Killer, |
    |                     |                              | Demi                    |
    | Cachusa             | Spd +1, Mag +2, Spr +1,      | Bright Eyes, Ability Up,|
    |                     | MagDef +1                    | Life                    |
    | Coral Ring          | Spr +2, MagEvd +3            | Insomniac, Man Eater,   |
    |                     |                              | Lancer                  |
    | Dark Matter         | Att +3, Mag +2               | Odin                    |
    | Desert Boots        | Mag +1, Spr +1, Evd +2       | Flee-Gil, Protect, Scan |
    | Diamond             | (None)                       | Body Temp, Distract     |
    | Emerald             | (None)                       | Haste, MP + 10%, White  |
    |                     |                              | Draw                    |
    | Extension           | Att +1, Spr +1, Def +1,      | Auto Potion, MP + 10%,  |
    |                     | Mag +2, MagDef +1            | Level Up                |
    | Fairy Earrings      | Evd +4, MagEvd +2, Spr +2    | Level Up, Body Temp,    |
    |                     |                              | Regen                   |
    | Feather Boots       | Evd +3                       | Auto Float, Float, Mini |
    | Garnet              | (None)                       | Bahamut, Healer         |
    | Germinas Boots      | Att +1, Evd +2               | Alert, HP + 10%, Flee   |
    | Glass Buckle        | MagEvd +5, Att +1, Mag +1,   | Antibody, Add Status,   |
    |                     | Spr +2                       | Thunder                 |
    | Gold Choker         | Evd +2, Mag +2, MagDef +1    | Auto Potion, Flee-Gil,  |
    |                     |                              | Shell                   |
    | Lapis Lazuli        | (None)                       | Ability Up, Accuracy +  |
    | Madain's Ring       | Spr +2, MagDef +2            | Body Temp, Chemist,     |
    |                     |                              | Guardian Angel          |
    | Magician Shoes      | Mag +2, MagEvd +6            | MP + 10%, Clear Headed, |
    |                     |                              | Blind                   |
    | Maiden Prayer       | Mag +1, Mag Def +1, MafEvd +3| Auto Regen              |
    | Moonstone           | (None)                       | Shell, Beast Killer     |
    | Opal                | (None)                       | Shiva, Blizzara         |
    | Pearl Armlet        | (None)                       | (None)                  |
    | Pearl Rouge         | MagEvd +4, Spr +4, Mag +2    | Level Up, Reflect-Null, |
    |                     |                              | Loudmouth               |
    | Peridot             | (None)                       | Ramuh, Thundara         |
    | Pheonix Pinion      | (None)                       | Pheonix                 |
    | Power Belt          | Def +2, Att +3               | MP Attack, Counter, Fira|
    | Promist Ring        | Att +2, Evd +3               | Restore HP, Absorb MP,  |
    |                     |                              | Mag Elem Null           |
    | Protect Ring        | Spr +1, Def +2, Evd +4,      | Long Reach, Mag Elem    |
    |                     | MagDef +3, MagEvd +6         | Null, Half MP           |
    | Pumice Piece        | Evd +5, Mag +2, MagDef +1,   | Boost                   |
    |                     | Att +2                       |                         |
    | Pumice              | Spd +1, Mag +1, Def +1,      | Ark                     |
    |                     | MagDef +2                    |                         |
    | Rebirth Ring        | Spr +4, MagDef +2            | Auto Life, Life, Revive |
    | Reflect Ring        | Spr +1, Att +1, MagDef +1    | Auto Reflect, Distract, |
    |                     |                              | Reflect                 |
    | Ribbon              |Att +1, Spr +1, Def +1, Evd +5| Madeen, Ability Up,     |
    |                     |Mag +3, MagDef +1, MagEvd +4  | Guardian Mog            |
    | Rosetta Ring        | Def +1, Evd +2, Mag +1,      | Level Up, Concentrate,  |
    |                     | MagDef +3, MagEvd +2         | Reflect x2              |
    | Ruby                | (None)                       | Carbuncle, Reflect      |
    | Running Shoes       | Spd +2, Evd +4, MagEvd +4    | Auto Haste, Auto Potion,|
    |                     |                              | Haste                   |
    | Sandals             | (None)                       | (None)                  |
    | Sapphire            | (None)                       | Fenrir, High Tide       |
    | Topaz               | (None)                       | Ifrit, Fira             |
    | Yellow Scarf        | Att +2, MagDef +1            |Bird Killer, Millionaire,|
    |                     |                              | Steal Gil               |
        Segment 6: Ability Descriptions
    Ability Up: Speeds up your ability to learn abilities
    Absorb MP: Absorbs MP from enemies
    Accuracy +: Increases accuracy for physical attacks
    Add Status: Adds status of weapon to attack.  (Ex: if weapon teaches Slow, you
     may Slow a creature simply by attacking in battle.)
    Alert: Prevents Back Attacks
    Antibody: Prevents Poison and Venom
    Auto Float: Automatically casts Float at the beginning of battles
    Auto Haste: Automatically casts Haste at the beginning of battles
    Auto Life: Automatically casts Life once per battle
    Auto Potion: Automatically use a potion after physical damage
    Auto Reflect: Automatically casts Reflect at the beginning of battles
    Auto Regen: Automatically casts Regen at the beginning of battles
    Bandit: Increases success rate of stealing
    Beast Killer: Increases damage to beasts
    Bird Killer: Increases damage to flying enemies
    Body Temp: Prevents Freeze and Heat conditions
    Boost: Increases the strength of Eidolons
    Bright Eyes: Prevents Darkness condition
    Bug Killer: Increases damage to insects
    Chemist: Doubles the effectiveness of potions
    Clear headed: Prevents Confusion condition
    Concentrate: Raises the success rate of spells
    Counter: Counterattack after physical damage
    Cover: Character takes damage in place of another character
    Devil Killer: Increases damage to devils
    Distract: Lowers enemie's accuracy for physical attacks
    Dragon Killer: Increases damage to dragons
    Eye 4 Eye: Increases the chance of a counterattack
    Flee: Allows you to run away from battle
    Flee-Gil: Allows you to run away in battle and still recieve Gil
    Gamble Defense: Sometimes increases defense
    Guardian Mog: Mog protects the character
    Half MP: Halfs MP needed to use spells in battle
    Healer: Causes your damage from physical attacks to heal who it hits
    High Jump: Increases jump attack strength
    High Tide: Makes it easier to fall into Trance
    HP + 10%: Increases maximum HP by 10%
    HP + 20%: Increases maximum HP by 20%
    Initiative: Increases chances for a preemtive attack
    Insomniac: Prevents Sleep condition
    Jelly: Prevents Petrify and Gradual Petrify conditions
    Level Up: Increases the experience gained only for person with this ability
    Locomotion: Prevents Stop condition
    Long Reach: Back row attacks with same strength as front row
    Loudmouth: Prevents Silence condition
    Mag Elem Null: Nullifies a magical element
    Man Eater: Increases damage to human enemies
    Master Thief: Lets character steal better items first from enemies
    Millionaire: Increases Gil won after battle
    MP + 10%: Increases maximum MP by 10%
    MP + 20%: Increases maximum MP by 20%
    MP Attack: Character uses MP to increase physical attack strength
    Mug: Damage enemies when you steal
    Odin's Sword: Attacks with Odin eidolon
    Power Throw: Raises strength of throw attacks
    Power Up: Raises the strength of Chakra
    Protect Girls: As cover, but only defends female characters
    Reflect x2: Doubles effect of reflected spells
    Reflect-Null: Nullifies enemy's reflect ability when attacking with magic
    Restore HP: Cures automatically when low on HP
    Return Magic: Returns magic spells cast by enemies
    Steal Gil: Steal gil in addition to items
    Stone Killer: Increases damage to Earth-based enemies
    Undead Killer: Increases damage to the undead
        Segment 6: Character Abilities
    This section contains the abilities/spells of each character and a brief
    Normal Skills:
    Flee: Escape from battles with a good chance of success.
    Detect: View enemie's items.
    What's That!?: Allows a back attack.
    Soul Blade: Same effect as Add Status ability.
    Annoy: Gives enemy Trouble condition.
    Sacrifice: Sacrifice Zidane to increase HP and MP of the rest of the party.
    Lucky Seven: Deals random physical damage to enemies.
    Thievery: Deals physical damage to an enemy.
    Trance Skills:
    Free Energy: Deals physical damage to an enemy.
    Tidal Flame: Deals physical damage to all enemies.
    Scoop Art: Deals physical damage to an enemy.
    Shift Break: Deals physical damage to all enemies.
    Stellar Circle 5: Deals physical damage to an enemy.
    Meo Twister: Deals physical damage to all enemies.
    Solution 9: Deals physical damage to an enemy.
    Grand Lethal: Deals physical damage to all enemies.
    Shiva: Deals ice damage to all enemies.
    Ifrit: Deals fire damage to all enemies.
    Ramuh: Deals thunder damage to all enemies.
    Atomos: Reduces all enemies' HP by a percentage.
    Odin: Attemps to instantly kill all enemies.
    Leviathan: Deals water damage to all enemies.
    Bahamut: Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Ark: Deals shadow damage to all enemies.
    White Magic:
    Cure: Restores small amount of HP to target(s).
    Cura: Restores moderate amount of HP to target(s).
    Curaga: Restores high amount of HP to target(s).
    Life: Brings characters back to life and restores some HP.
    Scan: Tells you HP, MP, and weakness of enemy.
    Panacea: Cures venom and poison conditions.
    Stona: Cures petrify and gradual petrify conditions.
    Shell: Increases defense against magical attacks.
    Protect: Increases defense against physical attacks.
    Silence: Prevents target(s) from casting spells.
    Mini: Lowers attack power and defense of target.
    Reflect: Reflects spells back onto the caster.
    Confuse: Target(s) gain confused condition.
    Berserk: Raises attack power and causes uncontrollable action of target.
    Blind: Inflicts darkness condition.
    Float: Causes levitation effect, preventing earth damage.
    Sword Arts:
    Darkside: Use HP to cause shadow damage to a target.
    Minus Strike: Damage to target equal to difference between max HP and current
    Lai Strike: Instant death attack on target.
    Power Strike: Reduce's enemy's attack strength.
    Armor Break: Reduces enemies physical defense.
    Mental Break: Reduces enemies magical defense.
    Magic Break: Reduce's enemy's magical strength.
    Charge!: Makes all party members low on HP attack.
    Thunder Slash: Causes thunder damage to target.
    Stock Break: Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Climhazzard: Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Shock: Deals physical damage to a target.
    Sword Magic:
    Fire: Strike enemy for fire damage.
    Fira: Strike enemy for fire damage.
    Firaga: Strike enemy for fire damage.
    Blizzard: Strike enemy for ice damage.
    Blizzara: Strike enemy for ice damage.
    Blizzaga: Strike enemy for ice damage.
    Thunder: Strike enemy for thunder damage.
    Thundara: Strike enemy for thunder damage.
    Thundaga: Strike enemy for thunder damage.
    Bio: Strike enemy for non-elemental damage.
    Water: Strike enemy for water damage.
    Flare: Strike enemy for non-elemental damage.
    Doomsday: Strike enemy for shadow damage.
    Black Magic:
    Fire: Deals small amount of fire damage to target(s).
    Fira: Deals moderate amount of fire damage to target(s).
    Firaga: Deals high amount of fire damage to target(s).
    Sleep: Inflicts sleep condition on target(s).
    Blizzard: Deals small amount of ice damage to target(s).
    Blizzara: Deals moderate amount of ice damage to target(s).
    Blizzaga: Deals high amount of ice damage to target(s).
    Slow: Target takes longer to use attacks.
    Thunder: Deals small amount of thunder damage to target(s).
    Thundara: Deals moderate amount of thunder damage to target(s).
    Thundaga: Deals high amount of thunder damage to target(s).
    Stop: Prevents targets from taking actions.
    Poison: Inflicts poison condition to target(s).
    Bio: Causes non-elemental damage and inflicts poison condition to target(s).
    Osmose: Drains MP from target and gives MP to spellcaster.
    Drain: Drains HP from target and gives HP to spellcaster.
    Demi: Deals non-elemental damage based on target's current HP.
    Comet: Causes non-elemental damage to target.
    Death: Has a chance of instantly killing the target.
    Break: Petrifies the target.
    Water: Deals water damage to target(s).
    Meteor: Causes non-elemental damage to targets.
    Flare: Deals non-elemental damage to target.
    Doomsday: Deals shadow damage to targets.
    Dragon Knight Skills:
    Lancer: Lowers enemie's HP and MP.
    Reis's Wind: Casts Regen on all of your party.
    Dragon Breath: Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies.
    White Draw: Restores MP of all of your party.
    Luna: Casts Berserk on targets.
    Six Dragons: Drains HP and MP from two targets and transfers them to two other
    Cherry Blossom: Deals non-elemental damage to targets.
    Dragon Crest: Deals physical damage to target.
    Blue Magic:
    Goblin Punch: Deals non-elemental damage to target.
    Lv5 Death: Instantly kills all targets whose levels are multiples of 5.
    Lv4 Holy: Deals holy damage to all targets whose levels are multiples of 4.
    Lv3 Def-less: Reduces defense of all targets whose levels are multiples of 3.
    Doom: Target dies after a countdown beginning at 10.
    Roulette: Instantly kills a random target.
    Aqua Breath: Deals water damage to all enemies.
    Mighty Guard: Casts Shell and Protect on all allies.
    Matra Magic: Reduces target's HP to 1.
    Bad Breath: Inflicts Confuse, Darkness, Poison, Slow, and Mini conditions to
    Limit Glove: Deals non-elemental damage to target when your HP is 1.
    1,000 Needles: Deals 1,000 damage to the target.
    Pumpkin Head: Deals damage equal to the difference between your max HP and
     current HP.
    Night: Inflicts Sleep condition to targets.
    Twister: Deals wind damage to targets.
    Earth Shake: Deals earth damage to all targets.
    Angel's Snack: Casts Remedy on all allies.
    Frog Drop: Deals damage variable on how many frogs you have caught.
    White Wind: Restores HP of all party members.
    Vanish: Makes a party member invisible.
    Frost: Inflicts Freeze condition on target.
    Mustard Bomb: Inflicts Heat condition on target.
    Magic Hammer: Reduces target's MP.
    Auto Life: Will cast Life on target when target falls.
    Pheonix: Deals fire damage to enemies and all allies are revived.
    Madeen: Deals holy damage to all enemies.
    Special Summons:
    Carbuncle:  No Gem Equipped: Casts Reflect on allies.
                Emerald Equipped: Casts Haste on allies.
                Moonstone Equipped: Casts Protect on allies.
                Diamond Equipped: Casts Vanish on allies.
    Fenrir:  No Gem Equipped: Deals earth damage to all targets.
             Maiden Prayer Equipped: Deals wind damage to all targets.
    White Magic:
    Cure: Restores small amount of HP to target(s).
    Cura: Restores moderate amount of HP to target(s).
    Curaga: Restores high amount of HP to target(s).
    Regen: Gradually recovers target's HP.
    Life: Brings characters back to life and restores some HP.
    Full Life: Brings character back to life and restores all HP.
    Panacea: Cures venom and poison conditions.
    Stona: Cures petrify and gradual petrify conditions.
    Esuna: Removes some bad conditions from target.
    Shell: Increases defense against magical attacks.
    Protect: Increases defense against physical attacks.
    Haste: Decreases time between target's attacks.
    Silence: Prevents target(s) from casting spells.
    Mini: Lowers attack power and defense of target.
    Reflect: Reflects spells back onto the caster.
    Float: Causes levitation effect, preventing earth damage
    Dispel: Removes bad conditions on target caused by spells.
    Might: Increases target's physical strength.
    Jewel: Steals an Ore from target.
    Holy: Deals holy damage to all targets.
    Chakra: Restores HP and MP of target.
    Spare Change: Deals non-elemental damage to target, but uses Gil.
    No Mercy: Deals non-elemental damage to target.
    Aura: Casts Auto Life and Regen on target.
    Curse: Weakens target against random elemental property.
    Revive: Brings target back to life and restores some HP.
    Demi Shock: Deals non-elemental damage based on target's HP.
    Countdown: Casts Doom on target.
    Section IX: Chocobos
        Like any Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy IX features those loveable
    long-legged chickens: Chocobos!
        Segment 1: Getting a Chocobo
        To play 'Chocobo Hot & Cold,' you need a chocobo.  You can get a chocobo
    once you leave Lindblum for Gizamaluke's Grotto.  Go to the Chocobo Forest,
    between Dragon's Gate and South Gate.  Once you enter, a moogle will greet you.
    You'll get a chocobo name Choco.  You can call him to your service by using
    Gyshal Greens (which you can buy from the moogle) on chocobo footprints on the
    world map (similar to those in Final Fantasy 7).  Once you get Choco, go outside
    the forest and call him with Gyshal Greens.  Go inside the forest with him.
        Segment 2: 'Chocobo Hot & Cold'
        'Chocobo Hot & Cold' can only be played if you have Chocographs.
    Chocographs are pieces of stone that tell you where to look for buried treasure.
    Where do you find these pieces?  In places such as the Chocobo Forest.
        Segment 3: Finding Chocographs/Locations
        You'll start by looking in Chocobo Forest for Chocographs.  To find
    Chocographs, you must talk to the moogle and pay him some money to dig in the
    area.  You are given a time limit.  You can look in the following places for
              Location: (name of area)
              Where to Find: (general area where it can be found)
              Required Abilities: (abilities Choco must have to get to this area)
              Fee to Dig: (amount of Gil you pay the moogle to dig there)
              Time Limit: (time limit you are given to dig)
    (end sample)
              Location: Chocobo Forest
              Where to Find: Between Lindblum and South Gate
              Required Abilities: None
              Fee to Dig: 60 Gil
              Time Limit: 1 minute
              Location: Chocobo Lagoon
              Where to find: On northern edge of island located south of the
                   Forgotten Continent
              Required Abilities: Reef (walk on shallow water)
              Fee to Dig: 30 Gil/60 Gil after Choco has 'Sea' ability
              Time Limit: 30 seconds/1 minute after Choco has 'Sea' ability
              Location: Chocobo Air Garden
              Where to Find: When flying, find a circular shadow in one of the five
                    locations described on the Chocograph Pieces (center of all
                    continents, northeastern coast of Forgotten Continent, near
                    Alexandria, peninsula southwest of Kuja's Palace, island
                    northwest of Chocobo Lagoon).  Use a Dead Pepper while flying
                    and you'll fly up to Chocobo Air Garden.
              Required Abilities: Sky
              Fee to Dig: 60 Gil
              Time Limit: 1 minute
              Location: Chocobo Paradise
              Where to Find: Use a Dead Pepper on the crack in the mountain on the
                   island in the upper-left corner of the world map
              Required Abilities: Sky
              Fee to Dig: (cannot dig)
              Time Limit: (cannot dig)
        Segment 4: How to Play Chocobo Hot & Cold
        Control Pad: Move Around
        Square: Dig
      When you dig with square, Choco lets you know how close you are to a treasure.
    When he finds it, just dig, dig, dig!
                           - Choco's Cries -
          'Kweh' means there's nothing.
          'Kweh!?' means it's far away.
          'Kwehhh!?' means you're close.
          'K-KWEHHH!!!' means you've found something!
      Rare treasures are buried deep.  Once you find something, dig with square
    until 'Depth' reaches zero (0).
        Segment 5: Beak Levels & Abilities
        When you dig for Chocographs, you will usually get other items.  No matter
    what you dig up, you get points.  Points are used to level up Choco's beak.
    When Choco's beak levels up, you can dig up things quicker.  The higher Choco's
    beak level, the quicker the depth of a buried item will decrease when you peck
    at it.
        You can get special bonuses for points, as follows:
              Item dug up is a piece of a Chocograph or a Chocograph: 5 bonus points
              Item found in less than 5 seconds from the time the last item was
                  found: 5 bonus points
              Item was dug up after the 4th was dug up in a single time period:
                  Double Points
        You need certain abilities to get to certain locations.  These abilities can
    be gotten by finding buried treasure.  When you open a treasure chest that gives
    you an ability, smoke will come out of it and you will feel sleepy.  Choco will
    wake up in Chocobo's Dream World.  In Chocobo's Dream World, the God of Chocobos
    (who is a little overweight) will give Choco his new ability.
         List of Abilities:
              Ability Name: Field
              Received: Choco starts with it.
              Allows: Walking and digging on land.
              Ability Name: Reef
              Received: Choco gets it after getting 3 treasures.
              Allows:  Walking and digging in shallow water.  Choco can only go into
                  shallow water from beaches.
              Ability Name: Mt.
              Received: Choco gets it after finding 3 treasures after getting
              Allows: Walking and digging on mountains.
              Ability Name: Sea
              Received: Choco gets it after finding 6 treasures after getting the
               'Mt.' Ability.
              Allows: Walking and digging in deep water.
              Ability Name: Sky
              Received: Choco gets it after finding 4 treasures after getting the
               'Sea' ability.
              Allows: Flying.  Take off in forests (with X) and land in
               forests (with circle).
        Segment 6: Chocographs
        List of Chocographs:
              Name: (name of Chocograph)
              Location Found: (area where I dug up the Chocograph)
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: (where to find the treasure)
              Abilities Needed: (abilities you need to get the treasure chest)
    (end example)
              Name: Streamside
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Mouth of the river that is by Chocobo
              Abilities Needed: Field
              Name: Between Mountains
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Just west of Lindblum Harbor
              Abilities Needed: Field
              Name: Uncultivated Land
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Just south of the Evil Forest
              Abilities Needed: Field
              Name: Healing Shore
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Beach by Cleyra
              Abilities Needed: Field
              Name: Abandoned Beach
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Beach near Black Mage Village
              Abilities Needed: Field
              Name: Cold Field
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: East of Esto Gaza
              Abilities Needed: Field
              Name: Forgotten Lagoon
              Location Found: Chocobo Lagoon
              Where Treasure Chest is Found:  In water by island north of the
               eastern coast of the Forgotten Continent.  You'll have to pick up
               Choco on the Lost Continent.
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef
              Name: Faraway Lagoon
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: In the waters right between Oeilvert
               and Ipsen's Castle.  You'll have to get Choco at the 2nd island south
               of the northern peninsula on the Forbidden Continent to get there.
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef
              Name: Abandoned Lagoon
              Location Found: Chocobo Lagoon
              Where Treasure is Found: Peninsula south of Black Mage Village
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef
              Name: Bird's-eye Lagoon
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: By island west of Dragon's Gate.
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef
              Name: Small Beach
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: By an island south of Chocobo Forest
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef
              Name: Dawn Lagoon
              Location Found: Chocobo Lagoon
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Near Treno.
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef
              Name: Forbidden Forest
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Forest in the middle of the mountains
               by Dali
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef, Mt.
              Name: Green Plains
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Above the mountains north of the
               Evil Forest
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef, Mt.
              Name: Dusk Plains
              Location Found: Chocobo Lagoon
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: West of Oeilvert
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef, Mt.
              Name: Forgotten Plains
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Northern side of peninsula stretching
               south located on the northwestern side of the Forgotten Continent
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef, Mt.
              Name: Sea at Dusk
              Location Found: Chocobo Lagoon
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Northeast of Oeilvert
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef, Mt., Sea
              Name: Ocean
              Location Found: Chocobo Lagoon
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: The ocean west of the northern part of
               the Forgotten Continent
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef, Mt., Sea
              Name: Cold Lagoon
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: In the ocean off the middle of the
               northern side of the Lost Continent.
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef, Mt., Sea
              Name: Mist Ocean
              Location Found: Chocobo Forest
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Off the northeastern edge of the Mist
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef, Mt., Sea
              Name: Outer Island
              Location Found: Chocobo Air Garden
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Island northeast of Kuja's Palace
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef, Mt., Sea, Sky
              Name: Outer Island 2
              Location Found: Chocobo Lagoon
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: On island north of Kuja's Palace
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef, Mt., Sea, Sky
              Name: Fairy Island
              Location Found: Chocobo Air Garden
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Island between Outer & Lost Continents
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef, Mt., Sea, Sky
              Name: Forgotten Island
              Location Found: Chocobo Air Garden
              Where Treasure Chest is Found: Island north of Forgotten Continent
              Abilities Needed: Field, Reef, Mt., Sea, Sky
        Segment 7: Dead Pepper Treasures
        After you find all of the Chocograph treasures, chocobos at Chocobo Paradise
    will start telling you locations of treasures you can find with Dead Peppers.
    Here are all of the Dead Pepper treasures:
        Number) Found...
    (end sample)
        1) Crack in a mountain surrounding a forest on the northeastern side of the
    Forgotten Continent
        2) Crack in mountain on the northeastern side of the Lost Continent
        3) East of Treno is a place called Quan's Dwelling.  Go into Quan's
    Dwelling.  Go to the ledge and use two Dead Peppers to dig up a treasure in the
    bottom of the ocean.
        4) Bubbling water south of Kuja's Palace
        5) Near the southern tip of the Forgotten Continent
        6) At the top of the map; far north of the Iifa Tree
        7) Search where the Shimmering Island used to be.  You can only get this
    treasure in disc four.
        8) Go west from Oeilvert to the coast. Then, go north until you get to a
    forest surrounded by mountains. From the center of the forest, go east to the
    mountains. You will see a very tiny crack in the mountain. This is where the
    treasure is.
    Section X: Tetra Master Card List
    The following is a list of all the Tetra Master Cards.  (From top to bottom,
    left to right.)
    Card Type: Mosters
    Lizard Man
    Sand Scorpion
    Sand Golem
    Carrion Worm
    Gimme Cat
    Hedgehog Pir
    Blazer Beetle
    Grand Dragon
    Feather Circle
    Iron Man
    Nova Dragon
    Card Type: Spells
    Card Type: Items
    Excalibur 2
    Ultima Weapon
    Dark Matter
    Tiger Racket
    Save the Queen
    Mythril Sword
    Card Type: Airships
    Blue Narciss
    Hilda Garde 3
    Cargo Ship
    Hilda Garde 1
    Red Rose
    Theater Ship
    Card Type: Chocobos
    Fat Chocobo
    Card Type: Castles
    Card Type: Special
    Two Moons
    Section XI: Other Stuff
        A: Contact Information
        My e-mail address is SeanKelson@aol.com. I am unavailable to provide help on
    game-related issues due to the amount of time that has passed since the writing
    of this walkthrough. However, I would appreciate hearing from you with comments
    and requests.
    	If you are interested in including this walkthrough on your site, please
    read the next section.
        B: Licensing
    As of April 27, 2009, I have updated all of my walkthroughs to be licensed
    under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
    (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/). This means you are free to
    redistribute or build upon my work, even for commercial purposes. The only
    thing I ask in return is that you give me credit for the content you use.
        C: Credits
    Special Thanks Section:
    Special thanks to Squaresoft for making this game.
    Special thanks to you, for reading my walkthrough and making it worth
    Special thanks to the sites that have this walkthrough on it and have
    honestly obtained permission from me.
    Special thanks to Crono (Crono LV99@aol.com) for helping me a ton with
    the lists and the Play Control section.
    Special Thanks to PlayOnline (www.playonline.com), as I used it to check to make
    sure my lists were complete.
    And Special Thanks to Douglas Berry Jones for editing the second 'd' in the word
    'Dead' found on page 68 line 2 column 24
    Thanks Section:
    Thanks to Wulfson344@aol.com for information on ordering the guards at the
    beginning of disc three.
    Thanks to hbo_ffix@hotmail.com (hadith omar) for telling me about using Dark
    Matters to defeat Necron and Kuja.

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