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    Black Magic FAQ by Tastii

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    |             V I V I  C H A R A C T E R  G U I D E    -FINAL 2-      |
                        "How do you prove you exist?
                         Maybe we don't exist.."
              Final Fantasy IX Vivi Character Guide FINAL Version 2
                 Written by Justin Bailey <theraven@kiski.net>
        /            F I L E   I N D E X                 \
       |  ________________________________________________|
       | /                                                 \
       ||  Title of Game:  Final Fantasy IX (9)             |
       ||  Platform:       Sony PlayStation                 |
       ||  Publisher:      Square/Squaresoft                |
       ||  FAQ Author:     Justin Bailey aka Michael Galosi |
       ||  Last Updated:   June, Twenty-Eighth, 2002        |
       ||                                                   |
    This work is written and copyrighted 2000, 2001, 2002 - Mike Galosi
    This FAQ is written and intended for personal and non-business use only.
    Only those with express written permission may post this FAQ on their 
    website except for GameFAQs.com . This FAQ is not to be reproduced 
    without permission for personal or public use in any way shape or form. 
    This includes other websites, magazines, or any other type of published
    article without express written permission. FAQ created, owned, and
    maintained by Mike Galosi aka Justin Bailey <theraven@kiski.net>.
     All copyrights are acknowledged and respected in this FAQ.
    This FAQ can only appear on the following websites:
    www.gameadvice.com and their partners
    If you wish to use my FAQ on your website, please email me and I will
    more than likely say yes.
    Final Fantasy IX is copyright Square/Squaresoft 2000
    |                   T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S                   |
    I.    Version History
    II.   Vivi's Black Magic Basics
    III.  Black Magic In-Depth
    IV.   Black Magic Chart
    V.    Support Abilities In-Depth
    VI.   Support Abilities Chart
    VII.  Weapons
    VIII. Special Thanks
    |                    V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y                     |
    Version 1.0 - Started FAQ on Vivi, my favorite character in FFIX.
                  (December 1, 2000)
    Version 1.3 - Uploaded to GameFAQs. (December 3, 2000)
    Version 1.4 - Almost finished, better spell descriptions may come soon.
                  (December 4, 2000)
    Version 1.5 - Added quote, reorganized a bit. (December 4, 2000)
    Version 1.51 - Another host for this FAQ. (December 5, 2000)
    Version 1.6 - Added ASCII Vivi to the top of the FAQ. I like it. How
                  about you? (December 6, 2000)
    Version 2.0 - Revamped the Black Magic FAQ into a Vivi Character Guide.
                  Added a support abilities and a weapons section to the
                  already existing magic section. (December 27, 2000)
    Version 3.0 - FINALLY! Added the location of Vivi's weapons! I'm sorry
                  for all of you who have waited so very very long. Also
                  added the stats of the weapons and support ability
                  descriptions. (Augest 16, 2001)
    Version 3.1 - Added File Index. (Augest 17, 2001)
    FINAL Version - Added the exact location of The Mace of Zeus... now 
                    stop asking!!! :)  Have a nice day.
    FINAL Version 2 - Fixed a few mistakes. Thanks to everyone who emailed
                      me (too many to mention). 
    |           V I V I ' S  B L A C K  M A G I C  B A S I C S            |
    Vivi, the short, cute, loveable Black Mage from Final Fantasy IX is the
    supreme master of Black Magic.  Black Magic spells can be learned from
    weapons, armors, and accessories that Vivi equips throughout his
    journey.  Each spell can be used when that item is equipped immediatly
    and can also be permanently learned if you fulfill it's AP (Ability
    Points) requirements by gaining AP from defeated monsters.
    Vivi can select to use black (offensive) magic in battle under the
    BlkMag menu.  From there Vivi can cast any ONE spell he has enough MP
    to cast.  But, when Vivi Trances, he can use DblBlk.  DblBlk allows him
    to cast two spells a round instead of just one, greatly improving his
    |               B L A C K  M A G I C  I N - D E P T H                 |
    An in-depth look at each of Vivi's Black Magic spells.  This is a
    listing of each spell with their effects and description of the spell
    itself in action.
    Causes poison with non-elemental damage to single/multiple targets.
    Causes ice damage to single/multiple targets.
    Causes medium ice damage to single/multiple targets.
    Causes lots and lots of ice damage to single/multiple targets.
    Causes petrification.
    Medium non-elemental damage to single target.
    KO's the target.
    Causes damage based on 50% of enemies current HP.
    Causes major shadow damage to all enemies and party members.
    Drains HP from target and transfers it to the caster.
    Causes fire damage to single/multiple targets.
    Causes medium fire damage to single/multiple targets.
    Causes el mucho damage to single/multiple targets.
    Causes serious non-elemental damage to single target.
    Causes serious non-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Drains MP from target and transfers it to the caster.
    Causes poison to single/multiple targets.
    Causes single/multiple targets to sleep.
    Slows single target's Active Time Battle guage.
    Stops single target's Active Time Battle guage.
    Causes thunder damage to single/multiple targets.
    Causes medium thunder damage to single/multiple targets.
    Causes big time thunder damage to single/multiple targets.
    Causes water damage to single/multiple targets.
    |                   B L A C K  M A G I C  C H A R T                   |
    Black Magic Spell:   Item Learned From:                    MP:      AP:
    Bio                  Oak Staff                              18      40
    Blizzard             Leather Wrist                           6      25
    Blizzara             Ice Staff, Opal                        12      50
    Blizzaga             Octagon Rod                            24      85
    Break                Cypress Pile                           18      30
    Comet                Cypress Pile                           16      55
    Death                Black Hood                             20      45
    Demi                 Cypress Pile, Amethyst, Black Belt     18      30
    Doomsday             Mace of Zeus                           72     150
    Drain                Oak Staff                              14      60
    Fire                 Mage Staff, Leather Wrist               6      20
    Fira                 Flame Staff, Mage's Hat, Topaz,        12      50
                         Power Belt
    Firaga               Octagon Rod                            24      75
    Flare                Black Robe                             40      95
    Meteor               High Mage Staff                        42      95
    Osmose               High Mage Staff, Gaia Gear              2      70
    Poison               Lightning Staff                         8      35
    Sleep                Flame Staff                            10      20
    Slow                 Ice Staff, Magus Hat                    6      20
    Stop                 Oak Staff                               8      25
    Thunder              Glass Buckle, Silk Shirt                6      25
    Thundara             Lightning Staff, Peridot               12      50
    Thundaga             Octagon Rod                            24      85
    Water                N'Kai Armlet                           22      55
    |                S U P P O R T  A B I L I T I E S                     |
    Ability Up:
    Character learns abilities faster.
    Add Status:
    Adds weapon's status effect(Add ST) when you attack.
    Prevents Poison and Venom.
    Automatically casts Float in battle.
    Automatically casts Haste in battle.
    Automatically casts Life in battle(once per battle).
    Automatically uses Potion when damaged.
    Automatically casts Reflect in battle.
    Automatically casts Regen in battle.
    Body Temp:
    Prevents Freeze and Heat.
    Clear Headed:
    Prevents Confusion.
    Half MP:
    Cuts MP use by half in battle.
    Restores physical attack target's HP.
    High Tide:
    Allows you to Trance faster.
    Prevents Sleep.
    Prevents Pretrify and Gradual Petrify
    Level Up:
    Character levels up faster.
    Prevents Stop.
    Prevents Silence.
    Mag Elem Null:
    Nullifies magic element.
    MP + 20%:
    Increases maximum MP by 20%.
    Reflect Null:
    Nullifies enemy's Reflect status when attacking with magic.
    Reflect x2:
    Doubles strength of Reflected spells.
    Return Magic:
    Return magic used by enemy.
    |           S U P P O R T  A B I L I T I E S  C H A R T               |
    Support Ability:         Item Learned From:          AP:   Magic Stones:
    Auto-Reflect             Reflect Ring                70              15
    Auto-Float               Feather Boots               20               6 
    Auto-Haste               Running Shoes                                9
    Auto-Regen               Golem’s Flute               30              10
    Auto-Potion              Mythril Vest                10               3
    Auto-Life                Rebirth Ring                70              12
    MP+20%                   Black Robe                  30               8
    Add Status               Bone Wrist, Feather Hat     25               6
                             Thunder Gloves
    Reflect-Null             Black Robe                  30               7
    Reflect x2               Black Robe, Rosetta Ring    110             17
    Mag Elem Null            Protect Ring, Promist Ring  85              13
    Half MP                  Protect Ring                140             11
    Healer                   Garnet                      20               2
    High Tide                Jade Armlet, Dark Hat,      25               8
                             Gaia Gear
    Body Temp                Jade Armlet, Holy Miter     15               4
                             Madain's Ring,
                             Fairy Earrings, Diamond
    Level Up                 Iron Helm, Egoist’s Armlet, 30               7
                             Rosetta Ring
    Ability Up               Stardust Rod, Brigandine,   55               3
                             Diamond Gloves
    Insomniac                Coral Ring, Bandana,        25               5
                             Magician's Cloak
    Antibody                 Glass Armlet                30               4
    Loudmouth                Mage's Hat, Golden Hairpin, 40               4
                             Silk Robe
    Jelly                    Bronze Vest, Bronze Gloves, 25               4
                             Dragon Wrist, Dark Hat,
    Return Magic             Brigandine, Coronet         90               9
    Locomotion               Survival Vest               35               4
    Clear Headed             Magician Shoes,             15               5
                             Lamia’s Tiara, Magic Armlet
    |                   V I V I ' S  W E A P O N S                        |
    -Mage Staff-
    Ability/ies learned:   Fire
    Attack Power:          12
    Added Status:          N/A
    Where to buy/find:     Vivi starts with the Mage Staff
                           Buy at weapon shop in Dali
    Price (Buy/Sell):      320g/160g
    -Flame Staff-
    Ability/ies learned:   Fira, Sleep
    Attack Power:          16
    Added Status:          Fire
    Where to buy/find:     Buy at Black Mage Village
    Price (Buy/Sell):      1100g/550g
    -Ice Staff-
    Ability/ies learned:   Blizzara, Slow
    Attack Power:          16
    Added Status:          Ice
    Where to buy/find:     Buy at Black Mage Village
    Price (Buy/Sell):      980g/490g
    -Lightning Staff-
    Ability/ies learned:   Thundara, Poison
    Attack Power:          16
    Added Status:          Thunder
    Where to buy/find:     Buy at Black Mage Village
    Price (Buy/Sell):      1200g/600g
    -Oak Staff-
    Ability/ies learned:   Stop, Bio, Drain
    Attack Power:          23
    Added Status:          Slow
    Where to buy/find:     Buy at Equipment Shop in Treno
    Price (Buy/Sell):      2400g/1200g
    -Cypress Pile-
    Ability/ies learned:   Demi, Break, Comet
    Attack Power:          27
    Added Status:          Confuse
    Where to buy/find:     Buy at Equipment Shop in Lindblum/Esto Gaza
    Price (Buy/Sell):      3200g/1600g
    -Octagon Rod-
    Ability/ies learned:   Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga
    Attack Power:          29
    Added Status:          Absorbs Water/Wind, Trouble, Raises Water Attack
    Where to buy/find:     Buy at Esto Gaza before Disc 4
                           Buy at Black Mage Village after Disc 3
                           Looks like I was wrong, you can't find the Octagon
                           Rod after Disc 3, sorry.
    Price (Buy/Sell):      4500g/2250g
    -High Mage Staff-
    Ability/ies learned:   Meteor, Osmose
    Attack Power:          32
    Added Status:          Silence
    Where to buy/find:     'Forbidden Forest' Chocograph
    Price (Buy/Sell):      Can't Buy/3000g
    -Mace Of Zeus- 
    (Vivi's Ultimate Weapon)
    Ability/ies learned:   Doomsday
    Attack Power:          35
    Added Status:          Mini
    Where to buy/find:     Found in Memoria before the Crystal World gate.
    -------Due to hundreds of requests, here is the !exact! location.-------
    *Exact Location*:      Where you fight Lich.  Search the second column
                           on the right.
                           That is precisely where the staff is located.
                           Thank you, goodnight!
    Price (Buy/Sell):      Can't Buy/5000g
    |                   S P E C I A L  T H A N K S                        |
      -- My friend JP for lending me some cash to get this game ^_^.
      -- My mom for letting me skip school to get it >.< .
      -- Nemesis for the wisdom of extending my Black Magic FAQ.
      -- Square(soft) for making(/translating) such a wonderful game.
      -- And ummm... Me.
    Any feedback (positive or negative) can be sent to theraven@kiski.net
                                 )     (            
                             /  ()     ()  \        
                            (N  N       N  N)       
                            J) (N  NNN  N) (L       
                            N) (N (NNN) N) (N       
                            N) (N (NNN) N) (N       
                           NF (N (NNNNN) N) 4N      
                           4L (N (NNNNN) N) JN      
                           (N  N)`NNNNN`(N  N)      
                            4) () 4NNNF () (F       
                             N  4  4NF  F  N        
                             `) `)     (` (`   
                       J U S T I N     B A I L E Y
    [=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- E N D -=- O F -=- D O C U M E N T -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=]
        -Copyright 2000, 2001, 2002 - Michael Galosi aka Justin Bailey-

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