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"I realized my mistake..."

I previously gave this game a ten and have no realized that was a huge mistake on my part. Sure FF9 is good and all but it offered nothing new and innovative like FF8 FF5 and FF6 did at there time. If i really wanted the nostalgic feeling that FF9 brought I would pop in FF4-6 in my snes.

These are some of the best graphics on the psx no complaints here, the only game I can compare these to is chrono cross. The only problem i have really is the horrendous character design of steiner and the macabre one of Quina and zidane having a tail shows a desperate attempt by square to rip off DBZ he looks like a blonde haired gohan for cryin out loud.

Nobeu Umetsu did a fairly good job composing the games music. Some tunes like Melodies of life were nice. The sound effects were very cheap IMO sword slashes and armor clanks could of done better. Also music such like the battle theme are way to epic for a normal battle.

An old battle system barely able to compete today with the systems implemented in Grandia 2 and Skies of arcadia. The battle system offers nothing new the mini games range from cheap (jump rope) to mindless (hot and cold game) also whats up with the card game FF8s card game was so original and cool with many new rules that changed the game making it more and more challenging and fun how ever the card game in FF9 is not fun nor challenging and you only have one set of rules you follow the whole game and loses its fun very quickly. The battle system is what I call the item system you equip weapons armor and ad ons (corny name huh) and you learn abilities moves and magic (espers any one) the only exception is that Quina must devour enemies to learn new skills. Other quarrels I have with this game is that there was no challenge this was the easiest FF game to date and the game was short about 40 hours to beat and sure there was lots of side quests but and RPG should not be short with side quests it should be like FF8 ( the peak of the series) long with a lot of stuff to do on the side.

No problems here controlling your character is easy. I liked how you could use both analog sticks to control the air ship.

Buy or Rent
You could beat this game in a 5 day rental but I would say to do neither unless you are a die hard FF fan but if you played FF8 this game will offer nothing new and you will be disappointed. There were better RPGs in 2000 like Chrono cross skies of arcadia and Grandia 2 making FF9 not worth your 40 dollars. So unless you are a die hard FF fan I would say to pass on this one.

FF9 is a good RPG but it offered nothing new, some may so what just play it to relive the good old days but I would rather play creative and innovative RPGs and if I wanted to relive the good old days I would play any old RPG.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/19/01, Updated 01/19/01

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