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"And I thought Chrono Cross was good..."

Whoa... At first I thought that I wouldn't be happy buying this because Final Fantasy 8 stinked in my opinion. But I was amazed when I started playing this. It's way better than FF8, and a little better than FF7 and FF6! The time I got it I played for about 7 hours in one sitting! This game totally kicks ass and too bad it's the last one with one digit (Square will be making more, but they will be open, and probably not that great).

GRAPHICS- 10/10:
The graphics are rendered and in battle they don't look that great, since the background is all blocky. But the character in battle look like real! Outside of battle they look just plain awesome... some of the best I've ever seen. Lindblum even looks real! Although these graphics may look almost perfect, the characters look sloppy when they're close up. That's ok though, it doesn't ruin anything.

MUSIC- 11/10:
Better than Chrono Cross and them other FFs? HELL YES!! Nobuo Uematsu's music is magnificient and he did the best here. Sometimes the music is dumb and weird, but it adds to the game since it's set in the medieval and airship age. It's tight how each character has their own unique theme... I loved the music so much that I might even get the soundtrack.

GAMEPLAY- 10/10:
Since this is up there with FF7, it's got to have great gameplay, and it's amazing.

The characters are so great that you will get to know their personality. For example, Vivi is a shy black mage who is sort of confused about himself and why many people don't like him. The characters are very cartoony and not as tall as the ones in FF8 and FF7. But they are developed very well, and have a unique personality.

You get 0 EXP for bosses, that maybe both good and bad. Good, because it's fair and you're not supposed get EXP from bosses. Bad, because you might be on low levels. Square wants you to gain levels by fighting enemies, not bosses.

The card game is strange and frustrating. But once you get to know the rules, you can become the master and participate in the Treno Card Game tourney!

There is a lot of other stuff to tell about FF9, but as far as I know, everything about this game is awesome, except for one or two things.

Very Good Points:

Bad Points:
-Too short
Although it contains 4 discs, they are all pretty short. Disc one is smaller than FF8's disc one. Why couldn't they not put so much FMVs in a disc and make it as long as FF7's disc one?

Overall Score: 10/10
This Game Receives a Platinum Award From Haunter120.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/18/00, Updated 11/18/00

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