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"Your usual, great Final Fantasy game"

The game: Final Fantasy with a twist, an RPG with a brand new unique battling system! Of course, the with every Final Fantasy game there's a great storyline, and so when you combine these you should come out with a great game, right? Well, let's read the review to make sure.

Graphics: 6: You got a 3/4 view here, the view made famous from Super Mario RPG, and turns out to look pretty good for the game. The battle interface looks excellent with this game, especially considering how you can rotate the battle terrain. The characters and monsters are look great and are detailed alright.

The characters and terrains look pretty good, but are pretty simple, and aren't all super advanced looking like in FF7 & 8 for PSX, plus some of the spells used in the game look pretty simple, I'm not saying that all of them look awful, but some of the really powerful spells look kinda dinky.

Sound: 10: Sound is always good for the Final Fantasy series, and that proves to be the point with this title as well, you got great battle tunes, and all the sound effects are pulled off perfectly, that's all I gotta say about the sound, you should know by now, that there's nothing wrong this the sound in any FF games, but one thing I always wished for was voice used in FF games instead of text boxes.

Gameplay: 8: You got your usual classic Final Fantasy storyline here, go off and kill the main bad guy, you got a unique different overhead map to view from, which kinda looks just like a treasure map. You can create your own party choosing from different classes of people such as priests, warriors, etc. Just like most other games, you level up your party members from gaining experience points from winning battles, the more levels you gain, the more spells you learn and the more damage you do.

I think they named this game Final Fantasy Tactics because of the uniqueness of the battle system, and how it isn't just like all your other battle systems, this system is using a 3/4 view, with a rotatable terrian, and it's turn based, and you can have the ability to move all over the terrain, and so do your opponents, and these battles can be quite challenging , but they take a great deal of time to finish a regular battle, for example when my friend showed me this game, and fought my first battle, it took me 30 minutes to finish it! I went insane over the amount of time it took me to finish the battle, so after playing for a few hours I decided I'm gonna take a long, long break from this game.

Replay Value: 7: With most FF games there are loads of secrets, and that goes with this game as well. I think it's really cool that you can play as Cloud from FF7 in this game. And that's what make most Final Fantasy games really fun, and that is all the secrets they manage to suff into the game.

But after you beat the game once or twice, you might not play this game over and over, because if yo found all the hidden stuff, there's no way you wanna play this game all over again.

Overall: 7: Another great Final Fantasy game by Square, even though it has its flaws, it's still another great addition to the series, and any Final Fantasy fan will love it, so if you didn't buy this game yet, you should at least consider giving it a rent.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/20/00, Updated 03/20/00

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