Huge Materia?

  1. Where do i find the materia that lets me use like all the Green magics, Summon magics, and them at?

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  1. First of all, as you probably know, there are four Huge Materia: Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. You get the Huge Materia during a majority of story-based events which take place on disc two. The events are (in order) the train running from the Mount Corel Reactor, the Fort Condor final battle, the Submarine Chase from the underwater reactor and the Rocket launch event from Rockettown. All of these are story-required events. However, you can miss the Huge Materia from any of these events if you fail the semi-mini-game that is involved with each one.

    During the train event, you must stop the train before it crashes into the town (the timer runs out). During the Fort Condor battle, you must either win the mini-game OR defeat Cmd. Grand Horn if the advancing foes reach the shack. During the Submarine chase, you must sink the ShinRa red submarine. During the Rocket Launch, you must figure out the code to the security case (circle, square, x, x). Again, if you fail any of these challenges, you'll miss out on the Huge Materia.

    The individual Huge Materia is not linked to any particular portion of the game. If you fail one challenge, you'll miss out on the Blue Huge Materia. Failing two challenges will result in missing out on the Blue and Red Huge Materias. The third failed challenge adds the Green Huge Materia to the list, and if you fail all four challenges, you won't receive any of the Huge Materia.

    A common question based on this information is "I have the Yellow, Green and Blue Huge Materias, what gives?", and the answer is simple. After the Submarine Chase, the submarine automatically surfaces, and the game recommends going on to the next challenge. People forget to go back after the Huge Materia that is left in the submerged submarine. Just go under the water and follow the walls of the ocean. You'll find it soon enough.

    After receiving all four Huge Materia, return to Cosmo Canyon and visit Bugenhagen in his observatory. He will help you out by storing the Huge Materia in the observatory. Once you have mastered the required materia, you touch the corresponding Huge Materia, and upon closer inspection, it'll turn all of your mastered materia of that color into one Master Materia for that color.

    For the Green Master Magic Materia, you must master at least one of each green magic materia. The spells are: Restore, Heal, Revive, Fire, Ice, Bolt, Earth, Poison, Gravity, Seal, Mystify, Transform, Time, Barrier, Destruct, Exit, Comet, Contain, Full Cure, Shield and Ultima. Shield is only found in the Northern Crater, so you will have to leave the crater to get a Green Master Magic Materia.

    The Yellow Master Command Materia needs the following yellow command materias mastered: Steal/Mug, Sense, Coin/Throw, Morph, D. blow, Manipulate and Mime. You'll note that there are yellow materia that you can come across that do not need mastering to gain a Yellow Master Command Materia, notably the W-Item, W-Summon and W-Magic, but mastering there will give birth to a second copy of these, which can come in handy.

    To gain the Red Master Summon Materia, you must master at least one of each red summon materia. They are: Choco/Mog, Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, Titan, Odin, Leviathan, Bahamut, Kjata, Alexander, Phoenix, Neo-Bahamut, Hades, Typoon, Bahamut-Zero and Knights of the Round.

    The Blue Huge Materia contains the Bahamut-Zero Materia, and if you lose one challenge and miss out on the Blue Huge Materia, you can still dig up the Bahamut-Zero Materia in the Bone Village.

    I apologize for the long answer, but I think this is about all of the information you should need to know about gaining the Master Materias from the Huge Materias.

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  1. After you've done the Huge Materia story arc, if you got them all, there should be 4 massive blocks of materia (about the same size as Cloud) at the top of Bugenhagen's observatory. Walk up to the blue one, and you hsould get bahamut zero (if you have a bahamut materia equipped)
    To get the master- magic, summon or command materias, you have to have a set of mastered materia for each of them; for example, to get the master summon materia, you have to have at least one of EVERY summon materia mastered and not equipped, likewise for the magic materia and command materia (except for W-Item, W-Summon and Double-Cut)

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