How do I beat Midgar Zolom?

  1. I want to know how to beat him while also learning the enemy skill 'Beta'. Are there any easy ways of doing this?

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  1. It seems the Midgar Zolom is either incredibly difficult or incredibly easy, depending where you are in the game. At the first chance you can encounter it (just after Chocobo Ranch) you undoubtedly have no chance unless you power leveled a lot. If your late in the 2nd disc or maybe in the 3rd disc, he'll be very easy and won't be a problem for you at all.

    If your having trouble with him, make sure you have someone to heal any character who gets hit. You'll want to heal them back to max health each turn. You might want to have two characters with Cure, one to cure single characters and another that's connected to the All materia. It isn't particularly weak to any type of magic, though if you wanted to do big damage fast and you aren't uber powerful, using some higher leveled summons could work. I'm not positive on Beta (been a long time) but the Midgar Zolom will cast it occasionally on a fairly common basis, or when its close to death. I got the skill by nearly killing it with one of my characters and I waited. I got Beta in a few turns, but maybe he'll normally cast it every few turns regardless of where his HP is at. It's a fairly easy skill to learn regardless.

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  1. If you're trying to get Beta early, I would recommend doing a little early grinding and be at least average level 20 (or there abouts).

    It'll also be very handy if you answered the mayor's password question on the first try, so you have a "Elemental" materia. You should link a "Fire" materia to your "Elemental" as Beta is a fire-based attack. You should also have some tranqilizers on hand.

    The setup: Last time I fought him early on to get Beta, I had Cloud, Yuffie and Red XIII in my team (I remember this because for some reason I named them Sephiroth, Snot and Booger, respectively). Cloud was level 21-22 and the others were 19-ish, I think. I put all three in the back row. Before the battle, I also used tranquilizers on all three. The will put them in the "sadness" effect which will slow limit growth, but it also reduces damage taken by about one third, which is pretty handy for this battle. Cloud had the most HP, so he received the "Enemy Skill" materia, one "Cure" materia (level two) and the "Elemental=Fire" on his armor. Yuffie had "Cure=All" as her main materia and "Scan" as well. Red XIII had "Bio" equipped, as the Midgar Zolom is succeptable to poisoning. I also gave Red XIII the "Long-Range" materia, since he does most of the attacking.

    The battle: First thing to do is poison MZ. This will not only damage him with the attack, but it also has a chance of poisoning him, which helps. Do most of your attacking with Red XIII. Once MZ gets to about half of his HP, he'll stand and look really ticked off. It is imperative that you make sure Cloud is at full HP at this time. During this time, MZ has two counters and one attack that attacks the character who has done the most damage to him. The attack is his "Tail Whip", which permantly removes the character who has done the most damage from the battle. This will be Red XIII by my plan. MZ can also counter with "Tail Whip", so don't attack with Cloud while he's standing. He will also counter with "Beta". This spell knocks quite a wollop. If Cloud is not at full HP with the "Elemental=Fire" combo on his armor, he'll probably not make it.

    If you survive the attack, quickly revive any downed characters and get them up to full HP to finish off the fight. If you've poisoned MZ, all you'll really have to do is wait, but once MZ lowers back to the ground, he can no longer use "Beta" or "Tail Whip". That makes finishing him off a little easier.

    Enjoy your new Enemy skill.

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  2. I would suggest not btohereing as it's boring jsut grinding to 20+. Beta will only be used when it's on low health so even if it uses it the chance of you surviving is very low. Plus if it whips your character with E.skill its pretty much game over. Just stick to Metra Magic - it pretty much kills anything in 1 or 2 hits till about Mt. Nibel.

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  3. There is only one method for as soon as you leave Midgar city. train to a level where you have at least 1500+ HP (I know it's so hard, but you will get AP to lvl up materia :) ) Now, Beta shouldn't kill you with 1500HP so once he uses it, spamm all attacks possible (you should have Clouds Meteorain by now, which can kill it in a very small amount of hits. hope this helped.

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