Where do i go in the prison???

  1. I was playing on disc one and (this being my first time playing it) in the Gold Saucer i went to the room and was put in that underground prison. i read many faqs and i havent really found any that help me out of this situation. i need help PLEASE???

    User Info: Sukai432

    Sukai432 - 8 years ago

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  1. you have to follow Barret around first and he'll tell you more of his past with shinra and his old friend dyne.after you choose a party with him included, go north towards the gate, and you'll see the guy that was guarding it was shot. go through the gate then go to where there is a guy(he mentions something about dyne being in a bad mood..) walking near a big crack in the earth. go right,following the crack. you should end up in a different area which is not just the desert, theres more junk around. go north and you'll end up in another area where dyne is. Barret will have to fight him solo. after that Cloud has win a chocobo race, then you're free.

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  1. It seems to be really random. Just keep running around out in the desert, and the game will eventually take you to where you need to go next. I haven't found any rhyme or reason to when or where it does this.

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  2. You have follow Barret around like rizo said. Just enter the houses around the area and you'll find him. The first house is in the southern half right in the center.

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  3. what i done was kept going down then enterd a truck talked to the guy inside who says something about about going up you need to talk to The Boss (mention that later) so u go into the house just right of u and barret walks in and shoots people hiding and tells u that u wasnt to follow him so u head up to where u got droped down then u go right into desert (u will notice a man walking about ignore him) dont go any other way besides right when u see him u will see pices of junk in this area just get to the top of that part and it is a reuinion between barret and his friend but it turns into a fight instead after u beat him go back talk to the guy in the truck then Ester walks in and u have to do the chocobo race and win 2 get to the top and out of the Golden Saucer

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  4. In one of the houses you'll find Barret - you'll need to see a scene with him and then form a party with him to continue the storyline. In the lower part of the fenced in area is a truck with two bouncers, walk right in and talk to the weird looking guy with the green suit and white hair and he'll provide a clue as to what you have to do to leave.

    After this, go to the upper part of the fenced in area of the Prison, and there will be an open gate with a conveniently dead guy next to it. Enter the gate. To your right you will see an opening and an orange guy talking about Dyne not having a great day - follow the crack right like Rizo said, and you'll be in this junkyard type screen. Follow the path of dirt upward and you'll see your next scene and Barret will have a one on one fight - (make sure he's well equipped). After you win, you're pretty much home free, you'll be taken where you need to go, which will be a Chocobo Race. There will be the Ramuh Summon in one corner of the room with the Chocobo Jockeys. Be sure to pick that up. If you need help winning the race, hold R1+R2 to recover your Chocobo's stamina.

    Alternatively, if you get lost by wandering in the desert, you'll eventually run into a Chocobo Carriage. Get on (it's free and harmless) and they'll take you back to the place with the fence, crack, and orange man that tells you about Dyne. You could use your time being lost to do some leveling up or for getting money if you wished. The rare cactus guys you fight only give 1 exp and 1 ap apiece, but they give ten thousand gil for beating them. Not too bad...

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