Ok two questions: 1 what is weapon growth? 2 what is morph materia?

  1. On all the weapons I see the words growth or something like that. what does that mean? i know that on the rune blade it says that growth is double.

    what exactly does morph do. on one answer i saw that you can max your stats with it.

    if you know any of the answers for any of these questions please help.

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Accepted Answer

  1. 1) Weapon growth refers to the amount of AP that the materia assigned to a weapon will receive. When you kill something, you receive exp. and AP. Exp. advances the character's levels for stat bonuses and such. AP "grows" materia. It's kind of like exp. for materia. As you gain AP on materia, it becomes stronger.

    If you kill an enemy that gives 20 AP, each materia assigned to a weapon or armor with "normal" growth will receive 20 AP. Some weapons and one or two armors have "double" growth, so any materia assigned to them would gain 40 AP. There are some weapons and armor that have no growth, which means the materia assigned to those pieces won't receive any AP. Lastly, there are (I think) three "triple" growth weapons, which would net 60 AP from the same battle.

    2) Morph materia is a Yellow Command materia that can be used to "change" some enemies into items for your inventory. Morph works similar to a regular attack, except damage produced by a Morph attack does 1/8 normal damage.

    For example: If your normal attacks have been doing around 1600 damage, you can expect Morph to do about 200.

    For Morph to be able to morph an enemy, the attack must reduce to enemy's HP to zero. This makes it a little harder to morph enemies normally, since the attack is so much weaker, but there is a way around that.

    Eventually, you'll find a sunken plane called the Gelinka. Inside here, you'll find a weapon for Yuffie called the Conformer. The damage modifier for this weapon only takes into account Yuffie's current level as compared to the enemy's level. As such, it takes no damage penalty when morphing. It will still do 1600 damage as mentioned in the above example.

    As far as "maxing stats", while you're in the Gelinka, you'll come across several enemies that can be morphed into "sources", which can be used to increase stats for your team. I believe there are four sources: power, magic, luck and speed. These are used to increase the base stats of your team: strength, magic, luck and dexterity (or speed, can't remember what it's called in this game), respectively.

    Morph can be found in the Temple of the Ancients.

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Other Answers

  1. Weapon Growth is how much points u get towards mastering materia, say if u fight monsters that give u 300p u get that amount towards your materia with a normal growth, double growth would be 600p, triple would be 900p. when u win a battle the base points will be the same, but when u wear a weapon with double or triple growth the multplied points will go into the materia. if i'm confusing u at all, at the ned of a battle u get 300p that shows at the exp./points screen but u get the multiplied points if u have a weapon with double or triple growth.

    Morph works like this some monsters give u items, or sources when u morph them. sources u should know by now increase your stat permanently by one. Power source increases strength, Speed source increases speed, Luck source increases luck, Guard source increases vitality, Magic source increases spirit. Stat Maxing does however takes forever, but when u get to disk 3, after u get a submarine, next to Gold Saucer on the ocean floor is the Gelinka, it has strong enemies, great items, such as Yuffie's ultimate weapon the Conformer, Hades Summon, Cid's level4 limit break manual, 2x Cut materia, and some other stuff, but all the enemies u encounter in the Gelinka has one of the five sources. so u can find all the sources in the Gelinka. to get Morph to its full ability u need to equip who u want to morph thier ultimate weapon, when u start morphing Yuffie is the best to morph with.
    Note: with the Weapon growth when u get to Northern Crater in disc 3 there are to kinds of monsters who are perfect for leveling up, and Materia growth. they are the Movers and Magic pots. Movers look like orange balls, that gives u no EXP. but gives u 2400p for Materia, so if u have a triple growht weapon u get 7200p. Magic pots give u 8000exp and 1000p. most times u fight two at a time. If u want Yuffie or Vincent which u should get them, look at the FAQS ro find how to recruit them, and u should get Yuffie before disc 3 because of her sub quest u can get really good materia. Yuffie's Conformer attack power is based on her opponents level compared to hers. and mostly all times her attack is 7000-9999. thats why she's the best morpher. hope this helps at all.

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  2. Weapon Growth - Multiplier on AP for attached Materia. Ultimate Weapons have a 0 Growth Rate.

    Morph - A Command Materia that transforms enemies killed by it into Items. Found in the Temple of the Ancients, in the room with the spring (Disc 1 Only). Using it on foes in the Gelnika (the sunken plane) can get you:

    Enemy - Source (boosts what stat?) - Area in the sunken Gelnika found
    Bad Rap - Luck Source (Luck) - Hallway
    Poodler - Speed Source (Speed) - Hallway
    Serpent - Mind Source (Magic Defense) - Cargo Room
    Unknown 1 - Power Source (Attack Power) - Cargo Room, Research Room
    Unknown 2 - Guard Source (Defense Power) - Cargo Room, Research Room
    Unknown 3 - Magic Source (Magic Attack) - Cargo Room, Research Room

    Side Note: Serpent can cast Aqualung if you missed it for any of your Enemy Skill Materia.

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