Double cut leveling up?

  1. I warn you that this may be a stupid question I am asking. How do I level up a Command Materia like double cut? Do I keep using it till it levels up or what??

    User Info: quietdude54

    quietdude54 - 8 years ago

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  1. All materia levels up the same way, with AP that you earn after batte, whether you used the materia in battle or not.
    If you've been monitoring Double Cut and noticed it hasn't been earning any AP, put it on different equipment - some weapons/armor have an AP modifier of None, materia on these won't gain any AP, and that includes all ultimate weapons.

    User Info: shadow666

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  1. Ya, just have it in a slot that allows for materia growth. All of the ultimate weapons have 8 linked slots- but they are no growth.. and some other weapons and armor also have "no growth" slots, like the gigas armlet and the warrior bangle.
    A few of the characters have weapons that have triple growth slots, such as clould's apocalypse,or cid's scimitar I think.There are some other weapons and armor that have double growth as well.Boss fights like the ones against some of the" weapons" monsters can offer alot of exp and ap, and if you have doublecut or whatever other materia in a double or triple growth weapon/ armor, you'll obviously get alot more.
    Or you could just get a game shark or something similar that has a code for 50,000 ap a battle, like myself,lol.

    User Info: rizo23

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  2. It's like it has been said - it levels up with Ability Points just like any other Materia. It should tell you how many points it has so far and what it takes to level it up in the Materia Menu. It'll be on the left-hand side and the amount of stars is the current level (all Materia start at level 1).

    And as it has also been said - make sure your weapons and armor allow for Materia growth. Where it shows the Materia slots on the weapon, below it will be a word like "Normal, Double, Triple, None" - Normal means just as it sounds - materia will get 1x the AP growth for every AP you get in battle. Double will give the materia 2x growth, Triple will give them 3x growth. "None" only appears in their best weapons, and will mean the Materia won't grow at all. This is probably because they are meant to be used last, when you would have already Mastered whatever Materia you have chosen to use.

    Also, and it probably doesn't need to be said (you can find all this out from the Intermediate Hall in Junon), but Materia will "divide" when they are mastered - when you Master a Materia, you will get a new one of the same kind that will be level 1 and with 0 AP.

    The only Materia that can't be mastered and divide is "Underwater". Other than this, all Materia level up the same way.

    User Info: the_quickness

    the_quickness - 8 years ago 0 0

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