What is the best strategy for (best materia combination)?

  1. I have all of them and master magic/command/summon too
    My party is Cloud/Vincent/Yuffie, all lvl99 with ultimate weap

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  2. Additional Details:
    Sorry, I forgot about the Gold Saucer materias : I don't have them (W-Summon, Final attack)

    Also, I think I didn't say what I want in the right way... I want a materia setup for my party, I already know these combinations.

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  1. OK to answer simply, For "Tanks" use the cover and counter combo mixed with hp+
    I find using Hades or Contain with added effect on WEAPON slot yeilds rather potent effects and using the "Double-Cut" materia with this it's almost sure fire to inflict something! (increased luck helps with the % to inflict)
    Final Attack with Phoenix is handy for obvious reasons

    Getting to your Character set-up, Cait Sith is very good at magic, Yuffie I find is unnaturally uncanny at criticals and evasions.
    I would advise against using Vincent as he is just average and his limits suck
    But Red XIII is pretty strong with magic and magic resistance

    It doesn't really matter what your party consists of because you can always use "X" sources to boost the stats you want for the character you want...

    I'll have a look at my party's set up and post it later on If you're still interested...

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  1. What you could do is put "Master Magic" paired with "All" on 1 character so that you can cast all of the spells on all enemies at once or heal all 3 party members with cure spells at once (Note: spells such as Shield and Fullcure will not work with "All" materia), put "Master Command" on another character and put "Master Summon" on the 3rd character. Also, you could pair the single "Revive" materia with "Final Attack". That way, with Revive being paired with both All and Final Attack, you can revive all 3 of your characters at once if they all fall during battle. Either that or you can pair "Phoenix" materia with the Final Attack. It does the same as Revive-Final Attack, but it also does damage to all enemies.

    There are other types of combinations that you could try. Here are a few:

    Added Effect-Transform in a weapon
    Added Effect-Poison in a weapon
    Added Effect-Contain in a weapon
    Added Effect-Seal in a weapon
    Added Effect-Mystify in a weapon
    Added Effect-Time in a weapon
    Added Effect-Destruct in a weapon

    Mega All-Steal
    Mega All-Deathblow

    HP Absorb/MP Absorb-Deathblow
    HP Absorb/MP Absorb-Steal/Mug
    HP Absorb/MP Absorb-Most Spells

    Quad Magic-Most Spells and Summons

    There are also combinations which use more than 2 materias. Here are a few of them:

    Mega All, Deathblow-HP Absorb/MP Absorb
    Knights of the Round-W Summon, Mime
    Sneak Attack-Knights of the Round
    Sneak Attack-Deathblow, Mega All
    Pre-Emptive, Sneak Attack-Knights of the Round, HP<-->MP

    I do not know if this is the best strategy, but it could really help in tough battles. Hopefully this will help you.

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  2. Oh, I am sorry about that. I misunderstood your question. My apologies.

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  3. Added Effect - Hades on your weapon attempts to inflict most status's on the enemy, usually one worth doing, alternatively it's also good to use on your armour as it basically replicates a Ribbon and makes you immune to most negative status's, with a few missing that the Ribbon has, well worth looking into

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  4. ok here is my set up....
    I have Cid equipped with a mastered Enemy skill, magic+ and mp+
    I have Cloud equipped with loads of command materia such as 2xCut, Death blow, Steal and throw and also cover and counter (the blue materia paired with 2xCut)
    and finally I have Barret LOADED with any such high AP materia for hisMissing score, to counter that I stuck loads of +materia's to boost stats to counter-act the penalties.

    but if you get Barret and Vincent to overflow, it's just a case of having a healer...

    Cid is used for bolstering defence and inflicting status on the enemy,

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  5. 4x Cut = HP Plus, Counter = Mime, Counter = Mime, Counter = Mime
    Counter = Mime, Counter = Mime, Counter = Mime, Counter = Mime

    Great for most battles. Don't use this against WEAPONS and Battle Arena unless all your stats are maxed. If doing for Ruby, may require you do use the Limit Break quickly.

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  6. If you have the Missing Score, a Mystile and a Ribbon, put Barrett in your team and then use this set up to make Barrett INVINCIBLE - you will only need Barrett for each battle.

    Missing Score: Knights of the Round = HP Absorb, Knights of the Round = MP Absorb, Knights of the Round, W-Summon, W-Item, HP Plus
    This gives the weapon a total of 2,250,000 AP making overflow damage possible

    Mystile: Revive = Final Attack, Mime = Counter (Blue), Mime = Counter (Blue)
    Revive is used instead of Phoenix because Ruby Weapon resists Fire and then uses Sandstorm to potentially eliminate Barrett from battle.

    Nothing in game game survive the 2x Knights of the Round followed by the 2x mimed counters except Ruby and Emerald Weapons.
    To defeat Ruby Weapon, (you must knock out your other 2 party members before the battle) cast 2x Knights of the Round and the miming combo chain will eventually kill it.
    To defeat Emerald Weapon, use W-Item to give Barrett a Hero Drink and an Elixer. If Barrett is attacked, he will counter by giving himself 2 Hero Drinks and 2 Elixers. Once Barrett has received 4 Hero Drinks, use a basic attack and he will kill Emerald in 1 hit due to overflow damage, hence no Underwater materia is required.
    NOTE: This set up does works best for Barrett but can be used for other characters too. The others will need to use a different strategy and will require the Underwater materia when facing Emerald Weapon though since they can't do overflow damage. (Vincent can do overflow damage but takes a lot longer to set up than Barrett's overflow damage)
    For more information on overflow damage, please check the 'Overflow?' question in the Strategy Help section of the Answered Questions.

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