My Green Chocobo won't breed?

  1. I have a green male chocobo and a blue female chocobo. I have raised them both and gotten them both to S rank in the chocobo races. I have fed them enough greens etc. But whenever I go to breed the 2 it says that I shouldn't breed those who have just mated or have just been born. I then fight ten battles, like the chocobo breeding walkthrough says, it says it again when I go to mate my green chocobo with another chocobo. Is this meant to happen? I did exactly what I was meant to and I did exactly what I did with all of my other chocobos and they are able to breed. why is this not working and should I get a new green male chocobo?

    User Info: ROTU13

    ROTU13 - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I'm using a carob nut, I have battled 30+ times after trying to do this, I have followed gmorris' guide to the letter.

    User Info: ROTU13

    ROTU13 - 6 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    Actually since then I've released that chocobo and breeded a new green male chocobo, finished the game and breeded a gold one, it would still be nice to find out what was wrong with the old one though.

    I had battled over 100 times, and counted those, several different regions too, I was using a carob nut, and as I said, "I have followed gmorris' guide to the letter" so if anyone else has any idea what went wrong when I had that chocobo or they had that problem as well, then please mention how it was solved here, it may help with future cases of this if they happen.

    User Info: ROTU13

    ROTU13 - 6 years ago

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  1. First off are you using a Carob nut? And secondly it's anywhere from 3-18 battles.

    I have a feeling you are using an outdated version, because you do not have to race up to S class. Peruse through gmorris's guide, because it will help clear up most of the past issues.

    But in short:
    4 wins combined between 2 good/great chocobos and you get a blue/green chocobo

    9 wins combined between the blue and green parents + carob nut and you get a Black

    12 wins combined between a Wonderful chocobo and black parent + a zeio nut and you get a gold

    User Info: unknownrpg

    unknownrpg (Expert) - 6 years ago 3 1


  1. Attempt to breed the blue and green chocobos with other regular chocobos. Don't really breed them, just try to identify which chocobo is the one that can't breed. Then try getting another one to breed with and get rid of the "sterile" one. And if that doesn't work or if it says neither will breed then I don't know what to tell you :-\

    User Info: Smileypants

    Smileypants - 6 years ago 0 1
  2. Have you got a full stable? it sounds silly but that does stop any chocobo's breeding.
    Also, try battling in 4-5 different regions which are far apart. That way you cover the battle limit and also a time lapse that can occur...

    User Info: robofish_13

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  3. Smileypants has a good point.
    Try and distinguish WHICH Chocobo "isn't ready" get rid of it and make another one.

    I had this problem once, YEARS ago.
    I can't remember how to rectify it.

    And yeah, like robofish_13 said; having a full stable DOES put the knackers on any breeding plans.
    Your stable limit is 6. Clear out unneeded Chocobos.
    Keep only one adult male and one adult female Great choco's with the best stats, incase you need to remake a green or a blue. Don't bother with the Good ones cos the stat's carry over and sometimes the INT stat carries but can't go past it's default. In short; you end up with a Dappy Gold choco in the end.
    (always running into the wall and licking windows, etc)

    Usually I only have two great Chocobos and breed a baby blue and baby green from the same parents. I wonder if sometimes the game glitches and doesn't allow the brother and sister to breed... but I have to say there is some good advice on this thread already.

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  4. Probabley impetant poor little bugger

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  5. Dude , maybe he's tired . LOL

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  6. Are the two related? if so thats why

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