How do i get to the Alexander materia?

  1. I always miss it. I get real lost in the snowy area.

    User Info: big_fn_head

    big_fn_head - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. First of all, find and touch the hot springs.
    use the land marks shown on the map as reference points. The snow covered tree in the east is directly south of the springs on the map. to get to it, go east from the tree untill you reach the mountains where the path splits into 3 directions; one right above you going northwest, one going north and the other going south. both the northeast route and the north route will take you to the hot springs, but taking the north route is the better way to go sinse you can find the "added cut" materia on the way.
    Once you've found and dipped your hand in the hot spring, go to mr holzoff's house at the base of the cliff. saving now-and taking a rest, is a good idea*. now go back to the huge snowy field. go down/south for 4 or 5 steps then go right/east the rest of the way, try to follow the faint lines in the snow and place those poles every 3 or 4 steps to make sure your going the right way. eventually you'll be in some plane snowy areas for a few screens, then an icy path or two. after that you'll be on a mountain path. alittle ways down the path you'll see a cave on the right. inside is one of those ice lady's- snow. talk to her and she will be upset that you tried to touch her after touching the hot spring and a fight ensues. After you defeat her she drops the alexander materia.
    *I think even if you make it to mr holzoff's house at the base of the cliff, but then leave without resting, your "pass out timer" wont reset and you'll pass out after only a few minutes(happend to me). resting may well reset the clock.In any case, it doesnt matter if you pass out, so long as you eventually succeed in making it to the snow woman.

    User Info: rizo23

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Other Answers

  1. first, you must touch the hot spring water. next, you must go to a certain cave with a person in it, talk to that person, and fight them. After that battle, that person drops the materia. I forgot how to get there, but there should be a map or something like that on the list for this game

    User Info: sephirosai

    sephirosai - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Go the Mr. Holzoff's.
    Go touch the Hot Springs.
    Return to Mr. Holzoff's.
    Exit the screen (the one with the cave and the switching screens), and head to your right.
    Enter the cave on that screen, talk to the person there, fight and win, and the Alexander Materia will be dropped.

    * Note: You have to do this without falling down/fainting of course. *

    User Info: WingedMasamune

    WingedMasamune (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0
  3. ok, you need to touch the hot spring, its near the exit to the great glacier. anyways, after that, go into the map that changes directions periodically. keep heading north until you see a mountain type cave thing you can enter. after seeing that, head right from the opening to that cave, and keep heading in that direction until the screen goes black letting you know you went somewhere. keep following the trail until you see a cave, go in that cave and fight the girl in there. if you defeat her, she should drop the Alexander summon.

    User Info: Dupo27

    Dupo27 - 8 years ago 1 0

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