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Vincent's UW, Death Penalty?

  1. Could someone please give an explanation about his UW's potential? I was reading the faqs and I don't quite get how the formula for his weapon's power correlates to the number of kills. I don't get the whole overflow concept. Thanks in advanced!

    User Info: RandommmNameee

    RandommmNameee - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ultimate weapons power up through a modifier; in Vincent's case, the Death Penalty has a base damage of 10/16, meaning it will do a little over half the damage a normal weapon would. For ever 128 kills, he gets a 1/16 damage bonus. So, for example, after killing 768 enemies he would reach 16/16, perfectly normal damage. To do triple the normal damage - putting him on par with the HP/MP ultimate weapons - it takes almost five thousand kills, so unless you're really dedicated, don't expect to see it doing high damage.
    The kills are Vincent's total kill count, the same that's used for learning limits. They don't need to be done with the Death Penalty equipped, most methods of killing an enemy will count, so get an ability that hits all targets and has a short animation if you want to speed things up.

    User Info: shadow666

    shadow666 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Overflow is another matter, so I'll do another post.
    It's not limited to the Death Penalty; Barret's Missing Score can invoke the overflow too. This is because they both have extremely high maximum powerups on their ultimate weapons.
    During the damage calculation, it's possible for the total damage to reach such a high amount, it will overflow into a negative value. There are two points in the calculation that can overflow; one requires about 260k damage, the other roughly double that.
    Hitting an enemy with negative damage will obviously result in the enemy ending up with more health than it did before, but not in the same sense as healing the enemy, which is expected and capped. The game thinks that you hit it so hard that its health overflowed backwards, not the damage you did, and so solves the problem by simply killing the target outright.

    User Info: shadow666

    shadow666 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

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