Where can I find the Mime materia?

  1. I have looked at guides that say if you have a green chocobo you can get one but how do i get it and where?

    Note: I also heard that you can get one from beating the weapons, but im looking for it to help me beat the weapons.

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    Carnasys - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. you find great chocobos by mideel area. there are good and great chocobos there (when moving them @ the farm [provided ur renting any of the stalls @ 10k gil a piece & 6 max] good will be walking & great will be running)

    you need 2 buy i'd say 4, 2 male & 2 female. use greens on em (i suggest selling master all materia and buying the green that cost 5k from chocobo sage east of icicle inn. this guy will also teach you how 2 breed a gold chocobo, which your already gonna be halfway done with if your doing this. he remembers bits @ a time, so come back every so often 4 more info. also, Chole @ the chocobo farm will document what the sage tells you when you talk 2 her, so you'll always have the info in-game) 2 up their stats, then race them @ the gold saucer. S rank gives best chance 4 colored chocobo so try 2 get all 4 to S rank.

    when your done you need 2 carob nuts (buy in wonder square for 500gp if u won a lot on races, or steal from red dragon enemy outside bone village) & just pick 2 chocobos 2 breed with the nut back @ the farm. if you did what i said, you have a 50% chance of getting a green (mountain) or blue (river) chocobo. save before you breed because you want 1 of each & of opposite sexes. if you get 2 of the same, reset & switch partners. if it stil dont work, get new chocobo & start trying 2 get chocobo you need.

    green chocobo gets you mime materia, just ride the chocobo & get on the highwind & go 2 wutai area. you will see a cave beyond a mountain range in the center of the continent. the cave is in ocean on side facing nibelheim. land on grass and walk over mountains with chocobo 2 cave, mime is just inside.

    blue chocobo gets you quadra magic (if you didnt highwind cheat 2 get it.) just take chocobo to islands NE of mideel and run in shallow water 2 get from island 2 island until u reach cave @ the end of the island chain.

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Other Answers

  1. The Mime Materia is in a cave near Wutai that you can only access using a Green or Black chocobo.

    I suggest looking at the various answers/FAQs/board topics on breeding chocobos. There's already a ton of information on how to do it, and the Green Chocobo is one of the easiest to get.

    The simplest way to do it is to grab two Great chocobos and breed them at the ranch. You can find Great choobos in the Mideel region, they're always found in encounters with just Spirals.

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