Aeris's limit breaks?

  1. How do you gain Aeris's limit breaks ? The faq says kills but aeris is primarily a healer . Does it mean kill enemies with magic or items ? which one?

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  1. The following are a list of Aeris' limit breaks and how you unlock them.

    Level 1
    Healing Wind - Already known
    Seal Evil - Use Healing Wind 7 times

    Level 2
    Breath of the Earth - Kill 80 enemies with Aeris.
    Fury Brand - Use Breath of the Earth 6 times.

    Level 3
    Planet Protector - Kill 80 enemies with Aeris after learning Breath of the Earth.
    Pulse of Life - Use Planet Protector 5 times.

    Level 4
    Great Gospel - Trade Mythril for the Great Gospel Manual in the weaponsmith's house near Gongaga and then use it on Aeris after she has learnt Pulse of Life.

    As you said, Aeris is more a healer/magic user so getting the kills may be difficult with her but you can get the kills with any form of attack, be it 'Attack', 'Magic', etc. In the case of her level 4 limit break it would be better to refer to FAQ/Guide as it is more complex than the others to do and exaplin.

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  1. Aerith excels in use of magic. The best way get kills with her is to order her to use Matra Magic enemy skill. Early on in the game, Matra Magic can kill all enemy with a single use and costs only 8 MP.

    Learn Matra Magic enemy skill from Custom Sweepers (near Midgar) or Death Machine (in Junon Path).Then give the Enemy Skill materia to Aerith. Now wander around in the world map near Junon or near Corel Desert for enemy encounters. Then order Aerith to use Matra Magic.

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  2. One of the FAQs says Mythril Mines is a good place. It really is--go to the specified room, use Matra Magic every time, and if you need to use a limit then put her in [Fury] status and let the Ark Dragon use Flamethrower. Great Gospel has a small trading sequence involved, complete that and go south-eastish of GS to find the Weaponsmith, who is home after you acquire the Tiny Bronco.

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