Why cant i get a chocobo faster than 149? and can my stamina go past 999?

  1. Did i do something wrong? all of the chocobos i used were ranks A and S, and TEIOH keeps beating my gold chocobo because 149 speed just isnt enough and his stamina is way over 1000, why?

    ive tried but no matter what i get slow chocobos even with 99 skylis greens

    User Info: Icheeva

    Icheeva - 8 years ago
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    Cool guys thanks, i can beat him with my two gold chocobos now, but my yellow,green,blue and black still cant

    thanks for the tips on recharging stanima!!

    User Info: Icheeva

    Icheeva - 8 years ago
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    I can win every race now only lost once with this gold chocobo, thanks!!!

    User Info: Icheeva

    Icheeva - 8 years ago

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  1. uhmm... you could use the boost thing? hold down R1+L1+R2+L2 and boost all the way around the track...
    the shoulder buttons restores your stamina, and using the boost gets you goin faster... so that might help you beat him...

    User Info: heavens__cloud

    heavens__cloud (Expert) - 8 years ago 3 0


  1. No, and his speed/stamina is just so you can't win every race you're in. Try breeding Chocobos. A good black or a gold chocobo smokes Teioh. Assuming they're given 99 Sylkis and bred from parents with good status, of course.

    User Info: Celebi7242

    Celebi7242 - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. A good black and gold chocobo should be able to beat Teioh. Max stamina is 999 & speed is 149.
    99 skylis greens wont do anything. After 25 there is no point in giving anymore. Teioh is supposed to be better than you.

    User Info: McJamJim

    McJamJim - 8 years ago 0 1
  3. TEIOH's statistics are always matched to be higher than yours. He is a definite annoyance earlier on when you are first starting with regular yellow chocobos as he can easily pass through areas such as water or space with absolute ease. The most effective method I have found is to start out the race (using the short track) sprinting while holding down the R1+R2 buttons to minimize your lost stamina until you are near halfway up the ramp (half of your stamina will be lost). By then you should have passed both him and the other racers. Next, hold down the O button while still holding the R1+R2 button. What this does is make it so you are running at your fastest speed. TEIOH does not seem to take advantage of this so it should put you ahead enough. Right around the period you are hitting the wooden logs then hit the boost button and run as quick as you can to the finish. It may be a close finish as he will use this time to boost as well. If he is right behind you then try to block his way. He may push you forward in an attempt to get past. If this is done correctly then you may have little to no stamina left but this should beat him. A few pieces of advice is to always have the race to manual and also try to stay on the inside of the curves to gain as much distance from him as possible. And it is not necessary to feed your chocobo with 99 greens. After a while they have no effect. The method I took was to feed it 25 Sylkis greens and then feed the chocobo increments of five until it said it no longer has any effect. Hope this helps you take down what I used to refer to as the mariachi man (due to his hat).

    User Info: jcurses

    jcurses - 8 years ago 0 0
  4. You can breed a chocobo to go faster then 149, twice at least i've bred a chocobo that had a top speed of 176, and that's as high as you can get it, from what i've heard. to get a chocobo that fast you need to breed a gold chocobo first, from scratch,which im guessing you already did. then either do it again or get a gold chocobo from the kalm traveler and breed mate it with a wonderful chocobo to get a faster chocobo, (the one the kalm traveler gives will most likely suck) then , if you indeed got a fast gold chocobo from that, and got it to s class, then mate it with the first gold chocobo you got. mating those two (make sure they're male and female of course, and again, use the zeio nut) should get you a very fast gold chocobo.
    You can't get a stamina higher then 999, but if you have a fast gold chocobo and use the stamina restore cheat that's more then enough. If you have a race against teioh, sprint and hug the inside corners as much as you can, and make sure to press R1+ R2 to slow the stamina drain. personally , I like to sprint at the start, when going around corners or through the water or space,and at the end of course,and just run regular,but fast, the rest of the time to help restore stamina. using that method iv'e beaten teioh by 3 or 4 seconds with my stamina gauge about half full, sometimes more.
    to summarize, to beat teioh you need: a fast gold chocobo, 999 stamina, the stamina cheat, and some strategy.

    User Info: rizo23

    rizo23 (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 0
  5. A green Chocobo at least can beat Teioh, as the green (and subsequently Black, and Gold) isn't slowed down by the underwater/space areas. My gold chocobo (my first one, the result of mating the black with the wonderful) had a top speed of around 158, and I never have any trouble winning S-class races. I can't really recall losing one, honestly. I'm not trying to brag here, you shouldn't have too much of a problem, because the computer controlled-Chocobos rarely get to full speed before near the end. Hold R1+R2 and Square to build your speed to the max and keep your stamina high. I never bother steering, as it really doesn't seem to help that much.

    If it makes you feel better, you can sprint (O) off the start to get ahead, but it's not necessary to sprint very far to get a lead. Just hold Square the whole race.

    Teioh will always have higher stats than you, as his stats are based on your own.

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  6. I've beaten TEIOH using my GREAT chocobos in the C-A ranks. Usually give them all 99 sylkis. keep pairs with 95+ speed, all have 999 stam. Just use speed boost by holding [] to go to max run speed, (using stamina recovery with R1+R2 the whole time) then after spiral loop or a bit into the tunnel, sprint to the finish. hard part is trying to stay RIGHT IN FRONT OF TEIOH. just kind of watch his moves & you can ride him to the finish!

    This is short race obviously.

    I don't always win, but I've won over 65% of the time using this method

    User Info: XxMistahKrazyxX

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  7. You can hold square while holding r1 and r2 button, square is to accelerate your chocobo grunning speed while using less stamina

    User Info: timekeeper_18

    timekeeper_18 - 8 years ago 0 1

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