Chocobo racing?

  1. Is there a way to actually participate in a chocobo race besides when escaping corel prison? and if so how?
    dont mind rlly long explanations.

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    ARMY5partan117 - 8 years ago
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    andrescuber0s, I dont see ester there anywhere...

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    ARMY5partan117 - 8 years ago
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    And two more things. one, by the chocobo ranch do u mean the place next to the swamp w/ the midgar zolom, and if not where is it, and two, everytime i catch a chocobo it runs away b4 i can get in the ranch, if its the place next ot that swamp.

    User Info: ARMY5partan117

    ARMY5partan117 - 8 years ago

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  1. As posted previously, yes, you can participate in chocobo races later in the game, but not until the second disc. For the first half of the second disc it is impossible to do (though you can collect chocobos) because the gold saucer is shut down. It re-opens after Mideel is destroyed and Tifa rescues Cloud's consciousness from the Lifestream. There are specific chocobo qualities and types. There are also various greens that will give boosts to stamina, intelligence (I believe this affects how the chocobo races in automatic mode) and 'they are getting along better' (applying the same as the previous to manual mode). For a more in depth explanation as to greens, nuts (for breeding), and how to obtain special chocobos refer to either the chocobo section in Absolute Steve's guide or Ninja's "Chocobo Raising Guide" in the in depth section of the FAQ's. Be warned. If you plan on racing/breeding your own chocobos then it will cost you anywhere from 10k-1M+ if you want to become an excellent racer.

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    jcurses - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Yes you can. You need to go back to the Chocobo ranch and catch your own Chocobo. Then you can use them to race. If you breed the better Chocobos(blue, green, gold) then you have a much better chance at winning.

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    tHe_TrUe_HeRo - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. you have to go back to the chocobo ranch and buy stables i think is 10,000 gil each one, then catch a chocobo and send it to the stable. Go to the gold saucer and in the chocobo square taltk to Ester (the 1 you met when you raced to get out of prison) and race. You can catch sifferent types of chocobo and you have to get the gold if you want to get the last summon materia knights of the round

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  3. It'll probably cost more than 1 million gil if you plan to raise a reliable chocobo for consistently winning S-Class races. Also, just to note, Intelligence also affects how well your chocobo stays on track, even in Manual control. If you don't feed your chocobo greens that increase intelligence, it'll continually drag against walls throughout the race.

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    djgear - 8 years ago 0 0

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