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    Weapon Guide by JHaglund

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    Final Fantasy VII
    How to defeat the Emerald and Ruby weapons
    By Johannes Haglund (j.haglund@swipnet.se)
    Version 1.1
    Granted, this is just one of the many stategies you can use
    to defeat the weapons, but in my opinion, it's the best, 
    because you don't have to be all that powerful (from level 
    40 or so and up is enough), and it's a pretty easy strategy
    . The only this you'll need is time, since it'll take 
    several hours to get all the stuff you need. As a side note
    , I can tell you that when I first defeated the weapons, I 
    did it by brute force. All my characters was level 90+, and
    I had three (3) Mime materias. I actually managed to defeat 
    Emerald weapon without the Underwater materia! If you want 
    a challenge, why don't you try that too, huh?
    HP Plus (4 or 5 at level 2 or higher)
    MP Plus (1 or 2 at level 2 or higher)
    Magic Plus (level 4 or higher)
    HP Absorb
    Quadra Magic
    Knights of the Round (KOR)
    Enemy Skill
    Final Attack
    Bahamut ZERO (BZ)
    Underwater (Emerald only)
    Mystile armor (can be replaced by Aegis armor)
    Enhance Sword (can be replaced by Ultima Weapon)
    Sprint Shoes (2)
    Turbo Ether (2, can be replaced by Elixirs)
    You should get the above materia and items as soon as 
    possible, and wear the materia at all times, to allow them 
    to grow to the required levels. To get all of the required 
    materia, you'll need to get the gold chocobo. I will not 
    get into that here, so look somewhere else for info on how 
    to raise chocobos. You should begin to do this as soon as 
    possible, so you don't have to wait around too long for the
    chocobo. You also should get the Big Guard enemy skill. To 
    get it, go to the beach at Costa del Sol, and use 
    Manipulate on the Beach Plugs, and use Big Guard on 
    yourself. Just be sure that you have the Enemy Skill 
    materia equipped.
    Ruby Weapon can be found in the desert around the gold 
    saucer. You should fight this guy first, because he's a lot
    easier than Emerald. Oh, and by the way, SAVE before the 
    Characters (Equipped items and materia):
    Cloud (Mystile armor, Enhache Sword, Ribbon, HP Absorb 
    linked to KOR, Mimic, W-Summon, Magic Plus, Bahamut ZERO 
    linked to Quadra Magic, Final Attack linked to Phoenix, and
    the rest of the materia slots filled with HP and MP Plus)
    Any other character with high speed (Sprint Shoes, Enemy 
    The battle:
    The first this you should do is cast Big Guard with the 
    character with the Enemy Skill materia. Then you hope that 
    Cloud isn't the one who Ruby whirlsands away. If he is, 
    just reset the game and try again until he's the one left. 
    Then start your attack by casting Bahamut ZERO twice. BZ 
    will be cast five times, eight if Quadra Magic is at level 
    two or higher. You won't probably do any serious damage to 
    Ruby, but that's not the point. The point is to get him to 
    stick his tentacles in the ground. At this time you MUST 
    have at least 250 MP left, if not, use a Turbo Ether or 
    Elixir to boost you up. Now cast KOR twice, once at the 
    tentacles and once at Ruby himself. If KOR is at level one,
    it will only be cast once, on the tentacles, but that's okay
    . Since you've got a lot of magic power, thanks to Magic 
    Plus, the tentacles will probably be destroyed, and because
    you've got KOR linked with HP Absorb, you'll be healed to 
    full health too. After this, just use Mimic every turn 
    until Ruby goes belly up. Every turn, you'll cast KOR twice
    for zero MP, and get healed to full health after each KOR. 
    You don't have to worry too much about Ruby's 
    counterattacks, because thanks to the Mystile armor, he'l 
    miss most of the time, and then you'll get healed by KOR. 
    Just keep mimicing, and you'll kill Ruby in no time.
    Emerald Weapon swims around in the sea just outside Junon. 
    Use the submarine to find him. And once again, SAVE 
    Characters (Equipped items and materia):
    Cloud (Final Attack linked to Phoenix, Mimic, Sprint Shoes,
    Magic Plus (to get Magic power to 225), MP Plus (Enough to 
    boost your MP to 550), and fill the rest of the slots with 
    HP Plus)
    Any character with high Magic power (Quadra Magic linked to
    Bahamut ZERO, HP Absorb linked to KOR, W-Summon, Sprint 
    Shoes, MP Plus (enough to get the MP to at least 800), and 
    the leftover Magic Pluses)
    Any other character (Underwater)
    The battle:
    Start off with the character with BZ and KOR cast first a 
    BZ and then a KOR. Then have Cloud use Mimic. The first 
    character will cast BZ four times, and KOR once, and get 
    healed by KOR. Then Cloud will do the same thing. Don't do 
    anything with the third character, just wait for it to be 
    Cloud's turn again, and use Mimic again, then repeat the 
    procedure. Just skip everyone except Cloud, and have Cloud 
    use Mimic. Don't worry about the other characters getting 
    killed, just keep mimicing. Sooner or later, Emerald will 
    use Aire Tam Storm on you, and you'll die. Just before you 
    die, however, you'll use Final Attack and cast Phoenix. Not
    only will you do damage to Emerald, but everyone will be 
    brought back to life with full health. Now use the second 
    character to cast KOR twice, then mimic with Cloud. 
    Continue to mimic with Cloud, and Emerald should be dead in
    a few turns.
    HP Plus, MP Plus (Cosmo Canyon)
    Magic Plus (Zango Valley, start of disc 2)
    HP Absorb (Wutai, in a hidden chest in the house with the 
    Phoenix (Condor Mountain)
    Quadra Magic (In one of the caves that can be accessed by 
    the gold chocobo)
    Mimic (In one of the caves that can be accessed by the gold
    Knights of the Round (In one of the caves that can be 
    accessed by the gold chocobo)
    Enemy Skill (Floor 68 of Shinra HQ, Ancient City, Chocobo 
    Sage's house)
    Final Attack (Gold Saucer, Special Battle)
    Bahamut ZERO (Cosmo Canyon)
    W-Summon (Gold Saucer, Battle Square)
    Underwater (Junon Underwater Reactor, use Morph on Ghost 
    ship, and give the Guidebook you recive to the man in Kalm)
    Mystile armor (Midgar, before the fight with Hojo)
    Enhance Sword (Junon)
    Sprint Shoes (Gold Saucer, can be won at the Chocobo races)
    1.0 - First ever version
    1.1 - Just some minor corrections.

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