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    Single Character Challenge Guide by Pyroe

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/06/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |Game: Final Fantasy VII|  \
    |      "SCC Walkthrough"|  |
    |System: Playstation    |  |
    |Author: Pyroe          |  |
    |Copyright: 2003        |  |
    |Last Updated: 04/06/04 |  /
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                            "Single Character Challenge"
    Copyright Notice: This work is the sole property of Pyroe (DavidB) and cannot
    be used on any site without permission.  Permission may be granted by e-mail.
    Any illegal or unauthorized use of the FAQ will be punished to the full extent
    of the law.
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    Version History:
    0.1|  Just started.  First sent in.  (3/27/04)
    1.0|  Posted on the site.  Fixed some spelling errors among other things.  Also
          added a mini-quick search feature for your conveniance.  (4/6/04)
    ***Table of Contents***
    Section 1: What this FAQ is
    Section 2: Rules of a SCC game
    Section 3: Things to know
    Section 4: Walkthrough
    Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions
    Section 6: Contact me
    NOTICE:  This guide assumes you have played before and will have some SPOILERS 
    in it.
    Section 1: What this FAQ is.
    If you've been over to the gamefaqs.com message board for FFVII, you've 
    probably seen a topic about an SCC game.  Many of you probably wish to try one
    but don't know how to go about it.  For those who don't know, SCC stands for
    "Single Character Challenge."  It is a great way to get extra replay value on 
    your 20th+ through the game. All the rules are put into the next section.  
    It has been brought to my attention that some view this as being only for 
    Cloud.  As of right now, that is all this guide covers.  However, in future 
    versions: I will be adding more characters, putting in a comparsion chart, 
    rating each person, and maybe some more stuff. 
    Section 2: Rules of a SCC game.
    This guide is going to be using Cloud (and others later).  The rules are very
    simple.  Kill offthe other 1 or 2 characters besides Cloud and only use him to
    do anything.  You may not keep the others alive because then Cloud wouldn't
    take all of the damage.  For times when Cloud is not available (the Mideel 
    incident) you must choose another character to take his place.  You can use
    whatever Materia you want to use.  Eventually, I'll have boss strategies for
    every character.  If you have any questions: E-mail me.
    -Must only use 1 character.
    -Kill off the other two.
    -When your first character is not available, only one other character may be
    Section 3: Things to know.
    -You can use this guide to maneuver through the game, but the strategies only 
     apply to the SCC game.
    -The first thing you must do in every battle is kill off the other members of 
     your party.
    -On your first trip to Rocket Town, be sure to pick up the Yoshiyuki.  This 
     consistently hits with ~1800 more damage then a regular weapon.
    -The Junon Alarm Trick is your friend.  More about that when we get to it.
    -Some materia you might always want equipped is: HP Plus, Counterattack, Long-
     range, Enemy Skill, Steal and Restore.
    -Learn Big Guard the first time you can, after escaping the Desert Prison.  You
     should cast it before every Boss unless instructed otherwise.
    Section 4: Walkthrough
    Welcome to the guide section of this FAQ.  This is the bulk of everything.  It 
    contains Boss strategies, a mini-walkthrough and key points in getting through
    the game.
    To use this, press ctrl+f, then type in the numbers/letters after what you are
    looking for.
    Cloud: <ab1>
     Disc 1: <ab2>
     Disc 2: <ab3>
     Disc 3/Sephiroth: <ab4>
    _/\_Cloud_/\_ <ab1>
    |Disc 1| <ab2>
     When you finally get control of Cloud, check the first guard for two potions.
     They will help you out later.  For your first fight, you don't have to worry
     about killing anyone off.  Give your name and move forward.  Most fights here
     at the beginning are easy so just hold circle.
     Now you should get Barret, be sure to kill him off in the first fight.  Save 
     before pushing onward.
    **BOSS: Guard Scorpion**
     Your first boss of the game.  Be sure to use a potion when you get around 150
     HP and don't attack when his tail is up.  You should use Bolt/Lightning and 
     Braver to finish off this short-circuited beast.
    _Beginning Part 2_
     You know the drill: 10 minutes.  Take the same way out and save Jessie.
    _Sector 8_
     I chose to fight all the guards for a little extra experience.  You can do as
     you please though.
    _7th Heaven_
     Your first mission was a success, but it only gets harder from here.  Not much
     to do in this scene, just long dialough you've seen 20 or 30 times.  But, 
     there is 1500 easy gil.  I love my Turbo Controller.
    _Sector 7 Slums_
     Before leaving, you will need a few essentials.  First, buy an Iron Bangle and
     equip restore.  While you're at it, sell your Assault Gun and Bronze Bangle.
     Next, get the All materia and the Ether on the second floor.  Now, head back
     to the train.
     Run through getting items, self explanatory.
    _Winding Tunnel_
     Kill off Barret and Tifa first, then get to level 9.
    _Lower Sector 4 Plate_
     Once you get the tent, I would suggest leveling up until you run out of MP or
     reach level 10.  Then tent and move on after saving.
    _No. 5 Reactor_
     This is the same as the other reactor, so move on.  Plant the bomb and run.  
     Make sure to pick up the Ether on the way out.  On the bridge, meet President
     Shinra and prepare for a Boss.
    **BOSS: Air Buster**
     This is an easy boss fight, just use Lightning and Cure.  Use an Ether when 
     you run low in the MP department.  Use Limit Breaks when available.  You will
     get Limits--a lot.  If you don't have Cross-Slash yet, you'll get it here.  
     Also, you could save and Ether by refraining from using Bolt all the time.  
     For your hard work, you recieve a Titan Bangle.
    _The Church_  
     Pick whatever options you want to chose.  Just tell Aeris to run away from the
    _Sector 5 Slum_
     Kill off Aeris and then save.  You should be level 11 by now, if not, level up
     right here.  Buy fire, equip it with All.  Next, sell the Iron Bangle.
    _Aeris' House_
     In the garden, pick up the useless Cover materia and an ether.  Next, abuse
     the circle button when you get inside.  Be sure to get the package containing
     a Pheonix Down and a Potion before walking out.
    _Sector 6_
     Level up to level 12 or 13 here.  You can always go back to Aeris' house to 
     recharge MP.  Yes, the battles will be difficult, so try not to die.  A good
     strategy is to cast Fire-All on the bugs.
    _Sector 6 Park_
     After that serious training session, it's time to move onwards.
    _Wall Market_
     I'm not going into detail about how to finish this section, but there are some
     things needed for an SCC game.  At the Item Shop, obtain 2 or 3 of everything.
     Make sure to buy a Mythril Armlet at the Weapon Shop and sell your Titan 
     Bangle.  It doesn't matter if you are chosen or not.
    _Don's Mansion_
     Make your way to the basement to talk to Tifa and pick up the Ether while you
     are there.  Next, go to the middle room and chat with the Don.  If you are 
     not chosen, take out the fools who dare challenge you (but make sure you are
     the only one fighting) and take the Pheonix Down.  Money is always needed.
     Continue through this section until you are dropped deep down into the sewers.
     After watching the cut-scene, pick up the potion and talk to Tifa and Aeris.
    **BOSS: Aps**
     As always, your fist job is to take out the other party members.  Aps will 
     kindly help you do this, but injure you in the process.  This battle is quite
     easy if you keep your health above 200 and pummel him with fire and regular 
     attacks.  Use your limit break Climmhazzard when you get it.
     Continue to make your way through the sewers and pick up the Steal Materia. 
     This is VERY important that you do this as it will help you immensely.  Of
     course, why would you ever pass a materia?
    _Train Graveyard_
     This is pretty much the last tedious place of this game.  First check the 
     barrels to the Hi-Potion and the Echo Screen.  Stay around the save point and
     fight until the following two requirements are met: reach level 17, and learn
     Meteorain.  Now, this isn't too difficult because you are the only one in the
     party (at least you should be).  This will prepare you for the next Boss and
     the rest of the game.
     As you continue through the Train Graveyard, pick up the Potions and other 
     assorted items.
    _Plate Support_
     On the ground talk to everyone to figure out what's going on here.  Next, 
     climb up the tower until you meet Barret.  Then take on Reno.
    **BOSS: Reno**
     As one of the Turks, he has a trick up his sleeve--Pyramid.  This attack stops
     you from doing everything, and in a SCC game, this is devastating and will 
     cause the game to end.  
     Anyways, the first thing you do is kill off Barret.  Next, cast Meteorain.  If
     that doesn't kill him, attack away.
    _Plate Support cont._
     A couple members of your team try to disarm the bomb, but it is in vain as 
     Aeris is brought up.  Everything goes downhill after this.
    _Wall Market 2_
     Buy the batteries and move to that back wall to start your long climb up.  Use
     the batteries where they are needed and continue on to the top.  Don't miss 
     the Ether on the way up.
    _Shinra H.Q._
     I would recommend climbing the stairs, but it is just personal preference.  
     Just don't forget to save since this could get ugly.  You already know where 
     to go so here are some things that you need to do in the building.  First, 
     steal the Hardedge from the soldiers and steal the Carbon Bangle from the Moth
     Slashers.  Pick up all the items on the way to the top.  Get Red XIII for your
     party, but it doesn't matter since you will be killing him off soon.
    **BOSS: Sample H0512**
     This fight is pretty easy if you keep your health high.  First, kill off any 
     party members who don't belong.  Then use your magic and meteorain when 
     available.  It's helpful to have it ready coming into the battle, but not 
     required.  Don't worry about the poison, but cure when you get to a low HP.
    _Shrinra H.Q. cont._
     Pick up the Enemy Skill materia (one of the more important ones) and go 
     through the scene where you are captured.  As you are running out, give some 
     materia to Barret for the upcoming fight...
    **BOSS: Hundred Gunner**
     Kill off the other two teammates leaving Barret to fight the boss alone.  This
     fight is relatively easy compared to the next one.  Use magic on the boss 
     until you run low, then attack.  Be sure to save enough MP to cure.  Using 
     limit breaks should be second-nature by now.
    **BOSS: Heli Gunner**
     The same strategy will work on this guy, but keep your HP higher.  That may 
     mean less Bolts, but staying alive is important.  It me three times to beat 
     this fool, and he is hard.
    _Shinra Roof_ 
     Equip Cloud with the best materia and make sure he is wearing a Carbon Bangle
     and using the Hardedge.
    **BOSS: Rufus**
     Kill off the dog first before going after the man.  Use bolt on both of them 
     to whittle away their health before your Limit Break finishes the job.  This 
     could give you some trouble, but you'll most likely win.
    _Shrina Building_
     Equip Cloud with the Bolt materia.
     Just make it to the end of the bridge.
    **BOSS: Motor Ball**
     First, hit L1 and R1 to turn around and avoid back damage.  Make sure all your
     other teammates are dead and start hammering away with Bolt/Lightning.  When 
     your HP gets low, use Cure to bring it back up.  A couple of Limit Breaks and
     you're out of the city called Midgar.
    _World Map_
     Be sure to save here before progressing further.  Fight until you're about 
     level 15 or 16, maybe even higher.  Be sure to steal plenty of ethers and
     There isn't much to do in an SCC game here, so pick up the items.  Maybe 
     purchase a few potions.  Then go to the Chocobo Ranch.
    _World Map_
     Now that you're near the Chocobo Farm, it would be wise to level up.  A good 
     benchmark is having two materia at level 2.  I usually pick Cure2 and Fire2, 
     but any of them are good.
    _Chocobo Farm_
     Pick up the Chocobo Lure materia and Choco/Mog summon.
     Catch a chocobo and move across to the cave.  The Zolom is a tough cookie at
     this point.
    _Mythril Mines_
     This is a dangerous place and the enemy encounters can be fatal.  You should 
     try to learn flamethrower.  In the cave, you will find a long-range materia.  
     It should be equiped and left on for much of the game.  There is also an 
     Elixer and Hi-Potion to be found.  This area isn't to difficult navigation 
     wise, so mosey on out back to the world map.
    _World Map_
     Since you are following Sephiroth, go to Junon.  You should be around level 20
     when you get there.  The enemies on the way there aren't very difficult and 
     don't give out much EXP.
    _Junon Harbor_
     Equip Long Range, Cure, Enemy Skill, Lightning and whatever else you have. 
     Make sure your limit break is up.  Go to the shore and get ready for a fight.
    **BOSS: Bottomswell**
     You have to kill him fast before he attacks you with a Pyramid like move. 
     First, hammer away away with Meteorain and then attack with Lightning.  It 
     shouldn't be too hard of a fight.
     Get the Shiva summon and I'll see you in Junon.
    _Junon Town_
     Enter the parade, but it really doesn't matter what you get from it.  Go to 
     the stores and get any new things you might need.  The saluting and such is 
     very important.  You should get between 60 and 90 to pick up an HP Plus.
    _Cargo Ship_
     Get the items and talk to Barret to set off the alarm.  The next boss is a 
     pain, but not difficult.
    **BOSS: Jenova-BIRTH**
     Hammer away with hopefully a level two fire.  She casts stop, but that'll only
     take you out of the action for a few rounds.  Meteorain helps here as you 
     should always have it leveled up before a boss fight.
    _Costa de Sol_
     Do what you need to here and move on.
     To get there, enter the cave from the world map and walk along the train
     tracks.  After you cross the huge bridge, enter the village. 
    _Gold Saucer_
     Not much to do, but the next section is exciting. ;-)
    _Desert Prison_
     You can learn Laser here, but the focus is on Barret vs. Dyne.
    **BOSS: Dyne**
     This is a longer fight because Barret hasn't been leveled up (most likely).
     You will want to equip Cure, and Fire for this event.  Your limit break will 
     be helpful here, so good luck.
    _World Map_
     You finally have the buggy, so go to the GS desert area.  Here you will find 
     a Harpy to teach you the Enemy Skill Aqualung.  Then go to the beach and 
     learn Big Guard.  Both of these techniques are useful.  
     Now it's time for the Junon alarm trick.  Drive back to Costa del Sol and ride
     over to Junon.  You may want to save before attempting this.  In the area 
     where there are troops marching, and the road form a "Y," there is a red 
     button.  Simply push it and your leveling concerns are gone.  The first few 
     times you fight, it will take a couple Aqualungs, but after that, it should 
     be easy.  There is an inn in the city, so stop there to replenish MP.  After 
     you are to level 40+, go to Gongaga.
     Yes, there is a fight against Rude and Reno, but look at your level.  Pick up
     the summon in the reactor, buy the new weapon and move on to Nanaki's hometown
    _Cosmo Canyon_
     No real strategy comes into play here, just move along.
    _Cave of Gi_
     Walk through the cave where there is a couple of tricky places that require 
     to walk.  Your high level should help you here.  There is an enemy skill to 
     learn here: Petrify Countdown.
    **BOSS: Gi Nattak**
     Use an X-potion.
     After finishing the cave and crossing the world map, you are now ready for 
     this town.  I didn't take out the Lost Number, but it is definately possible.
     Don't forget the combination:
     Right- 36
     Left- 10
     Right- 59
     Right- 97
    _Nibel Mountains_
     Pick up the rune blade on your trip through the mountains.  The enemies here 
     are easy as is the Materia Keeper.  It is possible to get lost so watch your 
    **BOSS: Materia Keeper**
     This boss is just a waiting game.  The most important part is getting Trine.
     Cast Big Guard and then hold down Triangle.  Steal from him for fun if you get
     bored.  The fight took around 10 minutes for me.
    _Rocket Town_
     The game truely goes downhill from here.  Go talk to the guy staring at the 
     Rocket.  Talk to him three times.  He will give you the Yoshiyuki.  Equip it.
     You will be using it until you get the Ultima Weapon.  Next go through the 
     town until you get to test out your new sword on the fat ******.
    **BOSS: Palmer**
     You new sword should whoop him easily if you are play by the rules.
    _World Map_
     On the Tiny Bronco, go to house sort of near the golden saucer, right off the 
     coast and in the middle of nowhere.  Learn that the Key Stone is with Dio.
    _Gold Saucer_
     Through Corel and to the Battle room.  Go to the trophy/art/something hall and
     talk with Dio.  Fight the battles (which you should win) and get the Key 
     Stone.  Cait Sith plays his games so chase the clown down.
    _Temple of the Ancients_
     Go in, place the keystone, and go down.  Finally, you are in the famed Temple 
     of the Ancients.  The status effects can be nasty, but hopefully your level 
     will get you by.  In the clock room, go through option VI.  Catch the mage 
     and get to the Red Dragon fight.
    **BOSS: Red Dragon**
     An interesting boss, but easy in the SCC game.  First, cast Big Guard and then
     hammer away.  Use limit breaks when possible and the ice spell works here.
     Pick up the materia and follow the story.
    **BOSS: Demons Gate**
     Start with Big Guard and cast Bahamut on him.  Next, use your Meteorain and he
     shouldn't have much left in him.  Next, hammer away with the Yoshiyuki and use
     Meteorain when available.  He (or it) is one a the tougher bosses in the 
     regular game, but not here.
     Finish out the temple and story then go to the Forgotten City.
    _City of the Ancients_
     Go to Bone village and dig up the harp. Get Kjata in the forest, but you won't
     use it that much. Follow Aeris around and then sleep to get to the next scene.
     In the capital, walk down the stairs until you get into a fight.
    **BOSS: Jenova-LIFE**
     In most battles with LIFE, you try to pick up aqualung.  However, this is an
     SCC game and you don't need to.  Use Big Guard, Meteorain, and then open up
     with a barrage of Trine.
    End of disc 1.  1/2 of the way there.
    |Disc 2| <ab3>
    _World Map_
     Now just walk around the mountain until you reach Icicle Inn.  I was level 46
     when I entered.
    _Icicle Inn_
     You know what to do.  Get the Glacier Map from the first house on the right. 
     Now watch the videos in the house.  Talk to the guy in the back who tells you
     everything is dangerous and see Elena chase you down.  After she leaves, go 
     back to the middle house with the kid and take his snowboard.
     I took the Right-Right path down the mountain side.  The instructions are 
     based on that.
    _Great Glacier_
     From where you landed, go through the upper-left path and pick up the potion
     just lying there.  Make your way to the upper-right path and take it and the 
     screens after it.  Eventually you will reach a place with four places to go,
     Take the upper-left way.  Go down through two screens and go up the paths that
     follow.  Make your way across the field by using the markers and you should 
     reach the Base of Gaea's Cliff.  The man in the house will tell you stories 
     about his travels and what you need to do.  After you save, leave and kill off
     the two party members that are going with you.
    _Gaea's Cliff_
     Start climbing the mountain and be sure to regain body temperature at every 
     ledge.  Ah...you reached the first cave.  Go up the first screen before 
     turning left and going down.  Follow the path until you push the rock.  Pick
     up the Javelin on your way back and get the enemy skill Magic Breath if you
     can.  Go up after you retrace your path back until you are forced to climb 
     the mountain again.  Square drags this part out so stay strong and alert.  
     Onto the second cave.  Save spot is on the left but you must go down the right
     path.  Make your way around the "U" and get Bad Breath from the Marlboros.  
     Take out the four icicles that hang from the ceiling.  If experience isn't 
     important to you, just focus on the icicle itself.  But, you do get 3100 for 
     your efforts to preserve the cave by killing off the bats.  Claim your prize, 
     a "Last Elixer" and drop down to where you started.  Don't forget to pick up
     the Elixer and newly able to get Speed Source.  Now that the middle path is 
     open, take it.  You will find an Enhance Sword, but the Yoshiyuki is still 
     better.  Follow the "U" and go down the bridge.  Congratutlations, you earned
     yourself another climb up the rocky mountain.  In the next cave is a Save 
     Point.  Use it and build up Meteorain.  When you're ready, go onto the next 
     room for a "challenge."
    **BOSS: Schizo (Left and Right)**
     Make sure you are wearing either the Fire Armlet or the Aurora Armlet.  You 
     won't have to heal much if you are wearing them as armor.  Start off by 
     hitting this split-head boss with a Meteorain.  Just hammer away at either 
     one.  I didn't heal at all during this fight since Schizo (Right) was kind 
     enough to use Cold attacks on my Aurora Armlet.
     Climb up the last of Gaea's Cliff and watch Cloud pretend to be in Baywatch. 
     Then enjoy the nice FMV.  Go down the slight decline and pick up Neo Bahamut 
     on the third screen.
    _Whirlwind Maze_
     Use the Save Point and see the airship.  Also, wonder why you can't have it 
     until later as they didn't have to freeze their asses off.  Cross when the
     wind is calm.  Not to hard.  Wind up the "S" thing and cross through the 
     lightning.  Find Sepy and fight, you guessed it, Jenova
    **Boss: Jenova- DEATH
     Use Meteorain and heal to full health.  Then just attack it til you get 
     another Meteorain to finish it off.  Just heal when needed and it should be an
     easy fight.
    _Whirlwind Maze cont._
     Save and continue down the path.  Another fun crossing, this time with
     lighting strikes.  Into Nibelheim to watch a cutscene that preludes to later 
     in the game.  You've probably seen all of this 5+ times.  Ah...the power of
     turbo controllers.
    _Dr.'s Office_
     If you know the great storyline forwards and backwards, I hope you are still 
     awake.  Luckily, a real challenge is ahead.
     Just walk ahead of the guard and save in the room where it is allowed.  This
     is an easy part compared to what is ahead.
    _Press Room_
     Cait Sith reveals himself and a difficult fight is about to start up.  Kill 
     off whoever has less HP and run from the fight.  Equip that member with 
     Restore and heal up.  Weapon saves the day, so get Tifa out of the gas 
     You should probably run from every battle on your way to the airport.  I did
     and barely survived the random encounters.  Take the first right to get out of
     the area.  Go up the elevator and into the Highwind.  Finally!
    _Gas Chamber_
     It's time to save Tifa from a horrible fate.  In case you have fogotten, the 
     combo is X, X, Triangle, X/Triangle, O/Triangle, and O again.  Stop the gas
     and try to open the door.  It's locked, but Weapon is here to save you again.
     Climb down the front of the base and start running.  Move down the Sister Ray
     and the fight is on.  It doesn't matter if you win, Tifa will still do the 
     Baywatch run down to the end and grab the rope pulling you to safety.
     Go speak to Cid at the front deck.  After that you get to save.  You have 
     finally made it to the Cloud part.  I picked Red XIII instead of Cid because
     he was a couple of levels higher.  I would suggest level 38+.  Anything else
     is pushing it.  Equip him with a new weapon and armor and put some materia on.
     Go back up front and talk to Pilot in Training.  Kill off Tifa and defeat
     whoever stands in your way.
     As Cait Sith tells you, go back to Barret's hometown of Corel.  Right before 
     entering, kill off Cid and whoever else is in your party.  In the back, there
     is a bridge you entered last time.  Take it all the way back to where the 
     reactor is located.  
    _Corel Reactor_
     The first guards can put you to sleep, but they aren't much of a problem.  
     Just an annoyance.  Do just what the game says to do to speed up the train and
     alternate between "Triangle" and "Up."  These guys are problems, but defeat 
     them quickly to beat the time limit.  You'll stop the train automatically and
     the little kid will give you Ultima.
    _World Map_ 
     Save and kill off the two party members besides Red XIII.
    _Fort Condor_
     After Cait Sith tells you the Shrina are looking for Huge Materia at Fort 
     Condor, it's time for the mandatory battle there.  Talk to the guy out front
     and agree to fight for them.  Climb up the rope and then the ladder.  Talk to
     the man sitting at the table, then go up the ladder with the blue arrow.  Talk
     to the defender at the window, but you don't have to pay any money.  Even if 
     you do have 250,000 gil.  Just let the enemy come up the mountain and you get
     to fight a boss.
    **Boss: CMD. Grand Horn
     I just attacked and healed when nessacery.  You will get a limit break or two
     while fighting, so just use them as you get them.  He is more like a tough 
     random encounter than an easy boss.
    _Fort Condor_
     The condor awakes and you get the Pheonix summon.  It isn't very useful here 
     since you always have 2 people dead.  If you want to finish the game, talk to 
     the guy at the table again for the second Huge Materi.  There is a new materia
     to buy at the materia shop, so go buy it.
     Make sure Red is healed for this fight.  Go to the doctor and talk to Tifa.
    **BOSS: Ultimate Weapon**
     Cure3 comes in handy.  Use Sled Fang and then Cure3 after killing the ohters
     off.  Ultimate Weapon will fly away after awhile.
     After you've picked your party, go back and save.  Go to pilot and fly towards
    _City Under Junon_
     Go to the back and pay the guard 10 gil to ride the elevator.  I wonder who's
     going to be fired when you destroy what the base has been working for.
     Save at the point and go out the bottom left path.  Run down the long road and
     see that the Sister Ray is gone.  My question is how did they move it.  Now 
     you're back at the Junon Alarm Trick area.  Go down the road and into the 
     elevator to dispatch two easy submarine crew.  Isn't great to have Cloud back?
     Exit the elevator and destroy two more worthless men.  The dog is blocking one
     pathway, so take the other.  Work your way down the next couple screens and 
     save.  Another elevator and you're underwater.  Through the passage and tunnel
     to reach the underwater reactor.
    _Underwater Reactor_
     Push the button in the back to activate another elevator.  Fight your way 
     across the bridge and save again.  Just fight the 3 guards at once and heal 
     afterwards.  After relieving another two guards of their duties, enter the 
     next room to watch the Huge Materia be shipped off.  Not that huge is it.  
     Build up your limit break here before healing and pressing on.  Talk to Reno
     to fight Carry Armor.
    **BOSS: Carry Armor**
     Possibly the hardest boss in an SCC game.  Start with a Meteorain and hope for
     the best.  Abuse Magic Breath after casting Big Guard.  If he uses Arm Grab,
     you're dead, but Magic Breath should take care of the arms and body.
    _Underwater Reactor Part 2_
     Go to the sub and take it over.  Save and thank anyone that you don't have to 
     fight Carry Armor again.  
     For the game, just kill the Red Sub to win.
     Save back on land and enter Junon again.  Bribe the elevator guy and upon 
     reaching the top, go to the airport.  Back down the elevator and into the 
     Highwind.  It's time for Rocket Town.
    _Rocket Town_
     Make sure you are healed up and head straight to the rocket.  Go through a few
     battle with guards until you get to Rude.  Take out the slaves first and heal
     when you get below 2500 HP.
     Go up to the front, watch/click through a short cutscene and it's off into 
     outerspace.  Go up the ladder and decipher the code with *SPOILER* O, square,
     X, X. */SPOILER*  Head back down the ladder and get stuck.  After Shera saves
     you, exit through the pod.
    _Cosmo Canyon_
     Save outside and climb the ladder and stairs to get to Bughanen.  He tells you
     he's coming with you.  Get Bahamut ZERO and go out.
     Now is a good time to get the key to the Ancients. Just go down into the water
     and head towards the Ice Continent.
    _City of the Ancients_
     Park right outside and take the left path through the city.  Walk around the 
     walkway while Bugenhagen flys.  Give him the key and a screen appears showing
     Aeris.  Run back out and save.
    _World Map_
     As you attempt to get in the Highwind, a weapon appears.  Go to the beach 
     infront of Midgar and save/heal.  A long wait continues.
    **BOSS: Diamond Weapon**
     You can't do damage with your weapon, so heal, cast magi and get limit breaks.
     Keep your health high when he's counting down.  You get massive experience 
     after beating him.
     Fly to the Northern Crater and watch a cut-scene. Set down and save before 
     parachutin into Midgar.
     Follow Cait Sith underground.  Kill everyone off in your first battle.  Now 
     you can get the elixer and megalixer, or just skip them by going down the 
     stair.  After the ladder, go to the right and drop down to follow a path to 
     another Elixer.  Keep going and get to the Turks.  Heal.
    **BOSS: The Turks**
     Stay above 1500 HP at all times.  Just attack and use Comet2 if you have it. 
     Make sure to cast Big Guard like you do in every battle.
     Use an Elixer and run down the tunnel.  Here are the things you get on the 
     way: Power Source, Guard Source, Mind Source, Magic Source, and W-Item.  Save
     and go back.  Go up this time and take the left route.  Make sure you heal
     before heading up the ladder.
    **BOSS: Proud Clod**
     Make sure you heal a lot.  Cast Big Guard and start hammering away.  Use 
     Meteorain when it is available.  He's not that difficult, it's just Big Guard
     and the Yoshiyuki doing the work.
    _Tunnel Pt. 2_
     Equip the Mystile and use the Elixer you get.  Save when you get there and 
     then go back and climb the stairs.  Watch out for the tank that does 1000 
     damage and then talk to Hojo.
    **BOSS: Hojo**
     Cast Big Guard and focus in on Hojo. 
     Second Stage: Heal when below 3000 HP and attack with Ultima or your normal 
     Third Stage: Attack
    End of Disc 2
    |Disc 3| <ab4>
     Go back in the Highwind, some preperations have to be done.  First, kill off 
     your two companions and take on the Ultimate Weapon.
    **BOSS: Ultimate Weapon**
     Cast Big Guard and attack.  Follow him around and do that again and again.
     Now that you have the Ultima Weapon, put it on and test it out.  Now, you are 
     ready to go to the Northern Cave.
    _Northern Cave_
     Just follow down any path, it's not a difficult place.
    **BOSS: Jenova**
     Start off with Big Guard and Meteorain.  Then hammer away before the countdown
    **FINAL BOSS: Sephiroth**
     It's time for the granddaddy of them all, Sephy.  Here are my stats from my 
     Level: 61
     Health: 6767
     MP: 601
     Equipment: Ultima Weapon
     Materia: Enemy Skill, Restore (M), Steal, Manip, Sense, Destruct, Added Effect
              Counter Attack, HP+ (x2), Long Range, and Magic Plus
     Alright, it's finally time to end this journey.  As always, start off with Big
     Guard.  Next, attack and counter attack until the first form is defeated.  Use
     Elixers to keep your health high and Big Guard to stay with Haste and the 
     For the second form, use the same strategy with DeBarrier thrown in to it.
     He used Super Nova 3 times against me, yes it was a long fight.
     Congratulations!  You have beaten the SCC game.  Now you brag about it or do 
     it with a different character.  Either way, good job.
    Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Who should I use when Cloud is stuck in Mideel?
     -I always used Red XIII, but you can use Cid if you want.
    2. What weapons should I use?
     -Just keep getting new ones until the Yoshiyuki.  That should carry you until 
      the Ulimate Weapon.
    3. What does SCC stand for? 
     -Single Character Challenge or Solo Character Challenge
    4. What character is the easiest?
     -Cloud because of Meteorain, Omnislash (not needed, but helpful), and the fact
      that he is in most of the game.
    Section 6: Contact me
    My E-mail is magicskater4 @hotmail.com (without the space).
    Send me: 
    Good ASCII art
    Spelling Mistakes
    Don't send me:
    Hate mail
    <End of FAQ>
    Copyright 2004: Pyroe (DavidB)

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