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    Initial Equip Challenge FAQ by Roughdawg4

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    Final Fantasy VII: Initial Equip/No Materia,Accessories FAQ by Roughdawg4
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    No materia, Initial Weapon & armor, No accessory, Active battle
                               challenge guide
    Written by: Roughdawg4 (Michael Simmons)
    Contact: Roughdawg4@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
    1) Disclaimer
    2) Content
    3) Rules
    4) Tips
    5) Character Analysis
    6) Difficulty Rankings
    7) FAQ's
    8) Walkthrough
       a) Disc 1
       b) Disc 2
            1) Getting Omnislash *NEW SECTION*
       c) Disc 3
    9) Credits
    10) Final Words
    That whole legal thing? I will encourage the use of my guide, so long
    as I get credit for it and you don't change it in any way. If you
    want to host it on your site just let me know. Failure to inform me
    will result in an ass beating, so save my foot the hassle and the
    inconvenience of your butt getting kicked and take my advice. This
    walkthrough was made entirely by me and cannot be copied without
    my permission.
    I am making this walkthrough because I do not like people believing
    FFVII is so easy.  This challenge is for the hardcore gamers that
    want to pick up this game and feel satisfied when they beat it.  In
    this guide, I will assume you are familiar with FFVII and where to
    go.  This guide will probably only give strategies on how to deal
    with bosses since they will pose the biggest problem.  A big part of
    the guide will focus on Boss Strategies and Dungeon Survival.  LUCKY
    7's, the W-item trick, and Cait Sith's instant death reels is not
    allowed and will not be used in this challenge.  I think the hardest 
    thing with my walkthrough is not allowing accessories.  In other 
    guides, accessories can cancel out spells are negate certain effects.
    1) No materia is allowed for any part of the game (not even the
    chocobo lure).  Through some sequences materia is automatically
    equipped.  Do not use any magic in the beginning of the game since
    you cannot remove the materia until later.  In these sequences you
    are not allowed to use materia and must remove it when possible.  I
    will give frequent updates when this stuff happens to help you out.
    Also, you are not allowed to equip materia even if it is useless like
    the all materia for money purposes. I do not mind the Cloud and
    Sephiroth's materia in the Kalm flashback because it does not affect
    the game.
    2) Initial weapon & armor is easy.  Whatever they start with is what
    you end with.
    3) No accessories are allowed at any time. This is really going to 
    make battles tough
    4) In the config menu, you will need to put on the active battle
    option (ATB). This increases the difficulty a little bit because you
    will not have all day to pick what you want.  So battle might be
    decided over a couple of seconds.
    5) NO CHEAP METHODS.  You guys know what I am talking about.  You are
    not allowed to use LUCKY 7's, the W-Item trick, and Cait Sith's 
    instant death reels.
    1)SAVE OFTEN. It isn't like the regular game where you can forget
    about saving because of ease.  This is hard, please remember to save.
    2)GET ITEMS, AS MANY AS YOU CAN.  I cannot stress this enough.  It
    will piss you off if you get to the end of Midgar and you got no
    items for those 4 boss battles in a row.  I had to start over because
    I failed to get enough.
    3)You can escape, remember that.
    4)Since you do not need materia, items are really key. Getting all
    the items in a dungeon or town is key.  It will help you heal and
    gain money. Also, you can sell weapons, armor, or ethers you have
    because you cannot use them.
    5)Since healing items are important, take advantage of inns.
    6)Use low level limit breaks if necessary. Low level limit breaks are
    faster and quicker to use. Reducing to a level 2 limit break might
    reduce damage but it will happen more frequent. Also, Aeris has very
    powerful limit breaks so this challenge could be a lot easier if she
    is used.
    7)Do not throw your control when you see the Game Over screen.  This
    will happen a lot in this challenge so get used to it. It is just a
    game ( I don't know how many times I tried to convince myself of
    Now there are various elements that I will discuss on each character.
    First, what the character is initially equipped with will play a role
    in your decision.  The general rule is that the later you ally with
    someone, the better there equipment is.  Cloud is a better player
    than mostly everyone, but his equipment is very inferior to Cid's.  So
    I will discuss each option so you will not have to :).  Also, I will
    discuss the limit breaks of each character and how you should utilize
    Initial Weapon: Buster Sword
    Attack:  18
    Attack%: 96
    Initial Armor: Bronze Bangle
    Defense: 8
    Description: Well of all the characters you get early on, he has the 
    best stats.  His Omnislash & Meteorain kicks ass so you should aim for
    either one of those.  Which one you decide does not matter but you can
    base it on whether or not you feel like doing the battle arena with
    this challenge.  I personally stuck with Meteorain but the choice is
    Initial Weapon: Leather Glove
    Attack:  13
    Attack%: 99
    Initial Armor: Bronze Bangle
    Defense: 8
    Description: Has the worst equipment of everyone (besides Aeris). I 
    would not recommend using her because her attack sucks and so does her 
    limits.  Other people have more useful stuff for you.
    Initial Weapon: Guard Stick
    Attack:  12
    Attack%: 99
    Notes: Spirit+4, Vitality+1
    Initial Armor: Bronze Bangle
    Defense: 8
    Description:  If she didn't die she would be perfect for this challenge.
    Her 3rd and 4th level spells can heal entire amounts of HP.  But because
    she dies, you are better off not wasting your time with her.  If you
    need a healer for your party, she is not a bad option until you get
    Initial Weapon: Gatling Gun
    Attack:  14
    Attack%: 97
    Notes: Long Range Weapon
    Initial Armor: Bronze Bangle
    Defense: 8
    Description: Barret is not someone I would recommend using, but he is
    extremely useful with his limit breaks.  His Mind Blow technique
    decreases the enemies MP to 0 which is awesome.  This might be very
    useful for some bosses, but overall, his attack is lacking.
    Initial Weapon: Mythril Clip
    Attack:  24
    Attack%: 100
    Initial Armor: Mythril Armlet
    Defense:   18
    Defense%:  3
    Magic Def: 8
    Description: In the beginning of the game, he will be in your party alot.
    He will have the best equipment for a while.  Also, Lunatic High and
    Stardust Ray are excellent limit breaks for you early in the game.
    Initial Weapon: 4-point Shuriken
    Attack:  23
    Attack%: 100
    Notes: Long Range Weapon
    Initial Armor: Carbon Bangle
    Defense:   27
    Defense%:  3
    Magic Def: 14
    Description: It is funny writing this description because I never used
    Yuffie in the conventional game.  But in this challenge, I cannot
    see being without her.  Her limit break, Clear Tranquil, is the only
    limit break that can heal your party besides Aeris, but she dies.
    If you want a healer in your group you will need Yuffie.
    Initial Weapon: Yellow M-phone
    Attack:  36
    Attack%: 100
    Initial Armor: Silver Armlet
    Defense:   34
    Defense%:  4
    Magic Def: 22
    Description: Despite having good initial equipment, his limit breaks
    still blow.  And since you cannot use his best reel result, it makes
    him even more useless.
    Initial Weapon: Quicksilver
    Attack:  38
    Attack%: 110
    Notes: Long Range Weapon
    Initial Armor: Silver Armlet
    Defense:   34
    Defense%:  4
    Magic Def: 22
    Description: Has the 2nd best initial equipment in the game.  Not
    only should that get your attention, his limits kick ass and will
    save yours alot.  The 2 limits you will need alot is Chaos and
    Death Gigas.  The reason Death Gigas is important is when you
    transform in this mode, YOUR MAX HP DOUBLES.  Very crucial
    for getting past annoying bosses like Jenova-Life.
    Initial Weapon: Spear
    Attack:  44
    Attack%: 97
    Initial Armor: Silver Armlet
    Defense:   46
    Defense%:  4
    Magic Def: 28
    Description: Has the best initial equipment in the game.  Although
    his limits are not as great as Vincent's, his are still good.  His
    last limit break, Highwind, does extreme damage and very useful
    near the end of the game.
    Well whether you like it or not Cloud will be in your party.  Also,
    unless you are very fortunate with items, Yuffie will be playing the
    role of the healer.  Now this leaves one space open for someone else.
    I personally think Vincent's transformations make him the top choice,
    but you might think otherwise.  Barret and Cid have very useful limit
    breaks so they should not be overlooked.  In this challenge, I would
    stay away from Tifa and Cait Sith, but this is just my opinion.
                               DIFFICULTY RANKINGS
    Difficulty rankings out of 10.
    	1. You will have to try to die
    	2. Pretty easy battle
    	3. Just attack and you should make it
    	4. Attack and heal when necessary. As long as your hp is high
    	you are fine
    	5. A little strategy will be needed attack and heal when
    	necessary.  The battle might be a little tricky
    	6. More strategy is needed and specific characters might need
    	to be used, be careful this will be hard	
    	7. Pretty hard. You might have to fight this boss a few times just
    	so you know what you are up against
    	8. Incredibly hard. You might need specific items or do
    	certain things in battle to have a chance		
    	9. I hope to God you saved recently because this guy is going to
    	piss you off.  You might have to fight this boss numerous
    	times and hope he doesn't use certain attacks on you
    	10. WTF. You must have used materia to beat him because there
    	is no possible way to beat him with this challenge.
    1) Why did you do this Walkthrough?
    I guess I was just bored.  I guess the real reason is Jon Masini said 
    it couldn't be done.
    2) Can you really do this challenge?
    Somehow I did it. I am not a god.
    3) What was the hardest part of the challenge?
    Not being able to use accessories.  Some bosses like Hojo and Twin 
    Heads were ridiculous.  I almost quit playing because Hojo was 
    driving me crazy.
    4) Do you have any other FAQ's?
    I made a Final Fantasy Mystic Quest item guide.  Small but good :)
    5) You can beat the game without getting the Chocobo Lure?
    Yes you can, you just have to be tricky about it. It will get 
    explained more when you reach that part in the FAQ.
    6) I need help with a boss can you help me?
    If the FAQ is not helping you out you might need levels or better 
    items.  If you are still having trouble you can send me an email and 
    I will try and help you out.
    7) Hey you can use the Water Ring to easily beat Jenova-Life.  Can you
    credit me with that strategy in your walkthrough?
    HELLO.  Did you read the title it says NO ACCESSORIES.  You would almost
    think that I am making up this question but sadly I am not.
    Area - Where is the location
    Boss - boss name; also might be a semi-boss or optional
    Strategy - What i used to beat it down
    My party(level)- Current level of what i was and my party
    Difficulty - On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest.
                                    DISC 1
    Change to Active mode in the options Menu and do not use any materia
    that is equipped(you cannot remove it yet)
    Area - Midgar Reactor 1
    Boss - Guard Scorpion (800 hp)
    Strategy - Just attack and heal with items if necessary, do not
    attack when its tail is up.
    My Party(level) -Cloud(7), Barret(6)
    Difficulty - 1 out of 10
    Once you get ready to go to Sector 5 you get access to the materia
    command.  Remove Cloud's materia now.  When you jump off the train
    you are supposed to head north, but if you keep heading south you can
    fight special Combatants over and over again.  You do not have to do
    this, but if you do it is a good place to level and stock up on
    grenades & antidotes.  Items are very important in this type of
    challenge and I would recommend this.
    Area - Midgar Reactor 5
    Boss - Air Buster (1200 hp)
    Strategy - If you attack him from the back it does a lot of damage.
    Of course when you do this, he counterattacks for a lot of damage but
    he wont be able to keep up with you.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(10), Barret (9), Tifa (8)
    Difficulty - 1 out of 10
    Area - Midgar Sewers
    Boss - Aous (1800 hp)
    Strategy - Nothing hard just keep attacking. Aeriths Healing Limit
    Break helps out alot.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(10), Aeris (6), Tifa (8)
    Difficulty - 2 out of 10
    Since items are important in this challenge I figured this would be a
    good aspect to mention.  Ghost's drop ghost hand and deenglow's drop
    graviball which are both nice items to have.
    Area - Midgar Sector 6 Plate Support
    Boss - Reno (1000 HP)
    Strategy - Attack the pyramid to break out of it. If you are healed
    up you can just attack him to death.
    My Party(level) -Cloud(11), Barret (10), Tifa (10)
    Difficulty - 1 out of 10
    Area - Shinra HQ Floor 68
    Boss - H0512 (1000 HP)
    Strategy - Ignore the little shits and attack the big guy in the
    back.  I starting using grenades because my party sucked at attacking
    plus it was half damage since he is in the back.
    My Party(level) - Cloud (12), Red XIII(12), Tifa (11)
    Difficulty - 3 out of 10
    These next 4 boss battles are in a row and you can't really prepare
    in the middle of any.  I suggest at this point you better start
    stocking up on items. At this point, you can get BrainPod's to drop
    Deadly Waste.  Deadly Waste is Bio2 which could help a lot for these
    battles. Also, The Vargid Police drop Phoenix Downs. Putting
    characters in Hyper mode helps too, like Aeris.
    Area - Shinra HQ Elevator
    Boss - Hundred Gunner (1600 HP)
    Strategy - The difficulty of this battle is all in the items. Only
    Barret can reach the boss so if you have a good stock of items this
    is a piece of cake.
    My Party(level) -Barret(11), RedXIII(12), Aeris(10)
    Difficulty - 4 out of 10
    Area - Shinra HQ Elevator
    Boss - Heligunner (1000 HP)
    Strategy - Not as much life but more deadly.  Again, if you got the
    items it is easy but if you don't, it is not looking good. Thank god
    for Aeris's Limit breaks.
    My Party(level) -Barret(11), RedXIII(12), Aeris(10)
    Difficulty - 4 out of 10
    Area - Shinra HP Top Floor
    Boss - Rufus Shinra (500 HP)
    Strategy - Alot easier then the other boss battles. In fact, about 3
    or 4 grenades will finish him off. Take out the dog first.
    My Party(level) - Cloud (13)
    Diffuculty - 2 out of 10
    Area - Midgar
    Boss - Motor Ball (2600 HP)
    Strategy - This battle is really difficult. If you have no items let
    for this guy, you are screwed. I brought Aeris along just for her
    healing limits to conserve items. Keep your HP over 200. To make this
    extremely easy, Hyper everyone.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(13), Aeris(10), Barret(12)
    Difficulty - 6 out of 10
                     YOU ARE NOW OUT OF MIDGAR, FINALLY.
    Area - Chocobo Farm Swamp
    Boss - Midgarsorm (4000 HP)
    Strategy - The midgarsorm is going to be tough because no chocobo
    lure is allowed.  The trick to beating him is with Barret's Mindblow
    limit break.  When you do this, it prevents him from casting Beta, so
    he is easier to beat.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(13), Aeris(11), Barret(12)
    Difficulty - 6 out of 10
    ********* Tip from double0nothing@yahoo.com ********************
    There is a way to get past the Midgar Zolom after making your way 
    through Midgar and Kalm. Mainly, what you have to do first is take a 
    few steps around in the southern part of the swamp to lure  the zolom 
    over to that area. Next get out and stay on the field as far east you 
    can get without falling in the swamp. Switch to Ground camera view here 
    and look around until the zolom is heading near the south edge of the 
    swamp. Quickly change the camera angle towards the cave entrance and 
    make a mad dash towards it. Watch as the zolom is just a second behind 
    Cloud as he hits the fielded area. This may take a couple of tries as 
    the aiming may be off but save right a step or two out of the swamp 
    and load after you get game over(you may be granted a few tries from 
    slamming down the L1 and R1 butonns as soon as the fight starts) I 
    found this on accident just strolling across trieing to make it through 
    without the zolom hitting me and I would've made it too had it been for 
    being a couple steps off my direction. I was also pissed becuase when i 
    did get caught I almost had him dead anyways but I ran out of Hi potions, 
    potions, and Phoenix Downs.
    ********* Tip from double0nothing@yahoo.com ********************
    If you decide to get Yuffie, remember to remove all materia on her.
    Just as a side note, if you like Aeris's healing ability you
    obviously realize you are going to lose her sooner or later.
    Yuffie's 2nd Level 1 limit break is the same as Aeris's, so If you
    like using Aeris as a healer, I suggest using Yuffie.
    Area - Lower Junon (Beach Area)
    Boss - Bottom Swell (2500 HP)
    Strategy - Just attack and nail it with grenades. Hyper Aeris so you
    can heal faster. This guy can do put your characters in a bubble
    which is really annoying.  The bad part is you need magic to break
    the bubble which he can't do. So you will have to let your characters
    die to use them again.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(15),Barret(14),Aeris(12)
    Difficulty - 5 out of 10
    Area - Cargo Ship
    Boss - Jenova-Birth (4000 HP)
    Strategy - Hyper everyone and just go limit crazy on Jenova. Be
    careful of Jenova's attacks, stay with high HP.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(15), Tifa(14), Aeris(12)
    Difficulty - 5 out of 10
    When you get Cait Sith, remove his materia. Cait Sith has a powerful
    initial weapon equipped and also very good initial armor so he could
    prove to be useful.
    Area - Corel Prison
    Boss - Dyne (1200 HP)
    Strategy - Use all the Molotov's you got on him because he can finish
    you off fast. Don't bother healing because it only takes 4. Be
    careful though, it is possible he can attack twice in a round.
    My Party(level) - Barret (16)
    Difficulty - 3 out of 10
    SAVE ONE X-POITION THAT YOU RECIEVE. It will make your life really
    easy.  If you don't have one yet you can get one in Gongaga (in a
    house) or Cosmo Canyon (at the inn) when you get there.
    Area - Gongaga
    Boss - Reno (2000 HP), Rude (2000 HP)
    Strategy - You only need to defeat one of them so concentrate your
    efforts on Rude.  It doesn't matter which one since they both have
    the same HP and seem to have the same defense.  The reason to beat
    rude is he drops a X-Potion which is a really good item.  In case you
    are wondering, Reno drops a good weapon but you can't use it anyway.
    To make this battle quick you can use some Molotov's.
    My Party(level) - Cloud (17), Aeris (16), Tifa (16)
    Difficulty - 2 out of 10
    Heavy Tanks in the Gongaga Meltdown Area give decent XP and Gil if
    you want to get some levels.  They also drop Hi-Potions.
    Sneaky Step drops M-Tentacle.  This item casts Bio2 on an opponent
    and is extremely valuable for later boss fights.  Try to get a couple
    (at least one).
    Area - Cave of the Gi
    Boss - Gi Nanataku (5500 HP)
    Strategy - Use an X-Potion on him and the battle is over.  Good thing
    you saved one of them. (Note: Curt also noted that a phoenix 
    down can also kill the boss instantly. The only downside is that the 
    phoenix down doesn't always work, but they are much more plentiful.)
    My Party(level) - Cloud(20),Red XIII(18),Tifa(20)
    Difficulty - 1 out of 10
    Area - Shinra Mansion
    Boss - Lost Number (7000 HP)
    Strategy - If you got M-Tentacles use them because they do sick
    damage and could poison him.  This guy rapes and you are in trouble
    for this guy. After the M-Tentacles nail this guy with Molotov's til
    he dies.  If you happen to poison him with something you can just
    defend and heal till he dies.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(21),Tifa(20),Aeris(19)
    Difficulty - 5 out of 10
    If you are having trouble beating Lost Number you do not have to beat
    him. The main reason to beat Lost Number in this walkthrough is so
    you can get Vincent.  If you will never use Vincent, this battle is a
    waste of your time. Vincent starts with awesome equipment, which might
    be to your advantage.  His initial weapon has 20 more attack and 14%
    more accuracy than Cloud's weapon. He has the strongest initial
    weapon and armor at this point and only one more person has a better
    equipment than him.
    *Alternate Strategy from Acid Angel 13 <angel_hammer13@yahoo.com>*
      His party: Cloud, Tifa, Aeris
      average party level 35  Limits: Cloud Lv.3, Tifa Lv.3, Aeris Lv.1
      Open with Aeris' Seal Evil to lock him up, then pound him with magic 
    items.  I used 2 M-Tentacles, an Earth Drum, and roughly 15 Bolt 
    Plumes.  This should make him turm red; When he does, unload Meteorain 
    on him.  For me, he dropped right there, but if he doesn't, use Tifa's 
    Reels to finish him off.
    Area - Nibel Mountains
    Boss - Materia Keeper (8400 HP)
    Strategy - Do not use fire items on him or Vincent's Level 1 limit
    break (if you use him for this battle) because Materia Keeper absorbs
    all fire type damage.  If you really want to use Vincent for this
    battle I would suggest getting his Level 2 limit break.  Everyone is
    going to need to be fury for this battle (or at least Aeris).  His
    Trine attack does close to 600 damage to everyone in the party and
    Hell Combo rapes one person so be careful.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(26),Vincent(26),Aeris(25)
    Difficulty - 5 out of 10
    Area - Rocket Town
    Boss - Palmer (6000 HP)
    Strategy - If you have made it this far in the challenge, this boss
    is a joke.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(27),Vincent(27),Yuffie(23)
    Difficulty - 3 out of 10
    Cid is the best player in the game for this challenge.  He has the
    best initial armor and weapon.
    CHECK OUT WUTAI'S ITEM SHOP.  You can get some sweet attack items in
    the shop like Bolt3 and Fire3. I suggest buying alot of these because
    you need all the decent items you can get.
    Area - Wutai Mountains
      Boss - Rapus (6000 HP)
      Strategy - Oh No you can't use materia. I went into this battle
      with all my limit breaks ready because the enemies here make it
      easy to do that because this boss does not mess around.  He has
      many attacks and one or two of them might instant kill your member
      because of the high damage it causes.  Just attack or throw Swift
      Bolts at the boss. This guy will piss you off.  I think this boss
      took me about 6 or 7 tries to take him down.
      (Alternate Strategy)- If you use Barret's Lv.1 Mindblow limit break,  
      it will really cripple Rapus's magic. So if you are having trouble
      with my strategy, this one is a good one too. (Credit to Zevgun)
      My Party(level) - Cloud(28),Vincent(28),Aeris(27)
      Difficulty - 7 out of 10
    When you get back on the World Map, you are going to have to remove
    all your materia that was automatically equipped. You can try the
    Padoga fights if you want, but I suggest avoiding optional battles.
    All you get really is Yuffie's Level 4 limit break, but you probably
    won't use it because you need to keep her limit break on Level 1 for
    healing purposes.
    When you do the battle arena for the Keystone, you do not need to win
    any fights to win it.  So to conserve items, I suggest you die in the
    first round.
    Area - Temple of the Ancients
    Boss - Red Dragon (6800 HP)
    Strategy - This guy isn't that bad if you can keep your hp high.  His
    attacks will make your limit breaks go crazy. He does alot of damage,
    but you have faced worse bad guys.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(32),Aeris(30),Vincent(31)
    Difficulty - 5 out of 10
    Area - Temple of the Ancients
    Boss - Demon's Gate (10000 HP)
    Strategy - Hyper everyone for this battle. This guy has a lot of HP
    but isn't as bad as he seems.  He does a decent amount of damage but
    this is what I did.  I put Cloud and Aeris in the back row and I put
    Vincent in the front.  With Cloud and Aeris in the back row they don't
    take a lot of damage and can throw items and heal easy.  With Vincent
    using his 2nd limit break, he has so much HP he is almost impossible
    to kill.
    My Party(level) -Cloud(32),Aeris(31),Vincent(32)
    Difficulty - 5 out of 10
    Area - Forgotten City
    Boss - Jenova-LIFE (10000 HP)
    Strategy - As most battles, I test out stuff and see how it goes.  My
    first time I got raped in 35 seconds by Aqualung.  Pretty much I
    think you will die anytime Aqualung is cast, but thank god Jenova
    doesn't cast it often.  This boss is really easy except when that
    spell is casted.  I got hit on my 2nd attempt very late with Aqualung
    and only Vincent survived because he had 3000+ HP.  Only problem was
    he was transformed so I could not heal.  I ended up beating Jenova
    with 40/3226 which means I got extremely lucky. I love you Vincent.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(33),Yuffie(28),Vincent(32)
    Difficulty - 8 out of 10
                                    DISC 2
    This is one of the first times I will mention a dungeon, but Gaea's
    Cliff is really hard.  Watch out for Stilv's because their magic
    breath attack can kill you instantly.  Its attack did 2500 damage to
    everyone which was almost double some of my characters HP.
    For the upcoming boss fight I was having a lot of difficulty, I would
    recommend getting some levels near the heal point to have a better
    Area - Gaea's Cliff
    Boss - Twinheads (18000 HP)
    Strategy - This boss is by far one of the top 3 hardest bosses in the
    game.  He does serious damage to one or all characters and will be
    hard to heal from.  Make sure you are ready for this battle because
    this one will take a while.  I was using items like crazy.  First, I
    used a Hero Drink on Yuffie then I was using Megalixirs and X-Potions
    because I couldn't keep up with the damage.  This battle took an
    incredible amount of attempts so you are going to need to keep your
    patience for this one.  The main problem is that 2 attacks in a row
    could kill Yuffie and she is the main healer, so you need to get her
    HP above 1900.  If you are really having problems with this boss
    fight, go back to the save point and level up around the healing
    spring.  I think I had to gain about 5 or 6 levels on everyone to
    have a chance.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(43),Yuffie(40),Vincent(43)
    Difficulty - 9 out of 10
    *Alternate Strategy from Acid Angel 13<angel_hammer13@yahoo.com>*
      My party: Cloud, Cid, Yuffie
      levels: Cloud 51, Cid 48, Yuffie 46  Limits: Cloud Lv.3, Cid Lv.3-1, 
    Yuffie Lv. 1-2
      *Bring lots of Fire Veils and X-Potions (Wutai and surrounding area)
      Start with Dragon Dive and Meteorain, then stick to normal attacks on 
    Schizo Right (the fire breathing side, not the ice breathing side) 
    until your Limits are up again (which won't be long).  Use Yuffie 
    solely for healing and don't be stingy with X-Potions; survive and you 
    can cruise back to Wutai and get more (the little moth critters you 
    randomly fight drop them).
      Continue to drill him with Limits until (hopefully) Schizo Right goes 
    down.  Heal from his final attack and start throwing Fire Veils and 
    Limits at Schizo Left.  Keep your HP up (over 1500, at least) to 
    survive his final attack.  Nothing to it! (Okay, that's an 
    understatement, but any brawl you can crawl away from...)
    Area - Whirlwind Maze
    Boss - Jenova-DEATH (25000 HP)
    Strategy - Jenova can silence you, but that isn't going to do much
    against you.  This boss has a lot of hp, but isn't anywhere as hard as
    the last boss battle.  If you made it past the Twinheads, this boss
    shouldn't be much of a threat.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(43),Yuffie(40),Tifa(33)
    Difficulty - 7 out of 10
    You can buy S-Mine's at Fort Condor.  These are very nice in combat
    and i recommend always having a stock of these for the remainder of
    the game.
              Getting Omnislash *Section submitted by Acid Angel 13*
    You didn't go after Omnislash in your guide, and I can see why, but 
    here's how to get it (relatively) easily:
    First, you need to level up, a lot. To stand a chance, you need to be 
    at Lv70, at least.  Before you go into the Battle Square, get 99 of 
    each-Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Hyper, Remedy, each of the individual status 
    cures (antidote, cornucopia, ect.) note that echo screens are
    pointless, S-mines, Fire Veils, and Swift Bolts.  Also try to have
    plenty (10-20) Dragon Scales and M-Tentacles.  These are extremely 
    important as D.Scales basically cast Aqualung, which is brutally 
    powerful against anything (Adamantiose, found on the beaches north of 
    Wutai drop these), and M-Tentacles (and possibly Deadly Wastes) cause 
    instant death to some of the more annoying foes you'll be up against.
    What you want to do is set Cid's limit to level 1 and use him.  At
    Lv70 Cid OWNS the Battle Arena. Try to use Cid's brute strength and 
    limits instead of items, and try to land the slots on what are usually 
    the most debilitating handicaps (broken acc., broken materias...)  
    Break your weapon or armor and you're pretty much done.
    Once Cid wins two complete sets (all 8 rounds), you should have about 
    23,000 Battle points, if you scored good handicaps (Break All Materia 
    on the last round will make BP skyrocket).
    At this point (23,000 BP), the game starts to be really cheap with 
    its enemy choices.  Switch to Cloud, using his L3 limit and abuse 
    Finishing Touch.  Fight as long as you can and always, ALWAYS, duck 
    out after the 7th roud (if you get that far).  NEVER fight the last 
    battle, you'll end up agaist a Marlboro, Ochu, or that damned 
    Ghost Ship...  All 3 of these guys will eat you for lunch and
    you'll forfiet all your BP for that round, as well as any items you 
    used.  You'll be bringing down 2-4 thousand BP for each 7 round stint 
    (usually), and you'll gradually get to 32,000.
    Is it worth it?  Omnislash nails any group or single enemy 15 or 16 
    times with a high critical rate and deals over 2000 damage per shot at 
    Lv70.  Thats 30,000 HP from a single target, plenty enough to 
    slaughter Hojo in a single shot.  So, I'd say, yeah, yeah it is.
    Notable enemies:  The 8-Eyes (they look like Jell-o molds with 
    eyeballs all over them) can absorb several hundred, or even thousand, 
    HP from your charcter per turn, and they appear in sets of 2.  But 
    they are ridiculously weak to Bio; toss a M-Tentacle at them and they 
    go bye bye.
    Jezemny (long haired girl in a one-piece)  There's two versions of 
    her; one appears with a group of Toxic Frogs and one with Wind Wing 
    (a dragon type, looks like a miniature version of the Rapps boss).  
    She can use Fascinate (confuse) on your guy, which is potentially 
    fatal, especially when she pulls it every round.  Luckily, she, too, 
    is weak to Bio. (Note that Toxic Frogs ABSORB Bio, but they only take 
    1 hit to wipe out.  Deal with the tramp first).
    Tonberry.  Rare, but will most certainly end you.
    Ghost Ship. Everybody hates this cheap bastard.  For some reason, 
    though, I came up against him in my first battle set with Cid, and it 
    never used Gonnani against me.
    Serpent.  My favorite. Simply fall back and defend until the idiot 
    uses its stock of MP (this takes a while though).  Use limits when 
    you get them, and keep healing.  Once its MP are gone, it just 
    floats there and you can pound it at your leisure.
    Area - Fort Condor
    Boss - Cmd. Grandhorn (8000 HP)
    Strategy - Just attack this guy and heal when needed.  Piece of cake
    from what you are used to
    My Party(level) - Cid(34),Vincent(44),Yuffie(41)
    Difficulty - 3 out of 10
    Area - Mideel
    Boss - Ultima Weapon (10000 HP)
    Strategy - Throw a bunch of S-Mines at this guy until he runs away.
    You need to be fast so Ultima Weapon cannot get any serious attacks
    on you.
    My Party(level) - Cid(36),Yuffie(42),Vincent(44)
    Difficulty - 4 out of 10
    Area - Undersea Reactor
    Boss - Carry Armor Body (24000 HP), Carry Armor Arms (10000 HP)
    Strategy - Swift Bolts. This guy is weak against lightning, and Swift
    Bolts targets everything.  You will need about 17 for a victory, so
    just last that long.  Also transform Vincent with his Level 2 limit
    break.  This will give him sick hp, plus his 2nd attack is lightning
    based. Even though he has a nice weakness, this guy is not easy.  He
    can rip you apart pretty fast so be quick in this battle.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(44),Yuffie(43),Vincent(45)
    Difficulty - 5 out of 10
    Area - Rocket Town
    Boss - Rude (9000 HP)
    Strategy - This is a joke. This battle is nothing you can't handle.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(45),Yuffie(44),Cid(40)
    Difficulty - 4 out of 10
    This part is optional.  You do not have to go to the Downed Shinra
    Plane and I would really not recommend it.  The reason I chose to go
    there is for the elixir, 2 megalixirs, and for the walkthrough.  If
    you feel you do not need them, don't go.
    Area - Downed Shinra Plane
    Boss - Reno (15000 HP), Rude (20000 HP)
    Strategy - Take out Reno first because his new weapon confuses you.
    Really this is the biggest pain of the battle.  Once you take out
    Reno, this battle is pretty much over.  Throw S-mines or attack and
    this battle is yours.  I actually got Vincent's level 4 limit break
    and used Chaos in battle.  This made the battle a complete joke.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(45),Yuffie(45),Vincent(47)
    Difficulty - 4 out of 10
    For your information, once you beat the Turks, the treasure chest you
    first run into is a Megalixir.  This is the only thing that is useful
    in this walkthrough, so you can leave after you get it.
    Area - Outside Midgar
    Boss - Diamond Weapon (50000 HP)
    Strategy - Diamond weapon attacks do not cause a lot of damage.  This
    boss is more defensive than offensive.  The only attack that does not
    qualify is his Diamond Flash Attack.  This attack, even if you have
    max HP, will devastate your party but at least it can't kill you (I
    think it takes of 90% of your current HP).  The only easy part about
    this attack is you know when it is coming since he has a countdown.
    Since this attack can't kill you, it will max everyone's overdrives,
    allowing you to heal. If Yuffie is ready to heal each time after the
    attack, this boss will die like the rest.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(46),Vincent(47),Yuffie(45)
    Difficulty - 7 out of 10
    When you face the Turks you are given a choice of what you want to
    occur because the next battle is optional.  If you choose No, let's
    not go, no battle will occur.  The choice is yours. I prefer not to
    fight just because it makes your life easier and they dont give
    anything that good. Although people might frown against it, I think
    it is foolish to waste really good items that could be saved for
    later. If you do want to fight just start throwing out Swift Bolt's
    to nail them all.  I think it takes around 13-15 to start knocking
    people out.
    Area - Midgar Sector 8
    Boss - Proud Clod (60000 HP), Proud Clod Armor (20000 HP)
    Strategy - I will first point out to not attack the armor.  Attacking
    the armor is just for increasing magical damage.  Since we cannot use
    materia, we will not focus any efforts on it.  Be careful when Proud
    Clod drops on its knees because it does moderate damage.  Besides
    that, this boss isn't that hard.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(50),Yuffie(51),Vincent(51)
    Difficulty - 5 out of 10
    Be prepared for these next 3 battles because they are all in a row.
    The first two do not pose much of a threat, but the last one is
    extremely deadly and will be the hardest boss you have faced so far.
    Level up if you have to.
    Area - Midgar Sister Ray
    Boss - Hojo (13000 HP)
    Strategy - This isn't that bad.  Just attack and heal and you will be
    fine.  Ignore the creatures around him.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(51),Yuffie(51),Vincent(52)
    Difficulty - 4 out of 10
    Area - Midgar Sister Ray
    Boss - Helletic Hojo (26000 HP)
    Strategy - This battle is a little harder but still nothing to worry
    about.  Just make sure you keep your HP high so you can go into the
    final form with full strength.  Don't worry about Hojo's limbs.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(51),Yuffie(51),Vincent(52)
    Difficulty - 5 out of 10
    Area - Midgar Sister Ray
    Boss - Lifeform-Hojo (30000 HP)
    Strategy - This battle will really piss you off and he is right up
    there with Twinheads.  Hojo's main attack is a combo which does a
    decent amount of damage, but the problem with this attack is at the
    end it causes the victim to fall asleep.  Also, Hojo can cast Slow on
    your party which makes this even worse.  If you get nailed by the
    combo, just remedy the person so they can continue combat.  Toss
    whatever S-Mines you got and burn the bastard. You should try to keep
    track of Hojo's HP because if you get him really low you should
    concentrate more on killing him then healing dead or sleeping party
    My Party(level) - Cloud(51),Yuffie(51),Vincent(52)
    Difficulty - 9 out of 10
       *Alternate Strategy from Acid Angel 13 <angel_hammer13@yahoo.com>*
    Party: Cloud Lv75, L4 limit; Cid Lv76, L4 limit; Yuffie Lv76, L1 limit
    Simply pound Hojo's first 2 forms with S-mines. Use Yuffie to heal.
    Try to time your killing blow on form 2 so that Cloud's turn is up
    first, and unload Omnislash as soon as you get to.  Use Cid's Highwind
    if you have to, but you shouldn't.
                                    DISC 3
    The first thing that is a must is we need to get levels ASAP.  I do
    not care how good you are, when Sephiroth casts Shadow Flare at you,
    you will die.  I think you will need to be at least 80 just to have
    enough HP to survive the attack. I think the HP total is 8,000 to
    survive, I don't remember.
    I went to Mideel and started leveling up around that area to get all
    my characters to level 80.  They are really easy to beat because all
    you need is 2 Swift Bolts (or another level 3 spell) to kill them
    all.  They give really good exp and money that will help you fund
    anything you will need. Since you can buy S-Mines, they are one of
    the best offensive items you will be able to buy.  You can pick these
    up at Wutai.  As for healing items, you are mainly going to have to
    rely on Yuffie's Limit Break.  If you want to get some extra
    X-Potions you can get some from the Scissors and Gargoyle's at the
    Final Dungeon first area.
    As for the final dungeon, RUN AWAY.  You should not get in any
    unnecessary battles because you will need everything you have.
    Sephiroth and Jenova are extremely hard and they are like nothing you
    have faced.  You can fight if you want, I am just warning you.
    Area - Everywhere
    Boss - Ultima Weapon (100000 HP)
    Strategy - Actually this battle isn't that hard.  The only hard part
    is following him around the whole world trying to kill him.  The only
    thing that sucks is when you beat him he casts Shadow Flare which
    will kill a character of yours.
    My Party(level) - Cloud(88),Vincent(89),Yuffie(90)
    Difficulty - 4 out of 10
    When you beat the Ultima Weapon, you now have access to the Ancient
    Forest.  There is an elixir in the forest and that is the only item
    in there that you can use.  Just wanted to add that for anyone
    wanting more elixirs.
    For the final dungeon I would recommend going down the top left path.
    The reason for this is the enemies here are the least of your
    problems.  Create a save point at the end of the maze where all 3
    connect then go back and get the other items if you can.  There are
    a lot of elixirs and megalixirs in this dungeon which will be very
    useful for you.
    Right Route - 1 Elixir, 1 Speed Source, 2 Megalixirs
    Top Left Route - Hero Drink (VERY IMPORTANT, it raises all your stats)
    Bottom Left Route - 1 Elixir, 2 X-Potions
    If you send Vincent or Yuffie to the right, you will get a
    Megalixir from each of them.
    For the final 3 bosses I used Yuffie's Level 1 limit break to heal,
    Cloud's Level 3 limit break for Meteorain, and Vincent's Level 4
    limit break for Chaos.  You should use Vincent because when he
    transforms, he is a badass.  Also, if Cid is a high level he could be
    very useful too.
    Area - Final Dungeon
    Boss - Jenova Synthesis (60000 HP), Left Arm & Right Arm  (10000 HP)
    Strategy - Actually not that hard. If you got some limit breaks ready
    it will kill off Jenova's arm really fast and then you can just
    attack her at your own pace.  Don't use any items because you will
    need them later.
    My Party -  Cloud(90),Vincent(92),Yuffie(92)
    Difficulty - 5 out of 10
    Area - Final Dungeon
    Boss - Bizzaro Sephiroth (40000 HP), Core (10000 HP)
    Strategy - I didn't list the other parts because they have 4000 HP or
    less.  Take out the right arm first then do the left arm.  These arms
    have deadly attacks and if you take them out it will make your life
    a lot easier.  After that, start working on the core and the
    head.  The head will keep reviving but it usually only takes 2 or 3
    attacks to kill it again.  Just make sure you have decent HP but do
    not worry too much because his attacks aren't serious.  Again, save
    your items for the next fight.
    My Party - Cloud(91), Vincent(93),Yuffie(93)
    Difficulty - 6 out of 10
    *Alternate Strategy from Acid Angel 13 <angel_hammer13@yahoo.com>*
    My party: Cloud Lv.96, limit L4; Cid Lv.96, limit L4; Yuffie Lv.96 
    limit L3
     Ironically, tyour most powerful weapon in this fight is a support 
    item.  Use a Lunar Curtain on Bizarro to cast MBarrier on him.  
    This halves the effect of his restorative magic, but doesn't affect 
    the damage dealt by magic items.  From there, assault him with Dragon 
    Scales, which should hit for 2000+ HP to all targets.  Use limits when 
    they come up, X-Potions to heal single party members, Megalixers for 
    everyone.  If you last long enough, Sephiroth will use up his MP, and 
    can no longer use Demi3.  Keep MBarrier up on him constantly, watch 
    your HP, and pour it on.  This is one pain in the ass long fight.
    Area - Final Dungeon
    Boss - Safer Sephiroth (80000 HP)???
    Strategy - First of all I do not know if that is the right HP amount.
    I was keeping track but I lost count. Sephiroth has a pattern with
    all his spells though. His pattern is Wall, (ascends), Shadow Flare,
    Pale Horse, Supernova, Break, (Descends), Despell, Deen, and then
    repeated again.  Even though Super Nova rapes, it cannot kill you, so
    remember that.  Although Break can kill you right after it.
    Sometimes you can just accept death for certain characters and just
    throw out S-Mines the whole time.  A trick I figured out is make sure
    Cloud is hypered for the Super Nova.  After this is cast, Cloud will
    have a limit break and then you can unleash it own him.  Each
    Meteorain takes off 10,000-13,000 HP so this is a good trick (if you 
    have Omnislash it probably does really sick damage).  If you
    have Yuffie in hyper mode, she will constantly get her limit break but 
    that will not be good enough since it only heals half your HP.  
    Usually, whoever gets Break after the SuperNova will die because it 
    does 6,000 damage.  Just remember to do that trick with Cloud and you 
    should be fine.  As a side note, bring a porno magazine or something 
    because you will need to entertain yourself during every SuperNova 
    My Party - Cloud(91),Vincent(93),Yuffie(93)
    Difficulty - 10 out of 10
    *Alternate Strategy from Acid Angel 13 <angel_hammer13@yahoo.com>*
    My party: Cloud Lv.96, limit L4; Cid Lv.96, limit L4; Yuffie Lv.96
    limit L3
    Sephiroth's first move will be to cast Wall on himself.  Yours 
    should be to use a Lunar Curtain on the party.  Then, in order, use 
    a Light Curtain, Hyper Cloud (if he isn't), and feed Cloud ALL of 
    the Hero Drinks you have.  ALL OF THEM!!
    When Super Nova comes up, have the next available party member ready 
    with a Megalixer.  If that happens to be Cloud, switch to someone 
    else, if possible.
    As soon as Super Nova is over, mash the confirm button to get that 
    Megalixer in your guys before Break happens.
    If Super Nova occurs before you get through the above steps, especially 
    giving Cloud your Hero Drinks, DO THAT before using the Limit that 
    Cloud now has.
    Are you ready for this?  Sephiroth's ultimate attack, Super Nova,
    is his undoing.  Cloud now has a full Limit and several Hero Drinks in 
    him.  So drop Omnislash on Seph, sit back, and enjoy the ending.
    Congratulations, you beat the game on a very hard challenge.  You
    deserve the final sequence.
    Me - Duh!
    Squaresoft - Making this excellent game. Without the game this
    document couldn't be possible
    CJayC - For allowing this document on GameFAQ's.
    Jon Masini - Convincing me to do this walkthrough.
    Zevgun - For contributing the tip on Rapus and also making me aware of 
    Barret's Lv. 1 Mind Shot. I can't believe I forgot about this limit 
    break, it is very useful in this challenge.
    Christian "Killer" Reid - Fr prof reding my papr.
    Evan Weatherly  - For being the first person to complete my challenge. 
    Curt - For the alternate strategy of beating the Cave of the Gi 
    boss with a phoenix down.
    Acid Angel 13 <angel_hammer13@yahoo.com> - For the alternate strategy 
    for beating Lost Number and Twinheads (very grateful because it is one 
    of the hardest). Also, For his easy way to getting omnislash and for 
    providing and extra way to beating Hojo and Sephiroth.
    double0nothing@yahoo.com - For a tip of getting past the Midgar Zolom
                                 FINAL WORDS
    Well I guess this is it.  If there is anything you have a question
    about or something is wrong with my FAQ, feel free to send me an
    email and slam me down.  I really hope you enjoyed this challenge and
    got one more use out of the game. Also, if you want to add something
    send me an email and I will put it in.
    I also started making my web page http://pubpages.unh.edu/~mls8
    If you want to help me out with information for that or help fix
    mistakes I made on that feel free to do so.
    I also was going to add that I really appreciate all the tips and
    alternate strategies I have received.  I am glad that people are
    actually attempting the challenge and see that I am not a God nor or
    all my strategies the best.
    Written by: Michael Simmons
    Email: Roughdawg4@hotmail.com
    Copyright @2004
     Final Fantasy VII: Initial Equip/No Materia,Accessories FAQ by Roughdawg4
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