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    Command-Only Challenge FAQ by Acid Angel 13

    Version: 1.50 | Updated: 12/21/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy VII Command Only Challenge
    Copyright Acid Angel 13     2005
    ver 1.50
    ii   THE RULES
    iii  FAQ's
    ix   THANKS
    x    LEGAL STUFF
    ************************************  i   ********************************
       I love this game...
       There is no way around it.  After, what, almost ten years?, I can STILL
    play it every two months and not tire of it.  I tell people if someone
    were to break into my home, steal EVERYTHING I own, minus one of my
    Playstation decks, my TV, and one of my copies of the game, I'd probably
    not notice.
       And, once I did notice, I simply would not care...
       Final Fantasy VII...
       Some people visit their families, hang out with friends.  Cloud, Tifa,
    Aeris... They are my family.  Barret, Red XII, Cid... They are my friends.
    I know, it's pathetic and sad; But, if it gets the point across, if it
    offers any insight on the impact this game has had, still has, always will
    have on my poor excuse for a life, then it works.
       Alas, a game that's been around so long, a game that has so many fans,
    has been explored, beaten, re-explored, and exploited to a point that a
    guy like myself can't contribute anything in its tribute.
       Until now.
       What you read now is my own attempt to contribute something to the
    Final Fantasy VII legacy.  As with all of my guides (as of now, only one
    other exists; However, this will remain my policy ad infinitum), this
    guide was composed WHILE playing, so the information presented should
    be 100% accurate.  Specifically, this guide was written using the
    notoriously inaccurate Bradygames Official Guide as sort of a roadmap, 
    from which I laid out the basic strategies and events BEFORE I actually
    reached them during gameplay.  These basics were then checked and revised
    as I reached the set points, therefore producing the unique and guide-
    specific information presented here.
       There are guides, FAQs, lists, challenges upon challenges for FFVII.
    In the case of the latter, this is simply another.  Now, this game in its
    own right is not terribly difficult, so the term 'challenge' actually
    translates to "a reason to play this masterpiece again".
       For those of you who need a reason...
    ************************************  ii  ********************************
       i:  Only Command (yellow) materia may be used.  Prior to obtaining
           Command materias, only the default action commands 'Attack' and
           'Item' can be used.  Command materias include:
           -Enemy Skill
           -2x/4x Cut
           -Slash All/Flash
           -W Item
           -The materias W-Summon and W-Magic are Command type as well, but
            serve no purpose in this challenge.
           -The Mime materia cannot be obtained without a chocobo, and 
            Chocobo Lure, an Independent (purple) materia, cannot be used.
      **NOTE**: There is ONE exception to this rule (and it isn't what you
           think), which may ONLY be used under extremely specific conditions
           for a very limited time.  This will be laid out in detail later.
      ii:  You may equip W-Summon/W-Magic if you choose, but why?
     iii:  At the beginning of the game, Cloud has two magic materia equipped.
           The magic command MAY NOT be used, and these materia must be
           removed and trashed as soon as the option is available.
           Subsequent characters entering the party with materia must have
           said materia (minus Command type) removed and trashed.
      iv:  Non-Command type materia CAN NOT be equipped and sold later for a
           profit.  No Non-Command type materia is allowed in the materia bag
           at any time.  Found materia must be discarded at the time of 
       v:  Just because you have W-Item, it doesn't mean you can use the
           W-Item cheat to max out potions and such in your inventory.
           Here's a hint: If it says "cheat" in the name, IT IS CHEATING!!!
           In the case a preparing to take on the Weapons, and during the
           Ruby Weapon fight, however, use of this cheat is acceptable...
    ***********************************  iii  ********************************
    FAQS (that I made up)
       Q:  Can this be done?       
       A:  Sure.  In fact, probably with a relatively small degree of
           difficulty.  The level of the challenge is based more on the level
           of the characters, so how hard it is is, ultimately, up to the
           player (that would be you.)
       Q:  Is this challenge more difficult than (insert challenge title
       A:  As previously stated, the difficulty of this (or any other FF7
           challenge, for that matter) resides with the player.  In terms of
           comparasin, this challenge WILL get progressively easier as the
           game proceeds, if you choose to take advantage of all the game
           provides.  In the beginning, you will be limited to Attack and
           Item, the default commands, and will be, essentially, playing a
           'No Materia' game.  Once you start building an arsenal of Enemy
           Skills (the only magic you will be allowed), the difficulty will
           drop signifigantly.  By the time you acquire 2x(4x) Cut and Slash
           All, it's likely you won't notice much difference from a normal
    ************************************  iv  ********************************
    HELPFUL TIPS (or, Some Stuff You May Have Forgotten)
        i:  Pick up AT LEAST three of the four Enemy Skill materias.  Enemy
            Skill is the ONLY magic you will be allowed, and certain Skills,
            such as Big Guard and White Wind will be nearly essential for
            completing the game.       
       ii:  Remember, without Restore, Potions are your only way of curing
            until Enemy Skill comes along, and Phoenix Downs are like gold,
            since there is no E. Skill equivalent of Life.  (CORRECTION: There
            is, in fact, an Enemy Skill version of Life- Life 2, specifically.
            Angel Whisper retores a KO'd party member to full HP, as well as
            restoring all HP to a non-KO'd member, and erases all status
            effects.  However, as this skill becomes available so late in the
            game, the above statement remains, effectively, true.)  Thanks to
            everybody who reminded me of this.
      iii:  When learning a new Enemy Skill, remember that any materia having
            that particular skill on it will negate the learning effect on any
            other E. Sill on the same character.  Confused?  If Cloud is
            wearing 3 Enemy Skills, one of which has Aqualung, and he tries to
            learn Aqualung, the skill WILL NOT be picked up because Cloud
            already has it.  In other words, spread out your Enemy Skills (pay
            attention to the guide; I will direct you on how to place materias
            when it comes time to get Skills in tricky situations.)
       iv:  Save often.  That's your only warning.
    ***********************************   v   ********************************
       This is sort of an extension of the Helpful Hints section.  Basically,
       I will offer advice on how to use and who to equip with certain
       materias in order to help you advance.  Mind you, these are simply MY
       personal preferences, and are in no way absolutely neccesary to
       complete this challenge.
        i. Keep an Enemy Skill on EVERY character in the main party (once you
           have enough, of course)
       ii. On that note, learn Enemy Skills AS SOON as possible, and keep all
           of your materias updated (i.e. all having the same magics 
      iii. Steal vs Mug:  Personally, I prefer Steal.  It's a control thing;
           Basically, I prefer to be able to make steal attempts without
           causing damage, allowing me to try to steal until I get an item
           without fear of killing the enemy first.  However, Mug is a great
           'alternative' maens of dealing damage, as it always hit, unlike
       iv. 2x/4x Cut vs Slash All/Flash:  Again, personal preference.  I
           like 2x/4x Cut, because, though targeting is random in normal
           battles, in boss fights, it deals 4 hits to a single target.
           Since most or all bosses are immune to Instant Death attacks, the 
           advantage over Flash is obvious.  Also notew that Flash doesn't
           cause damage to bosses; Only Slash-All will.  My advice: Have 
           2x/4x on your hardest hitting party member, Slash-All on another.
        v. Deathblow: The nature of Deathblow is random, however, unlike 
           2x/4x Cut and Slash All/Flash, it does not replace the 'Attack'
           command, thus making D.Blow an alternative to Limits.  Almost
           essential if you plan on using Vincent for extended periods.
       vi. Keep the main party outfitted with the best weapons and armor.
           Because of the limited amout of materia allowed, number of slots
           should not be a concern.
      vii. Remember you are not playing a standard game; In fact, for the
           first portion of the game, you will be playing a No Materia game.
           This requires your levels to be slightly higher than the normal
           recommended amount until you have enough Enemy Skills to 
           compensate.  I will suggest gaining levels at certain points in
           the walkthrough, up to a recommended point, but they are only
     viii. Without Independent materia, you cannot use Chocobo Lure.  Without
           that, you cannot catch a chocobo.  Without the bird, you cannot
           get the Mime materia, and, without Mime, you CANNOT get a Master
           Command.  The only exception is to earn one by defeating Emerald
           Weapon, or get a chocobo by killing Ruby Weapon.
    ***********************************  vi    *******************************
       In this section, I will list the 24 Enemy Skills in the order they
       appear in the in-game menu.  Below the list is a chart listing how to
       get each skill, and a rank describing its usefulness.
       Frog Song                       L4 Suicide
       Magic Hammer                    White Wind
       Big Guard                       Angel Whisper
       Dragon Force                    Death Force
       Flame Thrower                   Laser
       Matra Magic                     Bad Breath
       Beta                            Aqualung
       Trine                           Magic Breath
       ????                            Goblin Punch
       Chocobuckle                     L5 Death
       Death Sentence                  Roulette
       Shadow Flare                    Pandora's Box
    The below chart is divided as follows:
    Name- Name of Enemy Skill, obviously
    Enemy- Enemy that uses it; Bosses are marked with (B)
    Location- Where to find the enemy
    Manip.- Y or N; Whether or not the enemy must be Manipulated;
          If there is a ?, I honestly don't know; If there is a -,
          the enemy is a Boss and cannot be Manipulated, or a special
          method must be used (see the * notes below)
    Rank- 0-5; How useful the skill is:
       0- Absolutely USELESS
       1- You won't miss it if you don't get it
       2- You might use it once in a while
       3- Fairly useful in certain situations
       4- Pretty helpful to have
       5- You can't live without it
      NOTE: Ranking is based on MY opinion.  Don't send me hate mail because
            you hate Beta or use Dragon Force religiously.
    NAME           ENEMY              LOCATION               MANIP.  RANK
    Frog Song      Touch Me           Cosmo Forest           N       3      
                   Toxic Frog         Temple of Ancients     N
    L4 Suicide     Mu                 Chocobo Farm area      N       0
                   Trick Play         Icicle Area            N
    Magic Hammer   Razor Weed         Wutai                  ?       5
    White Wind     Wind Wing          Whirlwind Maze         Y       5
                   Zemzelett          Condor Mt.             Y
    Big Guard      Beach Plug         Costa Del Sol beach    Y       5
                   Wolfmeister(B)     Coal Train             ?
    Angel Whisper  Pollensalta        Northern Crater        Y       2
    Dragon Force   Blue Dragon        Gaea's Cliff           ?       1
                   Dark Dragon        Northern Crater        Y
    Death Force    Adamantaimai       Wutai beaches          Y       1
    Flame Thrower  Ark Dragon         Mythril Mine           N       3
                   Dragon             Mt. Nibel              N
    Laser          Bullmotor          Desert Prison          N       3
                   Dark Dragon        Northern Crater        N
                   Death Claw         Desert Prison          N
    Matra Magic    Bullmotor          Desert Prison          N       1
                   Custom Sweeper     Midgar area            N
                   Death Machine      Junon                  N
    Bad Breath     Marlboro           Gaea's Cliff           N       4
    Beta           Midgar Zolom       Midgar Swamp           N       5
    Aqualung       Jenova LIFE(B)     City of the Ancients   -       4
                   Harpy              Gold Saucer desert     N
                   Serpent            Downed Gelinka         N
    Trine          Materia Keeper(B)  Mt. Nibel              -       2
                   Godo(B)            Wutai Pagoda           -
                   Stilva             Gaea's Cliff           N
    Magic Breath   Stilva             Gaea's Cliff           N       2
    ????           Jersey             Shinra Mansion         N       0
                   Behemoth           Midgar underground     N
    Goblin Punch   Goblin             Goblin Island          N       1
    Chocobuckle    Chocobo (Lv 4)     Chocobo tracks         -*     N/A
    L5 Death       Parasite           Nothern Crater         N       0
    Death Sentence Bound Fat          Bone Village           N       1 
                   Gi Spector         Cave of the Gi         N
                   Sneaky Step        Cave of the Gi         N
    Roulette       Death Dealer       Northern Crater        N       0
    Shadow Flare   Ultimate Weapon(B) above Cosmo Canyon     -       4
                   Dragon Zombie      Northern Crater        N
                   Safer Sephiroth(B) Northern Crater        -
    Pandora's Box  Dragon Zombie      Northern Crater        ?       4
    *In order to get Chocobuckle, you must first encounter a Chocobo with a
      Level multiple of 4, give it Mimmet Greens, then hit it with L4 Suicide
      (impossible in this challenge)
    Magic Hammer- I'm not sure if you HAVE to Manipulate for this skill
    Big Guard (Wolfmeister)- Can Wolfmeister be Manipulated?
    Dragon Force (Blue Dragon)- I have NEVER managed to get Dragon Force from
      a Blue Dragon.  Please, somebody tell me how!
    Pandora's Box- Usually, it is used as a Final Attack by Dragon Zombie.
      I'm also fairly certain it will NOT be used if you learn Shadow Flare
      from a Dragon Zombie.
    ***********************************  vii   *******************************
       Not a walkthrough in the traditional, hand-holding sense, here I
       will highlight specific points of interest through the quest, materia
       locations, and boss strategies.
       Check the guard for potions.
       Use Limits when you get them and potions when you need to.  Don't
    attack when the tail is up.
       You have 10 minutes.  Save Jesse on the way out (you have to).  Pick up
    a couple levels if you have time.
    SECTOR 8
       I fight the guards, but you don't have to.
    SECTOR 7
       Get some sleep and get the materia tutorial.  Now you can finally drop
    your materia (do so!)  Head over to the store and pick up some Iron
    Bangles.  A few grenades wouldn't hurt either (10 or 20 should do).
    Upstairs, you can get a free ether.  Pawn it for a few extra gil toward
    Potions and Phoenix Downs (focus more on the former than the latter).
       After the alarm goes off, talk to these people as you move up the
       Car #1:  The crazy old guy at the back of the car; He gives a Phoenix
       Car #2:  The black guy at the front of the car closest to the screen
                for a Hi-Potion
       Car #3:  There's a guy that randomly steals something from you.  You
                have to chase him down if you want it back.
       You can proceed to the Reactor, or backtrack a few screens to a door
    blocked by two guards.  You can fight these guards over and over until
    you run out of Potions or interest.  It's your call, but a few extra
    levels never killed anyone but the enemy.
       Try to hit it from the back.  Abuse the attack button and use Limits
    like they were free.
       Save Aeris with the barrels if you like, but it may benefit you to
    make her fight.  Afterwards, grab the package by the door in her house
    before you skip town.
       Pick up some new equipment (don't waste gil on the new Aeris weapon,
    though), Hypers, and Hi-Potions, and get Cloud in touch with his feminine
    side.  Whether or not the Don chooses Cloud is meaningless; In fact, not
    being chosen allows you to score a free Phoenix Down and Ether.  Grab the
    Hyper in Don's room.
       Have everyone hypered and unload Limit Breaks on it.  If you managed
    to get Cloud's 1-2 Limit Cross-Slash, using it will paralyze the boss for
    several turns.  Have Aeris use Healing Wind and chuck grenades.  This
    clinically retarded boss will often damage itself with its Sewer Tsunami,
    so in theory you could simply keep your HP up and let it kill itself.
       After slapping Aps, you snag your first useable materia- Steal!  At
    this point, Tifa packs the highest dexterity rating, so it's a good idea
    to stick her with shoplifting duty.
       Keep your eyes peeled for items; There's a lot of them here.  Now that
    you have Steal, be on the lookout for these enemies:
       Deenglow- Little dragon-type creatures, they carry Ethers
       Cripshay- Pink beetle bugs, have Potions     and
       Eligor- Looks like a cyclops in a chariot, has the Striking Staff,
               which will help make Aeris slightly less useless.
       Timothy Cannelora was nice enough to remind me WHY stealing Ethers here
       is important: They sell for a hefty 750 gil a pop, so 99 of them for
       sale easily scores you a small fortune early on.  Thanks, Tim.
       The Aero Combatants you fight on the way up carry Potions, one item
    you can never have too many of, so be sure the heist some.
       Reno has nothing, so don't waste a turn stealing.  Blast him with
    Limits and normal attacks.  When he uses his Pyramid attack, target the
    affected character.
    SECTOR 6
       You can grab the Sense materia now or wait until you come back by
    after hearing about Aeris's sordid past as an underage call girl from her
       Get the batteries (300 gil) and climb up the "golden shiny wire of
       Bust in the front; You'll need the EXP.  MAKE SURE to check the
    bulliten board for the Turtles Paradise flyer- You only get two chances,
    so you'd better do it sooner than later.
       On your way up the tower, watch for these beasties:
       Moth Slasher- A robot with a rotating bottom piece, they have Carbon
                     Bangles (get 5; One each for your current party, and
                     extras for Aeris and Red XIII, who you'll be running into
       SOLDIER 3rd- Guys with swords.  They have the Hardedge, a new sword for
    60th FLOOR
       Fight the guards instead of sneaking by for EXP.
    62nd FLOOR
       If you get the password on the first try, trash the materia.
    63rd FLOOR
       Get the A Coupon (far left room) at least.  It gives you a Star
    Pendant.  If you get all three, flush the All materia.
    64th FLOOR
       Rest, save.  Spend 250 gil at the vending machine, then bang on it.
    67th FLOOR
       Until you trigger the scene where Cloud looks in the JENOVA cell, you
    will be free to return to the lower floors.  If you don't have a full
    compliment of Carbon Bangles or a Hardedge (or two, or three...),
    CAREFULLY run circles in the small area between the hall and the JENOVA
    cell to trigger random battles.  This way you can head back to floor 64
    to rest for free, and floor 1 to restock your potions.  Try to get your
    level to 14 or 15 here.
       After you get stuck here, ignore the chest (it holds the Poison
    materia), save, and ride the elevator to a boss.
    BOSS:HO512 and SAMPLES
       Put Barret with Cloud and Red.  Make sure someone has the Star Pendant
    on.  Use Limits and normal attacks on the big guy (Cross-Slash will stun
    it), but do not use Red's magic.
    68th FLOOR
       Pick up the Enemy Skill materia and trash Red XIII's Fire and All.  Put
    Carbon Bangles on Red and Aeris and choose a party.  You may want to pick
    up some levels for Aeris, and have Steal equipped on somebody.
    67th FLOOR
       Do not go on before getting AT LEAST two Deadly Wastes; Steal them from
    Zenenes, four legged beasts.  Try to get Cloud a full Limit Bar.
       Put everyone in the back row.  Barret is the only one here that can
    reach the boss with standard attacks, so Red and Aeris will be twiddling
    their thumbs between Limits.
       Again, only Barret can reach with normal attacks.  Have Red and Aeris
    chuck grenades in between Limits.
       Those Deadly Wastes I told you to get?  Use them now.  They target
    both Rufus and his pet, so if the first one poisons them, don't waste
    another.  Use your Limit Break on Dark Nation; at level 15 one Cross-
    Slash will kill it.  After that, toss grenades at Rufus; I did him in
    with three.
    1st FLOOR
       You can run back up to the store and pick up supplies before triggering
    the cutscene by heading for the door.
       Put Aeris in the party.  Remember to set the party up in reverse order;
    Back row in front and front in back.
       Use the escape buttons immediately as the battle begins to avoid taking
    back damage.  Use Limits and Cloud's physical attack;  Have the others
    use grenades.
       Finally out of Midgar!  Choose your party and head for Kalm.  On the
    way, pick a few fights and steal stuff.
       Devil Ride- Looks like a big motorcycle, carries Hi-Potions
       Kalm Fang- Purple wolf looking beasts, they have Ethers
       Custom Sweeper- A robot with gun arms, has the Atomic Scissors weapon
                       for Barret AND uses the Matra Magic Enemy Skill!!
       Inside the Inn, upstairs, there is a cabinet in the upper left corner
    of the room.  Check it, and you won't be able to reach the item.  Check
    it again and again, and Cloud will get pissed and kick the cabinet,
    causing it to drop a Megalixer.
       There's plenty more to pick up around town, and you may want a second
    Steal materia to speed up theft attempts.
       Make a party of Cloud, Barret, and Aeris.  Get everyone to level 20 and
    make sure Barret has his level 1-2 Limit, Mindblow.  Fill his Limit Bar
    before heading to Midgar Marsh.  You can also learn Lv. 4 Suicide while
    you're out; Mu's, a little squirrel in a hole in the ground, use it.
       Put everybody in the back row for this fight.  Start by blowing away
    its MP with Mindblow.  If you have any Deadly Wastes left from the Shinra
    Building, use them to try to poison it.  After that, use physical attacks
    and Limits on it.  Be warned, you may fight this 'boss' multiple times!!
       Ark Dragons, creatures that look like a flying bug of some kind, use
    the Enemy Skill Flamethrower.
       Agree to help, even if you don't actually do so.  This will allow you
    to rest free in Fort Condor for much, if not all, of the game.  By
    playing the minigame and winning the first battle, you get a Magic Comb
    for Red XIII
       Enter the forests near Fort Condor and get Yuffie.  While you search
    for her, steal from the Blue Impulse bird enemies to get a Boomerang.  As
    soon as Yuffie joins the team, replace Aeris with her.  Yuffie has a
    higher attack, a long range weapon, and her level 1-2 Limit (which you
    should get now) does the same thing as Healing Wind.  Yuffie comes
    equipped with a new materia, Throw.
       Make a party of Cloud, Yuffie, and Barret.  Change Barret's weapon to
    a long range one and put the Enemy Skill materia on Cloud.  Pick up some
    more grenades at the weapon shop, and head down to the beach.
       Use normal attacks and Limits with Barret and Yuffie.  Have Cloud use
    Enemy Skills or toss grenades between Limits.
       Bottomswell uses an attack similar to Reno's Pyrimid; The difference
    is, Bubble can only be destroyed by magic.  Use Matra Magic for this, as
    it targets all enemies.  If Cloud is bubbled, let him suffocate and revive
    him immediately with a Phoenix Down.
       Lastly, Bottomswell uses Big Wave as a final attack.  Keep your HP
    above 150 to weather this attack.
       Do the CPR event and rest.  When Priscilla gives you Shiva, demean her
    by throwing the materia away right in front of her.
       Don't worry about the marching.  After you get dismissed, do some
    shopping.  Junon is divided into two sides, Upper Junon (where you start
    off), and Lower Junon (past the submarine tunnel).  Depending on what
    you're currently carrying, the weapons here may be worth a look:
       -DON'T get the Mythril Saber for Cloud
       -The Grand Glove in Upper Junon is the best weapon so far for Tifa
       -If you missed the Atomic Scissors for Barret, Upper Junon has it
       -Magic Comb is Red's best weapon; If you didn't get it, the Diamond Pin
        in Upper Junon is the next best thing
       -If you didn't steal a Boomerang for Yuffie, Upper Junon has it
       (The Upper Junon weapon shop is down the alleyway with the blue light.)
       MAKE SURE to get the second Enemy Skill here!!
       Also note you can now buy Hi-Potions;  Grab a few of those.
       Save at the Inn before reporting to the sendoff at the docks.  The
    goal here is to get the President's Mood above 100; Doing so will net you
    a Force Stealer sword for Cloud.
       Do what you do.  Don't waste a Tranquilizer to move Yuffie; It's an
    All materia behind her.  Once you can go below, take Cloud, Yuffie, and
    your highest HP party member and go.  Give the Enemy Skill materia with
    Flamethrower on it to whoever has the lowest attack.  In the holds, get
    the Wind Slash and equip it on Yuffie, the Force Stealer on Cloud, and
    the best weapon on your third member.
       Use normal attacks, Limits, and Flamethrower.  Don't worry about its
    Stop magic.
       Ignore the Ifrit materia JENOVA drops and exit.
       MAKE SURE to get the Fire Ring here; It's downstairs in the place for
    sale (the first door Cloud comes to).
       Fall through the train tracks and get the items.  Ignore the Transform
    materia and remember to climb the mountianside near the bridge switch for
    10 Phoenix Downs.
       After Barret gets bitch slapped, leave town by way of the south exit
    to the world map.
       Run around and gain levels, boost Limits, and raise 30,000 gil for a
    Lifetime Pass, then reenter North Corel and ride the tram.
       Cait Sith joins the party with two materia equipped: Transform, which
    you should dispose of now; And Manipulate.  You now possess one of the
    most powerful materia in the game.
       Put that new materia to good use here and get Laser and Matra Magic on
    both of your Enemy Skill materia.  Equip Barret with the best equipment
    you have.  Set his Limit to level one.
       Barret is alone here.  Use Enemy Skills (Flamethrower works well) and
    abuse Limits.
       Ignore the Ramuh materia and win the race.
       !!DO THIS NOW!!
       Cruise around the desert surrounding the Gold Saucer until you
    encounter a Harpy (it looks sort of like a chimera).  Learn Aqualung from
       From there, head back toward Costa Del Sol.  On the beaches nearby,
    look for Beach Plugs (they look like squids or jellyfish).  Manipulate
    one and learn Big Guard.
       Now drive the buggy into Costa Del Sol and stow away on the ship to
    Junon.  From Junon go toward Fort Condor.
       In the grassy areas around Fort Condor you will find Zemzellet (an
    enourmous bird).  Manipulate it and get White Wind.
       Next, head back into Mythril Mine and get Flamethrower on your second
    Enemy Skill.
       Now comes the hard part.  Exit the Mines near Midgar Marsh.  Save,
    heal, and put everyone in the back row.  Equip one character with the Fire
    Ring and BOTH Enemy Skill materia.
       Enter the marsh and fight a Midgar Zolom.  DO NOT Mindblow it.  Cast
    Big Guard on your party, then get your magic carrying member's turn up
    again.  This time use Laser to halve the Zolom's HP and make it stand up.
    From now on, DO NOTHING with the character holding the E. Skills!  Have
    the other two carefully shave down its HP.  At some point, the Zolom will
    kick one of your characters out of the battle (from my experience, it
    MUST do this, or it will not use Beta).  When it is very near death, it
    will unleash Beta on the team, likely killing the non-Fire Ring equipped
    character.  The one with the Ring will nullify the attack AND learn Beta
    on BOTH Enemy Skills.  Finish the Zolom off and go back through Mythril
       You may now return to your regularly scheduled game...
       You can learn Frog Song from Touch Me's (little frog enemies) in the
    forest around Gongaga.
       Use Big Guard.  Limits and Beta make this a short fight.
       Pick up the Deathblow materia on your way out.
       Finally, some new weapons!  Stock up and go learn about the Lifestream.
       You can pick up the Enemy Skill Death Sentence from either Gi Specters
    (they look like skeletons with spears) or Sneaky Steps (they look like
    dogs.  Very @#$%ed up dogs).  Sneaky Steps also drop M-Tentacles; You'll
    want these later.
       This is a boss in the same sense that Midgar Zolom is; A regular enemy
    (or one you fight more than once) that's tough enough to be a boss.  You
    will encounter no less than two of these huge spiders as you trek through
    Gi Cave.  Use Aqualung, Beta, and Limits to finish them before they finish
       Throw an X-Potion at it.  Run around the Gravity materia it leaves
       Decide if you want Vincent or not.  If so, put Aeris in the party and
    set her Limit to level 1.
       Assuming you want Vincent, wander around and get into fights until
    Aeris has a full Limit bar, then go upstairs to the safe.  Enter:
       RIGHT 36,  LEFT 10,  RIGHT 59,  RIGHT 97
       Have Aeris use Seal Evil on it.  If you got any M-Tentacles in the
    Cave of the Gi, use them to poison it, then hammer away with Beta,
    Aqualung, and Limits.  At half HP, it will turn purple or red, depending
    on the last hit it took.
       -Purple form:  If a physical attack takes Lost Number below half HP,
            it will turn purple.  Purple form uses powerful physical attacks
            and has an extremely high physical defense.  Abuse Beta and 
       -Red form: If a magic attack reduces it beyond half HP, it will turn
            red and display high magic attack power and magic defense.  Use
            Limits to finish it off.
       Beating Lost Number will get you the Basement Key.  Talk to Vincent
    downstairs.  After that, enter the library, where Sephiroth will throw a
    Destruct materia at you (leave it on the floor), then try to leave.
    Vincent will join you.
       You can steal Gold Armlets from Dragons here.
       This will be a long fight.  Not because the boss is actually tough,
    though it can cast Cure 2 on itself, but because it takes its own sweet
    time to get around to casting Trine.  Once it does and you've got yet
    another Enemy Skill under your belt, use Aqualung (not Beta; Materia
    Keeper absorbs Fire magic) and Limits to bury it.
       Look at the rocket with the old guy to get the Yoshiyuki.
       Same old story: Limits and Beta.
       Stop by the Ghost Hotel and pick up some status curative items. 
       You don't have to win in the Battle Arena to get the Keystone; However,
    if you do win, you get a Protect Vest and a Chocobo Feather.  To stand a
    fighting chance, equip Cloud with the best gear, an accesssory that
    eliminates annoying status effects (I prefer the Peace Ring; It prevents
    Berserk, so you always have the chance to pick your actions),keep Big
    Guard up, abuse Beta, and try to hold your Limits until you absolutely
    need them, especially the last battle.
       There's a lot of stuff to pick up here, but the two items of greatest
    interest are the Morph materia, located in the center of the rolling rock
    hall, and the Ribbon, found through door V in the clock room.  DO NOT
    miss these items!  You can also get knocked off the clock to get the
    Nail Bat, a wicked looking and brutally powerful weapon for Cloud.
       Put up Big Gaurd ASAP (for the Haste effect).  If you have any poison
    inducing items, such as M-Tentacles or Deadly Wastes, left in your
    inventory, use them to poison the beast.  After that, Limits and Aqualung;
    Avoid Beta, it will heal the dragon.  Ignore the Bahamut materia it drops.
       This boss is fast!  Use Big Guard immediately to speed up your party,
    then lay into it with Limits, Deathblow, and regular attacks.  Magic
    causes pathetic damage to this guy.
       You can pick up some new armor, including the somewhat useful Rune
    Armlets (2X growth in 4 slots), then dig up the Lunar Harp.  It's on the
    top level near the tent.
       Leave the Kjata materia alone, but definitely grab the Water Ring, as
    it will prove very handy real soon.
       The third Enemy Skill resides here; Don't miss it!  Also, be sure to
    get the Aurora Armlet from the back-center cave area (where the waterfall
    projector dealy is).  Put the Water Ring on your strongest attacker, 
    along with only the NEW Enemy Skill.
       Put up Big Guard to protect the characters not equipped with the Water
    Ring.  Make sure you let JENOVA cast Aqualung once, so you learn it on
    your new Enemy Skill (this way, if Aqualung kills the others, you still
    leave with it on the third materia), then hit it with whatever you like
    (except Aqualung, of course).  The character packing the Water Ring is
    invincible in this fight, so take all the time you want.
       Get the Hypnocrown, it will make catching up that new Enemy Skill
    easier.  Keep your eyes open for Boundfats (they look like yellow
    hedgehogs)- They have Death Sentence.
       There's a Hero Drink in the house with the map.  Grab it for later.
       Just passing through...  No need to fight for the Alexander materia.
       Lots to do here.  In the second "inside" section, when you come to the
    area with the four icicles hanging from the ceiling, get the Fire Armlet
    from the box on the right.  In the room directly below this one, get into
    fights until you encounter a Stilva- it looks just like the Materia
    Keeper boss, only red, and it's going to hook you up with Trine for your
    new E. Skill, as well as Magic Breath for all three!
       Outside these rooms are two paths running parallel to each other.  This
    is the best place to find Marlboros, and pretty much your only chance to
    get Bad Breath (and you're going to want it!)
       Further up the cliffs, you'll find a room with a Save Point and a pool
    that restores your HP and MP.  In this room you can also find Blue
    Dragons (look like... Blue Dragons); They have the Dragon Force Enemy
    Skill.  If you figure out how to get it, tell me, please, since I've
    never managed it (even in a regular game).
       Use the Save Point and equip your characters as follows:
       -On one, equip the Aurora Armlet AND the Fire Ring
       -On another, the Fire Armlet AND the Ice Ring (you did get it, right?)
       -On the remaining character (if you're using Yuffie, this should be
        her, so her Limit bar will fill), equip the Dragon Armelet.
       Now head down the hall.
       Schizo's left head is Ice elemental, and the right is Fire elemental.
    What this means is that your two characters carrying the Fire/Ice armors
    and accessories will be nigh invincible, and your third party member will
    be taking half damage from most of Schizo's attacks.
       Now for the fine print: Schizo will also stomp and cast Quake3, which
    WILL hurt your guys, and killing a head will result in a brutal final
    attack that causes severe damage across the board.
       Use Trine, Aqualung, and Limits to beat Schizo into submission.  If
    Yuffie is in the party and gets a Limit, save it for Schizo's final 
    attack(s), and heal her with potions instead.
       Tifa joins you whether you want her or not.  Put Fire protective gear
    on your crew before going too far.
       Like LIFE, DEATH acesses only one element, and this time it's Fire.  It
    also uses Silence, but, really, so what?  With a Fire Ring and Fire Armlet
    equipped, two of your characters are invulnerable, so you could throw
    rocks at the damn thing until it dies, if that's your fetish.
       Sephiroth gets the Black Materia.  Cloud freaks out.  Weapons awaken.
    It's going to be one of those days all week...
       Hook Barret up with good equipment if you haven't been using him.  
    Yuffie and dumbass Cait Sith are also forced into the party for a little
    bit, so make sure to equip them properly (you can always stick double
    growth equipment on Cait Sith and load him up with materia...  At least
    then he'd serve sort of a purpose.)
       Now that you have the Highwind, fly up north to the Chocobo Sage's
    place (it's a little house entirely surrounded by mountains) and talk to
    his chocobo for the last Enemy Skill, if you want it.  Revisit everyplace
    you've been and update the two new E. Skills.  You should be able to get
    everything but Laser and Bad Breath on all four.
       You can finish Wutai Pagoda now, if you want.
       Consider getting a third Steal materia.
       Once you're finished bombing around in your new ride, head down to
    Mideel to progress with the story.
       Usually, you'd get the Contain materia here.  Isn't it nice to know you
    don't have to feed and play with somebody elses' chocobo to get a shiny
       They got a lot of new stuff here, including weapons that are (finally)
    better than the stuff you've been picking up in treasure boxes, some of
    the better accessories (mainly the elemental rings, if you want more than
    one of each), and the Remedy items.
       Just remember all this crap (especially the weapons), will drain your
    pocketbook pretty quickly.  If you're strapped for cash, you should get
    Cid's new weapon, and equipment for two others, not including Tifa, who's
    about to bail out on you.
       Cid is elected new group leader.  Make your party and equip them, then
    go after the Huge Materia.  You can go to Corel or Fort Condor, your pick;
    I always go to Fort Condor first- It's closer and a quicker battle.
       This will be the easiest Fort Condor battle yet.  Take the guys money,
    and when the minigame starts, DO NOTHING!  Set the battle speed to max
    and wait for the enemy to reach the shack without putting up any troops
    of your own.
       This forces you into a fight with Cmd. Grand Horn.  He's a pushover,
    and when you kill him, you get not only the Huge Materia and Phoenix
    (which you have to throw away), but an Imperial Guard armor as well!
    Plus you get to keep the money!
       You have to go north out of town and follow the train tracks to the
    reactor.  This will bring out the train, and you've got ten minutes to
    catch it and reach the locomotive.
       Each car has an enemy you must fight to proceed.  There are four cars
    and the coal car.
    -CAR #4
       You have to fight a single Gas Ducter.  One or two Betas will do it.
    -CAR #3
       Two Gas Ducters this time.  A couple more Betas.
    -CAR #2
       You'll fight a Wolfmeister here.  Use Big Guard for the haste effect
    and Aqualung it.
    -CAR #1
       The Eagle Gun guards this car.  Use Big Guard again for the speed
    boost, then unload Limits and Trine to finish it quickly.  You can steal
    the only Warriors Bangle in the game from Eagle Gun if you have time.
       There's a Shinra Attack Squad on the engine, but the guy you fight is
    laughably weak.  Beta him and he'll go away.
       Now, just stop the train...
       You'll get the Ultima materia if you stopped the train, but you can't
    keep it.  You can also get Barret's Ultimate Limit, Catastrophie.
       Equip all the Steal materias you have, then go check on Cloud.
       Throw up Big Guard for haste, then Steal from it to get a Cursed Ring.
    Ultimate flies away after a few round whether you get the ring or not, and
    this is your ONLY chance to get it.
       Why?  The Cursed Ring gives a sick boost to all of the wearer's stats,
    with the slight drawback of causing Death Sentence on the character, which
    can be easily countered by casting Death Force on him/her at the outset
    of every battle.  Put this bad boy on Cloud, along with a Gigas Armlet
    (STR +30), and you won't need to cast Death Force...
       If you manage to get the ring right away, hit Ultimate with Limits and
    Magic Breath to deal heavy damage.
       Seriously, that's what Tifa calls it.  Anyway, I hate this part; It's
    annoying and time consuming, but there's no way around it.  Talk to the
    top Cloud first, then the left one...  From there, the game will hold
    your hand.
       With Cloud back in the party, the Gold Saucer is reopened.  Now's a
    good time to get Omnislash (at least)... See the Battle Square section
    under Sidequests for advice.
       You can also get Tifa's Ultimate Limit in Nibelhiem, and the Key to
    Sector 5 now.
       Try to get Cloud's Limit bar full before you reach the Reactor core
    (the room Yuffie calls a crane game).
       This boss sucks.  Horribly.  It's about 12.5 times as hard if you come
    unprepared, so don't.
       Use Meteorain or Omnislash first thing.  This should eliminate its
    arms;  If not, pound it with Magic Breath or anybody else's Limit you may
    have ready.
       When both arms are gone, use your VERY NEXT TURN to get up Big Guard.
    Carry Armor will start blasting you with Lapis Laser, and will eat you
    alive without Big Guard protecting you.  Just keep on it with Magic
    Breath and Limits until you finish it.
       You can find Cid's triple growth Scimitar here.  It's way back by the
    submarine.  You can get the Leviathan Scales too, but you won't miss them
    if you don't.
       You start out right behind the Red Sub;  Just lock on and fire all of
    your torpedoes up its rudder flaps.
       The game tells you to go to Rocket Town;  Ignore that fo now.  Get
    back in the sub and retrieve the Huge Materia from the Red Sub by driving
    into it, then go find the Sunken Gelinka plane.  Watch out for Emerald
    Weapon down here.
       Go through the door to the right of the Save Point first.  This room
    contains the Double Cut materia, an Escort Guard armor, and Yuffie's
    Ultimate Weapon, the Conformer.  You'll want to equip all of this stuff,
    as well as all your Steal materias again.
       Now go through the door to the left of the Save Point.
       Steal, steal, steal!!!  Reno has a Touph Ring (heh), and Rude has the
    amazing Ziedrich armor.  Once you have these, Beta them into the ground.
       Past Reno and Rude you'll find the cargo bay.  It's all messed up...
    Aside from a lot of tough enemies (which you can Morph for source items;
    Yuffie and her new Conformer make this a breeze), you'll find Cid's 
    Ultimate Limit, Highwind.
       You can now proceed with the game by heading over to Rocket Town, or
    you can follow the left wall from the Crashed Gelinka to an underwater
    cave.  At the end of the cave, surface into a lake with a waterfall.  PHS
    Vincent into the party (if you have him) and walk into the waterfall to
    meet Lucrecia, Sephiroth's mother.  Leave and get into ten or fifteen
    random battles, then return for both Vincent's Ultimate Weapon and Limit.
       From this cave, follow the left wall again to another underwater cave,
    where you will find the Key to the Ancients.
       That's all you can do under the sea, so dock near Junon and fly over to
    Rocket Town.
       If Cid isn't in your party, he will be in a minute.  Equip him, and
    anybody else you have with Lightning protection, then head up the rocket.
       Rude likes to use Bolt, but you're covered for that.  Take out the
    Attack Squad guys so you can get to Rude, then steal another Ziedrich
    from him before you take him down.
    SHINRA NO. 26
       You can get the Huge Materia by using the code O,[],X,X (circle, 
    square, X, X).  Cid will accuse you of cheating if you get it on the first
       Park the Highwind and run back in to Rocket Town.  Talk to the old guy
    who gave you the Yoshiyuki before and you'll get Cid's Ultimate Weapon,
    Venus Gospel.
       Leave the Huge Materia in Bugenhagen's lab and fly back out to the
    City of the Ancients.
       Make your way to the back cave, where you found the Aurora Armlet.
    Since you already have the Key to the Ancients (you do, right?), simply
    keep talking to Bugenhagen to make the plot proceed.
       Fly back to Midgar and land near the coast.  Wait for Diamond Weapon.
    You'll almost have time for a nap...  Equip Fire protective armor while
    you wait.
       Diamond has an extremely high physical defense, so use Limits and your
    most powerful Enemy Skills on it.  You can steal a Rising Sun for Yuffie
    from it, but why?
       You're supposed to go chcek on the Northern Crater, but if you want
    Cloud's Ultimate Weapon and a few extra Ribbons, fly over to the huge
    hole near Junon to start taking on Ultimate Weapon.  As a side note, you
    may want to get Cloud's Limit, and one other charcter's (anyone with a
    multi-hitting Limit, preferably their Ultimate, will work) bars full
       The barrier is gone, but before you can go after Sephiroth, you have
    to save Midgar from blowing up.
       Ahh... Back into Midgar.  The memories... The nostalgia... The smell.
    Once again you're in the sewers.
       Look for Behemoths here; They use the ??? Enemy Skill.  Also,
    Crazysaws (they look just like Moth Slashers) Morph into Turbo Ethers.
    When you get to the sewer pipes, run toward the screen and head the wrong
    way for a good while to get the W-Item materia.  It's right next to a
    Save Point; You'd have to be blind or stupid to miss it.  On the way down
    (or back) you'll find a lot of chests holding Source items.
       When you get back to where you started and try to proceed, the Turks
    show up again.  You don't have to fight them, but they have a lot of good
       STEAL!  Reno has another Touph Ring, Rude's got another Ziedrich, and
    Elena has a Minerva Band.  Once they're cleaned out, Aqualung and Limits
    make quick work of them.
       At the end of the tunnel, you can go back up to the Shinra Building.
    This lets you get Cait Sith's Ultimate Weapon from a locker on the 64th
    Floor (like you want it...).  Those vending machines you kicked a long
    time ago will give you a Mind Source and a Speed Source, provided you
    DID kick them.  Floor 63 has a chest holding Cid's Glow Lance, the shop
    on the ground floor has two chests with weapons in them, and this is your
    ABSOLUTE LAST CHANCE to read the Turtle's Paradise letter if you missed
    it before.
       After you're done here, go back into the sewers and backtrack to the
    base of the Mako Cannon.
       The AP to difficulty ratio of this fight is extremely disproportionate,
    so come packing triple growth weapons if you need to grow materia.  Put
    up Big Guard, then attack with 2x/4x Cut, Slash-All, and Aqualung.  If
    you kill off the Jamar Armor, you can cause more damage, but it's not
       There are two boxes near the stairs.  Open them!  GET THE MYSTILE!!
       At the Save Point, put Barret in the party and start up the stairs.
    You will come across a chest holding Barret's Ultimate Weapon, Missing
    Score (it's only there if Barret is.)  You can then backtrack to the
    Save Point and remove Barret if you like, then go to the top of the
    stairs to reach the mainframe.
       Hojo goes though three transformations, so he's almost three bosses in
    one.  Almost...
       Just attack Hojo and don't waste time on the capsule enemies.  Magic 
    Breath is great here.
       If you skipped it in the first round, you'll want Big Guard up now.
    Start by taking out the Right Arm, then focus on the body.  If you get a
    Limit, find an alternate means of finishing him off, if you can.  If your
    whole crew hits Limit, it's all right to sacrifice one.
       Lifeform does not muck around.  If you didn't get a full set of Ribbons
    (shame on you), you'll have to make good use of White Wind to keep on top
    of all the nasty status effects Lifeform can hit you with.
       As soon as he transforms, hit him with any Limits you have.  This is
    sverely bad for his health, and a high powered Omnislash can take him out.
    However, if you fail to take him down in the first couple turns, or have
    no Limits available, you'll need to put Big Guard back up and hit him
    hard and fast with 2x/4x Cut and Magic Breath until you get a Limit.
       If you haven't gotten Omnislash (or any of the Ultimate Limits), a full
    set of Ribbons, everybody's Ultimate Weapon, or all of that good stuff,
    now's a good time.  Otherwide, it's time to get down to it.
       Proceed down the crater until you reach the place where you can split
    up the party.  NEVER USE THE SAVE CRYSTAL IN THIS ROOM.  You stand a good
    chance of ruining your file and being trapped in the crater if you do.
       In this room, send Tifa RIGHT, and EVERYBODY else LEFT.
       At the next junction, send Cloud and his partners UP, and any remaining
    characters DOWN.
       Go through the path to the bottom of the cave.  When you pop out in
    the area with the spiral of rocks in the center (the bottom of the crater),
    go counterclockwise, toward the green chest, and up to the cave opening.
    Go back up this side of the left path. 
       Now, eventually, you'll come to a blue colored room with a mako 
    waterfall in the background.  Floating on a ledge is the Mega-All materia;
    If you intend to try taking on the Weapons, grab it by pressing the
    confirm button as you jump past it.
       You'll come back to the room with the big rock in it; Go out the top to
    the room where you first split up the party and go down the RIGHT path.
       The first chest on this path is the second Mystile-GET IT!!  Also, 
    along this path, you'll encounter Jezemeny's (they look like a woman in
    a swimsuit); Manipulate her and learn Angel Whisper.  This is perhaps
    one of the most important Enemy Skills in the game: It revives a fallen
    ally, restores 100% HP even if the target is not dead, and cures any
    status effects!  The ONLY thing that makes this spell less powerful than
    White Wind is it only hits one target at a time.
       Back at the bottom of the Crater, you'll meet up with any party members
    you sent down separate paths.  Talk to all of them to get some extra 
    items; Especially talk to Tifa, and she'll give you ANOTHER Mystile  This
    is a good place to use the Save Crystal.
       Before going ANY further, make sure you're ready.  EVERY member of the
    party you intend to take up against Sephiroth MUST have 7000+ HP.  A 
    level 2 Double Cut (4x Cut) for two of them, and a level 1 Slash-All (NOT
    Flash!!) is  HIGHLY recommended, as well as a full set of Ribbons, and all
    three Mystiles.
       If you're ready, and don't want to tackle the Weapons, head down the
    center of the Crater; Otherwise, you need to backtrack out of the Crater.
       You'll descend a series of platforms.  Most of them have an Iron Man
    or a Draagon Zombie, each of them pretty tough customers.  Just remember,
    you CAN run from these battles.
       Equip a Slash-All on Cloud on the way down, and 4x Cuts on the others.
       Put up Big Guard as soon as the battle begins.  Attack with physical
    attacks and Limits, keep your HP up, and do not let Big Guard down.
       When JENOVA starts counting down, it's preparing to cast Ultima.  Go
    all out and finish it before it can.
       Before the fight begins, you'll have a chance to set up your party(s).
    Make your first party the group you want to face the final boss, and give
    them the Mystiles, Ribbons, and Enemy Skill materia.  Put Slash-All on
    Cloud (or your best attacker), and 4x Cut on the others.  USE A HYPER ON
    CLOUD!!!  He MUST be in Fury for the end boss, and you cannot do it in
    battle because of the Ribbons.
       If you have a multi-party setup, just do whatever with the rest of the
    guys; You'll be ignoring them anyway.  The main party will be able to hit
    all of Bizarro's parts without the help.  On to the fight...
       Slash-All and Aqualung will damage all of Bizarro's parts and kill off
    his extremeties quickly.  Keep Big Guard up to minimize damage.
       Every time you kill off a part, you'll be asked if you're worried about
    the other parties; Pick 'not really' and continue the battle.
       Once you kill everything but the Core and Torso, the Core will start
    using Cure magic.  Let Cloud get his Limit, and kill the Head with another
    character if it was revived, then use Omnislash on the Core and Torso.
    The Core will take 0 damage, but without the Head as an extra target, at
    least half of the hits from Omnislash should hit the Torso, and shoud be
    enough to take it out.
       This is it: The final battle, and Cloud's going to win it for you.
    The others are just support.
       Safer's actions follow a specific pattern.  While he's going through
    the motions, you need to be doing the following:
       First, put up Big Guard.  During the next few turns, feed Cloud ALL of
    your Hero Drinks (at least three)- W-Item helps out here.  Now, keep
    everyone at max HP (use Megalixers if you have to, but you HAVE to have
    one left...)
       You're waiting for Super Nova, which should be up shortly.  When the
    animation begins, if Cloud's turn is up, switch to somebody else and open
    the Item menu.  Select a Megalixer and jam on the confirm button.
       After Super Nova, two things should happen: First, the Megalixer should
    hit, saving you from Break (Safer's next attack); and, second, Cloud
    should have a Limit.
       Your next action should be Omnislash; Followed by revelling at how
    easy the last boss of the game is... 
    ***********************************  viii  *******************************
       Stuff you don't have to do...
       I advise doing this sidequest as soon as you are able, which is
    immediately after getting the Tiny Bronco in Rocket Town.  Land on Wutai,
    and put Aeris in your party,as she is going to be your best method of
    healing.  Put anti-poison accessories on your guys.
       Yuffie will take off with all of your materia, so get it back...
       On your way to Wutai, you will encounter Bizzare Bugs (they look like
    butterflies); Usually in groups of 3.  Slaughter them mercilessly!  They
    drop X-Potions, and by the time you reach town, you should have a nice
    collection of them.
       Once you actually get to Wutai, and begin chasing Yuffie down, you have
    to pick up an MP Absorb materia, which Yuffie promptly steals.  Remember
    to ditch it once you get your pretty rocks back.
       After the Don makes his reappearance, pick up some Fire Veils and Swift
    Bolts from the item shop.  Stop at the Save Point and PHS Barret into the
    party before heading up the hill.  Set his Limit to level 1.
       DA CHAO
       Get Barret's Limit bar full.
       Blast it with Mindblow first thing.  That takes care of its Aero 3
    magic.  After that, use those magic items you just bought and Limits.
    Corneo will be taking another trip to the pet cemetary soon enough.
       WORLD MAP
       PHS Yuffie into the party.  You can roam the beaches noth of town until
    you find an Adamantaimai (it's a huge turtle)to manipulate and learn Death
    Force from.
       Head back into town and start back up Da Chao.  When you run into a
    pack of Razor Weeds (they look like... Weeds), MAKE SURE you manipulate
    one and get the Magic Hammer Enemy Skill.
       Once you have Magic Hammer, you can go, or start another side quest by
    returning to Godo's house and entering the Pagoda.
       Only Yuffie can participate in the battles held on each floor, so
    give her your best equipment.  If you are taking on this quest as early
    as you can, there is no need to complete all five floors; In fact, if you
    want a fourth full Enemy Skill, you CAN"T complete the trial yet.
       The goal at this point is to beat three of the bosses and acquire an
    Ice Ring
       Cast Big Guard and then Magic Hammer it until it runs out of MP.  After
    that, pound it with Limits and Beta.
       Put up Big Guard immediately, then use Limits and Beta.
       Equip Yuffie with a Jem Ring before engaging Checkov.  Use Big Guard,
    Limits, and Beta.  Beat Checkov to get the Ice Ring.
       Cast Big Guard.  Normal attacks and Limits should suffice for this
       BOSS:S. GODO
       It's probably best to come back later for the big dog.  If you want
    Trine on the fourth Enemy Skill, you HAVE to wait.  Once you have the
    Ribbon, Bad Breath on your Enemy Skill, and the last E.Skill materia,
    you'll be set to take him.
       Cast Big Guard first thing.  Use Bad Breath next, then Limits, Beta,
    Aqualung, or Magic Breath.  With enough patience, you can actually Magic
    Hammer away all of his MP to prevent him from casting Cure 2 (though he
    randomly casts it on Yuffie, so you may not want to do this).
       With Godo poisoned, your primary concern is just to keep Yuffie
    conscious.  Get your licks in when you can, but let poison do the real
        Minimum fighter level 60 or 5000+ HP
        Dragon Armlet/Escort Guard/Zierdich/Mystile
        Enemy Skills: Big Guard, White Wind, Bad Breath, Beta
        400+ GP
        Slash-All materia (normal battles)/Double Cut (lv.2) (Special battle)
        Steal materia lv.2 (for Mug) or Deathblow materia
        Enemy Skills: Magic Hammer, Magic Breath, Frog Song
        Items-99 EACH: X-Potion, Hi-Potion, Ether/Turbo Ether, Fire Veil,
                       Swift Bolt, Remedy (or each type of status cure)
          -Note that for Turbo Ethers, 30 or so will do, less with Magic 
           Hammer and normal Ethers as backup
          -Even with 99 Remedys, several of each type of status cure will help
           conserve Remedys
       First off, in order to participate, you must have GP, and plenty of it.
    The easiest, most reliable way to obtain GP is by racing chocobos...  But
    you have no chocobo.  The second best way, then, is the GP guy.  He's a
    little guy in a green shirt that appears randomly at the entrance of the
    Gold Saucer, near the top of the screen by the tram.  If you have a
    Lifetime Pass, you can simply run back and forth in and out of the Gold
    Saucer until he shows up, and he'll sell you GP at a rate of 1 GP to 100
    gil.  With thirty or forty grand lying around, you'll be all set.
       Next, without a stack of HP Plus materia, you need a decent amount of
    HP to last more than two battles.  Mideel forest is a great place to boost
    levels, and to fatten up your wallet for thr GP exchange.
       As for the actual arena, there are several tips that can help in a
    Command only game, as well as a normal game:
       -Alway start the first battle with Big Guard, as the Haste effect will
        carry on through all eight fights.  HOWEVER, if the first enemy set
        contains Jayjujayumes (little multicolored caterpillars), eliminate
        them FIRST, because they use Silk Thread, which causes Slow and 
        cancels your speed boost.
       -In betwwen battles, you encounter slots displaying various
        debilitating effects, and some helpful ones.  AVOID the helpful slots
        when possible (don't be afraid to try and get a Cure slot late in the
        string if you need it); They award almost no Battle Points.  Instead,
        try to aim for Status effects, as your Ribbon will cancel them out,
        but you will still recieve the BP bonus.  Also, in a Command Only
        game, try to get Broken Materias (minus, of course, yellow), since
        you carry no other type.
       -Watch out for Half HP/MP slots, they can be severe handicaps,
        especially if you get more than one.  Broken Weapon and Armor can
        seriously hurt you, and Broken Accessory and Sealed Item can end you
        quickly, especially if you manage to get both.
       -Many battles can be won by casting Bad Breath, then recovering the
        lost MP with Magic Hammer.  While the enemy is asleep, recover any
        missing HP with potions or White Wind, then simply wait.  When the
        enemy wakes up, as long as the Poison effect is hurting it, cast Frog
        Song to put it back to sleep until it runs out of HP.  Time consuming
        but effective.
       -Mug can be used to conserve Limits.  It deals a good bit of damage and
        isn't random like Deathblow, plus you get to keep anything you steal.
       -ALWAYS go into the last battle with a Limit ready, even if you have to
        mess around in the seventh battle to fill up your bar.
       -If it's available (it usually is), try to hit the Break All Materia
        slot for the final battle.  It gives a sick boost to your BP, and,
        with a Limit ready, you shouldn't need any other commands.
         You don't have to fully complete the string, since doing so only 
         gets you a useless (for this game, anyway) Final Attack materia.
         However, you should fight up to the third battle; The enemy is an
         Ochu, and you can Morph it for a Ribbon as many times as you like.]
         Alternately, you could simply keep a Morph materia on your guy and,
         in the event you meet up with an Ochu in the normal battle (it will
         appear in the last fight), you can Morph him there until you have
         enough Ribbons to satisfy you, and not bother with the Special
         Battle at all.
       You have to fight Ultimate Weapon several times before it will die, and
    chase it down in the Highwind between battles.  I suggest saving between
    fights, especially if you're taking him on at the earliest opportunity,
    because Ultimate likes to stop and engage at places that will force the
    plot to advance before you're ready for it to, namely the Northern Crater
    and Midgar.
       Ultimate Weapon isn't very ultimate, and it only stays to fight for a
    round or two before it chickens out and runs to another place.  Stay right
    on its tail, ram it if you can (it'll find a new resting spot quicker if
    you do), and when it stops, drop to the ground, heal and save.  That way
    you know where he is (if you manage to lose him, fly around randomly until
    you get him in your sights again;  My experience is that, if you fly
    around at the point where the four corners of the world map intersect,
    you'll spot him pretty quick.)
       You can avoid unwanted plot advancement by coming into the first
    battle with Omnislash and another multi-hit, high powered Limit ready.
    At the onset of the first battle, select both Limits; Usually, only one
    will go off, but if you're REALLY lucky, the second activates too, before
    he flies away.  If you get both, Ultimate will make a beeline for Cosmo
    Canyon.  If you only get one, chase it down and nail it with the other
    Limit, and that should send it packing.  Note that using this strategy
    will prevent you from stealing from Ultimate; In EVERY land based fight
    (your crew is on the ground), it has a Reflect Ring, and in EVERY air
    battle (your guys are on the Highwind), it has a Circlet.
       When Ultimate heads for Cosmo Canyon, it's ready to die.  Land the
    Highwind, save, and pile ALL of your enemy skills onto one character.
    You'll want this to be your hardest hitter.  Also equip them with a
    Reflect Ring (you'll have one from the JENOVA-Death fight.)
       When you engage Ultimate for the last time, you have one of two
    strategies to use:  First, use ONLY the character packing the Reflect
    Ring to attack; Or, second, Sense Ultimate, then pick at its HP with
    everybody until it gets dangerously low, then use ONLY that one character
    to finish it off.
       When it goes, Ultimate will unleash Shadow Flare against the last
    person that hit it;  Having the Reflect Ring on will bounce the attack
    back at Ultimate, and you will still learn Shadow Flare on ALL of your
    Enemy Skill materia!
       Ultimate Weapon will then blow up, opening the path to the Ancient
    Forest, and drop Cloud's Ultimate Weapon, the Ultima Weapon.  With this,
    as well as Omnislash and the W-Summon materia, you can now access the
    Special Battles in the Gold Saucer Battle Square.
       With Ultimate Weapon out of the way, you can get to this place.  It's
    kind of annoying, too (not nearly to the extent of Cloud's Subconscious),
    but for playing with the bugs and frogs you can pick up the Slash-All
    materia, a Minerva Band, and Cloud's Apocalypse, the only other triple
    growth weapon in the game.
       In the Northern Crater, when you reach the place where you can split
    up the party, send Tifa RIGHT, and EVERYBODY else LEFT.  Proceed to the
    bottom of the left path, then go back up, and return down the RIGHT path.
    The first chest on this path is the second Mystile.  At the bottom of the
    crater, meet up with your party and talk to anyone who didn't make the
    full trip with you.  Tifa will hand over the third Mystile.
     []99 MEGALIXERS
       Yes, you too can have a full stock of Megalixers, WITHOUT the W-Item
    trick, and relatively easily, too.
       What you need is a turbo controller, an assload of gil, and a LOT of
    free time.
       Go to the Gold Saucer Wonder Square.  In the first room, behind the GP
    exchange girl, is a fairly useless game called Wonder Grabber, or 
    something similar.  For 100 gil, this thing randomly dispenses Potions,
    1 or 3 GP, or, if you're really lucky, nothing.
       Why would you waste your time with such a device?  Because it also
    drops Megalixers every once in a while.
       What you do is set Cloud up in front of the thing.  Now, rig your
    controller in such a way that the Confirm button fires continuously, and
    Up on the D-pad is held down.  Put the controller down, shut off the TV,
    and go do something else for a LOOOONNNNGGGG time.  It takes about eight
    hours for this sucker to eat 200,000 gil, but when you come back, you
    should have between 15 and 30 more Megalixers than you started with.
    With a million or so gil and a couple of days to spare, you'll have 99
    Megalixers with pretty much zero work.
       If you're going to take on the two American Weapons, Emerald and Ruby,
    you need to do a lot of prep work first.  You will need all three Mystiles
    (which means you must explore the North Crater before doing this), 
    Omnislash, Highwind (if you want to use Cid, and you should), two level 2
    Double Cuts, and a level 1 Slash-All, 99 Megalixers, and the Enemy Skills
    Big Guard, White Wind, Angel Whisper, and Bad Breath.
       Next, choose the party you want to face them with.  Cloud is a no
    brainer; Yuffie and Cid are probably the best backup, but Barret or Tifa
    could handle the task.  AVOID Red XIII and Vincent at all costs, and
    Cait Sith is utterly useless to begin with, so why would you even consider
    him?  You want a party with multi hitting Limits, so set Yuffie to Limit
    Level 3 for Doom of the Living, or Barret to Limit Level 4 for
       Once you've chosen your victims...  Er, party...  You have to beef them
    up.  This means Level 99 (for HP) and maxed stats.  The levels are easy-
    evrything gives you EXP., but the BEST place to do it is in the Northern
    Crater.  Head down the left-up path, to an area with lots of water and
    yellow rocks, and look for a fight.  It takes patience, but you're looking
    for two enemies in particular: Master Tonberry (looks like a turtle
    wearing a robe, with a star over its head), and Magic Pot (looks like...
    a pot?)
       When fighting the Mater Tonberry, STEAL from it for an Elixer, then
    kill it for 6000 EXP.  When you come across a Magic Pot, you have to feed
    it an Elixer before you can damage it (they often appear in pairs, so a
    W-Item materia is a big help), then take it out for 8000 EXP. (each!)
    They're also worth 1000 AP each, resulting in a gain of 6000 AP for a
    fight with two of them and triple growth weapons.
       Another enemy to look out for is Mover.  It looks like a little red
    bouncy ball, always appears in groups of three, and is worth 800 AP.  A
    piece.  That's 2400 AP per battle BEFRORE growth bonuses.  Unfortunately,
    they aren't worth ANY EXP.
       Once your levels are peaked, head back down to the Crashed Gelinka (if
    you get your levels up first, this part goes faster).  Give Yuffie the
    Conformer and a Morph materia.
       Now, this is the ONLY place in this walkthrough I'll allow a non-
    command type materia.  In the hallway where the Turks appeared, and ONLY
    in that hall, you may equip Yuffie with the Mega-All for the sake of
    saving time.  This is purely optional, so for a 'pure' Command Only game,
    you don't have to do it.
       Morph the enemis in the Gelinka for each of the different types of
    Sources.  You can also visit the Ruined Reactor near Gongaga first;  Near
    the reactor, you will encounter only one type of enemy, Heavy Tank, which
    Morphs into Power Source.  This way, you can maximize your Strength first
    and reduce battle times further in the Gelinka.
       Make sure you boost EVERY stat on ALL three characters to 255.  DO NOT
    factor in the bonuses caused by weapons, armor and accessories.  You HAVE
    to be able to survive or dodge the Weapons' attacks, and it is IMPERATIVE
    that all of your characters can consistently cause maximum damage with
    ANY weapon;  You cannot rely on Ultimate Weapons because their damage is
    related to their charcters- Cloud's Ultima Weapon deals damage based on
    Cloud's current HP, and will cause less damage as his HP falls.
       You should also be packing 99 EACH of the following items.  In the
    interest of saving you time, you ARE allowed to use the W-Item cheat for
    this.  The items are:
       Turbo Ether
       Caldron (you get one from the 4th course on the Gold Saucer Submarine
       Dazers (dropped by Bad Raps in the sunken Gelinka)
       At least ONE Ink item
       Once you complete this daunting and time consuming task, you should be
    set to take on the Weapons.  I suggest going after Emerald first, as the
    Master Command (for Mime) will make Ruby a little easier.
       Before going into battle, go into the Config. menu and set the ATB to
    WAIT.  Set the Battle Speed as SLOW as possible.  Get your Limits full on
    everyone, and equip them all with Mystiles, and Enemy Skill materias.
    Equip REGULAR weapons, NOT Ultimates (except Conformer).  To avoid
    rearranging a lot of materia, Cloud's Enhance Sword has 8 slots, as does
    Cid's Dragoon Lance.  Barret does not have an 8 slot regular weapon.
    Set Cloud's, Cid's and/or Barret's Limit to level 4, Yuffie's to level 3.
    Put Level 2 Double Cuts on two of them, and a Level 1 Slash-All (NOT
    Flash) on the other.  Hyper all of your guys.  When you're ready, ram
    Emerald with the submarine and prepare for the fight of your life.
       Use Big Guard on your first turn, then Bad Breath (Emerald can be
    Slowed).  Use all of your Limits next.
       Eventually, Emerald will use Revenge Stomp.  Use a Megalixer to
    recover; If you're using W-Item, toss back a Megalixer, then throw a
    Stardust or Fire Veil at Emerald.  Use Angel Whisper if you lose anybody.
    Abuse Limits as soon as you get them.
       When you're done (I did it in six minutes, three seconds, according to
    the timer), you get an Earth Harp.  Take it to Kalm and trade it for a
    set of Master Materia, of which you only want one.
       Prepare for battle by equipping your best fighter with a Mystile, his
    or her Ultimate Weapon (unless you use Cid, whose Venus Gospel deals
    damage based on Cid's current MP), the Master Command you got from beating
    Emerald Weapon, a W-Item, and, most importantly, a Ribbon and an Enemy
    Skill materia with Pandora's Box learned.  Enter a random battle and kill
    off the other two party members, and get your Limit bar full again.
       At the outset of the battle, Ruby will bury his claws.  Use W-Item to
    throw a Dazers at his LEFT claw (it will be on the RIGHT side of your TV
    screen), and one at Ruby himself.  DO IT IN THIS ORDER!!!  So far as I
    can tell, Ruby's claws cannot attack while Ruby is paralyzed.  Paralyzing
    the claw first is like an early warning system.  His claw will start
    moving first, but will be unable to attack.  This is your cue to Dazers
    the claw and Ruby again.  If timed right, Ruby will actually begin moving
    BETWEEN the first and second Dazers, meaning the item WILL hit him, but it
    will technically still be your turn, so he will be unable to act.
       On your next turn, toss a Caldron or a Dazers at the other claw, and an
    Ink at Ruby.  Put up Big Guard next.
       By now, the Dazers should be wearing off.  Throw another set at the 
    claw and Ruby, then use Pandora's Box on Ruby's body.  You should be able
    to cast it twice before you need to re-Dazers him.
       Continue to Dazers the claw and Ruby (only worry about the one claw)
    and cast Pandora's Box.  When you run short on MP (or HP if your timing's
    off), Dazers Ruby and his warning claw, then use an Elixer to heal.  When
    you do this, DO NOT try to continue the battle.  Use your Elixer, then
    WAIT until his early warning claw begins to move.  Immediately Dazers it
    and Ruby agan, then return to the Pandora's Box-Dazers cycle.
       Eventually, Ruby will pull up his claws.  Dazers him again, and heal if
    you have to.  On your next turn, use your Limit, then Mime it.  You should
    be able to Mime it a second time before the Dazers wear off.  Paralyze
    Ruby again, and go back to Pandora's Box.  Use this cycle until he
    reburys his claws, then start the strategy all over again.  If Ruby pulls
    up his claws and you don't have a Limit, just Dazers and Pandora's Box him.
       You see, Ruby Weapon has atrocious defense.  Crazy defense.  You'll
    deal about one-third damage with any attack...  Except Pandora's Box,
    which ignores defense.
       If you run low on Dazers (and you will), use the W-Item cheat to get
    some more.  This is a long ass fight, and you don't want to lose after
    investing a half hour or more into it.
       For winning you get a Desert Rose, which you can trade for a Gold
    Chocobo.  You still have to rent a stable for it, though...
    ***********************************   ix   *******************************
       Where I show a little humility...
       Squaresoft- For the finest installment of the best game series EVER.
       Jim at Mad Dog Tattoos, in Almont, Mi.- For the FF7 logo tattoo on my
       Squaresoft (again)- For THE perfect game.
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       Final Fantasy and all related terms and characters are copyright
       Final Fantasy VII copyright Squaresoft 1997.
       Bradygames Official Guide is property of Brady Publishing (though
         no actual content of said guide was used, I did mention it way back
         in the introduction, and there's no reason to get myself sued.)
       This guide is copyright Ryan Goss (Acid Angel 13), 2005.
       If you want to post this guide or parts of it, send me an e-mail for 
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       Well, I might...
       Also note that if you choose to do something stupid, like steal MY
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       This guide may be distributed freely, in whole or in part, by any 
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       To contact me for whatever reason, e-mail me at:
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       Any corrections, revisions, additional strategy, or whatever, will be 
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       What's more, I love getting e-mails about my work.  If you send me a
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    VERSION HISTORY (or, Some Stuff You Probably Don't Care About)
    9/14/05 Ver. 0.05-Decided to play FF7 again.  Also decided I really
                      wanted to contribute something for it.  So I dreamed
                      up this "challenge"
    9/18/05 Ver. 0.80-Technically "beat" the game, as in killing Safer
                      Sephiroth.  The funniest thing happened in the
                      "unlosable" fight afterward... Seph actually HIT me
                      (I've NEVER seen his turn come up first), and it damn-
                      near took me out (which would have been amusing in a
                      peculiar, frustrating sort of way...) 
    9/29/05 Ver. 1.00-Finally took down the Weapons.  It was the prep that
                      took forever...
    12/18/05 Ver. 1.50-Too long between updates, considering the volume of
                      mail that fell on me over this guide.  Added correction
                      about Angel Whisper, reason for Ether theft in the
                      Train Graveyard, and Enemy Skill section, which
                      replaced the utterly pointless Character Evaluation
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