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    SCIENMNANE Challenge FAQ by Xenomic

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    SCIENMNANE Challenge FAQ
                                     | Copyright 2007 Steven Marr  |
                                     | By Steven Marr (aka Xenomic)|
                                     | xenomic@bigstring.com       |
                                     | kushara@bigstring.com       |
                                     | entity_of_chaos@hotmail.com |
                                     | AIM: Xenomic, AnkokuRyu    |
                                     |                             |
                                Legal Script
    Final Fantasy 7 Copyright 1997, 1998 Square Co., Ltd. Final Fantasy and
    Squaresoft are registered trademarks of Square Co., Ltd. All copyrights and
    trademarks are acknowledged where are not specifically mentioned. If you wish
    to reproduce this document AS IS, you may do so after asking my permission, and
    not for profit. If I see fit, I, however, will revoke permission and ask for it
    to be taken down if necessary.
    Now, before I begin, you'll find that the format of this faq is the same as
    with the SCNIIENANE faq. However, don't let this fool you! The strategies
    and everything else is different than from its predecor. Keep this in mind
    as you use this faq.
                                        Table of Contents
    To navigate to a separte section, use Cntrl + F and type in the bracket and the
    corresponding letter at the end of each section.
    1. Welcome!                                                            [001]
    2. The Basis of this Guide                                     [002]
    3. The Rules                                                            [003]
    4. Tips & Tricks                                                      [004]
    5. The Guide                                                            [005]
      -Disc 1-                                                         
    A. Midgar                                                                [006]
    B. On the Way to Kalm                                         [007]
    C. On the Way to Junon                                       [008]
    D. Junon to North Corel                                       [009]
    E. Corel Prison                                                        [010]
    F. The Buggy                                                         [011]
    G. On the Way to Nibeheim                                 [012]
    H. On the Way to Rocket Town                          [013]
    I. On the Way to the Temple of Ancients          [014]
    J. The City of the Ancients                                   [015]
      -Disc 2-
    A. On the Way To Icicle Inn                                [016]
    B. On the Way to the Gaia's Cliff                         [017]
    C. Whirlwind Maze                                                [018]
    D. In Search of Cloud                                            [019]
    E. Huge Materia Quest                                         [020]
    F. Underwater Reactor                                          [021]
    G. Diamond Weapon's Attack                             [022]
    H. Raid On Midgar                                                [023]
      -Disc 3-
    A. Northern Crater                                                [024]
    B. The Final Battles                                              [025]
    6. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questons)            [026]
    7. Credits                                                                [027]
                                            1. Welcome!   [001]
    Hello to all of you, and welcome to my third challenge faq! If
    you're reading this, then I'm assumming that you're looking for
    a tough challenge. Well, you've come to the right place for it! This
    challenge is by far one of the most difficult challenges you can do
    for Final Fantasy VII, and there are still yet those that are downright
    impossible to beat. However, I myself can guarantee that this challenge
    is in fact possible to do. So, without any further adieu, let us begin this
                                  2. The Basis of this Guide   [002]
    This faq is specifically dedicated to those who want a challenge that
    is extremely tough to beat, but not downright impossible. It is also
    dedicated to helping those who are doing this challenge to avoid
    problem areas and to overcome the various obstacles that they will
    face along the way to Sephiroth.
    I'm also assuming that you've played this game at least 4 times and
    have familiarized yourself with the game and what to do. If not, then
    I would suggest you do so. This is not a challenge that you want to
    start out with.
                                           3. The Rules   [003]
    This challenge is composed of many, smaller challenges to make this
    whopping behemoth. Each part of the SCIENMNANE name is divided
    into 5 parts. Here are the different parts and the rules of each part:
    -Solo Character (SC)-
    You may only use one character throughout the entire challenge. You must
    kill off any other party member, and leave them dead. You are prohibited from
    using PHS. You can only use the following characters at the designated part
    of the game:
    Barret: Duel vs. Dyne, Duel vs. Hundred/Heli Gunner
    Yuffie: Wutai Pagoda sidequest
    Tifa: Search for Cloud
    Cid: Huge Materia sidequest
    -Initial Equipment (IE)-
    You can never equip anything other than what the character comes equipped
    with. For example, Cloud can only use the Buster Sword and Bronze Bangle
    throughout the challenge.
    -No Materia (NM)-
    You are not allowed to equip materia at any time. When a character comes
    equipped with a piece of materia, you must immediately unequip it and
    scrap it. If you are forced to have materia equipped, your are not allowed
    to use that materia at all.
    -No Accessories (NA)-
    You can never equip any accessories. Ever. This part also makes the challenge
    -No Escape (NE)-
    You cannot escape any battles. All random encounters must be fought and won.
    Extremely tough early on in the game.
                                      4. Tips & Tricks    [004]
    0. This challenge will end up feeling like an extreme version of an Items
    Only game. This will remain true throughout the entire game. If you want
    to, you can turn this challenge into a SCIENMNAIONE game, but you'll
    have to use Meteorain in order to beat Reno at Sector 7. 
    1. Get Meteorain immediately at Sector 7 before boarding the train. This
    cannot be stressed enough, as you can fight many enemies here quickly
    and gain Limit Levels faster here than at the Sector 7 Plate later on in
    the game.
    2. Inns are helpful in conserving your Items. Try to save some money
    for times when you really need to rest up.
    3. Items such as Grenades, Molotovs, and S-Mines are very useful in
    this challenge. 
    4. ALWAYS keep a full supply of Potions, Hi-Potions, and Tents at all
    times. This will keep you with a way to constantly heal yourself in the
    tougher battles in the game.
    5. Get X-Potions the first chance you get from Wutai! You'll be needing
    a ton of them for this game!
    6. You'll be needing a LOT of money for this challenge! Sell off all equipment,
    and all Ethers.
                                           5. The Guide    [005]
    And now, we come to the biggest part of this faq: The actual walkthrough! 
    If you are trying this challenge and want to do it on your own, then use this 
    faq as more of a guide that you can look at for certain sections, rather than 
    reading through it the whole way.
    -Disc 1-
    A. Midgar   [006]
    This part is pretty straightforward. Grab the two Potions from the guards,
    then bust the MPs with regular attacks. Head straight to the Reactor,
    finishing off all encounters with just regular attacks. Once you get
    Barret, kill him off. Now, pick up the Phoenix Down and continue onwards.
    Once you reach the Save Point, save and prioritze your Potions. Set
    the Battle Speed to Active and Fast, and the Battle/Field Message Speed
    to max. Now, continue on to fight your first boss, the infamous Guard
    Boss Battle: Guard Scorpion
    This fight is very straightforward. Attack, use Limits, and heal with
    Potions. Not that tough. Don't bother building your Limit up via Tail
    Laser, as you don't need it that badly.
    Escape the reactor, then fight the 3 set of battles that follow. The EXP
    and Gil you get will be useful for later on.
    [Skip storyline]
    --Sector 7--
    Here's where you want to level up your Limits. Before that, head to the
    hideout and go through the storyline. Once you get ahold of Cloud again,
    head to the Item Shop and buy Grenades and Potions. Now, go to the
    Train Graveyard and fight with Cloud until you learn Meteorain. After you
    get Meteorain, you should have more than enough Gil to buy 99 Potions,
    and you should sell any Ethers that you may have won, and buy Grenades
    and Antidotes. After you're done with this, save and head to your next
    --Sector 4 Plate/Reactor--
    You'll want to pick up the Phoenix Down (to sell for later) and the 
    Hi-Potion, then head to the front of the train and just jump off there. 
    Continue onwards until you reach the lasers, and jump down the 
    hole. Press onwards, picking up any items that you find. You may 
    want to stick Cloud in the back row and use Grenades to save HP, but 
    it's not neccesary. The enemies here aren't particularly tough to beat 
    anyways. Once you reach the reactor, though, you better have a big 
    supply of Potions and Antidotes due to Poison attacks here. Grenades 
    will kill everything in one hit here, and if it doesn't, you can simply 
    attack them. Head down to the bottom and set the bomb, then head up 
    (the same way you went in the first reactor). Pick up the Ether here and 
    open the doors, then save. Don't bother setting Cloud in the back row, 
    as it won't matter here. Get Meteorain before heading on, then prepare 
    to own the next boss!
    Boss Battle: Air Buster
    One simple Meteorain and a few Grenades will easily kill this boss. If you 
    didn't come into this fight with Meteorain, that's alright. Just don't let your 
    HP fall below 150, and you should be fine. None of Air Buster's attacks 
    are particularly threatening.
    [Skip storyline]
    --Sector 5 Slums/Wall Market--
    Once you get control of Cloud again, you can have Aeris fight the enemies
    instead of running to get more Gil, if you so choose, but it's best just to 
    push the barrels instead.
    [Skip storyline]
    Once you get to the slums, head to the item shop and buy Potions, Grenades,
    and Antidotes. Sell off any Phoenix Downs and Ethers that you have (plus
    any equipment), then proceed with the story. Once you get to Sector 6, put
    Cloud in the back row and chalk Grenades at all of the enemies. You'll want
    to save your Limit Breaks for later on. When you reach Wall Market, do as
    you will, as any outcome will result with you fighting the next boss.
    Boss Battle: Aps
    Grenades and Meteorain are your best friend here. If you get hit with 
    Sadness before the fight ends, then save Meteorain, as you don't want 
    to try and build up your Limit with Sadness on. Use Potions whenever 
    your HP drops below 200.
    After the battle, head through the sewers, ignoring the Steal materia, and
    proceed through the Train Graveyard. If you want, you can try and win
    some Graviballs from the Deenglow enemies that lurk around this area.
    Once you reach the Sector 7 Plate, it's time to buy out Grenades and Potions,
    then save and head on up. Hopefully, you have Cloud with his Limit Break
    ready for the next boss? Good, cuz if not, then you can't win!
    Boss Battle: Reno
    You HAVE to get Meteorain out BEFORE Reno attacks! If not, you might
    as well restart your game. If the Meteorain doesn't kill him, throw a Grenade
    and hope that does it. If not, then level up a little. You should get Meteorain
    to one-hit kill him eventually. Level 18-20 is the highest that you want to go,
    but don't unless you have to.
    [Skip storyline]
    Head back to Aeris's house, and skip through the storyline, then go back to
    Wall Market and get the Batteries. Head north and follow the kids, then go
    up the Golden Shiny Wire of Hope.
    --Shinra HQ--
    You'll want to sneak up this time around, as you want to CONSERVE your
    items for later. All enemies here are a bit harder to kill off with 
    Grenades alone, but if they live through a Grenade, then a regular 
    attack should be all that's needed to finish them off. Go through this area 
    like normal, picking up whatever you come across. The Star Pendant and Four 
    Slots are mighty useful to sell, so get them when you can. Everything else 
    doesn't matter. Once you reach the Save Point, SAVE! The only real threat 
    on the way up are SOLDIER:3rd enemies, as they can do a lot of damage with 
    their Level 2 magic. Once you saved and healed up to max, hop on
    the elevator and go through the storyline, then prepare to fight your next 
    boss. Hopefully Cloud's in the back row?
    Boss Battle: Sample: HO512
    Throw Grenades at the boss only, and ignore his flunkies. If you find yourself
    getting trashed by Level 2 magic, use Hi-Potions to get your life back up, and
    use Meteorain to kill off any enemies that you can. Not that difficult of a 
    [Skip storyline]
    After you get control of Cloud, head on up to the top floor. The enemies are
    different now, but they can still be dealt with by Grenades and a 
    physical attack. You may also want to try and get some Deadly Wastes 
    here, but they aren't really needed, as you can simply kill enemies quickly 
    with other items. Continue onwards and save before going up to the top floor, 
    then prepare yourself by putting Barret in the back row. Hope you stocked up 
    on a lot of Potions and Grenades earlier!
    Boss Battle: Hundred/Heli Gunner
    This fight's a little tough, but only due to Heli Gunner's Sleep and Poison 
    combo. Start the battle off by using Big Shot, if you have it, and use 
    Grenades and Potions for the rest of the battle. Use Big Shot whenever 
    you get the chance, but make sure that your HP stays above 150 at all 
    times. Hundred Gunner's easy to finish off, but Heli Gunner may take a 
    little while. Watch for if Barret falls asleep or not, and act accordingly to 
    that. Putting the ATB to Wait may help here too.
    After the battle, put Cloud in the back row.
    Boss Battle: Rufus, Dark Nation
    If you have Meteorain, use it at the start. If it doesn't kill Rufus, then use
    Grenades to finish this battle. Nothing hard at all.
    Once you finish this fight, save! Now, you probably need to restock your
    Potions and Grenades, right? Well, once you get control of Aeris, head
    up the first set of stairs and head into the Item Shop, then max out your
    Potions first, then buy Grenades. Or, if you want, split it 50/50. Either way,
    you should have an ample supply to use for the road ahead. Once you're
    done shopping, head onwards and finish the Bike minigame, then get
    ready to fight your next boss.
    Boss Battle: Motor Ball
    As long as Cloud is in the back row, this fight's a piece of cake. Twin
    Burner and Rolling Fire will do their fair share of damage, but a simple
    Hi-Potion can easily take care of that problem. Meteorain works well
    here, but if you don't have it, just focus on Grenades. If you somehow
    manage to run out of Grenades, jump to the front row and start pounding
    the boss with physical attacks. An easy enough fight.
    [Skip Storyline]
    B. On the Way to Kalm [007]
    Well.....to be honest.....there's not a whole lot to do here. If you need
    to level up, fight around the Kalm area, but other than that, you should
    be good enough to head straight to Kalm and complete the flashback
    sequence. You should, however, stock up on Potions, Grenades (if
    possible), Antidote, and the like. Don't bother with Echo Screens if
    you can buy them, as you won't ever need to worry about Silence.
    Don't forget to check the cupboard in the room where Cloud does
    the flashback 5 times to get a Megalixir! This will be very handy at a
    later time! Once you're done, head out and go straight to pass the Chocobo
    Ranch, as you don't need to bother with it (since you can't use materia).
    Instead, head into the swamp, save, reload, walk a few, save, reload, and
    repeat until you reach the other side of the marsh. The best place to do
    this is at the far east side of the mountains (you have to switch to ground
    view for this one). Once you've crossed, head straight into the Mythril
    C. On the Way to Junon [008]
    The Mythril Mines is a blink and a sneeze. You can pick up the items
    here if you want, but you don't really need them badly. Head straight
    from the Mythril Mines to Junon, as you don't need to stop at Fort
    Condor yet. You don't even need to bother with getting Yuffie, as the
    fights for her aren't really needed. Once you reach Junon, save and
    go stock up on Potions and Grenades, then stick Cloud in the back row
    if he isn't already.
    Boss Battle: Bottomswell
    This fight is not that tough. Grenades and Meteorain will be your only
    means of damaging the boss, so if you run out of Grenades, jump to
    the front row and start throwing Potions until you get Meteorain. Make
    sure that Cloud's HP remains above 200 at all times, so that a Critical
    hit won't kill him. Not that hard at all.....yet.
    D. Junon to North Corel  [009]
    [Skip storyline]
    Once you go into Junon, do the minigames (it doesn't matter what you
    get really), and once you get the chance, have Cloud go stock up on
    Potions and Hi-Potions. Do the Parade for Rufus, then jump on the
    boat. Once you're on the boat, do what you need to do, then set up
    your party with whomever. If you need to rest for whatever reason,
    just talk to the sailor here. The enemies, however, aren't that tough
    aside from Scrutin Eye's Level 2 magic, but a few Hi-Potions will
    take care of that problem. Hopefully you have plenty of Potions and
    Boss Battle: Jenova-BIRTH
    If you get the chance, use Meteorain if Stop misses. If Stop DOES
    connect, then you'll wamt to wait and use a Hi-Potion or Elixir after
    Stop wears off, since you might need it. Keep Cloud in the back row,
    and chalk Grenades and Meteorains at Jenova. This fight may take up
    to 5-10 minutes, but isn't as tough as you'd think. 4000 HP just sounds
    like a lot.
    [Skip storyline]
    Once you reach Costa Del Sol, it's time to pick up your newest weapon;
    the Molotov! Much stronger than the Greande, but the downside is that
    it has Fire element on it, which can be bad if you run into Fire-elemental
    enemies like Bombs. Sell off anything that you don't need and stock up
    on some Softs. You never know when you're about to get hard........err.....
    get turned to stone....
    Once you've stocked up, it's time to head out and go straight to Mt. Corel.
    The path is pretty straightforward, and with the new Molotov in your
    possession, your trip should be even easier. If you don't have that
    many Molotovs, fight a few battles and get some Gil so that you can
    stock up at least 20-30 Molotovs mininum.
    --Mt. Corel--
    Save before entering, so that if you die, you don't start way back at 
    Costa Del Sol or something like that.....proceed through this area
    as normal. All enemies here are easy to deal with by a single Finishing
    Touch, and Molotovs can easily kill off some enemies. If you run low
    on Molotovs, switch to Grenades to conserve your Molotovs. Pick
    up the Star Pendant, W Machine Gun, and Wizer Staff to sell for later,
    and ignore the 10 Phoenix Downs and the hidden cave, as you don't need
    them at all. The bridge area can be a little rough if you don't kill the Bomb
    enemies off quick enough. Molotovs only heal them, so save your
    items and go with a few Grenades instead. Once you reach North
    Corel, save outside, then go buy more Molotovs. If you need to, stock
    up on Potions and the like. Now, head for the Gold Saucer and proceed
    with the storyline.
    E. Corel Prison [010]
    This area is pretty straightforward. Hopefully Barret hasn't been in
    your party this whole time? If he has, then this is going to be a little
    tougher than you'd hope for....
    Proceed into town and save, then go into the house on the bottom-right
    corner of the area and go through Barret's flashback. Now, you'll have
    to kill Cloud off here (ahhh.....), and stick Barret in the back row. There's
    an Item Shop around here too, if you need it, but you shouldn't. Skip
    straight through the desert to Dyne. Any enemies here should be
    dealt with extremely quickly with Molotovs and Big Shot. The toughest
    battle will be with the x4 Bullmotor enemies, as Matra Magic deals a ton
    of damage, especially if Barret has been in the party the whole time. Once
    you reach the area before Dyne, if Barret isn't in the back row for some
    reason, stick him there! And don't worry about healing him before the battle.
    He should be healed automatically.
    Boss Battle: Dyne
    This fight is just constantly trading punches. Big Shot will be key here,
    but never let Barret's HP drop below 300. Use Molotovs at the start of
    the battle, and when Dyne starts using S-Mine, that's where you constantly
    use Potions. Use Big Shot whenver your HP is near full. This fight isn't
    too difficult.
    [Skip storyline]
    F. The Buggy [011]
    To be honest, there's not a whole lot you can do with the Buggy. If
    you wanted, you can go back to North Corel and stock up more on
    Molotovs and Potions, but heading back to the other continent is
    pointless, as you have no reason to return there. So, instead, head
    straight to Gongaga.
    Boss Battle: Reno, Rude
    This fight is pretty simple if you use Meteorain the whole time. Don't
    waste Molotovs or Grenades, as you want to try and kill them both
    at the same time to get all of the EXP and Gil you can get. 
    Head into town after the fight and pick up everything (including the
    X-Potion). Now, sell off all and any equipment that you have, and get
    some Impalers and Shrivels. These are nice alternatives to hamperring
    your opponent's power. Once you've gotten these, head on over to
    Cosmo Canyon.
    G. On the Way to Nibeheim [012]
    --Cosmo Canyon--
    You should stock up on Hi-Potions now, and forgo the Potions, as
    their effects are long but useless now. Continue with the story until
    you get to go to the Cave of the Gi, and save before entering. This
    area will be pretty tough to get through in one go, especially if you
    don't have enough Items to support you here. If you have to, fight a
    couple battles here, then go back and rest, stock up, then try again.
    The only real threat here is Death Sentence, as it might take you more
    than the alotted time to kill the enemies off. If you have to, use Finishing
    Touch for those moments. For the Stinger battles, use an Impaler or
    Shrivel to easily wipe them out. Once you reach Gi Nattak, hopefully
    you've kept a few Phoenix Downs? If not....then....that's my fault for not
    telling you....heh.
    Boss Battle: Gi Nattak, Soul Fire x2
    This fight's not that tough in this challenge, as opposed to the
    SCNIIENANE version. Just keep throwing Phoenix Downs at the boss
    until it dies. Simple as that! Why make it more complicating than it has
    to be?
    [Skip storyline]
    After the storyline is over, head back to the Buggy and head straight
    for Nibelheim.
    H. On the Way to Rocket Town [013]
    Feel free to pick up everything from the Black Cloaked people this time
    around, and sell off anything that you can't use. The Shinra Mansion
    is entirely optional, but the equipment there sell for quite a bit. If you
    want to risk it, go ahead and go for the gold. Otherwise, ignore it and
    head straight to Mt. Nibel. Lost Number can wait some other time and
    --Mt. Nibel--
    Most enemies here can be a pain, especially since you don't have any
    multi-hitting items aside from Bolt Plumes and Deadly Wastes. Your
    best bet is to just throw Molotovs at one enemy at a time, and save
    your Finishing Touch for when you desperately need it. Ignore all
    of the treasure here, and just proceed straight to the boss. Make sure
    to push the ladder down, just in case you need to go back and restock.
    Save, then go to fight the boss.
    Boss Battle: Materia Keeper
    Make sure that Cloud is in the back row before the fight, and if you
    can be bothered to, get Meteorain. If you don't get Meteorain, that's
    fine. You'll be getting that a lot in this fight. When Materia Keeper
    starts using Cure2, that's where you start hammering away with Grenades
    and physical attacks. Trine will do about 500-1000 HP, but it's not that
    big of a deal. 
    After the fight, head out of Mt. Nibel and straight towards Rocket
    Town. The enemies shouldn't be much problem, unless you run out
    of items on the way there.
    --Rocket Town--
    Save outside of the town, then enter and stock up on Hi-Potions and
    the like. Now, continue on with the storyline, and when you are forced
    to go to Cid''s backyard, put Cloud in the front row. You won't need to
    worry about this next fight that much.
    Boss Battle: Palmer
    You can just keep throwing Hi-Potions throughout this whole fight and
    wait until Palmer runs out of MP, then bash him in with physical attacks.
    No need to use Molotovs here.
    [Skip storyline]
    I. On the Way to the Temple of Ancients [014]
    You can do one of two things now. If you need to level up, you can
    head straight back to Junon (via Buggy, IIRC. Don't know if you can
    go back using the Tiny Bronco) and fight the enemies there, or you
    can head straight to Wutai and do the sidequest there. Yes, it'll be
    tough, and you'll most likely end up being around Level 40 or so, but
    you'll be needing the items that are there for this challenge.
    Here, just head up the hill and activate the sidequest. Finish off the
    Attack Squad with whatever you have, and continue on down to
    Wutai. The enemies will be tough if you aren't a suitable level, but
    you should be able to manage with Finishing Touch/Hi-Potion combo.
    Here is where you'll want to build up your stock of X-Potions (40 will
    be useful for the Temple of the Ancients). Once you reach Wutai, go
    through the little minigame, then head towards the pagoda and ring
    the gong. Enter the temple and pick up the items here, then follow the
    Don and beat the Attack Squad again. Now, you can go back to the
    item shop and buy some Fire Veils and Swift Bolts (which will help
    tremendously throughout this challenge). Head towards the Da-Chao
    Statues (save beforehand!) and head straight towards your next boss
    fight! If you can, get some Lunar and Light Curtains here as well (10
    or more is good).
    Boss Battle: Rapps
    Aero3 is your biggest threat here. If you can't survive it, then level up
    so that your HP is higher than 1500 (about the amount of damage Aero3
    will do. Sometimes, it'll do about 1900 HP). Scorpion Tail will be a pain
    due to Poison, but don't bother with healing it, and just go for keeping
    your HP up. Use Meteorain only (and keep Cloud in the back row).
    [Skip storyline]
    After you're done with this sidequest, spend all of your money on Fire
    Veils and Swift Bolts. These will help you in many battles later on in
    the game, so if you can manage, stock up to about 30 mininum for each
    of them.
    Now, once you're done, head straight from Wutai to the Gold Saucer
    and do the arena battle. 
    [Skip storyline]
    Once you get the Keystone, head southwest until you get to the Temple
    of the Ancients. Make two saves now; one for in case you need to train
    more, and the other for venturing into the temple. If you don't have these
    items, go get them:
    Impaler (10+)
    Shrivel (10+)
    Fire Veil (40+)
    Swift Bolt (40+)
    Molotov (20+)
    X-Potion (50+)
    Lunar Curtains (15+)
    Light Curtains (15+)
    Mirror (15+)
    --Temple of the Ancients--
    Ignore the treasures, as you don't want to waste items in battles (unless
    the treasure is on the way to where you need to go). Ignore the first
    room and continue straight to the room with the boulders. Do this little
    part and skip through the storyline, then in the Clock room, make the
    clock stop on VI (easier to do it yourself). Catch the purple guy here 
    (and easy way of doing this is to jump down twice, then go into the
    second door), then save. Enter the room on the top floor, skip through
    the storyline, and prepare to bust down your next opponent.
    Boss Battle: Red Dragon
    This boss is a pushover for you if you have Cloud in the back row, and
    if you did the Wutai sidequest (you really should have...), because by
    the time you get here, you should be around Level 40-50, which means
    you can take damage and not worry about healing for a few turns. However,
    this doesn't mean that you shouldn't let the Red Dragon hurt you and not
    recover from it. You never know when he'll inflict a Critical hit on you, and
    you don't want to have to go through all of that storyline again, do you?
    Don't use any Fire Veils or Molotovs, as they just heal the boss. Instead,
    use Swift Bolts and Meteorain to bash the boss down. Before the fight
    ends, get Cloud's Limit Break back up and finish the boss with Swift Bolts.
    Now, heal and save, and prepare for one of the more tougher bosses.
    Boss Battle: Demon's Gate
    Keep Cloud in the back row and fire X-Potions the whole time (unless
    you can somehow survive 1500 damage every turn....), and make sure to
    heal Petri-Eye immediately. Use Meteorain when your HP is high and
    Demon's Gate uses Cave-In. Demon's Rush isn't that bad, especially if
    you use a Light Curtain to soften the blow.
    [Skip storyline]
    After the events are over, take the Tiny Bronco to the northern continent.
    Enter Bone Village (save outside, just in case) and dig up the Lunar Harp,
    then continue down the path (ignore the Water Ring, unless you want
    more Gil) and head towards the City of the Ancients.
    J. The City of the Ancients [015]
    Pick up everything here, so that you can sell them later on (except the
    stuff that you will want to keep). Rest, then head to the center of the
    city. Proceed onwards and save before jumping on the altar. Skip the
    storyline and prepare to fight the final boss of Disc 1.
    Boss Battle: Jenova-LIFE
    The only thing to worry about here is Aqualung, and if you keep chalking
    X-Potions the whole fight, then you can survive until Jenova runs out
    of MP. Light/Lunar Curtains help to soften the blows, and using a
    Tranquilizer will also reduce damage by up to 30%. Meteorain will get
    you through of course, but it's not neccessary. It just makes the fight
    go faster.
    [Skip storyline]
    --Disc 2--
    A. On the Way To Icicle Inn  [016]
    Now, before you go past the City of the Ancients, check your item
    stock and make sure you have these amount of items:
    60+ X-Potions
    10+ Light/Lunar Curtains
    5+ Mirrors
    99 Hi-Potions
    25+ Molotovs
    25+ Impalers/Shirvels
    10+ Tranquilizer/Hyper
    Yes, you're looking at a lot of time-investment here. However, you
    can take the Tiny Bronco to the far southeast and land near an island
    close to Mideel and fight the enemies here for a lot of Gil Plus, sometimes
    you may win an Ether, which is an extra 750 Gil. But your main concern
    is getting the X-Potions, as you won't survive long without them.
    Once you've stocked up, head to the back of the City of the Ancients
    and go through the Corral Cave (ignore the treasures). Once you reach
    the exit and start traveling the snow-covered world map, put Cloud in
    the back row and prioritize your Fire Veils and Swift Bolts up front. The
    Fire Veils will be your ultimate weapon against the enemies that lurk here.
    You shouldn't really need the Swift Bolts unless you start running low on
    Fire Veils. Molotovs also work well here, but can only hit one enemy at
    a time. Once you reach Icicle Inn, sell off any unwanted stuff, then proceed
    with the events to go to Great Glacier.
    B. On the Way to the Gaia's Cliff [017]
    --Great Glacier--
    Here, Fire Veils are your best weapon. Virtually every enemy here will
    sucumb to it's power, and if they don't, then you can simply finish them
    off with a physical attack or a Grenade/Molotov. You can simply head
    straight towards Great Glacier or pass out. Either method works; however,
    there is a way to get an infinite amount of Elixirs. However, I don't want
    to spoil this, as that would ruin this challenge.....
    Once you reach Mr. Holzoff's place, save and rest up, then head towards
    your next destination.
    --Gaia's Cliff--
    This is where the challenge really kicks in now. The enemies here aren't
    that strong, and a couple Fire Veils can usually wipe them out, but the
    most dangerous enemies are the Malboros and Stilvas, as they are capable
    of killing you quickly. Lunar Curtains will reduce the damage of Trine
    and Magic Breath, and Remedy will help to cure Bad Breath, if you have
    any. Once you reach the Icicles, have the Fire Veils ready, and make sure
    that you have an ample supply of Hi-Potions ready. Use these instead
    of X-Potions (unless you desperately need to use them) and just use
    Finishing Touch to blow the Evilheads away, and use Molotovs to
    cripple the Icicles. Once you kill 3 Icicles, jump down to the bottom floor,
    save, and head down the path. Once you reach the healing springs and the
    save point, save, then prepare to fight your next boss.
    Boss Battle: Schizo
    This fight will seem tough if you don't have a good supply of X-Potions
    to keep you going (at least 60 or more is needed, for later too). Use Lunar
    Curtains (Light Curtains won't help here at all) and focus on just using
    X-Potions and Meteorain to beat through the boss. Keep your HP above 2000
    HP at all times, so that you don't end up dying from any double attacks that
    Schizo will do most of the time. Once Schizo runs out of MP with both heads,
    just blast Schizo with physical attacks until you finish both heads off. Keep
    his HP above 1500 at all times though.
    Once you beat Schizo, head outside and to your next destination.
    C. Whirlwind Maze [018]
    This area won't be as tough as you might think. None of the enemies are
    particularly tough, as using Sadness will lower the damage taken. Proceed
    through this area as normal, and use Swift Bolts and Fire Veils to finish off
    the enemies here, and save your X-Potions for the boss fight.
    Boss Fight: Jenova-DEATH
    Put Cloud in the front row, and have him in Sadness. Lunar Curtain is nice
    to use, but you shouldn't really need to use it. Keep using Hi-Potions 
    (X-Potions only when your HP falls to about 1500) until Jenova runs 
    out of MP, and use Meteorain for the times that your HP is near max. 
    This fight is not that difficult.
    [Skip storyline]
    D. In Search of Cloud [019]
    [Skip storyline]
    The fights here aren't that hard at all. Impalers and Shrivels make the fights
    very easy, as they cripple your opponents easily. The only enemy to watch
    for are the Roulette Cannons, as you can't really use those two items on
    them. For them, just use Swift Bolts to finish them off, if you have any.
    Other than that, there's nothing hard about this area.
    [Skip storyline]
    Now, head straight for Mideel and do the storyline there. When you get
    control of Cid, head straight to Fort Condor.
    E. Huge Materia Quest [020]
    At Fort Condor, just let the boss come to you, so that you can save your
    money and earn some more. After you get the first of the Huge Materia, go
    buy some S-Mines. These will be your biggest weapons from now on, so
    try and earn some more. After you get done with Fort Condor, head straight
    to North Corel and do the quest there. Don't bother with trying to get the
    Huge Materia here, and just let it go. Don't bother with fighting any of the
    battles on the train, so that you can conserve your items for later. After you
    take care of these two quests, head back to Mideel, save, then prepare for
    the next boss.
    Boss Battle: Ultimate Weapon
    All you have to do is simply survive. Just chalk X-Potions the whole fight,
    and don't bother with anything else. Sadness works well here too.
    [Skip storyline]
    F. Underwater Reactor [021]
    Once you have control of Cloud, is time to go Item harvesting. Here's what
    you should have before going to Junon:
    60 + X-Potions
    5 + Lunar/Light Curtains
    15 + Mirrors
    99 Hi-Potions
    99 Molotovs
    60 + S-Mines
    99 Shrivels/Impalers
    50 + Fire Veils/Swift Bolts
    *The Impalers and Shirvels are optional now, but having at least 20 of each
    wouldn't hurt.
    Once you've acquired all of the items above, head straight for Junon. Take
    the elevator down and kill the enemies that you face using Fire Veils and
    Swift Bolts. Save the S-Mines for later. None of the encounters here should
    be tough at all, since you might be around Level 50-60 at this point of the
    game. Once you reach the save point before the Shinra grunts, save, kill off
    all of the grunts, then go back, heal, and save again. Then, put Cloud in the
    front row and prioritize S-Mines, X-Potions, and Swift Bolts for this fight.
    Also, make sure that Cloud is in Sadness.
    Boss Battle: Carry Armor
    This fight's a pain due to Arm Grab. The key here is to damage both arms
    slightly, then just focus on using S-Mines on the main body. One Swift
    Bolt will take care of the odds of Arm Grab, but use Meteorain at least once
    in this fight. X-Potion after every Lapis Laser, or when your HP drops to 
    about 1800. This fight will take about 40 S-Mines to beat Carry Armor.
    Finish the minigame, and continue on to Rocket Town. Once you reach
    Rocket Town, save and head straight to the rocket. You'll be forced to
    take Cid (if he's not in your party already) after you finish the 3 battles.
    Put him in the front row, and Cloud in the back row.
    Boss Battle: Rude, Attack Squad x3
    Finishing Touch to kill the Attack Squad, then focus on using S-Mine and
    Meteorain to finish this battle quickly. Use X-Potion whenever your HP hits
    1900. This fight is cake compared to the last boss.
    [Skip storyline]
    After you get control of Cloud, and if you haven't done so yet, go and get
    the Ancient's Key (you should know where it's at...), then head straight to
    the City of the Ancients.
    G. Diamond Weapon's Attack [022]
    [Skip storyline]
    Once you get back to the Highwind, it's time to once again restock your
    arsenal. So, here's what you're going to need now:
    99 Hi-Potions
    99 X-Potions (no joke here)
    50 + S-Mines
    50 + Fire Veils/Swift Bolts
    25 + Mirrors
    10 + Light Curtains/Lunar Curtains
    Once you've gotten all of these, it's time to face off against your next 
    Boss Battle: Diamond Weapon
    This fight will probably take you quite a while to finish. First off, don't
    waste S-Mines in this fight. Meteorain will be your best friend here throughout
    the entire fight. Instead, wail on the Weapon with Swift Bolts and Fire Veils,
    and when you get your Limit Break, use it immediately. Make sure that
    you keep your HP above 4000 at all times, and use X-Potions whenever
    your HP drops to about 1500, or when you see Countdown at 1.  All in
    all, this fight should be very straightforward.
    H. Raid On Midgar  [023]
    Get the following amount of items before you go to Midgar, or make
    sure that you have at the very least the minimum amount of items:
    99 X-Potions
    99 Hi-Potions
    99 Molotovs
    10 + Lunar/Light Curtains
    25 + Mirrors
    99 Impalers/Shrivels
    60 + S-Mines
    99 Fire Veils/Swift Bolts
    99 Tents
    10 + Tranquilizers/Hypers
    25 + Remedies
    Vaccine from Icicle Inn *REQUIRED!*
    *10 M-Tentacles
    *10 Earth Mallets
    *25 + Earth Drums
    *5 + Elixirs/Megalixirs
    *10 + Stardusts
    *20 + Graviballs
    *50 + T/S Bombs
    *20 + Dazers
    **All items with an * by them are all optional. You do not really need
    them to get through the area, but they help a lot in some of the battles.
    Once you've gotten the required items, and went to the Northern
    Cave, it's time to head straight for Midgar. Hopefully you got that
    Vaccine from the Icicle Inn? If not, then go get it! You don't want to
    miss that, or else you're pretty much gonna have to start over if you
    go into Midgar. And don't use it in ANY fight! You'll need it for a boss
    battle here!
    Once you reach Midgar, save twice like you did for the Temple of
    the Ancients, then head in and go underground. Ignore everything here,
    including the Elixirs and Megalixirs. You don't need them since you have
    X-Potions. Try to save your X-Potions for the boss fights, and ignore
    the Turks fight here. Proceed straight to Sector 8 (go to the Shinra HQ
    if you need to heal up for some odd reason....). This is where you'll
    start your first of the tedious boss battles.
    Boss Battle: Proud Clod
    This fight isn't hard....it just takes a while to finish. Use Meteorain at
    any given time, but make sure your HP is above 1500 at all times! To
    lessen the damage from Proud Clod, put Cloud in the back row and
    put him in Sadness by giving him a Tranquilizer. All you need to do is
    throw S-Mines, and keep using X-Potions if your HP gets too low, or
    use Hi-Potions to counter Proud Clod's attacks.
    After the battle, continue onwards and save. You may end up using
    some X-Potions if you run into SOLDIER: 1sts or Grosspanzers. Save
    as many X-Potions as possible. Make sure that Cloud is in the front row
    to begin this next battle, and make sure that Cloud has Sadness on!
    Boss Battle: Hojo
    This fight is very straightforward. Ignore the Samples and just focus
    on attacking Hojo. Use Hi-Potions to heal if you need to, but you 
    shouldn't have to. Before you kill Hojo, jump to the back row and throw
    items like Swift Bolts and S-Mines to finish him off. Use your Vaccine
    before the fight ends as well!
    Boss Battle: Hellectic-Hojo
    This is where you'll want Cloud in the back row. Focus on throwing
    anything at Hojo here, especially multi-hitting items like Swift Bolts
    and Fire Veils. If you have any Stardusts, use them as well! Heal if
    your HP drops to about 1500 with a X-Potion. This fight isn't that hard
    if you used the Vaccine beforehands.
    Boss Battle: Lifeform Hojo
    This fight is very straightforward, especially if you used the Vaccine
    in the first fight. Keep Cloud in the back row and throw items at him,
    and use Meteorain when you get it. Keep your HP above 1800 at all 
    [Skip storyline]
    --Disc 3--
    A. Northern Crater [024]
    Here is the final list of items that you'll need before going into the
    99 X-Potions
    99 Hi-Potions
    99 S-Mines
    99 Molotovs
    99 Swift Bolts/Fire Veils/Impalers/Shrivels
    99 Remedies
    20 + Mirros
    10 + Light/Lunar Curtains
    *5 + Elixirs/Megalixirs
    Once you've gotten these items, head into the crater (save beforehand).
    Pick up the Save Crystal and proceed as usual. The only real threat
    here are the Gargoyles and the Scissors enemies, as they can instantly
    kill you if you don't watch out. Once you reach the part where your
    party splits up, take the right path, so that you can avoid the Master
    Tonberry fights. If you get into a battle with one of these enemies, 
    consider it game over, as you have no way of defeating them. Use the
    Save Crystal in the room just a couple of screens before you get to
    where you meet up with your party. That way, if you need to go back
    to the surface, you don't have to take the long ways around and risk
    never getting back up. Once you've reached your party, prepare yourself
    for some very tedious battles!
    B. The Final Battles [025]
    The enemies on the way down are going to be tough to fight. Iron Mans
    have very high HP and strong attacks, Allegmagres have deadly attacks
    (L4 Death and L3 Flare), and Dragon Zombies have Pandora's Box (if you
    haven't been hit with it yet) and Shadow Flare. You'll have to fight each
    of them accordingly, and hope that you still have enough X-Potions to
    survive the remainder 3 battles.
    Boss Battle: Jenova-SYNTHESIS
    Here, use the first Vaccine to stop Stop (ironic, no?) and Bio2. With
    Vaccine in place, kill off the Left Tentacle and focus on Jenova itself.
    S-Mines will work just fine here. Leave the last Tentacle alive, and use
    X-Potions only when your HP drops to about 1000. When you see the
    Countdown, it's time to get your HP back up to full.
    Heal up to full with Hi-Potions before the next fight.
    Boss Battle: Bizarro-Sephiroth
    Here, you'll want to toss a Mirror first, then wail away with Dragon
    Fang to start with. Make sure that after your Mirror wears off that
    you use another Mirror IMMEDIATELY! Try to kill off both
    arms and then the core to really get the battle to an end. Once you
    managed to do this, Bizarro will start using Heartless Angel. Use
    Meteorain right after you use a X-Potion, and hope that you can kill
    him before he pulls off his series of physical attacks.
    Boss Battle: Safer Sephiroth
    This fight's gonna be a bit tricky. You'll want to come into this fight
    with Meteorain to start with, if possible. To start off with, use a Mirror, 
    then defend to reduce the damage of the Havoc Wing attack. Don't 
    bother healing Frog, as it'll help you more than hurt you. Use an 
    X-Potion the turn after Super Nova to heal yourself (hopefully) and 
    use another X-Potion after Break (and hope you don't get Petrified). 
    Now, after that, use some S-Mines and continue the pattern until 
    you hit the second Wall, then throw another Mirror to and start the
    whole pattern over. This fight will take a LONG time (about 45 mins),
    and there is most likely a much faster solution (possibly using a
    Vaccine and some Remedies?), but this is one way to go about this
    After the final battle, do the rest of the fight, and enjoy the ending!
                  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [026]
    Q: How is this challenge even possible?!
    A: It is, you just have to have patience, as you'll need a lot of items to
    win this challenge. Think of it as a super-hard version of Items Only.
    Q: Why did you do this after the SCNIIENANE challenge?
    A: Why not? If I'm going to finish this game off permanently, then might
    as well do as many tough challenges as possible, right?
    Q: You play too much, you know that?
    A: Maybe, but then again, I just have a lot of free time on my hands.
    I also like to help people too, if that means anything to anyone.
    Q: Who's the toughest to beat in this challenge then?
    A: Let's see.....Carry Armor's hard due to Arm Grab, Demon's Gate can
    be tough, Sephiroth is a little hard, but not by much.....so just those 3
    are the tougher ones.
                                       7. Credits [027]
    Thanks to GarlandG and lolo26, for having the General Challenge
    Discussion Topic, which got me back into the world of FFVII.
    Thanks to anyone else that I've missed.
    Thanks to Gamefaqs, for hosting this faq.

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