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"This game requires MAXIMUM admiration for its supreme and unique RPG excellence!!!!!"

FINAL FANTASY 7 is an RPG. It is probably one of the most successful and fantastic RPG-'s in the world. This is not only based on my opinion. Many people who are familiar with FINAL FANTASY will also agree with me. I found it was such an excellent game that I wanted to share the experience with other people so I thought I would create this review as my contribution towards FF7 to show my gamer appreciation. This is my first (and probably last) review so it is not really as good as the other reviews, but I just want to express how EXCELLENT this game is by trying to express my feelings about this game in every aspect! And trust me….. IT'S NOT EASY!!!

This game wastes no time, it is filled with action strait from the beginning. Unlike other RP-G's, FF7 is not one of those games you lay back in your chair and just cruise on. You are constantly leaning forward towards the screen with anxiety! I liked the fact that there are no “boring” parts of the game; all of the story, the FMV sequences, and the battles were all so exciting and wondrous. If you are wondering just how amazing they are then stop here and GO OUT AND BUY THE GAME!!!!!

The blotchy 3D graphics may be off putting at the beginning of the game but I doubt any of the other FF7 players could imagine the games graphics any different. The blotchy 3D graphics are an essence that makes FF7 such a unique and immense game to play!!! In the beginning, I had doubts at the game because of the graphics but after persevering, I found myself glued to the screen and I actually liked the graphics because they suit the games essence amazingly. When FF7 was released in 1997, the graphics of the game beat every other game in the graphics category. They were the best graphics that gamers had ever seen. Since then game developers have developed games with more realistic and sharper graphics.

FF7 has so much to offer with such a wide variety of things to do that it's almost virtually impossible to complete AND get every item, skill, Materia etc. just the straight story line itself is complicated. To be able to complete this game with a good rating takes skill, dedication and time. There are challenges in the game which are almost very hard to get past but unlike other games where you throw the controller down and turn the game off, you feel like you have no choice but to play on because it is just so intense and the results are very rewarding.

This game is just so supreme compared to other RP-G's; with its characters, story lines and sub-quests. The game is also good because it is a game that lasts for SO long. You could quite easily get 100+ hours out of it and after you have played it once, you will definitely want to play it again. Well, let's just put it this way, this is not a short game! Unless you really have no interest in RP-G's!! Most people have played the game roughly 10 times and they all say it gets better because you learn about what things to do and there are always more things to do that were missed out in previous games such as Chocobo breeding and the almighty ruby weapon and emerald weapon. The possibilities are endless!

The whole idea of Materia is excellent. Materia is more or less magic that is stored inside small colored glass spheres that can be attached to your weapons. The Materia can be leveled up which makes it more powerful and effective. Materia can be used to shape the way you battle. You could use it to be tactical, strategic, magical, or physical or if you are a really experienced player then you can use Materia to be absolutely devastating! That was one of the ideas that the game developers really succeeded in. Also, the idea that they did not use Materia in any of the other (more recent) FINAL FANTASY games makes FF7 more unique. The limit breaks are also a very good idea. A limit break is a special attack that can be learned by a character that can only be used when the characters limit bar is filled up whilst in battle. This limit bar is filled up gradually depending on how much damage is inflicted upon your character. After your characters limit bar is full, you can strike with your limit. Different limits have different effects but they are more effective than normal attacks.

The story itself is one story that makes you want to know what happens next. Although you can't do things differently to change how the story works, this story is still very powerful. Each character has some sort of background history which makes the story that little bit more fascinating. The story makes you feel like you are part of it. After a while you really begin to feel emotional at the different events that occur. The story is also very easy to understand if you are interested in the game and you take notice of what is going on. The structure of the storyline is simple. It is a strait forward journey but there are so many branches to it. There are other things to do and then those things branch out. So all in all, you are not only focusing on the storyline. Here are not a lot of games like this. Most RP-G's I have played are strait forward story lines… AND I THOUGHT THEY WERE GOOD!! So just imagine how good I thought this game was! Oh yeah…

This game is not a hard game; in fact it is actually pretty easy. It is challenging but the bosses and the levels can all be easily overcome if the player thinks hard and knows what they are doing. FF7 gives the word “hard” a totally new definition. It is hard to explain the difficulty but anyone who has played the game will know exactly what I mean. The game was also very fun, there were serious parts but also the mini-games were cool. The motorcycle game and the snowboarding game were cool. Also, in my opinion the game can be hard if you make it hard, you have to be in a certain “State of mind” to play it. If you try too hard then you will make it a hard game! But if you are an experienced player then it is relatively easy but challenging.

A film was made in sequel to the game. The film was good because it gave you an insight to what happened after Sephiroth died, and you find out what happened to cloud and all of the other characters. Although the film lacked unique factors that made the game so amazing, The film did not mention anything about Materia, Chocobo's (which are a FINAL FANTASY favorite) and the only summon that was included in the film was Bahamut zero.

The music to the game was excellent. This includes the music AND the sound effects. The title theme tune will be the first tune you hear when you buy the game and turn it on for the first time. Even this theme tune gives you good feelings about the game. The sound effects are simple but realistic in both normal game play and in battles. You can hear sounds of switches, crashes explosions and all sorts of different activities. I truly suggest going out and buying the soundtrack because you are not going to find music like that anywhere else than the soundtrack or the game itself. Although the characters do not speak, you can understand what they are saying and how they are feeling by the way they move and the actions of them so sound is pretty scarce in the game but there is a fulfilling substitute to the downfall. All you FF7 gamers will know what I mean!

The replay value is large! I will definitely play this game over and over again. Like I said earlier in this review, I know people who have played this game around ten times! There are things you will miss out on the game and you will play the game again in order to get what you forgot then you will miss another thing so you will play this game again…. And so on and so on! Trying to do everything in one game is stupid, virtually impossible so just do not try! Ok? If you want to complete the game 100% then you have absolutely no choice but to play the game a few times! Now that is a lot of times for a game to be played. If this still has not persuaded you to play the game then I don't know what will persuade you!

All in all, if you have read this review or any other of its kind and STILL haven't been convinced that FF7 is a RPG that you really should play then you really are a hard person to convince because FF7 has so many different things to offer and when they are all put together they all make the game a wonderful game to play over and over again. Think of FF7 as an “experience” because it is a game so unique that any other game can not provide the same sort of experience gained in FF7. Every factor including the sound, characters, game play, battle system, variety of items and monsters can not be found in any other game. As everybody who is familiar with the FINAL FANTASY series will know, FF7 is the most talked about and admired game in the series and when they say it is probably the best RPG ever made, they really are not lying. I can not emphasis just how much of an excellent game so I hope you will take heed of my review and save some money and go out and buy the game. Maybe even the soundtrack if you are tempted enough. Just PLEASE, PLEASE do out and buy this game and outcast yourself from society in order to spend enough time to play this game and form enough experience and knowledge in order to write your own review! PLEASE!!!!.....

And like I said, this game requires MAXIMUM admiration for its supreme and unique RPG excellence, so good luck playing and I hope you liked my review and found it helpful.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/20/06

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